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  1. Auckerman no longer had a leg to stand on after the Colts ripped our punter's leg to stand on off. I'll show myself to the exit.
  2. If we're being obtuse, guess you're upset about Liberty being snubbed as well. Best 4 teams based on record: Michigan, Washington, FSU, Liberty. SD St. should be livid as well
  3. FSU got screwed, but the decision to leave them out was correct. Objectively, they're not a top 4 team and barely survived some wins, even with their impressive QB before he went down. They'll meet GA and get rolled over. 5 or 6 years ago the national gripe was that teams needed to schedule tougher out of conference game because schedule mattered more than W's & L's - which I still agree with. FSU didn't get the message, apparently. It's just media creating a narrative bitching/drama on top of a narrative bitching/drama in the last year of the 4 team playoff for more discussion/views/money FSU was only a few plays away themselves or other teams from being in the CFP. But I think Georgia has a bigger complaint than them. Edit: language updated at @Bink's behest
  4. Oh, interesting. Hadn't seen that piece of it yet. Hadn't been keeping up with that much either.
  5. Gotta admit that I put the $100 down for this when it came out due to 20% curiosity and 80% hope that some sucker would but it off at a 20% premium. Rethinking that $100 now.
  6. Very few "true" practicing Christians left in the U.S. relative to the prior two generations. Half that still exist are what you just described above.
  7. I agree with the sentiment, but have we not learned anything from recent actions? They're essentially firing bb's at tanks with these drones. If American casualties continue to grow, there needs to be a response. However, there's also a display of toughness by swatting these attacks away like the pests they are and giving them the middle finger along the way. Would love to say, "give em hell", but things are pretty damn precarious across the board right now.
  8. Yep, know plenty of center right folks that say Trump is excommunicated from their ballot while they believe Biden is even worse. Not to mention, anyone further right of them that are still outright fans and will vote accordingly. They'll always break to the right of push comes to shove. I'm mentally preparing myself for Haley as a secondary best case scenario. Not a fan, but if Biden loses, maybe she'd bring some sanity to the right. Somewhat similar, I wonder what the current state of the country would look like if Romney had won in '12 - could that have tamped down some of this craziness or was it just a powder keg that was already lit.
  9. Yep, same principal. And yes, I think if a certain threshold is hit, it makes sense to pay that tax.
  10. Totally valid points and agree with most. Mostly brought that point up because it could be an executive action with the Fed/FDIC/FTC that doesn't require this level of complexity or scrutiny. 99% of Americans won't care if this was a executive order passed through other means. Otherwise, the right gets to hit on taxes all the time about something that seems like common sense.
  11. I mean, this seems mostly like political theatre, right? It's a tightrope walk under normal circumstances, not to mention 11 months until election.
  12. I'm not reading an ounce further into this, but based on body language, it looks like Vrabel is trying to walk away and get to work while Carthon is trying to look over his shoulder while playing the cool boss. Or they could just have a great working relationship where Vrabel feels comfortable walking away from him as they cut it up. Either way, continuing to walk further from your supervisor is usually one of the two. I plan to be roasted.
  13. Also, there's so much concern about Skynet and life destroying AI because we all love morbid curiosity. Interesting thought experiment, though: what if humanity/AI ever reaches some cognizant, ever expanding level of intelligence? Isn't there an equal chance that it's benevolent? My elderly parents created me, and I believe I'm much more educated than them and they're a pain in the ass, but I'll always look to provide the best for them. All fun scenarios, but waiting to see if Q* is any different than BlueRay as a disrupter.
  14. @NashvilleNinja, I'm not sure who hurt you so bad, but I'm sorry. No one wants a homogeneous society, nor is that at play here yet. You should want "Responsible AI" We don't want slimeballs defining what that responsibility looks like causing haves & have nots. But it needs some regulations, even if they're always 5 years behind. You may love to dream about the wild, wild west, but it's not as you have dreamt. Find some peace, dude.
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