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  1. I would say he isn't , while apologizing he always inserts an "I wasn't doing anything wrong" disclaimer , rings false to me . He took the PEDS. He committed the 2 penalties back to back. Full stop. None of this extra crap at the end.
  2. Few years back Jrob was pissed at Mularkey's offense mid season , willing to bet that was the decision point to sack Robinski or the whole lot. Vrabel should not be too protective of Smith.
  3. Bridgewater is the only rethread I would be interested in. Winston as a backup maybe if tanny walks.
  4. I think both Jeff Fisher and Mike Mularkey would be comfortable with this offense. It's old school, run the football and lots of scheming. I for one would like to see a more modern offense.
  5. did you have a different name, like Old Pro back then?
  6. Watt is bummed he won't be able to have a good Pec workout for months now...
  7. Hehe, Lady Oiler and Oilerman ran the board, as I remember.
  8. Who was around on the Tennessee Oilers fan page? I know Oilerman , Code and HOTT ( was shortfinger then). Anyone else who is still here?
  9. Hott is still around, playing in 2 FF leagues. He posts here occasionally.
  10. You tell him up front what Vrabel said. He is your guest host and it's on the incredibly touchy subject of leadership on , at that time, a 2-4 team. He was a very good guest host, you treat him a bit better and don't bait him into a controversy and then write about it.
  11. Fucking sad ending to Marcus, Young, Locker, Mariota, can't say we didn't give all a damn good chance to succeed. On to enduring a fucking draft choice for 2 years...