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  1. Titans279

    US Senate Race

    Hickenlooper seems shifty. Better than Gardner but kind of sucks he's the best we got from Colorado
  2. Titans279

    US Senate Race

    Hickenlooper on the lam!
  3. Didn't realize that guys like Malcolm Jenkins and AJ Brown were part of the PC police!
  4. Not much room for error even at the lowest point for Trump
  5. Police Departments across the country need to be massively reformed. In a lot of cases reforms likely would result in cutting budgets. The left does seem committed to using short slogans to try to build support but the other part of that is making sure people know what the slogan means. Most people don’t want to defund police departments without replacing a lot of their function in society with something better.
  6. Trump and his supporters routinely say or imply that all Democrats are evil so excuse me for not being upset that Biden said 10-15% are not good lol
  7. Not sure if posted but lol Antifa is pretty much a made up threat to try to find an enemy to blame and “go to war” with for political reasons.
  8. Being competitive in more states but coming up short actually could just make the discrepancy between popular vote and electoral college even wider. If those Change Research polls were rightish and we have Biden with a huge popular vote margin but narrow losses in swing states shit is really going to hit the fan.
  9. Kind of have to determine if it would do more harm than good though.
  10. Active military with no identifying marks and random black shirts on? Looks like main guy in the first pic is wearing an under armor shirt lol

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