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  1. Its 100% on them for not knowing that the draft was held this weekend... it's been the only thing talked about in Nashville for the last couple of months
  2. I'd like for us to take a project player with our 4th round pick. A player with a lot of natural talent but who needs coaching. A player I'd consider is Deionte Thompson. He's got size and unbelievable range, but he's not disciplined, unrefined, and the game hasn't slowed down for him yet.
  3. I think Brown is the perfect fit for this offense. I must also reluctantly admit that Parris Campbell is the perfect fit for the Colts offense. He's gonna give us problems for years to come.
  4. If you view this through the prism of left/right politics then you are exactly the fool who makes judgement based off a polarized perspective that you're accusing the media of being. MOST would agree that ESPNs decision to run that story was was ill timed and unfair. That's ESPN being too sensationalist. And that's the issue. They clouded the opportunity to introduce a player who should have been a top 10 pick.
  5. I love this draft so far. Really couldn't plan it any better
  6. 1. Cardinals- QB Kyler Murray 2. 49ers- DE Nick Bosa 3. Jets- DT Quinine Williams 4. Raiders- EDGE Josh Allen 5. Bucs- QB Dwayne Haskins 6. Giants- DT Ed Oliver 7. Jags- LT Jawaan Taylor 8. Lions- OL Jonah Williams 9. Bills- LT Andre Dillard 10. Broncos- LB Devin Bush 11. Bengals- QB Drew Lock 12. Packers- DT Jeffrey Simmons 13. Dolphins- OT Cody Ford 14. Falcons- DT Christian Wilkins 15. Redskins- EDGE Brian Burns 16. Panthers- DE Collin Ferrell 17. Giants- TE Noah Fant 18. Vikings- OL Chris Lindstrom 19. Titans- WR Marquise Brown 20. Steelers- LB Devin Bush 21. Seahawks- DE Montez Sweat 22. Ravens- WR DK Metcalf 23. Texans- DE Rashaan Gary 24. Raiders- RB Josh Jacobs 25. Eagles- S Chauncy Gardner-Johnson 26. Colts- OL Garrett Bradbury 27. Raiders- CB Rock Ya-Sin 28. Chargers- TE TJ Hockenson 29. Seahawks- QB Daniel Jones 30. Packers- S Darnell Savage 31. Rams- OL Erik McCoy 32. Patriots- CB Greedy Williams Obviously, a few trades will be made according to this projection, but I think the draft plays out closely like this in some shape or form.
  7. Like Antonio Brown... He wasn't voted a team captain as a senior despite being one of their best and hardest working players. Probably means he's an attention whore.
  8. The fact that he produced (and produced quite a bit) pretty much removes him from being defined as a "workout warrior".
  9. Skimming through a few of those videos, a couple of things are pretty clear. One, Henry is a pretty nimble back-- he's very good at getting skinny and generally making the first defender miss. Secondly, Josh Kline got his lunch eaten often, goodness at lot of blown up plays were directly from his inability.
  10. Im running the marathon that weekend.. so I'll be downtown all weekend except. Biggest question is when Im going to go see Endgame.
  11. And the Rock and Roll Marathon is going on that weekend.. Im going to enjoy the weekend downtown, but there won't be anyway I'm driving.
  12. Ehhh not quite sure its that simple... I think they asked him to do some drills at the rush LB position to gauge the extent of his versatility. He's clearly a rare athlete so it makes sense to see if you add him to your team how many ways can you get him on the field, especially considering we already have a damn good 3-tech in Casey (his assumed position). So if you get Oliver you want to make sure you are able to get the most out of him which only makes your defense better because you become more scheme malleable. In Oliver you have a player that can play any position on the defensive line, and if need be can come off the edge. He has a lot of potential. I think there is some concern that he wins battles off his physical gifts alone. If he can add one unstoppable counter to his repertoire and has a good motor then he's going to be extremely good.
  13. Yep.. and Rosen is a UCLA guy so it would be a great move. Rosen was my favorite QB prospect last year. The Chargers are too good to find themselves in the Tua, Herbert, Fromme, Eason sweepstakes next year, and around 25 is when this draft really starts to dropoff in terms of disparity between level of talent. Again for the 30th pick, they wont find better value.
  14. I actually predicted the Giants in my mock draft last week and while I'd still put them as the favorites because it makes the most sense and they have the draft picks to provide a good offer, I must say the Chargers have been looking for some time for a young QB. They dont have any glaring needs, so if there is a year they can use a 1st pick on a QB then this is the year. They wont find anyone better than Rosen.
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