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Found 10 results

  1. I thought we could take the time to make one thread for all of the stupid and heartless shit we see out of the GOP on a day to basis at the state and local levels around the country. I’ll start with this one. The Republican governor had expressed reservations about the bill, which only allows the procedure to save the life of the mother and does not provide exceptions for those impregnated in an act of rape or incest. This is absolute insanity. So, if your 16 year old daughter is raped by a family member and impregnated she can not legally get an abortion in Arkansas. What possesses these idiots to take such measures is simply their rabid base of supporters whom intermix politics with religion. It will only accelerate with the Trump phenomenon wiping out institutional Republicans and force feeds their base with the idiots. This will be struck down or at least curbed, but still this is crazy. Motherfuckers are talking about DR. Seuss self-censoring while women in Arkansas have effectively lost all rights to privacy.
  2. God bless News channel 5s Phil Williams, TN is all over the national news for the wrong reason again. The TN legislature is straight up EVIL
  3. El Guapo


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11860861/San-Franciscans-line-board-meeting-sing-shout-support-reparations-plan.html This topic seems outlandish but it appears to be picking up some steam in SF, LA, Chicago…
  4. Boarding up federal and state buildings. Officers to work 12 hour shifts and days off cancelled. National Guard to be brought in if neccesary. Gee, I wonder what the decision will be? I took a dive into the case. Messed up. An innocent person is dead, no drugs found, even the guy that fired on police was let go. It really should concern everyone. It's sounding like their announcement will not go against the officers involved.
  5. Career over for douchebag Gov. Cuomo. Many of you tried to defend the idiot for his horrible decision to send covid patients back to the nursing homes. Many elderly people died as a result, and the loser tried to cover up the number of deaths. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is now calling for the governor's resignation after a sixth woman has come forward accusing Cuomo of sexual impropriety, Hopefully Fredo will get fired soon from CNN as well.
  6. I find this fascinating. Lots of social media posts. Unfortunately, most are pointing fingers at Congress when all they've done is ask the feds to look into any consumer protection violations. It's the state legislatures that are putting things on the table. But that would require people to actually look into issues rather than reading social media titles. We live in a world in which people have no intention of trying to be less ignorant. Agencies appear to be price gouging above and beyond the pay nurses are getting to travel jobs. Demand is at a premium and travel nurses are making good money. That in itself isn't bad, but nurses that have stayed at their jobs are making much less money and feeling slighted by the facility they are working at. Smaller hospitals are struggling with losing nurses to the travel gig or larger facilities not as local and can't afford to pay the premium demand. So there are legitimate concerns. That said, higher demand jobs dictates higher pay. That's the way the system works, right? Apparently not. Many legislatures are looking into agency price gouging, but some are flat out looking into capping travel nurse pay to "ease the costs to healthcare facilities". No mention of capping wealthy pay. No mention of investors, CEOs, administrators, etc eating the costs or capping their pay. That's the cost of doing business, right? Nope, go after the blue collar workers. They are making too much and causing problems. The wealthy, apparently, are not a problem. Sure, it's complicated. One thing positive, the political right are slowly moving away from defending the rich and looking at the workers. They just haven't looked at their own actions...destructions of unions, dismantling labor protections and regulations, and defending the rich every chance they got. They're made to blame the government instead of looking at the whole picture. Who knows if they'll ever be able to step away from that.
  7. https://politicalwire.com/2021/12/28/oklahoma-bill-would-allow-any-parent-to-ban-a-book/ So dumb.... OK about to get all of their books banned.
  8. I hate to label a group of people, but seeing what is happening in Texas and the responses by some of the Republicans is just maddening. Texas has it's own power grid. Because they are independent, they avoid federal regulations. The sources of energy in Texas is natural gas, fossil fuel and less than 10% from wind. The wind turbines froze because unlike the northern states, they failed to weatherize them. Because of mild winters, many plants conduct maintenance during the winter to gear up for the summer demand. Since natural gas can be easily generated, most distributors do not carry a surplus and can easily ramp up production on demand. With a generational winter storm, the equipment and pipelines were unable to ramp up production quick enough and the demand was greater than supply. The governor appoints members to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to manage the deregulated markets and 90% of the state's electrical load for over 26M customers. So, why when ERCOT, the state operators and governor failed to prepare for this winter storm, they run on Fox News to blame the Green New Deal? Some are even praising Trump for being correct about relying on windmills when WIND is only a fraction of the state's energy source? Why are Republicans so quick to spread propaganda? Anyone can notice that states like Minnesota and Michigan who rely on a heavier percentage of wind energy do not have freezing wind turbines. This is a state and infrastructure failure and the response is to deflect and blame Democrats. What is wrong with these people?
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