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  1. Never happen with that gargantuan ego. And he doesn't have big enough balls to do it.
  2. Good! When the moron runs the economy into the ground right before election year, that will drive the last nail into that dumb ass's coffin. What an imbecile.
  3. You are not only simple and in denial but full of shit as well.
  4. Y'all this Y'all that. This is a HATE issue which YOUR president constantly fans the flames of. Skinheads don't EVER have a peaceful public forum. You're living under a rock if you think that. Their agenda is the spreading of fear by any means possible. The main mission is to hate. GTFO with defending skinheads. And Antifa is just as bad.
  5. I would guess they have gotten a LOT of complaints already.
  6. If you have Dish network you need to call and bitch about it. Not only do they have a feud with NBC going but also with Fox Sports south which is the Predators and the Braves broadcasts. I called this morning and told them if it wasn't resolves before the start of the season(two weeks) I would definitely cancel my subscription and switch to Direct.They gave me a credit for the programming I have missed and said they would do their best to come to an agreement with NBC. If enough people call they will cave.
  7. Antifa is the left's response to white supremacy. Both groups should be run out of town on a rail.There is NO place for violence no matter what side you are on. Antifa is no worse than a bunch of skinheaded redneck racists hiding behind the klan and other hate groups.
  8. We've certainly had our chances to reverse the trend but haven't taken advantage of those close games. They own us until we prove otherwise. Which has nothing to do Johnny Reb and his weak assed trash talk. Luck's inability to stay healthy is worse than Mariota's. I fear Ballard more than I fear Luck.
  9. If you are beating a dead horse and it doesn't respond, keep on flogging it?
  10. I absolutely agree that he has a whole lot to prove this season. And we really don't know what effect all the injuries had on his production the last 2 years. I'm not going to venture a guess either way but it is something to factor in. I'm not bringing that up to make excuses. I'm just trying to look at the big picture.
  11. He's got the 3rd best record in the NFL against teams with a winning record over the last 3 years. If anyone is comparing Mariota to Locker, they definitely have an agenda, despite what the stats say. Mariota had two of his best games against the superbowl teams last year. That would've never happened with Locker.
  12. Bulluck wiped his ass with it on camera. Steeler fans are not my favorite. Even when we beat their ass, their comeback is always "How many Super Bowls have the Titans won?" Screw 'em.
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