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  1. My gf said she looked over at me when this scene happened because she knew I'd be rolling the fuck out of my eyeballs lol. They just had to force that in there for the ladies. We're seeing these types of things in everything now. Star Wars is doing it as well with this current trilogy. Like just having them in there fighting alongside the men isn't enough for you all? My God.
  2. It has been an insane playoffs. Just totally unpredictable.
  3. I know a lot of us thought she was a little cringe at first, but her enthusiasm for everything surrounding this team and even the city is infectious. She can absolutely sell optimism and positivity.
  4. Well said. It wasn't surprising though, and it's exactly why I stopped watching that network 6 years ago. All of my buddies suggested I turn over to ESPN after I complained about a few things NFLN said during picks prior. Boy do I regret it. They were all pretty pissed off themselves and they're not even TN fans.
  5. And just like that, the Chiefs come back to Earth. Unreal.
  6. We heard a lot that they really liked Simmons, but I'm curious as to just how high on their list he was. Wonder if he was their guy all along or if there were others like Burns and Lawrence on the board, who do we take.
  7. The fake fan reactions have made the night for me
  8. We got Evans and Landry early last year and now Simmons. We ignored the D for far too long on the 1st night of drafts, this was much needed.
  9. And of course ESPN has to do their typical dragging names thru mudd. Go ahead guys...
  10. Lol of course these guys start flying off the board right in front of us.
  11. Simmons? And then we don't even get to see him play this year. Would be slightly underwhelming but oh well I guess. Hopefully he's the same guy post injury.
  12. The Jags know in what years to totally suck ass. They've perfected it.
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