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  1. Purdy is going to lead the 49ers to the SB, started a little slow but threw two absolute dimes for TDs.
  2. QB driven league, the Titans have a mediocre one at the moment.
  3. Mitch and Feinstein are prime examples of why we need term limits. Can also add Grassley to the list, he couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence at the State Fair a few weeks ago.
  4. Gipson is a very solid addition, can never have enough pass rushers.
  5. Omar

    GOP thread

    Iowa girl with the cannon..
  6. I thought they were planted by the FBI
  7. Oh man I can’t believe I did that, thanks for the correction. Vikings offense got better with Hockensen…few too many beers already this evening.
  8. Always thought a good TE could help transform an offense way more than a good WR. Detroit’s offense got way better last trade deadline when they acquired Hockensen. I was a big fan of the NE offense when they had Gronk and Hernandez.
  9. The kid is a stud, should the team have taken a WR that was rated much lower on their board as RC has said?
  10. PK has never owned anyone, he is a complete idiot who just bitches about everything.
  11. Hell yes they should bring in Hakeem Butler, he deserves another shot in the NFL. Looks to be totally over the knee injury
  12. Solid draft on paper, expect Skoronski, Spears and Whylie to contribute some this season. The most important thing for this team is that last years picks all take a step forward this year.
  13. Draft weekend is so fun, bunch of uninformed people sitting on their couch bitching because the team didn’t pick who they thought they should.
  14. Xavier Hutchinson is better than 90% of the WR in this draft, don’t think he will last until the 5th round though
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