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  1. It would be hilarious if OMan died, but as he said, he'll probably outlive all of us...just out of spite.
  2. He said he would cut it off in order to win. But he won't have to do that. He has King Henry.
  3. Way too young. I liked his posts, too. He didn't get to see Henry's historic three game stretch. And if we win the SB...I mean, there are bigger things than football, but it was clearly one of his passions. Shame.
  4. Ready for it? @woolfolksunclesuncle and I tried this last year. It's fine, but honestly the real thing is better. Unfortunately, Henry is busy with other things right now, but after we win the SB, all will be well. Wait...are you talking about some sort of Chiefs thing? This is pretty weak.
  5. This is the right move for him, but I will definitely miss watching him play.
  6. Yeah. I don't really care what the media thinks about Tanny. They haven't watched him play all year...those who have give him props, of course. But the ones who are just citing his playoff stats? First, they are idiots. Passing efficiency is way more than yardage, and they only look at yardage. But second, they don't seem to realize that he had a historically good season as a QB this year. His passer rating was ridiculously good, and if Brees hadn't been just slightly better, everyone would be talking about that. I'm not worried about his ability to pass the ball if we need it, and I doubt anyone on this board is worried about it. And I can almost guarantee that the Chiefs will NOT sell out to stop Henry in this game. They can't afford to do that, and their coaches know it, whether the media does or not.
  7. I think it's really convenient. I get tired of waiting for food to get all the way through my body. He gets rid of it in seconds. Guy probably never gets food poisoning.
  8. And that's where we are being overlooked. I heard one of the media guys today saying "The Chiefs will stop Henry; they are going to make sure that guy doesn't beat them." Guess what? That was the Ravens plan, and Tannehill made them pay for it right away. So, they shifted, and we shifted to letting Henry finish the game that Tanny had basically already won.
  9. I think with CBs we have a tendency to remember when they miss or give up a play, and it can overshadow how rare it actually is. This is one area where the stats really do tell a better story in many cases. That's not a criticism of you, BTW. I think this is just how people view the CBs on their own team, unless they are super hyped by the media (like Sherman or Revis or something).
  10. I get what you are saying, but we got Landry in the second. It's always possible someone slips. I think we are fine with what we have, but could use an upgrade, obviously. Roberson might get even better with a dedicated offseason, though we thought that with Finch too... Correa was a second rounder, wasn't he? He's not a slouch. But we could use one more elite pass rusher on this defense. It would be next level at that point.
  11. Yeah, they definitely would. One of my students is a huge Chiefs fan. He told me today that he's more nervous about the Titans than he was when they were down 24 to the Texans...seriously. He felt they would still win after that first quarter because of how the Chiefs were mostly beating themselves with drops, etc. (which is true). But he's legit scared of the Titans. If we beat them, he would (rightly) hate the Titans forever.
  12. Watson is good, but he's overrated because of the talent he has at WR. Hopkins is VERY good, and Fuller is good too. Watson is athletic, but he also gets away with a lot of risky throws. He's a bit like a smarter version of Winston in that way. I don't think he elevates WRs ,but if he has talent, he can take advantage of it.
  13. That's a good point. Vrabel understands momentum and how to read the opponent. More critically, though, Pees is the coordinator . He understands how to take advantage of a lead and avoid giving up the kind of big plays that allowed the Chiefs back into it. Some of the choices O'Brien made were just baffling. Going for it when he shouldn't. A FAKE punt? WTF. Is that analytics? If so, he's awful at it. I don't think the problem was that he kept trying to score, but HOW he did so. Eat some clock. Maybe the problem is that the Texans just don't have the kind of run game that allows them to impose themselves on an opponent when you have a lead.
  14. Gross. But it doesn't make him a fan. He would have congratulated the Ravens if they had won.

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