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  1. That's the dumbest shit I have ever heard! So I don't like Taylor Lewan? Ben Jones? Mike Vrabel? Arthur Jones? Dean Pees? Frank Wyckeck? Ray Childress? Bruce Matthews? Stop being silly? I guess Miami traded him for a 4th because he was White. Maybe he was left off the Pro Bowl team because he was White. Ask any non homer if they think Tannehill is a top 10 QB and see what response you will get. You are utterly ridiculous!!
  2. Geez...I've heard the same thing from you about Jimmy G and Kirk Cousins, etc. He is what he is. And I am not saying he is trash but he will never win a SB. Now, it seems like a lot of fans on this Board are ok with just making the playoffs and winning a division here or there. I am not. I want dominance. Tannehill is not a top 5 -10 QB, no matter what the numbers say. You know it and I know it. Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Daniel Jones...he is in that range.
  3. Exactly how much is Wentz making? Jimmy G? Kirk Cousins. Jacoby Brissett? Bad contracts are given out daily in the NFL. That's not a barometer of being good.
  4. Both QB's went 11-5 this season and lost in the first round of the playoffs. They split the regular season. However one is legend and the other is chopped liver. TR logic!
  5. There is no thread. What I said was both could produce the same as Tannehill with this offense. I still believe that to be the case.
  6. They are probably happy we are stuck with Tannehill for the same reason.
  7. And you just made my point absolutely for me. That’s who Tannehill is. Unlike Mahomes or Rodgers or Watson or Brady or Allen or Wilson, he is incapable of making off schedule plays. That’s why he is a moderately good, but not great QB.
  8. @oldschoolSame play call just flipped. The only difference is Tannehill plays well against poor competition and chokes the chicken against good competition.
  9. Lol! You learn the game of football. In the playoffs, in crunch time, it’s not about X’s and O’s. It’s about Jims and Joes. Why target the 5th receiver who hasn’t touched the field all game, in the middle of the defense? Why not look first to your All Pro number one receiver, first? Just like the tipped pass he caught, just low IQ football. And Raymond wasn’t open nor looking for the football. Just more excuses from gallery.
  10. AJ Brown was wide open on a fly route down the left sideline.
  11. Yeah, Tannehill looked great dropping back and passing the ball the last time I saw him. Turned in a 145 yd passing day, 13 points and a horrible interception on the game tying drive. Or perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me with his 4-5 record against playoff teams while averaging 208 yds a game this year. Take out the Cleveland game where he was down by 31 points at halftime and Cleveland played prevent the rest of the game and he averaged 185 yds a game vs good competition. Let me remind you, in order to get to the SB you must beat and play well against playoff teams. A
  12. Let’s stop with this scenario. Easterby traded D Hop because of his lifestyle. He hasn’t included Watson or the committee of former players he created for input on hiring in the hiring process. He didn’t want to interview Bieniemy. He is not going to trade for another ethnic QB who wears earrings in both ears. He is not looking for good football players, he is looking for good Christians.
  13. They go to Henry for a reason. Tannehill is not some young whipper snapper. There is plenty of tape that proves Tannehill is what he is. Let’s stop fooling ourselves with excuses. Tannehill looks decent with the talent around him. But he is not going to compete with the better QB’s in this league. I’ve been watching football since 78 and I am not interested in a decent but not great QB who will never get you to the SB. I am not saying Tannehill is trash but all I am interested in is SB victories. Tannehill is not the man for that.
  14. We have a great QB from Lubbock, Texas who will fit well in Houston!!!
  15. While I love all your research, it means absolutely nothing. It’s quite simple. There are 4 teams left to in the playoffs. They are not running the football to win games. In fact, they have QB’s who win consistently without 100 yds rushers. Aaron Jones only rushed for 100 3 times all year. GB is 14-3. Ronald Jones 3, Fournette 1, Tampa Bay is 14-4. Clyde Edwards Hellaire, 2 times. KC is 15-2. Buffalo hasn’t had a 100 yd rusher all season and their record is 15-3. in order to get to the next level, the Titans need a QB who can win the majority of his games whether the runn
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