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  1. Here it is @Thrill. From Kuharksy, I remember thinking along with some others here that it was just awkward:
  2. I can’t remember who posted it, may have been the Titans Twitter but I know it was on this board in one of the threads that night. It was awkward and he seemed done. I’ll see if I can find it.
  3. Burrow has become QB1 for me to this point. Very impressed
  4. That’s scary. To be fair I have not watched him hardly at all, but those are not the traits I’m hoping for.
  5. The one thing that’s for sure is something very odd happened with Mariota that week and he’s never really seemed the same. I think it was @Jonboy that I was messaging with about the video of Mariota leaving after we had been eliminated like he was about to retire or not be back.
  6. Fromm, Tua, Burrow, And Eason do. Possibly Herbert. Does anyone know about Love?
  7. This original post cannot be serious. Marcus Mariota has had so many weapons brought in for him via FA, the Draft, and a lot of money has been spent. He has had more resources helping make his life easier on the field than Steve McNair ever did in his career. This point will be driven home when a rookie QB comes in next year, plays better than Mariota has, and all of the sudden Davis and Brown and company are putting up stats.
  8. If he’s the guy, someone needs to tell him that #10 is taken by Humphries and that number is cursed for QB’s in TN.
  9. The good news is it is a good year to need a QB IMO and the opinion of the good analysts. @nine is correct. Don’t get caught up in looking for the next Mahomes....he is off the charts good. Find the guy who has the intangibles, can make all the throws, will develop, and is not scared to death to throw it. Multiple QB’s in this class possess those traits.
  10. I live in GA. I’ve seen most of Fromm’s games. Here’s the deal: They are so deep at RB that they emphasize that with their play calling. They legitimately have 3-4 guys who are starting RB caliber. When the offense opens up and they call pass plays, Fromm slings the ball in with accuracy and is not timid in the least. Look at the throws he made last night, Mariota could never make those. I’m not saying the Titans have to take Fromm or they’ve missed on a QB. A lot of QB’s coming out have better traits than Mariota. But Fromm is so different from Mariota specifically in these ways: 1) He is a fiery leader 2) He makes multiple reads 3) He throws people open 4) He throws in tight windows without hesitation For the record, I like Fromm, Eason, Tua, and Burrow a lot. I’ve not seen Herbert or Love that much to have an opinion.
  11. Fromm, when a pass has been called, has let it rip and been deadly accurate. Glad you noticed it too. He’s not timid with the ball and reads the field well.
  12. Marcus Mariota is not the answer to the Titans winning the SB or even taking the next step. Let me end this argument: He has more talent all around him than Steve McNair ever did. And look what he has done with it and how he plays. The End.
  13. If they keep playing Mariota, we are definitely going to be in position to get one of the Top QB prospects in the Draft.