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  1. Well we’ve really only got 2 worthy DL as starters now, and we need 3. It’s better if guys like Tart and Murchison are depth guys and then if they end up earning a starting role at some point then great, but you can’t rely on them.
  2. A week ago I said the same thing - but only in recent days I’ve come to the conclusion that Onwuzurike’s size is deceiving. He plays a lot of nose and two gaps a lot but also is highly explosive and has a quick first step. His lateral agility is also superb for a DL. I think the reports @AussieTitanFan08 mentioned regarding the Titans having a heavy presence around the Washington program is because of this guy. People say WR is a gaping hole (we do need a slot for sure), but you know which position truly is a gaping hole that is hard to fill in later rounds? I’ve come to
  3. 10 days out from the draft, I think the first round pick will be one of these 5 guys: Caleb Farley Christian Barmore Teven Jenkins Levi Onwuzurike Greg Newsome II I think it will be defense. But if they were to go offense, it would be Bateman or Moore imo. One of these highly rated WRs is gonna unexpectedly fall in the second.
  4. Thuney doesn’t fit the scheme here and Cunningham is overpaid (although I like the player). Cunningham would be playing Jayon Brown’s spot anyway, not Evans.
  5. In his scouting reports, it consistently says he struggles with press coverage. Vrabel specifically mentioned in his Q&A the other day that they want WRs who can beat press coverage.
  6. The issue is that the guy responsible is a savant and scouted AJB, Byard, Simmons, Henry, Nate Davis, Jonnu, Fulton as well. Can’t fire him!
  7. Not really, there is only evidence to support maybe two of those three options. There’s zero evidence to support the other.
  8. Random tidbit: Greg Cosell was saying that he actually thinks Onwuzurike can two gap at his size due to his strong/heavy hands. I thought that was interesting.
  9. This is how I look at it for the most part.
  10. I worry about Moore’s size. It’s rare that a WR his size is very successful in the NFL. That said, he would give us a returner and a versatile slot that can play Z. Excellent balance and route runner and can take the top off when needed. He also has the toughness and swagger needed for an NFL receiver, particular given his size. But it is a concern.
  11. Right, but that’s the tradeoff for improving the defense. There will be a dip in talent/production at the Z receiver spot in order to improve the pass rush production and overall defensive turnovers. I do hope we draft a receiver high, but it could just as easily be the slot guy as the Z. Reynolds can play slot, but is a more ideal Z.
  12. I guess McVay calls him Superman for a reason!
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