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  1. Agreed...How does opting out fit in with JRob and Vrabels “ love the game” philosophy?
  2. Seems like a very solid move, Schwartz has a ton of experience and was always a decent coach. Happy to see Vrabel is at the very least getting an experienced voice that is outside of his coaching/playing tree.
  3. My prediction is Joseph Ossai, hopefully they can trade down a few spots
  4. Based on JRobs press conference about dependable players, why on earth would they even consider bringing back that waste of a roster spot Clowney?
  5. Will he be happy giving a 10-15 yard cushion to the WR on every play?
  6. He should prob just trade the teams first round pick this year.
  7. So hard to get a franchise QB, not to mention a franchise RB. This team is going to waste both of them.
  8. Cleaning out my garage, found an old box of my grandparents with a Luv Ya Blue sign from a game. Had no idea I had it, like finding gold!
  9. Not only this, but the teams last few drafts have been small, and there have been some huge misses. This team has some serious position and depth issues that will be very hard to fill this off season. Hope we don’t end up wasting the prime years of RT and Henry.
  10. This move had to happen, but the team needs to make some moves at CB. Adoree and Fulton hardly played at all last year, can’t count on them.
  11. Instead of taking a one trick pony type pass rusher, I would not mind seeing the team getting an interior rusher to play next to Simmons. As painful as it is for me to say, Daviyon Nixon from the eastern Iowa team is a beast of a player, who is just starting to scratch the surface. Super explosive first step, he could do some damage with Simmons always being double teamed. Trade back a bit in the first, easier said than done I know, and take Nixon.
  12. I hope this team has moved on from Clowney. Bad enough they gave Bowen the job, don’t want to see Clowney running around missing tackles and getting hurt again.
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