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  1. Biden with Kamala Harris as VP would win easily.
  2. What kind of complete POS picks a fight with a decorated Vietnam war hero, who also served his country as a long term Senator, who recently passed away? He talks tough on social media, and picks fights with dead war heroes. What a complete loser.
  3. If only the Republicans had control of all three branches of the government for two years, they could have investigated her alleged crimes. Not one person can explain why this did not happen, just continue to chant "lock her up" while she is now irrelevant.
  4. I just hope all the same people who support it now will feel the same when a Dem president issues one for gun control or climate change.
  5. Hockensen!! He could really help transform this offense. Fant could not block, so his playing time was cut during the season. No thanks
  6. I won my nerf hoop tournament last night. My 4 year old nephew got owned, I am going to get myself the biggest trophy I can find.
  7. Pelosi is playing some of that 3D chess the Repubs like to talk about, but never actually see.
  8. They traded a premier pass rusher just entering his prime, and gave a locker room cancer WR a huge raise. If AB did not like Rothlesburger throwing to him, he will really hate Carr. Sounds like a high quality train wreck, time to get the popcorn.
  9. Not true at all, met him a few times, and know several people who know him. Cool down to earth kid, very competitive.
  10. Dershowitz the pedophile enabler?...allegedly
  11. This baseless idea that smoking weed makes you lazy is really ignorant. Stop quoting the 1960s propaganda videos and have an original thought. If a motivated person smokes, they are still motivated. If a lazy person smokes, they are still lazy. Irving got kicked off the ISU team because he was a lazy jackass who had a ton of talent, and just wanted to be a popular cool guy. He was caught on camera helping to incite riots at Veisha, what used to be a popular ISU festival. I work with people who are prescribed legal medications from doctors and sit around almost drooling on themselves every day. So because it is legal, prescribed by a doctor..that makes it ok and acceptable?
  12. I know farmers in Iowa are getting crushed by this, and more and more starting to turn on this administration.
  13. If I am Pitt there is no way I cut this guy. Pay the 2.5 mill roster bonus and make him show up or retire.
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