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  1. Is Vrabel being more complimentary of players than usual?
  2. If Trump was President, the Dems would be doubting the validity of the vaccine and the Republicans would be pushing it like crazy. That’s exactly how this country is, take the opposite approach of the other party. Meanwhile, every politician, including Greene is vaccinated
  3. It shouldn’t be, but both sides have made it that way with the radicals on both sides.
  4. I took my first dose of Pfizer today. Debated it for some time and wanted to wait and see how things went for some folks I knew that took it earlier this year and also being 35 it wasn’t open to me early. My Primary Care Dr and my kids Pediatrician (who was my Pediatrician when I was a kid) were the biggest reasons I went ahead and got it. I trust their medical opinions greatly because they aren’t the type that believe in just “throwing a pill at everything.” They said there is more than enough data that support them and that they are really worried about the unvaccinated in the Fall
  5. Autry is my favorite acquisition this entire off-season and I love several of the moves. What he brings to the table in terms of attitude and production will be huge.
  6. If AJB changes and doesn’t get #1 my money is on him taking #15. He wore it for a season in HS and the All American HS Team. Logically, they should just give Julio #8
  7. To me you don’t make a deal like that unless it is for the Franchise QB....but knowing A) How good Julio turned out to be and B) How many bad 1st round picks there are....I’d absolutely make the move. But hindsight is easy.
  8. This is a pushing your chips into the middle of the table to win a SB move following rebuilding the D. It guarantees nothing, but it gives the team every chance.
  9. Our #1 and #2 WR’s over the years. Tell me when you see the change: 05 and 06: Drew Bennett and Brandon Jones 07: Eric Moulds and Roydell Williams 08: Gage and McCareins 09: Gage and Washington 2010 and 2012: Britt and Washington 2011: Washington and Damian Williams 2013: Washington and Kendall Wright 2014: Hunter and Wright 2015: Hunter and Harry Douglas 2016: Matthews and Douglas 2017: Matthews and Davis 2018: Davis and Sharpe 2019: AJB and Davis 2020: AJB and Davis 2021: AJB and Julio Jones
  10. I’m going to go with Kuharsky saying we are talking contract with Julio. I bet his number comes in lower
  11. Just my assumption, the Falcons are eating some cash for it to be both the 2nd and 4th.
  12. When are we going to address our biggest need, Oline? Feels like we’ve done nothing all off-season.
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