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  1. Absolutely sign me up for making a move for Jeudy/Sutton if they can make it make sense. Zero interest in Hopkins
  2. I wish we would pursue Hardman on a short term deal. His market must not be what he expected
  3. Based on the roster right now, if I were calling the shots I would go….. 11) Broderick Jones 41) Josh Downs, Darnell Washington, Tyler Scott 72) Cedric Tillman or Jonathan Mingo
  4. Tanking for 30 years sure has made the Pittsburgh Pirates the powerhouse of MLB!
  5. As stupid as it is, I bet the Titans price was higher for Cooks being in the same division as Houston
  6. Titans have to address WR with a veteran. One Burks injury away from NWI as #1
  7. The smartest move is the LT in 1, shift Dillard to LG and a WR or TE in Round 2. Get one of your preferred tackles immediately
  8. This team looks a lot better weapons wise if Robinson chose Amon Ra St. Brown in the 4th like many of us were screaming for.
  9. Scenario 2: Broderick Jones, Darnell Washington, and Jonathan Mingo for me
  10. I’d have a hard time passing on a WR in 2 for another OL player given the CURRENT state of the roster. If they add a legit #2 WR and another TE before the Draft my mind will change.
  11. I’ve been LT or CB all off-season. Right now, if Burks is hurt we are looking at NWI as WR1. Obviously that can change and I personally hope we trade a later pick for Cooks and problem solved. But if this is where we stand, it needs to be a trade down and take a WR
  12. I don’t want them at 11, but I do like Johnston and Hyatt a lot as trade down candidates.
  13. I’m all about the LT pick, but if we don’t do something at WR on Free Agency or trade (not Hopkins) that may end up being what we do in the 1st round.
  14. Used in the right role, NWI has value and he has made some very tough catches. If he’s #2 or #3 we still have a problem, but he’s a fine 4/5
  15. Besides Simmons and Tannehill, Byard is a very important Titan to keep. Plays well, leader, and ALWAYS available. His body will hold up a good bit longer I’m sure with the work he puts in. Re-work his deal and do some form of extension.
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