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  1. Let’s weed out the malcontents right the fuck now. I don’t see big Jeff or Teair Tart or Derrick Henry or Autry taking plays off. They show up every game. Fuck that weasel and the guy that drafted him. IIRC, no one on this site was thrilled with the pick and several posters said WTF when we drafted him. What’s up with these guys from Georgia?
  2. Two picks in the top 40 would help this team immensely. I'm not rooting for losses but if it happens it will be a glass-half-full blessing.
  3. He's going to be a good target for Levis but he looks like a rookie right now.
  4. Defense wins championships. Unless you're talking about playing against Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes.
  5. With no Simmons and a porous secondary, the Fins are going go off on us.
  6. I'm with you. At this point I just don't want to see Levis get hurt trying to run for an extra yard or two in a meaningless game, It's about getting him significant reps and experience and trying to keep him healthy. I love his drive and desire but we need a good offseason to fix the Oline.
  7. It should have NEVER taken so long to fire Aukerman. That is 100% on Vrabel. STs have been awful for years. The injury to Stonehouse is unforgivable after it happened TWICE on back to back possessions.
  8. They have an awesome fan base in Seattle that supports them regardless. Nashville is still a lukewarm fan base even after 25 years. I think AAS has been a good caretaker of the franchise but we need an extended period of successful seasons to be relevant on a national scale. it’s going to be interesting to see if Ran and Vrabes can align their vision of what the team should look like, in my opinion it’ll come down to Vrabel being willing to adapt to the modern NFL and let his coordinators do their jobs.
  9. He had 3 pressures and no sacks for a 48 PFF pass pro grade. Definitely a work in progress but STILL better than Dullard.
  10. Its a positive that we didn't hear Duncan's name much in his first start. I think for the most part he did well. He was projected to go in the first 3 rounds but dropped to us so if he can hold down and win the LT spot it would be huge. Skoronski has played well and got named by ESPN as one of the top rookies so far so that's a positive. Levis is getting a lot of praise from people outside Nashville too and I think we may have finally lucked out on drafting a QB. This year should be all about bringing Levis along with good coaching and hitting on a good draft next year to strengthen the Oline and add some weapons on offense.
  11. It's a fluff article but it's nice to hear the defense talking good about the rook and his leadership. The offense certainly hasn't helped the D out much.
  12. Article by Tyler Rowland from the Fan Nation ALL Titans website If we know one thing about the Tennessee Titans in 2023, it's that they are a significantly better team at home. While home field advantage was certainly a factor in their Week 12 win over the Carolina Panthers, it wasn't the only thing that gave the Titans a boost, if you ask edge rusher Arden Key. Key spoke to media on Monday and credited his rookie quarterback, Will Levis, for giving him and his teammates some additional motivation, while also crediting Levis' leadership. "Poise, poise, poised quarterback," Key said. "Will'll take a hit, sit in there and take a hit., can deliver the ball anywhere on the field. Smart, smart quarterback and he's becoming a leader. He's the one that broke us down yesterday, coming out for the game. He broke us down, not Jeff (Simmons), not the older guys that have been here. Him, as a rookie." Levis stepping up as a vocal leader and being able to inspire his teammates to victory is a great sign, but the men upfront on defense still deserve their due. The entire defensive line had a great day. That includes Key, who made the biggest play of the game when he stripped Panthers' passer Bryce Young and set the offense up for an easy score that proved to be enough to win the game. Key had that strip-sack fumble along with two tackles while posting the highest defensive grade of the day for the Titans per Pro Football Focus. It was a truly inspired performance for Key who had been struggling recently. So, what did Levis say to help Key get back on track? "The things he said, he got us going, he definitely got us going," Key recounted. "He brought it back to us. He said, 'In this huddle we see a lot of dogs, so go out there and play like a dog. No matter what anybody else is saying or whatever, I see a lot of talent in this group, so let's go out there and play." Key and the rest of the Titans' pass rushers certainly played like "dogs" on Sunday and they are hoping that can give them a chance to build some momentum in Week 13 when the Indianapolis Colts come to town. Maybe Levis can give another speech.
  13. Atlanta seems to be the perfect fit in my opinion. Art isn't sold on Ritter.
  14. I think you're right. Vrabel's body language seemed to suggest so.
  15. I think Tannehill is ready to move on but you'll never hear that from him. If I were him I'd be pissed about the fact that they ignored the biggest, most pressing need on the team, an Oline that could protect him in the pocket.
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