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  1. I always say, when you have to bring up numbers, they don’t pass the eyeball test. Frank Gore is number 2 or 3 on the all time rushing leaders list but is he better than any of the first 12 guys behind him???
  2. Not playing this game with you. The statement was if Brady was a franchise QB, he wouldn’t be available. The same logic goes for every other QB in FA right now then, including Tannehill. And Brady is choosing to leave. Tannehill was traded. The real statement should be if Tannehill was a franchise QB he wouldn’t have been traded (for a 4th and the team ate much of the salary).
  3. Right because of all the QB’s available, Tannehill is the only franchise QB. This fan base is delusional. Tell me how many QB’s who were paid for 1 year of success panned out?
  4. Why was Tannehill available? You guys love to talk in circles.
  5. I am interested to see who signs Tannehill and for how much. I don’t think there is that much of a market for him...I don’t see any team throwing big money at Tannehill. For instance, you hear how many teams are interested in Conklin. You hear other QBs being link to teams. Not a word on Tannehill...other than he switched agents for some sort of leverage or whatever. I bet you can’t find one fan base (besides the WTF Dragon Titans fans) who is interested in signing Tannehill.
  6. Robinson has been in on Suh, Brandin Cooks, Antonio Brown, AJ Bouye, etc....signed Roger Saffold, Malcom Butler. If you all don’t think he is going to swing for the fences again, you haven’t been watching!!!
  7. Keep Davis. If anything, you pay him like a number 2 receiver and Brown is your one. Add KJ Hamler in the draft and you are set a receiver.
  8. SMH...the WTF dragon Titans fans. The writing is on the wall...can’t say I didn’t tell you. But as said, we have grown people making decisions. The news is leaking so all the people who are happy with the status quo because of the playoff run can get comfortable with the move from Tannehill. I went to the Patriots game last year and the place was packed. I paid $300 per ticket. I had a girl tell me, hey Tom Brady only comes to town every 6 years. The next home game the tix against Indy were $25. The Titans have already raised ticket prices. The writing is on the wall.
  9. It seems the team having problems selling tickets and national exposure is the Titans. But that factor wouldn’t factor in for the us.
  10. Indy gave Brissett a 2 year $30 M contract last year. They are not tying $40 M up in the QB position. They are drafting high enough to make a play at one of the QB’s in the draft. They already have their bridge starter on the roster. Once again, who are the Titans realistically competing against.
  11. That’s why I said realistically. You can throw Buffalo’s (or any other team for that matter) name out there but that doesn’t mean they are going to be in the market. Chicago is not giving up on Trubisky after 3 years, no more than Miami gave up on Tannehill after three years or Tennessee gave up on Mariota after 3.
  12. You have to be realistic. Do you think Chicago would pay starter money for a back up QB? They are definitely going to start with Trubisky and there is no way they would pay the would-be QB that much money. So who else are we competing with?
  13. I have a serious question. Where is the market for Tannehill? Who would the Titans have to bid against for his service? Realistically, Dak is probably signing with Dallas and Brady is going back to NE. So you have TB, Tenn, SD, Cincy, Miami in need of a QB. You can also add, Chi, LV Raiders and Indy too, but in a way lesser degree. So that's really 5 teams in need of a QB and 3 who would add the right QB in the right situation for them. None of those three teams are paying premium price for a QB with Trubisky, Carr and Brissett already on their rosters. So really, you have 5 teams in need of a QB with 10 QB's (Rivers, Bridgewater, Winston, Tannehill, Burrow, Tagovailoa, Herbert, Love, Eason and Fromm) available. The supply outweighs the demand. So seriously, who would the Titans be bidding against for Tannehill? This could potentially be like the contract that the Jags gave Foles last year. Ridiculous, considering there was actually no market for him. I hope Robinson is not that foolish.
  14. So much so that he didn't throw a low draft choice to the Dolphins for him last year when he was available.

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