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  1. Despise is a bit strong but the drunk emo crybabies in the game threads are among the worst imo
  2. Simmons snaps will go way up but yeah we still need some DL after losing two guys who played a lot of snaps
  3. I though you were saying when they updated the win loss totals on the season they went up half a game as in from 7 to 7.5, but it sounds like you’re saying they gained 0.5 in each individual game
  4. Probably why Henry really wants a multi year deal lol. We could pretty easily draft his replacement this year (potentially on a cheap 5 year deal!) and just let Henry walk next year.
  5. That Tannehill is only worth half a game over a completely washed up Brady? Yeesh.
  6. These are the percentage of snaps played for players lost/we might lose. We're losing a pretty significant amount of role players snaps. Gone - Offense Sharpe - 43.7% Lewis - 37.3% ? - Defense Logan Ryan - 99.6% of snaps Kamalei Correa - 39.3% Wesley Woodyard - 29.3% Tye Smith - 19% Gone - Defense Casey - 64.6% of snaps Sims - 30.1% Johnson - 29.2% BTW Casey played 64.6% of snaps in 2019, 75.9% in 2018 and 79.5% in 2017. His drop in performance and drop in % of snaps is probably a large reason for getting rid of him.

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