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  1. Every time I think of the Trubisky bust, I think of the next 2 QBs drafted after him.
  2. I'd be perfectly happy if they resign Tannehill. I'm not for Brady, I think he is very close to completely done. The draft is a crap shoot, we've struck out 3 times at QB in the draft since McNair left.
  3. Another wasted QB jersey, I'll hang Mariota's 8 beside my Young and Locker jerseys. I might stop buying QB jerseys.
  4. he's got cap space. He just has to maximize it. He already knows what each will cost, it's a matter of deciding who should stay and who should go and making that happen.
  5. See the future or inside knowledge? PK and McClain think he still has a shot.
  6. yes, and to me it is directly related to how he orchestrated the move, I bet Art Modell is in the same basket, load up the trucks ant night and leave town, was actually worse.
  7. "Haynesworth worthy", good one. We have one hell of a D-line.
  8. I'm a believer in the Titans, their game planning, their coaches and players execution against any team at this point.
  9. It will be a very interesting off season, a very big challenge in some ways because many of our FA's have played very well and upped their market value. On the other side of the coin, we are now a winner where some players would like to come to have a chance at a super bowl. In JRob we trust.
  10. As much as I hated Bud in his last years here in Houston, this is stupid, his influence on the NFL and pro football is high and undeniable. And way more than Tagliabue.
  11. They traded away the next 2 years of draft 1st rounders for an OT they need to resign b4 free agency. And Kenny Stills.

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