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  1. How did I miss that he also had a brain anyeurism? Maybe I had one, too... In any case, this guy was a dick to everyone, and now he wants help? Ummm...Ok. ETA: BTW, of course he'll get plenty of offers, though, because no matter how big of an asshole you are, if you are a celebrity, people will help you. Hell, people would even help OMan, if anyone knew who he was.
  2. It was one of the best things I've ever seen. Decleated him. So funny. After that, KW2 was hooked on granny fanny.
  3. I do remember the CTF meltdown, and I think he was a mod at the time. I have no idea why ANYONE ever made that guy a mod. It was a terrible fit even at the time (and this was before his collapse). He was way too petty. I mean OMan can be petty, but he's fair about it, if you know what I mean. CTF was vindictive, and you can't have that in a mod. He could NOT let things go. He would get obsessed about certain things. And the final irony of being so upset for being outed when he had called legaltitan at work (scaring the shit out of legal, IIRC, because he didn't know if CTF was a loose cannon or what...there was evidence he was!)....I mean, it was too much. I agree with those who think he had some genuine IRL issues going on, and I hope he's gotten that shit fixed.
  4. Can't we all just get a dong?
  5. OH GOOOODDDDDD. Please don't make this another damn thread about Mariota. It's about Tajae Sharpe. I think Sharpe needs to learn to use his hands better at the LOS. He needs to be stronger too, yes, but not really heavier. He can't afford to lose much speed. Sharpe hasn't had a real chance to develop with this team, and this will be his one shot to do it. If he's not on the 53, he's done with this team.
  6. Dunno. I guess you just missed it. It's been referenced in a few threads, and we even had one dedicated to it:
  7. Guess they have to add one of those 'no dangerous activities' clauses to his contract.
  8. I don't know how I could have made it clearer that I was joking, and yet 2 different posters thought I was serious. #oldpeopledontunderstandemoticons
  9. Ouch! He tore BOTH? In practice?? Also, 80% of the comments on that article have the word 'karma' in them. In related news, roughly 80% of people living in a European or American based society have no idea what 'karma' means.
  10. You don't need to ask this. Look for the most bitter, cynical posters. Not the angry ones. The ones who are kind of numb, and resolved to suck forever. Those are the fans that used to be Oiler fans and followed the team here. They have no hope for the future, and no real belief in any of our players, coaches, etc. They have been burned too many times.
  11. The point is that Tanny looks great in shorts every damn year. But then games start. We can at least wait until preseason before crowning the guy.
  12. He should easily top 1k this year. I'd like to see Brown get 600-800 as well, and then with Walker getting involved, we should get over 3k passing yards, even with Mariota
  13. The Dolphins certainly know how that story ends...
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