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  1. Mariota is David Carr bad at this point. You can't continue with that type of QB play if you have another reasonable option. If Gabbert was still here I could get it, but Tanny is not Mariota, Gabbert, or David Carr bad. Even if he goes out and shits the place up put Marcus back in, it's not like this is some big passing of the touch.
  2. Just take the L on spam man, he's playing like David Carr at the end with Houston. If he was ever going to improve we'd seen it yet he continues to get worse. They need to give Tanny a shot sooner than later if nothing else but to help with Davis's and Browns development and see if he can be a productive stop gap. With Henry nearing the end of his deal their going to have to decide if the only guy that's a offense threat is worth paying a huge contract to at a position you'd prefer to not invest in long term at a crazy high price.
  3. I believe they have had AJ returning punts due to potentially wanting Humphreis to have a bigger role in the offense and would prefer not to add more to his plate. At this point due to Marcus Carr Hump isn't going to get alot work on offense and they'd be just as well off letting him take over the punt returns.
  4. You can't run shit with him, at this point teams are just going to come after him and stack the box to try and slow Henry down. He's incapable of taking advantage of the situation and teams know this.
  5. He played like six fucking games with Whiz and was limping around like he has been for years now before the second game was over.
  6. Oh goddamn he can't drop back and pass the fucking ball on a remedial NFL level at all with any consistency.
  7. Exactly. He's fucking David Carr at this point. You have no choice but to run the ball and no one's buying the play action any longer do to the fact that he can't read defenses pre or post snap so all he has a chance with is play action.
  8. Good. He knows what needs to be done, time to get it over with.
  9. If Marcus was a competent QB he probably saves himself from four or five of those sacks tonight, even then four or five sacks can make for a rough night. The number of just complete misses on alot of his throws are just bad backup tier. He's David Carr at this point, can't read defenses pre or post snap and once he decides to stop dropping back it's a fucking fire drill.
  10. It's not hard to tee off on a fifth year QB that plays like a undrafted rookie. Thought you said Marcus plays best on national TV?
  11. It's like he doesn't know that if you step up in the pocket when the pass rushers are coming around the corner that they'll be an open area to set your feet and throw, it's as if he's never watched anyone play in the pocket before