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  1. That is? Exactly what you said? Lol
  2. Ah yes. Passer rating and completion percentage. The two most misleading statistics on quarterbacks that people moved on from as an evaluation tool like 10 years ago. (Oh and by the way. If we do want to consider those two stats reliable, Jackson was 3rd in the entire league in passer rating and top 10 in completion percentage last season.) And your second point is totally useless. You originally said the Titans showed the league the blueprint on how to stop Lamar by simply forcing him to sit in the pocket and throw. That’s a fallacy based on what you just said. Many teams have employed that strategy. You only have to look at week 1 to see that. I’m not saying he’s an elite passer. That was never the argument. Saying he was horrible last season and that there is an easy blueprint to stopping the Ravens offense is hyperbolic. Maybe they’ll fall apart this season, but it won’t be because of the brilliant strategy of “forcing him to throw from the pocket”.
  3. That has nothing to do with what I said. I don’t care what he said recently, I was addressing Oman’s post.
  4. What? That’s not what happened at all lol You really think the Titans in the playoffs were the first team to employ that trite strategy? He was not a horrible passer last season. The Titans won because they got turnovers and stopped the Ravens when they went for it on 4th down multiple times. The Ravens also had 6 drops. Jackson threw for 350+ and ran for 140+. The Titans did wisely filter everything outside to use the boundary and stopped Ingram though. I’m not taking anything away from the Titans. We bullied them. But let’s not pretend it was because they employed some brilliant strategy. A strategy that people have been using against mobile quarterbacks for decades.
  5. “Imagine if it were the other way around?” The dude is filing a lawsuit lol I guess the article gave you an excuse to give a weird anecdote. Shut the fuck up knuckle dragger
  6. Pretending I didn’t want the Titans to make a move for Dunbar.
  7. That’s the opposite of the truth. Denver is 19-7 at home in September since 2012.despite having some pretty bad teams during that period. Also since 2000, the Broncos are 22-2 at home in games that take place during the first two weeks of the season,
  8. Kinsey and Wilkerson are both intriguing. Highly productive and good athletes it would seem.

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