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  1. I’d just put any tackle at all we have there on passing downs. I’ve never seen a guy get beat so bad on every play. It would’ve been better for him to just fall to the ground and hope Campbell tripped on a few downs.
  2. Yep. 4 good years 2 decent years 4 bad years and the rest average out to almost exactly 8-8 we should be slightly ahead. Not that bad really considering the carousel at QB
  3. i really want PK to ask him how much he’s telling the OC to run/ pass on given plays during the game vs his obvious conservative gameplans.
  4. packers offense has looked subpar... almost as bad as ours to this point.
  5. that wasnt an issue today. we were behind and had to pass and they knew it. so it was easier to ignore.
  6. im sure its true... but when has MM ever not blamed himself?
  7. "QB breakdown: Mariota struggled, but he was under constant duress. There were a few standout passes, highlighted by a 47-yard completion to Tajae Sharpe, who beat Jalen Ramsey. Mariota stood tall in the pocket and stared down the barrel of the pass rush to deliver throws to Delanie Walker that led to first downs. He and Walker almost connected for a touchdown in the third quarter, but the pass was tipped. Mariota wasn't the issue Thursday; trying to block Campbell was."
  8. just like every single backup that came in before when MM was injured. they all looked worse than the starter or got themselves knocked out when dealing with the same circumstances.
  9. Derrick Henry dropped a perfect screen TD
  10. This was a poor coaching game from the HC and OC.
  11. Its a bit unforgivable the refusal to go get a RG that could protect. Everyone knew this offseason thats what would be needed. Among other options, he couldve kept Spain pretty damn cheap and moved him over. Also, his refusal to invest in PR is still coming to get us and was a big part of the loss today. Other than those two its not too many big complaints... but those are pretty big obvious glaring holes that were half-ass solidified.
  12. There was a stat earlier about Jacksonville getting beat with a ton of runs to the left .. and passes to the left, but we’re elite at defending the right side of the field so far this year. Weve avoided running left because Lewan has been out and mostly run to the right. Its a matchup that could hurt us if we don’t attempt to adjust to their weakness.
  13. Of course they say that NOW That’s absolute insanity btw. Zero should be zero. In every sport and measurement in the world, zero is zero. Seems like an an excuse for the nfl