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  1. KR potentially, slot receiver potentially. 3rd down back definitely. think this guy can do a lot for us. Great hands and vision.
  2. Kearis Jackson reminds me of Nate Washington. Has a great chance here. Apparently a leader too
  3. Andre Carter Edge Ivan Pace LB
  4. Shocked and horrified but I’m willing to give Ran a chance. Fully behind Levis, let’s go, get Tannehills ass outta here, he broke my heart against the Bengals. If 3rd rounder isn’t a receiver I will need to be commited.
  5. Second night is always the best night of the draft! Ready for some shocks. Titan need two weapons for the offense tonight. They will have a ton of options.
  6. Washington or Mayer at 41 Tyler Scott or Tank Dell at 72
  7. Love the draft but would much prefer JSN in the first round.
  8. JSN gives me a serious case of the Kendall Wrights. Please no WR in first round.
  9. I think the WR group is generally poor this year, my only binky is really Jayden Reed out of Michigan state, I like a few guys later on too. Think we need a WR signing to bump down this need looking at the draft class. TE on the other hand is loaded, Laporta 2/3 round looks great.
  10. Can’t believe we haven’t made a move for a WR yet, the cupboard is bare.
  11. Here is the best mock I can do at this stage. Prerequisite is we sign DJ Chark in Free Agency.
  12. Dj Chark is still available, if take him at Y
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