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  1. We have work to do on the Oline but they protected enough for Tannehill to throw for 300 yards and that feels great. This WR corps is special and as their confidence grows and RT gets more comfortable in the offense, things could and should get better. Winning a game like today can be a huge momentum boost going forward and we have 4 out of 5 games at home coming up. Happy day in Music City!
  2. Still needs to work on his pass pro. He’ll get Tanny killed.
  3. You’re right, Rivers could’ve marched them right down the field like he did earlier.
  4. 8 different receivers have had receptions.
  5. Definitely Something weird going on. He hasn’t played a snap that I’ve seen. I was skeptical about the trade rumors but I wouldn’t be surprised after seeing this game. JRob trying to get some value for him while he still can. Draft picks for a trade up maybe?
  6. The Tannehill to Davis connection is looking good. Tannehill looks sharp, getting the ball out quick. Made several excellent throws. Unfortunately it’s behind the same old sucky Oline. I hope Ryan can handle the beat down he’s getting. He’s getting pummeled.
  7. We have to win ALL of the divisional matchups we have left to stand a chance for the playoffs. If Tannehill gets the offense moving, I can see it happening.
  8. It'll be interesting to see if the Titans and Henry can work out abn extension. Henry is probably wanted a monster deal which I wouldn't give him. Although he's been most of our offense so far. When he loses a step in speed his production is going to go way down.
  9. Ain't gonna happen but I figured it would spark some conversation. LOL. Mission accomplished. Those discussions probably happened before KC knew Mahomes injury status was the best case scenario.
  10. Interesting scenario. Marcus might flourish under Reed.
  11. I suppose ben did a couple of tours in Afghanistan so he's very informed (as usual) on these matters.