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  1. The Clowney show continues over at Texans headquarters... lol
  2. I'm thinking the Texans are banking that they'll get another 2-3 years from Watt. If Watt is not 100% this year, I bet the Texans will sign Clowney after the season is over for more money (assuming he has a similar year to last year).
  3. Cletus is also a synonym for dumb ass.
  4. Cletus is the nickname the fans gave Cal McNair, owner of the Texans.
  5. What a clown show. Either pay a 1st round draft choice or wait until the end of the season for Caserio. This narrow focus on New England people is sure fire disaster. You fire your GM after you tamper with really YOUR ONE AND ONLY target candidate, and he was unavailable due to a contract clause. Now, due to your narrow focus, you wait until the end of the season without a GM or you pony up NE's ransom. If they stay without a GM, they will keep Brian Gaine's scouts and the rest of player personnel intact. What a clown show, totally loving it!
  6. Currently, Bill O'Brian is the defacto GM. It has been 2 weeks since they fired Brian Gaine, the longer it goes, the more likely they will wait until after the season to hire a GM. So the following is speculation. Why do I care? I find it interesting since I just love a clown show on another team in the division and I think this is a 31 clown car VW Beetle at a 3 ring circus. Bill O'Brian is the GM until the end of the season. What can he do? Make a few waiver claims, maybe a trade. Basically nothing. The players are pretty much set for 2019. And there are big holes on the offensive line and defensive secondary. He will be in charge of everything, head coach and GM and still offensive coordinator. No way he's up for this. Sooo It all goes to shambles (hooray!) They fire Bill at the end of the season, hire a GM and then a new coach. (probably not good for us but puts Texans in for at least another year of transition.)
  7. Toronto is very conservative. Really good restaurants, though and lots of up and coming bands. Montreal is much more fun but not as fun as Nashville which is not as fun as New Orleans.
  8. totally agree, going to all the different ethnic stops and the food!
  9. "we the north" is still way better than TitanUp. PK has an article on this topic.
  10. So that's why you're in Bellevue Hospital! You labelled this thread Titans? Shouldn't it be in the other forum? Isn't Joelin a girl's name? Wasn't there a Dolly Parton song about Joelin?
  11. No new candidates have been interviewed since last week, looks like the Texans may ride with current staff. O'Brian will likely have a larger if not overall say. I think this is very good for the rest of the division, BoB is stretched pretty thin being the HC and OC, now he could also be the defacto GM.
  12. Thanks for that recap, Oman, it really is quite an amazing, real life tale of a bulletin board fabricated persona. The other tidbit I can remember was legal sneaking off to an empty conference room and taking a selfie of himself with his shirt off during an office work day, I think it was to prove he was in good shape. The last couple of years CTF was here it was clear he wasn't even following the team, I think what he would do he is get high, dredge up an old Oiler's article, post it here and then try to start an argument about it.
  13. Nick Caserio will remain in New England, apparently ending a league tampering investigation against the Texans. Texans CEO Cal McNair said today that he was not aware of all the relevant language in Caserio’s contract with the Patriots but once he became aware, he pledged to Patriots owner Robert Kraft that the Texans wouldn’t ask Caserio to leave New England. “When we started the process to interview Nick Caserio for our EVP/GM position, we consulted the League office on numerous occasions, followed the procedures outlined in the League’s rules and believed we were in full compliance,” McNair said in a statement. “We have now been made aware of certain terms in Nick’s contract with the Patriots. Once we were made aware of these contract terms, I informed Mr. Kraft that we would stop pursuing Nick.” John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Patriots have agreed to drop their tampering case. So this story appears to be over, with Caserio still in New England and the Texans still looking for a new G.M.
  14. Interesting information (misinformation?) floating around the media here. One source says the Texans did not tamper before they fired Gaine. After the firing they asked permission to interview Cesario and were immediately denied by the Patriots. They ignored the denial and continued to contact Cesario to try to bring him to Houston, and this is the tampering. It will be interesting to find out what was going on. Tampering is prevalent in the NFL but flagrant tampering could wind up with a draft pick penalty.
  15. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001033752/article/saints-sign-rishard-matthews-after-minicamp-tryout wonder if he negotiated his own contract.
  16. The clown show continues. If you're in the front office of a team wanting a guy for their new GM, you make sure no one in said office is seen during a filmed public event talking to the guy the day before you fire the old GM. You tell Easterly to not bee seen talking to Caserio at the function or even better you ask him to not attend. If you need him to make contact you do it in private or over the phone, not in front of cameras.
  17. We need to show the team Reggie Wayne's draft speech before the game. Hell, show it on the jumbo-tron before kick off, get the crowd into it.
  18. I plan on being there, will be a great 1/2 time, need to get my beer fill up b4 1/2 time...
  19. I wonder if the Ravens phoned Gaine before they traded with Philly.
  20. Let's hope they don't land Nick Cesario.
  21. Saw this one in person, everyone in the dome was excited to see McNair in action.
  22. Charley Caserly is available...
  23. Was worst GM in the division, so was Rick Smith. Good luck finding a GM in June...
  24. For sure it's a hypothetical, you don't know how your FA acquisitions will play out either, there's often a reason another team let them walk. I hear a lot of chatter that Indy hit a home run with all 3 of their second rounders, we'll see.
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