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  1. Gregg Williams is good at fucking over young inexperienced QBs.
  2. Blasingame should be a long term player here. I see him being part of the team moving forward into the future.
  3. If Steelers lose to the Bills and Ravens and we beat the Texans once, that should get us in. According to ESPN Playoff machine anyway.
  4. Most likely we will be in the playoffs if we win 1 of the next 3, imo. But anything could happen of course. Two of three and we're in for sure imo. I think we're more likely to beat the Saints than to sweep the Texans.
  5. @Starkiller Yes, the vast majority of Republicans are bigots and highly religious.
  6. Ok but you don’t talk like that when you need purple swing states filled with conservatives in order to win the presidency.
  7. Are you serious? Biden is constantly mocked bu the pundits and candidates for talking about working with Republicans. You remember Warren making that comment responding to a gay marriage question something along the lines of “Well I’m assuming it’s a guy you’re referring to, and I’d tell them you can feel free to just marry a woman, if you can find one” (paraphrasing). I thought it was funny, but she was criticized for this because it sounds haughty and disparaging to conservatives. Buttigieg says he wants to welcome “former Republicans” into the fold, thats one of his signature lines. I find this to be hostile and ineffective. Biden at every rally talks about working with Republicans and how there are a lot of good Republicans,etc. and even recently said he doesn’t want Republicans to be annihilated as a a party. He’s getting hammered by the left for this mind you, but there is a reason why I’ve personally met a few different Republicans at the Biden rallies I’ve been to. The other candidates and pundits seem to act like Republicans are an invasive species that need to be destroyed/eliminated/converted, but Biden says it’s ok for them to be Republicans and stay Republicans, and he’ll be their president too and welcome them into the fold.