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  1. I have seen nothing from Lawrence that makes me think he will be any better than average.
  2. I am very interested to see what Burks can do with a competent, offensive minded coaching staff.
  3. Forget about the Eastern Iowa TE..Titans got themselves a real TE.
  4. I watched Sweat just wreck ISU OL the last two years, he was one of the most impressive DL I have seen in a long time. His size, quickness, strength and explosiveness is rare, I am excited to see what he can do next to Jeff.
  5. A lot of good players available. Big fan of Junior Colson, and I think Newton or DeJean would be big additions.
  6. I read Cosells evaluation and I am even more convinced he should be the pick at 7. This kid has all the size an athleticism you could ask for..his biggest “flaw” is hand placement and using his hands more aggressively? Seems to me the Titans have the perfect coach to develop these “issues”. I have no idea if Alt will be there at 7, or if they go in a different direction, but anyone even implying Alt is not elite is just being ridiculous.
  7. Unless there are behind the scenes character issues we are not aware of…there is no way this team should give up on Burks until he gets one season with a real coaching staff.
  8. I am a big fan of Sweat, prob not in the Titans plans, but him next to Simmons would be bad ass.
  9. More nepotism since Callahan knows him..is that how this works?
  10. Honestly, if Trump gave all the classified information back the multiple times he was asked, it would have been a none issue. That’s the difference..
  11. Brock Purdy leads them to the SB. Should quiet down all the the critics..
  12. Purdy came up with the clutch drive when it counted. CycloneNation!
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