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  1. You know what I would normally post in a thread when yet another player is injured and placed on IR. That applies here
  2. I said last week I had a hard time pulling for the Colts over Buffalo. They are hot and healthy right now and there may be a 1 game differential in the standings after this week.
  3. Downing and Tannehill are not on the same page. I’m not claiming any beef or power struggle, but they are not in sync. It also is notable in our losses that Downing has the lowest amount of play action calls. Arthur was better at playing to the strengths, Downing is better overall with expanded concepts.
  4. Maybe on the 4th attempt taking one in the 1st, Robinson will lock down a long-term starter at OT.
  5. TE and Pass Protecting OL are the two biggest needs. Obviously some DL and LB depth would be good
  6. Peterso needs to be cut this week. He brings nothing to the table
  7. He had a terrible game AND the play calling was awful AND we were missing key pieces. It can all be true.
  8. I’m going to get crucified by saying this again, but you have to question the strength and conditioning staff. IMO, it’s a huge problem. When a player gets concussed, it’s not something necessarily controllable. But for the quantity of what is going on you have to question the program these guys have implemented. Especially when you have a guy like Byard who uses Jason Spray primarily and manages to stay healthy. When you are losing guys left and right weekly, something is wrong with the program. Period. No other team is dealing with this at the magnitude we are.
  9. Tannehill had a bad game Downing had a bad game Vrabel had a bad game
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