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  1. Sorry, this fraud isn't even in the same league as the Electoral College.
  2. Maybe that other 50% of the time is when he's on the sauce.
  3. This may be the best thing I've ever read.
  4. Just when you think Sonic can't possibly make a cringier commercial, they come out with this series. I don't know who's more annoying, the woman's face or the shitty kid.
  5. We can go in this circle all day, I suppose. I'm not saying NOT to pick a non-white dude, I'm saying that it chaps my ass that as a society, it matters, it's a thing, it'll help win.
  6. And the Democrat party definitely needs to toughen up.
  7. I hate identity politics. While it doesn't matter who the candidate is for the election, it still grates at me that we're picking a candidate based on what the person "looks like" rather than who is the best/most qualified. It's a sad testimony to our society.
  8. Such a thin and shitty argument. Sad, really. You should be embarrassed.
  9. Isn't it odd that the left owns up and the right screams fake news?

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