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  1. Omar

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    I am always against any player from Eastern Iowa U being on the Titans...but Hockensen is legit. He could very well be Gronk 2.0
  2. Omar

    Former Titan vs Peeping Tom

    Good for him!!
  3. Pelosi is flexing on him, he is going to melt down having a woman exert this much power over him. I was skeptical about her as Speaker, but she seems like she knows exactly which buttons to push with him.
  4. Wow..now let's see who Trump throws under the bus. Would he really serve up Kushner or Jr to save his own ass?
  5. Feels like any real American would punch these two idiots in the face.
  6. He really f'ing served them fast food? Wtf?
  7. It is past time for Putin to put and end to this shutdown.
  8. Omar

    Hakeem Butler

    He can be a potential star..
  9. She looked so shocked she was being fact checked by Fox. I cant stop laughing at her reaction.
  10. It was fun to watch Fox host Chris Wallace make Sarah Sanders look like a fool this morning regarding the "4000 terrorists who have been caught at the southern border". Turns out any alleged terrorists have actually been caught at airports all over the USA, not at the southern border at all. Wallace kept interrupting her with facts, and she just got all flustered and could nothing but continue to repeat the same false talking point. She looked like a complete fool. Fox is slowly starting to turn on this administration.
  11. His kids came out a few weeks back and said he wanted open borders with Mexico and Canada, and wanted this false information about their father stopped.
  12. Omar

    Hakeem Butler

    FWIW...he came out immediately and said that report was not true. From people who know him, he thinks ISU has a chance to be a top 15 team next year and wants to be part of that, and increase his stock. My uneducated guess is he will prob go pro...
  13. Omar

    Hakeem Butler

    As an ISU season ticket holder I can tell you he is a beast. 6'6, fast and extremely athletic, he can really go up and get the ball. Had some trouble with drops, but this kid will be a difference maker with some time in an NFL weight room. Still 50/50 on him coming back to ISU from what I am hearing. I believe he would be at top 15 pick in 2020.