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  1. Libertarian =fence straddler and professional complainer
  2. They are saying the Iran Revolutionary Guard was videoed removing a limpet bomb from the damaged ship after it was discovered by the ship's crew, at which point they abandoned ship. Then the IRG showed up in a boat and removed the magnetic explosive. There are also reports from the shipping company that owned the ship that say that it was a flying object that struck the ship and caused the explosion. With all the tensions between countries in the middle east, it could very well be enemy nations trying to make their adversaries look bad and suffer consequences from their allies. I haven't seen anything published that would make me definitively say it had to be Iran. I think if anything, it's likely Trump trying to shore up his declining performance ratings right before the next election. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/14/world/middleeast/oil-tanker-attack-gulf-oman.html https://www.thedailybeast.com/us-navy-releases-video-of-iran-removing-unexploded-bomb-from-oil-tanker
  3. There used to be one asshole in every crowd. Now it's ten. Some people try to make themselves feel better by putting down others. It's shallow and petty. Ignore is a great feature. I don't have time for tweedledee and tweedledum.
  4. This is the real story here. Apparently, where there was smoke there was fire. No pun intended. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/13/us/houston-texans-brian-gaine-eeoc-discrimination-complaint/index.html
  5. He was a fucking head case. Next......
  6. Thanks to the no hitter by Kumar Rocker, the Vandy Boys are in the CWS as the highest remaining national seed (#2). 4 teams out of the 8 team field are from the SEC. Double elimination with games starting on Saturday. Vandy plays Louisville on Sunday. Vandy had 13 players drafted in the MLB draft last week including #4 overall JJ Bleday. No other college program has sent as many players to MLB as Tim Corbin has since his arrival at Vanderbilt. Corbin is the Mike Krzyzewski of college baseball. Go Vandy!
  7. Yeah I guess we should trust Fox news right?
  8. My, my, poor duckie has his panties in a wad. All because he can't handle the truth about his idiot moron in the white house not having the basic intelligence to answer a simple question about OUR national security. Hell it's not just Putin I worry about, I guarantee that China is listening and watching very closely how this election fraud conversation is going. Yet, the GOP deflects, they ignore, they distort and they avoid the truth at all costs. And yet have the audacity to talk down to us about patriotism. Nice.
  9. If we need to employ a "space force" to protect and insure our national security, we're already screwed.
  10. Right about the same time Trump was elected. I still have a sense of humor, I just dont waste it on Trump supporters.
  11. Are you talking about Pete or Biden? I was going on new poll numbers released on Monday. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/biden-leads-but-warren-and-buttigieg-gain-ground-in-new-iowa-poll-846094/
  12. https://www.kmuw.org/post/crowson-do-we-really-need-space-force?fbclid=IwAR1IlJdkc1Tws1XhwXZ8HW4pLFNZuG5ZRhFy5sc0wpuvtfLWvtOwwhAwzYU
  13. The fact that Mayor Pete was drawn even with Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and all three of them have gained on Biden, is significant. The more I hear PB speak, the more I am behind him as my choice. Although I really admire how Warren has laid out her plan and policies in no uncertain terms. I think PB is far and away the most qualified for the job.
  14. Two years ago is not a long time, and that is not the point anyway.
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