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  1. I find it funny our top two QBs have come out publicly in total opposition of going away from grass
  2. While simultaneously calling him the team's best player.
  3. This is actually pretty bad. And not a revisionist perspective level bad. These ratings were questionable at the time they were relevant. Maybe he's not good at this or maybe he needs to adjust his rating scheme. No way was Darnold a better prospect than Burrow
  4. I'm excited about the Levis vs Willis QB competition. It's been a while since we've seen a real competition in the NFL
  5. We've traded up two years in a row using valuable day 2 picks to grab QBs. And we let the 35 year old incumbent coming off an injury riddled bad year go into the final year of his contract without as any mention of a possible extension. Give it up.
  6. There is a certain Oiler poster who's adamant about it. I really don't think he pays attention to football like he tries to project. The reason why Dillard found himself on the outside looking in in Philly was because of his lack of versatility. They thought he was pretty much exclusively a LT if you're hoping him to be a quality player.
  7. I saw this rumor yesterday and didn't bother posting it here because it's baseless. I do think and have said this offseason that Atlanta makes the most sense if we are considering moving off from Tannehill. It's good for all parties involved. For Atl it makes them the easy NFC South favorites with Tanny, Bijan, London, Allgeir, Patterson, and Pitts. For Tannehill, is ostensibly a better situation with the removed question if the team is rebuilding. For Tennessee its a chance to free up some of $27 million and get probably a day 2 pick or two in return
  8. Predicted Needs following 2024 Season: 1) Wide Receiver - I think Burks will make us feel a lot better next year at this position than how we feel now 2) Edge Defender - Arden Key is probably a bridge starter, high end rotational guy. 3) Cornerback - Our two probable starters are both in contract years, and unless Caleb Farley really steps up we will need to bring in new young top end talent.
  9. Lol this is wrong. Teams don't really draft pure BPA anyway. And if it's a trade involved it's always for a targeted player. BPA no longer becomes a consideration
  10. In excited about Levis. Need him to make Tannehill a valuable trade asset
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