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  1. You’re itching for me to guesstimate an answer - involving a ratio with the most popular search engine and video hosting site on the Internet, both of which have some of the most downloaded and used apps across both Android and IOS? Uhhh, pass? I will say like (I’m guessing) most people these days, when I want to watch a YouTube video it’s way more likely than to be on my phone than on a desktop/laptop and in this scenario the app is always the primary method. So for the purposes of wanting to seek out and watch a video on YouTube, I’m sure there are tons of people that only use the site/app exclusively.
  2. Lol you folks who’ve had nightmares about Russia for two years calling other folks conspiracy theorists is rich. Especially when there’s direct proof of every major tech company burying/banning/shadow-banning/manipulating algorithms to favor one political party over the other. This latest YouTube incident isn’t new. It’s just a noticeable elevation of an algorithm they’ve been changing for awhile. It’s affected non political content as well and has been rightfully criticized but it’s comical y’all are LOLing at content creators like you know more about an issue than they do. These people get paid to understand and game YT’s search parameters, but by all means y’all know more about it than folks with hundreds of thousands if not millions of subscribers. Many whose entire livelihood depends on knowing how to game the algorithm (even more-so than the quality of content they create) 😂 Google outright had meetings about not letting Trump “happen” again. They hindered Gabbard’s campaign during an extremely pivotal timeframe. Twitter de-listed her from Trending with 100s of thousands of search results while propping up Assad with a fraction of the relevance. And pretty much every other DNC candidate even though she had the best moment of the night. And now Twitter suspends Mitch McConnell’s campaign account. You’re embracing and excusing Orwellian tactics because it (temporarily) benefits your political preferences. That is when you’re not hilariously pretending they don’t even exist.
  3. And it’s not on YouTube. And apparently that’s not fishy at all because calling out big tech for being scummy is solely a right wing worry? 😂
  4. Lol it’s one of the most popular/biggest meme videos from 2016. With more views than 30 Young Turks videos added together. If you don’t think manipulating an algorithm contrary to intent from the user is dangerous...well, nevermind, of course y’all don’t.
  5. Nope. YouTube the site doesn’t pull it up unless you’re very very specific in your search parameters. Spin it how you’d like.
  6. Or you could watch the video 🤷‍♂️
  7. Click on the bottom right of the Tweet, the “share via” button, and click copy link, then just paste it in a response. Once you hit enter to go down a line, it’ll post it.
  8. Trump will only go after her if she naturally gains momentum and is seen as a legit threat. Otherwise, it’s free publicity, more exposure, and a surefire way to get the never-Trumpers to elevate her even further. Her temperament, appeal to moderates, and service to the country aren’t something he likely wants to face head on. He’s a caricature. But so are Bernie, Warren, Harris, Booker, and even Biden to an extent. He can win a cartoon fight any day of the week, but Gabbard is a different kind of politician. She’s authentic, or at least fakes it really damn well. It would put Trump out of his element to clash with that head on. It almost cost him against Cruz when he kept going low and Ted was able to show his more normal, every-man side. I don’t think that’s a game he could play with Tulsi The telling thing IMO is after the DNC smears her and buries her into a non-entity and their real candidate is too far gone to be beaten will be that Trump likely compliments her and says the system was rigged against her - sending some of her supporters his way or at least ensuring write-ins and non-votes for the chosen candidate. Calling my shot on that one, but that’s 100% how I see it playing out
  9. Just because you responded to Jesse James don’t make you Jesse James. I figured Orange is the New Black would be more up your alley.
  10. The guy who quotes three paragraphs and says LOL as his only response is lecturing me on engaging in conversation 😂😂
  11. Why does my opinion on gun control matter rather than divert from the points I made that you can’t refute? Russian asset 😂😂
  12. This recent diversion encapsulates the hilarity and lunacy of the modern Democratic Party. Fwiw, I highly doubt I’d vote for Gabbard given her stance on the 2nd amendment. But - here’s a candidate who’s well-spoken, has mostly nuanced takes, has an exemplary service record in our military, is a woman (a minority at that), and has managed to somewhat walk across the aisle and generate appeal to many moderates (and even republican) voters. She’s been the victim of online suppression to hinder her momentum both from Google and Twitter, and yet despite this has generated the most buzz-worthy moment from the debates by gloriously revealing what a sham Harris is. And instead of embracing her or even disliking her but letting her campaign run its course and allowing policy and likability determine her political future...you’re calling a military veteran a Russian asset. It has nothing to do with her being somewhat moderate, not screaming racism/sexism every two seconds (the DNC talking points this election cycle apparently), or the fact that she laid the smack down on one of the establishments front-runners. It’s that she’s female Trump, foreign allegiance and all! In some lighting, her skin may even look a little orange. Forget that big tech is blatantly sabotaging her. Forget that the moderates are starting to gravitate towards her. Forget that she was a combat medic in Iraq and promoted to Major in the National Guard. She’s to the right of total socialism! Bury her!!! Clown world 🤡
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