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  1. Downing is doing a bad sequel to what he pulled in Oakland and Tannehill isn't good enough at reading during the play to run his offense. smith gets credit because what he did was maximize what Tannehill can do. Our wrs are as good or better as when smith was around. Our backup RBs are better. We just don't have jonnu who really disappeared most often f the season anyhow. this is squarely on downing and Tannehill.
  2. Tannehill was slow throwing to the open receivers all year. they would have more open windows but he's a beat late, throwing after cuts. that's partly him not comfortable in the offense and I said it from week 1. but Its also partly not a very good scheme for a limited QB like Tannehill. previously our offense was schemed on about half our passes. He needs that. When you give him too many decisions he's slow to make those decisions.
  3. We know. We've been saying it for years. it's why mariota sucked. He thought about it while ryan just said it's supposed to be there so I'll chuck it with my cannon.
  4. Really not much if the ball was just in the right spot. .... which on most of the drops it wasn't... or was like really fuckin late.
  5. Remember that time we had a clutch "white" QB ? ( sorry... directed to joelin) ..... nope.
  6. Oh... did I tell you he was terrible? What a weak ass shitty qb. No QB we've ever had fucked up like this before.
  7. Tannehill chose to keep it on third and fucked it up .. Henry ain't ready to play.
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