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  1. He will still go top 5.. crazy how stuff like this gets leaked every year
  2. Dolphins have all but said they are tanking. I agree. They are loading up for Tua, Fromme, Herbert, or Eason
  3. The Wake signing imo all but confirms we will draft an edge rusher early. He's a good reliable player to have in the case the development of Brian Burns for instance takes a while.
  4. Trade is made for two reasons. The first is obvious. There is no way you return in 2019 without addressing the backup QB position. Mariota's history unfortunately shows that he cant be relied to play a full season. Secondly, you get a backup QB of this of this level because you believe the team is close to competing. And in the event Mariota does go down, you have a Qb that can win many of those winnable games that we lost when MM wasnt under center.
  5. Lindstrom may not even make it to 19.
  6. I agree with Jeremiah on not having Greedy Williams ranked in the top 10. I was never that impressed with him, and watched many games where receivers burned him. I think he'll be a good CB, and will eventually become a very good safety.
  7. We're talking about a much different NFL then (2005), too, where the running back position was much more valued. Also Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams were much more of a duo/two headed monster than Jacobs ever was with his counterparts. Jacobs really only starting coming on in the 2nd half of the season. Ronnie Brown and Cadillac split touches pretty evenly and many surmised Brown was the better back in that 2004 season (especially when accounting for the NFL-- Brown was bigger and actually the better receiver). BTW, that 2004 Auburn team is easily one of the most underrated college football teams of all time. They were loaded with talent.
  8. Im convinced either Sweat or Burns will be drafted by us.
  9. Jeremiah in his mock draft and draft board appears to be attempting to "get out ahead" of the mob on a lot of these prospects. I would suspect as we draw nearer to draft time, his board will end up looking similar to many others but with the "high risers" he's already projected now among them. Thus, he'll look better when everyone else is catching up on those select prospects. I don't think Jacobs will be a top 10 pick, and the reason is simple. He never started. Alabama is a machine because it basically preps guys for the NFL and it does it by having elite competition at every position. Teams will love his skillset, but the question will remain why didn't he play over Najee and Damien Harris or Bo Scarborough the year before. You can't bet a top 10 pick on that, but I think he will go in the 1st round. Alvin Kamara's success will help him.
  10. Pretty sure Biadasdz is returning to college.
  11. This is overstated. NFL needs new stars as it prepares to for NFL post Brady/Manning/Brees. It would have preferred to have Mahomes on its biggest stage.
  12. Lol my man its not that big of a deal. Regardless, he's the number one sports media talent out there.
  13. Those were dark days. The whole Jake Locker era tested my allegiance to this organization.
  14. Its not a big deal. He's probably the hardest working sports talent out there today. ESPN honestly needs to give him a break. Dude has First Take in the morning, followed by a radio show, followed by SportsCenter in the evening, and depending on the game has to cover the NBA. On top of that he commentates whenever ESPN has boxing and now UFC specials. You don't go to SAS for nuanced sports analysis, but if you need someone to catch you up on whats going on in the sports world, he's probably the go-to guy. He generates content, he's entertaining, and he has good connections in the sports world. He's the number one sports talent out there to be honest (yes, that means if he were available even Fox Sports would be doing everything it could to grab him).
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