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  1. MadMax

    Virus in US

    Damn the consequences, I would absolutely hit that guy just as hard as I can. A lot.
  2. It told a lot of morons that. In the backwoods county I live in, these idiots all thought since their neighbors are all trump tards, that it had to be that way everywhere. You know, because red-neckism is the way, the light, and the truth.
  3. So what's your drink of choice, @El Guapo?
  4. Do any of you retards still think we shouldn't extend Davis?
  5. Why the hell do you do wildcat with a backup center????
  6. I'm glad we're playing against a media darling team. It's nice to have good announcers for a change.
  7. MadMax

    Biden Transition

    The rubes will come out in droves to vote for her.
  8. From my personal perspective they're worse. I have to see and hear these goofy bastards from time to time.
  9. followed by a dismal and pathetic suicide.
  10. At least he's moved on from JAQing off. His new approach to trolling is less annoying.

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