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  1. Absolutely not. There is never, ever a bigger waste of talent than VY. He had all the talent in the world, and QUIT on his team. Nothing is worse than that. He will always be labeled a quitter.
  2. What happened to that health care plan the orange man promised would happen in August?
  3. Davis has been a victim of a few injuries, some bad OC, and terrible QB play so far in his Titans career. Look for him to have a break out year this season.
  4. Omar

    Biden Endorsements

    I wonder George Bush will come out and endorse Biden.
  5. F*ck him, he obviously does not want to be in Tennessee, or anywhere. He is a decent talent, but so overrated that I hope nobody signs him.
  6. Someone stayed up past his bedtime and watched The Dark Knight Rises. He is obviously talking about Bane and his men.
  7. If I was Biden I would demand live fact checking during debates, Trump should have nothing to worry about if he does not lie, LOL
  8. Omar

    Wisconsin Unrest

    Although it was expected, it is still hard to believe anyone would defend the cop that shot Mr. Blake 7 times in the back. Even worse, people standing up for the little punk ass coward shooting people from a distance with his rifle.
  9. 100% agree, excellent post Nine!
  10. Based on the Senate findings, they need to impeach his ass again.
  11. One of the things Trump ran on was his ability to clear the national deficit in a few years. Hypocritical BS if Trump supporters downplay it now.
  12. What is worse than a teammate QUITTING on his team??
  13. Biggest bust will always be VY. So talented, and quit on his team.

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