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  1. President Trump said that the United States could end the nearly 19-year war in Afghanistan “very quickly” if he chose to do so but that it would involve killing “tens of millions” of people, the Washington Post reports. So.. I am guessing nuking the country is his plan B? They have a population of 35 million.
  2. This is the part of her candidacy that I both like and makes me nervous- to be honest. She's a bit of a wrecking ball herself about things she's passionate about. I would like change to the US economic system .. but would prefer surgical operations to sledge hammer activities. I don't know which she is...
  3. Biden has always had a great deal of charisma/ charm. His age is muting it. Warren played the angry note too much for quite awhile and comes off much better when she tones it down. Hillary just had too much baggage. Booker comes across hokey more than charismatic. Pete’s got charisma but other limitations. Harris can show some sometimes but it always comes across forced and insincere (very Hillary like tbh) Just not a great pool of candidates where charisma is concerned
  4. She can be shrill but has seemed better recently. Charisma was her problem for a bit
  5. Right now he’s winning because Warren and Bernie are splitting the progressive vote. It’s progressive vs moderate. Biden’s the established moderate candidate and none of the others have dethroned him
  6. She could win with this
  7. Its a reflection of the sport, man. No sport that I know of depends more on one player to be consistently successful.
  8. That's exactly what I'm saying. But I don't get much of any joy from this team right now. Frustration mostly. Trying and failing is part of it.. but there should be success in there as well. A long long way and then some great payoff is what you want. So that the wait is worth it... at this point.. .ya gotta wonder...
  9. Hey -if they can do it, great. I have very little confidence they are going to be able to trade up to about 10 and do better than they did at 1, 2, and 6. I'm not trying to be a downer. Logically, it makes no sense to keep waiting for this to happen. I don't want to support or be concerned about this team any longer. However, obviously - what I want has had little effect on my situation, or I wouldn't keep coming to this forum and posting. So that leaves me just generally pissed off about it.
  10. Do the math from young to locker to mm .. pretty sure 3-5 years is pretty close
  11. But umm they have to start winning somewhere in there for that to work.
  12. You have no idea what generation I’m from. Wtf - do what you want man. If you were a fan through McNair and have sat through Young, Locker and MM - plus all the journeymen in between- and now face the reality of another minimum 3-5 years before the possibility of a franchise qb .. I don’t see how anyone doesn’t question why they waste their time. It just gets to be beyond idiotic...
  13. 20 years man? I think I left the bandwagon label a long time ago
  14. But yeah - staying off the boards is probably good. It’s what I’ve been doing. Later all