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  1. Manafort fears for his life. The way the Russian mob operates he's better off in jail.
  2. How about driving smaller energy efficient vehicles like hybrids, how about carpooling, how about investing in clean energy like solar, natural gas. How about toughening environmental regulations on industrial emissions and pollution instead of loosening regulations like Trump has, how about making vehicle inspections mandatory? I live in a county where you don't even have to get your vehicle inspected. That's ridiculous. How about pulling your head out of your butt and taking a look around at the real world.
  3. He's as blind as a bat. None of these nimrods care a damn thing about the truth. It distorts their agendas.
  4. The ridiculous thing about it is that IF Obama did the same things that Trump has been doing, they'd be screaming frigging bloody murder. Every single one of them. Such a joke that they vehemently defend Donnie the fuhrer. Manafort got what exactly what he deserved. He lied to the Special Counsel and tried to obstruct the investigation and he colluded with Russia to manipulate our presidential election. If you believe Manafort should be let off, you are a traitor to the United States of America.
  5. I guess one congressional investigation that cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing isn't enough. Meanwhile Donnie the Fuhrer abuses his power and lies to the American people on a daily basis.
  6. Trump is 100% guilty of abuse of presidential power. There is no national emergency. It is self created national emergency so Trump can tell his base, "See? I built the wall." Meanwhile drugs and illegals flood through the legal Points of Entry. What a crock of crap.
  7. 100% unadulterated bullshit. Wrong on so many levels. All Dems believe in late term abortion. Fuck you, I don't. Stereotype much? Do I believe in infanticide? No. Do I believe abortion is appropriate in some cases? Yes. Do I believe it's the government that should decide what cases are appropriate? FUCK NO! Oh but YOU believe in small government? Bullshit! Oh but You believe in denying hispanic women and children fleeing from violence in their own countries, sanctuary in the US but you believe in freedom of anyone of color to live the American dream? BULLSHIT! You are one hypocritical MF.
  8. Bottom line is you can't save money if you are in debt up to your ass. The #1 mistake people make is not living within their means. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul never worked out for anyone. If you have to use credit, don't take on more than you can realistically pay. Stay the hell away from credit cards. If you can't pay cash for it, you don't need it. Save borrowing money for things you can't buy outright like your home or a vehicle. Drive a used vehicle unless you can pay cash for a new one. Upgrade as your income allows. Put money away each time you get paid. A realistic amount. (I did 10%-15%) Put it in a IRA or 401K that you can't really access if things get tight. Take it out first then pay your bills. But bottom line was, I was never able to save much money until I got out of debt. When I paid off my mortgage, I kept on putting the same amount that my mortgage payment was into the my savings account because I kept living on the same budget.
  9. Irresponsible spending and underpaid workers are separate issues. For anyone in poverty level living, saving money is not even an option. And that goes for the lower middle class too. It takes everything they have to survive. Meanwhile the CEOs make so much money they have to hide it offshore or take advantage of tax loopholes to keep from paying THEIR FAIR SHARE of taxes. In this system the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I'm not saying to divide the money into a big pot and distribute equal portions to all. Make the billionaires pay their fair share of the tax they owe. There are a lot of lazy people that just want a handout but there are more people who are willing to work for a fair wage. Back in the 20s and 30s, the mining industry brought in immigrants from all over the world to work in mines. They gave them a low wage, housing, medical care and credit at the company store where they bought everything they needed to exist.. They got paid with vouchers they could spend at the store. By the time they paid off what they had charged they had little or no money. Meanwhile the mine owner lived in the big house with servants. WTF has changed in a hundred years? Nothing.
  10. That was a ridiculous contract for Keenum.
  11. freakingeek


    Don't get your panties in a wad. I was making a point. I agree with deporting people who are a danger to cause harm to American citizens. Do you not agree with that? What in the hell is the difference between a redneck who has 5 DUIs and hispanic who got arrested for driving without a license? The percentage of white people who have been arrested is much higher than the percentage of hispanics who have committed crimes. I believe in helping hispanics obtain citizenship or legal status. The way the system is now, it is almost impossible for someone who entered the country illegally to gain legal status. It takes a minimum of $6,000 to $8,000 dollars and a 3-5 year wait, IF they are lucky. There are people who WANT to become legal and can't. That's hard to see when you are looking through the wrong end of your binoculars.
  12. I realize that. The comment about Wall street was strictly about Booker. I meant Obama leaned too far left to sway a GOP majority congress. (not that I didn't agree with most of it.) Just bad wording on my part.
  13. freakingeek


    If they are deporting Mexicans for DUI they should deport every confederate flag waving redneck arrested for driving drunk too!.
  14. freakingeek


    Because libtards don't act like Trump.
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