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  1. Mariota definitely has the locker room from everything I’ve ever seen. I think even if we move on from him the FO and coaches aren’t going to have animus towards him. He’s a good guy, it’s just fairly possible due to many factors it’s not going to work out here. If he plays well I’ll be among the first to say it this year. I want the guy to succeed!
  2. dude... if he plays like he has the past two years that's not good enough.
  3. Even if it happens, last year Eli Manning threw for 4300 yards and 21 TDs and 11 INTs. That's not much different than what you're saying would be good. His passer rating was 92.4 which was almost exactly the league average last year. If Mariota's in that ball park I won't necessarily be over the moon. That's the problem with just using specific stats. Edit, attempt to do some actual thresholds. Only Seattle attempted fewer passes than us last year. 427 vs 437. Wilson still had 35 TDs and only 7 INTs with only 193 yards per game. Obviously Mariota only had 331 of our 437 attempts and he threw 11 TDs and 8 INTs. Expecting Mariota to be Wilson is likely expecting way too much though. Wilson was second to only Mahomes in TDs per attempted pass. Mariota was 24th. However, the Texans, Chargers, Bears, Saints, and Cowboys each only attempted 100 or fewer more attempts than us and had fairly respectable pass games while leaning heavily on the run game. Somewhere in that seems achievable given we should pass more with a healthy Mariota and without Gabbert in the game. It's only about 6 more attempts per game. If Mariota stays healthy and plays like Dak or Trubisky (i.e. slightly better than average) I still wouldn't really be happy, but you probably keep a better than average guy around. It probably means we make the playoffs. But if you think this is his ceiling and you can get an upgrade you probably try to do it (maybe Mariota stays healthy and is slightly better than average but the team sucks and we get a top 5 pick for example). If he plays like Watson you're a bit happier because he'll have thrown for more yards, with more TDs, and fewer INTs, but he probably still isn't really developed as a passer. He's quite a bit above average in terms of how successful your pass game is overall but still way worse than the top tier when he needs to pass to win the game. Then you've got Brees and Rivers. He's very unlikely to hit this level for obvious reason. They're aging vets who are no longer at their peak, but Mariota likely won't match their pocket passing ability, ever. They aren't as good as they once were, but they're as good once as they ever were. If Mariota can play at this level you're pretty stoked.
  4. If Mariota can play like Alex Smith or Jared Goff that would be great given where he’s at but it would be a disappointment overall still. Both are game manager QB’s that you hope to do better than (or in Goff’s case that he develops further since he’s still young). Smith was at his peak and Reid thought he could upgrade and he was right.
  5. If Flu has added that ability seems like it would be tough for someone like Alex Barnes to make the roster, unless they want another pure RB backup?
  6. Are we going to needs a “happy thoughts only” thread for this shit too? ...For the flakes... 🤣
  7. Mariota is very overrated by some on the board because people excuse his poor play and use his good moments as a baseline. Overall he is very mediocre because he has so many bad moments. He’s very inconsistent. You can’t ignore the bad. It’s been a part of him for his whole career and I see no reason to believe he will stop being inconsistent this year.
  8. Just copy and paste the URL of the tweet and the forum will embed it in your post
  9. Hooker is getting a lot of hype. I think it was Mike Keith on 3hl saying he thought he was a 2nd round talent and that he was who he was most excited they got where they got him.
  10. BK was one of the most successful trolls I’ve ever seen. No one compares.
  11. I like that you ignored my comment to post more stupid shit. The Democratic Party is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic party. By calling it the party of racist whites you’re implying the non-whites who are Democrats are too stupid to see how these white Democrats are “The Real Racists.“ Seems kinda... racist.
  12. You guys know Asian and Jewish people are overwhelmingly Democrats, right? Are they successful people or racist Democrats?
  13. Eh, they are pretty vague about their small donor stuff. They don't seem to want to release their actual donor numbers. Yeah, maybe almost 2/3's of their donors are $25 or less but the driving force is the $2,800 max checks. If just their small donor numbers were better than the rest of the field then they'd release those numbers instead of being very selective about what they release. Yeah, no one's gonna deny this. If it's a negative or not is up to each person. John Morgan, the Orlando-area trial lawyer who hosted a Biden fundraiser at his home on Tuesday and said after the event that he had collected $1.8 million in donations and future pledges to Biden. Miami developer and longtime Biden supporter Michael Adler hosted a fundraiser Monday evening in Coral Gables that brought in as much as $400,000, according to two people familiar with the preliminary numbers. In Hollywood, Biden reportedly raised $700,000 earlier this month. And in his first day as an announced candidate on April 25, $700,000 of the $6.3 million Biden raised in the first 24 hours of launching his campaign came from an event at the Philadelphia home of a Comcast executive. (https://www.politico.com/story/2019/05/21/biden-florida-fundraising-blitz-1338088) Biden is really the "Make America 2015 Again" candidate, which will really appeal to the upper-crust types who have been doing fine, well, basically no matter who is president. Essentially they just want someone like them back in control again. Someone respectable who isn't going to rock the boat. I have to say his recent claims that "Trump is an aberration" and they the fever will break and the GOP will work with him when he wins is so dumb that I can't believe he really thinks that. It's gotta just be his shtick. A lot of Dems like the idea of taking the high road and could just be exhausted by the last 4 years of politics so maybe this message will be effective. It's an Obama-esque message which obviously was very appealing to Dems, but we saw what happened to Obama. Biden was right there for it! If he really believes he can have a beer with Mitch McConnell to get him to appoint Biden's judicial appointments (even SCOTUS seats) I think we're in for a world of hurt.
  14. The difference is of course that we have concepts of good and evil and still choose to be evil. The other animals as far as we know do not have the concepts of ethics or morality.
  15. Ya, IMO there's a difference between being a realist on Mariota, i.e. he's been subpar and injured so he needs to be better and stay healthy this year or he's gone (which we've heard a million times and we all know at this point!) and the over the top negative posts. Personally I think people should just ignore those types of posts because there's no point.
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