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  1. I'm ready for the game to start now. Not sure what I'm going to do for a couple hours.
  2. Not really, but they keep putting him out there. It seems like they really want him to have the chance to do something. He's not just a decoy since they've actually put the ball in his hands a couple times. I was really nervous when he lined up at QB and made that simple throw to Brown. He looked very shaky.
  3. @Pok'e you staying a Titans fan or leaving us when Mariota leaves??
  4. All the guys who claimed they "saw this too late after the donations were already closed" would have their chance to donate though!
  5. Teresa Walker was always a big "Marcus" fan. Mariota has a ton of fans who still think it was the Titans that somehow used him wrong and will click on these pointless articles for confirmation bias.
  6. Things are really lining up well for the team if they can just execute they should win
  7. Biden’s whole philosophy to compromise in the name of finding a bipartisan solution. Obviously he won’t get what he’s asking for and will give up entirely on things in the name of getting something done. How is it a surprise if it’s cuts to entitlements?
  8. I think he can and will have a big game tomorrow, and we'll win.
  9. It's crazy how Fox really is just state controlled media

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