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  1. LOL...I wish the above dude was my boy or I wish my boy had the amount of drinks this dude had in him! Geez!!
  2. Man...back in the 90's, my friend and I were at a bar in Atlanta. There was this huge guy there and come to find out he was Lester Holmes of the Philadelphia Eagles. My friend was a Bears fan and started asking Holmes questions. You could tell Holmes was becoming annoyed. When my friend asked was Chris Zorich hard to block, Holmes almost lost it. My boy retreated but I told him that he should have continued, got one of those million dollar blackeyes and I would have driven him straight to the CNN station to tell our story. That was a chance for a huge payoff and he freaking blew it!!! Fr
  3. HAHA! Like Obama did by putting Biden on his ticket? LOL You are definitely ignorant. Ignore all facts, believe the fake MSM narrative and keep talking. You make no sense at all because nothing you are saying is backed in fact, proof or reasoning.
  4. This is the dumbass propaganda and programming that drives me crazy. We can be convinced to vote against our interest because of mainstream media and fake ass clips. Biden penned the Crime Bill which militarized police and sent them into Black neighborhoods. The incarceration rate for Black men increased exponentially, destroying Black communities and Black families. This is something he is most proud of because of course, he served the purpose of privatized prison and filling the his pockets...of course at the expense of the people. Mandatory minimums, 3 strike rule, no violent offenders
  5. Right! Proving my point exactly. Trumps votes could have been fraudulent but not Biden's. Something must be wrong because people are tire of a of politicians getting rich and selling the people's interest out to Big Businesses, Big pharma, Big Banks. You are so much smarter!
  6. 7 victims? Telling the truth or you need more info? Fact Checkers: is a position in the governments of some countries responsible for dealing with information matters; it is often linked with censorship and propaganda.
  7. More propaganda. Trump is the only President in history to increase his vote total from one election to the next. That's not close to being the worst President. He received 8M more votes. The highest total of votes ever was Obama's first term 68 M. Trump blew that out of the water with 74 M. Stop listening to propaganda. Only the media wanted you to believe Trump was hated. His numbers show otherwise. And the run up of numbers is why Biden had to print more and more ballots, stop election counting to to bring in more printed ballots to win. Everyone knew the only way Trump could be d
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