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  1. Well US is too open. Each state is like a country and on a different trajectory. I’m talking TN specifically
  2. I’m hearing 6-8 weeks. You?
  3. Maybe they want to read it and analyze it
  4. Because your comparison model is wrong. Italy is the size of one state. Compare one state to Italy or US to Europe .. then you can better see where we are succeeding and failing. Ky for example is doing well other states horrible- and so forth
  5. due to the volume of possible candidates- that’s an impressive title
  6. https://politicalwire.com/2020/03/23/kushner-advising-trump-to-loosen-social-distancing/ Natural selection?
  7. That’s not really a good comparison. Each us state is a small country
  8. Not likely- this is likely to go on - off and on for 18 months
  9. I watched a little. Biden looked pretty good. Nothing dramatic either way
  10. not according to my facebook feed but who knows...
  11. LOL - yeah.. and half the ppl calling it hoax throw a party. That would never work in reality.
  12. I have read history and have heard how military talk about the current president- and its still paranoia.
  13. I also think we have to understand each US state is similar to these countries. We’ll get hit city by city and then it’s wack a mole until they get better at treating it

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