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  1. Mariota gotta be healthy first. Hopefully this week helped a bit since he didn’t do much throwing or getting hit
  2. titanruss

    Path to the Playoffs

    Yeah...and the only way we are eliminated is if Baltimore and pit win out and we lose to the colts. I think the colts could beat us and still miss if they lose this week... if Balt and Pitt win out
  3. titanruss

    Episode 172 - Titans Beat Jets, Return To .500

    jamal let Oman convince him of things and he's too embarrassed to do a podcast until things look "normal" again.
  4. titanruss

    Thoughts on The Game - Mariota's Best

    ... and his fucked up hand that he can’t grip with...so I doubt the rain helped. Still completed 61% got several 3rd downs converted with his feet and arm... and avoided the rush very well to extend plays.
  5. It was a bit mind blowing. I kept thinking we were gonna mess it up and lose because we wanted to give Lewis carries didn’t have much of a lead. Red zone one should be all Henry unless there’s almost no time on the clock.
  6. titanruss

    Path to the Playoffs

    .. so any tie breakers that would eliminate them would also eliminate us.
  7. titanruss

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    Would anybody wanna live in Jacksonville?
  8. titanruss

    According to PK Ryan and Finch likely done for the year

    We also just lost our second best pass rush rush threat and the depth is dangerously low right now.
  9. titanruss

    Path to the Playoffs

    Is there a situation where the colts lose this week and will be eliminated before next week? Could be be advantageous for us I don’t like winning that way but I’ll take what I can get.
  10. every carry lewis had, you just thought "well that was shitty" then Henry came in and would get a first down. and we'd keep chugging. its like the D's know how to bottle lewis up right now and he's pressing. he just needs to know he's a complimentary back and start running smarter, not looking for the big play (that he's not really fast enough to make anyhow)
  11. titanruss

    Thoughts on The Game - Mariota's Best

    So you two are going to take your ball and go home.... ?
  12. titanruss

    Foles can throw

    eagles were better in the playoffs with foles than they were during the reg season with wentz. its the system... not that hard to understand at this point.
  13. titanruss

    Path to the Playoffs

    not anymore, nope. we could have technically still lost to the colts and got in. but they had to lose to the cowboys and this coming week.
  14. Lewis looked terrible until the giants gave up at the end.
  15. titanruss

    Thoughts on The Game - Mariota's Best

    mariota navigated the pocket excellently most all of the day. didnt need to throw and we didnt want to throw on a day like this. and GTFO of here with complaining about that block. THIS WAS ESSENTIALLY A PLAYOFF GAME FOR THE TITANS... and the game was still competitive.