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  1. Same reason Adoree is still attempting to return punts. Must be that potential that will never be realized
  2. The fact that he is still the punt returner makes me question Vrabels intelligence
  3. Omar

    Saudi Drone Strikes

    Still curious why when Obama was President that Trump tweets out Saudi Arabia should fight their own battles, but now we have to defend them. Can any Trump supporter answer what has changed, or do they all agree it has to do with how much money they spend at his hotels?
  4. I am more interested in who paid off his massive debts right before he was announced as a SC nominee. That really needs to be investigated.
  5. Omar

    Saudi Drone Strikes

    I enjoyed reading the Trump tweet from 2014 telling Obama to let Saudi Arabia fight their own battles, or pay a large sum of money to the USA for defending them. I guess that that large sum of money goes to the Trump hotels.
  6. I am not a big Biden fan, maybe if he could somehow convince Warren to be his VP. Hard to see that happening though.
  7. I am no fan of the Dems or their debate, but the biggest “retard” is in the White House. Not even comparable
  8. I agree she may be a better candidate, just see no way she can get the votes.
  9. What the Republicans did in NC is a disgrace. This is not how democracy works, traitors. I would say the same thing if the Dems did some shady shit like this.
  10. Warren may indeed make a good President, but she has no shot of beating Trump. This election should be all about who can beat him.
  11. So now this moron wants to give Iran 15 billion to basically go back to the deal Obama negotiated, then Trump discarded right when he got into office. Sounds legit, how can these Trumpers stand all this winning?
  12. Sure wish the team was sitting on 30+ million to maybe invest in one more OL during free agency
  13. Browns D is going to destroy the OL tomorrow. The thing about Mariota is the kid has never really had a chance. Multiple shit OCs, the OL has not been good in years, no running game until they FINALLY let DH play last year.
  14. If the Dems ever want Trump to support anything they want, just talk nice to him and stay at one of his hotels and he will do anything for anybody.