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  1. Can't help notice what a beast Jonnu was before Lewan went down in these highlights
  2. The big talking point is the 1st down runs and the extreme run heavy game plans but it's more than that. Warren Sharpe and others have pointed out over the last 6 games or so defenses have adjusted and totally stacked the box to stop Derrick Henry ON 1ST DOWN. The score doesn't show it but the Browns totally outcoached the Titans and blew the doors off the Titans. The Browns got up on the Titans 38-7 in the first half and Henry had 7 carries for 15 yards. The same thing happened against GB. Obviously it happened today as well. Now in between t
  3. Fans talk shit to NBA players all the time, he is supposed to be a professional. The piece of shit makes $40M/year and acts like such a whiny pussy. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26234619/westbrook-threatens-courtside-fan-fan-wife
  4. The Chase Center was a complete waste of $500M to house the Warriors, they lost 141-122 in their first game there and that's just the beginning.
  5. Rockets current depth chart: PG) John Wall, Kevin Porter Jr., Dante Exum SG) Victor Oladipo, Sterling Brown, Ben McLemore BG) Jae'Sean Tate, Eric Gordon, David Nwaba SF) P.J. Tucker, Danuel House, K.J. Martin C/PF) Christian Wood, Rodions Kurucs Two-way players: Justin Patton, Mason Jones
  6. For all the complaining about some of the flaws the team has had the last several weeks the Titans are actually in a pretty good spot right now. The Titans have one of the best offenses in the league right now, honestly maybe the best. Their defense is way better from early in the season and with Kern returning their STs will be better, Kern is a weapon and helped win the game yesterday. Derrick Henry probably had the best game yesterday as a Titan. He hit the holes faster and harder than I can remember. Yes the OL opened holes but the way he attacked them made the OL
  7. Yes there are some concerns with the current state of the team in some aspects like STs but there is also a ton of overreaction. Aside from the STs breakdowns this game swung on a handful of plays. If Brown catches the 3rd down pass the Titans score on the first 4 drives, 3 TDs and also build a comfortable lead. The other Brown drop and Tanny's miss to Jonnu(blocked punt came after) later were also really big. Tannehill also got tripped up and sacked on a 3rd and 1 rollout. King was also really close on the long pass to Pittman, he bobbled it but came down with it. These are plays
  8. The first 4 or 5 games this season Smith had 5 to 8 targets per game and had 5 TDs and was a legit weapon. Suddenly he's a forgotten man the last few weeks. I realize he was banged up but he's been fine the last few weeks. 2 targets today, a 30yder and a TD. Last week 2 had two targets, one a 19yder. Smith is possibly the Titans best skill player. He makes huge plays and is a yac monster. Throw Jonnu Smith the damn ball, a lot. You could make a case he should be the featured pass catcher in this offense.
  9. Listening to some experts and looking at some stats I think the Titans defense might be better than I thought and I believe they will get even better. They are currently 9th in points allowed per game, which is really all that matters. They are 2nd in takeaways per game and they have allowed the fewest 20+ pass plays this season(one less game than most teams/bye). They are also 7th in opposing passer rating. Thse are the most important defensive stats. I listened to Chris Simms throw out some interesting stats. QBs are absolutely killing the blitz this season, even th
  10. I really don't think the loss was some huge deal or that it proved the Titans are phonies etc...... The Titans made a ton of 1st half errors and did a terrible job of tackling. Simply play a little better and keep the score manageable in the 1st half and the Titans could have easily won this game. As bad as the defense was in the 1st half it was pretty good in the 2nd half. So was the offense. Tannehill was 12 of 19 for 170 yards and a TD in the 2nd half. Henry even averaged over 5 yards per carry in the 2nd half. Obviously the Titans have a f
  11. I think the big question is how the Titans are going to attack the Steelers defense. My first thoughts are if they try and go run heavy and use playaction against this defense it could go poorly. I might remind people a few years ago in preseason the Steelers did a great job rushing and blitzing the Titans playaction sets and really disrupting the QB drop backs. I saw some cut ups last week where the Steelers were doing the same thing vs the playaction heavy Browns and blew it up. The Steelers blitz the most on 1st and 2nd down so it plays right into what I'm saying. I think there
  12. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/dont-tell-derrick-henry-that-running-backs-dont-matter/ In fact, we are unexpectedly witnessing one of the best performances ever by a RB in back-to-back seasons. Right now, Henry is on pace to become just the 14th player since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger to average more than 100 rushing yards per game in two consecutive seasons, essentially joining a who’s-who of great running backs from the era:2
  13. This is a must listen(it's only like 8 minutes). Really breaks down Tannehill and the Titans offense analytically. Some pretty amazing stuff. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/music-city-miracles-for-tennessee-titans-fans/id1471690724?i=1000495561381 The Titans EPA is the same as the undefeated 07 Patriots team Tannehill is having the same season passing with or without playaction Tannehill TD % is 7.65%, that's crazy 1st in adjust completion % in passes over 20 yards Since he started last season Tannehill is #1 in s
  14. I was doubtful the Titans would win last night because of the injuries, the Covid list, no practice etc...... I discounted something I've been criticizing the NFL pundits for not recognizing. The Titans have that special combo right now where they have a top head coach and an elite QB together. When an NFL team has that, that team can win and will consistently win in any situation regardless of almost any other deficiencies. Vrabel is extremely smart, understands how to win and manages situational football as well as any HC in the league. He really is a poor man's Bill
  15. Despite the Covid outbreak the Titans are still in excellent shape to win the AFC South. The goal is ultimately to win the division and get a home playoff game/s. The Colts loss yesterday really helped the Titans out. I'm discounting the Texans and Jags so the Colts are the real competition and they now have two losses to the Titans 0. In my opinion the Titans need to get out of this reschedule period 4-1 and get back on their practice routine. They can control their destiny and get the team healthier and start playing better the 2nd half of the year as we get closer t
  16. 3-0 is great but with this team's expectations they are going to have to play better, especially defensively. What's wrong with the defense? A few things imo First of all the lack of an off season program, no crowd noise, no preseason etc... there seems to be a defensive problem league wide. The biggest problem is Butler and Josepsh, they are terrible. Butler looks like the guy who was horrid his 1st Titan season and the guy BB benched. He's getting targeted and killed killed. Joseph is no better. They played almost every defensive snap with Fulton only pl
  17. With the injuries going into this game all that really mattered was winning it. They did. Tannehill and the offense have to regress from last season right? Not so far. Tannehill has a higher passer rating after two weeks than last season. No way the redzone offense can be as good this season? So far it is. They are 6 of 7 scoring TDs in the RZ so far. Even with Brown out this team has plenty of weapons. Davis, Jonnu, Humphries, Firkser and Henry. Getting Brown and Evans back will be even more. Batson and Raymond played 34 and 28 snaps. The OL and the runn
  18. The Titans are pretty beat up and this is a division home game. The Titans really have to win this game if you're going on the assumption they are a SB contending team. I really believe Vrabel is managing the injuries and the roster with an eye towards the stretch after Week 3. Honestly the Vikes road game next week is one of the most meaningless games on the schedule. It can be used as a recovery week to a degree, much like the Saints game last year. I'd guess the real goal is to get Adoree, Brown, Evans, Beasly healthy for the week 4 stretch. Starting
  19. The Titans offense is already good enough to win the SB. In a lot of categories they were the best offense in the league last season. The real key to the Titans making a run at the SB is going to be their defense. I think there are a handful of players that could emerge into premier players at their positions that could turn the Titans defense into a strength. Jeffery Simmons: I don't even think this is a question. He was simply injured last season and we saw enough to know he's going to be a dominant player. He dominated some of the best guards in the le
  20. Only two players in NBA history have accounted for 91 points or more in a game (points scored plus points off assists), Harden and Chamberlain (104 points total). Now Harden is the first to do it twice, accounting for 91 points Sunday night after accounting for 95 points in a game last season.
  21. Commander Tanney demonstrates his "expert analysis" with Baldy and Curt, as they break down some of last season's best playoff throws. I used the EA tag for this one. Oilerman please override the tag if not appropriate!
  22. At 31-41, they need to win 4 of their final 10 games to reach last season's record of 35-47. It's not looking very good for them to reach that plateau. LA's remaining games: Golden State, Portland, Utah (twice), at OKC, at LA Clippers, Sacramento, Charlotte, Washington, and at New Orleans. Maybe 2 or 3 wins? But not 4.
  23. After Tommy Smith was sent packing and AAS took over she seems to have had a genuine desire to get the team on the right track on the field and turn this train wreck around. After the Texans game last year when it was obvious Whiz was not going to listen to her about protecting the QB she didn't wait, she canned him. Then despite it being an unpopular move she retained Mularkey as well as hired Robinson. The #1 goal of protecting Mariota has been accomplished through the midway point and it seems to be paying off. He hasn't so much as limped off the field and is one of the least hit
  24. This guy doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's on such a good overall team. Wilson currently has 8 passing TDs to 1 INT, he has a 113 passer rating and is completing 70% of his passes. He's probably the most dangerous runner in the league because of his ability to pass on the run and he always protects himself and is super smart. He's the MVP on a loaded Seattle team
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