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  1. lol, Clowney definitely played this all wrong.
  2. Had surgery in late April, still on chemo, all is going well. Your prices look similar, they will quote you high in case of complications, might come out less depending how the surgery goes. Chemo is around $500/month, she's not bad with chemo, sometimes has a hard spell and looks at me probably asking what's wrong. But way, way better than human chemo
  3. Our dog just went through the same surgery, now is on chemo. As long as the surgery goes well, life expectancy is pretty good. It's pricey though. We had to delay putting siding on the house this year.
  4. They were on the radio this morning in Houston saying how bland the name is , the Washington Football Team. Their team is the Houston Texans.
  5. What about Aussie? I like reading his stuff.
  6. Anybody so obsessed with tards must be surround by them in their everyday lives. Must be a shit life.
  7. where? This is what they said in their letter to season ticket holders. "Based on CDC guidelines and initial feedback from other governing authorities, it is unlikely that Nissan Stadium will be open to full capacity this fall. The presence of and the exact number of fans has not yet been determined. Despite this, it is our hope that all Season Ticket Members will have the chance to attend a number of our games."
  8. all single game tickets will be refunded. https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/titans-communicate-with-season-ticket-holders-about-2020-season
  9. Don't get your panties all in a wad, Joeline.
  10. Every time I see his posts, Dolly's song queues up in my head. Joeline, Joeline, ...

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