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  1. Start impeachment proceedings. Very different from actual impeachment. If they start proceedings all documents and info have to be turned over, then we can have a clear picture as to impeach or not.
  2. They were able to adjust some things during the bye without an opponent to focus on .
  3. This guy is from my home state, and it is disturbing how little coverage and outrage this is getting. Most of the coverage has been how people feel he got too much jail time. This is an example of a person who should be taken out behind the courthouse and shot in the back of the head.
  4. Bro, do explain how I bashed CNN for this? I will wait. I actually defended your boy from TDF, it was a brilliant campaign strategy. Wtf...you trolls are defensive about everything.
  5. Oh BS, they did it because he was entertaining, said outlandish stuff, and did whatever he could to stay in the news cycle. It was actually a good plan for him to get free publicity. Not everything is some deep conspiracy. You are actually downplaying one of your boys better campaign strategies.
  6. Uh no, they gave Trump non stop 24hr a day coverage.
  7. Well...CNN is the network most affiliated with helping Trump get elected, so I guess it makes sense they are racist.
  8. So in the last 24-48 hours, we have found out Trump is a billion dollar loser, his biggest evangelical backer paid for a sex scandal to go away in exchange for supporting Trump, his AG has contempt charges brought against him, his son has been subpoenaed by the Republican controlled Senate, his little man crush Kim Jong is firing missiles again, and the ghost writer for his Art of the deal book calls it a sham. He is def winning..haha
  9. Seems like the team was close to signing Suh last year, a one year deal with him sure makes a ton of sense. He could really help take this D to the next level.
  10. I am pointing out the false information in an earlier post. Since when is quoting a federal prosecutor bitching? SMDH back at ya..
  11. No, Mueller said Barr did not capture the context, nature and substance of his offices work and conclusions. Also, Barr said under oath last week he did not exonerate Trump for obstruction. He must also now be deep state
  12. Great, if Hillary did something wrong then by all means prosecute. What does this have to do with what's happening with the President currently? Hillary is/was a nobody compared to actions of the President, FYI..she was never President. Also, if she did all these blatant criminal acts, why was she not prosecuted when the Republicans had all branches of the government? Why was that campaign promise not delivered when Trump had every chance in the world?
  13. Holy crap, you Trump guys are scary delusional. You are all in on the Jhihadic Trump cult. Unbelievable..
  14. The Barr summary did not capture the context, nature or substance of the offices work and conclusions. That is pretty straightforward, why have none of the trump supporters on here addressed this statement? Just keep parroting the same false statements.
  15. Summary did not capture substance, nature and conclusions of their office. How do you explain that sentence? Without saying anything about Obama or Hillary? Also, why is someone automatically a liberal or Dem just because they can clearly see the guy is a criminal, unfit to be president? There is a moderate base who is not weak minded and belong to either cult.
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