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  1. I'd venture a guess that a far higher % of cash "goes missing" or is stolen than crypto - even at this early phase of adoption.
  2. Amazon is still doing it but are behind Musk. FB wanted to do it at one time... not sure it's still on that. I'm sure Baidu/Tencent will want to do their own as well.
  3. Here's a fun website that tracks amount of BTC/address. https://bitinfocharts.com/top-100-richest-bitcoin-addresses.html And here's a fun image of the largest institutional investors as of like Thursday
  4. Yeah, It's too hard to keep that much liquid cash when you have no idea when movement happens. I've got alerts for that though .
  5. I want it back to ~42 so my buy triggers. ...eek
  6. He's not talking about shit. Just Bongo being bongo trying to act like he knows something when he's really 3 steps behind...
  7. It's not even an argument. Fiat is like 100s of times more.
  8. Reminds me of Oilerman's thoughts on Cryptocurrencies...
  9. That guy is full of terrible takes... Green energy is the cheapest energy in history - right now... and will only get cheaper with each quarter year. Smart miners will convert over to make even more cash. Pretty sure COD is using more energy than BTC right now... BTC isnt close to being anonymous especially in regards to governments doing the searching. The idea that certain people shouldnt be allowed to have BTC is a terrible idea. The thought that they weren't already doing 10x worse with USD fiat is weird for him to ignore. I mean NK was printing USD not
  10. that's why he said we'd love for him to short so we can take his free money....
  11. BTC is now a top 15 world currency and the 8th largest asset in the world. https://companiesmarketcap.com/assets-by-market-cap/ https://fiatmarketcap.com Very likely to be top 10 and top 5 within a year.
  12. He got paid to be an advocate and to show how easy it is to be a part of that monetary system. To be one of the first to do something at the beginning of a movement can secure your place in the history of that movement. should continue this in the cryptocurrency thread in off-topic
  13. Or you just buy 1 or 2 now and come back to celebrate/ eat crow later.
  14. A 90 and a 97 year old don't understand modern tech??? No fucking way... it's not stocks... it's not their monetary system... it's not their wheelhouse.
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