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  1. Lots of d-coordinators out there, not to many newly made DCs after being a shadow DC last year, with a defensive HC (who rand the D last year) and now a former HC as senior defensive advisor. This is scrutiny city even for guys being paid millions. And maybe Haslett is lurking around as well with his opinions.
  2. It's like a project at work where you are still the manager but upper management is crawling up your butt every day asking questions because it has gone so poorly so far.
  3. Bud and Denico could be that shot in the arm the D-line needed, provided they all stay healthy.
  4. I like the signing, he did better than expected when called upon.
  5. I misread the post as "half baked Code" and clicked immediately...
  6. JRob must already have someone in the cross hairs at CB...??
  7. Anyone else think the Texans will screw this up royally?
  8. Rick Smith was the god father of Cal McNair's son and got broomed to the door by another NE Patriot tree, arrogant bastard. Never underestimate these guys.
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