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  1. Poor coaching period. The calls to throw on 2nd and 2 and then 3rd and 2 were dumb as hell along with the punt. Henry had just damned near broke a long one, all that was needed was to convert and keep eating clock and drive down and score take the lead the momentum and put Baltimore in a situation that they'd rather not be in. These dumb fuckers did the exact same fucking thing in the regular season on the final drive against Baltimore and got bailed out on the Tannehill to Davis play on fourth and long. It was piss poor play calling then and the
  2. I will never understand the play calling, 2nd and 2 and 3 and 2 run the goddamn ball and move on.
  3. Well he needs to wake up to the reality of what we're seeing.
  4. Vrabell has a bit too much Fisher in him. He's gonna to need to shake a bit of that off.
  5. For what it's worth it's tied at halftime at home in the playoffs, no excuses.
  6. Goddamn it took forever to get that sack, but I'll take it.
  7. Well the exact opposite of what you would want to do just accured. Just throw a bomb there, you'd run off the same amount of time with two chances between a penalty or catch to possibly continue the drive.
  8. Defense just went dookie. Need to score on this drive, preferably eat the clock in the process.
  9. Ravens appear to be trying to hide Lamar as best they can.
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