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  1. If he’s there in the second round I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  2. Tua is a good prospect. There’s always a good chance even the top prospects will bust but given his talent and our long term hole at QB it’s not a bad risk assuming he’s not permanently impaired
  3. Kaepernick is better than Mariota and would definitely be capable of being a backup based on talent alone.
  4. A mod should ban you for racism... nvm they’re all locked up in your basement!
  5. If he enters the draft and slides like other first round talents have due to injury (and his injury is pretty serious, I bet he can't play next year) I'd pick him up. If we can keep Tannehill it's fine to take a risk on a talent like this. Obviously depends on what the medicals are like for him but I'm assuming it's like the Bridgewater injury in terms of prognosis.
  6. Context for the Jackson comparison. They didn’t operate on him and the cartilage in his hip joint died
  7. There’s pretty much no way we should draft a first round QB given it’s basically just Burrow at this point. 2+ rounds, sure.
  8. Could be a career ender though I assume medical science has progressed.
  9. @big2033 and @charleytolar are the kings of long diatribes to derail topics. It's really a sight to see when they both go at each other! big will literally never stop posting but inevitably charley gets offended and leaves in a huff.
  10. There could be a lot of confounding variables here... I could see M4A supporters having less institutional support, generally seem to be less polished candidates, and a myriad of other potential reasons other than just this one issue.