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  1. I think our depth is getting better ....before we would be getting blown out with our back up s at least now we are competitive..
  2. Dont blame number those last two guys were bad.....locker should of never been picked ..... Vince thought he was bigger than the team .....be he did win some games
  3. Titans are not going for new back up there happy to keep gabbart. There all ready said there happy with him there are more pressing needs ..not going to waste more money on a back up
  4. That's what they said about the jags...Nobody has any chance in this Div .....Spending a boat load of money never works...
  5. what if the colts go get him they have money
  6. His white beard makes it look worse how this old man is making better kicks than half the nfl
  7. They self destructed...i see we have also more than they have
  8. C'mon I see Colts o line holding a lot and not being called. they want luck to move on better story.
  9. What was rivers excuse for sucking ass last night
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