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  1. This scenario actually makes the most sense, especially after hearing Jrob and Vrabel talk about him so much. When have they ever talked that much about a free agent?
  2. If I remember correctly, Hooker played the slot on passing downs when he played at that shitty Eastern Iowa college. He was pretty damn good at it too. Just saying
  3. Excellent signing. 1 year prove it deal for a kid who has talent, has shown it, and was miscast in the defense he played in at Atl.
  4. He was obviously not wanted back, Just don’t want to see the team take the 8th or 9th best OT at 29.
  5. Omar

    Virus in US

    Trump said this virus will go away when the weather gets warmer, so we should all be ok.
  6. I sure hope JRob is not dumb enough to have a glaring need at RT when the team picks at 29. This is already close to a championship roster, RT has to be dealt with in free agency, even if that player is a 1-2 year stop gap.
  7. As an old Oilers fan, kind of fun to cheer for a Houston football team once again.
  8. I have said for years the real issue with this country is dishwashers. Finally we have an IMPOTUS who will talk about this issue, constantly.
  9. Trump said he wanted witnesses, they have to oblige him.
  10. Sounds more to me like she won, if the reports are correct, there are enough Republicans that will vote to hear witnesses. As it should be..

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