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  1. So much incorrect here. First, they wouldn't divert the flight. They would have taken the person's information so charges (a complaint) could be filed later, exactly as happened here, really. Second, they DID report it. Third, it's not because they don't care; it's because people make fun of them, like you are here. Note that they don't even want their names out there, so that they won't be further harrassed. Men absolutely get sexually harrassed, though not as often as women. It's underreported (by all genders!) because people don't want to deal with the public making it even worse. Terry Crews still gets shit for reporting that he was harrassed by a Hollywood exec. Fortunately, he's a strong enough person to deal with it and speak out anyway.
  2. I thought the new CBA let us keep more than 53, or does it just add to actives or PSs or something?
  3. He'll get a chance to start somewhere, I think. But yeah, he'd be a worthy backup for sure. He's a very average QB, which is what you want in a backup. Hell, you are lucky to get an average QB as your backup.
  4. Thanks (sincerely). That does help. He did look good receiving in those clips and seems like a good threat for screens.
  5. Weren't they trapped together on an island because of the virus? That probably doomed the relationship right there. Can't maintain a marriage based almost soley on looks when you are forced to actually spend time together for a bit.
  6. I still don't really get this pick. It just seems kind of high for this kind of RB. Even given that we didn't have a 4th this year, and thus didn't pick again until the 5th, is it that hard to find a change of pace RB in the 5th? Watching this guy's highlights, he had a lot of big holes to run through. He does, at times, show the ability to break tackles. He does have some breakaway speed, as well. I honestly have no idea if he has any vision, because none of what I watched displayed any need for it. He ran where he was told, and it was wide open, or he had to break a tackle every now and then. I can't tell if he's a product of scheme, or if he has real ability. And before someone points out that RBs are always reliant on holes, that's true. But when we picked Henry, I could confidently say that he went up against top competition and seemed to find holes and break some tackles. I just don't know what we have in this guy.
  7. Maybe a homeless man's.... Damn...just saw someone else posted same thing, but it's still true. This guy shouldn't be in the same breath as Favre.
  8. A couple of the mock drafts on NFL.com had him going in the first (as high as 19, from Casserly). Interestingly, 3 out 4 had us picking Wilson in the first. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2020/mock-drafts
  9. I'm wondering if Vrabel puts a curtain over the window to the toilet. Who the fuck has a window there??? Oh, in the draft? IDK...hope we get a nickel corner.
  10. I think Tua went high. WRs fell a bit lower than I would have expected. And yeah, the GB move...
  11. So, he put up big numbers in the XFL, and he looked really athletic. I only watched the highlights, but it was fun to watch him play. HOWEVER, his guy was wide ass open a LOT. Some of his passes still looked pretty good. Some were ducks. I don't really care that we didn't sign him, to be honest.
  12. I think they are content to see if they can get Ryan back cheap. If not, they'll sign someone else and hope Hooker can compete for the spot as well.
  13. Is anyone else having a hard time masturbating to this thread? Could be stress from the whole covid thing....IDK.....
  14. True, but they also would know just about any decent FA out there. I'm sure he means that they need to have proven production, and I agree. We don't need to sign a guy with potential. We need to sign a guy we know will upgrade that side of the field. One good edge rusher...not even great...just like good, opposite Landry and our front 7 looks pretty damn impressive. Simmons will be full offseason healthy, we all hope, and he flashed big time. Simmons and Casey inside, with Landry and a GOOD edge guy on the outside, and Evans in the middle, and you have a nice pass rush, as well as a good run defense. I think our DBs are a bit underrated. We lost to the Chiefs because we couldn't get to Mahomes enough. That's a pass rush problem.

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