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  1. Tannehill’s started four games now. Expanded to 16 games his stats would look like: 4068 yards 32 Touchdowns 12 Interceptions (this doesn’t include his playtime against Denver)
  2. A few people said he had some kind of rarish intestinal disease that he didn’t take the best care of.
  3. There must be a hole in the fence, one of the Army has wandered from the herd.
  4. As it’s been stated by dozens of people already, including me in this thread several times, it’s one game. We looked better today. Arguably good. But it’s a single game. In which the most pivotal role was different than the previous six games. Give it time to form a conclusive opinion. If you want more than that....good luck?
  5. Do you even know what you’re attempting to argue at this point?
  6. They’re inherently linked though the dependency/beneficiary can be debated. You can’t isolate an OC’s performance or attempt to evaluate him without taking into consideration the QB’s play. It’s one game. You need to pump the brakes on whatever answer you’re looking for. Tannehill needs another month’s worth of starts before we can properly evaluate him and Smith needs another months worth of QB play that isn’t Mariota’s to get a handle on where he is as well. It’s a long season, we’ll get there.
  7. It’s a statistic. Or rather, two statistics. They don’t have ulterior motives. What is yours?
  8. We started a QB for 6 games that was beyond abysmal for more than half of them. The one game he hasn’t started, our offense looked noticeably better with a guy making his first start for the team. It’s a small sample size. The jury is out, and should be for another 2-3 games. We want to bitch/argue about things now, I get it, but it’s honestly too early to tell given the unique situation of our QB position this season.
  9. Uh, what? We won the game. Our backup QB came in and put up 300+ yards in his first start for our team. Davis had one of his best games of the season and Henry looked better than he has in weeks. I’m not saying Smith is a genius, but this isn’t the game to knock him.
  10. If the refs spot the ball correctly on 4th down, the games over. If the defense didn’t let Rivers walk down the field and score a touchdown in barely a minute when we were up 10, the games very likely over. Things happen. We won.
  11. Either way may be fine. A 7-9 record puts us drafting in the top half of the draft with still what’s likely a very good team with a potentially elite defense and a QB in Tannehill that proved serviceable. It means you could draft BPA and go for it next year or move up for a QB if there’s a guy you love but give him the luxury of sitting if need be or even if not a very competent team around him without any glaring holes.
  12. You really sound like you’re rooting for him 😂 You’ve diminished the win in 3-4 posts now while saying “...but Mariota” in every one. It’s obvious where you stand, and that’s fine, but don’t bullshit.