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  1. So - maybe Dems can get the Senate by GOP being stupid. https://politicalwire.com/2020/11/17/grassley-tests-positive/
  2. Yeah -the tea party movement and Trump movement are connected- just not by ideology
  3. If you voted for Trump in 2020, you have no credibility that would stand up for any type of values or ideals. You'll follow.
  4. How well did that anger work for dems with Bush jr? Its 4 years away. The candidate that the GOP pulls out of the hat has to mobilize the same groups to the same extent. Given that its never been done in history- it seems unlikely.
  5. That doesn't mean the opportunity is going to incentive record turnout numbers. What factors about this election, that incentivized such high turnout, do you see repeating?
  6. I wouldn't count on an increased turnout. This was a historic election in terms of turn out for both Biden and Trump. I don't see 4 years of Biden inciting that response. I don't know what else will happen, but I will be very surprised if either side has those turn out numbers.
  7. https://politicalwire.com/2020/11/10/biden-plans-to-ignore-trump/ Yep
  8. What’s not a good plan?
  9. Trump is trying to incite violence. He is trying to manufacture a coup with either the justice department or the Supreme Court. But Biden's strategy has been the right one all through the election. Under react. Trump can't do anything. If it takes until after the electors to really start the transition moving- then so be it. In the mean time, if Biden's team has a legal case about them not holding up their obligations- then they will and should pursue it. All in all - the lesson is to under react, to let these things play out. In the end, Trump will be gone and Biden and his team will be installed. Then we'll move on to the next.
  10. You know you're saying there no true monoliths and then start to talk about people as a monolith in the same post. 😉
  11. Calling it is really becoming as much a formality as the Dec electors at this point.

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