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  1. TampaTitan

    Former Titan vs Peeping Tom

    I had some pretty good luck with Beckham on Madden back in the day
  2. TampaTitan

    An early look at Drew Lock

    Lock just sounds like a poor man's Luck.
  3. TampaTitan

    Jon Robinson interview

    He's helped win us a couple of games by doing those things though, one was a playoff game. It's not like it was all for not. You have to respect that, that's what he gets paid to do.
  4. They could have hired an offensive minded coach like Lafleur or Defilippo and had it turn out very similar to this, but they were obsessed with Vrabel from day 1. I love Vrabel in hindsight, but this is what you get when you go that route. And whoever the next OC we hire is will likely be gone too, that's just the NFL of today.
  5. I don't have 10 cause I don't watch a lot of stuff like that, but a few that I love are: Ozark - just binged watched both seasons and I'm mad I didn't give it a chance sooner. Better Call Saul House of Cards - just ended but awesome, even without Spacey it was solid Shameless
  6. TampaTitan

    Antonio Brown

    All of this soap opera bullshit couldn't be happening to a better organization and fanbase.
  7. TampaTitan

    Orakpo Just Announced his Retirement from the NFL

    Always hate it when these types of players get up there and have to walk away. He was a true pro, and brought the kind of attitude this franchise was missing for a while.
  8. TampaTitan

    Who is your Offensive and Defensive MVPs?

    Slim pickins on offense, gosh I don't even know. I guess Henry since he's the only reason we were in the position we were last night. Defense is easily Jayon. I remember there was some debate earlier in the season about what would be a good jersey to get. He's gotta be at the top of the list, he'll be here a long time.
  9. TampaTitan

    My thoughts that no one cares about

    I still think this was about a human beings long term quality of life taking priority over a game. I'll wait to be proven wrong but this organization seems to be run by morally sound individuals.
  10. TampaTitan

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    Will be interesting to hear all of the pieces to this Mariota deal come out over the next few days
  11. TampaTitan

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    Lol shut up Collinsworth
  12. TampaTitan

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    They're gonna score here to rub it in
  13. TampaTitan

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    Lmao that's on us?
  14. TampaTitan

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    Possibly another pick coming here. We gotta throw it a lot.