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Found 645 results

  1. The NFL season is here! My account is fat because I have just been only playing poker. So, I am stacked for my annual venture into the world of gambling on football games. I usually give up after four to six weeks, but right now I am clairvoyant. I know every winner and can crack all the point spreads. Anybody needing help with where to put your hard earned money week one, post here and let me help you on your path to riches. FREE HELP for entertainment only.
  2. With the injuries going into this game all that really mattered was winning it. They did. Tannehill and the offense have to regress from last season right? Not so far. Tannehill has a higher passer rating after two weeks than last season. No way the redzone offense can be as good this season? So far it is. They are 6 of 7 scoring TDs in the RZ so far. Even with Brown out this team has plenty of weapons. Davis, Jonnu, Humphries, Firkser and Henry. Getting Brown and Evans back will be even more. Batson and Raymond played 34 and 28 snaps. The OL and the running game usually start out slow so it's reasonable to think it will start coming into form as the season goes. Gostkowski rebounded big, two long FGs including the game winner. I really think the missed PAT was more on the snap/hold. Mike Keith brought this up too. Obviously the big concern is the defense. They gave up 30 points, allowed 10-14 on 3rd down, 165 rushing yards and 4 plays over 20 yards. Totally unacceptable. The two biggest problems are the CB and OLB depth right now. The CB injuries and OLB rotation is really hurting the defense imo. Joseph is washed up and Fulton and Jackson are raw rookies. All 3 played 38 snaps or more. Butler didn't look healthy either. They need Adoree Jackson back and playing like a shut down CB. The Titans play a lot of complex coverages and I'm sure that's hard to do with two rookies playing a big role. The defensive front was totally worn out. The Jags dominated time of possession after the half and wore out the Titans. They had the ball 10 mins in the 3rd quarter and went on 89, 75 and 86 yard drives a combined 30 plays and 3 TDs. The were chasing the QB all over the place too. They have to get Roberson and Beasly back just to rest Clowney and Landry. The Jags OL totally dominated the Titans after that. The Titans were clearly trying to run the ball to control the clock and rest the defense in the 2nd half. They never established it. The botched squib kick before half was huge, gave the Titans the FG and that's what they won by. Titans are favored 2.5 on the road vs the Vikes next week. A 3-0 start and getting healthy the goal
  3. The Titans are pretty beat up and this is a division home game. The Titans really have to win this game if you're going on the assumption they are a SB contending team. I really believe Vrabel is managing the injuries and the roster with an eye towards the stretch after Week 3. Honestly the Vikes road game next week is one of the most meaningless games on the schedule. It can be used as a recovery week to a degree, much like the Saints game last year. I'd guess the real goal is to get Adoree, Brown, Evans, Beasly healthy for the week 4 stretch. Starting in week 4 the Titans have a stretch of AFC and division games that will likely determine their season. 3 homes games before the bye. Steelers, Buffalo and the Texans. After the bye they have another stretch of AFC games. The Titans need to win today and then get healthy and interject Evans, Brown, Beasly, even Clowney to a degree and have Jackson and Fulton more battle tested. Remember how much different the team was last year early compared to what they had down the stretch. MM was starting, Douglas RG, Kelly LT, Simmons was still recovering and out, Blasingame wasn't on the roster etc... Robinson and Vrabel will shape and form the roster and the team's identity as the season goes. This is what Vrabel is talking about in terms of it's a process.
  4. The Titans offense is already good enough to win the SB. In a lot of categories they were the best offense in the league last season. The real key to the Titans making a run at the SB is going to be their defense. I think there are a handful of players that could emerge into premier players at their positions that could turn the Titans defense into a strength. Jeffery Simmons: I don't even think this is a question. He was simply injured last season and we saw enough to know he's going to be a dominant player. He dominated some of the best guards in the league last season and made a huge impact. He's going to be better. Rashaan Evans: Evans turned it on down the stretch last season. He could turn into one of the best all around 3-4 ILBs in the league this season if he builds on that. He was blowing up plays down the stretch. With Crawford, Jones, Clowney and Simmons in front occupying blockers he could thrive. I also think he could make an impact rushing the passer. Adoree Jackson: Jackson also came on down the stretch after returning from injury. All reviews from camp have been good as well. If Jackson turns into a shut down type CB it would be huge for the defense. There are obviously other reasons to like the defense like Clowney, Butler returning and already existing talent like Byard, Brown and Landry but I think these 3 guys could really turn into difference makers for this defense.
  5. Only two players in NBA history have accounted for 91 points or more in a game (points scored plus points off assists), Harden and Chamberlain (104 points total). Now Harden is the first to do it twice, accounting for 91 points Sunday night after accounting for 95 points in a game last season.
  6. The Chase Center was a complete waste of $500M to house the Warriors, they lost 141-122 in their first game there and that's just the beginning.
  7. Brooklyn literally threw away $137M when they signed him last summer. He's even more impossible to trade right now than Chris Paul is. It's insane how people thought that he was going to bring the Celtics back to their championship ways, even with all the talent they had around him. And there's no way that Durant will be able to carry the Nets all by himself after suffering one of the worst injuries in sports. KD is no longer MVP material. Unless they can find away to shed some salaries from their payroll, they're already right up against the luxury tax next year. Kyrie will lead his new team to ruin.
  8. Now that the Lakers have managed to free up the cap space they need for another max player, who will they go after? My money is on Butler. I don't want the Rockets to get rid of 2 or 3 of their current starters in order to acquire Butler for themselves. He can go to LA and fuck them up instead!
  9. Rockets current depth chart: PG) Russell Westbrook, Austin Rivers, Chris Clemons SG) Eric Gordon, Ben McLemore, David Nwaba SF) Robert Covington, Danuel House, Bruno Caboclo PF) James Harden, DeMarre Carroll, Luc Mbah a Moute C) P.J. Tucker, Jeff Green, Tyson Chandler Two-way players: Michael Frazier
  10. In the Stanley cup championship qgainst Arizona and the games will be played in Edmonton Canada. FINALLY SOME SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Commander Tanney demonstrates his "expert analysis" with Baldy and Curt, as they break down some of last season's best playoff throws. I used the EA tag for this one. Oilerman please override the tag if not appropriate!
  12. The Hornets, Bulls, Knicks, Pistons, Hawks, and Cavs are done in the east while Golden State and Minnesota's seasons are done in the West.
  13. How might one hide threads / topics started by ignored users? Is the board software open source? Is there a plugin system? Is there any place to develop this functionality? I suppose the tricky part would be how this disrupts pagination, and how it might increase server load by making page queries per user.
  14. Fans talk shit to NBA players all the time, he is supposed to be a professional. The piece of shit makes $40M/year and acts like such a whiny pussy. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26234619/westbrook-threatens-courtside-fan-fan-wife
  15. Here's a list of 25 of the more notable players taking place in the restart, in order of playoff experience (games played): LeBron (LAL) - 239 Ibaka (TOR) - 133 Harden (HOU) - 116 Kawhi (LAC) - 111 Paul (OKC) - 102 Westbrook (HOU) - 98 Lowry (TOR) - 86 George (LAC) - 76 Williams (LAC) - 58 Butler (MIA) - 55 Lillard (POR) - 51 McCollum (POR) - 46 Brown (BOS) - 44 Siakam (TOR) - 36 Giannis (MIL) - 34 Middleton (MIL) - 34 Tatum (BOS) - 28 Gobert (UT) - 25 Simmons (PHI) - 22 Embiid (PHI) - 19 Mitchell (UT) - 16 Jokic (DEN) - 14 Davis (LAL) - 13 Doncic (DAL) - 0 Kristaps (DAL) - 0
  16. The Lakers have now lost yet another key backcourt player (until late Aug/early Sept) after Avery Bradley previously decided not to participate in Orlando. Rondo is their only player besides LeBron (10.6) and Davis (3.1) averaging more than 1.8 APG during the season, running the 2nd unit with 5 APG. Rajon should miss the first round of the playoffs (starting 8/17) and will also be in jeopardy of missing the second round which will start two weeks later.
  17. At 31-41, they need to win 4 of their final 10 games to reach last season's record of 35-47. It's not looking very good for them to reach that plateau. LA's remaining games: Golden State, Portland, Utah (twice), at OKC, at LA Clippers, Sacramento, Charlotte, Washington, and at New Orleans. Maybe 2 or 3 wins? But not 4.
  18. The Preds* have started kinda slow. Every time I look to watch them, they are trailing. They also have given up a huge number of goals in some losses. Tonight, I turned them on and they were trailing the Knights 1-0, then 2-0. They have scored a couple of fast goals and tied it up. P.K. is the Knights goalie, so maybe he's showing a little mercy. The Preds look a little slower than the Knights. They are getting a lot of shots. but slow getting down the ice. I don't know much about hockey, but I know there are several guys who do. Let's get some Preds talk going. *I'm no Expert, but the choice of tags is very limited.
  19. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2020/04/27/steve-dalkowski-the-model-for-nuke-laloosh-dies-at-80/
  20. After Tommy Smith was sent packing and AAS took over she seems to have had a genuine desire to get the team on the right track on the field and turn this train wreck around. After the Texans game last year when it was obvious Whiz was not going to listen to her about protecting the QB she didn't wait, she canned him. Then despite it being an unpopular move she retained Mularkey as well as hired Robinson. The #1 goal of protecting Mariota has been accomplished through the midway point and it seems to be paying off. He hasn't so much as limped off the field and is one of the least hit QBs in the league. The team has an identity and is way more competitive and she deserves a lot of the credit
  21. This guy doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's on such a good overall team. Wilson currently has 8 passing TDs to 1 INT, he has a 113 passer rating and is completing 70% of his passes. He's probably the most dangerous runner in the league because of his ability to pass on the run and he always protects himself and is super smart. He's the MVP on a loaded Seattle team
  22. Supdawg


    Adds now showing on mobile browser which I haven't seen before. Is this something on my side on server side?
  23. Mariota has passed the 100 passer rating mark for the season. He's had a 100+ passer rating in 5 of the last 7 games and the other two were respectable 95.8 and 88. Mariota is only 3 TD passes behind Brees who leads the league in passing TDs with 23. He only has 3 INTs over the last 7 games. McNair won the MVP and lead the league in passer rating with a 100.4 rating, Mariota is at 100.3. The "Titans" record for passing TDs is 24, Mariota has 23 with 5 games to go. 36 is the record for TD passes in franchise history by Blanda in 61, likely out of reach but Mariota is on pace for 33 which would tie Moon for the most in the SB era in franchise history. Mariota is on pace for 4000+ yards, the most since Moon in 91. Robinson praises staff for QB's development http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=18065467 I'd say in Mularkey's run oriented smash mouth running offense the QB is doing just fine through the air and near the top in many passing categories. We are witnessing the beginning of a franchise QB's career. Barring injury we should see this for about 15 more years.

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