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  1. Do we have anything better to talk about?
  2. All we're replacing is our OC. 70 pages later.... Last year we replaced the entire coaching staff. Replacing the OC is all we have to talk about. A few years ago, we hired Robinson and Mularkey all in one off season, new GM/front office and coaching staff! This year, we lost our OC. We have all the assistants kept under contract. Just need an OC. We don't have a single clue as to who it will be other than we seem to be waiting for someone from the final 4 teams. If we don't hire someone after this weekend, it will only be 2 teams left. Who will it be.
  3. And it's probably another New England f!ing Patriot. Hope not.
  4. Tex in a Can

    Dolphins To Hire Brian Flores

    5 days after wildcard weekend, and the head coaching carousel is over. It spun pretty fast this year.
  5. Yeah baby! I'm all for it. My only worry is Kubiak and Pees are the only 2 coaches I know of that have been hauled off in an ambulance during a game.
  6. Tex in a Can

    Should JRob have hired LaFleur as Head Coach?

    There's is simply no emogi worthy enough to respond!
  7. Tex in a Can

    Should JRob have hired LaFleur as Head Coach?

    I wonder if he would have called plays himself ala McVay, guess we will find out what he does in Green Bay soon.
  8. Tex in a Can

    Should JRob have hired LaFleur as Head Coach?

    continuity for Mariota, more forward looking (like Green Bay?), just interested in what people think.
  9. Hindsight is 20-20, but we hope JRob has a pretty good crystal ball. If continuity for Mariota was a concern, LaFleur as HC would have done it. Can't seem to be able to remove the pics below... weird.
  10. Maybe we should have hired LaFleur as our HC?
  11. I think we need even another connection to the New England Patriots, don't you?
  12. Makes you wonder how far the team is from where he thought it would be. He might be back to the drawing board.
  13. If we're ever going to get into Andrew Luck's head, we need to have some push/pressure up the middle.
  14. Tex in a Can

    Mariota is a Thinker

    I agree with you, but you know how hard it is to upgrade the QB, the draft is a crap shoot and we are not picking high. The odds of upgrading Mariota for next year are almost infinitesimally small, we can take a flyer on a 3rd round QB and see what happens. In FA, we would be lucky to upgrade Gabbert let alone Mariota. I would hope we don't trade up a ton of draft picks to pick a QB, we have a lot of other needs.
  15. I'd be happy with that if it is an above average to good center.