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  1. Butler has been infinitely better the past month or so. No need to move him if that continues.
  2. AvgJoe

    Around the NFL

    Mullens with a strike to Pettis....SF may hold on
  3. AvgJoe

    Around the NFL

    49ers are going to blow it
  4. AvgJoe

    Around the NFL

    I just wish Watson and Luck would both tear ACL’s here.
  5. AvgJoe

    Around the NFL

    Is it not more advantageous for us to have the Texans beat the Colts this week and then cheer for the Cowboys to finish Indy off next week?
  6. AvgJoe

    Where has Derrick Henry Been all year?

    Finch and Firkser are those finds that New England makes all the time and allows continued success and better depth on the roster. Finch is better than Morgan and Orakpo right now.
  7. Jonnu will be much further ahead of where he was coming into this year in 2019. We saw the player he can be. Between he and Firkser’s emergence, if Delanie is 80% what he was before TE is no longer a major need.
  8. AvgJoe

    Conklin Likely Done For The Year

    He needs to be. He came back way too early IMO. I think we see a lot of improvement out of him next season.
  9. Henry emerging and being what he was drafted to be would be a huge positive going into 2019. It would allow Robinson to spend more time and resources adding talent at WR, D, Interior Oline, and possible TE.
  10. AvgJoe

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Hell of a game from the team and a great job by LaFleur.
  11. AvgJoe

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Injured Titan. Thankfully it is Orakpo
  12. AvgJoe

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Exactly. People want to make an issue out of someone doing something selfless
  13. AvgJoe

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Davis alligator armed that one
  14. AvgJoe

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Henry is being a good teammate and not worries about padding stats here.
  15. AvgJoe

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Ugh. Please don’t keep with the bend but don’t break D or this will be a game again.