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  1. tgo

    RBG died

    Pray that this election doesnt come down a Supreme Court decision in some form or fashion.
  2. tgo

    RBG died

    He had it typed up while her body was still warm.
  3. tgo

    RBG died

    I’ll be surprised if Trump does this after the public dressing down she’s given him and bashed his administration. Edit: got confused with Amy Jackson Lee. Wrong Amy.
  4. tgo

    RBG died

    I doubt it, it’ll be someone who will be guaranteed to overturn Roe. I could see it being an extremist woman though.
  5. tgo

    RBG died

    I hope Trump picks some extremist that cant get confirmed.
  6. tgo

    RBG died

    She should have stepped down in her early 80’s. But yes that is also true.
  7. tgo

    RBG died

    Obamacare probably gets gutted along with Roe v Wade.
  8. tgo

    RBG died

    How ironic is it that RBG’s life work could be completely undone and could well undo the progress of two generations due to her dogged ambition and selfishness for not stepping down at a reasonable age under Obama. Her decision to not step down could erase her entire life’s work.

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