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  1. Facts are in the data. Compare gop controlled states vs Dem controlled
  2. This is just not true. It’s pretty much down party lines right now.
  3. I don't think all executive experience is transferable, but sure. I'm not that invested in the thought.
  4. This compares to President how? The jobs seem completely different. I've never been either- but the two job experiences, skills, and knowledge seem completely different.
  5. What does “ready on day 1” mean? How is a Senator more ready than a police chief?
  6. Of the three- she's prob my fav. Granted I haven't done a deep look at her. Just a few articles and such.
  7. I really don't like these comparisons. Each state is about as large as some countries. State by state comparison would be better. It would show what we already know that red states with heavy GOP leadership followed countries with the same. (Brazil, England, etc) Blue states followed comparisons of countries that have done better. The full USA comparison to smaller countries just highlights are size more than success or failure.
  8. I honestly don't have a strong opinion. He's doing well. I haven't looked or tried to predict specific states or looked at models. Mostly it doesn't really matter what I think or do. At a high, shallow analysis level- it looks like Biden should probably win. I'd be surprised if Trump wins but not as gut punched as last time. What do you I think your opinion is? Not really sure- as you've said I don't follow your posts that closely. One post I read at random gave me an impression that you were doing that thing of "don't say Biden is winning because it will lead to him losing." But it was one post and I may have been using halo thinking regarding your post to what I think many are doing.
  9. https://politicalwire.com/2020/06/27/incumbents-dont-come-back-from-trump-like-deficits/
  10. You do know that this need to not logically and objectively evaluate numbers and analysis is a superstitious fear, right? Nothing you say, think, or feel about the likelihood of Biden winning will have ANY effect on the outcome...
  11. Pretty much - it matters more for 2024. Ive been saying that — it’s trump vs. not trump. The potential problem with Bernie is warren was that they might it something else. Biden’s team seems to get that
  12. He's also dismissing the risk to a senior population by basically saying the economy is more important. There is definitely a base that will listen to that but in Florida?
  13. I think you messed up and accidentally said a good thing about Biden there. Just trying to help you out
  14. The really good politicians can fit the Eisenhower quote - paraphrasing — tell ppl to go to hell but having them look forward to the trip. biden is “likable” but can’t do that. Bill, Bush jr, Obama all could.

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