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  1. Someone tell me why it matters if Hunter or Joe are called to testify. The trial is Donald J Trump's misdeeds. Unless the Bidens are witnesses to something that can either help prove or refute, what difference does it make? NEITHER OF THEM ARE ON TRIAL HERE.
  2. If he were as innocent as you idiots allude to, he wouldn't need a legal team. One fresh out of law school intern could present witnesses and documentation, and just destroy anything the Democratic lawyers could weakly present. Oh wait.
  3. I do agree with this. I just hope he learns to tone it down with the hype. When he first started, he still remembered he was a starting QB in the NFL. He needs to re-remember this and stop sounding so impressed and go back to being point blank analytical.
  4. I loved Romo when he first started, he's gotten irritating as he's gone along.
  5. I want to hear that SF won the game. I won't be watching though. Fuck 'em. Football is over until August.
  6. Yeah, pro bowlers are always great. *cough* VY *cough*
  7. Dak? The same Dak who can't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle in Dallas? That Dak? Mariota would throw 7,000 yards and go undefeated with that team and Dak would be an upgrade over Tannehill? DAK?????
  8. Do you post on the politics board under a different name? If you do, are you arguing with yourself in this thread?
  9. MadMax


    Both lines, and add more to the secondary.
  10. I'm a big Vrabel fan. Huge. But he screwed the pooch yesterday. Tanne should have come out firing when he saw every defender on the field and half the cheerleaders lined up on the LOS. He was trying to prove a point, the wrong one. After about 3 or 4 long receptions, the running game would have, more than likely, picked up. Or if they wanted to continue to sell out to stop Henry, keep passing. I bet he learns from it, he'll be a better coach going forward.
  11. Emotionally, I want Henry back. Problem is, my emotion doesn't put more tread on his overused tires.

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