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  1. RB Alex Mattison - Minnesota Vikings @TitansGuru
  2. Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman. @abenjami you’re up...!
  3. TE - T.J. Hockenson - Lions. @TitansGuru you're up!
  4. Absolutely - can’t assign it on mobile so it will have to wait until tomorrow. But I’ll get you set up.
  5. Thanks for this 9s...! We can get the draft rolling at everyone's earliest convenience.
  6. @Rolltide https://www.wsj.com/articles/author-alleges-china-used-business-deals-to-influence-families-of-mitch-mcconnell-joe-biden-1521141489 Find another source backing these supposed pay to play influence deals. Reporting accusations is not a substantiation of the underlying accusation.
  7. Based on his profile, he seems like an ideal Z receiver who can play inside. Felt like the team needed a guy who could win at the LOS and beat press, not just someone who was a pure burner. Doesn’t look like there’s any real clear flaws to his game.
  8. Would be interesting if he re-signed as a back up. Not sure why else he would be going, unless he's living in Nashville and just on his way home.
  9. Offensive Line, Wide Receiver and Cornerback are all options. Some of the top OL prospects could be off the board early in the second round. I'm wondering if the WRs could keep falling.
  10. Was one of the names I was kicking around in my head. Could be the one I was thinking of.
  11. Suh was really unique. I’ve never seen someone rag doll players like he did, but he lacked that get off, straight line explosion. I’ll keep trying to think of who he reminds me of.
  12. Saw that, but not sure I don’t think they’re all that similar. Their build is a bit different and Cox is a guy who is more flexible with more ankle bend.(like Casey) Jeffery looks more like a more straight line player with more power, leverage and all around athleticism. Similar to Leonard Williams, but that’s not who I’m thinking of. (And Simmons has more explosion than Williams did.)
  13. I’ve only been able to watch one highlight video on my phone so far, but just from judging his movement and build alone he looks like a top prospect. (Top 10 in a strong draft.) He reminds me of another player, but I can’t think of who just yet. He looks like a bulked up DE playing DT.
  14. Hollywood Brown was one of the very few players I watched and I didn’t get the Top 20 hype. That’s easy to say now, but he seems like a late first or second round pick based on his perceived limitations.
  15. This would be a really intriguing plan. Suh still hasn’t signed. If he wants a prove it deal...
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