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  1. So, he put up big numbers in the XFL, and he looked really athletic. I only watched the highlights, but it was fun to watch him play. HOWEVER, his guy was wide ass open a LOT. Some of his passes still looked pretty good. Some were ducks. I don't really care that we didn't sign him, to be honest.
  2. I think they are content to see if they can get Ryan back cheap. If not, they'll sign someone else and hope Hooker can compete for the spot as well.
  3. Is anyone else having a hard time masturbating to this thread? Could be stress from the whole covid thing....IDK.....
  4. True, but they also would know just about any decent FA out there. I'm sure he means that they need to have proven production, and I agree. We don't need to sign a guy with potential. We need to sign a guy we know will upgrade that side of the field. One good edge rusher...not even great...just like good, opposite Landry and our front 7 looks pretty damn impressive. Simmons will be full offseason healthy, we all hope, and he flashed big time. Simmons and Casey inside, with Landry and a GOOD edge guy on the outside, and Evans in the middle, and you have a nice pass rush, as well as a good run defense. I think our DBs are a bit underrated. We lost to the Chiefs because we couldn't get to Mahomes enough. That's a pass rush problem.
  5. Our first this year and next year, plus next year's second. That's the 29th pick this year, and the 32nd pick next year. No big deal.
  6. Who doesn't? He's still a great football player, and any team would be lucky to have him. I don't recall ever posting about Jimmy G, one way or another, but I do agree that he's the weakness in an otherwise GREAT 49ers team. Keep in mind that this team was able to draft Bosa because they were NOT good last year. It's quite a turnaround, and their fans should be damn happy they were even in the big game that quickly.
  7. Henry as ground POY, and Tanny as CPOY....nice to see Titans getting some recognition. We are the 3rd best team in the NFL right now. That's impressive.
  8. I think our top FA signing should be Ryan Tannehill. But, if you are talking about players who were not Titans this year, then yeah, Clowney would be a good choice. As others have noted, he'd make everyone around him better, and he'd make some plays too. Having Clowney, Casey, Simmons, and Landry on the field at the same time would be a lot of fun to watch, too!
  9. I think the nerve thing. After that, he wasn't the same. He seemed to know it, too, and he got really scared to throw the ball. That hesitation was the final nail. I don't know whether the bigger problem is physical or psychological, but I would be very surprised if he turned his career around.
  10. Some good names. I like Philips. Plus, his father's a bum. So there's a connection. But seriously, I really like our 3-4 scheme, and we have drafted for it. So it needs to be someone who knows that defense. I like Pees a lot. Hard, but expected, loss. Like the libido of a guy in retirement. Hopefully, a younger guy can be our Cialis (always ready, rather than hard for one shot), and get us back to the hump.
  11. Who cares about playing the run? We have guys like Simmons and Evans to take care of the run. Get the best pass rusher you can find. And draft another one, too.
  12. I like both teams. They are fun to watch...not so much when we play them, obviously! But the Chiefs haven't won it all like forever. So, I'm pulling for them. But I like both teams, if I'm honest. I think Chiefs will win, though. Their offense is just about unstoppable. They can only beat themselves.
  13. It would be hilarious if OMan died, but as he said, he'll probably outlive all of us...just out of spite.
  14. He said he would cut it off in order to win. But he won't have to do that. He has King Henry.

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