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  1. This is the big piece of legislation that is going to the consume the policy debate over the coming months, so making a thread for it. Personally, I think any new legislation needs to be fully paid for, and I think most agree - so the questions are the pay-for methods, defining what is infrastructure, and the overall price tag.
  2. Since January, Schumer and Warren have been pointing at Biden to forgive federal student loans. Today, Pelosi set the record straight. "The President can only postpone payments. Forgiveness requires an act of Congress." https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/national/pelosi-holds-weekly-news-conference/2021/07/28/fac066ef-492b-4d4d-9a11-fa80dd3153e1_live.html Why are Schumer and Warren not simply pushing for this in a reconciliation package?
  3. Will use this thread to post updates related to DoD policy changes/strategy/general large scale military movements, etc.
  4. Figured this could use its own thread moving forward
  5. https://politicalwire.com/2021/07/28/justice-department-issues-warning-on-ballot-reviews/ This could be very interesting to keep an eye on. Sidenote: I post a link to politicalwire's post which has the article linked for a reason. I get these things off politicalwire so I think they deserve some clicks too, not just the article itself and if I just linked the article, no one would go through that site.
  6. More bipartisanship. https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/shelby-leahy-reach-agreement-on-21-billion-capitol-security-plan.html
  7. Suddenly It’s Bare Season Bras in the parks, skivvies on Fifth Avenue: Is this the logical endpoint of increasingly blurred distinctions between public and private? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/22/fashion/suddenly-its-bare-season.html Get the shot and join the carnival!
  8. You want to write a constitution for the United States. In it, you say that you want to give the federal government specific power, but to limit them to those powers, and powers they aren't given are retained by the people. You decide to list a few especially key rights, like free speech and the right to have guns, and just to make sure that rights that you didn't highlight aren't lost, you say any others are kept by the people. Then a state or the federal legislature passes a law limiting a right of people that isn't listed in the constitution. How would you suggest that right be protect
  9. tgo

    2022 Elections

    Bet Abrams runs in Georgia too.
  10. Lol. McCarthy leading the charge to save Chic-fil-A from the "Socialist Left." What would America do without him.
  11. Instead of laughing at Trump supporters. We should start participating in the grift and just start buying cheap, random Chinese products and add Freedom to their names. For example, now on sale is the "uncensorable" Freedom Phone. The Freedom Phone is a free speech and privacy first focused phone with features like tracking blockers and an uncensorable app store. It's based on their Freedom OS (cough, cough, probably Android) and will free you from the evils of Big Tech. Ironically, CNet is reporting that the phone is a $120 Chinese phone. https://www.cnet.
  12. @Titans279 posted another link in the other thread as well.
  13. And wants their Section230 liability shield to be declared unconstitutional. These are the ravings of a crazy man. Because getting rid of Section 230 means ISPs are liable, and therefore they will moderate the hell out of what goes through their pipes. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/07/07/trump-says-he-is-suing-facebook-google-twitter-dorsey-zuckerberg-pichai.html
  14. I'm curious, give me your lists of top 5-10 worst active congresspeople. Here's mine: 1. Matt Gaetz 2. Marjorie Taylor Green 3. Louis Gohmert 4. Jim Jordan 5. Devin Nunes 6. Mo Brooks 7. Josh Hawley 8. Ted Cruz 9. Ron Johnson 10. Lauren Boebert 11. Scott DesJarlais 12. Thomas Massie 13. Marsha Blackburn 14. Paul Gosar 15. Ilhan Omar Sorry, got started and couldn't stop. This is a list of people that should resign from Congress ASAP (obviously they won't). Edited: Reordered and
  15. Honestly, is it just about religion and guns? It just makes no sense to me why hicks and other poor idiots would vote for a side that clearly favors the wealthy. What makes even less sense is how little republican leaders try to hide that they don't give a fuck about the little guy.
  16. Orange man is trying to stay relevant in Ohio tonight. Against my better judgement, here is a thread to discuss or ignore the antics of him and his Cheeto dick-riders. The Georgia cunt starting things off right now and is warming up the crowd with lots of love: Maybe we will be lucky enough to see someone Las Vegas this event 🤷‍♀️
  17. About fucking time somebody made an effort to curtail the chaos squad. Next up is primarying their asses out. They are nothing but GOP backed covert operatives anyway. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-democrats-launch-pac-protect-incumbents-attacks-within-n1272428 WASHINGTON — Three senior House Democrats have launched a new political group to defend incumbents facing primary challenges, according to the group's founders. The political action committee, called Team Blue, will fill a gap for members running for re-election who might not be able to get help
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