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  1. I was just reading that he uses a run first scheme with a multiple run look scheme - FB, 1 WR, Multiple TE sets. The issue is that he doesnt exactly run the Shanahan zone scheme. But guess who never has an OC either? Todd Downing. But he at least knows the verbiage from his last 3 years in coaching.
  2. He runs a much different scheme than ours; would be a very odd fit. Probably Rooney Rule replacement for Elliott since he declined to interview.
  3. Dude. Literally almost all those executive orders are undoing Trump executive orders. That’s not really “governing by executive order,” it’s just getting back to zero on EOs. Only a few of them are not strictly reversing Trump EO’s. Trump literally was governing through EO’s even to the point of using them to change the tax code and divert congressionally mandated appropriations. If Biden wanted to he could follow Schumer’s advice and use an EO to forgive student loan debt, which he’s resisting.
  4. If Bowen is retained as DC, the defensive personnel will need to be massively upgraded or we’ll be looking at another early playoff exit.
  5. I mean, is there a chance that given his intelligence and background in psychology he was able to successfully fool/manipulate everyone that his maturity issues were behind him in order to get paid?
  6. It's going to be Bowen and Downing here.
  7. Biden is leaking that he doesn't object to McConnell's request to delay Trump's trial until February. Pelosi and Schumer pushing ahead with doing it next week, which will delay Biden's cabinet hearings and legislative work. Psaki also said today that Biden's position on the filibuster hasn't changed, in other words - he wants it intact. It seems pretty clear that Biden and McConnell are working together to try and box in/needle Pelosi and Schumer on impeachment.
  8. I'm not sure whether O'Hara is OC material or not. It's possible, but I'm not convinced. I think Carter is a better option than O'Hara (outside of the obvious one - Downing), as he's steeped in the Shanahan scheme and is a run guy, which would mesh more with Vrabel's philosophy.
  9. I heard it live as well, and to me it sounded like cold water, which is why I had never really suggested he could come back. His son is coaching with him in Atlanta, and that wouldn't have been a possibility here either.
  10. It's still a connection worth monitoring, I've had my eye on him as well.
  11. Mike Vrabel was hired on January 20, John Butler was hired by Buffalo on January 30. I had been monitoring Butler as a potential DC for Vrabel but then he skipped town on Houston and made a lateral move to Buffalo. That said - maybe there is a connection to Buffalo that is unknown or another reason, such as Vrabel really wanting Coombs on his staff. So I'm not saying he isn't an option - it's certainly possible but just pointing out that there may be a reason Vrabel hasn't hired him already. Kind of like with Weaver even though they coached together.
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