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  1. What has the world come to when Trump again expresses his love for NK little fat leader and tells him he will see him soon, and Kim basically tells him to f*ck off.
  2. Omar


    As multiple articles have reported, the Astros have been doing what multiple teams have been doing. It is a league wide issue that has been going on for years, the Astros seem to be the focus of a few articles. Scouts in the stands trying to determine signs has been going on for a long time, and is not illegal. It Is also not illegal to use cameras and technology, just look at the WS with both teams having multiple computers and iPads going over previous at bats, only illegal if the team was communicating this info in real time. If it can be proven the Astros continued to do this after the Yankees and Red Sox were actually caught doing this in 2017, they may be in some trouble. My guess is MLB will not want to open this can of worms since it would have to investigate multiple teams. This is a result of technology and every team trying to get and edge and push it as far as they can.
  3. Honest question, how do the Trump supporters feel about Guiliani coming right out and reminding Trump he has the goods on him? Dude did this on national TV, no matter how you spin it, that was a threat. This was a John Gotti move on the President, the big drama now is who turns on the other first.
  4. Omar


    Actually this all started from an article yesterday in the Athletic. It “ accuses” the Astros of cheating, but then goes on to say at the end the Astros were not the only team, and many teams were doing it. The same speculation that the Astros were doing it, was implied about “many” other teams. The Boston Red Sox were actually caught using electronic devices against the Yankees in 2017. Boston actually first accused the Yankees of doing this, then they got caught doing it. MLB came out after that and told all teams to knock it off, and doing this in the future would result in penalties. So to write an article solely about the Astros was complete BS. It is strictly about 2017, so why make it almost exclusively about the Astros? Especially when a team actually got caught. The whistleblower part I just did to piss you off, I thought that was funny. I actually was following Trump strategy by immediately attacking the source. once again, just because someone does not like Trump does not make them a liberal or a Democrat. Just someone who is able to formulate their own opinion. Seriously though, I was partly giving you shit, and I won’t bring up politics in this forum again, that is my bad. Go Astros!
  5. Omar


    Oh ok, maybe we can talk about the Red Sox who actually got caught cheating using electronics in 2017. What a BS article, Astros cheat is the headline, then one of the last things in the article was most teams were doing it. Let’s use your BS excuses for Trump..who were the whistle blowers? A reporter who was butt hurt over being temporarily banned from the Astros clubhouse, and a butt hurt Mike Fiers who was all sad because he was left off the playoff roster, and was not re-signed by the team. If he was so offended, why did he want to re-sign with the team? If he was so offended why wait two years to speak up? If he was so offended did he refuse to accept his WS ring? Or give it back? Oh BTW, sure like the pictures of Fiers glove that looks like a large amount of Vaseline in it when he threw his no hitter. Very credible witness in Fiers, he is a POS hypocrite. My rant is over...
  6. Makes the Trumpers feel good to point out it was “only” 1.1 million he stole from US veterans. Let that sink in..unbelievable
  7. Part of Trumps own impeachment defense from some his own fellow Republicans is that he is too dumb to make any kind of deal. No stretch that the Chinese are well aware of how not smart this guy really is.
  8. Guy had obvious ties to Clinton and Trump, there is a video of a creepy looking Trump doing some kind of weird dance while pointing out young women with Epstein. Yet anyone with half a brain knows this is all about the royal family and protecting Prince Andrew. The story that ABC, or CBS, I forget which one, was killed by the royal family. I am sure Epstein was as well.
  9. Bolton is playing this whole thing very smart. He says he and his associate will not testify unless a judge directs them to, which would happen since it is an impeachment hearing, then has his lawyer “leak” that he has a lot of information regarding Ukraine. He is covering his ass from Trump and his deranged base. If Schiff is smart enough to take that subpoena to court to enforce it, Bolton seems like he is basically asking him to do that. Dude wants to talk
  10. Trump has a major hard on for Obama, is totally threatened by him. If there was even a whiff of truth to this, the Republicans would have been all over this when they had complete control. There is no other way to spin it
  11. He can’t be benched, he is one of the best LTs in the league. But...dude does cost the team on at least one drive a game. It always seems like his penalties come in bunches.
  12. Once again for the illiterate, just because someone does not like Trump, does not make them a Hillary supporter, liberal, or Democrat. Maybe some people can actually think for themselves, and don’t feel the need to belong to either cult.
  13. He must be deep state, a never Trumper, maybe one of his family members was not actually born on American soil, traitor, stabbing his cult..I mean political the back. Did I cover all the Trump ass kissing talking points?
  14. You do realize this process is totally legal, and was put into effect in Jan 2015 by John Boehner, and supported by the Republican majority. If you want to bitch about it, do it to your Republican Party who put this whole process in place.