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  1. Colts are reading something. Two blocks like that are rare
  2. It's a trigger now whenever I hear or read those words.
  3. Kids... not grand kids. lol. Thanks though.
  4. I promise if he does, I won't announce my exit...
  5. I'm having flashbacks of years of Fisher debates...
  6. Only bc its such a foreign concept to fans. There is a semi pro league to work with
  7. The season is over. This is where soccer has it right with promotion relegation. At this point, its stupid to win games. The Titans will try and many fans want to see them win all they can, but every win hurts them. (For those that don't know, most soccer leagues in the world have pro/rel. With multiple tiers to leagues, the top 3 teams are promoted to the next level up and the bottom 3/4 are relegated to a lower league. So even the teams at the bottom are fighting for something- to stay up. I've got problems with it for other reasons, but seasons like this are why they exist).
  8. Nah- he's a younger fisher. I don't have much interest in watching his teams at this point.
  9. If the Titans lose enough to be in reach to their top qb choice of this draft, they're going to be in a tough spot. I don't see how Levis will be able to prove anything behind this line. So you're likely going into the offseason, not really knowing what you have in Levis. You (hopefully) don't lose this much very often so the top qb's are rarely in reach. The Titans have so many needs to be competitive much less building a foundation for consistent deep runs. They should be torn between getting that elite qb and using valuable resources to rebuild. It could be one of these off-season's that dictate the future for years. Skip a qb, put money on Levis and build the foundation could put them right back on the mediocre train for several years if Levis is a miss. But taking a qb before really giving Levis a shot after he's flashed some potential would be hard to do. Especially when they have so many needs. IF they decide to move on from Vrabel, they will need to make that call quickly so they can try and get a new guy in fast and not delay any offseason planning. Could be a difficult offseason.
  10. Someone used the analogy, what if terrorists controlled New York, hid in the tunnels/subways, behind and within their hospitals & churches, and knew that any civilian deaths on either side helped their cause (in their eyes).. Then they bombed DC from NY. What would we do? The answer. I have no fucking clue. It's a horrible situation with no good solutions. The answer is to never let those things happen. But it has- and there are no good answers.
  11. He was so heavily invested here with his time- no way he didn't just make a new account.
  12. I have to be in the right mood but recently he's all I listen to. Few musicians/artists leave me in awe. He does often. Reminds me of when I first really got into Eminem. Just amazing combinations, story telling and depth.
  13. https://buffalowdown.com/posts/6-offensive-minds-replace-buffalo-bills-head-coach-2024-01hf00n02tj9/4
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