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  1. Ok noble sir - you tell that troll he’s a pussy ass troll dummy! Get the fuck out of here with your faux etiquette and blatantly transparent evaluation of who’s instigating who. just because you feign objectivity from time to time doesn’t make your act any less obvious. I’m so sorry you have to wait one full day just to see me proven right because you’re bad at the Internet. Cry more and I’ll totally pm you a link.
  2. It’s not trolling to not do your adversaries favors grampy. Especially when they’re so obviously awful at using the Internet in ways that were rudimentary in 2005. Get better and try again.
  3. If I’ve become a troll - you’ve become a 6 year old. No you! Go to bed grampy
  4. Says the goat. I’m sure the ol’ Compaq Presario and Netscape Navigator will get you there eventually.
  5. Orrr you know posting torrents to movies that haven’t officially released could get me banned on here or the site in legit trouble. And beyond that, maybe it’s fun to watch people who’ve been nothing short of pricks to me for two years squirm? Hmmm... 🤔
  6. Fine. You’re welcome. Lazy shits. https://www.thisworldthesedays.com/borattduexrudy.html
  7. I could. But I’m not. 😂 maybe if you get lucky it’ll trend on Twitter videos before it’s flagged!
  8. More than likely there’s evidence of CEFC blood money. Was pretty blatant that was a pump and dump laundering business especially after most of the higher ups are dead or in prison.
  9. This is the Fox report about the money laundering
  10. Really want to die on this hill? I’ve seen the clip. It isn’t at all what Twitter is clutching their pearls about. It’s not shocking though that folks would use a bad comedy sketch as their truth while refuting something confirmed by the DOJ and FBI. SBC stopped being funny 15 years ago, coincidentally about the time society was changing en masse and the rampant gay panic and xenophobia wasn’t nearly as prevalent. If you can’t get the reactions you want, manipulate the scenarios and participants until you can! Remember when he got owned by the gun shop trying to film a sketch and had to tuck tail out of the place? 😂

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