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  1. Yep, with the looming cap explosion and McNairs injury issues and age I was all for starting over a year early. Trade Mac for anything take AR as I never was a Smith fan. Smiths a great example of a guy that due to his added dimension of being able to run and some good workout shot up the draft boards a little over a month before the draft. Starting over a year early and dumping anything they could may have also resulted in Mason being kept long term, Mason obviously had gas in the tank and the money given to Drew Bennett should have been earmarked for Mason. The worst part regarding Jones was that he could have been his generations Prime Time Deon Sanders kickoff and punt return legend a guy teams wouldn't throw at but if they did could provide blanket coverage or take a pic and turn it into six, with the added bonus of his lack of fear of sticking not only receivers but backs in the backfield in run support. He and Haynsworth are my top two, guys that I'm sure Fisher said we can work with them and provide a locker room blah blah blah. Both showed that could they be Hall of Fame level talents but just didn't really give a shit if they ever were.
  2. What a nothing burger press conference. Gonna pay his respects in very special place sounds like he's gonna go dicking around on his phone while taking a shit and eating KFC. I'd imagine the above is the extent of his multi tasking abilities.
  3. Vertically challenged interspecies erotica is the correct nomenclature sir.
  4. Scanned through saw the Mariota for backup and had no need to read further
  5. Smokes

    Virus in US

    I'd make her wear the mask, wouldn't want to catch anything.
  6. Carr is who Marriota reminded me of most over his final 2 and half years in Tennessee. What a bust.
  7. What's short term? I don't think they'd offer more than four years and said deal would be front loaded. If you franchise him and he plays as well as he did this year your now stuck with giving him a top 5 deal for the next three or four. The Cowboys are currently stuck in no mans land due to not signing Prescott earlier. Yeah franchise him if you have a reasonable alternative but we don't, and we're not in draft position to get one. I was all for drafting Lock once it got out that we had intereste, but here we are.
  8. Of all the games he started this year he had one clunker. Outside of that he played well enough every other week. Hell he scored like 5 or 6 TDs in three road playoff games were the run game was 1st and foremost. He'll be fine, with what we have and with the potential of what we can become. What's your alternative?
  9. When you look at Aurther he was a first time play caller with nothing more to work with in the off season than a HOT Henry second half from the previous year. Art now has a year of experience along with everyone else new to the offense, Brown, Hump, Raymond, and Tannehill all being new to the team and being huge contributers to it's success. The TE group I thought played well as a collective, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Davis doesn't show out next year as well once they can rerack the offense this off season with the group we saw over the 14 game stretch with Tannehill.
  10. No judgement, getting older too. But it looked like a meat flap hanging over her jaw bone, it really tripped me out, I don't know it's just most cosmetic face surgery just always look way too weird to me, tits and ass not so much.
  11. Well we figured out he can be successful on a good team, we also found out Mariota couldn't. This team has been and is talented and will continue to due to a solid and consistently successful front office. It's not like Tannehill has been here for any length of time nor did he get the starter reps in the off-season, the offense was designed around piss poor QB. How about we take a 11 and 3 record that got us to the AFC championship game with three straight wins against division champs on the road an off season to see where we can go with Tannehill.
  12. Reid's wife has had some serious face stretching done ugh
  13. Shanny has to call the time out, SF offense was left in no mans land with the missed delay of game.
  14. Just a heads up for 4k and HDR owners the game is being streamed in 4k HDR on the Fox app. Shit looks good.

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