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  1. I said before the Chiefs game that we would beat KC and lose to the Jags because we are the Titans. Hope I’m wrong. This game plan offensively should be having Tannehill making early throws to open the run game and then let Henry loose.
  2. The Titans benched the noodle armed, sack taking, Hawaiian retard and all of the sudden look like a functional NFL Offense. So weird.
  3. I’m not a Tua fan, but if he was there in the 3rd round.....he is still probably not worth it.
  4. Must have awfully tough and oppressing for Kaepernick to ride the bench making $18 million in one season after being beat out by Blaine Gabbert. $18 million? So racist. Should have been an even $20 million.
  5. Pulling for the Ravens and Jags today. Ravens for obvious reasons. Jags over Colts because the last thing I want is us to face them after a loss and because Colts scare me more.
  6. As some have mentioned, I do like the idea of drafting Love in Round 2 or 3 to develop.
  7. This is what makes the Fromm situation/discussion such a head scratcher....
  8. @Titans_Win_Again this 100%. If Kaepernick was good or starter level like Eric Reid is, he would be employed.
  9. NFL GM’s: Should we spend our Saturday scouting players in college with potential? Or should we go see the guy who wasn’t a good NFL QB when he played 3 years ago?
  10. Kaepernick was a Mariota level QB prior to not playing the last few years. Not sure why this continues to be a story as if he was a good QB when he last played.
  11. @Jonboy the Seahawks cannot tag him since he was trade during the season correct?
  12. What’s up with Titans fans and this weird “x is my dad thing?” Bizarre
  13. The season isn’t the only time to make trades. No one knows what he was offered.