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  1. It was unknown by anyone how Henry would respond in a live game situation. What I have a problem with is not riding the hot hand with Foreman after it was apparent that Henry was sluggish.
  2. Didn't they also call go routes on the 3rd and 5 play where the interception took place instead of trying to go over the middle for a first down?
  3. To be fair, everyone said the same thing about Bowen last year and we see how that worked out. There's a lot of specific information people outside of STSP aren't privy to.
  4. Equally as devastating as either of the two Ravens losses. Mainly because expectations were out the roof and the talent quality of this team. I'm still a little hoarse even today but we gave it hell as fans. I know the players have to be equally devastated.
  5. For what it's worth, I went back and watched the game again.(yes I'm a glutton for punishment) I watched the game objectively and not dejectedly. Tannehill made a couple critical errors that greatly impacted the outcome but overall played a pretty good game. The opening play interception was a bad decision and bad pass. No denying it. The tipped pass/interception in the 4th quarter being most critical TO and I'm sure he would love to have that one back. The Bengals Dback made a great play on the ball. Tannehill threw the ball pretty well into tight coverage. For the most part he hit players in stride and had good pocket awareness. The problem with RT is that he's a good QB but not elite. You saw elite last night on both sides of the field. You saw elite Saturday at Nissan stadium in Burrow. That said Tannehill plays the style of football that Vrabel coaches. Ball control defensive minded football. He's good enough to win a championship but there's not much margin for error. He has to have a good defense and running game but he was not the reason we lost the game. The reason we lost is because the Bengals made plays on both sides of the ball when they needed them. Critical conversions on offense and a solid defensive game. Vrabel's conservative game management bit us in the butt as well. When we punted in the 4th quarter instead of trying the long field goal, it was the nail in the coffin. I understand the decision that he didn't trust Bullock on a long FG and didn't want to give Burrow a short field and the defense was playing well. Burrow made us pay. Going for the 2 point conversion was the right call. 9 times out of 10 we get the 2 yards. I just didn't like the play call of running Henry right into the teeth of the defense. I think we should have run Foreman more. He was quicker to the hole and running with authority. We didn't play bad football Saturday. It was a really painful loss but it shouldn't cloud your judgement on what was a great season that didn't end well. The defense swarmed. I will say Saturday was not Fulton's best game but he's only in his first year as a starter. We've got a solid team. One other thing I'll say is I think our offense regressed. It is not a top 5 offense. Will it be without the avalanche of injuries we saw this year? I don't know but I still feel like Downing has a lot to prove. Hopefully injuries won't be as bad next year. Time to lick our wounds and and move on.
  6. A lot of those yards came after the catch and the Bengals have been doing that all season. The D played well enough to win that game. I took Todd Downing off my Christmas card list.
  7. So much for the fucking one seed. I'm disgusted and depressed. It just goes to show you anything can happen in the playoffs. Go Bengals.
  8. This was an excruciatingly painful loss. One of the worst ever. The Bengals played a great game. I give them their due. I don't understand how in the hell we didn't run Foreman and drive the field. You ride the hot hand. The first play of the game was bad. It was a risky pass, but I don't put tipped balls that turn into INTs on the QB. Tannehill throws into tight windows. He had a flat game when we needed him most. The defense played very well. More than enough to win that game. But the play calling and Vrabel being too conservative killed any chance for a win. We had everything lined up for us and we stumbled. I'm really too disappointed to say much more than that right now.
  9. Also in the List of Periodic Table elements sorted by → Atomic number, guess what element is #22? https://www.science.co.il/elements/ It's also been 22 years since the Titans were in a Super Bowl.
  10. If getting a early lead against Burrow is the narrative, they need to throw it. My fear is getting an early lead then going into a shell. Deja vu all over again. So different topic..........if we win the toss do we put Henry and the O out there or defer? The fans would want the offense/Henry but I would defer. I'd turn the dogs loose on Burrow.
  11. Particularly with our receivers healthy. Makes total sense to me but will it to Downing?
  12. They are both prone to make mistakes and bad decisions under duress. Turnovers in the playoffs are a quick ticket out..
  13. The Titans Chiefs and Bills all play better at home. We were fortunate to get the 1 seed. All three teams had their chances at it. It's really only going to matter in the AFCCG. With the Superbowl at Sofi it'll be a neutral field for the AFC but a homefield if the Rams get their, which I hope they don't. All the talk about Sunday's matchup being the "real" AFCCG has just added fuel and extra motivation to the Titans.
  14. Buffalo Bills 6-3 @ home 5-3 away averaged scoring 30.5 ppg on the road in 8 games averaged allowing 17.5 ppg on the road in 8 game (last 6 games in regular season) averaged 26 ppg offense allowed 18 ppg defense Kansas City Chiefs 7-2 @ home 5-3 away averaged scoring 30.6 ppg on the road in 8 games averaged allowing 26.8 ppg on the road in 8 games (last 6 games in regular season) averaged 33 ppg offense allowed 19 ppg defense Looks like they're pretty similar numbers on the road with the Chiefs allowing 10 ppg more on the road than the Bills. They both ended the season on a hot streak. My gut says I'd rather play the Chiefs if we get to the AFC Championship, but bottom line is I'll be glad to take either one.
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