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  1. Pretty sure a while back we predicted it would peak around 65k and possibly drop to the 23-24k range. I could see it lower as those kind of % drops aren't unheard of in an unregulated market... but I'd be a little surprised. depends how much cash the hedgies need to stay in business after their meme stock fuck ups
  2. I have zero doubt crypto will see some dark days (I do believe tether will be a problem unless it is phased out, I do believe there will be financial ware far and maybe real war as the dollar depreciates to nothing and taxes rise while salaries stagnate).... but these are far from it. Fuck man.. it's like still 10x from where some people bought (including me lol) during the crash last year and 160% above the last ATH...
  3. Lol... "the right time" has literally been any moment before in its entire history before April 16 2021.... and really like around May 12. ... and 99% sure you said the same argument in 2017/18
  4. Congrats. In 5 years of Crypto investing... I have zero debt, fully paid off a 300k loan (closed on it in 2016 now worth about 425k)on a 4br house in a bussling city less than a mile from the new soccer stadium, paid 65k off student loan debt, car... and spent two months total in Greece/ Croatia in the last 9 months....took some profits to do the traditional thing with Roth IRA, emergency fund (earning interest as a stable coin more than you can yet on most any bond/cd/mutual fund and definitely more than any savings account) ...all because of crypto
  5. I bet he could still be serviceable. He's had some injuries and played with terrible QBs lately. he at least would know how to play all the positions in case anyone went down. We definitely need a TE more but I guess you could say Tate could be a reliable short yardage receiver if necessary.
  6. no they aren't you idiot lol there actual stats you can look up where people that have bought and held for certain periods of time are less likely to sell and that % is the majority. look, tiny little old mail man, your ignorance is showing over and over again your fear is showing as well. You are afraid you missed something thing and you need it to fail... it's sad but it's all you have I guess?
  7. You must be confused what a hodler is... how fucking more wrong can you read a post? you just said weak handed people trying to make a quick buck bought in at a high time and freaked out from a dip. That's exactly what I said and is the opposite of a hodler ... go learn something before posting here grandpa.
  8. Your patience posts at interesting times for the markets.
  9. The only people that follow Elon's tweets are people that aren't actually interested in crypto. people like you trying to make a quick buck because at some point in the past it went up when he tweeted. so you've got a few thousand douches who just want to ride along and try and leech where they can. the price shift doesn't bother 99.9% of hodlers ... just the uber geeks jerking off in the corner hoping they can finally be right .. or make a quick buck.
  10. Because the markets are about to be completely fucked because of the short squeeze of GME and the big boys are pulling as many resources together as possible to ease that blow. keep up but we all understand you have to come here because you are scared... the market is slow and the banks are down like 10% the past couple days. And we just keep printing cash
  11. Hey! Thanks for explaining to the professor what you learned in your furthering adult education class .. then trying to translate it in a way that makes YOU feel better. We all care about your feelings and you are SPECIAL. So GREAT JOB! now dive into the legal/monetary ramifications for a few hours and come back to class in a bit. Ok, grandpa?
  12. Sounds like a nice alternative to your typical non 401k investment strategies with some more freedom. I like the simplicity but I'd have to make sure they aren't grifting too much for the convenience.
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