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  1. A year ago at today’s press conference, Mike Vrabel would have defended Aukerman and insulted the media while saying we don’t make coaching changes in-season. This firing is a big deal and shows that Vrabel is feeling the heat. He’s starting to run out of scapegoats. #4-15
  2. Mike Vrabel’s Resume: 52-42 in the Regular Season 2-3 in the Playoffs 4-15 in his last 19 games The last playoff win was the 2019 season Remember when just making the playoffs wasn’t good enough and he was brought in? 2 playoff wins in 6 years is not good enough. Last point, when has a coach who is 4-15 and looking at potentially 4-20 every rebounded and successfully rebuilt a team?
  3. If you are on the Fire Vrabel Train, an embarrassing MNF loss and two blowouts to the Texans should be what you are cheering for.
  4. I think today’s game and the next 2 will be very impactful. Today’s loss is put nearly entirely on coaching. Next week against the Dolphins, are we going to keep the margin within 30 points? I don’t think so. A MNF blowout loss is not going to be good, especially when the night and day difference between offenses will be on full display. And then we arrive at a date @oldschoolhas mentioned a lot of 12/17. What’s going to happen when the Texans come in and embarrass us on our field following today and next week on MNF? AAS does not take being embarrassed by Houston lightly. That will put us at 0-4 in the division and it’s likely we go 0-6.
  5. All AAS needs to ask is “why in the modern era of offense, does ours look like it struggles with every basic concept weekly?” If that isn’t enough, “why does your Defensive Coordinator need a paid babysitter to be effective at his job?” And last, “what qualifies Craig Aukerman to be our ST coordinator?” Also, if there is one person of Titans Lore that AAS holds in high-esteem, it seems to be Jim Schwartz. It’s well documented that she would seek him out to chat and catch up almost every game he was here . Pure speculation, but sge probably wonders why we kept Bowen over him.
  6. Of the 3 coordinators, Kelly is the least problematic largely because it feels like Vrabel fucks up what he is trying to do more than the other 2. When not babysat by Pees or Schwartz, Bowen has no concept of how to run the defense. Aukerman has been the worst ST coach in the league since getting hired. Meanwhile, Kelly likely wants to open the offense up more and Vrabel wants to impose our will with Henry.
  7. Amen. Say it louder for those in the back acting like he is the savior of TN Football
  8. It’s so hard to evaluate Levis given the incompetence around him. First, the infatuation with first down runs and getting Henry touches. Second, the lack of weapons not named Hopkins or Spears (who they don’t use enough). Third, the lack of getting a rookie QB into rhythm with quick hitters and scheming players open. To me, Levis has a lot more potential to be a top flight QB than I thought in the Draft process. You can see the strengths (and weaknesses). I’d love to get a true offensive mind in here with some upgraded personnel and see where he is at at the end of 2024. Pairing him with a coach like Ben Johnson would be amazing.
  9. Nice to see a team use weapons and throw down the field
  10. Vrabel willing to turn to page 2 of the playbook when Henry isn’t available to him. Interesting
  11. What a job on the 2nd block by Duncan! Holy shit he cleared the space for the first down
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