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  1. I have no comment on Gruden as a coach, but his personnel moves are suspect. They gave him too much money and too much power. He'll get a chance to start with his guys, and I think it won't work and will set that franchise back yet another 10 years. Brutal.
  2. Alcibiades

    John DeFilippo fired

    Yeah, but his OL really WAS getting him killed against Seattle. It was brutal. The guy was running for his life and still getting killed. Hard to watch. I don't think that's the OC's fault, but I guess they can't fire Cousins. Agreed that he must have gotten into conflict with Zimmer, too. This was a rash move. But the Vikings basically may have lost a shot in the playoffs on national TV in a super ugly ugly game (for their offense, I mean). I guess someone had to pay for it, but that's not who I would have fired.
  3. I think the Jags could trade for Carr, and it would be super smart. He could thrive there. But they won't do it. The Jags are inept. As for Gruden, IDK....it may be a loaded class, but look at how Cooper and Mack of transformed the units where they landed. Chicago's defense may be the best in the league, and the Cowboys suddenly have a passing attack. Gruden couldn't have made that work? Kinda hard to believe. But sure, let's give up two sure-fire pro bowlers for two potential players.
  4. Alcibiades

    Games of interest this weekend UPDATED week 15

    Good day for the Titans today, and they didn't even play!
  5. Ah, I see. yeah, the one where he ran right up the middle, they seemed to be arm tackling him, and they were basically beaten dogs at that point. That's true. Henry had broken their spirit...and our TEs blocking them down the damn field and pancaking them.
  6. I'm fine with the narrative that the Jags weren't playing their hardest, but individual players do NOT like to look like fools. They were trying to tackle him. They failed.
  7. Alcibiades

    The 99-Yard Run

    Thanks, Terry
  8. Alcibiades

    Rashaan Evans

    Wait, you want to TRADE Henry after the game he just had?
  9. Induction, not deduction. But yeah, I hear you. Based on previous games, there was no reason to think our run game would be this good. However, Henry has been running well enough for game like this. He just gets hit behind the line too much. I think that while the line played better, the TEs made the real difference in some cases. Pruitt played very well, for example. Watch him on the 99 yard run. Blocked a guy for like 20 yards! And it was Smith, a good LBer. Fun to watch!
  10. Alcibiades

    Where has Derrick Henry Been all year?

    This Henry making Ramsey look like a bitch thing is going to be so awkward the next time @woolfolksunclesuncle and I swap Henry and Ramsey. The week after a Jags/Titans game is hard on our little quadrangle. ETA: Please respect our privacy at this difficult time.
  11. Alcibiades

    Where has Derrick Henry Been all year?

    It was pretty amazing. I just rewatched every Henry play, and he started the game well. It's easy to focus on the two long TDs, but he was getting chunks of yards. He was walking into the endzone, which means he could have had more yardage if we had been further out. It was a dominant performance. We just need him to do that more often.
  12. Alcibiades

    Sharif Finch's Ceiling

    He's supposedly weak at taking on blocks, which makes him a liability against the run. Scouts said he lacked hip bend to be an elite rusher, but he looks good to me. So...
  13. This thread is ridiculous. OMan doesn't have a soul.
  14. Alcibiades

    Time to fire the Special Teams Coach

    On STs? Yes, it does.
  15. Alcibiades

    This Offensive Line is Garbarge

    It's possible they are just finally getting it.