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  1. You have to love a 7th round pick that has shown to be good enough to become the team's nickel back, even if it is due to Adoree's injury.
  2. 100% agree. He's used up his get out of jail free card though. The talk around here of releasing him was ridiculous.
  3. Could have been a bit of the jitters too. New team, new environment. I hope that it isn't related to the hip surgery but then again BB is the best in the business.
  4. I watched the snaps. Brinkley low balled Kern a couple of times which threw the timing off. It doesn't take much to throw off the rhythm, I don't think it's a big issue. With a full week of practice together, I'm confident it'll be better next week.
  5. This is like Dumb and Dumber but there's only one person.
  6. No matter how hard you buff it, polishing a turd is a wasted effort. The stink never goes away.
  7. It was just a sign of lack of OTAs, reduced practice and training camp and no preseason. We could easily be talking a bout a lot bigger problems after an opening day game at Mile High.
  8. Exactly. SG had very little practice time with Kern and Brinkley. His leg strength looked fine which was good to see after having the offseason surgery. Getting the game winner was pretty huge to regain his confidence.
  9. The sustained drives were a critical factor in that win and bodes well going forward, especially in the first game of the season with no OTAs and delayed training camp. Personally I think Gostkowski will be fine. One kick was blocked, one was a low snap and one he pulled. He needs practice reps with Kern and Brinkley which he didn't have. It wasn't a pretty win but there are several positives to take away from it. The game winning drive was clutch. Nobody panicked. Time to go back to work and get a home win against a divisional opponent.
  10. Colts/ Jags QBs stat line tells the story. Rivers 36 for 46, 1 TD and 2 picks. Minshew 19 for 20, 3 TDs and 0 picks. I didn't watch the game but I would bet Rivers picks tipped the scales.
  11. When Lewan becomes the voice of reason for younger players, that's a sign of a young guy maturing. I'm quite sure Lewan was a master of the beer bong at Michigan.
  12. Didn't he tweet a pic of Wilson asleep in the whirlpool or something? There was a thread where people accused Lewan of starting some kind of hazing shit and they referred to Lewan being like Incognito.
  13. I'm strictly referring to booing at the BLM portion. I was at that game when they booed Mac and I was giving shit to the guy sitting behind me for booing McNair. Not cool.
  14. You are also insulated on a college campus and that circumvents a lot of potential problems. College coaches phone numbers are on speed dial with the local police dept. but that shit don't fly off campus. I remember when McNair got a DUI in Nashville. That was well into his Titans career. You guys need to cut the kid a little slack. He's technically still a kid.

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