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  1. He was compared to Mariota for a reason haha. PFF said we traded for Marcus Mariota when we traded for Tannehill. Tannehill is obviously much better, but they had similar traits and weaknesses on paper in the off-season.
  2. We knew going into it that he was going to be as bad as Mariota is at taking sacks. Didn’t know how much he would have improved on deep balls and in clutch situations though. I’m still reserving judgement on him being the QBOTF. He’s been fantastic this season no doubt, but he’s had stretches in the past. 6 games is a small sample size versus the rest of his career. Obviously love what he’s done so far with the Titans.
  3. I’ve got a baaaaaad feeling on this one.
  4. *Whispers* Anyone got a subscription to The Athletic? Dane Brugler dropped his first mock draft today.
  5. Why is a Bills fan spending their time posting here? How fucking boring. I can at least understand if you’re good at trolling, but it’s not even quality trolling. Go build a birdhouse or something my guy. Live your life.
  6. Colts have a big game from a no name skill position player every time we play them.
  7. It appears to be a pretty good OT class at the top. I haven’t watched any of them yet but Jedrick Willis, Josh Jones, Alex Weatherwood, and Austin Jackson are intriguing.
  8. Anyone who denied that was kidding themselves.
  9. If Delanie’s contract gets taken off the books, we’ll have around 70 million in cap room, no? That should plenty of money to retain Ryan, Tanny, and Henry. Let Conklin walk. He would be the only starter we would need to replace right? It looks like a good OT class at the top.
  10. Obviously. The same things were said about guys like Mahomes and Watson. Not saying he’ll be either of those guys, but any evaluation of these guys from the outside looking in is contingent on them checking out in meetings and such. Information we’re not privy to.
  11. I’m still on Team Jordan Love. The fucking colts are going to draft him and get another perennial all pro aren’t they?