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  1. Gamesmanship or honesty? Who knows, but it’s about as dismissive as possible given the importance of the position.
  2. Way past his prime? He was in two of the last three super bowls lol. Could he completely suck next season? Sure. But you folks are going overboard on deriding him. He’s 43 and age is a factor, but he treats his health and diet like a religion and had only has one significant injury in a decade.
  3. On paper - unless this team just has an absurd free agency and gets several steals in the draft, we are going to be worse than we were last season (not counting when Mariota started). Major shakeups on the coaching staff, likely losing both our starting RT and one of our better corners, and even the biggest Tannehill and Henry fans expect some kind of regression next year. How much? Who knows, but their production this year was absurd and likely not repeatable. Now, just because we’re worse “on paper” doesn’t mean the team will actually be worse. We won’t have Mariota putting us in a hole for nearly half a season, but still - those are some significant hurdles to overcome for a team that was at the precipice of winning it all. There isn’t a cure-all to fix the holes we lacked and will likely be lacking worse after Logan and Conklin likely walk. A beast edge rusher goes a long way, but even if we address every major need in FA and premium draft picks - the coaching staff situation and Henry coming back down to earth, even just a bit, possibly puts as more of an above average team than a great one. Vrabel and Robinson possibly view Brady as that cure-all. Or the closest we could get to one. And they have a lot of reasons to feel that way. They could be wrong, but if it turns out it’s the way it goes, let’s hope they aren’t.
  4. I do think if Brady’s coming here it’s already done, just pending making it legally official. For all the gamesmanship between them on the field, I don’t think he’d do Vrabel like that. There’s almost a 100% chance the FO already knows who the QB is next season. We just have to sweat it out.
  5. I think you have to. The teams window is the next 2-3 years. After that - we will have age or money questions with half of the defense and in no way will Henry be what he is now. You push the chips in now, basically regardless. Whether that’s RT or Brady
  6. He beat the same team that beat us in the same game in their house just a season ago. At his age, the “a year ago” part matters. But the Titans from the top to bottom are wondering how to get home playoff games and beat Mahomes. They very possibly see Brady as having a better shot at doing both than Tannehill.
  7. The guys on 104.5 today weren’t wrong. 90% of the naysayers would be on board after the first press conference and the expectations would be Super Bowl or bust. This board overdoes it on the negativity. Could signing him be a mistake instead of keeping Tannehill? Yep, absolutely. Could Brady be the final piece to getting this team to the trophy? Yep, absolutely. Anything from those two extremes is possible and neither side is definitive.
  8. Just to throw more speculation out there. Are we discounting that we never hired a true defensive coordinator? Haslett has experience to ease some of this, but it’s widely assumed Vrabel will be taking on a bigger role on the defensive side of the ball. What about the offense? There’s only so many hours in a day and whatever role Vrabel did play on offense will almost assuredly be lessened with the change ups to the coaching staff. Pees, Bowen, Coombs - that’s a significant amount of loss on one side of the ball. We saw Smith blossom in the second half of the season (with competent QB play) but it still feels like putting even more on the plate of a second year OC who seemed to struggle through the first six weeks (even though we know why) could be a risky endeavor. Henry almost has to come back down to earth a bit, and it’s highly unlikely Tannehill replicates the statistically absurd season he had last year. Potentially making it even harder on Smith, with likely more responsibility but realistically less production. Tannehill is a veteran, and the argument that him getting a full offseason as the unquestioned starter could improve the overall efficiency of the offense, but I’m not going to lie with all the other smoke going on about this it almost feels like Vrabel becoming the de facto DC means they’re expecting *something* to ensure consistency and leadership on the offensive side of the ball. And going down the rabbit hole a bit, if they’re planning on pursuing Brady, it would make the personnel decisions make more sense. He’s as close to an OC as you’d get and I have no doubt Vrabel would be fully comfortable with Brady/Smith figuring out gameplans for the offense while he spent more time on the defense. It may be silly, but I think many are underestimating what it meant that Vrabel played with Brady. When he was Superman. They won 3 rings together. To those of us who saw it from a distance, it’s easy to get past that given the time lapse. However there’s a decent chance Vrabel thinks his buddy still has it.
  9. So Darlington and Schefter are saying there’s legitimate smoke. Is it just a ploy to get RT on a better deal or perhaps Vrabel doing his buddy a favor to help Brady get a better deal from wherever he signs? Possibly, if not probably. But, the chatters going to keep up until either RT or Brady signs somewhere.
  10. If I was a 9er fan I’d blame the loss on the female offensive assistant.
  11. It was a joke. It wasn’t Black Eyed Peas awful, but it was up there. Aging ladies trying to prove they’re still sexy, blatant lip syncing, hired actors as fans sperging by the stage, guitars with no amps, songs that were marginal hits 15-20 years ago, and guest appearances from folks I couldn’t point out of a lineup. Pretty standard fair. The ass shaking looked a lot better in the early 2000s.
  12. This is so empowering. Stunning and brave, ladies. 😂😂
  13. Titans logo above Gisele’s head. “T” shape on the field decal to the right of Brady Blue tint to the picture. Done deal. Gruden to the Vols.... WHERES THE PLANE?!?
  14. There could also be a potential issue with Tannehill not wanting to sign an extension after we traded for him. It was the right move for himself financially but I could see the FO taking issue with it seeing that he was damaged goods when we picked him up

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