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  1. And anal is called Greek because Greek warriors would have sex amongst themselves to encourage moral and courage in battle. The warriors would die for each other. So, if Henry has to bang Mariota so he can show up and show out each week, then I applaud the dedication to team and the goal 100 percent!
  2. Lol! But I think it’s because the center knows he is going to be cut soon. No need to get a long term lease.
  3. And yet we were one win away from the playoffs in a tough division. Beat the defending SB champs and the eventual SB champs.
  4. Once again, Mariota has never played at 225 -230. He played at 220 and said he would come into camp at 215 in 2017 to be faster. Coaches wanted him to beef up to and play at 225-230 because he had been injured his first 2 years. Anyone can look at Mariota and tell that he’s never been this heavy ever and of course every one knows the 215 idea was flawed. Can you confirm that in 2017 and 18, he played at 215 lbs? Of course he has never played at 225-230.
  5. Lol! Mariota has been listed at 222 pounds since the combine. He has added 5-10 extra pounds this year and this is the first year he has added weight. I see you post just for the sake of posting with little shit to support your opinion. Take that bullshit back to GoT.
  6. On Tajae Sharpe, you said that players go with what got them here. But now you say, whoever the fuck Mary is, can totally change his game, become more physical and an above average passer? Number 1, you don’t have to make a comment on every thread and number 2, try to stay consistent.
  7. How many plays have you heard Batson has made? Stop with the bullshit.
  8. And he was even better than that. He managed to win in spite of Jeff Fisher. There are several QB’s who cannot make that claim. Seriously, Jeff Fisher costs this team 2 championships.
  9. Ramsey has 2 years remaining on his contract. He is not even eligible to have the 5th year option triggered. Stop trying to compare apples with oranges. Jax is only saying they are not looking at a contract with 2 years remaining.
  10. Mularkey was a head coach and Robiskie had no desire to be an HC. Don't think it fits.
  11. Whisenhunt has had success as an OC. Also, Whisenhunt was already the HC. LeFleur has had absolutely none. If it wasn't for Henry catching fire over the last few weeks, he would have gone down as the worst OC in team history.
  12. LaFleur was horrible. Just look at the numbers.
  13. “Some of these guys, it’s comical,” Smith said. “They’re so worried about their brand or whatever. They’re so worried about trying to be a head coach that they’re shitty at the job they’re hired to do. I could give a crap about that.” Definitely talking about Lafleur here.
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