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  1. Haha oh sorry, my bad. Just pretty triggered about this fucking Taywan Taylor guy!
  2. My bias? Because I want my team to be able to win playoff games by not fielding reserve caliber players as starters? If we were comparing Taylor to another player on the team in terms of ideal role and skill level it would be Correa for the OLBs, Bennie Logan for the DL, LeShaun Sims for the DBs, etc. He’s not a guy you want starting unless you have injuries ahead of him. He has a role on certain plays though - reverses, some screens, etc.
  3. New England’s 3rd receiver was Chris Hogan before the Gordon situation. Patterson was their 4th, Dorsett was 5th. James Washington was the 3rd receiver in Pittsburgh (behind Brown and Schuster, two pro bowl WRs), Ryan Switzer was the 4th, Heyward Bey was 5th, and Justin Hunter was 6th. And yeah, Taylor would get on the field as a gadget player because that’s what he is.
  4. Really? How so? I doubt there are more than 5 teams that Taywan Taylor or Tajae Sharpe would possibly start on, maybe not any.
  5. 3.5M isnt expensive when Evans and Brown are hardly making anything.
  6. Hah obviously we’re not going to add Antonio Brown. And Tate will be too expensive probably. It would be overkill to draft another OLB in the first if they sign one in FA, and they’re not going to add some gap shooting small DT in the first. I’ve only advocated drafting Hockenson or Brown and signing Humphries (or another similar slot WR) and signing a middling guard for cheap. We only have one starting caliber receiver on the entire team currently.
  7. Agreed. I think one more year will do it, while Woodyard is still playing at a high level.
  8. You guys seem to have forgotten how dishevled the team was last year without him. The problem is that Evans and Brown can’t make the calls yet. As Pees said, Woodyard makes the defensive calls and is the field general. And it’ll be even more important without Orakpo and Morgan and relying on so many young inexperienced players. I mean, do we seriously think you can just lose 3 team leaders, including the QB of the defense and not skip a beat? The entire character of the team would change losing all 3 of those guys. I think you absolutely have to keep Woodyard for one more year until Evans is ready to lead the defense. Jayon Brown is not cerebral enough to be that guy. Evans can be, but he’s not ready.
  9. Well I just mean in terms of turnover machine vs. Chad Pennington.
  10. How about we get someone more in the middle of the spectrum?
  11. I don’t think they will due to the contract they committed to Da’Quan. I’d probably devote those dollars elsewhere personally. But I think Tampa could sign him to a big money deal. Speaking of Brent Urban though, I could see them adding a guy like that on the cheap with Austin Johnson’s deal coming up next year, and then moving Jones inside situationally.
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