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  1. lol "be prepared to provide an adequate specimen" Definitely being catfished by @woolfolksunclesuncle
  2. I dont ever need to see McNichols return another kick
  3. I was listening to one of the radio shows this morning and they were high on the prop bet of Hines over 3.5 catches
  4. They would make new accounts. I just wish folks would stop quoting. It fucks up the ignore feature.
  5. I still love that this guys twitter handle is something like layzay. It's almost as awesome as that time we signed a DL named Dee Liner.
  6. That Texans qb is like the new Merton Hanks
  7. I would like to see Henry's carries down in the low 20s. I don't care about 2k yds. We got a long season ahead.
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