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  1. If they plan to roster 3 QBs pretty much no matter what then it's pretty fine. I just hate to see them draft a guy who they almost certainly don't think can even be depth or special teams. Maybe their plan is go all in this year with Mariota/Tannehill and next year if Mariota fails just start this guy they draft and see where the chips fall w.r.t. our draft position in 2020. (we'd probably end up with a high pick 😄)
  2. This sound great but there’s a good chance the guy sucks and doesn’t even make the roster like Luke Falk last year.
  3. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/running-doc-injury-prone-old-wives-tale-article-1.2939034
  4. New thing? Can I introduce you to the history of European colonization of North America and the entire history of the United States? 😄
  5. If you remove the 4 seats Democrats flipped in PA and 7 seats they flipped in CA the Democrats would have still gained 30 seats and have a 224 - 210 majority. But also your claims are retarded.
  6. Barr's letter itself says that Mueller did not exonerate Trump on obstruction... They left that up to Barr and Barr says Trump couldn't have committed obstruction of the Russia investigation because they didn't find evidence he was guilty of colluding with Russia. That seems like a potentially valid interpretation of the law, but from a moral standpoint it seems a little dubious to say it's ok Trump fired Comey to try to stop the Russia investigation because the Russia investigation ultimately found nothing to say he was guilty of colluding.
  7. Democrats won the 2018 midterms on health care, not running on impeaching Trump or Russia stuff. The 2020 candidates are also not running on a "lock him up" platform. Democrats have not been running campaigns centralized on Russia stuff so I don't see this as a stake through the heart of their 2020 efforts. To me this investigation always just seemed like it had opportunity to ruin Trump. It didn't and things will kind of go on as normal. Who do you know that is going to say, "oh Mueller didn't indict Trump so now I like him and approve of his job performance" -- Nobody.
  8. If Biden doesn't enter then Bernie gains 12 points, Harris 8, Beto 7, and Warren 4. Kind of hilarious that a plurality of supposedly hankering-for-a-moderate-voice Biden supporters jump to Bernie who's ideologically the left most candidate. I guess some people have a thing for septuagenarians. 😂 I really hope a lot of these people will drop out before the voting starts. I think they will given there are 6 debates before the new year. Hopefully those act as a filter. There's 15% up for grabs between people with =< 4% of the votes which could make a big difference. But it's way too early to draw conclusions. Also keep in mind only about 37% of voters say they know enough about the candidates to make a decision. A lot could change.
  9. JRob is a smart GM period. He's built a really good roster in Tennessee. Their biggest problem at this point is, They don't think there would be an appreciable difference in the number of wins between running the 2019 season with Mariota or running it with Tannehill as the starter. So again they think it's a really smart move to get Tannehill. It makes the team a lot better since Mariota is super injury prone and to not have to drop down to Gabbert, and essentially not having a drop off when the backup comes in can save the season. They like that it gives the Titans another option and that it's great especially when you don't know if you want to commit to your QB long term (since Mariota's a question mark) it's just a really smart move. They've liked JRob and think he's smart! Anyway, it's interesting and I pretty much agree with them. Starts at 45:30! Thoughts? https://art19.com/shows/the-ringer-nfl-show/episodes/4d268787-344f-4157-afce-0a9f5ec45b4e
  10. No one's seen the report. It could say Trump did some unindictable crimes or it could say NO COLLUSION, or (likely) something in-between. Seems weird to spike the football w/o knowing what's in it!
  11. The end game was always a report that congress could act on. Unless it was 100% damning the GOP will stand behind their boy despite crimes committed by his many underlings. The House will decide what to do but what is even the point of impeaching if the Senate will never vote to convict? Also it’s funny Congress only gets to see the summary written by the AG Trump got to handpick and was confirmed by Trump’s own party.
  12. I checked out of this thread for a while. Did we solve the Mariota issue yet?
  13. I mean, Mariota hasn't been good the past two years. He's been below average. If he's below average again and misses games he's not really worth keeping.
  14. I don’t really get the benefit of announcing a VP early. Why does that help? Also the rumor of saying he’d only serve one term also seems to draw attention to his age. It’s also a huge disadvantage in 2024 to lose the encumbancy advantage.
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