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  1. Weather is working out in our favor. If the line keeps getting the type of push they have been getting then Henry could have an absolute dominant performance, think he pushes for 200 plus and 3 TD'S. Tannehill just needs to keep taking advantage of the opportunities he gets use his athleticism to extend drives when he can and protect the ball, be the 2000 Baltimore teams Trent Dilfer with a big +1 in the ability to make plays on the run and rushing. We're controlling the line of scrimmage on boths sides in the playoffs and see no reason for it to end today, have defense will travel. 38 - 24 Titans, our field goal kicker finally gets involved and makes one.
  2. He better be working on those pass catching skills. Before it's all said and done their probably gonna throw one to him for better or worse.
  3. Probably more of a poke in the eye at the city of Baltimore than a pat on the back for the Titans.
  4. If the weather forecast holds it'll only be a couple of clicks above freezing come game time. Should bould well for us.
  5. Andy Reid must hate the playoffs. Houston winning wouldn't be shocking, but running KC off the field in Arrow Head is.
  6. Exactly, I said last week against NE just keep running. The last possession we had in the first half I'd have treated it as four down territory and ran on third down. If Henry gets enough for the first or more it's not shocking, if he comes close to the first but a little short you continue to run clock and have a good chance to convert on the 4th and continue the drive if you want or just run clock then punt. If you do the above and on third down and still punt you can continue to run clock or force a time out which hendars Baltimore on the score they got before the half. At this point with Henry it's like not giving Brady in his prime a shot on third down, Henry's playing at AP regular season prime levels but in the playoffs.
  7. Lamar was running and diving head first. He runs the ball far more than any other QB by design, he's not going to get protected if he's going to be a full back. Big deal you got spat at, I've been punched, kicked, eyes gouged, and attempts to squeeze my gear at lesser levels. Of all franchises with Ray Lewis and his bullshit, coupled with the straight up twisting and damaging Chris Johnson's ankle in a pile in a playoff game after he had been straight gutting them a little bit of fluid in the face ain't shit, sounds like this new age Ravens are just a bunch of soft FUPA's
  8. We went 9-7 two years in a row without a passing game with a playoff win to boot. Mariota scored a combined running and passing 32 TD'S and he was supposed to be some kind of running threat. It's all about the defense between Lebue and Peas it's grown, both should be cominded along with JRob who has just done a lights out job. Right now in the playoffs the defense is playing at the level they have had to play for 40 games with Mariota to survive. Fortunately Mariota is no longer starting and Tannehill is capable of consistently scoring 3 TD'S again along with fewer sacks, and the ones he takes he's shown the ability to throw his way out of which is a huge bonus.
  9. They may know it now, but for a good 40 game stretch they definitely didn't. That's a long ass run. The great thing about these two playoff games the defense is playing at the level we needed when Mariota was all we had. It's why we're advancing and makes us really dangerous.
  10. Once we upgraded from Mariota to a baseline capable NFL QB we became legit. This team could have been a 11 or 12 win team had Tannehill started from the jump. When you look at the team from that prospective beating a 14-2 Baltimore team isn't that far out of left field. Look we had two previous years of 9-7 with a QB that scored a combined 32 TD'S passing and running over that span of two seasons and said QB running ability was supposed to be a huge asset. I'm really not shocked, I'm more surprised that this defense just keeps bringing it week after week year after year with the pitful production that the Mariota lead offenses produced. Fortunately for us these guys have taken pride in it doing so because if they hadn't we would be talking about three straight losing seasons.
  11. Yeah it's just fucking weird, compare it to how he greets the wee man it's a trip
  12. Damn I don't know who Vrabel blow off worse the midget or Mariota.
  13. Hell yeah we needed this we needed this!!!

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