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  1. of course you dont want him to play.... you want as many excuses as possible.
  2. On average, below 45 degress, he's been significantly worse than games above 45. It's pretty simple. Does that mean he will always be worse in cold? No, but the history is there and the odds skew towards us in that scenario.
  3. oops.. my mistake here. I dont have his more recent QBRs.. just passer rating. so its not as bad as the numbers look... but its still a pretty significant dropoff from the norm for him.
  4. This year, in the cold its been up and down. 3 games in the 100s, 3 games in the low 80's. Temperatures in those games - in order - 36/32/24/45/40/29
  5. thats exactly what i stated. read my post.
  6. This was pre-new england plyoff loss last season. He threw 3 TDs that game and had a good rating but was pretty average or bad most of the game. 50% completion. WRs were held in check. This season i'm not sure how it goes with cold weather games. But those first 5 look good for the Titans
  7. There was a tweet on here, granted it was for last season and the previous one together. But it had all games under like 45 degrees or something.. 5-6 games, all with a rating in the 60s. Now he's done better more recently. I'll look for the tweet but I really dont know how to search for it.
  8. We dropped like 3-4 interceptions last time we played them
  9. Earlier in the week I had hoped to win. As the game gets closer I expect it. Their offense sounds all scary and whatever... ours was more productive and scored more points. So that one is a wash to me. We've got the better D. They dont play well at home often. Their QB has traditionally done poor in cold games... at least much below the non-cold ones. Henry is on a tear like no one has seen before and he just got more bulletin board material. It seems like its all lining up for us here. The negatives are: we dont have a kicker that we know of; and it seems like we've beaten the Cheifs so much that they are due - but thats a logical fallacy.
  10. I removed the two... of course. go read the last two pages of quoted stats ya idget.
  11. They read the quotes about the chiefs planning to go low on him.
  12. They’ve already said they had to take out his legs to bring him down. But also said they would do it “legally”
  13. We need huge games from Adoree, Vacarro, Brown, and Logan. I'm guessing that we'll have to put Adoree on an island a good bit to get the advantages we need elsewhere. We'll play some man with deep zones but stick to zone mostly. Keep Mahommes in front and slow his running/scrambles. I'm not sure we dont just rush 3 50% of the game and drop the rest into coverages. Vacarro/Brown/Logan Ryan have to watch Kelce. Pretty likely they get 21-22 pts from their offense regardless. I expect the chiefs to take the Pats approach to letting DH get his yards and take away the big plays from RT. That is the formula to beat us but I'm not sure they can do it as well as the Pats or even Ravens with the D talent they have. DH could have a ton of yards but maybe only 1 rush TD. I bet we get AJ involved in a rush or two so he can contribute more. Turnovers are huge this game. They dont give it up... but we don't either. Other than each teams back-up QB... Titans are at 24 ints/fumbles vs 23 for them. I expect a tipped int in this game as the weather is awfully cold to be catching lasers from either of these QBs. I'll just parrot what alot here have said, the team that wins the TO and wins the RedZone battle will win this game. In the Redzone, everyone knows we are elite offensively but I think we finally get forced into a FG attempt or two.. too hard to keep that up and we have got to regress to the mean at some point. This could be the deciding factor of the game. Greg "the Hebrew Hammer" Joseph needs to have a good outing. Wold be fitting to have this game decided by FGs as the ast three games have been within a FG or decided by a FG attempt late. Henry gets his 180 again. Mahommes gets 3 TDs Titans turn it over once but stop the Chiefs on 2 4th downs. Titans 31 Chiefs 27

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