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  1. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.
  2. Doubtful. If she starts protecting his flank against Warren and Sanders in the upcoming debates maybe. But not if she continues with the attacks. I know how the Biden camp is and his number 1 criteria he keeps repeating for VP is being “simpatico” with them. He specifically mentioned “4 women who aren’t running” as being highly qualified to be president/VP the last time he was asked about it. I’d think Abrams and Tammy Baldwin would be more likely picks than Harris but never know.
  3. Harris is a particularly hollow politician without scruples as is well documented in political circles throughout her career.
  4. Just emphasizing why 5 TEs could be necessary as they’re each so specialized. Maybe we’ll find a decent waiver pick up or two.
  5. The issue is that Firkser and Hewitt don't play ST and Pruitt does. Pruitt is also the best inline blocker on the team.
  6. Like who? I have Mack, Kalu, Tye Smith making the roster with Tillery, Orr, Bledsoe, Roberson on the PS.
  7. We’ve done it in years past. There’s not enough players worth keeping to get rid of the last TE, esp if Bates gets suspended for his arrest.
  8. I have 5 TEs and 4 RBs making the roster at present. 26 offense, 24 defense with a defense heavy PS.
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