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  1. I think he's more Derrick Morgan than Kevin Dodd.
  2. I've been going back and forth on this - can definitely see it.
  3. Perhaps they think Clark is a better fit for their new 4-3 defense.
  4. I actually thought his response Paul's question regarding Simmons had a slightly negative connotation, but who knows.
  5. By the way, Robinson's pre draft press conference yesterday was the least insightful/informational pre draft presser I've ever seen. Played it super close to the vest, even more than usual. Nothing at all to take away from it.
  6. Yeah, this is why Wilkins is at the top of my board and why I've said he'll be the pick if he's there. Taking into account Walter Football's information, this is how I see things on Day -2 for pick 19. 1. Chiristian Wilkins 2. Brian Burns 3. Dexter Lawrence 4. Clelin Ferrell 5. Jerry Tillery 6. TJ Hockenson (likely gone) 7. Marquise Brown Others: Jeffery Simmons Garrett Bradbury Erik McCoy Chris Lindstrom So that really really narrows it down! Lol. I should actually just delete this post and change it to: "Titans to draft a DL/Edge/TE/WR, or interior OL in the first round." Actually, on second thought, I'll change it to "I have no fucking clue what's going to happen."
  7. I read what WF said and it totally lines up with what I've been thinking - although doesn't mention Marquise Brown or Simmons. But we would be wise to heed this information and give it significant credence.
  8. Agreed. However, last year it was literally gospel. 😀
  9. Lol. I spent hours on end trying to figure that thing out last year. Downloaded software, etc. etc. Didn't figure out a damn thing.
  10. Yeah John Ross sucks, so that's probably why he drafted Corey Davis. And a no. 1 WR like Corey Davis is priority over a blazing flanker, so he put that piece in place first.
  11. He's a work out warrior, high bust potential type. He had production but there are plenty of red flags in his play even outside the medical stuff. Multiple failed drug tests, had to switch colleges, maturity/character concnerns. I'd be surprised if he's on our board, and if he is it's probably pretty far down.
  12. Mike Keith droning on and on and on about Simmons on the Titans podcast this morning.
  13. I don't know but not interested in an inaccurate, erratic passer that is Jake Lockeresque imo. Accuracy is one of the things you cannot teach a QB. That'd be crazy, but I must admit, it's been in the back of my mind that if a top QB falls, the Titans could be a sneaky player in that area. Highly unlikely though.
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