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  1. Main thing for me is if Skoronski is the blue chip offensive lineman we were hoping to get in the 1st round.
  2. reduces the entertainment value. the excitement of a great kick off return.
  3. Ticketmaster only showing resale tickets...
  4. Do y'all think we dawn the Oilers unis against the Texans in Nashville or Houston? https://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/houston-oilers-throwbacks-titans-texans-18088911.php?fbclid=IwAR2ng4G32yVJ5J_QgoLvc2xCPb-3uvVOqgkNr2Fvmr9ImUPSwJfAP8dpiS4
  5. Tannehill starts the season and Levis comes in when he is ready, or the season is out of hand, or Tannehill gets hurt. Play it by ear, it will unfold.
  6. the board poll did have Skoronski over Jones, although Stroud was the top pick.
  7. did he say he'd cut his dick off for this?
  8. Malik Willis would have to show tremendous progress in camp and the preseason to not be cut. Most agree it's unlikely that happens since we saw so little progress from camp through to December last year.
  9. I suspect with Vrable that starting week 1 until we are eliminated from playoff contention, Vrable will start the available QB that gives us the best chance of winning
  10. Part of me wonders what a mid season Tannehill trade would net us with a team desperate for a QB.
  11. Didn't really cost much. Even high first rounders are a crap shoot (Young, Mariota). We have a couple of young QBs in the corral, we're playing the odds game, that's really all you can do.
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