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  1. Because there was more to the story. Buzz stands by the report. So it wasn’t crap news. You see the difference so chill
  2. You’re going too far. It’s not a clear case of misinformation but interesting and conflicting reports
  3. Pragidealist

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    It’s all he has where he can remotely claim a victory
  4. Umm is it a coincidence that information Mueller has is leaked right after Barr the implied the Mueller report might not be made public?
  5. Pragidealist

    Let's talk about Steve Bullock, (D) Gov. of Montana

    He’s the type of candidate I generally like. I’ll look more into him. Thanks
  6. Pragidealist

    Where's Mitch?

  7. Pragidealist

    Where's Mitch?

    At the moment, its her 15 minutes (metaphorically speaking). Time will tell how long she last. But she's definitely adding value to the voices in congress at the moment with both her message and her background. Hopefully that continues.
  8. Pragidealist

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    Why in the hell? 😉
  9. Pragidealist


    TBH- I think Obama made Biden much "every man" and turned his gaffes into character quirks instead of faults. Who knows if that would carry on into a new campaign. But all of the meme's with the Bro-mance of Biden and Obama really epitomized his role in that administration. That has created a bit of a halo effect around him. Politically-he's also a true moderate that has steadily moved more left in a way that I think a lot of moderate/centrist democrats can relate to. That will probably hurt in a primary. He's still my top until a new one rises.
  10. Pragidealist

    It may be fixing to go down

    Podcasts, books on tape, Netflix .. wait
  11. Pragidealist

    It may be fixing to go down

    It also means this shutdown is going to drag out. The shutdown seems to be locking in partisan battles rather than getting either side to move. I don't know how this ends. Its going to really start hurting people if it drags into February. But I don't know if that will move people.
  12. Pragidealist


    Hey - I take all yall’s input very seriously in my final decision.
  13. I don't think he is that good. I think you're giving him too much credit. He's just one disaster and shit storm after another- loves any type of attention and the media has a short attention span.
  14. Pragidealist

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

    I agree with others. I don't see how she separates herself and she was a little too eager and opportunistic to try and be the "me too" champion. Who knows though - I don't really know enough about her.
  15. 22 possible. Sheesh. Hopefully the process helps the get the best of the bunch.