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  1. It is perfectly acceptable to not want to play for a team anymore. What is not acceptable is being so unprofessional that you damage the team that you leave behind by undermining them intentionally. He’s hurting his teammates more than a GM or owner Rodgers is an absolute diva and anyone that would mention trading for him over Tannehill is insane.
  2. Sure, but so far the 2nd rounder Robinson took in 2019 looks infinitely better than the WR’s taken in 2020. Even comparing rookie years Brown is much better.
  3. Again, it doesn’t have to be Julio to make the WR’s better. And I bet Wyatt knows something, he’s pretty plugged in obviously working for the team i and shares a good bit
  4. Thanks. “I didn’t realize 4 years ago my experience was rape.” = I didn’t know he was an NFL player that now has money
  5. I don’t have any idea whether he did it or not. I’m saying based on the observations of the officer with her not having injury, it doesn’t sound like he did.
  6. That’s my biggest issue. Just my observation, but it doesn’t seem like he did it. But then he was dumb enough to say he would hit a woman
  7. I’ll say, I bet he did not hit her according to the report above. But he’s a dumbass for saying their is a scenario where he would hit a woman.
  8. Throwing a drink back in her face I could see, it is never acceptable to hit a woman. He should have left and kept his cool.
  9. The Titans would have no way of knowing about this prior to now unless Weaver told them over the phone (he didn’t).
  10. It doesn’t have to be Julio to upgrade the room. Tim Patrick is a clear upgrade and so is Anthony Miller or Michael Gallup (not sure he’s available). Just improve the room
  11. I think the extension talk Schefter mentioned is just pleasantry.
  12. I’ll say this: The Defense that was abysmal a season ago got a major overhaul with smart, high motor players.
  13. The Titans should repeat as division champs all things considered. To win the SB they need to get Tannehill 1 more weapon though.
  14. True, but I also try to forget Ruston Webster exists LOL
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