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  1. Not shocked, outside of Buffalo, Denver, and Oakland when it comes down to the QB comparisons we will come up short against everyone else on the schedule.
  2. He can have a record breaking season and win a ring and all I'd do is franchise him. After being this unproductive and consistently injuried for this long I need to see it again, I trust him as much as I'd trust a crack head in 1986 with a VCR.
  3. I was all for drafting a QB that year, Rodgers if possible if not going ahead and drafting Smith. Between 9's age, injury history, and contract coupled with the overall roster purge it would have been the smart decision, but this was also pre rookie cap, we probably couldn't have had both on the roster.
  4. That ain't saying much. It's the equivalent of Winston is the obvious starter over Fitzpatrick.
  5. Tannehill and Marcus live in the same neighborhood of NFL quarterbacks along with Carr, Winston, and Bortles. Had Tannehill ended up in Oakland or Tampa it would be the same situation.
  6. Getting IR'd in the final quarter of the season at that rate he has is basically asking the backup to play 2 or 4 regular season games that have playoff implications and then the playoffs, at that point what's the point in Marcus being the starter?
  7. The dude has 32 TDS passing and rushing combined in the last 36 games. For a dual threat QB averaging less than a TD per game over that long of a stretch is pretty damn mediocre and that's being kind going into his fifth season.
  8. These two live in the same neighborhood of bottom third starters or high end backups/bridge QB's. Tannehill has a better history over a period of time of actual production one would expect out of a QB than Marcus, but Marcus should and will be the stater when the season starts provided he doesn't get hurt in camp or preseason. If Marcus continues to look as he has by week five then pull him, he starts missing time leave him on the sidelines, no more rope.
  9. Tannehill has been far more productive at the position and that's been an issue for us for over two years, the overall deal for him is good get. JRob appears to be done with waiting on Marcus to develop and or stay healthy, either do it or sit down. Play like you have sit down, get hurt unavailable sit down. With that said I don't see Tannehill has a guy that would get us over the hump, playoffs yeah I think he could but not all the way, but I have little faith in Marcus being available come playoff push time let alone actually getting us in. JRob has dropped the cow.
  10. I'd would jump at trade for a 3rd in a heartbeat. Hell I wouldn't be opposed to swapping are spot in the first for AZ's spot in the second along with Rosen if JRob and company really believe he can get it done. I have been saying since the end of the season they have to really look for legit options this draft if possible due to Marriott's injuries and lack of production after this much time in the league. Theirs no guarantee that we will be bad enough next year come draft time to be in position to have a chance at one of the top three prospects without spending a ton of picks to move up, imo we are to talented to bomb that bad along with the fact we've been as successful as we've been with bottom 10 passing the past two years. I can't see us just being able to say hey fuck it next year's draft will solve the problem.
  11. It sure does seem to get you wound up.
  12. Trump's probably had more abortions than stories of abortions you have ever read about. It's a medical advancement and a procedure that anyone having one doesn't take likely nor enjoys, but it's that persons decision, not yours. The wall is unrealistic there for dumb.
  13. So we've turned to talking about being just competitive? The roster is better because our GM is no longer the fucking town goof. Keep in mind said goof drafted Marcus.
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