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  1. Keep in mind at all times it's not just AAS. You have the rest of the clan to consider especially when it's the highest profiled and payed player whom they would have all been invested in from the beginning to the end. The Adams clan are not hurting for an extra bowl of porage, but as a collective they're not the Kahn's or Arthur Blank. Regarding the numbers it's not a shock, said it for some time Mariota's play was David Carr bad and much like when Schuab took over most of all of the deficiency would fade away.
  2. 3 and 1 with Tannehill, haters gonna have to pack it up.
  3. Sack fumble that Tannehill had pinned to his side looming larger. If reviewable that's a big miss by Vrabel and company.
  4. Landry looked like he was shot out of a cannon
  5. Hopefully during the bye Tannehill can get some input into the offense and help with installing some shit he's comfortable with that we're currently not doing. I'd imagine Tannehill unlike Marcus isn't going to be as afraid to speak out about what he thinks we need to run and what he's comfortable with.
  6. It's really gonna be the shits if Succop is at the end of the road and we give him too much time to pull the nose up.
  7. Blame whomevers call it was not to have a QB competition.
  8. The 4th and goal score by Carolina was what turned the game IMO. Vrabel needed to call a time out regroup and make Carolina think about it. Instead McCaffrey catches a wide open TD.
  9. Tannehill smarter and better runner confirmed