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  1. Not sure how these stats were presented with the intent of propping Mason as a superior player.
  2. I think this overly credits Tannehill whereas it should just highlight how easy Mariota's job should have been. Those aren't difficult throws nor crazy reads-- they are just the right plays.
  3. Not true at all. Most teams who believe they're in a championship window make the backup QB position a priority
  4. A lot will depend on Tannehill. If he doesn't improve on last season's performance then we will regress. Of course, signing Clowney will make our defense better, but we had too many close games last season that could have went either way. If the offense isn't at a better level we could easily be 7-9 as opposed to 9-7 or 10-6.
  5. Paulson Adebo Alex Leatherwood Davonta Smith Kylin Hill Marvin Wilson
  6. Btw its becoming obvious that Vic Beasley was a Clowney insurance signing
  7. Easy and right decision.. already three years in the ans as old as many rookies
  8. I don't know if thats the sentiment Ive gathered exactly, but I think many coaches and front office personnel realized that a lot of the stress and sheer workload that they put into the pre-draft process is unnecessary and gives them a bunch of "information" they really don't use anyway. I think moving forward teams will work more efficiently.
  9. Backup QB is a pretty big need. Tannehill has missed significant time three of the last four seasons due to injury.
  10. I think we'll see 3 or 4 players
  11. Cant believe so many dislike this pick.. Wilson would have been a top 8 pick next year. Hes not as agile with his feet as his teammate, but hes much stronger, bigger, meaner, and does possess a pretty good kick step. Lots to work with. Humble, hard working, self aware. He's going to a staple for the decade

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