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  1. I think Tannehill will have more talent around him than he's ever had at Miami. I like Mariota....more than most around here. I'm not looking to replace him. But if he gets hurt, I would not be surprised if Tanny looks very good. Very good.
  2. Why not push it further? I think we traded them our 2025 fourth round pick.
  3. I am shocked. Relieved, but shocked. He was AWFUL. But I thought the money forced us to keep him. JRob has elephant balls. @woolfolksunclesuncle any intel on JRob's balls? I haven't seen em.
  4. Next years (2020). We get their 6th this year. They get our 7th this year and 4th NEXT year. This was my top choice for backup QB. Nice job going to get him.
  5. Kline allowed 38 pressures? Jeez.
  6. Only 6 months left until the season starts!
  7. This guy next to Lewan is going to help Henry and Mariota soooo much
  8. Didn't mean a WW2 vet. Wake was a fantastic pass rusher in his day. Let's hope he has a few hours left in that day...
  9. It's more than that. Watch the video again. He maximizes his yardage. He's not super fast, no.. But he takes the right angle. He seems to sense where the defense is heading, and he gets pretty much the most yardage he can. It's impressive.
  10. Way better value than Collins. I think this is a good deal, actually, for both sides. He really made our safeties better last year, and keeping him is a really smart move.
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