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  1. No surprise there. It would have been a surprise if it were different than what it is. Doubtful that Malik makes the final 53.
  2. Callahan also said that they were working on his footwork/foundation and trying to widen his base so that he wouldn't have to depend on his arm strength so much to make every throw. Levis is extremely lucky AAS fired meathead because he would not be getting the coaching he is getting now.
  3. Similar to his time here, the smartest guy in the room is back it again.
  4. Dump offs and screens shouldn’t be considered as criteria for being a pass catcher. The ability to run good routes and make the reception Should be. Henry wasn’t asked to do that very often because he wasn’t very good at it.
  5. Jared Stillman was on 102.5 The Game yesterday talking about being at the OTAs and being amazed at the huge difference between Bill Calahan's Oline coaching methods and Carter's. He said there were ZERO similarities. Stillman raved about every single aspect of it including the equipment being used and the drills that were being taught. He said if BC didn't like a rep from one of the players, then he made them repeat it until he saw what he wanted to see. There were videos posted of one of the drills where the players have to get down on their knees and push up against the sled from the ground which teaches them to stay low when they engage. The sled BC designed will not move unless they engage it low. The equipment is designed to closely simulate a defensive lineman they have to engage with force and balance, unlike Carter's "Turbo" drills that were simply slapping a padded cushion being held by an assistant coach. He went on for several minutes about it and was obviously very impressed.
  6. The new staff obviously weren't counting on him for ANY production. IIRC this is his last season under contract unless he has an option year. He would be smart to have a good season to get a better contract elsewhere but it's going to be a dog fight for any playing time.
  7. Exactly. Thats why we saw 7 or 8 in the box on defense so much under Vrabel. I guarantee this new edition Titans is going to look nothing like what Vrabel served up.
  8. Running on first down isn't that much of a problem if you consistently get 5-6 yards. That opens up the playbook for 2nd and 3rd down. It's when you run twice in a row and still have 3rd and long that telegraphs what the 3rd down call will be. That shit drove me crazy.
  9. I think judging him good or bad in his rookie year behind a shit Oline is unproductive. This year should be much more valuable in determining what we have in him. I saw good and bad and more good than bad last year. That's enough for me to justify drafting him where we did. This season should be the prove it year. He'll have a much improved Oline, better receivers and offense minded head coach/coordinator. What I want to see in him is consistency and the ability to make the correct reads and get the ball out quickly. I feel pretty good about his chances of being the QBOF.
  10. I try not to dwell on the past but , the difference between Callahan and Vrabel's interviews is night and day. I realize Brian C has a lot to prove but there isn't a condescending sarcastic bone in Callhan's body. He wants to hear what his players and coaches think and then form his opinion from there. Polar opposite of Vrabel and Belichick. I find it really amusing that neither of them got a HC gig. The Titans haven't had a coach like this since they've been in Tennessee. Fish was the closest. Hopefully BC's smarts will tranlate into wins.
  11. Ruh-roh. Hopefully that's not codeword for "pay by the pound" quarterback bounties. Seriously, I always considered Greg W. 's defenses to be aggressive. I loved the "99-2000" Titans defenses.
  12. He went from being the smartest guy in the building to the lackey on Lake Erie.
  13. It was a fluff piece but the insight on his character was encouraging to hear
  14. I don't know if this article has been posted but I thought it was a good read and insightful information. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/why-titans-first-round-pick-jc-latham-can-be-an-all-pro-before-you-know-it/ar-BB1m3Pdu?ocid=socialshare&pc=U531&cvid=52816b0a4c644710841bb962ea7e21a4&ei=51
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