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  1. Do you really want to argue this? I wasn’t wrong in the slightest. Literally everything I said in my commentary of this was correct. Literally everything. There is no backtracking. I nailed it. Clearly you’re bothered by it. And that’s ok. But do your best to get over it. And as for my stupidity, it really is a tough road being so dumb in a land full of geniuses. The lingering anger on your part fully expresses that. And the biddie jokes - but I knew they’d get to you 😉
  2. Come on over to where? Which particular anti-Trump thread of the hundreds in the politics forums would you like to have this apparently long-lusted debate? Let me know and I guess we can? Last I remember we were both agreeing that the protests were getting a little out of hand, but we can go back to name-calling and tit-for-tatting if you truly insist. It’s honestly boring through, being honest. Anyway, tag me in a topic you’d like to debate or keep instigating here, or again, DM me if you’d really like to talk without the confines of someone being “owned” in a discourse. You’re not a bad guy. Never thought that. Cracked some jokes and trolled you, obviously. But glass houses and all. Anyway, balls in your court. But for real, don’t legitimately get angry over any of this. It’s useless.
  3. Fwiw the steak had nothing to do with our conversation. Tried to delete it before I posted but clumsy fingers. And we can discuss anything you’d like. Just let me know the topic and I’m down.
  4. Someone’s been drinking. I’ve been there. I won’t go low. It just perpetuates. Good luck. PM me if you’d like to talk. For real. I won’t screen shot or pull any lame bullshit. On my word. Get better man.
  5. 3 deaths in your county of 100,000. From 311ish confirmed cases. You had 3 reported flu deaths in 2019 from 297 confirmed cases. There were 34 flu/pneumonia deaths in 2017. (WTF Maury County, why didn’t you SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN) I mean, I know it’s scary - but in your own back yard there’s a pandemic with roughly the same mortality rate as the measles and rabbit fever. Masks on homie 😂 Make sure to /Karen extra hard the next time you’re at the Home Depot over social distancing etiquette when you want to upgrade your deck during this apocalyptic pandemic 🙃
  6. If you looked at any news “source” outside of the biased bubble you’ve inclined yourself to, you’d know he isn’t lying. Portland gave us a prime example a year ago. But since it was indie “alt-right” reporters telling the reality, no one gave a shit. Steven Crowder, love him or hate him, (yes I know you hate him) YEARS ago, infiltrated a group on a college campus, on camera, with violent orders and weapons, and no one gave a shit. Because narrative. Wake the shit up.
  7. You were a lot more interesting when you role played having autism instead of TDS. Just saying.
  8. Regardless of politics, none of us want mass numbers of civilians to lose their lives, their livelihoods, or the communities they’ve spent the entirety of their lives building up and enriching. None of us want to see a police state, and none of us want to see an escalation in police/military force (the next steps being lethal). Unfortunately, this is where things are trending. Looting was first. Then it was property damage. Now it’s moved on to mass-arson and assault. If shit doesn’t change and de-escalate, bullets and bombs come next. And as much as I argue with many of you, I don’t want that for any of you.
  9. I’ve seen far more video evidence that groups that are predominantly white are causing the violence and property damage than anything. Alt right or Antifa? Both? Who knows. But I’ve seen numerous clips of black people begging people to stop the violence or outright preventing it from happening while masked young white people hurl bricks and throw elbows.
  10. There’s a lot of truth to this. I know a lot of cops that simply shouldn’t be cops. It’s an enticing field for people with perpetual chips on their shoulder and way too easy to slip through the psychological evaluation.
  11. And yet it failed. Largely while everyone knew it would be futile. You really don’t see it 😂

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