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  1. The kid is starting to step up and show consistency. He may never be worth his draft slot, but I sure hope the team re-signs him.
  2. How about Willie Featherstonehands as a deep threat?
  3. Cant win when the corners play 10 yards off the ball. I would much rather see the team give a a few deep touchdowns than the 12 play 80 yard drives that take 8 min off the clock.
  4. Schumer needs to go, maybe not AOC quite yet, but someone. Schumer is like Vic Beasley..gotta go
  5. Monday morning headline..Bears rookie OL now getting rookie of the year votes after going up against Titans defense.
  6. Excellent trade, just hope he can cover his man for 15-30 seconds on every pass play.
  7. As a long time Oilers/Titans fan, as soon as I saw the Bengals had 3 OL out, their starting RB out, and a rookie QB..had to know they would lose this game.
  8. Cool, always enjoy watching JC get “close” while the opposing QB marches his team on another 10 play drive.
  9. Have to laugh at the orange one and his followers who have been targeting Victoria Coates this whole time, thinking for sure it was her. I am sure her life has been pleasant through all of this..
  10. This is brutal, this idiot may be even more dangerous to America than his daddy in law. Really like how he says Woodward misquoted him when the conversation is recorded. He flat out lied about being misquoted, if you are going to say it, at least be a man and own it.
  11. This is the exact reason I am voting in person on Election Day. I am hoping for one of these idiots to do this..
  12. Exactly, being brought up as a good Catholic boy, we all know this guy is a complete scum bag. Constant sexual abuse of children is fine, but other sins must be dealt with immediately. LOL
  13. I agree with Bongo, Jonnu and Adoree need to be re-signed ASAP. Their market is only going to keep going up
  14. Omar

    First Debate

    I would agree to the drug test, and since Trump is demanding it, I would drop right after he did. Everyone with half a brain cell knows there is no way in hell Trump would drop for a drug test. Call his bluff on it
  15. The consultant fee he paid to his daughter, and wrote off, is fraud by itself.

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