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  1. tgo

    Giants Week

    With the extended mystery illness and his father dying....
  2. tgo

    Giants Week

    Inside info? Seems like he's had a rough year.
  3. I used to kind of like Orrin Hatch but he's become a total hack and I'm glad he's retiring.
  4. tgo

    NFL Salary Cap For 2019

    Never say never! Hopefully not though, the team has a lot of leverage.
  5. tgo

    NFL Salary Cap For 2019

    People are making a mistake just assuming Cyprien will be released.
  6. I have no doubt he’ll go after Brown if the Giants don’t re sign him.
  7. @AussieTitanFan08 Cornelius Lucas played under LaFleur with the Rams last year. I actually thought we’d sign him this offseason.
  8. tgo

    John DeFilippo fired

    I feel like this is resonating somehow....what is it that's ringing a bell......
  9. This actually isn't true. I'm not a Lewis detractor at all and I think he fits the scheme in that he's good in the screen game and passing game. However, he is not the kind of back that normally excels in a zone scheme (he ran better between the tackles in the Pats man blocking scheme). Normally the guys who do best in zone schemes are one cut and go guys that don't hesitate or dance behind the line. Lewis should be used as a piece in the passing game but will never be a good feature runner in a zone blocking scheme. His propensity to dance and get negative yardage is magnified in a zone scheme, as we're seeing.
  10. tgo

    John DeFilippo fired

    Here's another thought: It could be that DeFilippo was angling more for his next job and spending more time worrying about that than trying to win in MN or putting all his focus there. Maybe Zimmer didn't feel like he was all in or that he had his own agendas. This is something that Vrabel and Mularkey both talked about when they were hired - wanting a staff that didn't have their own agendas or were looking ahead to their next jobs. Or Zimmer was anticipating losing him and just wanted to get a head start with Stefanski since the season is just about lost for them.
  11. tgo

    John DeFilippo fired

    Not sure, probably because everyone around the league told him how great DeFilippo was but wanted to keep Stefanski on staff. I guess they just butted heads, or Zimmer needed a scapegoat (or both). Zimmer is a difficult person.