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  1. Bama won't even make the college playoffs, after Auburn beats them. But Tua will be fine. He does seem injury prone, and I don't usually like the phrase. In this case, it seems to fit, though. He just can't stay healthy.
  2. What is interesting is how many see Henry as just a short yardage back still. It's certainly true that he's not good at making guy's miss in the backfield. But he has more explosive plays than any other RB in the NFL over the last year. He's one of the few RBs that can put up games where his YPC equals a receivers YPC (yeah, different Cs). It's not his fault the OC doesn't know how and when to use him properly. We can open up the passing game while keeping Henry. In fact, that's exactly what we've done since Tanny took over. And Mariota was missing wide open receivers, which would have made our passing game look a lot better all year. It was the QB the whole time. But we have to keep doing that. I like Henry, but we can't base a modern offense on a RB. Use him properly, and he's a weapon. Rely on him as your main weapon, and we will never move forward....
  3. I like Henry and want to keep him, but I think Cossell has a point about the system itself. We can't rely on Henry so much. Where I disagree is that I don't think Henry is a volume back. I get why people think he is, but I think he could be an explosive weapon in a more pass oriented offense. But whether I'm right or wrong about that, we do need to move away from relying so much on the run. It worked against KC, and yay! But it's not sustainable.
  4. Check Nate Davis making a play:
  5. Yeah. His negative runs aren't really on Henry .We project some of our runs, and they stack the box and we still run right at them. What's amazing is that Henry gets any yards at all. I think he'd be fine in a more spread out offense. We can throw the ball more AND keep Henry.
  6. I don't know why anyone cares how much we pay Tanny. Does the cap even limit teams anymore? Anyway, I think we need to solidly win a few games before we can say we are now a good team. We are definitely way better than we were in the first 6 games. Interestingly, we go 2-4 and suck. The Chiefs have gone 2-4 over their last 6 games, are still considered one of the best teams in the NFL. It's all about HOW you win (and, I suppose, how you lose).
  7. That's surprising. His college tape POPS. OTOH, if you watched full games or saw his stats in college, you could come away underwhelmed. Opposing teams keyed in on him a good bit. He got TRIPLE teamed in college in many cases (and KC did it too!). But he still made plays. The guy has generational upside. No homer, but total homo from me.
  8. Simmons can't do it all, but he played fine. He gets double a lot, and as Oman noted, he needs Casey. Simmons was still pushing guys back, and he even stunted on a few plays, which was interesting. He's got a good burst, especially for his size. As an aside, that Landry sack was something else.
  9. I don't watch until Monday mornings and holy SHIT am I fired up. That was electric! One of the best, most gutsy QB and RB performances I've seen. For some damn reason, we own the Chiefs...I don't get it, but I FUCKING LOVE IT>
  10. No one is saying that. We are saying that Tanny is an average QB, and that this is a big step up from Mariota. Also, average QBs are not easy to find in this league. Tannehill also has some upside because he's thrown for 4k over his career. He's shown he CAN play well, but he's not the guy who can elevate a team. That's what puts you in the top 10, or even top 5 QBs. He's not that guy, but if he started making better decisions, he could still improve. Mariota showed us that he wasn't going to do that, and it sucks, but that's where we are.
  11. Busy scouting our next QB, which he has known he'd have to draft since before the season even started. He'll let Vrabel take the heat for this year, and then try to be the savior who drafts our franchise QB. To be fair to him, Mariota wasn't his fault. His reputation is about to be decided by how he addresses this issue.
  12. Hahahaha. At first I thought "why was my post dumb??" and then I read on and got your point. This offense has been putting our defense in bad position all year long. Carolina had the ball way too much in the first half because our offense was killing itself with penalties. It's just not realistic to expect any defense to hold up when your offense only has a handful of plays. We had opportunities in the first half but did nothing with them. But the end of the game, McCaffery was due to break one. We'd actually held him pretty well in the first 15 carries or so; it should have been sufficient, if the offense had shown up. But nope.
  13. Yep, but we still need one more guy. I like our ILBs. I like Landry. We need one more OLB that scares people a bit, and we have a great front 7 at that point. I like Finch, because he's outplaying his draft position (obviously!!!), but for whatever reason he's not showing up this year too much. Probably injury related, but he may just be a guy who flashes from time to time but isn't consistent enough. In any case, we can't have a situation where if one guy goes down, we lose all our push up front.
  14. Agree with the first part, but strongly disagree with the second. If you trade Tanny, who is your starting QB next year? We need to draft someone, but I don't like the idea of starting a rookie next year, no matter who it is. None of the QBs in this upcoming draft are ready to start right away. Give Tanny a 3 year deal, front loaded, to make it easier to make him a backup after one year, and then reward him for his play. Right now, Tanny is probably a top 15 QB, and almost certainly top 20 among starters. That's average, but average is the best we can hope for right now. Mariota was playing badly. With this defense, we can compete with a QB who is average. Tannehill isn't likely to elevate the team around him, but he's surrounded by talent. Get better play from our OL, and we can win with him for sure...probably 10 games.