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  1. Nick Bosa confirmed ACL tear. 9ers really got hit hard this week with injuries.
  2. Clowney played a good game, except that he tired and had to come out too much. He's the least of our defensive problems. Well, Simmons is the least, but Clowney is down there.
  3. Jags offense is pretty good, but yeah the defense isn't there yet. Injuries are playing a big role, especially with Beasley out .Thank god we signed clowney. Can you imagine?? Simmons is a beast, which helps. Landry is just a guy for some reason. Clowney still made some plays, whatever the stats say. Watch the game. But our secondary is just not good right now.
  4. We scored 33 points. What else can you want from your offense??
  5. Defense is scary right now. I actually think the Jags have a good offense for once. Minshew is good, and they have some weapons. But some of those defensive plays were just terrible. We MUST get Clowney in shape, get Beasley back (for rotation), and....most of all, as you mentioned, Adoree. I think he's our best DB (and yes, I remember Byard). He's so underrated around here. We NEED him desperately. Fulton got a gimme pick. I"m glad, but overall he was a liability, which is fine. He's a rookie. We won, and I think the other AFC South teams are vulnerable right now. Texans played a tough team, but their offense looks a LOT worse without Hopkins in it
  6. Third. Fulton was second. We might want to start pretending we didn't have a first..... Anyway, I think we would have heard by now if R Evans was suspended, right?
  7. Isn't Long more of an outside LB? Or at least the complement to Evans's role inside? Compton is Evans's backup. (can I not delete my double post for some reason??)
  8. Isn't Long more of an outside LB? Compton is Evans's backup.
  9. He was the first overall pick in the draft. QBs picked number one overall always get tons of coverage, especially if you add in the hype that the Browns get every year that they are finally going to turn the corner. They brought in OldDirtyBastard and can't seem to get him the ball, and they have Landry and Chubb. On paper, they should be a lot better than they are. Hell, they have Myles Garrett. That team has some of the worst chemistry I've ever seen. Lots of talent, but they can't play together. It's kind of funny. I live in Ohio, and the Browns fans are like beat dogs. They even have a bark that you can tell has never had a bite.
  10. Over 6 yards avg isn't bad, but I agree that there was one play in particular where it looked like he just ran right at a guy to get tackled. Kern is money as usual. 4 punts, 51 avg, 66 long with 2 inside the 20. That guy is a ST god.
  11. A fair assessment, but the Jags look like they are cleaning house and starting over a bit. I like their draft picks a lot. For your sake, I hope you can keep them. They looked good against the Colts, for sure. But Henry definitely has the Jags' number, for whatever reason. Just seems like, historically, we split with the Jags way too often. And when we do, they beat us early in the year, and we beat them late. But we'll see. History is history.
  12. I think he knew that we were more likely to beat ourselves than they were to beat us, and he was right. We almost did beat ourselves at times! But stay safe with the ball, win the TO battle, and get points when you can. He realized after a while that we couldn't trust our kicker to do that. So he adjusted. I think the Jags will be similar. We SHOULD beat them. So play smart, and don't let them get momentum. Against teams like the Ravens or Chiefs, you open up a bit and take some chances. Because you must.
  13. It was a good win. Adoree is so underrated around here it's ridiculous. We missed him BAD. We get sacks with him in there. I'm a bit surprised we didn't anyway, but Lock did a good job of avoiding them and it felt like Denvery was playing it safe. I think they were scared of Clowney. I can't wait until he gets up to full speed, and then he and Landry and Simmons can wreck guys.
  14. A kicker that can hit inside the 30? But yeah, we were clearly the better team the whole game. The score makes it look close, and that was almost all from bad kicks. Otherwise, that's a blowout.

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