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  1. It's the second one that knocks a lot of people back. I would plan to sleep the day after.
  2. I also have two kids and like the options for outside of school stuff. I got tired of needing to drive an hr to get anywhere. πŸ˜‰ Columbia’s a good place to live as whole though. As far as politics- I often want to leave the state. πŸ˜‰
  3. Murfreesboro was a drive through. Well done. Smooth and and pretty easy. A little wait the second time but not bad.
  4. I'm in the boro now. I've already had both shots of Pfizer. The second one knocked me on my ass for a day. I had a headache and slept all day. That seems to be the norm. All good now.
  5. https://www.espn.com/soccer/barcelona/story/4302791/lionel-messis-leaked-barcelona-contract-the-biggest-in-sports-history-report Spanish newspaper El Mundo claims it has obtained a copy of Lionel Messi's Barcelona contract, saying figures confirm the star player's deal is the biggest in sports history. According to the report, Messi would receive a maximum of €555,237,619 (US$673,919,105) over four seasons, if a series of conditions were met.
  6. yeah- I saw that after I shared. Still funny though. The #noflylist on twitter is even better because it has everyone's reactions.
  7. Has been the best thing on the internet today.
  8. Ok... Then they need better insurance coverage. That doesn't make it terrorism.
  9. There're nothing wrong with the definition. It's just not what you thought it was. There's nothing "more evil" about calling one a terrorist and another a mass murderer. This guy was a suicide bomber but it doesn't look like he was a terrorist.
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