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  1. I don’t understand the logic behind 2. It seems like this bill would be evidence that bipartisanship can work so why would it encourage them to modify the filibuster?
  2. I'm not really sure what a person who liked the original bill is supposed to think though. I wish the real bill had passed too because it would be a better bill from my perspective. Unless Sinema and Co. are actually as conservative as Republicans the bill could have been better if just done through reconciliation even if it would have had to be cut down from the original proposal. I don't really see the actual value of the bipartisan compromise other than Biden getting to say that he got one done which I don't really care about more than whatever extent it
  3. ? This is the same thing was we already knew based on what she said. She will vote to start the process but wants a lower than 3.5T final bill.
  4. If it's true it makes sense as a way to stop the reconciliation bill from just including the things they cut from the bipartisan bill. Of course that's bad from my standpoint but I wanted good policy to pass so I was hoping they could patch up some of the places they didn't spend enough.
  5. I'm sure the guy who's been involved in transportation policy for decades has some good ideas. He probably literally has plans. He was under consideration for Transportation Secretary. Hard to compete with the star power of Buttigieg though.
  6. Damn, no more money for anything in this bill? He had more to say too. DeFazio is not a big fan of the bill.
  7. Interesting way to look at what was in the original proposal vs the bipartisan one from NYTimes. You can see what was eliminated and what shrunk. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/07/28/upshot/infrastructure-breakdown.html
  8. Shoulda signed Bortles, mostly for the fun of having Blake Bortles
  9. Kizer has been terrible everywhere he's played so I'm not surprised he's even worse than Woodside.
  10. I feel like we've all noted that the Titans don't play like Tannehill is a Tier 1 guy themselves and wanted them to pass more. Other than that though I don't really give a shit how Tannehill's seen by people. The offense is Super Bowl caliber regardless of who gets the credit.
  11. The comment from a person who had played him said basically they weren't afraid of him and that even when he was coming back on them he wasn't slicing and dicing them he was just taking what they were giving him. Basically Tannehill will have to do it in more games for the perception to change. Doing it on the big stage when he gets a chance would help a lot too.
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