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  1. One NFL executive told ESPN's Dianna Russini that his team would love to sign Hopkins ... but due to their limited cap space, their offer would be only a one-year, $2 million deal. Said Russini: "An NFL executive expressed a willingness to sign Hopkins for a mere $2 million if he’ll take it, but not more. Knowing Hopkins will go for a much bigger deal." Hmmmm, could she have been talking about Ran Carthon?
  2. Levis was drafted for his ceiling not for his immediate impact. I don't think there is anyway he unseats RT as starter at any point this year unless Tannehill gets injured. Levis hasn't even made a case for being the #2 yet.
  3. b..b..b..but he totally lost that Bengals playoff game and he really sucked last year, even though he had no pass protection and no receivers and Henry was injured, he still sucked.
  4. Growing pains. We knew he was raw when we drafted him. The expectations are sky high here because of the high priority need. I just hope we have the staff that can develop him. He has all the traits.
  5. I considered Kern to be a real a weapon. He could flip the field on one play. His accuracy inside the 20 yard line was fantastic. Great Titans on some really bad Titans teams. Thank you Brett.
  6. To be rated that highly pre-draft by nearly everyone, tends to give one a feeling of optimism. People with physical limitations figure out how to compensate and overcome their limitations. And considering all the other measurables that made hima top ten pick, I feel pretty darn good about him. I don't feel like he was a gamble (as in Farley and Wilson) and when you get down to it 99% of all draft picks are gambles.
  7. I can't remember my cousin's baby's name but I can remember something I heard 60 years ago, lol.
  8. He hates everyone except Oman. (because Oman likes his posts) He never talks football. He has a connection to Ole Miss. He loves Eli. His wife is a forensic investigator (or so he claims) He used to say some funny shit but now he's really just sad and lame. Did I forget anything?
  9. Its time for Tannehill to step the fuck up. He’s been paid well. I’m sure it’s about holding out for 2-3 year extension but he’s making top money. Give a little take a little.
  10. Ravens might be a possible landing spot. They want Jackson to start throwing more.
  11. You've heard of the Legends of Boom, those three guys were the Legends of Doom.
  12. My wife was raised up there and she says Bills fans are classless upstate NY rednecks.
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