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  1. I have said for years the real issue with this country is dishwashers. Finally we have an IMPOTUS who will talk about this issue, constantly.
  2. Trump said he wanted witnesses, they have to oblige him.
  3. Sounds more to me like she won, if the reports are correct, there are enough Republicans that will vote to hear witnesses. As it should be..
  4. I would like to take this time to reciprocate and congratulate IMPOTUS on his Impeachment. Only the third team, I mean person, to reach this milestone in their Presidential career. He put in the work and really earned this for himself.
  5. Holy crap, a couple of the sheep going against their savior..about time their balls dropped.
  6. So does this mean we are not decreasing our footprint in the Middle East?
  7. I for one am glad he would at least consider it, even though people are freaking out because they did not read the whole context of the quote. This country needs some unity, not this Crips and Bloods approach to everything political. He should choose the best person, not because someone just happens to belong to his cult. Both parties are nothing but cults, maybe it’s time for the sheep on both sides to wake up and actually put the country first.
  8. That is awesome, glad he had his concealed weapon and took care of business.
  9. That was a dominating drive. Glad the D came to play
  10. Maybe he was cut from the movie because he is the only cast member to ever be impeached.
  11. You know this is BS. When McConnell comes right out and says he is coordinating with the WH, that is a major issue. I don’t care what party you belong to, we should all want all the facts to come out, all the witnesses to testify. If IMPOTUS has nothing to hide..then let all the facts come out.
  12. Boo Hoo cry baby Trump. Will not let the necessary people testify, but wants to call the process unfair. What a hypocrite, if he did nothing wrong he should WANT these people to testify.
  13. Can you call it one sided when the IMPOTUS tells his “subordinates” that they are not allowed to testify?

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