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  1. LOL Most people grow out of the "I know you are but what am I" line. That's hilarious.
  2. It is completely believable. They have their god in Trump. Whatever Trump does defines what is right and wrong. If he does it- its right. If his adversaries do it- its wrong. They pray at his alter and wait for his direction as what they should believe and what they shouldn't.
  3. I really don’t know how it gets worse. It seems like it should be what it is by now
  4. He’s got the same smooth talking style that’s smooth and relatable. He can speak democratic principles and policies in moderate to right language. He’s quite good actually. He also has a great moderate background for the most part. For a complete unknown- he’s done quite well.
  5. You’re splitting hairs. She’s known from coming from Massachusetts. And as I said - it’s code for “she thinks she’s smarter than you” that’s why Biden is using it. Joe is gong for the middle - which is more blue collar. That’s his base. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going at each other with similar attacking angles that the GOP would. It’s part of the vetting process.
  6. College professor, east coast liberal turned Senator but mostly it’s code for “she thinks she’s smarter than you” She plays into all of those
  7. Its the wrong word. The word elitist is a poll driven word against her. She is a purest, more ideologically focused, more partisan... whatever. There are lots of words that fit what they are saying and are more accurate. But he's using "elitest" because its an effective attack word against her particular background.
  8. Trump thought so... Do you disagree with your god?
  9. He has to be looking for a lifeline at this point. I think the problem is that he sees that if he turns on Trump, it gets worse. Its admitting fault. He could be right. He's in quicksand. Lets just hope it all continues.
  10. Its just a data point- its not THE data point. I've said repeatedly that I don't think the candidate matters that much. IF the dems could get the perfect candidate- maybe it helps. But this election is mostly going to be all about Trump vs not Trump. We'll see how that pans out.
  11. That’s why It’s a waste of time to debate it
  13. Fox news poll - from that perspective, it’s not surprising