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  1. Texans now looking to possibly hire Josh McNown as head coach. Deshaun Watson needs to just make his trade demand public
  2. Lol if Mahomes and Rodgers lose this weekend then yes, he will be the best QB left in the NFL
  3. Wilson didn't have any off the field issues though, did he? I think he's just going to prioritize guys who really love the game. He got burned by Dodd, Beasley (FA), and Wilson because they didn't love the game
  4. I think we let Butler go... its the true reason we drafted Kris Fulton last year
  5. No. The closet comparison you can find are the two I mentioned previously and maybe the Khalil Mack trade from two years ago.
  6. The more I look at this situation, the more I think the odds favor Miami if all parties are interested. Precedent: 2009- Denver traded Jay Cutler to Chicago and a 5th round pick for a 1RP, 3RP, a future 1RP, and QB Kyle Orton. 2011- Cincinnati traded Carson Palmer to Oakland for a 1RP and a conditional future 2RP that could become a 1RP. So it would appear that the baseline price for an average starting QB is two 1st round picks. Obviously Watson will command much more. Now consider Watson's skill level, age, and incrediblu team friendly contract-- you
  7. Sounds like Cal McNair is going to make this personal with Watson.. so I'd expect Watson to be traded by April 29
  8. I figured that Tyler Huntley being out there and not looking like a complete chicken with his head off meant they would give him a shot to be the backup next season
  9. No it wouldn't because my reaction would be directed at the player who fumbled it and not the rule. Its literally one of the more avoidable occurrences in football. And it can only happen a specific way which is a player fumbling it. And the rule is logical. You fumbled it, but you fumbled through the endzone-- why should the offense be given the benefit of the doubt in that situation. Especially when all you have to do is hold onto the ball and simply break the plain since the moment that happens the play is dead instantly. Don't fumble it. I can't believe there are a
  10. 1. Doesn't happen often enough for it to be a big issue. 2. Don't fumble it. Simple.
  11. You answered your own question, different positions. Top tier QBs have leverage comparable to NBA players. Also, there is precedent. Carson Palmer retired to avoid playing for Cincinnati at age 32 and still got traded for a 1st round pick. That was an out of prime Carson Palmer.
  12. Zaven Collins is gonna be a "draft riser".. he won't be there at 22.
  13. I think you have this all wrong. I believe that is only a part of the problem. The fact that Watson has the full support of his teammates right now in the face of wanting out tells me this an organizational problem. You guys are trying too hard to shoehorn your disdain with athletes using their clout to influence their situations, when in this case Watson appears to be justified with wanting out of that mess.
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