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  1. Cant count on adoree ... his injury will still be unknown untill next year starts ....he might be 100 percent but we cant let butler go he is our only tough cb we have right now
  2. naa dont think so ....we win last night take care of it,,,,,,,, rest guys next week......... now full steam ahead ..
  3. He always has his music career to fall back on .... lol
  4. Do you spend on him or do we spend more on defense ..which is needed more ..he is going to want big money and after we didnt pick up his option he might be saying bye.bye no mater what ....
  5. All that money spent and we could of kept casey instead for another year
  6. If we are not gona sign davis .trade him for gilmour ..they need wr ....straight up
  7. Forecast for Saturday is rain up here in New England..But not to cold in the 40s .Does that favor us more or less ?
  8. C'mon let's ride eltractocito to playoffs..50 yards ....let him run
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