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  1. You jackasses do know that the government trying to force companies to bend to their will is socialism, don't you? Hell, that's pretty much communism, isn't it? Spin it, retards.
  2. I don't know.. There are a bunch of mouth breathing shit kickers that love 'em some Rocky Mountain Way.
  3. Help me remember, how many months of straight economic rise was there before the art of the deal became president? Doofus.
  4. Did you even read the post? Fuck the Tea Party. That post squarely made fun of YOU.
  5. Now this statement might be worth some "whatabout".
  6. This can't be quoted enough. It needs to be on a billboard. It needs to be on a banner behind an airplane flying around everywhere. Maybe on a ticker running across the bottom of the screen during fox news.
  7. Yes, the cgi was the bomb... The story was utter crap and completely pissed me off.
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