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  1. You know he won't/can't. He's been told not to believe his eyes. He's a good minion.
  2. I knew you couldn't do it. Sad part is, you REALLY can't.
  3. Watch this, republicans: Good! He's a corrupt piece of shit, send him to the slammer! Now you try it.
  4. So far this year, I've liked Henry better catching passes than taking handoffs. Hell, convert him to TE. LOL
  5. I hope the SC does some more dumb shit to re-piss off the millennials and gen-z'ers next year. They need to be reminded. If that happens, you fuckers are going DOWN.
  6. I'm glad to see El Gullibo back. I was afraid he'd died of liver failure.
  7. From my observations, he has good enough hands, runs good routes and is reliable. Not a speedster but good hands, routes and reliability is not a bad thing.
  8. I meant it'll be justified and normalized by the morons. You morons know who you are.
  9. it'll be justified, normalized and forgotten
  10. Crap. I forgot all about picking this week until now. Um, I'll take the Brown eyes.
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