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  1. Maybe....Douglas is AWFUL. I don't think it means much, except that Davis can't be much worse. So let him learn. I just hope we don't get all our QBs killed.
  2. JRob is the least of this team's problems. Or among the least. He's brought in some really good players. The OL is a problem, and I'm not sure why. They were decent last year, and they are mostly the same. How do they get so bad so fast ? One guy? I mean that one guy (Douglas) has been AWFUL and we are on our backup LT. But still. They are beyond poor at pass protection at this point.
  3. Even the average ones do. If you know a blitz is coming, an average NFL QB should know how to beat it. Mariota should know it's coming at this point. Teams are doing it on about 1/3 of their plays.
  4. And it doesn't make any sense. In the NFL, QBs learn how to beat the blitz. The guy's in his fifth year. Surely, his coaches have said "BTW, if they blitz on this place, do this". The coaches KNOW teams will do this. But for some reason, Marcus can't counter it. That's what led me to finally give up on the guy. He doesn't seem to learn how to do the most routine things NFL QBs must do.
  5. After week 1, all our coaches and GM were geniuses, and everything was just amazing! Two weeks later, they all suck, and the 1-1 Colts are the geniuses. Did no one on this forum learn about sample sizes in school??
  6. I generally agree, but offensive line play can be graded with the broadcast, IMO. The Mariota stuff? Not so much ,but it sure looks like it will be pretty terrible.
  7. So...he still gets all that guaranteed money, right? Wow. Good job, Pats! EDIT: Just saw a tweet. Apparently, he doesn't, because his contract voids it if there's anything he didn't disclose. Hahaha...he's a fool.
  8. Strongly disagree. Walker could have adjusted a bit. It was coming a little to Walker's right, but the tip made it go off even further. Was it perfect? No, but if it was perfect, the LB would have batted it down completely, not just tipped it. It was where it needed to be, but the guy made a good play. Now, if he had put a bit more loft on it...that would have helped. But the angle wasn't going to be a problem for Walker.
  9. Lewan deserves a lot of criticism for his suspension. The other stuff doesn't matter much, though. He's trying to hype things up, and that's what he does. I'm definitely pissed at him over the PEDs though. It has cost us at least 1 game already, and we desperately need not just his play but his leadership on this OL. It's a shitshow.
  10. We aren't the worst in the NFL...not even close. We are the most mediocre. That's not good either..... But it's not bad!
  11. Yeah, we need to do some standard drop back passing. Let the OL pass block from the start. That's on the playcalling, and it may well be due to Mariota's limitations. But they are what they are. He can still make good throws when a guy gets open and they are on the same page. Let him scan the field instead of always having his back to it from the start. If he's going to fail, let him fail by running a legit offense. And Douglas has to go. That was atrocious. Also, 18 pressures and 9 sacks. Even if we give half of all of that to Marcus, the OL played a shit game.
  12. Lewan's suspension really did screw this team. Mariota sucks, but I think we would have won last week with Lewan. This week? Probably not. But if we had beat the Colts, this week wouldn't have been as big of a deal. We have a real shot at going 1-3 to start the season, and if we do, we aren't built to come back from that. Next week is a must win game, frankly. And we still won't have our best OL.
  13. Having him and Jones next to each other is a huge detriment. Put some old diapers in a couple of trash cans and place them at center and guard. That should be a slight upgrade.
  14. Corey Davis? Jesus. You are blaming a guy who had to jump 4 ft. in the air to one hand a 5 yard pass? I just can't.
  15. Probably, but only because of the Patriot wins. That's fine, of course, but if he had lost either of those games, I don't think he's HOF worthy.