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  1. I just don’t get this undying devotion Oh, and yes Mariota took a sack right after that pic was taken.
  2. It’s absolutely the Bills. But they need to be careful, Josh Allen may be worse than Mariota.
  3. The amount of crying being done by some Titans fans about Mariota being gone on Twitter cracks me up. “That man deserves our love because he brought us back.” No he didn’t. You know who did bring us back? Jon Robinson. That man took over a Juco roster and remade it very quickly. When he realized the QB was holding back what he built he brought in a better QB and eventually he was given the keys.
  4. Probably true. Just glad it’s no longer the logical Titans fans problem.
  5. A buddy of mine is a Raiders fan. The amount of delusion that fan base has about Mariota already is nuts. He believes he wasn’t utilized right and that Gruden will help him. My reply? Gruden will coach Mariota tough and he will fold, or get hurt like he always does. Carr’s job has never been safer!
  6. Not a good look unless something else major is going on, but Robinson saying it is unexcused doesn’t make me think so.
  7. I’m pretty sure there is language in the contract where the team is protected from a team giving “free” money for a player that does not show up to execute his contract. Beasley would IMO likely owe money back to the team.
  8. Not a good look, especially when Atlanta didn’t want you back and they are starved for pass rush. Call the team and tell them why you aren’t there. It’s not that hard. By not doing that you are a little bitch.
  9. Good. I’ve said before I don’t love RB’s getting extensions, but Henry’s work ethic makes him the exception to the rule. Plus with his leadership skills and the way the team feels about him, this is a good faith move that IMO will impact others we attempt to resign. And maybe, just maybe, we save some money this year on Henry towards the cap for a certain defensive player we need to sign named Clowney.
  10. So what’s the plan? Henry plays on the tag and then tagged again next year?
  11. I personally prefer for us to be the forgotten team and to fly under the radar. We’ve had some of our best seasons that way. We quietly have an MVP candidate in Tannehill and I can’t wait to see him in Year 2.
  12. New England’s roster is still not good, but they likely just got better at QB and have BB. You can’t count them out.

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