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  1. It’s disappointing that Landry didn’t beat Bolles like a drum yesterday
  2. We’re playing against Munchak this week and someone asked about him. What else was he going to say?
  3. PFF talks about conservative QBs being one of the worst things a franchise can be strapped to all the time. Whatever you you think about PFF’s grading system, they really do contribute positive things to the conversation.
  4. Anyway before this thread got derailed by dipshits. i always thought Rod Smith had some upside and Dawkins looked good in the preseason. Wonder what the plan is with Lewis going forward.
  5. Vrabel and JRob have been played it pretty safe with injuries I would say to this point. I don’t think they would bring him back if they weren’t sure he was fully ready to go.
  6. WHOM among us could have seen this coming?!
  7. I’ve always thought he was a good coach in a terrible situation.