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  1. I’m not great with contracts, what does it mean to convert Butler’s base salary?
  2. Sign Judon and draft Julian Okwara from ND. Pair those guys with Landry. Can never have enough pass rush.
  3. Defense needs to dial up some aggression. I’m going to refrain from knocking Pees too much because he was a huge upgrade over LeBeau. But I look forward to the next DC showing more aggressive schemes.
  4. I’ll simply say this: He was never the same after the leg injury. I will forever believe that got in his head and made him scared. The drop off from 2016 to 2019 was insane.
  5. If Ryan comes back, it cannot be for a pay raise. He’s made good money over the 3 Year deal and we need to allocate money somewhere other than to a NB.
  6. If they do hopefully for a two year contract. He is great the first two years and then falls off the rails.
  7. Ehhh, I’m not worried until I see who they hire. There were moments, like yesterday, where we did nothing to stop opponents. And countless times where the team started in a hole because the D was in autopilot
  8. I’m going to give Vrabel the benefit of the doubt that he will adapt....for now. A guy like Vrabel, this loss will (and should) stick with him for a while. He blew it and he knows it.
  9. We won’t miss him at all. Seriously. Good for him, but talk about a guy not getting enough out of his players
  10. Titans need to resign Henry. But I hope they find an actual compliment to him via FA or the Draft. We can’t use him the way we did in the playoffs and expect him to hold up.
  11. To me making the AFC Championship moved this team from Good to Great. It’s not barely limping into the playoffs and getting knocked out. They defeated NE in Foxborough and the #1 seeded Ravens in Baltimore. That’s great. Now, how do they become champions?
  12. I’m glad you got the point I was making unlike some others here. Spend Logan Ryan’s money on a man Edge/Rusher and add a cheaper NB if not Hooker. We have to be able to hit QB’s.
  13. I refrained from posting last night to compose my thoughts. All I will say in regards to the game is I am very proud of the team and believe our window is open. We went conservative and got our asses kicked, hopefully this sticks with Vrabel for some time and he adapts. We shall see. Here is how I believe we move forward: 1) Resign Tannehill. He’s a great QB who has made the throws. The team has to use him more going forward. 2) Resign Henry. For obvious reasons. He’s the perfect complement to Tannehill. 3) Let Logan Ryan walk. You can’t pay a slot corner what he will make and he was exposed a lot with Butler out. Hooker will improve and can play that role or you can look for another in FA or Draft. 4) Let Conklin walk. He can be replaced in FA or the Draft. He’s a mediocre player and doesn’t deserve the money he will get. 5) Defense, Defense, Defense. I am perfectly fine with every single FA dollar we spend and draft pick being spent to make the D better (outside of a backup for Henry and a RT obviously). Robinson has shown the ability to move up and get a player if he wants them, if it gets past pick 16 and a defensive playmaker is there, go get them. We need help on the Edge and CB badly. 6) I’m not sure if he hits FA, but we need to be parked outside of Matthew Judon’s house this offseason. He would be a huge addition. I also would not be surprised to see us go after Clowney if he is free. 7) I would not be at all surprised to see us trade Corey Davis and draft a replacement. An ideal scenario would be a team looking for a WR that could offer either an Edge or CB via trade. Either way, Davis was a bad pick and has not adapted to the NFL game. He can’t separate and he doesn’t fight for the ball. Lastly, we have plenty of cap space to add to this team and we need to defensively. This will be the biggest offseason of Robinson’s career. Handle that and make the adjustments (coaching adjustments as well) and we will be back with a SB chance next year.
  14. I’m pulling for the Chiefs. Let them end their 50 year drought

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