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  1. I think this game will be closer than expected. Defensive, low scoring battle. Titans don't have any offensive weapons to depend on so it's hard to predict us coming on top. But I think both teams score no more than two TDs each. 20-16 will be the final score tomorrow
  2. There was a lot to ask of Tannehill yesterday in the second half, but he was asking too much out of Fitzgerald on some of those route reads and adjustments on the ball to catch some of those passes. He's a 4th round pick rookie who got cut for a reason. Good on him for working to the point where he's playing but it's due to us literally scraping the bottom of our roster of personnel. Tanny has to blame himself for a lot of those forced passes
  3. Until we fully adjust the offense until Henry gets back we need to figure this out. Probably need to cut Peterson. He doesn't like to run downhill and hesitates. Same reason why Laveon Bell would not work in this scheme. Hillard showed much needed versatility and wifgle that can create some big gains Foreman had a stint in today's game where he looked really good before they took him out for the ineffective Peterson for whatever reason.
  4. I would cut Adrian Peterson.. he runs too hesitant for our scheme
  5. Definitely supposed to say "cold" instead of "considered" here
  6. Going to be considered with steady rainfall Sunday
  7. If we have homefield advantage (division title is almost probability lock at this point), with a chance for the top seed then I could see a scenario where Henry is active for the last game of the season but not necessarily going to be asked to play because getting him 2 more weeks of recovery time would be huge.
  8. That's gonna be a lot of extra gold to buy come late July.
  9. He's not lol. His absence causes us to reconfigure our offense or be significantly less effective. As it stands now, we are maintaining our identity but we will need to adjust if we want to generate points. Losing him is about as equal to losing a low-mid tier level starting QB. He's a special type of player that we chose to build around. It's okay to admit that and acknowledge the shelf life of that strategy
  10. The offense has been below average the past two weeks. Credit them for limiting mistakes in key situations but let's not pretend that's its a dependable offense right now. We will have to claw and scratch for points.
  11. Lol the offense is averaging 19 points a game
  12. We can't beat KC or Buffalo in the playoffs without Henry.
  13. Yeah it was.. they didn't find out about it until yesterday
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