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  1. That sucks dude 😬 I haven’t followed that saga in awhile but I feel awful for the donors. Some crowdfunded games pan out, but Star Citizen makes Mighty No 9 look like a masterclass of promises delivered lol.
  2. Oh Lordy please don’t tell me you put money into that. I’ve seen more legit pyramid schemes lol.
  3. In an era of Cyberpunk, No Man’s Sky, and FF15, delays from developers are usually good things. It sucks short term, but the wait is generally more than worth it for the bugs/polishing.
  4. One thing about the recent Willis video - the ball flies out of his hand. He’s thicc to the point we may not want Kevin Gates or @woolfolksunclesuncle around him unless they wanna catch a charge. Needs to clean up the footwork a bit, but this guys gonna rocket some footballs even if he never has perfect fundamentals.
  5. You know, outside of hiding like a pussy all offseason, getting therapy for how badly he choked, not showing up for workouts, not getting notified the team was drafting a QB, and the team apparently looking to trade for other QBs, the Titans are clearly still all-in on Tannehill and he’s likely on his way to an extension 😂
  6. Since none of the interceptions in the Bengals game were his fault, why the Hell did he need therapy over it? 😂
  7. We may need to draft another QB to be honest - just for more gimmick packages. Charlie Strong Wildcat?
  8. Eh, with missing all the workouts and not building chemistry or relationships with the wide receivers - I’m sure it’ll be top tier lol.
  9. The cult of QB? Proponent of the Titans doing anything, or bringing in anyone, to compete with the dude who put up one of the worst postseason performances I can remember? Then ran and hid all offseason? The only cult of QB guys are the ones not seeing the writing on the wall for how the org views the position in the long term.
  10. My bad. Yeah, we were 2-4. Surely Tannehill can keep it competitive for longer.
  11. Eh, they gave him a four game window to concrete the fact he was done. The trade in the offseason for Tannehill showed Mariota was on a super short leash. Let’s hope for our teams sake Tannehill makes it more than four games. Willis needs a bit of marinating.
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