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  1. What ends first the Titans OC search or the government shutdown?
  2. When the search is over and the board is back to arguing about Mariota all the time we’ll miss this thread!
  3. I don't really get why this was directed at me. As I said, Pete Carroll is obviously the one who dictates the offensive strategy.
  4. Pete Carrol obviously dictates how the offense in Seattle plays.
  5. Titans279


    I don't think the big donors are necessarily all lined up for Biden already though
  6. Titans279


    re: women again, it's early and some of the women candidates are mostly not as well known, but Beto is still mostly way ahead of Harris who is similarly known to Beto (as seen in the poll I posted above).
  7. Titans279


    I’d put money on one of these people most people have never heard of. The vast majority of people have heard or Biden and Bernie yet they are far from a commanding lead in any polls. That doesn’t bode well for them IMO. I’m not even sure they should run.
  8. Titans279


  9. This is an outrage! I demand justice for Andrew Yang! https://www.yang2020.com/ 😛
  10. Titans279


    I think Biden's strength vs Hillary is overstated. She crushed him in all the early polls despite them obviously have about the same name ID. Sure, he'd have gotten a boost if he actually declared but to say he would have beat Clinton is probably not true IMO. It's important to remember Clinton lost to Obama in 2008 by a much closer margin that Bernie lost to Clinton in 2016, and Obama is a once in a generation political talent. She was a toxic general election candidate in 2016, but she was very popular with Democrats.
  11. Edited by an IP from Iowa yesterday. So extremely legit.
  12. Titans279

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    This is a guy I've seen mocked to us a lot. The mockers seem to think we'll take a WR or another edge rusher for the most part. So many rookie WRs seem to underwhelm though.
  13. If it is Helfrich it'll be pretty interesting because it would come off as a a very pro Mariota move at a time when the fan base seems to have turned on him
  14. What is the point of all the secrecy? Do other teams just not care as much or what?