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  1. It’s one game but we need more success in the intermediate range. Only 4 attempts there in what’s usually the most important range in an NFL offense. also note the imbalance of passes to the left for future reference
  2. What was he week 1? I thought there was a distinct lack of PA that week. Notable that there were only 6 attempts longer than 10 yards btw.
  3. He was never even that good at it, but he does seem like a lot more statuesque back there now. It's weird because he still have solid straight line speed. Just zero shake and bake though
  4. Why? If he plays pretty well this year I could see him going somewhere else, like if there's another Jets type scenario, just because the Titans have clearly been trying to replace him. Essentially a "mutual break up" lol. The problem is you better be drafting a top rookie prospect because I don't think Levis or Willis are going to be more than tank commanders if they're the starter next year.
  5. Here's the thing, the offense looked a lot more like previous iterations of the Titans offense but with the tweaks many of us called for and Tannehill looked a lot better. Last week the offense was way too pass heavy and you can't say it was because they were too far behind and had to throw. They just chose to try to pass more last week for some reason. The Titans had 34 rushes vs 24 passes this week compared to 22 rushes and 34 passes last week. Both were close games. Two very different strategies. I think this shows that Tannehill is still capable of performing well, you can certainly win with him, but I'm not going to buy that he's a good fit for a pass first offense. Half his yards this week came on the two PA bombs, which were great throws, but are not examples of the more cerebral QB led offense I think they tried to run last week. If Tannehill stays healthy and they play like this, then he's still in the tier of QB that you'd love to upgrade, but the opportunities to due so are few and far between. KC got lucky with Mahomes and were able to ditch Smith, the 49ers totally failed with Lance and then got lucky with Purdy to replace Garoppolo. So far I don't think the Titans are likely to have found their next QB, but it's possible Levis or Willis take big steps. I think the Titans will be taking another swing at the position next year, and the only question is does Tannehill keep playing well enough that the Titans are basically what they have been in the Vrabel/Tannehill era... Good, but not great.
  6. This is efficiency! Last week idk why they were so pass happy.
  7. As much as I have loved Henry, a more well rounded back has always been my preference so a switch to Spears would be awesome IMO
  8. Memes aside honestly these guys are way underrating Spears. It's like they haven't watched the game. Spears is really good!
  9. The NFL analytics crew sometimes get out over their skis with their claims but the PA stuff really is true. You basically can't run it enough lol
  10. Chargers are cursed. There's no way they win this game
  11. This week in play action is good... the Titans 2 best plays all due to PA long bombs lol
  12. This broadcast is terrible. Show some replays
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