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  1. Police training sux. It needs to be longer and focus more on the psychology aspect as well as crisis management. If they paid more they wouldn't be getting as many idiots that have a respect complex.
  2. Pressure the fucking QB and run Henry with some play action sprinkled in. Does this coaching staff know Rivers loves to turn the ball over? I know that with our lack of pass rush and injuries, that's easier said than done but if we DON'T get pressure the colts will win this division.
  3. You sure have a ton of photos of these folks. I'm beginning to believe that this is really YOUR family.
  4. Wow. This has been a year to forget. Except for Biden trouncing Captain Combover it's been a steady stream of shit.
  5. They are the #7 seed and they knocked out the #2 seed Toronto on their home field 1-0 in OT. They played a great game. They were only the 7th MLS expansion team to make the playoffs in their inaugural season. They now play the #3 seed Columbus in the semi-finals on Sunday night at 8 pm on ESPN.
  6. That was absolutely the worst call of the game. WTF was he thinking? That being said, nobody bats 1.000 but overall, Smith called a good game. But that wildcat call was a serious head scratcher.
  7. Those are decent numbers. When teams start scheming for him as a starter we’ll see how it goes. It just don’t think he’s a starting NFL QB. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong.
  8. This may sound cliche’d but today was a character win. It was gut check time and guys answered the bell. Our big money guys stepped up. An AFC Road win against a possible playoff matchup is pretty big. And we’re doing it with a lot of injuries to key players. We went from 2 spots out of the playoffs to the 4th seed, with a lot of football left to be played. Vrabel had them ready. The air is a little sweeter tonight.
  9. Deep scars never heal. I still hate the Ratbirds.
  10. I assume Borders would move inside. How long is Fulton out?
  11. This really sucks. Injuries are killing us.
  12. He’s getting valuable game reps and looking good doing it. Adoree is going to take a while before he gets to get back to game speed and Borders is great depth.

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