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  1. Dumb comment to say he was right about Latham if he fails and still say he wasn't against the guy of he fails. Oilerman is 100x smarter, but right out of his playbook.
  2. Most of this is legitimate even if I disagree with some of it. But the majority are problems that Biden has inherited and, to varying degrees, tried to improve or not really touch at all- so it lands on his doorstep, he's responsible for it, but he's not the root cause. And there's also a multitude of reasons for that given the current state of our country. I'm not crowning him as the best president ever - he's pretty average overall. But I'm pretty damn confused about him driving the social wedge. I don't think that's a conservative/progressive disagreement. That feels emotional. Biden, through his faults, certainly isn't calling people deplorable, even with a few jabs here and there. He certainly isn't calling Republicans scum, liars, and crooked people living in a 3rd world country coming after your family. That's coming from one side right now, and you're trying to square that circle.
  3. Isn't that pretty much 50/50 blame, though?
  4. Multiple people here need to get away from the news and social media as they try to know anything & everything in real time and pick up a history book to understand the past times. This story is far from new and it usually has the same outcome even if it isn't immediate.
  5. I certainly appreciate your service, so thank you. Beyond that, I struggle with most of the opinions, positions, and your seemingly disingenuous. You're reading a teleprompter of BS that you're not trying to escape. Best of luck to you if you ever want to move beyond that disposition. I may be interested in that conversation, as would multiple very smart people here.
  6. Could be my own closed-mindedness, but I think it has a lot more to do with with the collapse of conservatism while anyone in between ran to one side or the other. I'm also very deliberate with my use of conservatism & republicanism. I'll also follow with my consistent escape, yet real, that I don't have time or energy to give you a proper conversation, which is why I provided the caveat. Not trying to drag you into anything. Kids, parents, jobs, staff, dogs, life don't allow me to give a proper response more times than not. But, through disagreements, you're appreciated.
  7. @HurrayTitans!!! so what do you do? Where does your perspective come from?
  8. @Justafan, you're a conservative. Hell, I think most here are fine with plenty of conservative ideals to varying degrees. I certainly am from an academic perspective, not the current operational one. So, apologies owed to you because you're not the same as this crowd, nor are many sane conservatives. Those dialogs are seemingly normal disagreements between opinions, even if either side has gone a bridge too far. But... this is also where the false equivalencies are hard to deal with. Not trying to drag you into the muck, so stay out of this as much as you want. It certainly isn't a call out. But this guy is the representation of 90% of Republicans that I, and others, call friends, family, loved one's, etc. It's this level of extremism. And this asshole is one of the normal ones!
  9. Man, I love that this new guy's opinions are fresh, nuanced, and genuinely exploratory. Nice to have a true Trump supporter not repeat republican talking points over and over again, almost like they're spoon fed this information and then regurgitate it like clockwork. Not this guy. This guy is the new wave republicans and totally full of his own ideas & thoughts.
  10. I'm being pretty hyperbolic, but in nearly any other workplace instance of something this egregious, it's OSHA, lawsuits, etc. I actually think this is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I went from, "there needs to be a change from MV" to "fire this fucking guy into a black hole" in those few seconds. It was over for me after this.
  11. This has to be your best prank of all time. With the link you posted, I went to 5:09, 15:09, 25:09, 35:09, and, lastly, fuck you Number 9. Nothing in there. Was there an actual quote? If so, I hope it was Chig talking about Vrable's wife's bleached asshole. Otherwise, nothing would've have made this worth it. Nothing.
  12. But, hear me out, people... What was the fucking quote! Is it anywhere in this thread?! Did I miss it? Was it a VY quote from 2009 that he mis-attributed to Chig? Is it real or just in his head? Both are reasonable, just trying to figure it out without sitting through 45 minutes of offseason nonsense.
  13. Eh, win some, lose some. Not losing sleep over it either way.
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