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  1. Of course you are, you are part of Trump's racist white power movement which includes antisemitism so you won't bat an eyelash about stuff like this.
  2. @CreepingDeath Exactly, sorry! I forgot about the "downvote" aspect of reactions on here, changing it now.
  3. Well the Republican Party has changed significantly in terms of values and priorities from what those guys espoused prior to the Obama admin. From trade and foreign policy to overt racism and immigration. They'll likely largely be de facto Democrats for awhile. The Republican Party is now the protectionist foreign policy dove party (doormats for dictators), along with being anti immigration and overtly racist, borderline anti democracy, pro-authoritarian. These things are all in direct contrast to the Reagan/H.W. Bush Republican party. The Republican Party used to be the ideas party and the open-minded party, now they are the stupid and closed-minded party. They used to be the pro-Democracy, anti authoritarian party. This party would be unrecognizable to the Reagans and H.W. Bushes of world, or John McCain for that matter, just as it is unrecognizable to folks like George Will now.
  4. I'd say between those three things, virtually all of them. Maybe a statistically insignificant portion are due to some other random thing like being an anarchist or hating "cancel culture" or trade or something. But the trade stuff oftentimes goes right along with racism and anti immigration sentiment.
  5. His entire presidency and following is about racism. The entire Trump movement is now centered around white supremacy.
  6. The only "Never Trump" Republicans I can think of occupying a major office would be someone like Nicholas Burns as a State deputy or NATO ambassador. Or Maybe Ray LaHood at Transportation (former Obama cabinet secretary) for the token Republican cabinet member, or Chuck Hagel as Secretary of the Army.
  7. It may be perceived as a good thing by the district constituents, but in aggregate it's problematic for the party as a whole. If the party moves too far left post-Biden, they will lose power I'm afraid. OTOH, you have moderates like Bullock, Hickenlooper who will be assuming power in the Senate as well to offset some of this, as well as recently elected moderates like Slotkin or Lauria or some other Blue Dogs. A lot of it is just the natural progression of things in politics as these old codgers get too old for younger/more liberal districts.
  8. In certain districts it could be harmful to stifle the lefty stuff, the core of the party should be kept in line, but from AOC to Manchin and Cuellar, politicians need to have latitude based on their constituencies. As long as it doesn't veer into some of Ilhan Omar's bullshit. She is the one Democratic politician that needs to be taken out with the full force of the party apparatus imo (as in, primaried with a great candidate), or at least threatened if she doesn't keep the bullshit to a minimum. And I'm not talking about her being a Muslim or wearing a hijab either, I'm talking about her incendiary divisive rhetoric and opening up the party to unnecessary attacks and charges of antisemitism. Leave Tlaib alone, she's mostly "guilty" of just being anti establishment and publicly vulgar. AOC/Pressley/Jiyapal/Khanna are fine, let them man the left flank of the House. I am getting frustrated with party leaders and chairmen like Ritchie Neal, Eliot Engel, and Carolyn Maloney being taken on hard by the left. Although Engel kind of deserved it with his mishaps, I think he'd gotten sloppy.
  9. Edit: looks like it's been taken care of. Apologies to SK and our Jewish friends on the board for the bullshit.
  10. Looks like rather than getting rid of him that an education on the subject is in order.
  11. I've been woefully misinformed on this and had no idea, I'm ashamed. Now we just need @OILERMANto start spelling Fluellen correctly and we'll be set
  12. "The DNC is also running its own ads, planned with the Biden campaign, that aggressively target Trump, while the campaign’s ads largely focus on Biden’s biography and policies." "Brad Woodhouse, a former DNC communications director, said the ads “showed a level of coordination and collaboration and trust between the DNC and the campaign that didn’t exist in 2016.” "Biden’s collaboration with the DNC this time is helping to bolster the party’s long-term health, Democrats say, so it doesn’t have to rebuild from scratch every four years." "Additionally, the DNC has focused on improving the quality of its voter files as part of the Democratic Data Exchange, a new entity that can also be accessed by state parties and outside groups. In January, the DNC announced it had bought the cell phone numbers of every eligible voter in the country, which would be integrated into the national voter file, giving campaigns a new way to potentially reach millions." "As it became clear in March that he was going to win the nomination, Biden brought in Obama and DNC alum Jen O’Malley Dillon to be his campaign manager to begin building for the general election, taking the DNC’s existing operations into account. That was only possible because the campaign was confident in the DNC’s capabilities, Bedingfield said."

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