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  1. And we could have had Ballard if we would have allowed him a hand in choosing the head coach . When we told him it was Mularkey and he had no say, he turned down the interview.
  2. If we dump Mariota, the strategy is likely to be sign Tannehill on a 2 year deal that you can get out of in 1 year without breaking the bank and draft a QB. We re-enter the QB sweepstakes and hope to draft a good one. sigh. Young, Locker, Mariota. At least you can say we don't give up on a 1st round QB easily.
  3. What a cynical bunch, the cloud 9 was pretty cool. The team retweeted it out as well.
  4. Tell us though if Oilerman is not through with him...:)
  5. Apparently Mariota is incapable of throwing the ball away and avoiding a sack. He's darn near incapable of sliding after he scrambles and avoiding a hit. And the #1 main concern is that he stay healthy . It's beyond confounding .
  6. Don't know anyone on the board who thinks we are sb favorites??
  7. The key to this game is how their defense handles the Texans offense .
  8. Don't know if this was mentioned, but the Texans did not participate in the Trent Brown free agency because he was too expensive. Tunsil will now command top dollar next year. The difference is they could have had Brown for the same price, *** minus the draft picks ***. If they wanted a high priced LT they could have had him this off season.
  9. I really liked his mix of plays. Not only could I not tell what was coming but a lot of the plays actually worked! I really, really liked the fact that we hit on many of our downfield tries, this really has been lacking for a while.
  10. Hey Freak, ru tailgating this Sunday? Tex

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    2. Tex in a Can

      Tex in a Can

      yes we will! Mind if we stop by for a beer or two b4 the game (or after)?

    3. freakingeek


      Not at all! We'll try to get there around 10:00. Same place. Main Event parking space 205. I'll look forward

      to seeing then!

    4. Tex in a Can

      Tex in a Can

      Awesome, looking forward to it!

  11. It looks great, but everyone is still complaining about Mariota, can we fix this? Thanks for all the good work giving us a place to get in depth analysis of our team.
  12. It was the suckiest QB 3 td no int NFL performance in a 43 - 13 beat down I've ever seen. Lol!