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  1. Give it to him and head to the draft looking at Front Seven.
  2. And we should be officially all over that.
  3. Haven’t really been paying much attention this offseason. But it’s clear we need starters at DT, OLB, WR, G and C. Depth at CB and QB. Resign Vaccaro Not a insurmountable task. Expect results.
  4. Agholor I would have a moderate to high interest in finding out the price on this.
  5. Donte Moncrief Za'Darius Smith Sheldon Richardson Please
  6. Would be an unbelievable FA signing.
  7. Yeah I think 3rd round, after addressing front 7, you could blast a 3rd in something like this.
  8. Robbie Anderson would make a good double act with Corey. He’d be my number one target
  9. Crap, I forgot about this situation potentially arising.
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