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  1. Personally I think this kind of stuff and the whole "War Cloud" thing is obviously the industrial military complex shifting from what's a waning Global War on Terror into new profitable markets (back to the idea of a major conflict with another world power). Gotta keep raking in those fat government contracts.
  2. People hear Space Force and think something like Starship Troopers or Star Trek, but that's not what it will be (sadly). It's basically about protecting our assets in space, which for now is basically just satellites, from either getting hacked or from being blown up. The reality for now is it's basically a bunch of nerds at desks on the ground doing cybersecurity shit and having the ability to launch missiles (from the ground) up into space. It is really important to keep our satellites up and running, not getting hacked or blown out of the sky thought. It's just not really sexy or interesting compared to what everyone's first idea of a Space Force is. Imagine how fucked things would get if someone hacked our GPS satellites? In an actual war satellites would be a prime target. We already have these capabilities, but the idea is consolidating it in a new separate branch will allow for better progress and capability.
  3. It was never about that fiscal conservative stuff. For the base it's always been about the cultural concerns which Trump has put out into the open.
  4. Eh, I guess. He was just a guy for 2.5 years so while he really looked a lot different the last 9 games of the season I would be hesitant to base my offense on that short of a track record. The things is there's not much else to built around at this point apparently. Hopefully he dominates and is the best RB in football this year.
  5. If we're one of the worst teams in the league this year and have a bunch of expiring contracts (including at QB), how do you not just enter another rebuild? It what way does it make sense to spend a ton resigning players who apparently aren't helping you win? Doesn't it also act as an indictment of JRob? If we're back down in the dumps after 4 years of his reign... how do you sell sticking with him?
  6. Merc seems to be saying we need more empathy for Trump supporters who get called racist etc. At the same time Trump is saying people who disagree with him hate America and should leave. Here says here a vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the destruction of America and that the whole party is infected with an ideological sickness. Real normal stuff.
  7. It is funny to be told to have more empathy for the people telling us we hate America and should leave the country.
  8. I don’t think everyone is a racist. At the same time racism, religious bigotry, and xenophobia are obviously a large part of Donald Trump’s politics. Politics is almost entirely about the culture war at this point. That’s why Trump fans those flames. btw these women don’t have single digit approval with the general population. There was a poll saying Omar had 9% positive of 53% who recognized her with non-college educated white men. AOC had 22% out of 74% who recognized her. The thing I find funny is these people hate Pelosi too. Would you be surprised if her numbers were similar? I would bet they are.
  9. Trump did not ask his fans to stop at the rally. It will be interesting to see if they stop at future rallies when he brings them up.
  10. It’s pretty dumb we can’t just have Biden, Warren, Harris, and Sanders on the same stage yet.
  11. Pared back and might not even be allowed to go through.
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