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  1. Not to you. You’ve always been a chill guy.
  2. There are crazies on both sides of the aisle. And crazy exists in both left and right wing circles. And to give some evidence to this - after positing on this forum for a decade, pointing out numerous times how I’m a moderate, stating point blank I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t like him as a person - I’m being lumped in with the alt-right and basically called a Nazi because I don’t agree with a lot of the narrative being pushed here. I haven’t stated my exact political views, nor do I intend to. There’s no reason. There’s already 8-10 people dogpiling and attempting to “trap” me into revealing extremist beliefs for merely pointing out the Russian investigation is a non-story (which was predicted for over a year by tens of millions of people). I’ve been a regular on here for close to a dozen years and folks are foaming at the mouth to call me a white supremicist. They haven’t yet, and it’s probably only the fact that I am a longtime member that they haven’t. But what does that say about the beliefs here? I’ve said little to nothing about my personal preferences and only that Trump likely isn’t the demon so many want him to be. Its this exact tactic that’s pushed so many people, many of them lifelong members, out of the Democratic Party. It’s gang mentality. It’s anti-thought. It’s lazy bullying. Demonize those that don’t agree. Make them a hashtag on Twitter. Deplatform them. SWAT them. Ruin them. The ends justify the means. Y’all are the good guys.
  3. You don’t. You’re projecting methinks but honestly I don’t even care enough to dwell on it. You’re naming relevant media/political figures. So topical and deep. And I’m not a “huge” JR podcast fan. It’s a pretty big deal, so yeah - it’s pretty common that people keep up with it even if it’s surface level. You’re bad at Internet’ing dawg
  4. Thanks for the totally incorrect meme lecture grandpa. Your dab is the coolest, I swear! Now get back to your terrible podcast and thinking using “dick” in song lyrics is high comedy.
  5. The left really can’t meme. You keep walking into the cliches.
  6. How about instead of a random online accusation about something abhorrent warranting myself or potentially others to disprove it - folks curious about the situation and ready to lump him in with something so disgusting take roughly 2 minutes to do their own research and find the mountains upon mountains of evidence that he’s not secretly a member of Hydra. This is is a microcosm of what’s wrong with our society. Some blowhard ridiculous accusation that could be severely damaging is made and the burden of proof then falls on said person or others to disprove it. Forget resume, forget reputation. Forget years and years of video/article/commentary or suggestions otherwise. A journalist is in a picture with people throwing up the “ok” sign. 👌👌🏾👌🏼👌🏿 (Sorry if that triggered someone, Apple is totes racist). One of the few guys willing to discuss politics with voices on separate sides of the aisle and keep some kind of courtesy. A guy who’s admitted ample times he has far right wing and far left wing friends and drags on Trump just as often as he does Hillary or AOC. A huge Bernie Sanders supporter from a mixed racial background. He’s a Nazi. Because a few leftist weirdos on Twitter and Reddit don’t like that he abandoned the group think and is willing to call bullshit on both sides when it warrants it. “He’s in a picture eating a meal while other folks around him meme and he looks like he’s rolling his eyes and embarrassed that they’re doing it....but but hang him!” Im disgusted that Jack Doyle sat in a room with him on Rogen’s podcast and answered questions about Twitter a few weeks back. Is Jack being converted?
  7. Yes, a guy who takes pride in his Osage and Korean heritage is a total white supremicist. Lol. I hope this is shtick because it seems you’ve gone off the deep end.
  8. This is the exact buffoonery I was talking about earlier. Now me and Tim Pool are being suggested as white supremecists. Predictable, but still disappointing.
  9. Yes, anyone who doesn’t tow the insanity of current extreme leftists is “coming out of hiding” as being a Republican. Ive talked politics on this forum on and off for over a decade, but sure? And LOL at Tim Pool being a racist or alt right. I disagree with the dude on a lot but you may want to look at some less Alex Jones caliber sources when you attempt to read up on someone.
  10. No, you’re not right. But thanks for the not so subtle jab at white privilege I guess?
  11. And watch the Tim Pool video...or several - to see where most non-politically-entrenched people feel regarding the presidency. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s considered alt-right and deplatformed in a few weeks given he’s willing to explore ideas outside of his own personal preference
  12. This is the same ignorant bravado that got Trump elected in 2016, which I basically said could happen 3 months before the election (and got dogpiled for on this forum). If the last few years weren’t a big enough hint, there are millions more conservatives in the world than what’s represented on this forum. And there are millions more moderates more apt to vote for him in 2020 if this liberal lunacy continues. Which if this forum is any indication, it certainly will. This echo chamber/vilification/shouting down tactic hasn’t worked for three years, but keep trying it.
  13. You’re confusing far right wingers with normal Americans. It’s not even a comparison
  14. Look at the economy. Look at unemployment. Look at doing more to “peace” one of the most volatile dictators in the last several decades. Look at the blatant “man behind the curtain” reveal that 90% of mainstream news are as fraudulent as tabloids. The same with social media. If there is unwillingness to concede that he has done some good as a president, and way better than most here would ever give him credit for, there really isn’t even much point in having a conversation.
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