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  1. I don't think agreeing is allowed. We both may get banned now.
  2. Bad analogy- 6 years gap from a pre and post state is too much to infer causation. The improvement from pre and post Tannehill was damn near instantaneous. Yes- as always multiple factors play a role in everything. But in this case, the data and comparison scenarios make a direct causation easy to see.
  3. I believe the data. Sure- all those things helped but a inferring causation from the data is easy and obvious. It was Tannehill.
  4. No- Tannehill was the main variable. We have an obvious pre and post. Unless you think all of these other things just coincidentally improved at the same time that he became starter. You can safely infer causation to Tannehill becoming the starter.
  5. Your lack of arrogance in your own opinion is concerning regarding your cultural fit for this board.... 😉
  6. It was a fun, light and breasy show. Nothing wrong with that. Not everything has to be Game of Thrones, Witcher- whatever. It felt like an old, simple western.
  7. There is no reason to debate this. We actually have a pretty straight forward pre and post test. What was our record before Tannehill? What was our record after?
  8. I thought it was a very McNair game. Clutch on some big 3rd downs scored a huge TD under pressure. Used his legs to get tough yards. like Vrabel’s clock management- it was superb bc we won but horrible if we lost
  9. Basically you’re saying the ends justify the means — that I’d say— is very not Christ like. Can’t imagine Jesus saying - it’s ok to embrace the devil as long as it accomplishes good policies

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