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  1. Cut it out....Robinson is killing this draft.
  2. Fancied polite for our 3rd. Down to Ferguson now.
  3. We actually have competition now in the receiving core, feels like it’s been default for years. Fantastic pick
  4. Wtf are we gonna do now? Ferguson? Hakeem Butler?
  5. Yeah me too. Had no idea. i just blindly defend old dudes losing their mind, my grandfather had a rough one and passed recently. Still don’t think it’s funny though.
  6. Nothing funny about Jim Brown at all. What is wrong with you guys?
  7. This is going exceptionally well for my personal desires. Im sprinting for Risner or Ford Edit: Fuck Buffalo getting Ford and Oliver, that is called getting it done.
  8. I think we go offense in the 2nd round, either a top Guard or WR. McCoy/Risner Butler/A.J. Brown Then roll the dice on a pass rusher with question marks in the 3rd. Polite/Ferguson/Winovich
  9. My favorite Titans Report Thread is the “Who do you want in rounds 2 and 3 thread” that comes tonight. Can’t wait 😬
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