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  1. MadMax

    Virus in US

    I wear a mask because other people don't know I've been vaccinated. The poisonous political climate started when Democrats elected a black guy.
  2. MadMax

    Virus in US

    Let's play like you're completely correct. That's great! Now all you need to do is convince your idiot brethren to get the damn vaccine.
  3. Biggest problem of the whole ordeal.
  4. That'd be a huge win for you, wouldn't it?
  5. Saturation of this kind of "You just wait, the truth is coming out!" horseshit is why I suspended my FaceBook account. I couldn't take it anymore.
  6. Here we go Hot Rod, respond to this with a nice witticism and see if I come back. I'm just trying to help you dumbasses save a shred of dignity. Don't care anymore. Will say no more. Go in peace.
  7. And you morons are still determined to let this shit bag defeat you. God speed.
  8. Don't argue with this prick. He's laughing at you right now as he trolls you mercilessly. Last word does not equal a win. How many times do I have to tell you jackasses?
  9. I've been saying for some time now,bif Dump came out on TV and said the sky is green, his acolytes would legit go outside, look up, and see green. It's fascinating and scary.
  10. Probably not as inaccurate as we'd try to believe.
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