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  1. We need her dumb ass gone, regardless.
  2. Damn near all my neighbors and co-workers did. I live in hell.
  3. He should have distributed some paper towels via jump shot.
  4. Or maybe jerk stick president? Shithead president? Fucking embarrassment president? About to be indicted ex-president? I can go on.
  5. Yep. I've been saying this (not in so many words) for years.
  6. Jerry was more likeable. Max is a bastard.
  7. I wasn't saying this would. I said they need to pass something... Throw out some regulations that neuter the ghouls who own insurance and drug companies.
  8. By the way, Max is back! Thanks @nine
  9. Proof of this is when any repug is elected.
  10. We got any more JAG running backs to fumble the ball?
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