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  1. titanruss

    have i been pwned?

    And I’m sure they don’t save any of the emails that people type in to get searched ...
  2. titanruss

    If you need a reminder.......

    Davis easily has 1100-1200 yards if we throw the league average amount of times
  3. titanruss

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    Yeah you idiot... pretty much all year is not “all year” it’s most of the goddam year. Dealing with you retards ... you can can check with the injury report and extra gear he was wearing all year for simple evidence. If you want to think a smidgen harder you can recheck when the re-aggravations were discussed.. then the passing stats immediately before and after. Your agenda is is so deep you’re blocking reality.
  4. titanruss

    Russell Wilson fan page...

    Everyone thinks he’s incredible. He he also had some drama .. and is a quiet guy... and he plays in Seattle. They are great but I wouldn’t call them big market he’s also a little inconsistent. Over time he’s remarkably consistent but he has streaky bad times that most of the best of the best tend to avoid.
  5. Why the hell is everybody so excited about Arthur Smith? Sounds like most are trying to stay positive about a very mundane possible hire. His TEs did well and people like him? So what?
  6. titanruss

    Worst Starting QB for Every NFL Team

    how many were connected with fisher teams?
  7. he said no playoff coaches? really? very titan like move to use arthur smith.
  8. titanruss

    Former Titan vs Peeping Tom

    is the daughter 18? hot?
  9. titanruss

    If you need a reminder.......

    yes you did you fucking idiot. you said that 300 was below average for a rookie WR. that statement could not be further from the truth. so then you qualify to only first round picks taken near the top 5 within the last 8 years. you were wrong.. and now you change things to feel less dumb. but you arent fooling anyone. man up, take the L, and then real things can be discussed. until then you look like a child.
  10. titanruss

    If you need a reminder.......

    no one is arguing it. everyone is just making fun of goat for it... he looks like a goat here.
  11. I agree. But you do that with the assumption that mariota is good enough to win throughout the playoffs. The guys I’m arguing with do not assume that. So bringing in an equal to Marcus does nothing. .. if neither are good enough for the playoffs. Im all for bringing in a better player to backup. it’s needed. But to want to bring in a backup on the same level in hopes he can steal the job is stupid.. especially if you don’t believe that level is good enough to win in the playoffs
  12. titanruss

    If you need a reminder.......

    You are changing the rules because you are wrong. That’s embarrassing and weak, even for a giant puss like yourself. Go do what you said. Go pick every rookie wr ever and average them out. Lose the argument. Live for another day. Or be a pussy. Your choice.
  13. titanruss

    If you need a reminder.......

    I’ll wait patiently with a bet to never ever see a football forum again ( if you reciprocate) .... if you are correct about 300 yards here. (Somehow playoffs don’t count? Fine but whatevs you stipulation making fuck) I this Is such a stupid stupid stupid statement from you. Moronic. Idiotic. .. hopefully just ignorant? Please please please bet me. I’ll give you an extra $300 if true. Straight cash homey. Add up all Wr ookies In history ever ... Guessing here the average is closer to 120 yards. But there’s a fuckton of guys with zero so... I could be vastly overestimating.
  14. System QB. Just depends if DeFillipo can install that same system and they can get the right offensive upgrades. I see it it much more likely foles regresses to the Rams version.
  15. titanruss

    If you need a reminder.......

    For a rookie WR I’d say probably he vastly surpassed “average” ... probably right on average for all rookie first round wrs. So yes. Ya idgit. Add in that he’s injured all year and you look more dumb. He’s not where he needs to be, no. But he’s still pretty damn good. Him being hurt did not get quickly shut down by anyone. You really dont don’t want to embarrass yourself again trying to discus global market politics with me. goat.. when you are getting destroyed and you are afraid of losing face it’s obvious... you hop in with terrible off topic insults.