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  1. I dunno but we would’ve had to try and rebuild him after 1 year with mulbiskie.
  2. Jewish is a race depending on how you qualify that AND a religion. They have their own genetic markers, issues, traits, culture, even a land of origin.
  3. d84c90c9ae5f3948f108d641f9e8a347b23c050e.mp4
  4. Denali... dude... are you just trolling? You cant be this stupid.... I've argued and sided with you before but is this intentional ignorance or just trolling? 5% death rate comes from the number of people infected that die.... out of 100 people who actually catch it, 5 will die. Not 5% of America IMMEDIATELY dead as soon as the virus gets named. Use your brain. 2009/1968 neither had the death rate or total death amounts... or hospitalizations. In fact.. H1N1 - that we know of after many years of study - infected about 5x as many people as Corona... but it killed about 1/45th as many people. We didnt LOCK HALF THE GODDAM WORLD DOWN for 4 months for that like we did with Corona which is STILL GROWING. Quit being retarded. Use Google. Learn something. Or try to quit intentionally spreading false info. You're becoming a virus.
  5. Lol... I bet this turns out bad. Injury, Andy Reid heart attack (no way he makes it 12 more years), cap going down, cap staying stagnant, inability to bring in talent, etc.. I'm sure there's some protections but that production level will tank without Reid around.
  6. Not entirely you weren't. You talk about "except for a few games, casey was on the decline"... which indicates you are talking about ANY point other than the start of the season.
  7. titanruss

    Virus in US

    I know people who got it and it is at least 3x more people I know currently that have it than before. So 5x is reasonable. Do you not see you are on the wrong side of everything? You didnt think it was a big deal. It is. No one is dying? Biggest death toll for one virus since 1918 - WITH Quarantine, protocols, advanced medical tech, more cleanliness in general. You can't be so naive that you believe he says things in jest this often do you? WHAT A FUNNY GUY HAHAHA. These quotes that i found in 15 seconds are from 3 separate months... about 1 month apart each. So it isnt "one test supposedly said in jest" And even if you believe it's "in jest".. then it's funny as president to joke about your people dying? https://www.marketwatch.com/story/slow-the-testing-down-please-trump-tells-tulsa-audience-he-recommended-fewer-coronavirus-tests-2020-06-21 "slow the test down please" "Says President Trump said coronavirus testing makes the U.S. look bad, "so I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down.’" https://www.vox.com/2020/5/15/21259888/trump-coronavirus-testing-very-few-cases called testing "over-rated" ... "when you test you have a case, when you test you find out something is wrong with people. if we didnt do any testing we would have very few cases" https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-stop-coronavirus-testing-right-now-have-very-few-cases-2020-6 "if we stopped testing right now we'd have very few cases"
  8. titanruss

    Virus in US

    My sisters mother and father in law had it. He nearly died. They are in Robertson/Davidson county My first cousin and her boyfriend and his roommate (and more in their friend group) got it. They are in florida. My Parents best friends got it. They are in Nashville and are big churchgoers. All of the above are conservative as shit and think its a hoax. Do you really not know all the BS he has been spouting about testing? https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=trump+on+corona+testing.
  9. Politics? It's not politics it's the right goddang thing to do. Logistical nightmare? China/ Most all of europe/ South Korea / Japan / Taiwan... they figure that shit out super quick... are we weaker than them? We dont have more doctors/nurses than them?.. no... we are just lazy and cant figure out how to make a profit from it. I don't think you are paying attention to the rest of the 1st world.
  10. titanruss

    Virus in US

    I personally know 3x more people who have got it now than who had it a couple of months back. So ... in a month? at this rate? 5x is pretty easily possible. All are extremely conservative politically... so... good luck! Remember dude, it takes about 2 weeks from today to know who has it now unless everyone is getting tested. And Trump hates the testing... so.... Also, just from actual death stats (like how many people died this year vs last for any cause) we are likely 20-30% higher than reported death rates. Too many have died to account for the difference of just reported deaths. People with symptoms related to it but were never tested, or died from other pre-existing conditions exasperated by it.
  11. From the beginning of the season? Yeah.. from the end of the season? No.
  12. He's not relevant because he didnt start the last 10 game sof the season and the playoffs . What are we comparing to? The beginning of last season or the end? Why compare to the beginning? It's not even a thread worth writing in if thats the point. Compare to how the season ended and that team. It's the only thing that makes sense to do.

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