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  1. No way in hell did many people (IF ANY) predict Mahomes would be as good as he has been. That said Davis has underperformed since he was drafted. Of course success or failure in the draft is always 20/20 in hindsight.
  2. Weren't we 26th in pass defense? Definitely the weak link.
  3. Yep. That's why I would transition tag Henry for one year use the franchise tag on Tannehill. Tannehill is not the type of QB that can carry a team on his shoulders. He needs a good running game.
  4. Agreed. Our offensive philosophy depended on successfully running the ball 30 times a game and scoring TDs in the redzone. As soon as KC got a lead they started killing the clock by running the ball and we had to abandon the running game. We have to have more balance on offense and truthfully, we have to lean on the passing game more than we did or it's going to be easy to beat this team once someone gets a lead on us. It's extremely difficult to come back on an offensive team like KC without a vertical passing game. He literally had to ride Henry he was running so well but pass pro is our achilles heel. Our offense has to come from having good balance between pass and run. Of course some of this will be dictated by personnel and we have no idea what the team will look like next year.
  5. RIP Dmeade, may you be in heaven a half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead. thank you Guru and thanks to all that contributed. lets win one for the Gipper
  6. Definitely will be a challenge for Robinson. I assume we’ll get some compensatory picks depending on who we lose. I’m afraid Ryan might be a casualty and I think he’s very underrated in terms of what contributes. He’s been solid in the slot.
  7. That’s why you build through the draft. Reese tried to keep the ‘99-2000 team together after the Super Bowl run and it ultimately didn’t happen and we had to blow up the entire team. You can’t keep everybody.
  8. He could cut it off and put it in mason jar with formaldehyde and give it to AAS to use as a paperweight.
  9. If they win it all they may have to franchise tag Tannehill and transition Henry. They both will command big money. I think that would pay Tannehill $25 mil and Henry about $12 mil. We need both guys. Keeping Ryan and Conklin will be harder.
  10. Isn’t that your dad on right? You really favor him.
  11. The Titans couldn’t even sell out Vanderbilt s Stadium in ‘98 and it only holds 40,000. The first year in Adelphia was magic and with the success on the field came the fans. The team went nearly 2 years without losing s home game. The atmosphere was fantastic. Then came the blowup of the team that almost won it all, due to a poorly managed Salary cap. Success after that was rare and in 2008 we found lightning in a bottle with Kerry Collins and Chris Johnson more than building a deep talented roster. Then came the lean years. We became a punchline as Bud Adams senility grew worse until his passing. The franchise was mired in mediocrity until AAS took over. She fired the people responsible for the dumpster fire and hired Jon Robinson. She did a makeover of all the facilities to be able to attract better talent. Things began trending up in measured success to where we are today. Thanks to Amy, Jon and Mike V. we have the franchise sitting on a solid foundation. We have a deep roster with plenty of talent. This playoff run is just what the Titans needed to bring that fanatic fan base back. The Preds are no longer dominating the Nashville sports scene and the time is right for the Titans to expand the fan base. You can feel the energy building again. I hope this run doesn’t end in KC. Even if it does, the Titans are back on the radar. An AFC Championship would go a long way in bringing the magic back to the Titans organization. I’m ready. I’ve been ready since we came up one yard short. I’m an original PSL holder and I’m not getting any younger. I feel like it could be the year. I believe.
  12. They’re predicting that the Titans will have 25% of Arrowhead filled with Titans fans which is the most for a road team in the AFC finals over the last several years. I think that was according to ticket brokers data. Hopefully the weather won’t affect it that much.

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