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  1. With reduced rosters, as soon as training camp starts and players start testing positive and quarantining starts taking place, the difficulty of playing a season of football will become reality. The playerswill be too close to each other to social distance. It's a logistical nightmare. And that doesn't even take into consideration, how they intend to deal with putting fans in the seats. I guess now we need @Mercalius to enter and start telling us it's all a big hoax.
  2. I hope that belly doesn't cut off the bloodflow to his nut sack.
  3. Pats pass protection has been good because Brady gets rid of the ball so quickly. Newton will struggle there. The Pats Wrs are not going to help that either. Pats will regress a few years because they hung on to Brady too long and their depth suffered due to cap struggles. I will say the BB Cam/ Newton saga will be fascinating to watch.
  4. Personally I think that's a fair assessment, based on last season. I think Tannehill tried too hard in Miami to make up for lack of talent on their roster and made some mistakes and bad decisions. He seems to have matured and Smith/ Tannehill seems to be a good match of player and OC. RT made very few bonehead decisions at QB last year and it felt like he was letting the game come to him more, even when the offense wasn't hitting on all cylinders.
  5. Let the facts be heard before rushing to judge either person.
  6. I think this thread magnified just how bad Webster really was. A lot of these picks were on his watch.
  7. Woolfolk or Chris (the workout warrior)Henry. I believe Henry was a 2nd round pick so expectations were less than Wollfolk but neither guy made any significant contribution. At least Warmack saw the field and played in several games.
  8. I selected B although I would need to know more information about everything before I would attend a game.
  9. AAS has already said she supports players rights to stand up against social injustices. IF they play this year, there will be many players on every team who will kneel in protest. I don't think CK will bring any more media attention than any other player in that regard. The fact that he is CK being resigned by an NFL team will be a far bigger distraction to the team and the media it will bring. Plus he has this CK verses the league mentality now. That could cause problems.
  10. I said it from the gitgo. The logistics of playing professional football with fans in the seats, while observing relevant covid restrictions, is a pipe dream. Despite the BS rhetoric the NFL puts out about player and fan safety being the highest priority, the revenue stream is what is the highest priority.
  11. Key players will routinely become unavailable for 2-3 weeks at a time. Teams will need to have 2 NFL starting quality QBs and a couple of others on speed dial. I really still fail to see how the league plans to pull this season off. Covid numbers are climbing in Texas and a lot of other states. Last night they showed the Covid curve for Italy, France, and the US. Italy and France declined steeply after restrictions were implimented while the US merely leveled out. This morning's Tennessean front page says that a new report from Vanderbilt says Tennessee hospitals have hit their highest levels of Covid patients since the pandemic began. Our governor explains it by saying they are doing more testing but more testing doesn't explain more hospitalizations. This shit isn't going away anytime soon.
  12. With the Vrabel facing facing Belichick in game one and Pees facing the Ravens/Harbaugh in game two we had the perfect scenario.
  13. Unfortunately we have a president who is intent on making people believing otherwise.
  14. Casey was treated very well as a Titan. I can see both sides of the story though. Bottom line is that it IS a business.If we had waited one mor year and not extended Casey (which we wouldn't have) we wouldn't have gotten anything in return.
  15. Our window is opening. Hopefully we take advantage of the opportunity. The way that the NFL is set up with free agency etc. the window is only open for so long with this roster.

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