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  1. He's the xfactor on defense.. if he takes a game to the next level (all pro) then our pass rush and run defense all improve. Hes the core and will make everyone's job easier.
  2. Wow it feels great to be at a position to say thanks, but I don't think I will.
  3. I dont mind developing Kizer. Hes got a lot of natural talent, he's still young, and has experience
  4. Ahh yes pure raw unsubstantiated Titan homerism rarely seen in these parts
  5. Also, doing some deeper reading into it, it may be small clue on the level of free agent they expect to potentially lose after this season (Rashaan Evans).
  6. We were so behind. Stuff like this is what the fans don't really see. Players like playing for first class organizations with state of the art facilities.
  7. A #8 Jones jersey will be a top seller. The single digit for skill players will be a big hit
  8. I said when the season ended that our window is aligned with the prime of Derrick Henry and I think thr organization feels the same. I pray he stays healthy. He is legitimately our MVP
  9. I honestly think it's a real possibility. The young guys better perform
  10. We are going all in, it's a gamble. And dammit it's been about time. We've been waiting for 20 years to get this organization to a place where it is close enough to take a real shot. If we win one it is all worth it and would be the biggest thing to happen for Nashville. I'm excited
  11. Ahh this Julio trade is the gift that keeps on giving here. Lol again the idiots who failed to read a pretty obvious case deserve the shit they are catching especially if they were so boisterous in what proved to be completely wrong
  12. To answer the question, yes Julio run blocks and is a better and does so at a higher level than Corey Davis.
  13. I think it's clear we are ready to go all in this year so if we think the pass rush or the depth of the guys we have rushing the passer is questionable then I think its very much in the realm of possibility.
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