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  1. Wentz looks terrible. He sucks and always has. His backup outplayed him and won a Super Bowl. amazing situation there and he's screwing it up. injuries aren't helping but a lot of that is his own doing
  2. Do we know for sure who is calling D plays? looking a lot like vrabel did when he had to call games a couple years ago and in Houston. I also wonder if Clowney being allowed to do his freelance role is messing with brown and evans on finding their gaps. early in the season we are missing Ryan and Casey. I think those will be ok losses at the end of the year if everyone is healthy but not right now when we are short on guys. offense looks great outside of the run game but the run game has worked when we have needed it. It's fairly obvious that teams are still selling out to stop the run first and for some reason aren't scared of RT too much yet. getting Adoree and D evans and another OLB back will be huge for both sides
  3. byard went to the locker room. adoree is out butler has a quad injury but is playing. vrabel is shit at calling defense.
  4. http://www.usagoals.video/c/american-football/usa-nfl/20-09-2020/tennessee-titans-vs-jacksonville-jaguars/3/ this link was working. there's a few options to choose from. I think the 3rd or 4th link on that page worked for me.
  5. Whop philyar HAS GOT to be a complete joke, right. Whop Philyar Philyar, Wop Feel Your Wap Feel your wet ass pussy
  6. Lol... you made an account just for that joke. worth it.
  7. I wonder what the deal was with David Long not taking more snaps and Compton in so much once Evans left?
  8. He bought into what people were saying about him and he forgot to practice.
  9. I'm expecting the Henry/Evans split to be much closer to the Henry/Lewis split from 2 years back ~240 for Henry and ~150 for Evans
  10. I'm hoping for them that there was weird booth rules and it was hard to see the field or screens or something. I also noticed the guys running the sticks had the downs fucked up a couple of times.
  11. 3 Denver homers that didnt know what they were talking about concerning the titans. ... that kept saying "1-2 yard gain " when we got 6-7 yards Lack of adequate replays was big too. Definitely felt like a locally produced preseason game. They even had that dumbass fake socially distanced background with projected lines dividing the announcers... but whenever an announcer made a wide hand gesture you could see they were really only like 2 feet apart.
  12. So a neoconservative think tank article... bogus. ....and a Wilson center article you didnt actually read that doesnt praise Trump nor blame Obama... but accurately reports a timeline of event. great! Where was this new plan Trump rolled out? Or... possibly just like the economy... He rode Obamas coattails and claimed victory on his own.

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