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  1. Youve long been a fan. This is not a new discussion.
  2. Love I'm always on your mind. You've truly been my number one fan
  3. He's definitely a guard. He was looking sloppy in his pass technique yesterday
  4. Carthon really hasn't established any trends to make a statement like this.
  5. I think this was a friendly exchanged. Schefter has been the guy for 20 years now... safe to say it's not really a joke.
  6. Really wanted us to draft him last Spring
  7. To be fair Bryce Young was dicing up SEC defenses, including Georgia for 2 years straight.
  8. The fan fiction being generated is absolutely embarrassingly hilarious
  9. What a clown. Let's drop this. Boston media needs to stay out of Tennessee business. Ran and Vrabel are running the show and it's going to be that way moving forward. Next.
  10. I have currently and ultimately believe it will be JJ McCarthy who emerges as QB3
  11. I'm glad the draft voices are aggregating what I've said over the past week or so which received a lot of pushback.. the top of this draft has made itself pretty evident. I think only Latu (pending medical), Mims, and Turner have a chance to sneak in and break up the consecutive selection of that top 6.
  12. I actually think he takes the Commander's HC gig
  13. The Cam Newton days are over.
  14. I consider him a top WR prospect regardless of draft year. We've had this discussion in the other thread but I think he should be right in the conversation of being selected along Alt and Fashanu
  15. So don't use the record in your case against him if more losing is what you want
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