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  1. I pretty much want most of what China outlaws.
  2. He played better today but still had multiple turnovers. He's a good QB
  3. RT fits the offense perfectly. But it's a play action based offense with the greatest run threat in 2 decades. If you ever played a sport and they told you all week to focus on something ... you commit quicker. It's just natural. The stats have shown that on the whole it doesn't make sense but they ignore the anomaly. I'll read the article in the morning.
  4. 57 receptions.. over 1000 yards rushing... 4.0 ypc, ~1500 total yards is one of the worst seasons ever in the history of RBs? uh.... your delusional bias is showing.
  5. when you're the fastest player ever and your speed regresses... you're gonna look worse.
  6. Anybody see that incredible stupid shit they showed in the middle of the panthers texans game? Like a giant spread about earl campbell and his yardage and years and stuff.... thats like showing LA Chargers player highlights during a Raiders game.
  7. Butterflies are bitches. Pretty though moths will fuck up a butterfly.
  8. You ever notice it's only republicans saying "both sides are bad"? it's almost like a wife that gets beat by her husband and thinks it's normal... or drug abusers who think everyone does drugs... there's this justification that "since both sides are bad... it doesn't matter if my side lies and cheats to win. I can just deny and act like I don't care even though Ive lost my soul" ... watching your president who you know raped women, has speant a ton of money in the sex trade, talked sexually of his daughter, made thousands homeless, owned (and bankrupted) casinos, lie i
  9. You can think what you want. But nothing proves that. Lowering his head at LBs and DBs plenty. Still had big games plenty. CJs problem was he thought he had to break a big run every single play and that's what he tried to do... unfortunately for him he didnt have the short area quickness to juke from a stand still, or really in the backfield. He's a one cut zone runner with crazy wheels that can cut sharply at full speed.... he tried to be Barry sanders/ Dante hall and didn't have the ability. ... we also switched blocking schemes (zone/man) and it confused him in where the holes wer
  10. CJ was incredible and abused here for no reason at all. He took big money and the team promptly decided they didn't need to invest in the oline/te/coaches. We had terrible QB play and this was the several years into the beginning of the "pass sets up the run" era of football. We also changed blocking schemes during this time. One of the more productive receivers out of the backfield during this time as well. Nearly 10k yards. The going sentiment was that he was "afraid" ... yet he'd still have big days with high carries and no breakout runs. Didn't make logical sense but sa
  11. There's also the option that the Seahawks just suck. Would explain the close game of us leaving 10 points on the board and gifting them basically 21 points. ... and the Colts playing them close.
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