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  1. They need to go ahead and raise the debt ceiling as part of reconciliation too. The can pass a bipartisan CR on budget as McConnell said he’ll allow the votes for that but not the debt ceiling. Avert the crises and cliffs - demonstrate competent governance.
  2. @MikeKeith2020 I’ve been kind of watching the political theater and media circus unfold around this situation and just rolling my eyes. The photographers immediately said they didn’t witness anyone being whipped. But as a practical matter - they were totally outnumbered here - what weapons should they have been wielding? Clubs? Guns? Bayonets? Per reports, no one was being abused - so I’m still trying to figure out what the uproar is about this time other than it being Haitians instead of Hispanic people.
  3. Jenkins definitely better in off man coverage. Butler last year was better in other coverages and in overall disruption.
  4. Hooker is clearly better in zone and free coverage. Cruik is likely the better man coverage player if he can be consistent and stay healthy.
  5. It dawned on me why the rookie FB was up over Blasingame, Most likely. Blasingame is the wing man on punt protection (main edge protector for Kern) and has been doing poorly at it in the first two games and almost got Kern killed a couple times. New FB = new punt wing man.
  6. I’m totally surprised by it, maybe the light finally came on for him.
  7. I think Dupree will be fine going into the home stretch.
  8. I’m not concerned long term. We have the depth to deal with these dings and bruises. AJB and Julio should be good to go headed into the Bills game, and Lewan and Dupree should be settled in come Nov. Farley can watch and learn for awhile and Cruik may actually be better than Hooker in man coverages - TBD. David Long (dumb costly penalties aside) is doing well while Jayon is healing up. Overall just managing minor issues at this point. They loaded the depth chart for a run this year thankfully.
  9. Downing is on a different level than Smith as an “offensive guru.” Where Arthur Smith really excelled was kind of being a “HC of the offense” and pulling in different perspectives and plays from guys like Downing and Carter and others. Art Smith was a great strategist/communicator/tone setter. Downing is a tactician and if he doesn’t try to get too fancy/cute in spots and keeps his ego in check, he will do well.
  10. Even more important is eliminating the stupid mistakes and turnovers, and increasing defensive turnovers.
  11. The Titans are deep and poised to make a real Superbowl run barring major injuries.
  12. He thinks Henry is a super human freak and the laws of physics don’t apply to him.
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