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  1. They were outdoors, with helmets on. Hopefully, minimal contact otherwise. It should be fine, but obviously there's a chance that with spit flying someone might catch it. We'll see next week, I suppose.
  2. Whichever of the safeties the coaches think is the best fit is fine by me. My point is that we don't have a LB that can replace Brown in this role. So it will be Hooker or Vaccaro, because they are the only ones who can do it. But either way, we lose something in run stopping. That can be fixed other ways. They need to rush Evans more, frankly.
  3. Honestly, I think we're going to have to pull Hooker into that Brown coverage role (assuming Vacarro can come back). It's NOT ideal. Brown has size and speed, and he's shifty. Having Hooker or someone like him there instead is a net loss, but none of our LBs have Brown's skillset. They just don't. Long can replace him in the run game, and even in the pass rush. But not in coverage.
  4. Yeah, the city of Cinci is really devastated. I guess it could be like a year before he can play again. It's a BAD injury, even with modern tech.
  5. Henry has always been his best in December. The Vikings play the Bucs and Saints, which might make them abandon the run in those games, if they get behind. We don't abandon the run no matter what (for better or worse). I like Henry to take it. But it will be close!
  6. We should throw money at Davis. He's a great blocker. He's had three games this year where he went over 100 yards. Brown is a better WR (despite the weird drop today), but we have no one else without Davis. Batson isn't bad, but he's a jag. Raymond, maybe. But we are a lot better when Davis AND Brown are on the field.
  7. Jesus, we are beat up. Actually, we could use some Jesus healing about now.....
  8. I'll be honest. This is my favorite way to win games. Me, jumping through the air shouting "Kiiiinnnnnggggg Heeeenry!" while my cats scatter and my wife rolls her eyes. I fucking love it.
  9. To me this is because our DBs give too much cushion. We are daring QBs to throw short, quick passes, and they do it all day long against us. What's frustrating is that we are even doing it when facing teams (like Pittsburgh) that ONLY have a short game. If you know the opposing QB can't go deep, why are we playing deep?? Just moronic.
  10. Nobody wants to win the NFC East. That division is pathetic.
  11. True, but neither are we. The Ravens are beatable, though. The colts, too. In fact, we should have beaten them, but we fell apart last week. People around here panic way too easily. Weak ass fan base. We might win, we might lose, but too many Titans fans have a loser mentality. We have played sloppy lately, but that's all it is. Sloppiness. We still have players. Just need to get back on track.
  12. Here's a pretty good video about it. The human knee just isn't well made for the kind of activities involved in sports like football. We are great at long distance running, and wearing out prey. Not so great at making quick cuts to our left and right.
  13. As long as we take one of the games against the Colts, we should be fine. But if we can win 2 of our next 3 games, I'll be happy. I don't even care which two, though if I had to choose, a sweep of the Colts is the obvious preference.
  14. Running straight and making cuts are very different. In any case, Adoree is needed for the playoffs. Don't rush him. Borders is playing well. King actually looked good (mostly) in his debut. Let them play this week, and maybe even next week. Get Adoree back for the last 4-6 games or so and in shape for the playoffs.
  15. Maybe he'll die and @OILERMAN can have an early Christmas.

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