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  1. Not invested in the topic enough to go back and read Budadams life story, but I think he's pretty good, especially in the later rounds of the draft. Sadly good qbs don't find themselves there often.
  2. Praying Seattle wins or Kyle will be insufferable.
  3. I don't see the need to post grievances on social media.
  4. I might be interested in one too. If you turn it inside out is the Titans logo imperceptible?
  5. We won't ever know that but we do know he picked Winston. By many reports interested in Josh Allen. Drafted Luke Falk. Significant interest in Drew Lock.
  6. 11 TDs in 11 catches! But seriously last year he was on top of his game. We won games that the team was unfit to win. I was impressed. This year is a different story. I'm with you, and I'd be ok with moving on but to my point that only expedites Jrob's departure. So I would be surprised if he's not the coach in 2020.
  7. This isn't the game to jump off the Vrabel train. We had some egregious justifications for that already this season. This game is way down the list. And Jrob isn't canning Vrabel soon. Jrob gets misses at coach and franchise QB before his seat gets hot. He hasn't whiffed on a franchise QB yet and as long he denies what's going on with Vrabel that buys him time too.
  8. Didn't we have this same back and forth with another fanbase last year and then promptly shit the bed? Miami or Baltimore? Let's keep the vitriol focused within the Thunderdome. You can't risk one of these fellas sticking around and spawning the new ME, complete with regular postings of buffalo phalli.
  9. I don't know how that can be. The stands were empty at last week's ATL game
  10. Nobody bought into the team after Cleveland. We knew exactly what was coming. Same thing after Atlanta. And it'll happen a couple more times this year. Nice place to visit for opposing fans though!
  11. This game has 13-12 written all over it
  12. Wait til Bills fans witness Vrabels clock management and arithmetic coupled with Jackson's punt return skills. Unstoppable.