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  1. What’s your opinion of Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson now?
  2. I said during preseason that Tannehill was the best QB on the roster and should start game one.
  3. Up by 2 scores with less than 5 minutes and needing a goal line stand to win. Have you not witnessed the stupid 4th down attempts the Titans have tried this year. Do you not recall the 4th down call in that game?
  4. So the way they lost against the Titans had something to do with coaching or execution? Because it appeared to me Vrabel was outcoached in that game and got extremely lucky with two reviews and a fumble.
  5. All of it is execution issues. Just the way you couch it and why.
  6. So maybe, the losses have something to do with bad QB play, especially since they have lost 7 games by less than 7 points.
  7. Having two field goals blocked implies what?
  8. Based on the play on the field this year, Brissett.
  9. The team was 12-4 last year. I guess that had nothing to do with coaching. Simply blind luck.
  10. Rivers has 15 TD’s and 14 Ints. Brissett has 16 TD’s and 6 Ints. I would say the Colts have the better QB.
  11. Of course, their record has nothing to do with Rivers interceptions this year. Or the Reich’s record has nothing to do with Andrew Luck last year. As I said, I consider the source.
  12. The record of the Chargers over the last 2 year is 16-12 and they are not properly coached. The record of the Colts over the last two years is 16-12 and the Colts coach is a genius. Of course we always have to look at the source of the opinions and realize the motivation for it. This is TR.
  13. Wentz is the greatest QB ever!
  14. Stupid take. He was a very good QB prior to ever playing with Hopkins.