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  1. I like Haskins better than any QB in this Draft. For me, it would be very tempting to take him if he is sitting at 19. But with the class coming out in 2020, it would be hard to not see how it plays out with Mariota and take one in that Draft if necessary.
  2. As long as we don’t take Ferrell I will be happy.
  3. The closer the draft gets, the more I believe pending he is there, Wilkins is the guy. But I wonder....if Ed Oliver starts to fall past #10 or Gary does, does Robinson move up?
  4. Burns, Simmons, or Lawrence. Burns and Simmons being an interchangeable 1A or 1B
  5. Out of who could reasonably be there, I love Burns, Simmons, and Wilkins the most on the defensive side.
  6. No. It would have to be their 1st and earliest 2nd or their first next year
  7. If Robinson has him as a Top 5 player and above everyone else when we pick, we have to take him. The value would be too good.
  8. I’m debating, but more than likely watching from home. I love the Draft, but it’s not one of those events I feel the need to cross off of any bucket list by attending.
  9. There is only one player I absolutely do NOT want at 19. It’s Ferrell.
  10. People on Twitter praising Mariota’s toughness. Fuck that. Stay on the field or get the fuck out.
  11. If someone like Burns, Wilkins or Hockenson is not at 19...Bradbury or the top rated IOL is a no-brainer
  12. I tend to agree though I like Haskins and Lock. 2020 is a much better class
  13. Christian Wilkins IMO is the most likely defensive player we would take unless someone like Burns falls.
  14. Tannehill has been quite good when healthy. I like that this pushes Mariota and provides a possible bridge if necessary. Marcus gets defended on turnover on staffs and OC changes, look up the cards Tannehill was dealt in Miami.
  15. My prediction is similar. Jones to RG, Sullivan signed for C
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