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  1. I like The Wire, but personally it’s not my favorite. I’d never rewatch the series in full. Too many slow spots, IMO. When its good, it’s amazing though.
  2. I love High Fidelity. We can argue how much of that was him “acting” versus just being filmed as the character seemed pretty true to his real life persona (sans the money/fame of course). I also think Grace is Gone was a very underrated performance. 1408 was pretty good too. Granted he hasn’t done much in the last decade worth mentioning. Probably nostalgia speaking, but I’ll always be a fan because of Grosse Pointe and High Fidelity
  3. John Cusack was given a script of the show too with (rumors) he’d be given the part if officially offered. I think Cranston gave an all time performance, but I think Cusack could’ve knocked it out of the park as well.
  4. I love Breaking Bad, it’s easily a top 5 if not top 3 all time show for me, and it’s more intricately woven than The Sopranos. But, I’ve got to give the nod to Sopranos. Maybe that’s bias due to how groundbreaking The Sopranos was when it came out, but I don’t know. To me, it’s more rewatchable. That’s no knock to BB as I’ve seen both series numerous times, but a lot of what made BB good was how meticulously they paced the plot with the “wow” reveals on how Walt figured a way out again, and the very emotional loss of key characters. Sopranos has plenty of emotional resonance too, but it was also far more episodic. The episodes don’t “flow” from one to another as well as Breaking Bad, but to me, they’re more entertaining more often from the first minute to the credits. Small nuances in characters stand out over time, and the comedy, though largely stereotypical, holds up and there’s usually multiple moments per episode where you’re reminded why you loved the show so much. “Hey Tony, didja hear whaddi said?” Breaking Bad more often builds to key, monumental revelations and moments. And though they still hit hard on rewatches, it does lose just a little something when you know they’re coming. Sopranos does too, and while they may not hit *as* hard (generally), it often feels more fun along the way. It may just boil down to me personally finding a mobster trying to cope in the “modern” (LOL at some of the dated early episodes) world more interesting than a drug dealing teacher trying not to get caught. And it’s no knock to Walter White and his amazing story-arc but BB’s never made me rush to the kitchen to heat up a plate of ziti at 11 pm or wolf down a few handfuls of prosciutto! It’s a title fight, absolutely. But Sopranos wins a tough, well fought split-decision.
  5. Nah. He’s a good guy. Even if you think I’m a POS and a waste of oxygen, he’s a good person.
  6. Mercalius

    More Corruption

    In that it’s viral and can affect people in varying degrees. And that there’s no real foreseeable cure or vaccine for it. And that also, the overall health and immune system of those that acquire it matter way more than any realistic precaution we could take. The elderly, dangerously overweight, and those with compromised immune systems need to be more cautious - but I’ve seen zero justifiable data of regional, let alone country-wide shutdown. This disease may be here for a long while, but healthy, capable people need to get back to work. To get shit, we have to make shit. And we’ve been making a lot less shit the last two months.
  7. I had no idea. My bad I think.
  8. Mercalius

    More Corruption

    Absolutely under the caveat *new cases* isn’t a metric that sways it - barring those cases correlating with hospitalizations and death. As naturally increased testing (and current testing proving it was here before March) will up those numbers. I’m all for it.
  9. Dude I’ll be straight up, I don’t have enough spare time to read every single post in these threads. If there’s something I missed - let me know or quote it. Hence why I asked. Otherwise, why call attention to it? The little jabs over you saying something vague are unnecessary
  10. Mercalius

    More Corruption

    Ok. We can touch base about this again in roughly a month if you’d like. The south east has been reopened for nearly two weeks, and.....life has gone on. Businesses, restaurants, beaches...Florida offering to host other sports teams. The severity has trended way, way down, across all major metrics, with massive re-openings and re-socialization even as testing has expanded profusely. But I’ll give it another month- that’s fair I guess. Would you admit you were wrong if pars the course a month from now?
  11. Jamal won’t say anything if I’m talking to you? Why not?
  12. Mercalius

    More Corruption

    And the tens of millions of Americans going back about their daily lives, or in some cases, protesting the authoritarian governments not allowing them to do so. Titans Report, much like Twitter, is not real life. 2016 should’ve warmed you up to that idea. And beyond that, trying to “shame” someone, not for their argument, but because of a disdain of the people that agree with them is an intellectually weak and transparent play.
  13. Mercalius

    More Corruption

    I felt that way looooong before Musk said it. In fact I think one of my big controversial posts came a day before he even went back on the JRP. The numbers don’t, and haven’t, justified the continued freak out. My parents are in their 60s. I still have a grandparent. I’d personally prefer she still wait it out a couple more weeks, but this virus isn’t the doomsday clock it’s being painted out to be. With every passing day, you’re seeing more and more states confirm that.
  14. ? I’m honestly kinda lost here

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