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  1. Makes you wonder, drafting that high in the first round for a RT that can only play in a power scheme.
  2. It's going to be pretty bad for Conklin, the team has a serviceable RT in Kelly. If Conklin is as bad as last year, him and his agent should agree to a tryout at guard if it's offered. It will all play out, he could return to year 1 form.
  3. Starting lineup could be Lewan, Saffold, drafted center, Jones, Conklin/Kelly
  4. A rookie contract center could be ok, by the time the contract is due saffold will be off the books. This year decides the RT position. Jones could play guard for one year. Still a lot of draft capital tied up in the o-line .
  5. yup screwed that one up, 3 years apart, JD is done his 5 year rookie deal, JC has some time left, hope he returns to top form. We have a very talented backup tackle in Dennis Kelly.
  6. Crazy idea that would never happen, but it is the off season. Trade Conklin for JD Clowney. Both have a history of leg injuries both are from the same draft class (I thnk) Make Kelly your starting RT. Helps our front 7, fills a hole while not taking away too much from the O-line. never happen, but I think it makes both teams better.
  7. The days of Marcus not having to look over his shoulder are over. Tannehill can win a few games if Marcus gets hurt, often these guys play better when they don't have to start all season.
  8. We were always going to draft an interior O-lineman. So now we HAVE to draft a STARTING RG. Or a starting center and slide Jones to RG. The guy has to be an improvement over Kline. I don't think this is too big of a task, I've been thinking we need to draft an interior O-lineman, an edge rusher and a D-lineman who can get pressure up the middle in the early rounds. Not a bad number of holes considering. Houston still needs two starting tackles from the draft unless they are planning on keeping one of their back up caliber tackles starting. Also, their secondary was a problem last year and it got worse.
  9. 2 years in a row. WTF was not paying Duane Brown, your starting left tackle.Love it! Their secondary was a problem area and it has gotten worse in FA.
  10. It has been fun and it's only 40 minutes old, lol!
  11. I think he has done a hell of a job remaking their offensive line from Luck being a tackling dummy to keeping him clean. I'm not infatuated with him, I think he and JRob are 1 and 2 in the division, time will tell who wins out, he does have Luck for a QB, big advantage.
  12. We could have had Ballard if not for shoving Mularkey down his throat. That makes him even a smarter man, IMO.
  13. FA furvor over the Browns and the Jets. Would not surprise me if one or both did not meet expectations as many teams in the past who "won" FA.
  14. Makes me wonder why Pittsburgh would not sign him to a similar deal last off season.
  15. great start to an era, was there to see McNair in his first game.
  16. I was there as well, disappointing to lose to the expansion Jags.
  17. Here's my take. Chris Sanders was playing very well the first 2 years when Chris Chandler was throwing accurate passes to him. He had a habit of jumping for every ball regardless of whether or not it was needed, I found that annoying. He really liked Chandler's ball, usually a tight spiral and usually required little adjustment. Once McNair took over, the balls were more off and McNair's ball had varying speed. Sanders never adjusted well especially the first 2 years of McNair under center, and developed a habit of dropping passes.
  18. The question of do aliens exist is entirely separate to the question of will we ever make contact with them. What if the possibility of intelligent life space travel at greater than light speed is not possible or if the amount of time before a society develops the technology is greater than any species can exist before extinction? How about communication through space? Still incredibly challenging to communicate with some species millions of light years away.
  19. With all the gillions of solar systems and inhabitable planets, there is only an infinitesimal chance that intelligent life on other planets does not exist. So, statistically, yes.
  20. Socialism is just the latest attack word, it's the next liberal. Take a word, make some story up behind, redefine it, make people scared of it and label the opposition with it. There is nothing wrong with certain liberal or socialist programs, in fact we have a few and some are extremely effective. But for now we'll be made scared of the words, they are evil, and anyone saying something like I just did is evil. There will be other words for sure in the future, for this election it will be socialism. Just to be clear, there are "liberal" parties around the world with a liberal platform. There are socialist parties with socialist platforms. They are not evil incarnate. They are not totalitarian regimes like Venezuela. But that is reality, we'll have the doctrine that "socialism is evil" redefined and rammed down our throats for the next 2 years. I may even start to believe it if the money spent on it is enough.
  21. Agreed. The news conference when they traded Demarius Thomas, he looked either drunk or hung over.
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