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  1. Titans279

    Virus in US

    I would reiterate that more than NY can try to open schools to various degrees, and that is not a fringe position.
  2. Not really sure why we're deciding to run the country off a cliff but here we go I guess
  3. Titans279

    Biden VP Thread

    BTW I moved from the USPS thread to not hijack it She is not a random non-office holder. She's been heavily involved in the highest levels of government and the Democratic party for 12 years. She was in-inline to be Secretary of State and now could be Vice President with a high likelihood of being President. I think we should hold our standard bearers to a higher standard. Anyway, I think there are a couple different reasons to be concerned about their investments/involvement. 1. It's hypocritical for a prominent Democrat (especially a politician) to be heavily invested in things like oil companies, big pharma, large financial firms, etc. It sends the wrong message. How are we supposed to take their commitment to Democratic positions seriously when they are personally invested in the opposite? It becomes a question of values at a certain level (imo depending on the level and amount of investment). 2. It creates real conflicts of interest (at the very least the appearance of conflicts of interest). Louis DeJoy at USPS is a great contemporary example since he is heavily invested in competitors to the USPS. You could say the same for appointing people heavily invested or involved in the the fossil fuel or chemical, etc industry being in charge of EPA (Andrew Wheeler was a coal lobbyist). Rice was estimated to be worth 20-45 million with about one third of that being Canadian fossil fuel companies (not even counting American companies). That's more than the Clintons. She was the wealthiest person in Obama's entire cabinet. It's not like she owned a Vanguard Index Fund.
  4. Moved to VP thread to not hijack
  5. Titans279

    Virus in US

    @oldschool I know you will never admit you are wrong. The podcast specifically mentions her home town in Massachusetts which is opening to some extent. She mentioned that it could open more than it even is. They also mention more than just NY as being ready to open schools to some extent, but these places are very risk averse.
  6. Titans279

    Biden VP Thread

    Seems like he was just playing with the reporter to me
  7. Titans279

    Virus in US

    BTW in this podcast (whole discussion starts @37:04, specifically starts around 42:28) the hosts and Juliette Kayyem (former member of Secretary Jeh Johnson’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, among other credentials) all say exactly what I said this week. Places that are OK for some form of reopening tend to be too afraid to open (generally blue areas), places that are not in any state to reopen are reopening haphazardly (generally red areas). This is a pretty mainstream liberal podcast. The money quotes start right at 44:30 if you want to listen to the least amount of podcast! https://slate.com/podcasts/political-gabfest/2020/08/messing-with-the-census
  8. Of course, this would be totally fine if he had just put those assets in a blind trust when he was appointed on May 7th, 2020.
  9. Just a coincidence of course. What they’ve done in their private lives has nothing to do with this I’m sure.
  10. Titans279

    Biden VP Thread

    It would be funny if Biden went the old school governor from a swing state route after everyone had written Whitmer off. It almost makes too much sense.
  11. Titans279

    Biden VP Thread

    I think you don't understand what I said about Rice.
  12. Titans279

    Biden VP Thread

    It's not a big ask for politicians to avoid these financial conflicts of interest.

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