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  1. I'm in shock waiting for facts. Something is wrong when a cop can say "Holy shit, I just shot him"
  2. Dems probably just made certain they lose the House and Senate in 2022.
  3. Oh yeah, nobody. Because he was killed by a supporter of that racist Farrakhan. Some deaths just aren't as politically exploitable I guess.
  4. ...after he previously supported businesses involvement in politics. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/06/politics/mcconnell-businesses-georgia-elections-law/index.html
  5. tgo

    2022 Elections

    Bet Abrams runs in Georgia too.
  6. @oldschool I thought I'd hit the reset button on the conversation about reopening schools, and maybe try again from a less impassioned place Young kids (k-8) do better with in-person instruction. There is a very real digital divide. Remote school at best isn't easy to make work. It's certainly not working in my case. Kids can be harmed by covid infections. Families can be harmed by covid. Teachers can be harmed by covid. Sick kids need to stay at home. Period. Schools need a plan for shutting down quickly to keep outbreaks from getting out of control
  7. So the dumbest Senators, Duckworth and Hirono, say they will vote no to any more Biden appointees unless they are more ethnically diverse. Or in other words, they will discriminate based on race. Caucasians. They are blatant racists and denying employment based on race. Illegal under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democrats really are the biggest fucking two faced bastards ever.
  8. https://politicalwire.com/2021/03/23/the-common-strategy-for-fox-news-and-russian-media/ Brian Klaas interviews former Russian television producer Peter Pomerantsev about a key strategy Fox News and Russian state-owned media employ to draw in and manipulate audiences: “Both, Pomerantsev argues, treat news as entertainment, complete with characters designed to depict those who hold opposing viewpoints as buffoonish caricatures.” “Fox, he says, likes to present extreme left-wingers whose positions can be easily caricatured; Russian TV uses cartoonish members of the oppositi
  9. Me and my coworker was picking up supplies. Before we pull out the parking lot he sees a guy he knows. The guy was a young white dude in his late 20s. He has an infant in his arms. They have a conversation for about 8 minutes. I over hear my coworker say how is the oil field business? Young guy gives thumbs down and that's all I heard. So Finally my coworker (Both of us black he in his 60s) gets back in the truck & says "WOW I SEE WHAT YOU BEEN TALKING ABOUT ALL THESE MONTHS". I'm like what do you mean? He says that guy is in the oil field and said Joe Bidens 2ND day in office he signed so
  10. Number9


    I want to open a conversation about H-A-T-E. It is the most destructive emotion in man. I believe/think this is an emotion we all have within us. It hurts us and it hurts others. We hate our bodies. We hate how we don't look like touched up Hollywood people. We hate our bodies so much some of us actually put cement into our buttock to make it larger. We hate ourselves so much that we kill ourselves. In 2018, 48,344 Americans killed themselves. Right now hate is front and center in America. One group is being credited as responsible for all the hate toward others currently,
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9359141/Is-Meghan-Markle-preparing-bid-Americas-woman-President.html All speculation but at the very least I'd be very entertained by that. That'd mean Prince Harry moves into the White House. Hilarious. Republicans would go ape shit.
  12. What does the Democratic Party need to do to win back Southerners? At one point, and as close back as the late 2000s, most state legislatures and governors mansions in the South were solidly Democratic. Obviously race is a big factor but how much is also attributed to guns and abortion? Because the party had embraced Black people since the 60s and elected southern, socially progressive Presidents in '76, '92 and '96. Would progressives accept the party pivoting away from being anti-gun to try and increase rural appeal?
  13. This has to be the dumbest piece of Devilcratic/Liberal propaganda nonsense. Lol...My co-workers wife is a lead pharmacist at the local hospital and she says they been throwing vaccines away because nobody is taking them. Wonderful piece of propaganda 👏 https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/vaccine-envy-how-to-deal-212529445.html
  14. Tired of political discussion per se so I thought this may be somewhat less contentious. I had the privilege of working under Malcolm Perry during my fellowship. Look him up. He was on call when Kennedy was shot in Dallas. He would never talk about it. But one night at about 2am trying to save a guy’s leg, he opened up. Maybe he was tired..I don’t know. He trached Kennedy. There was a wound already there. He opened it up and put the cannula in. He swore to me it was an entrance wound, not an exit. Then he clammed up. If you ever took care of a gunshot wound you would know the diff
  15. https://www.npr.org/2021/03/03/973310942/capitol-police-warns-of-another-possible-right-wing-attack-on-congress The House of Representatives has canceled its Thursday session after the U.S. Capitol Police said it is aware of a threat by an identified militia group to breach the Capitol complex that day. The Senate plans to remain in session on Thursday to debate amendments to the COVID-19 relief bill. March 4 is a significant date for far-right conspiracy theorists who believe that former President Donald Trump will return to power on that day. Presidents were
  16. As far as I’m concerned - this is great news for American Democracy and for the future of the Senate. Maybe we can actually get some shit done in that chamber now with some pork.
  17. Will use this thread to post updates related to DoD policy changes/strategy/general large scale military movements, etc.
  18. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9204835/Historians-slam-chairmans-decision-rename-44-San-Francisco-schools.html Started with a few statues...
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