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  1. I know virtually nothing about this draft, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade down and/or an offensive lineman picked. Defensive line is an option as well, perhaps in the second round. The Titans have a strong need on OL and the range they’ll likely be picking within would make sense for OL too.
  2. Contextually, it's right/fair to say that all lives matter. However I think this could hurt Buttigieg more in the primaries than Biden's recent "issue". This is the problem with the Democratic primaries right now, seeing as the coalition and activist contingent that requires very careful parsing and behavior so as not to offend/harm. I thought Buttigieg did great on the Breakfast Club, but explaining why "all lives matter" from a mayor's perspective in this current environment presents an uphill battle and can easily present problems among minorities who tend to be more skeptical of "new politicians" in the primaries anyways.
  3. In fairness, this is how many UN Refugee camps work now. If this means an equitable process for asylum seekers, and they are in interim provided meals, shelter and heat/cooling, (perhaps some education too) then I think that is a very fair compromise. Conservatives are not wrong to believe that we need some type of orderly process for immigration and that US citizens have unique rights and privileges. It's the process that has desperately needed reform. Concentration camps are not voluntary. Asylum is a voluntary process - no one is being imprisoned assuming there's no forced separation. It does sound terrible, but the concept could bring more dignity to individuals in the asylum process if executed in good faith.
  4. Yes and no. No because he demonstrates an intellectual/academic understanding of a lot of these issues and can demonstrate that he actually has an accurate grasp on the landscape of the issues. Plus he's been able to argue some of these issues from different perspectives which shows that there's an intellectual honesty there too. So in that sense, I think he's a genuine intellectual, and a good communicator. He's been pretty opaque on some issues, but to some degree he doesn't seem dogmatic or overly ideological - a plus for a moderate, centrist like me. Yes because intellectuals can often be wrong, even with good reasoning - often because don't always see the whole picture, or have all the facts like we think we do. That's particularly true in international affairs where the calculus is different and often less predictable. So experience in this respect is more about having humility, understanding uncertainty and recognizing that the variety of actors are often motivated by different things. In some instances, only time can be a good teacher even with a good theoretical base. He'd be a better candidate and President in 8-12 years, personally. But even so, he might be better than other candidates now. (like Sanders who is very ideological and with his age, has not yielded all that much wisdom).
  5. Well, at the end of the day it's just a primary. I think Biden should run and voters can decide. At this point I'm for Biden and he's my first option. After that, I'd consider someone like Buttigieg before the other candidates in the field. However I think Biden is the strongest candidate to run against Trump and despite whatever reservations some may have, if they knew his story, they might understand. Here's someone who has gone through immense suffering. He lost his wife and baby in a car accident decades ago. Somewhat recently he had to bury his son who died of brain cancer. To not understand that he's a deeply compassionate man who has overcome so much grief, is simply to not understand Biden. All the touchy-feely stuff is part of that.
  6. And for the most part, Democrats want/desire their candidate to be pure because of how their coalition operates and how diverse it is. The reason why the Flores thing seems like a hit job isn't because the story is years old or because she was uncomfortable, but because unlike sexual assault cases, it's reasonable to talk to the person first. Flores didn't talk to Biden or his group before going public prior to going to the media which seems unfair to me. It's reasonable for a victim of assault to not be expected to dialogue with their attacker, and while there are some channels to deal with assault or serious harassment cases , they can be difficult, ineffective or humiliating, which is what the whole #metoo movement was originally about. However if we get to the point where people no longer feel capable of talking with one another and instead try and shame or call-out others in one-sided dialogues, then we very well could arrive at the harassment dystopia that some conservatives are talking about. And as someone who is generally more introverted, I typically feel really uncomfortable with someone putting their hand on my shoulder, hugs, sidehugs and all the other more physical, social interactions that normally take place...but I never take offense, because I understand the intentions and well-meaning of the individual. But if it were too much for me, I would never consider outing someone publicly without talking to them first.
  7. No, that’s not true though. Kaiser Permanente, through Kaiser Health Plan is a not for profit. The hospitals and doctors groups are for profit, but not the insurance plan. Kaiser has over 12 million in its insurance plan. (Including myself). These entities can be regulated. Also, the article also states that even a single payer public option would be better than the current system, although the best systems are quasi-private and public.
  8. I insist you read the article. It’s not the same at all. It’s nothing to do with faith based organizations.
  9. It’s not that. The comps are France and Germany. It’s primarily about not for profit health care organization (and insurance). Private healthcare, but regulated with some cost controls and other limitations.
  10. A bit of a long form read, but I thought it was worthwhile. The American Interest is a ideologically conservative leaning bimonthly magazine. (Started in part by former National Interest contributors, notably Francis Fukuyama). https://www.the-american-interest.com/2019/03/25/shared-responsibility-better-than-single-payer/
  11. Assange arrested in London moments ago. Hard to know exactly what that might mean if there are no indictments. Also, Trump wasn't questioned under oath, so no "perjury trap". I suspect the report will leave it to Congress to decide what to do, and not indict the sitting President even if the facts warrant it. Eventually we'll know "the conclusions".
  12. His son had just died of brain cancer. He had already lost his wife and daughter many years ago. Hard to get up and run for President under those circumstances, spending day after day on the road.
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