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  1. Well it’s highly unlikely we have tannehil next season so it’d be good to groom a guy. We wanted to do that with Faulk but lost him.
  2. @big2033 are you regarded? In what way is 6 wins completely turning a franchise around? You disregard the laud and praise that FO received? All on the QBs eh? Our QB turned out team around from having the worst roster in the league and #1 pick with the coaching staff getting fired to a 9-7 season. ... but you put that on the coach? U dum son
  3. Can’t help but wonder if JRob is trying to find every way to save cap money by signing one K/P to cover both.. especially considering the amount we are spending on the position. Both guy will be 33 at the start of the year. kern is money. Succup is average but hit a decent streak for a bit. Doesn’t have the long leg. Both recently signed long-term but dont know cut implications on the cap.
  4. taylor will be a good player. but note his snaps went up because of lack of competition as much as anything. he just needs to fix his concentration drops and make sure he's in the right spot. he's got plenty of ability. TT is half the reason we didnt push harder to do more last season at the position. Jrob has faith in him.
  5. this would have dangerous implications if teams are allowed to test for it. soon all employers could test and workers more likely to get sick wouldnt be hired.. we'd have to add "physical health likelihood" to the founding documents of the USA in regards to race/age/gender
  6. whats even weirder is that both our K and P are signed through 2023.
  7. local publication?... for a neighborhood HOA decision with 40 homes? are you serious?
  8. Same person in everyway but growing up poor? He dies of aids in the 80's
  9. I do t know how you can say Mariota isn’t injury prone. Maybe the medical sciences will disagree in theory but I don’t see how since in practice it’s well known that even a toe injury if improperly handled can lead to ankle/ knee/ hip / back problems.. then from there even into shoulder / elbow / hand issues. Doesnt happen everytime but everything is connected and balanced. Fuck up the balance and the body overcompensates to adjust... fucking other things up and making them weaker. Maybe”injury probe” doesn’t officially exist. Regardless, the guy needs to protect himself as if it does... because he looks to fit the mold. I assume that that he will have an outstanding year if he remains healthy. Just gotta remain healthy, wether that’s his fault or the oline/ scheme doesn’t matter at this point.
  10. Which is why we need to be able to rush with 4. You can can build an offense to compete.. but unless you have one of 4-5 QBs.. you can’t expect to win a shootout against those top QBs.
  11. AAS is close to questioning JROB over the titans not making the playoffs last year when the QB was injured, we had a coaching change, Conklin, Delanie, and Matthews were basically no shows all year, and the Strength of schedule was significantly harder than the previous year. If we miss this year with everyone healthy... yeah you question a bit. But if mariota is hurt and we finish 9-7 again... she’s not dumb enough to make a big deal out of it
  12. No shit. It’s peon simple. Nothing you say is ever complicated... that’s half your problem.
  13. You’re backtracking if he knows what he’s got..and that’s terrible like you say... he doesn’t even keep him this season.
  14. Lol Yeah... let’s make planes more dumb like you. Then they will be great! ...again!!
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