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  1. This is the first I've heard of a WAR stat for football. Are these published somewhere?
  2. I'm all for disruption up the middle but can he be dominant when he's off the juice?
  3. It's kind of a weird signing if they're tanking. For the brief recurring season that Fitzmagic is operational they may win several games, pushing them well out of that top spot.
  4. That weakness is like 60% of the players on the field! We're doomed! Nevertheless I'm interested to see what the offense is like without sacrificing 1st down running Lewis into a wall.
  5. I never heard of him either but I like the speed and I'm somewhat intrigued by a roster sporting both a Mecole and a Mycole. Few can claim such.
  6. it seems so. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2014/09/12/the-details-of-adrian-petersons-arrest-are-disturbing/?utm_term=.46796085e2f7
  7. from the league perspective how does breaking your kids arm rank with whipping his nuts bloody? Peterson sat out a year?
  8. FWIW Charlie Campbell rates McCoy the top C. Says better in pass pro than Bradbury. Bradbury better in run blocking.
  9. should be a nsfw tag on that clip. Children could be watching
  10. Is it acceptable to shout "hump DAY!" whenever he makes a catch? Or is that one played out? Im probably going with that regardless.
  11. I think the Titans will steer clear due to that video. But even if they do pass on him we can't know if that's the reason. Jrob has passed on major injury questions (Myles Jack, Jaylon Smith) even though they were at a position of need.
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