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  1. You don’t need a direct line to the owner to know change is coming. We just got a new GM and the offense needs a rebuild. That doesn’t necessarily mean Tannehill is gone in 2023. It definitely doesn’t mean Willis is the presumptive starter lol
  2. I'm just going to try to enjoy my last day alive... without Tim Kelly being the OC
  3. This is a pretty nuts thing to just throw out there to see if it sticks
  4. With the Shanahan system taking over the entire league, it might be nice to zig instead of zag. I like the idea of one of the KC guys or even London (who has experience in several systems) instead of a coach who is a disciple of that system. Using elements of it, but branching out seems like a good way to differentiate ourselves. Sounds like Vrabel shares this thought, even if it's for other reasons. I think it's more because as a defensive coach he has no allegiances to any offensive system/ideology. He just wants the offense to score enough points to win.
  5. I haven't done much research, but they seem like guys who have the tools but haven't put them together yet. Having a great arm that can theoretically make all the throws is nice, but it's not worth much if they can't actually make throws accurately and on time. This is also pretty similar to what Ran just said about QBs. He seemed to say he liked prospects to have demonstrated the ability to be accurate and on time with passes rather than just having the raw unrealized potential. Stroud seems like he can make all the throws necessary while still having accuracy, at least at the level of granularity we've been presented with. He still seems like the best prospect to me. If he's within striking distance it would be tempting. Doesn't mean he couldn't be a bust though, but that'll be true with any prospect. I remember Winston being hyped up as a Luck esque prospect. I say all this with the general caveat that I haven't done much digging and all this is subject to change. Sounds like you're more familiar with some of these guys though.
  6. I agree that those would be valuable to see but just because it doesn't show them doesn't mean it's useless IMO. I would love to see it broken out by left, middle, and right for sure. I think Mariota had a particular weakness throwing right, for example.
  7. It's on target percent, not completion percentage
  8. Robinson also drafted Luke Falk who had below average mobility. The NFL has definitely adapted to the college stock being less pro style. Most QBs have at least decent mobility now. Burrow and Herbert are total pocket guys but are way better athletes than Manning or Brady ever were.
  9. I've posted what I think makes sense a ton! I just don't see a viable replacement for Tannehill in the immediate future. Who are they going to bring in that fans will like more than Tannehill? Garoppolo, Brissett, Bridgewater..? Come on. If they do draft Stroud, then I think it probably makes sense to get rid of Tannehill though. I imagine he'd ask to be traded or released if we did that anyway. I think if Tannehill were on the 49ers he'd be putting up numbers like he did in 2019 or 2020. So, I think he can be good here again too. It would still on him to prove it in the playoffs though. Even if you think Tannehill is mid, you realize Ran comes from a team that has had tons of success with very mid QBs over the years. I think it will be much easier for Ran to upgrade the OL, WRs, and finally add a change of pace RB than it will be to upgrade Tannehill. I think you roll with Tannehill and rebuild the rest of the offense. Fill it with dynamic play makers. I call this the KC/SF strategy. They had Alex Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo. They built up their rosters and took a swing at a QB when they already had a good team. You can still take QBs in rounds 2+ to try to develop and replace him in a year or two if they work out. Hurts was a second rounder. Garoppolo was a second rounder. Brissett was a third rounder. Carr was a second rounder. Prescott was a 4th rounder... etc. There are countless other names we all forgot because they never developed though.
  10. Tannehill has the 6th highest adjusted EPA per play in the NFL this year. This was also with him playing while injured.
  11. You were reading way too much into the mobility thing. I never got the sense plus rushing ability was important to him in a QB. Nowadays it’s exception rather than the rule that a QB can’t run for a first down when needed anyway.
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