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  1. its not about daylight savings.. that switched. its a critique of democracy, which is all well and good. each system has its advantages, ours is best i think.. but for getting large scale infrastructure and foreign policy... these commies here in china can have 40 year plans and stick with it without argument. doesnt mean its good or right, just easier to be efficient when theres only one united voice directing things.
  2. you still seem to have this idea that the two cant exist harmoniously.. God and evolution.
  3. I'd guess it depends on wether they think their territory is in danger of being lost.
  4. its the pace at which things move in a democracy that is the issue. That and the changing of policy every 2-4 years. but its the best system in existence so not much else to do about it except learn how to streamline it.
  5. nobody said that. but he HAS been reported by many people of being addicted to a laundry list of uppers... and theres a drawer full of a type of sudafed that is illegal in the USA because people abuse it. It dialates the pupils, can induce mania and psychosis. seeing almost any pic of the pres since he started campaigning and reading his tweet storms should be a big indicator for you.
  6. this is what they cant get. they believe exactly what their uneducated, small-town, stay-at-home mom 2nd grade sunday school school teacher taught them 65 years ago and entertaining any idea outside of that narrow and close-minded definition scares the shit out of them because they think God will send them to hell. The idea that a lot of Genesis could be parables or metaphor is completely lost on them... which is even funnier considering Jesus teachings were all mostly done through parable so that he could discuss easily with the uneducated masses.
  7. Its pretty obvious to retain RT for at least a year and hopefully 3 while you bring in a early-midrounder next year (unless you fall in love wiht a guy you think you can go after), and then if necessary, bring in another guy the following draft.
  8. There's vids of a < 5ft Black bear fighting a 7-8 ft tiger and making the tiger retreat. I think the big cats dont like prolonged battles that a bear has little issue dealing with. Will be interesting when we can clone animals and have these questions answered. They used to fight them all a long time ago but as far as I know theres no battle records. I'm guessing - Elephant, hippo, rhino, grizzly/polar, tigers, giraffe, black bear, lions, moose, bison/ox, silverback, other big cats,.. then too many.
  9. https://www.google.com/search?q=southern+democrat+republican+switch&oq=southern+democrat+repu&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l4.10656j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 when did you make the switch? your party has always been evil... even when you used to be the democrats.