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  1. As much as I dislike Trump, it is really hard to get behind Dems. They lack any type of leadership, and are so wishy washy on so many topics.
  2. Still curious who paid off all of Kavanaughs debt right before he was to be nominated for SC.
  3. I can actually agree with this, I watched it unfold multiple times at work if anyone criticized Obama, even Obama supporters.
  4. I hope he rots in prison if this stuff is true. Just because someone dislikes Trump does not make them a Clinton fan. That is small minded thinking
  5. If you are referring to me, I am concerned with current politics, I don’t know a whole lot about Clinton because I was in HS when all his BS went on. Never cared much about him to read up on all the crap that went on during his presidency. If he and Epstein were buddies doing devious shit, I hope he fries for it. Clear enough for you?
  6. Don’t let LTF gaslight you on this, Clinton is a POS and there is no double standard with me. Just because I am more concerned with the CURRENT president at this time does not mean anyone is giving Clinton any type of pass on anything. Keep deflecting from the current politics Trumpflakes
  7. Read it again you lying pos, you asked if Clinton should be investigated and I said YES. I have been on record multiple times saying ANYONE involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. My statement about nobody gives a shit about Clinton refers to the Trump snowflakes bringing him up every time Trump says or does something stupid.
  8. Yes, nobody gives a shit about Clinton except Republicans and their “what about” Any other deflections from the topic at hand?
  9. This guy went from Trump critic to 100% supporter overnight. I really want this story to be told some day.
  10. I am not trying to get into this racial debate, but this is exactly how it was in my HS. Especially the math part.
  11. I have to say, any Dem or politician who joked about Barron Trump should be punched in the mouth. Kids should 100% off limits. Same with the Repubs who made fun of Obama’s girls, or Clinton’s daughter.
  12. You do realize many of the Republicans defending Trump have actually used their names, right? I have not seen any others mentioned than those four. Come on bro, every rational person knows who he was talking about. This is a really weak attempt to defend him.
  13. Oh Google def needs to be put in check, but this issue is not “ just about Trump” because he has said the same things about countless companies that either oppose him, or his business interests. It it is a pattern with him..
  14. Question for the Trump supporters..what would it be called if a white Democrat went up to Melania Trump and her family and told her/them to go back where they came from? That would be racist to me. Would anyone ever think to say that to VP Pence wife?
  15. It is not a dumb argument, you show you do not want to talk about the issue, you want to defend Trump at all costs. Trump and his people have said for two days it is not about race, but a Socialism issue, so why not attack the main politician associated with Socialism? Why only tell women of color to go back where they came from? Your defense of him is weak in this case.
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