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  1. You actually believe Apple is going to lower their prices instead of just pocketing the gains???
  2. No one really talks about this anymore. He has many way more important qualities that these things imo
  3. Carr is having a career year no doubt due to Mariota's presence on IR
  4. Right I'm not predicting that there will be a large error like in 2016. It's just the nature of polling errors is they're unpredictable. By definition it would be some unforeseen oversight that none of us are talking about that causes a problem. A similar one could happen. That's baked in to the models. 25% is a pretty significant chance chance. I don't get why simply stating a fact about the most respected model gets me heat.
  5. If there's an underlying issue in their methodologies there could be a persistent error in the numbers. You wouldn't really expect the polls to jump wildly if they were just sampling or weighting things incorrectly the whole time. BTW it could actually go either way which is the point of what I posted! Biden could be up even more than polls show, but it could actually be closer! We won't know until people actually vote.
  6. 538 doesn't even categorize it as "heavily favored" so no I wouldn't be more aggressive than they are.
  7. They have a 1/4 chance of winning. Stop being a retard lmao
  8. A Trump win is obviously the worst outcome but imagine a Biden presidency with a Republican Senate. What a nightmare. It's really not that unlikely given how many Senators are running behind Biden in their races.
  9. Things aren't even outside the polling error range. There could easily be a combination of polling error and Republican shenanigans that make Trump win.
  10. Titans279

    Biden Cabinet

    How many Vermonters are there that are independent but would caucus with Democrats and would be qualified to serve as a Senator? Can't be that long of a list.
  11. Any moderately intelligent person knows that Fox News having to resort to publishing unscientific Twitter or website polls is a bad sign.
  12. It's kind of funny, but when he ended his note with "God Bless America!!!!!!!!!" I knew that he was a Trump voter.

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