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  1. Looks rough. Really, really rough. No cap room either. Hope to be proven wrong, but I think the window to compete for a ring was last year. Injuries destroyed us. We’ll trip and fall into the playoffs due to a weak division but another one and done is most likely.
  2. LMAO. What else is there to do but laugh at this shit at this point
  3. This OL is as bad as it gets. I’m not even sure how a coaching staff is supposed to come up with an offensive gameplan with the current roster.
  4. Best defense we’ve had in ages, too bad it’s not the early 2000s or we’d coast right into the Super Bowl. This offense can’t find its way out of a wet paper bag. We cannot throw the ball, and the only time we’re throwing the ball is when we absolutely have to. You can’t win games like this. We’ll probably limp into the playoffs, but this team will get waxed in its first outing. Sad outcome to a promising season.
  5. Nobody fucking cares about Mariota. Our current QB can’t see to find his way out of a paper bag
  6. Would have been better to just run it again and turnover at 1 or TD. Terrible decision
  7. If we he was as bad as you say, this team would be 3-8 rather than 8-3 while on pace for setting the season record for number of players injured. I understand it’s unfortunate that we lost yesterday but this is as ignorant of a take as it gets.
  8. I completely expect to hear “intercepted” a fourth time here
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