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  1. The divide you're talking about is between 10 in the house, 5 in the Senate, and 11% of Republican voters. Even then those 15 politicians are still going to support Republicans when it comes down to it. The idea of a real split seems overblown. The Republicans are mostly united around their new direction.
  2. So are we still supposed to have respect for McConnell's bravery?
  3. 20 hours ago Biden said he expected it to take a couple weeks to try to negotiate before going to reconciliation. These negotiations were shorter than the Jedi-Trade Federation negotiations over Naboo.
  4. Seems like they'll be removing things from the covid relief bill then. This will just die but they'll say they tried.
  5. They’re not going to remove the filibuster. They’re just going to jam everything they can into the two reconciliation bills they get this year.
  6. I think this turned out to be a good summary I agree more with the idea that Biden, Manchin, and Sinema are OK with having the more liberal ideas fall by the wayside than the idea that they would actually get rid of the filibuster at some point in the future. Even Schumer today was just talking about using reconciliation twice this year when Maddow asked about the filibuster.
  7. I think it's pretty stupid that they won't just get rid of the filibuster but they will use reconciliation to pass the covid relief and Schumer just mentioned using it again this year for the "Build Back Better" bill which they're just going to try to cram everything they can into.
  8. ? I think this is worth a lot to get on the record right before all the work starts
  9. McConnell delays the Democrats and gets them to take the filibuster off the table and it's actually a win for Democrats!
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