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  1. Keeping it real, though, he was 55? Dude looked 55 when he was playing. I think he was born in his 50s and just stayed there.
  2. It's because Phillips is a rookie. Could he be that guy? Yeah. He could be an Edelman type. But there are lots of guys like him, undersized coming out of college who got by with good technique, who just can't hack it at the NFL level. So, we aren't sleeping on him. We are just waiting to see how he plays in an actual game first. I think you are right about Woods. Assuming his surgery went well and he fully recovers (seems likely), I think he's a borderline 1 WR. If Burks can also be a borderline 1 guy, we'll be fine. Two borderline 1s is better than 1 obvious 1WR and a bunch of bums behind him. We saw that last year, when we had AJB and basically no one else on offense.
  3. Korey Stringer was like 27 when he died during camp. Being young and athletic doesn't mean you are immune to sudden death. It's rare, yes, but we also don't know that this was natural causes yet.
  4. https://news.yahoo.com/baltimore-ravens-linebacker-jaylon-ferguson-123600963.html 26 years old. * OK, title might be a BIT misleading...don't yet know cause of death. I only meant that it's very young.
  5. I'm going to laugh every time our fat, slow, asthmatic WR scores a TD on you.
  6. If the sperm can't hit, you must acquit! But really all of this is just to avoid the criminal aspects. The NFL punishment will be unrelated.
  7. Yeah, and it will likely get him in trouble with the NFL, but criminally, this admission (from the lawyer) is meant to get the press ready to accept that his client did nothing illegal. At worst, it was morally questionable (so goes the argument). That's enough for the NFL nowadays, so I think the Browns are in big trouble. But criminally, I think it will work . I do think the story Bukafax mentioned above (if it could be PROVEN) could cross the line. Watson will claim she didn't specifically say no or to stop.....but if she recorded it or there is other proof, it could be damning. Without that, it's tricky to get a conviction.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't think so. When I say he's trying to avoid criminal charges, that's what I mean. I think oldschool thought I meant that such charges would stick. I don't necessarily think they will. I think Watson's lawyer is preparing the press for a dismissal of anything criminal on grounds that there's no way to prove coercion, and that it isn't illegal to get a happy ending, as long as it wasn't specifially paid for.
  9. True, but oldschool never denied that. He's specifically addressing my claim that there might be a danger of criminal charges, which is a separate matter. I think the lawyer is emphasizing a legal point....the same one made above, which is that there's nothing illegal about a handjob, even at a massage parlor, as long as no one was paid for it. If they try criminal charges, he's going to argue it's a he said/she said situation, and there's no way to prove coercion, much less prostitution.
  10. I'm not arguing. But more people are coming forward, and right before they do his lawyer says something like this? Come on....he's worried about something. If it's not renewed criminal danger, what do you think it is? Let me elaborate, since you think I'm outside of reality (a bit strong of a claim, just for disagreeing with me, but whatever). Suppose you are a woman who felt threatened and coerced in this way. You don't really want to get involved, because these trials are messy and Watson is a celebrity. But, hey, over 20 women have come forward. Surely, he'll be charged. Then, he isn't, because of lack of evidence or whatever. Looks like he's going to get away with it, and at best the people who accused him might get monetary compensation. What do you do?
  11. Yeah...I think he's aiming at avoiding jail time at this point, rather than complete denial.
  12. He just killed himself for fun? I mean, yeah, who knows if he was thinking long term or whatever, but reports are that he was dealing with CTE, and that this is why he killed himself.
  13. 66 in 17 months??? Yeah, this is bad...very bad. And the Texans helped and should get hit too. Maybe they lose all those 1st round picks, and the Browns get the cap hit, and both organizations are screwed for years...sounds good!
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