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  1. Very possible. Tannehill is a better QB than Brissett and will likely end up commanding more.
  2. They've given up over 30 points in 5 of 6 games played.
  3. Getting Mariota off the team would be good for the locker room, but no one is going to trade for him. And with Tannehill's injury history, they may not want to move him either with a viable playoff path remaining. Woodside is actually injured btw, is on the PS-injured list. I'd only trade him for anything less than a 5th if we don't have to absorb any salary considering Tannehill's injury history.
  4. Random note, but it seems like the only way to keep Henry, Conklin, Logan Ryan, and potentially Tannehill is to clear Dion Lewis and Delanie Walker off the books for 2020. Or restructure Casey or all of the above.
  5. Bowles has been known to sell out to stop the run. One of his OLBs is a run stopper only and his DL are run stoppers. He desperately wanted both Avery Williamson and Da'Quan Jones with the Jets (and got one of them). Drafted Jamal Adams at safety. He's an old school stop the run guy.
  6. Tannehill was a starter for 8 years and was one of only 3 players in NFL history to throw for 15,000 yards in their first 4 years. What did Tannehill in finally was injuries (and losing as part of a loser franchise) more than anything. Tannehill played light years better than Marcus with a much worse surrounding cast and a bottom of the barrel defense. Marcus just barely broke double digital TDs the last two years and has looked bad for most of his career. Is Tannehill a top 10 QB? No. But he's not a bottom 10 QB either.
  7. He didn't name the player, but he said that Tannehill threw it harder and quicker.
  8. He was seriously one of the 5 worst QBs in the NFL easily.
  9. He had a worse secondary, but a better front 7 than we had last year with Morgan and Orakpo finished and Evans injured/sucking.
  10. The difference between LeBeau and Pees with similar personnel was what opened my eyes on this. Plus the fact that LeBeau is unemployed and was fired by Pittsburgh who totally revered him. And how good QBs shredded the defense, and those are the guys you have to beat in the postseason to get anywhere. He was probably a good bridge DC to get us out of no man's land though.
  11. You cannot be serious with this shit. Mariota is a 5th year veteran. He doesn't have any fucking learning to do, he just sucks ass.
  12. Derrick Henry was talking about Tannehill being confident when calling plays and how that confidence trickles down to the offense. AJ Brown was talking about how Tannehill was a "real general," etc. Definitely some shade throwing.