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  1. Possibly... or maybe some people just arent built to or dont want to make being a QB what their life is about. People experience burnout for reasons other than bad management. Did you read the article posted earlier?
  2. @CreepingDeath I'm "enter pick set name here"
  3. From what i've heard it feels more like a setup to build off of and expand more later. Cyberpunk just had a new free upgrade release that is putting the game back into the 9/10 range for many many ratings sites. Build the main mesmerizing universe setting of a game and the physics and all that.. then add content and multiplayer and then grow it. Feels like Starfield is essentially that idea in its infancy.... but almost like you come upon the aftermath of that idea. I saw a post where they were talking about fuel being useless in the game. Where there are abandoned fuel depots out at the fringes. The game was maybe supposed to be centered more on the true exploration side like other space sim games. Go to a planet, explore the wildlife and societies, figure out how to survive and eventually mine fuel and other supplies, set up a depot or base there so you can come back and get fuel and supplies as needed - then go off to another planet and rinse and repeat. ... but that since fuel isnt really that important that you kind of lose a large aspect of the game.
  4. Colts are way more dangerous with Minshew at this point.
  5. Luck pretty much just said it was too many obligations and too many restrictions from the team to where he didnt feel like he was getting to live his life like he wanted. If you care enough about the sport to deal with those obligations... or you know you cant do much else.. you stick with it. It was burnout and just not caring enough about football to deal with the bullshit.
  6. Its been a long while and I'm not sure if it was just them or not.. Titans fans did it too... but I think there was a colts reddit thing for a while where Luck - possibly himself - would write letters to his lover/wife at home as if he was away in the civil war for each weeks game. Was written very in Gone with the Wind style English. Maybe it started because he was a civil war nerd.
  7. You're like that kid at the edge of a swimming pool afraid to get in but too proud and stupid to realize everyone is sending you positive encouragement to do the fun and appropriate thing. So instead you scream at everyone, cry and shit your pants.
  8. ratings falling hard for this game.
  9. It was my argument for "run success" not RYOE Its so annoying how I have to walk you through things over and over and over... read up page biatch... read and think before commenting. You're losing it.
  10. The question you should be asking yourself is how the absence of stacked boxes may affect RYOE% negatively but not Run Success rate.... or look for more data. But the % diff is significant and seems to fall in line with "less men in box means less men near the back so stat guys think RY should go up" you're welcome and apology accepted.
  11. 2020 Henry faced far less stacked boxes than at any point in his career. There's your correlation. Also 2018 with Mariota... lol.. that fucks you up. 2016 was probably even better considering his success rate was super high then too.
  12. It's not a made up fan thing. It's what actually happens. Yes.. we put the formation out that sets up the scenario the vast majority of the time... but it's still incredibly difficult to be successful in those scenarios. Its OK to say "Henry faces these boxes"... because he does. And it IS more difficult to be successful there.
  13. Success rate also is better understood with the context of Offensive line quality and of course... Stacked boxes. Success rate is lowered for players who face stacked boxes more often.... even when YPC may not be as much affected because of breakaway runs. Dense people will roll their eyes because they can't separate a truth from an argument that has nothing to do with the true statement. Henry of course has faced more stacked boxes than any other player in the league since he's been around... it doesn't matter why. RYOE/ATT is great because it separates the back from the blockers and shows consistency. However, RYOE this early in the season is pretty meaningless. 1 long run will throw the whole thing out of whack. It's probably still too early for success rate to mean anything for this season, but it does mean more than a stat where 1 run cant take you from worst to first. Similarly, RYOE% is more reasonable because it eliminates large runs and just shows how consistently a player is getting more yards than he should - in this case Henry is right at the top 10 still.
  14. where are you getting these numbers? PFR only seems to go back to 2018 for advanced rushing stats.
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