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  1. First off they would never do it. Second off why would we do that? Trubisky can’t play quarterback either and he’s in what should be a pretty ideal situation.
  2. He’s not actually that knowledgeable about politics either!
  3. The good news is we might have a top 10 pick so we can take/move up for a QB!
  4. Yeah this is overlooked. LaFleur got more out of this offense, and they didn't beat themselves with penalties, than Smith is getting with more talent. They played better and were better coached last year.
  5. This is what I'm sayin! The deserve blame for MM, mis-handling the OL, Adoree, even the RB position isn't great since Henry can't catch and the guy who's supposed to compliment him is useless. Also Tannehill was ranked at the bottom of Tier 3 in Sando's 2018 rankings...
  6. A decent QB helps but IDK if it makes the OL "solid" when it's this atrocious. Someone like Rivers could but not someone like Tannehill. He'll still get sacked a lot (he got sacked at the a higher rate than MM in his career). WRs will likely look better, but we'll have more turnovers also. I still wish they'd make the change. The offense is not playing at a professional level. They have to change something
  7. I want them to make the QB change, but 99% of the attention is on Mariota and people aren't seeing the other flaws we have.
  8. Mariota isn't the answer but I'm not so sure the roster is that stacked. The defense is good, but it's not a championship defense. This isn't even close to the Bears defense. It has exploitable weaknesses at every level. The OL is still bad. Conklin is solid, but not elite. RG is as bad as it's been in years. Saffold has gotten abused pass blocking. Jones is mediocre. Also the coaches/JRob are making poor decisions, like Jackson at PR or not properly addressing RG, even outside of MM. People want the simple answer, replace MM, but there's a lot wrong with this team. It's a 7-9 to 9-7. The (deserved) criticism of MM is papering over all the other flaws on this team.
  9. I don't think they're going to bench him though. I'm pretty sure this from Wyatt is actually true. I think I recall seeing RT with his helmet on when they showed him on the sideline during the Colts game. It was just after one of Mariota's ridiculous runs where he took a big shot which was funny because I was imagining him eagerly putting his helmet on every time Mariota took a big shot 😂
  10. I tend to think that people can improve and then get worse. Also I don't think situation (coaches, surrounding talent, etc.) doesn't matter. I would have a hard time believing that Mahomes could have started for us in 2015 and thrown 50 touchdowns.
  11. That same scouting report listed him as a first round pick and his grade was the 6th best out of the 16 first round QBs drafted since 2015. I don't see how him having these weaknesses he never developed out of means he wasn't better in some ways early in his career. It's possible to make progress and then regress. It doesn't have to be that he was always performing at the exact same level. But more importantly IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY MATTER except that people want to say they were right lol.
  12. I thought he sucked but I generally respect TD opinion most of the time...