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  1. Supernope

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    bro you missed out on years of grande latte choco talk, plus some regional craft brews that aren't available in your location. Also Favre, Brady, Brady, Favre. Your loss I guess!
  2. ah ok I was thinking he had some other i njury after he came back from lymphoma
  3. well if you have to explain it there goes the fun. Philip River is killing the franchise Remind me what was Eric Berry's injury?
  4. well it was like 20 years ago. Can't remember much above the button mashing. But thank you TR for being hyper-literal again!
  5. Meh I played like that when I was his age. Was like x, square, x, x, triangle, right bumper, circle...
  6. Supernope

    Giants Week

    just sounds like some passive aggressive shit talk
  7. Supernope

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    wild stuff if true
  8. Supernope

    Las Vegas to host the 2020 NFL Draft

    Wouldn't it be fantastic if a Titans pick could be announced by Pac-Man? 😁
  9. Supernope

    Giants Week

    amateurs! @Kyle021 show em how it's done
  10. Supernope

    Rashaan Evans

    Omg are we on Suh again
  11. Supernope

    Around the NFL

    That fella flat out secures top draft picks
  12. Supernope

    Around the NFL

    he doesnt throw a very catchable ball!
  13. Supernope

    Around the NFL

    Goff totes killing franchise 😙