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  1. The QB position is the most important position. In fact, with all the QB’s who have played in the league since the SuperBowl era, 62% of all Super Bowls played have been won by 12 QB’s. Do you think these wins were predicated on teams having the same CB or DT for years?
  2. Let’s get this straight. A good QB will make RB’s look better, WR’s look better, OLinemen look better, Defenses look better, GM’s look better, Owners look better and fans look better. Robinson inherited the worse team in the league and has never had a losing season. He has also done that with one of the shittiest QB’s in the league. It’s a reason having a franchise QB is so important.
  3. Oh, Mariota makes GM’s look like they can’t GM.
  4. Really? Chris Ballard’s last year record was 10 - 6, with inherited Luck and Brissett at QB. Robinson record with inherited Mariota was 9 -7 last year. I think you are really reaching here.
  5. That’s the other point no one is mentioning. Mariota is costing people a lot of money. He even make us look like we are terrible fans.
  6. Lol!!! Mariota makes the OL look like they can’t block, receivers look like they can’t get open and coaches to look like they can’t coach. He makes the whole bunch of people look incompetent.
  7. He never looks right after a big hit or hitting the ground hard by being reckless. He is too stupid to stop being reckless though.
  8. How many passes did Mariota complete to the sidelines?
  9. Proving all scouting reports correct. Mariota can not beat you from the pocket. Expect a spy on him against Jax and the Dare Mari defense.
  10. 3rd year WR lined up against a rookie CB. A rookie receiver matched up against a 3rd CB. Who would you choose as the better option??? I like that Davis is definitely passionate about winning. This is a very good team and good guys. The coaches have got to see their frustrations.
  11. He is a good face for any organization. Too bad he is a lousy QB.
  12. Well it happens all the time. He runs the ball, takes a big hit and proceeds to play like shit. When he tried that stupid as leap and landed hard on the ground, I knew that was it for him.
  13. I don’t think it’s Miss Amy. When the coaches pull that plug, there is no going back. I think they are being super careful. Marcus is loved in Tennessee. What I did notice this summer and even now, are more articles and reporters being critical of Mariota. I think that’s the organization’s way of letting the regular fans (not diehards like us) to know that Mariota is flawed. And getting them prepared for what’s to come. Regular fans see a sack and think it’s the Oline. We see the sack and know Marcus missed the check down, held the ball too long, locked in on one receiver, etc. Marcus is a saint to many and replacing him is a big deal. This still is a business.
  14. Fromm will not make it in the NFL...and scouts are drooling for 2021 when Lawrence and Fields will be the top 2 picks.