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  1. The last 8-10 years there have barely been any Titans fans in the stands, he should be happy there were actually Titans fans there to boo him. I hope he doesn’t forget it, let that add more fuel to the fire. He played well on Sun, very positive because the team needs him.
  2. Sorry to hear this news, kick cancers ass and come back stronger. Best of luck Stan!
  3. Is it really a Democracy if there are two political parties who control everything, and these are the only choices? Being forced to pick between two parties does not sound like Democracy to me.
  4. We had Twitter when he played in Philly?
  5. Omar


    Nothing sweeter than watching Altuve walk off the punk ass Yankees, again.
  6. Omar


    They banged on a trash can because MLB put a live video monitor in their clubhouse for replay purposes, it was not really all that elaborate. MLB had also stated in their report the trash can banging was put to a halt well before the playoffs, and the live video monitors were put on a delay..Chapman just hung a slider, like he has done multiple times this season already.
  7. Omar


    Fair enough, but same has to apply to other teams caught cheating in 2017, Yankees and Red Sox. The cheating culture that Beltran brought to the Astros..from his time in NY. All pitchers caught using sticky substances, or Tony Larrusa’s past teams since he admitted they put a camera in CF to steal signs. What about the steroid era, greenies era, white players only era? I could go on forever, bottom line is all this shit goes on, and has gone on through the whole history of the game, only differences in this is the Astros had a POS that snitched on his team all because his snitc
  8. Omar


    GM said this morning the owner has given permission to go over the luxury tax. If they do, May as well go way over. I would be ecstatic if they got Kimbrell.
  9. Omar


    This Astros offense is unreal, even without Bregman. Need to get a reliever and this team is set.
  10. I believe it, tons of talent and just needed time to develop.
  11. He will be missed for sure, but was underutilized in the Titans offense.
  12. Abry Jones is a solid addition, was hurt most of last season.
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