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  1. Don't be surprised to see one of those hybrid safety guys like Cruikshank or Kalu who have played corner also get some snaps there in certain situations as well. I bet it will be a combination, but I guess we'll see.
  2. tgo

    Dennis Kelly

    Even if he ends up being equal to Kelly or only a little better, you then have to ask the question of whether he's worth the monster contract he'll want going into free agency that some team could be willing to give him. Or whether it's better to extend Kelly a few more years with a moderate contract. There's a strong case to be made for a trade this year or going into his final year.
  3. tgo

    Dennis Kelly

    I had no clue Dennis Kelly's brother was the Texans tight end coach.
  4. tgo

    Dennis Kelly

    @Jonboy From hearing them speak on the issue, Vrabel nor Robinson seem keen on the idea of Conklin being a guard. And Conklin himself says he is a tackle and wants to be a tackle. It could be though, that Kelly is just better than Conklin and they need to trade him away if there's no future at guard. With tackles at such a premium, we could potentially gain a first rounder and then some for him by trading him to a power team. This could actually be the offseason to do it too - with a couple years left on his rookie deal. But who knows - he could really improve with another offseason in the system and getting fully healthy. He's definitely not worth the price we paid for him though.
  5. tgo

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    They're useful for name recognition. That's about it. That said, I expect it to play out similarly to how it looks now. Biden/O'Rourke/Sanders/Warren vying for the top spots.
  6. It's interesting that Pruitt played 57% of snaps to Firkser's 21%. I expect to see a somewhat similar skew going forward due to a run-heavy approach and the receivers regaining health.
  7. It would be better to lose anyone on the defense aside from Byard and Casey. Losing Logan Ryan on defense, imo, is the equivalent of losing Walker on offense. The only more impactful players you could lose are Mariota and Lewan.
  8. I'm kind of expecting both Ryan and finch to go on IR and Vaccaro and Orakpo to both miss this coming week. We need to probably promote Durden and sign Gimel President or Aaron Wallace, or promote LaTroy Lewis from the PS.
  9. Logan Ryan is instrumental in getting everyone lined up in coverage and is indispensable. He’s like a coach on the field. Losing him is an enormous blow. Further exacerbated by losing Vaccaro.
  10. tgo

    Around the NFL Week 15

    That would suck.
  11. Indeed. Really need Orakpo and Logan Ryan back. Finch will probably be headed to IR.
  12. He’s more of a situational gadget player. Need a no 2 reliable WR.
  13. tgo

    Texans vs Jets

    Cam Newton hands down. Jalen Ramsey and Odell Beckham with honorable mentions.