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  1. If, IF, that is true, you move on and sign IMO Harris/Wolfe and Golden and move on with your life. You can’t run the risk of missing out on all these folks for one guy, no matter how good. Gut reaction: Clowney wants someone to up their offer and will sign before training camp somewhere. Classic negotiating tactic
  2. We don’t have cap trouble, that’s very off base. It’s likely going up roughly $30M next year if not more. We’ve already got the QB on contract, we’ve got plenty of room.
  3. Sorry, my post was confusing. Hoping we get Clowney or Golden and can take Gladney or Diggs at 29. I’ll edit it
  4. If we don’t sign Clowney or Golden...I’m all in on Davidson or Espenesa. Hopefully we sign either Clowney or Golden and can take Diggs or Gladney
  5. Stand pat at 29, but preferably let one of he teams in the Top 5 of Round 2 trade up with us and net an extra 3
  6. Personal Opinion: I could see the Titans signing Darqueze Dennard.
  7. Replying to Mariota’s comment: What a stupid mother fucker. How many QB’s that haven’t played well get 5 true shots at the job? Very few. This weak bitch will wilt under the temper of Gruden. The Titans organization believed in you, you just shit the bed with crappy play and injuries over and over again.
  8. Incredibly misleading headline. No real indication that he has turned down any offers
  9. Personal Opinion: I think we have an offer to Clowney. I believe Logan Ryan wants to come back. I don’t think Ryan has been offered what he thought he would get on the open market. Prediction: Robinson wants to get both done to be free to focus on a different spot in Round 1.
  10. This would be phenomenal given the state of everything right now and would be massive ratings
  11. In my post, I said we have not improved the roster...yet
  12. I’ll echo @tgobut expand a bit with my opinion. I don’t think this team is better than the one that lost in the AFC Championship. Is it worse? Maybe. But if anything is roughly the same. Letting Conklin go was the right decision, bad pass blocker. Trading Casey before he became a contract albatross? Correct move. Possibly losing Logan Ryan? I’m good with it if he really wants the same money. He was exposed consistently in coverage later in the year as I believe Soxcat pointed out the other day. We brought back the QB and RB which was the most important. We’ve signed a guy in Beasley who has performed before and has a chip on his shoulder. Simmons will possibly be better than Casey ever was. Kelly is fine at RT temporarily. But IMO, we’ve really not made the team better.....yet. Add Clowney or Golden/Harris and Robey-Coleman let’s say? Then a good draft and we are likely better. The biggest reason I want Clowney? I truly believe that had we had that type of presence and pressure that a combo he, Beasley, Landry, and Simmons could provide and we likely generate the pass rush to prevent Mahomes from destroying us.
  13. Gotcha. That’s a bad take. No way you cut him. But he needs to step up this year
  14. My argument is that he is not worth extending and paying more money to. I think that’s what most people are saying.

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