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  1. titansfan


    Lol... this is such weak thinking and shows how beat down this fanbase is. We were not the #1 offense in the NFL last year-- there is significant room for improvement. Its not a given that we decrease production. We can be better.
  2. Conklin, Jackson, Davis, Wilson not being on the team and having 2nd round flame out quickly after being drafted... but Robinson got some homerun hitters that save him
  3. Truly think we drafted what will become a top 5 CB and a top 5 NB last week... The future of our secondary is something to get really excited about.
  4. titansfan


    Our weakness is crippling though. By simply calling it a weakness like any other team, you're completely glossing over the fact that a weakness shouldn't abolish any chances your team has at being successful. If we were to line up the offense right now, without a doubt, we would have the easiest offense to defend against in the league.
  5. titansfan


    I truly don't understand how so many fans are trying to pretend like its not a weakness. Our WR situation outside of Brown is inexperienced and does not deserve the faith that its receiving... Fans spend so much time invested in who we draft only to force themselves to believe that a guy like Dez Fitzpatrick is not just another guy (despite the evidence and likelihood that he probably is) that it makes that pre-draft time investment a true waste of time. Our WR room needs more work. No shame in admitting that. Im pretty sure Jon Robinson knows this and will address it at some point
  6. Miami has been linked to literally every available player by the media.
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/05/06/falcons-seem-increasingly-likely-to-trade-julio-jones/
  8. This is actually a really good signing. One of those under the radar depth signings that will go a long way, in part because he adds versatility and can relieve some snaps from Henry here and there. I think its important that we save Henry for the playoffs more this year.
  9. You really need to go back and try to understand whats going on here. He's being a good and loyal teammate by understanding his value to the team and telling his teammates that he doesn't plan on being there which allows them to appropriately assess their options as it concerns their futures with the team.
  10. Probably will make the roster over McNichols honestly.. competition for Evans
  11. Im not blaming Tannehill for anything. When it comes to Rodgers your defense of Tannehill is irrelevant. I just find Rodgers talent to be at a greater level than Tannehill's to the point that I think his addition makes us the AFC favorite. It has nothing to do with Tannehill-- we dont NEED Rodgers, but if he were available for us then I would take him.
  12. Again, you're making up a straw man. I don't care if its Tannehill's fault or not for losing games... Off pure ability and level play alone, give me Rodgers over Tannehill and those struggles will be assuaged.
  13. Youre looking at it the wrong way. Its not a question if Titans struggles can be attributed to Tannehill. The question is, would adding Rodgers in place of Tannehill be such an improvement that it would allow the Titans to overcome whatever struggles we may have no matter the cause? The answer is yes. Tannehill is very good, but Rodgers is on another level.
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