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  1. Isn't Andre Johnson on the Texans' committee to help choose a new head coach?
  2. My worry is the Colts land Carson Wentz, with a running game, an O-line and receivers he could turn it around.
  3. Conklin 1st team all pro? 1st team? wow.
  4. I remember that, wasn't that 2 seasons ago not last season? I thought they fired Gaines, went a year with BoB and Easterly, then named BoB GM or am I dreaming ? Gaine was fired June 7, 2019. Tampering charges by New England were on June 12, 2019, 2 seasons ago. New England extended Caserio last February, his contract was up. https://www.si.com/nfl/patriots/gm-report/patriots-caserio-agree-to-contract-extension Anyhow...
  5. Couldn't they have hired Caserio last January instead of promoting Bill O'Brien?
  6. only us and the Redskins are not favored at home.
  7. I'm thinking the Buffalo D will bring out the bad Philip Rivers, the one that sees shadows in the pocket.
  8. If we do pull out a win, we're likely on our way back to KC.
  9. Detroit, show some respect to your QB after that hit, rest Stafford. It's not like you're getting into the play-offs.
  10. yup good read. direct link https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/12/10/ex-chaplain-jack-easterby-houston-texans-chaos-after-power-struggle-daily-cover
  11. oh my, some good news ! We've missed him greatly.
  12. Vrabel's biggest mistake so far is not replacing Pees. Ego.
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