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  1. Idk about that, he was pretty firm on Bowen getting another shot as DC the whole time when everyone was speculating about outside candidates. Not saying he knows a lot but I think he's somewhat clued in by sources.
  2. Lamar was on it and he was fine. He just caught the Rona.
  3. Every time I read or hear a quote from this dude I come away still not knowing if it's the players or the coaching at fault.
  4. I don't like him but the weeknd is actually a talented guy and he WAS singing last night. People just see some young dude from a genre they don't like and automatically dismiss them. He's got one of the better voices in pop music.
  5. Living in this city and dealing with my friends is gonna be absolute misery. They already rubbed their 1 trophy in my face.
  6. I just don't see how the Bucs win unless they get more than 1 turnover. They've been feasting on them all postseason and they've needed every single one of them.
  7. I just don't even trust Clowney from a health perspective anymore. He's missing substantial time every season it seems.
  8. Remember that one year we actually had reasonable hope for this team? That was fun.
  9. Turns out the redzone offense and running game were that great again.
  10. Bills are refusing to take this L. It's over boys.
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