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  1. I don’t think the candidate matters much. No one thought he’s win before. The next election will be all about him
  2. Trump will inspire them to vote. It’s Trump and the other guy .. just have to wait to find out who “not Trump” is
  3. If any of you are interested in soccer tactics - take a look http://positionalplayscholar.com/index.php/2019/07/04/usmnt-vs-jamaica-checkmate/?fbclid=IwAR00LtleQVIu8gka26ctDGxzv0MIUCuZAPJW9Xn-yFiOW7EV1sinR9zswg4
  4. You do know this is the nomination for the Democratic Party, right?
  5. I don't think he has that much brand loyalty. I think right now with Trump's chaos people want competence, vanilla, and not a complete asshole. If someone else can do that but be younger and more diverse.... I think many would switch.
  6. That sounds too high. Where are you getting 40%?
  7. I also don’t think this is a typical president. I don’t think anyone would want him leading a war
  8. It’s a big change but it’s not either liberal or conservative in ideology... or maybe just outside of the usual areas overall he’s pretty moderate so much so that many more liberal minded people I know are not a fan
  9. Buttigieg is pretty moderate - it’s just his background that isn’t (and most of that is)
  10. He most definitely is because he doesn't like him that much. I think Biden appeals to both people tired of the culture wars, political strife, and etc. I think most people are seeing good economic times and just don't want anyone to screw that up. The left hates trump so much that they're happy with that too. I am hoping and I think we're seeing a storm brewing against Trump. If he could be anything other than himself and not create waves- he'd probably coast to re-election. But that is not who he is. I am hoping he gets buried by historical proportions.
  11. No- his appeal is that he's "normal." Most of the left are seriously motivated to oust Trump. Then you have a lot of the baby boomers who are not comfortable with voting women, minorities, or sexualities that are not hetero- Then you have the voters who are cynical about who those baby boomers are and who they will vote for. In general- he's a not Trump candidate who a lot of people think can win and he doesn't really piss anyone off right now. He's vanilla and after Trump's - burn it to the ground presidency- combined with some good economic times- a lot of people are craving vanilla.
  12. I'm not really saying that either. I am saying what I think may be needed to win. The election will be all about Trump vs the other nominee. The other nominee needs to not screw that up. That's not about preference but about where I think the country is and what I think this election will be about.
  13. In Oman fashion, he needs to not die until after the election: He’s an old white man who isn’t offensive to most everyone. In the world of “beat Trump” that’s what is needed. Its not about rallying people to vote - Trump is doing that. It’s about not giving them reasons to not vote. Biden could be perfect... j
  14. None of this matters this election. Its simply wait and see who gets the nomination and then... not Trump.
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