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  1. It was mentioned earlier that he wasn’t likely to contribute until 2021 anyway which is true. But I’m beginning to think he may not even be on the team in 2021. This is a lot of shot he’s done and this is a team with SB aspirations. We aren’t cellar dwellers anymore.
  2. Well well well...... Fucking Vrabel ripping masks right off people’s faces coming into the facility! This is by far the worst penalty ever given to a team in NFL history. Some posters must be crushed
  3. That PED’s/Roids cocktail being used for a long time and then no longer really leads a player to be much more injury prone. That’s more than likely why Lewan is constantly hobbled. Ask JJ Watt.
  4. I appreciate the input in this thread so far. I’m really at a loss as to why it’s so bad right now. Could be lack of an offseason? Could be lack of DC? I felt like the MLB’s were a true strength and both look awful right now. Still plenty of time to get it fixed. Too much talent for it not to I’ll never forget the 06 Colts and how horrific their D was until the playoffs. Large part of the reason they won the SB. It was a night and day switch when they reached postseason
  5. It’s obvious this team is not good defensively really at any facet save for Simmons and probably Landry. When you look at the talent, on paper, it’s one of the more talented groups across the NFL. Yet, week after week, teams have their way with us. It’s ok that we don’t get sacks, but this team is not getting pressure. It doesn’t play contain. TE’s and WR’s run 5 yards open on nearly every play. Normally a team is good at stopping the run or stopping the pass. This team sucks at both and offenses impose their will. This team has Simmons, Clowney, Landry, Beasley, Evans, Jayon, Byard, and Vaccaro. What is the issue? Are players regressing? Is the scheme that bad? And what exactly is the scheme? How much are we missing the MLB’s Coach that left? Unless this team gets TO’s, it’s unable to get off the field on even 3rd and long. It’s going to catch up with us at some point and they need to get this shit figured out. Imagine what Mahomes or Wilson will/would do to us
  6. Brady looks really really bad, especially considering he probably has the best WR tandem in the NFL
  7. Nope, it’s why I had mentioned on that final drive in regulation that Vrabel had to consider going for 2 to win it right there. Whoever won the toss and got ball first was winning.
  8. Evans is not looking good at all and was destroyed all game. Similar to that Jags game to end the season a few years ago: Titans were getting their ass kicked and Woodyard makes a tackle and flexes like the scoreboard doesn’t exist. Apparently the only thing Evans does well right now is make tackles on obvious run plays. He’s getting exposed consistently and is playing like the Year 1 version. He’s looking like a guy that won’t get a 2nd contract here
  9. Need to talk about Lewan and his frequent injuries, or weekly I should say. Amazing what coming off PEDs and roids does to make you more susceptible to injury
  10. Their D has to be pretty tired (like ours). Go win it right here
  11. Score a TD, do you? 1) Kick the PAT 2) Go for 2?

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