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  1. Fun fact. Caitlin Jenner could outrun, beat up, and from stories of trumps ex-prostitutes....out fuck the orange baby
  2. He’s not saying it’s because we are behind... obviously Russia has more space there but we are buddies with Canada. Would be interesting to see how many they have.. we team up with them to build more as needed.
  3. Go look at mariotas first 20 starts then. After 20 starts mariota was a top predicted choice for mvp the next year.
  4. I mean.. unless it’s flavored charcoal or wood-chips or something.... what good is putting it on the grill in a pan that never touches the flames? You’re just making it smell like propane.
  5. Drops back to ~7/7500 and yeah that’s the time.
  6. Is it grilling if the meat isn’t on a grill when it can get grill marks?
  7. Well LA, Vegas, and Dallas are shitholes. Also, he WANTS to play in Tn. He’s from here and he loves it here and he still lives here. I’m not sure what people are missing here. He’s as big of a titans fan as most of us. We’d have to make a decently competitive offer... but as long as we are within 5% he’s likely ok with the offer.
  8. If it’s between us and 1-2 other teams. And they offer 45 mil... and we offer 42... that could be all it takes.
  9. I heard it was a Dem 's idea. And he's taking the money and donating it to their campaign funds.
  10. He grew up as big a fan of the titans as most of us on the board. He’s still a fan. He’s got a house in town and loves Nashville. It’s his home.
  11. If it’s between us and 1-2 other teams. And they offer 45 mil... and we only offer 42... that could be all it takes.
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