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  1. Hopefully Evans can do that this year because if not how much would he really see the field? I mean they view Henry as a Shaq level talent. How often do you sit Shaq?
  2. His job will be to telegraph when it's a passing situation lol
  3. According to spotrac the Titans are spending the least on WRs in the whole league at 8.8 million. Someone brought up Tampa. They're spending the most at 42 million. We are spending the second most on RB though!
  4. Titans279

    2022 Elections

    The only* place never Trump Republicans do well is as governors of liberal but wealthy and white states. *Other than Romney, due to Mormonism.
  5. Titans279

    Virus in US

    I've heard anecdotal reports from local officials that demand for J&J with certain populations has fallen through the floor. It was previously very popular with come people due to the one and done nature of it.
  6. I think covid is going to be with us forever and the good news is that even without heard immunity we're at the point where they have had two consecutive days in LA county with no deaths for the first time since the pandemic started. Things just won't be as bad as they were during the big waves and will be relatively "normal". I think we'll basically have to live with the constant specter of a new mutation that kills us all but hopefully most of the mutations are relatively benign like they are so far and people keep getting booster shots that are targeted at various mutations that pop up.
  7. I'm pretty sure the odds of this working are virtually 0.
  8. I don't expect this take to be popular but for anyone and especially famous people walking away is generally going to be the right choice unless you're defending yourself or someone else from someone who will attack them unless you intervene. Just because some idiot threw a drink on you doesn't really mean you should clock them.
  9. Would also apply to those saying it's probably a made up story also
  10. It's what the police say and what he's being charged with
  11. Punched a pregnant woman who later went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion
  12. Apparently she had to go to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion.
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