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Found 639 results

  1. Belmont is an 11 seed Murray State is a 12 seed Murray State and Belmont will be dangerous teams. They are both good. Belmont plays Temple (play-in game) Murray State plays Marquette
  2. Fans talk shit to NBA players all the time, he is supposed to be a professional. The piece of shit makes $40M/year and acts like such a whiny pussy. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26234619/westbrook-threatens-courtside-fan-fan-wife
  3. Rockets current depth chart: PG) Chris Paul, Austin Rivers SG) Eric Gordon, Gerald Green, Iman Shumpert SF) James Harden, Danuel House, Gary Clark PF) P.J. Tucker, Kenneth Faried, Terrence Jones C) Clint Capela, Nene Hilario, Isaiah Hartenstein
  4. @TitansGuru Tags are now being required to start a new thread. Is this intentional?
  5. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26179114/suspended-irving-says-quitting-blasts-nfl "Basically, guys, I quit," Irving said. "I don't want to talk about a suspension and all this other nonsense. I'm outta there. I'm not doing this s--- no more." Irving appeared to be smoking marijuana during the video and spoke about how he disagreed with the NFL's policy on the substance. "It's funny, you know, some people: 'Oh, you're addicted to weed, you're addicted to this and that,'" he said. "I mean s---, if I'm gonna be addicted to something, I'd rather be addicted to marijuana, which is medical -- it's a medicine; I do not consider it a drug -- rather than Xanax bars or the hydros or the seroquel and all that crazy s--- that they feed you. "Like I said, it's not about smoking weed. How many NBA players you see getting in trouble about this? How many coaches you see getting in trouble about this? How many baseball players? How many UFC players getting in trouble?"
  6. What Marcus Mariota did at a Special Olympics day shows why we love football https://www.givemesport.com/1291129-what-marcus-mariota-did-at-a-special-olympics-day-shows-why-we-love-football NFL stars have plenty of time away from the field during the off-season. Some are smart and spend a lot of their time practicing and working out ahead of the pre-season, while others take a well-deserved break from football. The Tennessee Titans quarterback spent his weekend at Nissan Stadium (the teams home field) - taking part in a Special Olympics event. I also found this: To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics, you must be at least 8 years old and identified by an agency or professional as having one of the following conditions: intellectual disabilities, cognitive delays as measured by formal assessment, or significant learning or vocational problems due to cognitive delay Anyone know what condition got Mariota in?
  7. If I'm the Titans I'd go after Tyrod Taylor to back and even challenge/push Mariota. I actually think they are pretty close to the same guy. Taylor is also the type of back-up that can come in and run the same type of stuff Mariota runs as far as RPOs and QB deigned runs. In fact I think he's a better runner and maybe close to equal in regards to passing. If the plan is to run the ball, play defense and run the QB and use playaction he's the perfect match. He took the Bills to the playoffs going 9-7 with a very similar type season as MM. 2800 yards, 14 passing TDs and 427 rushing yards and 4 TDs. He's even safer protecting the ball. I'd sign him to a two year deal as insurance in case MM has another mediocre season then you could let MM go and roll with Taylor worst case while the elusive search for a QB continues. If MM makes the jump then you have upgraded Gabbert imo
  8. https://www.oddsshark.com/super-bowl/futures ODDS TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL 54 Odds as of February 3 at Bovada Los Angeles Rams +700 New England Patriots +700 Los Angeles Chargers +800 Kansas City Chiefs +800 Indianapolis Colts +1000 New Orleans Saints +1000 Chicago Bears +1300 Pittsburgh Steelers +1600 Green Bay Packers +1800 Minnesota Vikings +2000 Dallas Cowboys +2000 Philadelphia Eagles +2000 Atlanta Falcons +3000 Baltimore Ravens +3000 Cleveland Browns +3000 Houston Texans +4000 Seattle Seahawks +4000 San Francisco 49ers +4500 Carolina Panthers +5000 Jacksonville Jaguars +5000 New York Giants +5000 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6500 Tennessee Titans +6000 Arizona Cardinals +10000 Buffalo Bills +10000 Cincinnati Bengals +10000 Denver Broncos +10000 Detroit Lions +10000 New York Jets +10000 Oakland Raiders +10000 Washington Redskins +15000 Miami Dolphins +30000
  9. I didn't realize this but the Titans were the 3rd team to beat the Pats by double digits at home, they also struggled to beat the Bills in Buffalo. Early on when they got blown out by Jax and the Lions people just assumed it was early season struggles. Brady is on pace for 27 TDs 11 INTs and has a 94.7 passer rating, those are honestly spare numbers for Brady. Brady missed passes and saw pressure that wasn't there and also dropped to the ground to avoid hits, all stuff Manning did his last 1.5 years. The Broncos got blown out by the Rams the year before Manning retired and it seemed like Manning literally fell off a cliff at that moment. The Broncos went to the playoffs and were blown off the field by the Colts. I wonder if we're gonna look back at the Titans win the same way the Rams game marked the end of Manning as an elite QB. The difference is the Broncos were loaded(won the SB the next year) and the Pats are honestly pretty lacking in talent. They got Gordon off the scrap heap and Gronk and Edleman look over the hill. They are running trick plays in every game, a sign they can't beat people straight up. Their schedule and division is super easy but it will be interesting to see how this season ends for them. I'd be surprised if they make a SB run. I wonder what BB would have done if Kraft didn't force the Jimmy G trade. Another owner screws things up.
  10. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/you-called-a-run-on-first-down-youre-already-screwed/ This is a great article. Basically coaches try and run on 1st down most of the time, and it fails. The Seahawks ran a 3 play sequence of run-run-pass 26% of the time, the Titans were the 2nd most at 24% of the time. It's a failing formula. The notion of establishing the run is deeply ingrained in NFL culture. Coaches and play-callers laud the approach for its ability to keep a team “on schedule” and “ahead of the chains,” both of which are football shorthand for picking up enough yards on first and second down that you stand a good chance to extend a drive. True believers think that if you abandon the run too early, you make your team one-dimensional and forfeit an important edge in toughness. You’re no longer imposing your will on a defense, and this will manifest itself in worse results overall. But is this true? Does running help a team convert more first downs and extend drives? And does the order in which you call pass and run plays matter? Pass-rush-rush is the most successful three-play sequence, followed by pass-pass-rush and rush-pass-rush. On first down, passing will net you at least 5 yards (enough to make the play a success) 47 percent of the time, while running the ball will get you the same result just 32.8 percent of the time, 14.2 percentage points less often. On second down, the gap closes to about a 7 percentage-point advantage for passing. Play-calling patterns that end in a pass on third down have a negative expected value across the board. Surprisingly, two of the top three teams in net yards per passing attempt in 2018, the Rams and the Chiefs, actually do have success with the rush-rush-pass play sequence. some trends are clear. Passes are more effective when called on early downs, and runs are more effective on third down. Running on first down, while often a mistake, can be salvaged with a pass on second down( @scine09). And if you’re going to rush on back-to-back plays to open a series, you should do so sparingly because it will leave your team in an obvious passing situation more often than not. Your passing attack — and QB especially — will need to be well above average to consistently convert in those high-leverage spots where all deception is gone and defenders can be confident that they know what’s coming.
  11. The league trend is to hire an offensive guy in the mold of Shanahan/McVay/Peyton. The Browns are already rumored to be looking at LaFleur and that was before the recent improvement of the offense. With LaFleur's QB pedigree/resume with top offensive minds it seems way too obvious for him be to coveted. @tgo who do you think would step up? Sullivan or Stecker or someone outside the team?
  12. I'll give thoughts on the rest of the team later but I just had to post about Jackson. I just don't see it. Forget him as a returner, that's not even a debate. I'm talking about his ability as a cover CB. He's just a guy as far as I can see. He's not terrible most of the time although he was clearly overmatched against a guy like Hilton earlier in the year but he's not a particularly good cover CB. He shut down Gordon, big deal? Gordon had lost his explosion and looked like a big TE. I think the fact he's a world class athlete gives him somewhat of a pass as being an average CB. I guess he's better than Sims but I don't think it's by a lot. I sure wouldn't pay much money to keep Jackson unless he makes some big jump.
  13. This guy doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's on such a good overall team. Wilson currently has 8 passing TDs to 1 INT, he has a 113 passer rating and is completing 70% of his passes. He's probably the most dangerous runner in the league because of his ability to pass on the run and he always protects himself and is super smart. He's the MVP on a loaded Seattle team
  14. Here is the problem I don't think fans grasp about the RB position and it's something I've been saying ever since Henry has been on the roster. Fans overvalue running stats and undervalue the other aspects of the position. The coaches care way more about the other stuff than the fans do. A few facts, Henry was phased out to almost a non factor a while back, he was reportedly being offered in trade, even though he's clearly out producing Lewis running the ball Lewis is still getting the majority of the snaps. Henry is a limited RB who the last two coaching staffs have pretty much relegated to strictly running situations. Forget what I or any other fan thinks, two coaching staffs now have played a washed up Murray and an ineffective running Lewis more snaps than Henry. Guess why? Henry limits the offense in regards to the overall playbook. Defenses know it's almost certainly a running play when he's in the game. Do you honestly think the coaches are too stupid to use Henry correctly in the passing game? So before @nine or anyone else starts saying they need to throw Henry the ball, forget it, they aren't going to, at least not with any regularity. LaFleur was pretty clear that he wanted an offense that they could run or pass equally from the same formations. They clearly do not believe Henry gives them that ability based on snap count. Henry got 24 snaps and 17 were runs by him. Hello. They want to be a big screens team, Henry doesn't have the skill set to be used like that. As for Henry's running. He's wildly inconsistent, well actually he is pretty consistent, he usually doesn't produce good rushing stats. He requires top run blocking and an easy pathway to the 2nd level, something that rarely happens in the NFL. The Jags game isn't any kind of blue print for how to use Henry. It's the first time in NFL history a RB got 200 yards on less than 20 carries, he did it in 11. It was flukey. Either the Titans run blocking turned all pro over night or the Jags rolled over. We'll see going forward. Long runs are rare, you gotta produce in the 2-5 yard range consistently. He doesn't. The Titans need a RB more in the Mark Ingram mold who can run power or catch the ball and pass block.
  15. I'm pretty interested in watching Winston, dude looks like he's turning into a pretty solid QB since the benching
  16. http://www.titansreport.com/chatbox/
  17. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/11/21/18102762/all-22-review-two-steps-forward-one-giant-leap-back-for-titans-offense The offensive line has taken much of the blame from the fan base for this performance by the offense, but I think the primary issue was the quarterback in this one. After playing two of the best games of his young career in Weeks 9 and 10, Mariota played one of his worst in Week 11. The stat line was rough — 10 of 13 for 85 yards (6.5 YPA), 1 interception, and 4 sacks — but the tape was even rougher. This is why I was hesitant to blame LaFleur after the game. He called and designed a lot of big plays. Mariota didn't execute basic simple open throws thus the offense looked terrible. I really don't know what to say about Mariota. It's year 4 and he has games like this? This is honestly just flat out pitiful play that really can't be explained. You can't even make the argument he had to make multiple reads, he didn't throw to designed open WRs. This is not stuff the Colts did to make Mariota fail to execute. It has to be maddening to the coaches
  18. I think the biggest priority this off season is to improve a pitiful running game. They need to upgrade Henry with a foundation RB, upgrade Stocker as the inline blocking TE with a real run blocker. Conklin should be better a year removed from the injury and whatever OL need to be upgraded. Marcus was at his best in 2016 when the Titans had one of the best running games in the league. He was rarely hit and flourished with play action against single coverage. He's also better protected if teams have to gear up to stop the run and the Titans can max protect more. Corey Davis is also a beast vs single coverage. The most explosive offenses in the league still have dominant running games. Rams, Saints, SD and Falcons. The Colts decided to build a dominant running game to protect Luck and it's working like a charm. Titans need to copy this plan. There are two issues with Marcus, health and inconsistent drop back passing. A dominant running game would help with both these issues. Titans have to go back to the basics if they are going to win with him as the QB. If he can develop into a better passer along the way bonus. If you want the biggest area Marcus has been failed the last two years it's the pitiful running games. Murray was washed up last year and the running game is among the worst in the league this season.
  19. Anyone see Brees try to end the Saints SB hopes taking on an OL shoulder first on the INT return? So stupid
  20. Had to go back and look and see if the Titans ran the ball on 1st down like everyone was complaining about, as usual the fan overreaction was incorrect. I looked at every 1st down the Titans had with Marcus up until the last drive before the half when they threw 3 times on 1st down(didn't count those) and kicked a FG when he was injured. The Titans ran a play on 1st down 11 times. They ran 6 times and threw 5 times. A few of those there were penalties but they still ran a play on the 1st down. Here is the real issue. On the 6 runs the Titans gained 11 yards, 4 of them for 2 yards or less. On the passing plays Marcus was 1-4 for 9 yards with 1 INT and he was sacked 1 time. The play calling was balanced on 1st down and they were equally terrible running or passing. Now there are things we just can't know but for those saying the game plan was conservative you simply have no idea if there were calls down field and Marcus didn't throw them. It was pretty obvious on a few of the sacks he held the ball and refused to throw it. We later saw vs the Ravens plays he didn't throw that were open. We'll know more when people break it down and Cosell talks on 104.5. I do know this, the Eagles played cover 3 and single high most of the game, I listened to Cosell and Fran Duffy break it down for an hour( @Jamalisms). The Colts played what looked like mostly cover 2. It seems to me Marcus struggles vs cover two and the Titans cannot run the ball traditionally, at all regardless of the RB. If they aren't using trickery with Mariota running they are pitiful and if you can't run against cover two you're screwed.
  21. Marcus Maroita isn’t capable of executing an nfl drop back passing game. If the staff isn’t scheming plays for him to make specific reads he’s horrible. This is why both staffs had him throwing so many screens to WRs, plays at or behind the line of scrimmage and play action. Maroita is killing the staffs, the OL and the skill people. He’s an albatross around the franchises neck. They need him to be good to be able to succeed and he’s not, he’s bad, he’s real bad. No no way can you pay him a long term deal and paying him the 5th year option is even questionable
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