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  1. How Trump got to be such white trash after being raised in Queens NY is baffling. By his limited vocabulary you would think he's from Alabama or Mississippi
  2. I hope JRob nails this draft. Looks like we are depending on it by our FA participation (or lack of). I knew it was going to be a tight cap year but on paper it looks like we regressed.
  3. Not knocking the thread idea. That was the purpose right? And some of the responses were downright droolers.
  4. When you run behind the pack, the view never changes. They both are attention whores.
  5. He never pissed me off. You just couldn’t believe single word he said. It was really some good internet theater sometimes.
  6. Ha! I knew that was coming as soon as I saw the thread title.
  7. This thread is such an epic fail, it makes the sinking of the Titanic look like the party of the century. And for any of you clowns that don’t realize it, I’m insulting each and every one of your limp dick posts.
  8. All of the above and you can add worst combover in modern times. He is beyond ignorant and is even a worse human being.
  9. I agree. He totally lost his confidence. When he was decisive, he was good but when he lost it, it snowballed so badly he was unrecognizable from his early time. His decision making went to hell along with his arm strength. But it wasn't that he sucked from the day one. He may have covered his flaws better but he did have some good games that gave people hope. He was never the same after the injury. What is really going to be interesting is to see what Chuckie is going to be able to do with him. Gruden does have the rep of being the QB whisperer.
  10. Just like VY, we'll be talking about him for years after he's gone.
  11. He's an anti-leader. He does the opposite of what REAL leaders do in times of crisis. He sows discord, spreads false information, ignores information from the experts that give him advice and is generally clueless about everything but wants to give the impression he's an expert. Real stable genius.
  12. I approve this trade. I'll be happy not to see Hopkins 2 times a year. Dude always lit us up.

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