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  1. The funny part about this is that Chicago is dumb enough to think fields is the future and anything but a runner.
  2. they were going to rush it for the '26 world cup but since nashville didnt get picked, they can take their time.
  3. this is not a good look to be firing fourty year community members and workers for your org so that your buddy can get on board the first week you are here. its got that "we know better because we are from san fran" vibe 49ers havent won shit since 94 hopefully the guy did something to geserve getting fired.
  4. the 2008 loss was because the ravens intentionally hurt CJ and KFC had no spark or anything special to make the ravens defend. The titans had no wildcard on the field and all the momentum felt obvious when CJ went down. The team was already defeated in their heads.
  5. Isn't this the year where we were driving at the end of the game and the clock was ticking out... ray lewis made a tackle and started celebrating all over our backfield, wasting clock with like 4 seconds left, wthout making an effort to get back to the LOS until the time runs out... so we sprint to the line and run a play, get into the endzone, and then SOMEHOW its our fault for not letting him get onsides in time... and we have to run a play again against one of the best defenses of all time? Titans may have had the better defense too... the ravens defense allowed 26 less points on the year.. but when you look and see that differential is because teams kicked the ball better against the titans and defenses scored against our offense... its really a wash.
  6. Wonder what he couldve done better? JRob loyal and wasnt respectful to Ran off the bat? Bought cheap cleat studs and pocketed the difference?
  7. Tannehill sucked for like 7 years and was injured all the time... dude comes here and has a very Jared Goff-like year and a half with great stats and efficiency in an ideal scenario where the offense isn't built to highlight him. In the playoffs he was largely an afterthought and really just not that good. Then for two full years he's been downright average to worse, started getting injured again, absolute trash in the playoffs.... and the only positive argument for his play is a stat where a guy literally handicapped his rating to be from the mid-20s to all of a sudden top 5. This site is the only place in the football world where RT is even considered good... and he's untouchable here. Hilarious. Dude has not clock in his head, blows in extending plays and pocket manipulation, can't get past his second read once the ball is snapped... and is expensive. I bet the titans were done with RT midway through the Bengals playoff game. When he threw his second pick AFTER nearly getting picked on the exact same play earlier in the game. Zero adjustments from the QB. Mind blowing dumbassery. Titans just dont know how to get rid of him and build for the future... yet.
  8. its efficient regardless compared to automobiles. Andyou cant think in pure duration based travel only. price. experience. convenience. fear of flying. safety. ability to work. etc.. there's a ton or reasons. duration of trip is more efficient east of the mississippi... most efficient northeast and along the great lakes.. but its plenty efficient elsewhere and much more efficient that travelling via vehicle.
  9. the trains in china and taiwan were incredible. comfortable snack carts plenty of bathrooms lounge cars with food and TVs reclining seats with charging ports everywhere super quiet and big windows to see the world.
  10. you know how many people would love to ride a train across the country for half the price of a flight. people would come from everywhere to see the usa on a train trip. also if there was a highspeed train then crossing the country in 13 hours with comy reclining seats plenty of people would do that too. its way more comfortable than a plane, lots of food options, different food cars to sit in, easy to walk around, can get off and smoke, wifi / cell signal prett ymuch the whole way, and only roughly twice as long as a flight and airport bullshit.
  11. everyne would rde trains you fucking loon.
  12. Titans just need an average QB to adequately replace Tannehill in this offense. ....But maybe they dont even want that yet while they plan for the future. Annnnd we dont know what kind of offense they want to run yet so it's a solid chance Tanny doesn't even fit the scheme. He's faaaaarrrrrrrrr from a scheme ambiguous QB. I'm guessing if all else's fails on the IC front and we are forced to go with Kelly that RT is preferred to be the quarterback... but if we open up the offense more then they will want someone else and Tanny will be a last resort.
  13. FYI .... we are in good position to do that with literally every single pick we have.
  14. the one where the coach wouldnt let him go back in after trying to bench him for the previous 4 years and in that season the previous 3 weeks? ... while the QB was vastly outperfroming KFC... and had one of the top ratings in the league his previous 16 games? weird... no one gives 2 shits about VY anymore but you like that traitor? the same coach who put himself above the team?.... who would rather put on a show than coach? you dont remember fisher wearing a colts jersey? weird... you block yourself from media like that? you dont remember the coach lying to the owner and signing coaches to guaranteed contracts behind his back before getting fired for stealing from the team? huh...weird
  15. You'd think practicing on different types of surfaces would build leg strength in stabilizer muscles.. but theres arguments that one of the the reasons turf fields are bad is because they arent used to the surface... but almost all teams have grass and indoor turf practice fields.
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