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  1. If they played the whole series like they played last night they'd be moving on. That's on Lavi. I'm sure Poile is not a happy camper. No sense of urgency until the elimination game. I've had season tickets since 2004. They were begging people to come to games then. So I bought a half season package (25 games). So last year after the run to the finals, instead of giving me the right to buy my seats for the playoffs, (which I did every single year I had tickets) they decided that since I "only" have a half season package, I should only get to buy 1/2 of the playoff tickets. That way they could jack up the price 2 or 3 times higher than face value and sell them online, so for this year's playoffs I was told I could only buy my seats for the 1st and 7th games of the Dallas series. I only saw one game which they lost. It pissed me off. I never missed a home playoff game. So I told them they could stick my half season package up their ass and didn't renew for next year. Wait until they have a few down years and we'll see how many people hang with them like I did.
  2. Weak sauce. Obama was a rhodes scholar compared to donnie the fuhrer. At least he's literate.
  3. LMAO...doodling, News flash, not everyone is as ignorant as our president. Trump should be an authority on good legal advice. Cohen, Giuliani, are perfect examples. Only the best people! Anybody that had any sense bailed on agent orange already.
  4. Nah, I'm still going with the blind hog theory with you being the blind hog.
  5. I'd rather have it stay daylight longer in the winter, stay sprung forward.
  6. Why bother with a shower? Just go wash your right hand and you're good to go.
  7. Hell fucking YES. He abused his power, he's lied literally thousands of times in the 2+ years he's been in office, he's corrupt and uses the office of the Presidency for personal gain, he thinks foreign policy means his passport, he promotes hate and violence, etc etc etc. Plus he's just an illiterate bag of hot air with no social skills or decorum. A waste of oxygen.
  8. Don't be too hard him, he lives under a rock.
  9. Daylight savings time change is about as relevant as the electoral college. Times have changed making both obsolete. Farming practices have changed a lot since 1895.
  10. A pathological liar believes the BS they spew. Trump lies when there isn't even a reason to lie.
  11. BS. You can't lump all muslims into one group. Radical Muslims will kill anyone that disagrees with their radical philosophies. Just like all christians aren't the same.
  12. I don't support communism but I also don't support letting corporations that boast billions of dollars in profit, pay ZERO in taxes. You have to be moron not to understand that gives all the power to the richest 1%. As your pal Nixon said "Fuck the poor people".
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