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  1. I'm not sure the weather today will allow us to judge the kickers at all. Hopefully favors the run game, which we are quite good at stuffing.
  2. Yeah, that's possible . Did anyone hear it actually said? I think the tone matters here, but it absolutely could be read as having his back.
  3. Wow . That's actually a pretty strong statement that sounds like it's hedging, but it isn't. I think Downing is in deep shit with Vrabel.
  4. I love Vrabel. I don't think we'd be friends IRL; I don't want to have a beer with the guy, even. But I love having him as our head coach. He keeps this team gritty and tough. Yes, we have too many injuries, but he always, always keeps us competitive. What he has done for this team is simply amazing, and it needs to be recognized.
  5. Wilson was unbelievably bad today. The Jets have won a lot of games despite him this year, but at some point, he's going to drag them down
  6. Yeah, I don't see another Vikes miracle coming. Dallas's defense is too good.
  7. Yeah, the OL injuries across the league are just insane this year. It's hit almost every team. Whatever we might think of Lewan at this stage in his career, he obviously would have been light years better than Daley.
  8. But it had zero chance because the Eagles wanted him to do that. He would have been FAR better served trying to get a PI call down the field. Hell, a hail mary would have been better.
  9. Does he? I don't really follow him closely. I will say that I think he's a good RB. I just don't think he's in the conversation for best in the NFL in the way Henry and Chubb are. Barkley too, I guess (when he's on, but he's also been inconsistent). I'd say Henry and Chubb are the two top guys, and Henry means more to his team.
  10. Holy crap. Pats just punted. That's 15 punts in one game.
  11. I count 14 total punts in the NE/Jets game!
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