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  1. There's no NHL team in KC, HTF did you win a Stanley Cup?
  2. Enjoyed the 2 games I watched. It is football to me .
  3. might need a pinned "MOD NOTE" permission for this type of speculation!
  4. Bill O'Brien is OC, HC and GM, must be Vrabel's end game.
  5. How to start to turn this off season into shit: 1. Pees retires 2. Vrabel takes over DC role 3. titans sign Tom Brady. 4....
  6. He can handle it. Whether it makes him less effective as a HC or DC or both is the only question.
  7. He's learning well from Belichick and Bill O'Brien, fucking New England South.
  8. At first I thought it was going to be a vote on a list of board posters....
  9. If only he didn't get injured the game before the super bowl in 1999.
  10. And the clown show continues... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001099559/article/texans-coach-bill-obrien-gains-general-manager-title
  11. might be same reason it took forever for arthur smith to be named OC, whatever that reason is...
  12. The Rolling Stone magazine is also the biggest reason it took 39 years to get Rush into the RRHOF. They punish bands for not giving interviews.
  13. Good choices! Saw Rush on the Moving Pictures tour, played a lot of hemispheres. was great! Had zep tickets for the last tour but Bonham drank himself to death b4 our show. Sabbath with Dio would have been awesome also.
  14. I would say no HOF. But Cowher and Tagliabue got in so it's not entirely about merit.
  15. Prediction: Brady stays in NE and is just a big non-story, quickly forgotten.
  16. At least I was joking when I threw his name out there along with Dick Lebeau.....
  17. Every time I think of the Trubisky bust, I think of the next 2 QBs drafted after him.
  18. I'd be perfectly happy if they resign Tannehill. I'm not for Brady, I think he is very close to completely done. The draft is a crap shoot, we've struck out 3 times at QB in the draft since McNair left.
  19. Another wasted QB jersey, I'll hang Mariota's 8 beside my Young and Locker jerseys. I might stop buying QB jerseys.
  20. he's got cap space. He just has to maximize it. He already knows what each will cost, it's a matter of deciding who should stay and who should go and making that happen.

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