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  1. Damn, good luck in this fight Josh.
  2. Omar

    More Corruption

    The SDNY must be on to some really bad things for the Trump crime syndicate.
  3. That is fine, because for every silly thing Biden says, Trump will say multiple racist, divisive, illiterate things.
  4. I can’t imagine any Trump supporter, or anyone in his administration wants him on stage in front of the world answering unscripted questions.
  5. Facebook takes down Trump campaign ads for “violating policy on organized hate.” Let that sink in for a moment. This is the President of the United States, being called out by a social media platform that has always bowed to him, for promoting hate.
  6. Omar

    US Senate Race

    I will demand a retraction from any NFL preview magazine that does not have the Titans winning the division, AFC championship and Super Bowl this year. I will not stand for it..
  7. Most powerful country in the world has a Bunker bitch with the sensitivity of a teenage girl leading us.
  8. This is hilarious. Trump denies it happened, and Barr completely throws him under the bus. Bunker bitch
  9. Wow..just when you think he can’t get any lower. Spouting out more Russian propaganda
  10. No Americans should ever get tear gassed, but..these are Hawkeye fans, and Iowa is a Cyclone State. I am not as offended by this as I should be, lol
  11. Demings really seems like she could be a home run choice.
  12. The best thing for America would be term limits, but neither cult would actually do it.
  13. So is this the voter fraud he was referring to?

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