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  1. Omar

    GOP thread

    Just think about this..Pence, his aides and security detail were all worried the POTUS would turn on him and incite violence against him on Jan 6th. I just can’t wrap my head around that, a sitting VP and his team feared violence from a President. Of course that is exactly what happened, but the fact that they feared it leading up to it actually happening is a sad statement to how far this country has fallen.
  2. Maybe they get that way because of all the gun violence and mass shootings they see in this country. Along with the fact it’s easier to get a gun than it is to get a drivers license.
  3. Good grief, party over country. The fact that anyone with half a brain would vote for this guy shows how screwed our country is currently.
  4. Why exactly does any citizen need an AR-15 or similar type of gun? I have guns, I had to apply for a license and permit and wait 30 days, but I cannot wrap my head around why anyone needs weapons like an AR-15.
  5. So we are not allowed to talk about a funny gaffe by a former President without referencing to the current one? Wtf kind of kindergarten logic is that? Bush did something funny/amusing yesterday, people need to lighten the F up.
  6. Not sure if what Lewan says is true or not, but how many players do we see every year freak out over their Madden grade? I could def see some truth to this..
  7. Republicans are playing chess, Dems are not even playing checkers yet. This country is being run by 5 SCOTUS and around 10 Republicans.
  8. How so? He took the playoff loss hard, and it stayed with him all off season, how does that make him a big baby? Imagine the crap he would get on this board if he came to the presser all happy and smiling and saying last year did not matter.
  9. He is not better than RT. Average at best in DET, never lead that team to anything. Went to LA and played on an All-star team that won the SB. Does that make him an above average QB? Hell I think Mariota would have won a SB last year on that team. Let’s watch Stafford on MNF at home against the Titans…
  10. I don’t doubt this, same people who booed Steve McNair and were calling for NOD to take over, lol
  11. Remember when Montana shit all over Steve Young and refused to help him? Or Brett Favre, or Steve McNair with VY, or Rodgers returning that same favor to Love. Brady to any of his back ups…I guess none of them were team players.
  12. I agree, the issue would be there are only about 15 quality NFL QBs at any given time, the rest of the teams either have a retread or hoping their young QB develops.
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