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  1. If Vrabel thinks the WRs suck, what does he think about Daley at LT? Or even Brewer at LG?
  2. World Series champions!!!
  3. Hockenson would have been a big time help for the Titans offense, wish they had done this trade. Been a fan of his since college.
  4. Only position the Titans should consider trading for is a LT, not sure if any are available.
  5. Six straight years in the ALCS!!
  6. Omar

    GOP thread

    How do you let another man disrespect you like this? I just don’t get it, these guys have no self respect. I don’t care Dem or Rep, I would never vote for anyone who let’s another man show so much disrespect, and just takes it. Grow some balls
  7. Once again, opponent made half time adjustments, Titans made none.
  8. Division champions again…
  9. Just checked my Directv account, they gave me the Sunday ticket max for free this year for being a loyal customer. Pretty stoked about that..
  10. This is BS, he is not a part of the mid terms, and has not announced he is running for office.
  11. “FBI raids home of Epstein linked Clinton donor”
  12. A lot will depend on last year’s draft. Feels like almost the whole draft redshirted last year, seems like a lot of talent that has shown flashes. Looking forward to see the progress..
  13. The best run team in baseball. They don’t have the money of the Dodgers or Yankees, they lose a superstar every year, and it’s next man up. They just keep winning..
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