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    Yeah, that's why I said "fully". There needs to be certain concessions on both sides. However many 1st world countries of respectable size have gotten away with a single-payer or near it system. The wait lines arent that much different than many people already have to do in our system. Before I started making decent money - but still had health insurance, I had to wait like a month before I could see my general practitioner then have them refer me to someone else I had to wait a month to see, Waits happen in both systems. One of my exes from Sweden used to talk about how no one in her family ever had to wait on anything other than an eye doctor and never had to pay more than a couple of dollars unless they went to the dentist and didnt have dental insurance. Granted, people in sweden are overall much healthier than here... So it can work... and It could be scalable outside of pandemic type things.. but maybe not in our system with 124 oz Mountain Dews, 3000 calorie burgers, and fat beauty acceptance.
  2. titanruss


    You dont let $$ fully rule the public health sector. My moms brother had polio and recovered only to die in Vietnam. It left him OK but there were several at her school that died or were in iron lungs for life.
  3. Q is a propaganda arm of the right wing in the USA. It's incredibly easy to see by someone with even half a brain. It's even funnier when 99.9% of the predictions and breaking news and accusations aren't even close to being true. The republicans are too dumb to even set it up right
  4. Voldemort growing behind the Toupee?
  5. I bring it up because these lines of thinking are often connected to the conservative parties of the world. The same thing happened in Germany.. It happens every day in China.. it's been happening much more recently in the USA. In China they will use "wumaos" to send out crazy conspiracy theories to spread ideas that make the governing party of the govt look better while villainizing others. For instance, the whole idea that China is trying to spread now (though it isnt official it IS being spouted by part officials) is that the virus originated in the USA and we brought it over to ruin china. IT makes the leader look good and like he's got an eney to fight. This started on a website "weibo" that is a bit like a message board where people will discuss ideas. The govt of course has a propaganda arm there.. so they start rumors... then people pick it up and spread it and eventually party officials and news outlets mention it as fact... but the Official stance of the gov't doesnt have to be that way. It's basically how this whole Q/Quanon/Qwhatthefuckever thing works. Trump looks stupid. Need a scapegoat/enemy to fight. Doctor contradicts him and is rightly embarrassed at the stupid shit he says. Boom.. lets smear the docs name to make him not credible.
  6. Lol.. this new fool is especially dumb. Cant read. Cant think. Cant even talk about the article. DEFLECT!!!! Wait for Trump to tell me who to hate next!
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephaniesarkis/2020/03/28/trumps-narcissistic-punishment-of-withholding-michigan-aid/#91c571f5157e While giving a press briefing, Trump said of governors, “I want them to be appreciative.” Trump then said he instructed Vice President Pence, the appointed head of the SARS-CoV-2 task force, to not contact the governors of Michigan and Washington. The reason? Their governors called Trump out on lack of tests, aid, and holding back on invoking the Defense Production Act to produce ventilators. As a narcissist, Trump saw this as an attack on his ego, instead of what the governors’ concerns truly are — a call for Trump to take action. Hey @Rolltide and @thor if you are too poor, you need to open an incognito window to read that.. we can walk you though it since we all know you arent good with new learning new things. ....Further... doctors in South Korea - much like the entire world and at least half of this country are saying that "Trump's 'pride' and 'ego' are putting the world's health at risk" https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-south-korea-doctor-donald-trump-ego-world-health-covid-2020-3 It's almost like we've got out own Orange Xi right here in the states. A moron worshipped by morons.
  8. Look everyone, Here you see here in their natural habitat - example #2 ( I assume because I have @Rolltide on ignore) of someone who cant read an article or even try. Cant discuss the topic, yet gets so defensive about it that they have to change the subject. No introspection at all from them. No self-awareness. No ability to learn or grow. Fascinating.
  9. Harrison ran the way manning wanted him to. Smith would have done the same as he was also known for being a great route-runner.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/28/technology/coronavirus-fauci-trump-conspiracy-target.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage Right-wingers like @Rolltideand @thor dont believe in science and as everyone knows are basic retards. Their brethren (because it's a cult) now have conspiracy theories that Anthony Fauci - the leading expert in his field and possibly the world on infectious diseases - is attempting to undermine Trump with coronavirus lies (read that as actual truth) in order to make Trump look dumb and hurt his political chances or even get him thrown from office. So because they are too stupid to understand science and too stupid to realize it's not a political issue but a truth of life,.. people like @Rolltide want to kill the messenger (and them selves and their relatives and a fuckton of other people) in order for Trump to not look bad. How many more people will die because morons like these people are around? Yes fucktards... its ALLLL about Trump... thats all anyone cares about. Not their lives or families... just Trump.
  11. It's a really interesting idea (from the comment) that these losers feel like deep down they are losing connection with religion, I'm guessing from lack of actual works (not just donating to charity) and attempts at good deeds (faith without works is dead)... so they need to replace it with something that feels like a legacy... so they do that politically. If you break it down its lack of real love.. and fear of being unimportant/ forgotten. You can see how it relates to incel behavior, the rise of right-wing extremism, and socially abrasive behavior.
  12. https://www.psypost.org/2020/03/new-study-identifies-a-psychological-factor-linked-to-trump-supporters-vindictiveness-56280 Some highlights.. The researchers surveyed 189 supporters of Donald Trump and 305 supporters of Hillary Clinton the week preceding Election Day about how different outcomes of the election would make them feel. The researchers then repeated the study with another 217 Trump voters and 261 Clinton voters a week after the 2016 election. “We asked whether they would support their elected president if, for example, he or she sued the media that criticized them, used the military to stop anti-government demonstrations, investigated political opponents’ email accounts or, in contrast, he or she demonstrated respect for their political opponents and included them in a political process,” Jaśko explained. Trump supporters were more likely to approve of him taking hostile actions against his political opponents than Clinton supporters were to approve hers. The more Trump supporters thought his election would result in a gain of personal significance, the more supportive they were of his hostile actions. “In contrast, among voters of Hillary Clinton (when they were asked about it a week before the elections), expected gain of personal significance (should she be victorious) was weakly but significantly related to support for her benevolent but not hostile actions toward her opponents. Thus, Trump supporters seemed to be more vindictive in their expected (and actual) victory, whereas that was not the case for Clinton’s supporters.” All research includes some limitations, and the current study is no exception. One thing the study was unable to assess was why there was a difference between Trump and Clinton supporters. Top comment... Curiously this actually falls well in line with some of Jung's ideas about modern people using an outlier political figure to replace religious purpose in their life so to achieve the goal of feeling part of something important that will outlast them.
  13. They are ignorant... which creates insecurity... which creates hate. It really is a mental issue for these guys. I feel bad for them. There's no way they believe in a loving God. They just do what they were told since birth and react with hate whenever something different comes along because they've never been taught to understand or learn.

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