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  1. Some reports are saying 6 games. Not sure which is correct.
  2. We were basically 3 catches and 37 yards away from the playoffs last season. So this makes sense.
  3. Yeah. First one of those guys is dead. Second is on trial for rape (could be life in prison), third shit in a closet of a stranger, the fourth played alright for a bit. The last is just an asshole, but I don't think he ever did anything criminal.
  4. You just got checked last month and told us you were clean.
  5. This is odd....drug rehab? Serious question. A year away, in your prime? Just weird.
  6. Damn, guys. This isn't your martial arts love fest thread. There's an off topic forum for you give your uninformed opinions. This is for uninformed opinions about football players we drafted!
  7. I like when people get excited. Ignore the haters. That said, I'm not sold on Walker like some of you. I mean, I was REALLY glad we didn't take him in the 3rd. To get him as late as we did makes me OK with the pick, but I still don't see him as more than a STs guy. What am I missing? I think Brown and Hooker were tremendous value, though. And I like the Simmons pick. Yeah, not for this year, but once he's healthy...I mean, look at his tape. He is a DOMINANT player out there. He really could be the next Haynesworth for this team (minus the character problems). Guy looks almost unstoppable, and if we can keep Casey playing at a high level on the same DL, we are scary up front, especially with Landry screaming off the edge. Brown may have been the best WR in this draft. I'm surprised he fell so far. I'm guessing his speed didn't wow people. But he has quickness and moves that remind me of Mason, actually. Mason used to do that same spin away from where the tackle is coming and pick up extra yards. Brown does that a LOT. Very good ability to adjust in short area, which is great for a WR. Oh, and watch him sell his routes. The guy is hard to read when he runs 10 yards up and then flashes into his route. Consistent, and should play right away. I know almost nothing about our new OL guard dude
  8. His height/weight suggest he can beat press coverage. He just needs to learn how, and our coaches can help with that. Meanwhile, he can be schemed away from that weakness a bit.
  9. Uhhh....didn't he run a 4.49 40 at the combine? He wouldn't have to be 2 inches taller if he ran a 3.99 40! He'd be the number one pick!
  10. Maybe he'll sell it to the Hawaiin god, Ku, to give himself more manliness, since that's what some of you think he lacks.
  11. No, and there won't be until he's healthy and they see him in a real game again. I think if he comes out of TC looking good, then they start talking extension right then. Get him at a good rate. If he falters, well, they start looking at Tannehill and get the scouts out looking at QBs for the 2020 draft. I lean toward Mariota getting another contract with us, but not by a lot. A year ago, I would have said probably. Now I say, maybe....bit more likely than not. Even an average QB is worth something in this league, and Mariota has the ability to at least be average until we find someone better. But that's only if he can stay healthy. Until he proves that, they aren't looking at extending.
  12. Paying someone to injure another person is criminal, yes. No way anyone would prosecute an NFL coach for doing so in the way Williams did...at least not in the near future. But yeah, I think 'criminal' is a perfectly fine word to use.
  13. Why do you suppose that is? Hesitancy, or is this in cases where he is flat out running and just doesn't have top end speed? I seem to recall people saying (on various sites) that he might be better in the box. Maybe he has good short area quickness, which is fine. I don't think he'll ever be a good single high safety, but Byard can do that, and Hooker can be used closer to the line or in cover 2 situations, where he doesn't have to cover the WHOLE field.
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