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  1. I guess a more accurate description of his allergies would be that his tolerances to those foods he is allergic to would vary. Fresh tomatoes would make his face and lips swell up and they sent him to the emergency room a couple of times but if he seriously limited his consumption and the amount he ate he could tolerate occasional small amounts. He's Italian and he's a great baker of homemade pizza so they tomatoes were a big deal for him to be able to consume. He also had alpha gal but had gotten over it to where he could consume small amounts of red meat and that came back on him too. It may
  2. @Starkiller Haha, I guess I didn't realize how weird that sounded until I read it again. My buddy is short and has that fireplug type build that makes him look stocky. He's a very active guy though and just built a horse barn basically by himself during the pandemic. He's pretty damn healthy but he does have a lot of food allergies. Tomatoes can kill him but it had gone into remission until he got his shot.
  3. I got the first Pfizer vaccination this morning. So far so good on the side effects. Got my 2nd shot booked for 3 weeks from today. It was very organized. I was in and out in 15 minutes and never had to get out of my truck.
  4. The traffic in the Boro seems to always be bad, especially on I-24. Being a college town probably makes it more progressive the Maury though. I like the small town vibe of Columbia but the redneck crack heads get on my nerves.
  5. A buddy of mine got the Pfizer and he experienced flu like symptoms for a day but the bad part was his food allergies came back which he had in remission. He's 75 and fairly healthy but a bit overweight because he's short.
  6. No, because I had to sign a 4 year contract with AT&T to get a T-1 line for my business. I had to have something for large file transfers. We did a lot of business with metro Nashville government and the Tennessee state government as well. That was 5 years ago and I'm retired now and don't want to pay $500 a month for shitty internet. The T-1 still came through the old phone lines which are in terrible condition and haven't been maintained since it was South Central Bell. Almost every time it rained it would knock the internet out. Ridiculously bad service. I'm only 40 miles from Nashvill
  7. Adoree had a serious injury he was getting over and was completely out of game shape after missing OTAs, camp and most of the season.. Borders is good depth but NOT a guy you want starting.
  8. He DID say that but he also DIDN'T say he'd turn a big fat payday down if someone offered him one. With his recent injury history that contract was a BIG gamble. Glad he didn't go to the Colts.
  9. His stash must be getting low. I would imagine in a "fan controlled league" there won't be much drug testing. A match made in heaven for 'ol Josh.
  10. Living in a rural area, broadband has been an issue here for years. Starlink is coming this year and I'm signing up. I've heard good things about it. Have any of you had experience with it? Elon Musk is a man with vision. Rural broadband is a problem everywhere and the tech companies have ignored it because of the huge investment it would take, but with more people moving out of the cities, it's going to be a huge business. I'm thinking about buying some stock too.
  11. He's already passed VY and Pacman as being the dumbest 1st rounder the Titans have ever drafted. That's quite a feat in itself. Coke whores and yachts does not put his life on a upward trajectory. I thought sure Pacman would wind up dead but Wilson is in another class. Pacman and VY loved the game and ultimately it saved their lives but I don't see it in Wilson. JRob is wearing this one like a black eye.
  12. Never happen. He was one pissed off MF when he left. JRob made the right decision, even if we could have used him because of Beasley and Clowney's non production. Casey trailed off pretty badly his last year here.
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