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  1. was there an article on this? When I click on the link i get nuthin
  2. One of the reddit fellas compiled a list of a few pundits draft grades. Turns out we are sort of okay. Skins legendary.
  3. We frequently get wrecked up the gut. Why bother trying to get around a tackle. I'm apparently among the few who like Conklin but they can't be expected to pay up with the offenses we've enjoyed.
  4. He was never going to make this team with that cap hit, but yeah he tanked his chances for catching on elsewhere.
  5. I'm all for any selection that gets TayTay off the field. But Titans need to ramp up the pass attempts significantly or these early WR picks are wasted.
  6. Gotta add a rb from somewhere!
  7. It just defines a Mendoza line for WR prospects. It looks interesting to me. This year has several guys who should let us know how accurate this is.
  8. My god Hamp Cheevers, how awesome is that name?
  9. Butler would have been ridiculous. TayTay already fills the bad hands role.
  10. did it seem like our 2nd and 3rd picks were surprised to be Titans? Not sure how much can be read into our interest level. Id like depth at S, RB, LB
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