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Found 381 results

  1. Perhaps leaving NATO to align with Russia is the end game. If it happened it would be Russia's biggest public triumph since early lead in space exploration or military wins in WWII. Strategically it would be a huge win because it would curtail any pipelines from the Middle East into Europe, solidifying Europe's dependence on Russian energy for Winter heating. Also with Syria and Iranian groups, such an alliance could flood Europe with refugees at a moments notice by attacking poor people in the region and funnel them through Turkey into Europe. This is like the game Risk. During a cold Winter, Russia could cut off Europe's energy supply, freezing its people then flood it with refugees to give it major domestic problems to handle. Then Russia could invade some of its previous satellite countries with no resistance while Europe's hands were tied with those problems and the USA occupied with a Putin puppet in the White House. Europe could try to prevent that scenario by trying to damage Trump as much as it can to prevent him from getting re-elected.
  2. I am stretching it some, Trump's IQ is probably closer to 90.
  3. How many Trump officials is his now?
  4. sigh.... we're taking steps backwards as a society. This is depressing.
  5. He's got loads of it - the UK version. Beyond pupil dilation, more serious side effects include hallucinations and paranoid psychosis. Sudafed is sometimes used for a high that includes increased alertness, but also has a side effect of pupil dilation. The above is pretty undeniable considering the photographic evidence... But, there's possibly much much the article about people on the apprentice saying he used amphetamines all day and all night - including Meth!
  6. I like Warren, and especially like that her main issue seems to be one that NOBODY is willing to address - the imbalance between consumers and corporations. And she does it in just the right way, and is very thoughtful about it. Her position (which is correct) is that if you are in favor of capitalism and free markets, then you have to regulate and monitor large corporations and keep them from using their dominance and power to crush competition and hurt consumers. I think Warren will/could make a hell of a Senate Majority leader one day, or some other very powerful position. While she is uniquely qualified and capable and intelligent, she is also uniquely terrible as a Presidential candidate IMO. And I think she is a very bad match for Trump. She doesn't seem able to resist the urge to take his bait. That could end up really handicapping her in a one on one with Trump. And I think Warren would have a real chance of getting Trump re-elected. I love her on the sidelines, throwing bombs and getting under Trump's skin. But as she enters the realm of presidential politics, I fear it will be him dragging her down.
  7. This is probably 15 years ago and 20K+ Big Macs earlier:
  8. Trump continuing his trend of trying to separate the US from their allies as he snuggles up to dictators.
  9. There is no question about the crime committed here. No fishing involved. The Obama administration dumped 2000 high powered weapons into Mexico and many of them, hundreds found their way into the hands of the cartel. The result was hundreds of shootings committed with these guns and hundreds of deaths. A Mexican police superintendent was murdered as was a US border patrol agent with these guns These guns have been documented in 11 crime scenes in the USA. The guns most likely are still being used in crimes and some may have been used in the murder of 9 Americans including 6 kids. Obstruction of justice. Obama fired the whistle blower. According to libtards whistle blowers are heroes. Obama treated whistle blowers like shit. The administration did not cooperate in any way with a house investigation into this scandal. Eric Holder was held in contempt of congress by a 255-67 vote! Let me repeat a 255-67 vote. Not partisan! The director of the ATF was fired and the attorney general of Arizona resigned in mid term to avoid charges. This is a scandal that caused people to die!
  10. The libtard hero is moving on up. And doing it with foreign money! Putin? Why should Hunter get all the cash? This puke has been given over 200K from libtard idiots and foreigners. All against the law. Being a political operative of Adam Shitt is a lucrative thing.
  11. Look at the hateful and racist attacks on Tulsi Gabbard by left wing morons after she bitch slapped Kamala in the debate. The attacks on her are not varied they all have a central theme as if they came from one central place like the DNC. Gabbard they say is an agent of Putin and Russia! NBC news is in on this along with the Washington post. A comprehensive assault on a single candidate who has no chance. Why? Because Kamala is the house DNC candidate! Look how the self described tolerant demtards attacked this military veteran and woman of color.
  12.|main&fbclid=IwAR2h6BUwPm6bxzripedgjn-KcA5kRulczL3AYYpW0ROt3u1j9YgjL5xrAdQ Accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is on a suicide watch after the wealthy financier was found mysteriously injured in his cell in a federal jail in New York City, WNBC-TV reported Wednesday night. Epstein, who was arrested in early July on federal charges, was on the floor of his cell in a fetal position when he was discovered, sources told NBC. He was semi-conscious and had marks on his neck when he was found. Epstein may have tried to hang himself in the lower Manhattan lockup, according to sources who spoke with WNBC-TV. But another source said Epstein’s injuries were not serious, and raised the possibility that he may have used the incident to try obtain a transfer from the jail.
  13. The orange dummy just went there and campaigned lol
  14. This is another question for my Republican friends: Who here believes an American working 40 hours a week shouldn’t be provided with healthcare or retirement benefits? Is it equitable for the richest people to pay the lowest rates? Do you support Amazon (I know you guys hate Bezos) getting a tax return? Is it okay for Walmart to not pay income taxes while they purposely place their employees on Medicaid? Is it okay for small businesses to pay a much larger marginal rate than multinational conglomerates? From what I can see, and please provide evidence if I’m wrong, that this is the Republican platform in terms of economics. I’m asking these questions in a genuine manner, not as some gotcha. I don’t want to hear about unemployment levels. I’d rather discuss wealth disparity and if that is an end function of capitalism that we not only accept but promote through the government.
  15. “Donald Trump, whose trade war with China has upended global supply chains and imperilled the world’s economic growth, would be most welcomed with another four years in the White House because he is easier to read than other American politicians, said the negotiator who led China’s entry into the World Trade Organization,” the South China Morning Post reports. “The US president’s daily Twitter posts broadcast his every impulse, delight and peeve to 67 million followers around the world, making him ‘easy to read’ and ‘the best choice in an opponent for negotiations,’ said Long Yongtu, the former vice-minister of foreign trade and point man during China’s 15-year talks to join the WTO nearly two decades ago.” Said Long: “We want Trump to be re-elected; we would be glad to see that happen.”
  16. According to libtards the people who murdered those 6 children in Mexico should be able to come across our border without any deterrent, vetting process or walls. We should not even have laws against them coming here. Once here they should have access to our social welfare services, free health care and education. If they commit a crime while here there should be no federal law enforcement agency to take them into custody and remove them from the country. Not that it would matter because we would have no border to stop them from coming back across anyway. If there is ICE or a national immigration police the libtards will do everything in their power to not cooperate with them or assist them in avoiding capture. Remember border security, walls and ICE are racist and fascist according to the libtards. Dispute what I just said. Here is the proof.
  17. This is a real convention today and President Trump will speak at it. It was designed to drum up Black support but so far it is being reported that it is a bunch of white people wearing "Blacks for Trump" shirts. Here is a picture captured in the lobby of the hotel:
  18. The Washington Post quotes Donald Trump Jr. in his new book, Triggered, in which he recounts a visit to Arlington National Cemetery which made him think of all the business “sacrifices” his family had to make in their father’s quest to become president. Writes Trump: “I rarely get emotional, if ever. Yet, as we drove past the rows of white grave markers, in the gravity of the moment, I had a deep sense of the importance of the presidency and a love of our country.” He added: “In that moment, I also thought of all the attacks we’d already suffered as a family, and about all the sacrifices we’d have to make to help my father succeed—voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were ‘profiting off the office.’”
  19. Have you ever heard anyone defend a would be father who walked out on his pregnant gf because he didn't want to be a father? I haven't. I've heard them get blasted over and over. Being called boys and how they aren't men. Get blamed for not being around to help raise the child. But, if he very clearly states he doesnt want a baby and asks the woman for an abortion and she declines, why does he not get the same support as a female who would choose to abort her baby even if the father wants it? When a guy doesn't want a baby, females are quick to "you didnt have a problem when you were on top of me". "I didn't make this baby by myself!". Yet if she doesn't want it and the father does, then there is nothing to say because what she wants is final. Why does it seem guys are held to a higher standard when it comes to baby making and what comes after than the ones yelling "my body, my choice!". The link below explains how even if a father (or any parent) wants to give up their rights, it's not that easy as signing a piece of paper saying you're no longer responsible for that child. So a man can claim he doesn't want to be a father, yet it is up to the mother (deciding on abortion or not) and a judge (deciding on what's best for the child) more than it is up to the would be father. Whereas, it's only up to a woman if she chooses to not be that parent. And nobody else has a say on what's best for the child.... Let's also not forget how we seem to be progressing to an "all things equal, all men and women are equal" society. Why isn't pro choice equal? Its ok for a woman to make the same dumb mistake the guy did. But when one doesnt want it, it's ok, an easy fix. When the other doesnt want it, he's a pos. So why is it men don't get the same pass/protection when it comes to their choice to be or not be a parent? Why are those who are constantly crying about sexism, choose to hold sexist views or commit sexist acts when they feel they are in the position of power? I know the usual suspects will choose to shit on this and try and make it more about abortion because I've been vocal on it and is closely related, but this is a serious topic/question on someones right to choose and what exactly 'pro choice' is. Pro Choice is very clearly only about protecting women and their choices and not a man's. They are both free to "make a mistake" by getting pregnant, yet only one is free to decide if they want the responsibility of being a parent or not. It's time to call it what it is. It's not Pro Choice, its pro female choice. And it's sexism at it's finest.
  20. Manufacturing Recession Hits the Swing States October 27, 2019 at 5:52 pm EDT “A manufacturing recession may already be under way in vulnerable swing states, challenging President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deliver blue-collar jobs to his base,” NBC News reports. “Out of the 22 states with manufacturing job losses so far this year, some of those with the biggest percentage declines are states where Trump won by less than 5 percentage points.” U.S. Business Hiring Falls to 7-Year Low October 28, 2019 at 8:10 am EDT “A measure of hiring by U.S. companies has fallen to a seven-year low and fewer employers are raising pay,” the AP reports. “Just one-fifth of the economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics said their companies have hired additional workers in the past three months. That is down from one-third in July. Job totals were unchanged at 69% of companies, up from 57% in July. A broad measure of job gains in the survey fell to its lowest level since October 2012.”