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  1. What did Brady call the offense? Laughable? Let’s pay $30 M to a mediocre QB who thrived in an offense dumbed down for Mariota. He was better than a bum in a Mariota-tailored, one read offense...however in Tennessee that’s grounds for Kingship!
  2. They are not signing the one read, mediocre QB. They can’t be anymore obvious that they aren’t. Damn near everyone knows that now.
  3. What is BB record without Brady? Fisher has a better winning percentage.
  4. You are precisely why this is a dumb ass fan base!
  5. It’s the perfect game. People don’t see the many empty drives with Tannehill. We were up 14, and then Tannehill became Tannehill. Just like in KC. Of scheme, Arthur Smith doesn’t players wide open, he is mediocre, at best.
  6. With no winning plays. You are definitely a Tennessee fan. He looked good on 3 drives out of 10 on PA, with receivers running wide open, didn’t turn the ball over, had a great QB rating, but lost. You and I are just into different things. No problem.
  7. Since you mentioned that game, take a look at how mediocre Tannehill is without play action. Sacks, incompletes and short passes. He stalls so many drives when he is forced to drop back and pass.
  8. And the playoff games that we won, the defense played lights out. So what’s your point?
  9. Wouldn’t you need a good running game for that? When Henry was stopped, we lost. And that’s a fact. Color it the way you like though.
  10. He won’t. You can talk yourself into believing he will. I think Peter King parroted one of my post in saying there are too many QB’s on the market right now. And there are. You have 4 QB’s going in the first round and Brady, Rivers, Brees, Bridgewater, Winston, Keenum on the market and Dalton, Newton, Foles and Rosen to be available. That’s 14 QBs. There are too many QB’s, better QB’s, younger QB’s who can do the same things he does. Playing QB based on play action, is the easiest thing to execute as a QB. Cousins was the only QB on the market when he got paid...Foles was too last year. Tannehill is not that lucky.
  11. Emotional Titan fans! Sheesh! After cutting Greg Olson and then cutting the best QB in team history, whose making $18 M a year, with new leadership, the team will definitely be in rebuilding mode. So tell me, after cutting these 2 players, you think they are going to give Tannehill $30 M a year??? Do you think they are going to try to sell the fans that Tannehill is the big missing piece to having a good team? C’mon guys.
  12. Tannehill is not going to sniff close to $30 M a year. This is an article drummed up by his agent, obviously. No team is throwing big money at Tannehill. Any team that does, is committing to Tannehill long term to be their QB. Now seriously, what team do you think believes Tannehill is the QB of the future after 10 good games? Nobody is getting stuck with a Nick Foles situation...period! Teams are looking at Tannehill as a bridge QB, at best. He will receive a contract in Case Keenum’s range. Carolina beat Tennessee with a bridge QB, which means they already have someone on the team to fill that role. Don’t you know a new Head coach and new GM in rebuilding mode, ain’t starting off thinking Tannehill is the first piece to their championship puzzle? What would be his value on a team with no receivers and no run game? Are you going to pay him to be a draw at the box office?? You guys are really getting ridiculous now. If anyone believes this article, I got a bridge to sell you. There will be no bidding war for Tannehill. He knows it and the Titans know it.
  13. Yeah, but they are always correct. Even this one. But of course the wise does at once what the fools do at last. I doubt you find one thread where I was incorrect. But listen, if my posts cause you so angsts, it costs you nothing, pay me no mind. Cause I can promise you, if you are not responding to me, your posts are irrelevant. The youth call you and @Callidusclout chasers!
  14. It’s exactly what makes you tards. And I guess, arguing with a tard is the easiest way to become one!
  15. That’s how everyone who knowa a grain about football feels. We are just stuck with the tards of football here on TR.

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