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  1. When did the board forget how to spell Pees? I’ve seen at least half a dozen “Peas” today.
  2. Roster got decimated this offseason.
  3. That extension is getting pricier and pricier...
  4. Even by TR standards, this meltdown is crazy lol
  5. I think this is just a mask the team put out. I bet Vrabel didn’t even think about it.
  6. Absolutely not a factor though according to this board. Pure coincidence. Also let’s forget this shortened camp with no preseason games. The Titans obviously should win. I just don’t think it’s crazy to be concerned.
  7. Do you think Denver’s record at home in September is just a super weird fluke then? I would be with you, but I can’t think of any other reason as to why.
  8. I believe it’s confirmed Davis only had bad cramps.
  9. That’s what I would assume, but who knows? He could’ve put on a lot of size and gotten stronger since last season also. We really don’t have enough information. I didn’t see any info on how long his arms are or how big his hands are with a brief search. Edit: just found some measurables. 10 1/8 inch hands. 32 3/4 inch arms. Hand size is fine. Pretty short arms.
  10. For what it’s worth, I just watched some Aaron Brewer and looked into him more since the media did a piss poor job of it. Watched a game from 2018 where he was at center against New Mexico State. As you can imagine from his size, not the most powerful guy. A bit of a catcher with his hands. Very good understanding of leverage and knowing how to position his body to cut off defenders at the point of attack. Can see why the staff might be interested in that skill set. Watched a game from last season where he started at RT. Apparently he also played LT quite a few times. Clearly very versatile in that regard. He was the player they highlighted as the best player on Texas States offense lol and commentator referred to him as a freak athlete FWIW. Looked MUCH better with his hands. Honestly was impressive at RT. The summary: Based on some quick game watching and research. I think the Titans probably think this guy might be a hidden gem. Needs to get stronger and bigger, but seems to be a good zone guy. Very versatile with starts all over the offensive line. I went from knowing nothing about him to hoping he sticks on the team throughout the season and develops into a starter some day. Want to emphasize this was not a full study though and I’ll probably look like an ass if he gets cut tomorrow when they add someone else.
  11. Draft certainly was less entertaining without Rich there.

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