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  1. Hey, can we talk about the actual game now? Do you think the bills are gonna CD Monday night?
  2. Buffalo bros: you really aren’t dispelling the notion that there really must be absolutely nothing to do in Buffalo if you spend your free time on another team’s message board. And that’s coming from me and I’m from Wisconsin. I really empathize with the ennui. It’s discouraging lads.
  3. Yeah I was chastised pretty hard on the board for not liking the Evans pick at the time. But then again Bongo was the only one on my side I think in that debate so I understand you all thinking the opposite must be true. He was an undersized linebacker that couldn’t cover and a guesser in the run game. Good blitzer though but I didn’t understand using a first round pick on that guy.
  4. Damn. Do you think Sambrailo knows the board here believes he could make 15+ million a year? Missing an opportunity!
  5. You already know I’ll always upvote a DBZ post
  6. That’s Mathias Farley guys…Caleb is #3
  7. The last thing I expected to see today on this board was Shin Megami Tensei lol
  8. The amount of injuries is insane this year.
  9. All I’m saying is I don’t remember there being nearly as many injuries before Vrabel fired Watterson 👀
  10. How dare you interact with this form of entertainment in such a manner?! Where is the logic?!?!
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