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  1. Or maybe he just sticks around Columbus to hang out with his pals. Seriously though, could see him going to Cincinnati anyway.
  2. If they’re gonna let him go - better to get something in return on a trade.
  3. Well Henry can catch about 50% of the balls thrown his way in the flat! 😛
  4. Titans considered trading for Jeudy last year supposedly. I kind of bet that they were one of the teams in on Dillard near the deadline as well btw.
  5. Haha, I just think he makes some sense in Denver to take some pressure off Wilson and is definitely a scheme fit in that offense.
  6. Btw - I hate to say it - but the best overall inline TE option available in free agency now is Geoff Swaim. That's assuming Marcedes Lewis goes to NY with Rodgers and Brate is on the cusp of retirement due to the brain/neck injuries.
  7. Agreed - was trying to be optimistic!
  8. Yeah, it's probably the worst group of WRs/TEs in the NFL overall. They must make moves there or they won't compete in the playoffs.
  9. With Cleveland trading for Moore- that takes them out of the running for Jeudy. The asking price for Jeudy is a high 2nd plus a player or conditional pick. How about our 2nd plus Derrick Henry for Jeudy?
  10. Everyone left on the market is a total spare too though. Best options are Callaway, Richie James, and Zacchaeaus
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