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  1. Don't pay it any mind... The team clearly went in today with the idea of limiting drop back throws and maximizing quick routes, screens, and play action plays. Any time we did a straight drop back the Browns pass rush disrupted the play. It was great play calling and a good offensive game planning today that mitigated the inferiority of our o-line against the Browns front seven. (Also, why I don't understand how some can say Mariota had a bad game-- for what he was asked to do and what he was asked to work with he absolutely executed).
  2. Mariota played well today. Limited mistakes, didn't turn the ball over, and maximized big plays.
  3. Dude, drop it. Tunsil is a great young player-- he played at a high level at age 24 and has shown improvement each and every year. Every indication is that he's becoming an All Pro level LT
  4. They traded him for two 1st rounders and a 2nd round pick... I think its safe to say they valued him pretty highly.
  5. This was a trade the Texans had to make. They have a franchise QB and the best WR in the game right now.. It only make sense to protect your young QB so he can give more opportunities to your best player. Also, the Texans go from a terrible offensive line to one of the better young offensive lines now that they can slide Tytus Howard to guard (although spending a 1st round pick on a guard is costly so he better be great).
  6. Disappointment and missed talent.. he was considered by some the greatest prospect ever and a sure hall of famer
  7. Tunsil for Clowney is a good trade... Tunsil has been pretty good (Miami maybe even loses this trade).
  8. Geez Marcus.. save that for the regular season please
  9. Conklin had an amazing play there. That's what an all pro tackle looks like. Pretty much single handedly created that running lane
  10. ESPN acknowledged yesterday actually that this "QB Controversy" is national media generated (due to not being invested in this team).
  11. I really want this to happen bc it seems he fits more with this team than his own, hes a hometown kid, and he'd raise the national profile of the team... that's even before considering hes the best CB in the game today
  12. Its 100% on them for not knowing that the draft was held this weekend... it's been the only thing talked about in Nashville for the last couple of months
  13. I'd like for us to take a project player with our 4th round pick. A player with a lot of natural talent but who needs coaching. A player I'd consider is Deionte Thompson. He's got size and unbelievable range, but he's not disciplined, unrefined, and the game hasn't slowed down for him yet.