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  1. I’m back. Sorry for the absence. I’m sure I’ve been missed 🙂
  2. I’m still here. Dealing with some things. Something came up unrelated to the election. May be a day or two before I can roll in the mud more but I’m not going anywhere.
  3. Nah. You ready to condemn the blatant voter fraud in MI, Wisconsin, and Arizona? Don’t pretend you haven’t heard about it. It’s going to go to the courts and it’s going to be exposed.
  4. Hugely legitimate. 2-12% leads in mostly 75-95% counted states that magically stopped counting? That are now reporting a magical number of uncounted votes that just so happen to coincide with his lead? It’s laughable and utterly predictable. And for the sake of democracy - I’d hope you’d find it suspicious, if not vomit-inducing, as well. He still wins, but Democratic-led swing states, Fox News, and Twitter showed themselves tonight in a despicable way. This should have been called 5 hours ago.
  5. Night folks. Clearly won’t be resolved tonight. Still think it’s over - but you never know. Because....
  6. @tgo this can still go either way. Honest question - you good? I know you put a lot of time and energy into promoting Biden and you truly seemed to believe he was the guy for the job. I took some jabs along the way when things got heated, but I’ll never truly shit on someone for following a candidate they believe in. I know you were really looking forward to Biden winning, and Hell, it could still happen - but no hard feelings either way and IDGAF if I win our bet - you don’t have to wear the avatar. You legitimately liked Biden and argued his case for those reasons and you’re a great post
  7. R’s getting nearly 3-1 in Maricopa Co as of 10 minutes ago.
  8. Fox Business reporting Biden camp is worried about PA
  9. 121k in Florida. No hard data on WI yet but folks I trust say R’s are over performing.
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