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  1. 7-9 wins seems more likely, 3 wins could definitely be possible if we have an injury plagued season like year
  2. JFC this schedule is rough. 9 wins max, maybe 10 if one of those teams has an injury season similar to us last year. That’s if Marcus stays healthy and looks anything like that stretch in 2016. We get more 17/18 Marcus and we likely don’t win more than 7 games.
  3. Why on earth would we be given a prime time game? The NFL is in the business of making money, by this standard the Titans are the last team to put on prime time. We routinely put a terrible product on the field, even when we win. It’s a disgusting mess and half the time you’re left wondering at the end “how the fuck did we do that?”.
  4. Mariota is done. He won’t make it 6 weeks before he’s riddled with injuries. The guy can’t handle the game at this level. The constant injuries not only destroy progression, they ruin a player mentally. That’s the “switch” that guys keep talking about when asking what happened to Marcus after 2016. The injuries have stacked up so high, he can’t play freely and “let it rip” because it’s always in his mind to avoid injury. I’m pretty much checked out at this point. This very well built team is going to struggle for the same reason it’s struggled the last two seasons. At least Tanny will make it slightly interesting, as opposed to the gut wrenching realization that none of our recent backups should have even been allowed on the field.
  5. My god. That was probably one of the most vanilla “highlight” reels I’ve seen lol
  6. Taylor is in a good position. I’d say He’s going to get all the rope he could possibly ask for to hang himself. I hope he sees the opportunity and works hard as hell to refine his game and take the next step
  7. If we don’t make a move to upgrade Gabbert, I’ll be shocked.
  8. No vendetta, just my opinion after four years. The offense this year was a disaster. Losing walker and Mathews was a harder blow than most realize I think. However, my opinion doesn’t change. Just don’t think he’s going to be able to do what’s necessary to prove he’s the guy after 2019. And by that I mean, I expect to see about the same struggles and frustrating QB play we’ve seen the previous two seasons. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  9. Marcus is a stop gap at this point. Anybody not aware of this still has their head buried in the sand. Two straight years of absolute trash production at QB while the rest of the team is playing well is unacceptable. Our poor defense went to waste this year because we couldn’t stay in games on the offensive side of the ball. The guy isn’t it, let’s just be real, and no amount of fist shaking from Oregon fans posing as titans fans will change that.
  10. Oh god. That was horrible. Lmao. Seemed like somebody who actually knew what the hell they were seeing overrode her there on that headset
  11. Get a QB, and watch this guy routinely get 1000+ a season. Bit of a travesty what Marcus is doing to his career, so many people trash him and praise Marcus. Insanity
  12. What a pathetic statistic. Mr Clean is our franchise passing yards leader. Can we not get a QB that can THROW the goddamn ball?? Being a fan of this team is painful
  13. I hate that everybody gets so excited when he does shit like this. Come on dude, don’t risk an injury and piss away the post season for an extra 5-6 yards.
  14. I wasn’t able to watch most of the game. What happens to Ryan??
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