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  1. We made it through the “garbage news dump” of the playoff games yesterday without Bowen officially being named DC. Call me crazy, but that makes me optimistic
  2. If Greg Rousseau actually fell to us at #22, you would hear my orgasm all the way from GA.
  3. “No Risk It, No Biscuit.” -Bruce Arians
  4. Sucks, but I bet he plays more snaps his rookie year than Isaiah Wilson
  5. That decision to not go on 4th and Goal by LaFleur will haunt him for a long time
  6. Holy shit. Bah Gawd that’s the Titans D’s music!!!
  7. Bad play calling by Arians costs TB 3 points
  8. Horrific clock management there by LaFleur
  9. Fournette finding new life under Bruce Arians
  10. Can someone help me. What’s it called when the defender tackles the QB before he throws? The Bucs Defense does it a lot, unlike our Defense
  11. Lavonte David would be a huge boost to our D
  12. Maybe, just seems like I remember them being at least allowed to interview in the meantime
  13. It’s a damn shame the Texans are going for the yes man hire. Whether McCown, Frazier, or Caldwell, it will be a bad hire. If they were looking to truly find a top HC, they would hire a Bowles, Eberflus, Saleh....someone that has options. They are looking primarily at 2 guys that are in the Mularkey realm of no one else is looking to seriously hire them as HC.
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