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  1. Why in God's name would you want to salvage anything if Mariota goes down again? Tank the 2020 season and pick Trevor Lawrence.
  2. one of the only times in history I've agreed with Ann Coulter.
  3. Trolltard just got sent to the corner to wear his white pointy dunce hat. I like it.
  4. But it would set a lovely precedent for when the Democrats own Capitol Hill in two years.
  5. Declare that emergency! I hope he does! Then in two years, we can have a gun violence problem emergency, a global warming emergency and yes, oh yes, a New Green Deal emergency! The best part is, there won't be a brick laid, bucket of concrete mixed or steel slat erected in that time. Bring it on! You dumbasses have no idea how great this will be.
  6. Hell, Cyrus can make a make a complete sentence.
  7. That would be poetic and tragic.... in a very cool way!
  8. I would invite the retards in to spin but Tux has already shown up with insanity. No need for spin.
  9. Translate the scrambled transmission you just received, get in here, and spin it, retards!
  10. It's that whole thing of his supporters are angry and don't know why.
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