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  1. paste it here. http://archive.is/ it works for pretty much any article ever... sometimes you need to wait a few hours for someone to archive it but i havent had a single paywall article not work.
  2. Which is why almost every Jonnu play is a schemed open thing. He's not developing as a security blanket yet. He's a great athletic player... with the ball in his hands and in the air.. but he's not a very smart player yet.
  3. No doubt that's his nickname for his right hand
  4. She probably had to go to him to say she'd spend time in jail for this eventually if it isnt finished. There's a catch somewhere.. some hidden trick they have going. Probably possibly to gain intel from the biden camp or to gain trust to leave people in place.
  5. titanruss

    Virus in US

    If you do it over 2 months that's not that big of a deal.
  6. More likely he just moves to the swamp in Florida and becomes king of the old wrinkle orange dying swampites.
  7. I seriously wonder if trump plans to conduct his own re-inauguration and tries to tell his dummies to fall in line.
  8. yeah, either it's an already loaded/greedy thing (fine that's your right, only God will judge) or he's got a real shit accountant or he's being lied to... or he's lying/doesn't understand the rules that have been in place forever. Trump doubled that amount and every "average joe" out there relates this to Trump being on their side, when in reality it only affects .0001 of people and even then it's only temporary while his richer friends got the bigger and permanent cuts.
  9. It's a little bit of what you all are saying but you ignore this is the "Foundations in Geopolitics" plan we said from the beginning with Putin's mark all over it. Separate UK from europe, begin to break up the UK, weaken and divide the west and pull the USA from allying with Europe, create the environment for Russia to gain ground as a predominant power in the Middle East... it's all in the book the revenge part is just creating discord in the USA... and if Trump can do it without going to jail then all the better for Trump and maybe Putin will let him suckle the teat longer
  10. yfi has been killing it. Wish I'd listened to my little cousins about it back in august. The issue with ether Is that it is centralized and not open source. I do like the people behind it though.
  11. It's his natural position, he's mentioned before on twitter (half complained) when talking to a hater that it wasnt even his natural position... and we have TFL king david long jr sitting on the bench waiting to play who stopped Lamar a lot in the playoffs. He's needed to get on the field for a while. It would be huge if they just used him there more for the package it creates let alone changing positions fully.
  12. So you are saying the estate transfer was over 11 million dollars. Because thats what the estate tax exemption used to be and it moved to 22 million for married couples.
  13. The GOP website just released a tweet talking about how they won the election in a landslide and there will be retribution. Look at what was quoted for you by ILF. It's not a few... it's most or at least most are fine with it.

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