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  1. Vrabel hire has destroyed this franchise. Dreadful HC. Blame what you want, he is in charge of this team, and we have looked unprepared, and out coached at every turn. Sure he has gotten lucky here and there, but he is not helping at all.
  2. Absolute monster today, you could see the difference with actual push in the pocket. Guy is a stud.
  3. I just don’t see 7-9 wins. 6-10 for me. Lack of pass rush, terrible offensive line and dumb ass coach.
  4. I’m absolutely disgusted in Conklin this year.
  5. Championship caliber defense??? 😂😂😂
  6. Yeah mularkey dumbed everything down for him too, and still got results.
  7. Beat up by a dreadful Jacksonville team. Vrabel needs to be looked at hard, not convinced at all.
  8. Worst performance by any NFL player ever is what we are looking at
  9. He told us already that those are t getting picked up.....
  10. I’m starting to believe that crazy old guy that told me years ago that this shit is fixed. Terrible from the refs tonight. That’s 4 Blatant shit calls on us tonight.