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  1. The Colts are reportedly going to sign Racey McMath.
  2. I don't think losing out is going to significantly help the Titans rebuild. Regardless of our draft position next year we must start drafting higher quality players than in the past. The Cowboys game doesn't affect our playoff chances at all so I'd rest a few players and go all out to beat the Jags and win the division. It would at least be gratifying to crush the Jags' fans hopes and dreams one more time.
  3. The Mayor of Nashville is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Res ipsa loquitur ..... In 2005, TVA generated 57 percent of its electricity from coal. Since 2012, TVA has retired six coal plants, which reduced the amount of energy produced by coal to about 14 percent. The utility says it could retire its entire coal fleet by 2035.
  4. Here is a nice tool for estimating the Titans chances for winning the division, making the playoffs, etc. Just pick the outcome you want (division champs, playoffs, seeding, etc.) and then pick game winners. For example, if the Titans beat the Jags this Sunday and the Colts lose to the Vikings the following Saturday, then the Titans have a 100% chance of winning the division. It is theoretically possible that the Titans game against the Chargers and the games thereafter will be meaningless as far as the Titans seeding goes. As it stands today the Titans have a predicted 97% chance of making the playoffs. Of course a 100% probability of a desired outcome is all that really matters in the end. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/upshot/tennessee-titans-nfl-playoff-picture.html#event=champion
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but if the Titans beat the Jags next Sunday and the Colts lose to the Vikings after their bye week (this week), then the Titans will have clinched their division. If so, we can at least rest some people and plan for the playoffs. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/upshot/tennessee-titans-nfl-playoff-picture.html
  6. Watching a Titans game is like watching 2 heavyweight MMA guys fighting in a phone booth. That's just who we are. I accept it.
  7. I've only missed attending a couple of home games since 1999. I've sweated/melted in 90+ degree heat, frozen in the winter, and gotten rained on multiple times. At this point if I'm going to shell out big bucks for a new PSL I'd rather sit under a roof and enjoy the game in comfort.
  8. Allen also fumbled 3 times losing one, had 63 pass attempts, and lost. Tua was 13 of 18 for 186 yards and won. So basically Allen's stats are lipstick on a pig.
  9. So I was at the Titans game and didn't see what happened elsewhere. Did Josh Allen "slip" again? Edit: Ok, now I see what the problem was. It was the "heat." Second edit: It was only 87 in Nashville today which fortunately is much less than the 89 recorded in Miami.
  10. Well I guess you could say that we are only one game out of first place in our division. There are only 6 undefeated teams left in the NFL, 3 in the AFC and 3 in the NFC.
  11. 80% chance of rain during the game. We need to start quickly and not let it devolve into a sloppy game like last year with the Texans in the rain.
  12. My gut impression from watching Willis live at the stadium for the second time.... He definitely showed improvement. Most, but not all of the time, I actually felt like I was watching an NFL caliber QB. It just felt like the "light had gone on" and he was in control of the offense. It was very encouraging to see him make progress. I don't know what his plateau is but he appears to be coachable and if he continues to make strides he has a really good chance to be a starter at some point.
  13. Sounds like he either shanked it or screwed the pooch kick.
  14. My observations after seeing Willis in person at the stadium last night... The guy has a very strong arm and can throw a laser-like ball. He throws too hard sometimes which precludes touch passes. He's quite elusive and scrambles and runs like Lamar Jackson. He is inconsistent, sometimes looking fantastic and sometimes looking mediocre. Leaves the pocket too quick but sometimes that was because of poor blocking by the OL. He needs a lot of work to become a quality pocket passer but it's possible. Definitely not ready to be a starter yet but maybe one day.
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