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  1. Completely agree about going with a vet, but I think Tannehill would be the top candidate barring a terrible showing. They could also go after Winston or Carr. I dont see a QB in the draft.
  2. He looks solid to me, especially in FA and the later rounds of the draft. In the draft he seems as good as we could hope but borderline flippant on drafting players with significant injuries*. I'm not on board with that but time will tell .. TBH the Simmons pick visits me in my night terrors. * I'm not going to hold the Dodd's hidden injury against him, but that was a bad pick due to Dodd himself
  3. I found this article very interesting. Thanks for sharing it @Huston
  4. We won't know anything until PSG#3, then we'll know everything.
  5. sounds like a track that could have been on Superunknown
  6. I don't pay Davidson taxes, and I rarely attend games, but I'd still be against a taxpayer paid stadium. On the other hand, I know that if the team fled Nashville a few years later the city would be in the same situation as Houston -- wooing the league with an even pricier mega stadium with some ridiculous mechanical skylight and dubious claims of restitution from a future super bowl featuring teams that locals hate!
  7. someone will get gimpy (hammie?!?) and make these choices for us. I don't think Sharpe will be back in 2020 but I think he could have a Sanu type of career on a passing offense opposite a top WR.
  8. It's as if last season never ended
  9. We gotta get the right people in the right seats on the bus 😊
  10. was there an article on this? When I click on the link i get nuthin
  11. One of the reddit fellas compiled a list of a few pundits draft grades. Turns out we are sort of okay. Skins legendary.
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