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  1. Titans need to work out the red speedo sotyktu guy at OL
  2. He was Houston DC for one disastrous season
  3. I like our chances to bounce back this week! I havent researched Miami but they can't have better receivers than Pittman
  4. But in Vrabel's defense the pool of coaches who can tolerate him has to be so small
  5. My immaturity could not handle the Titans selecting the Washington qb
  6. They're gonna let Tyron Smith walk? I completely missed when they signed jrob
  7. ahh dammit I missed Ninja's thread. Mods delete or merge plz
  8. gonna win 4 of the final 7 on our way to a sweet 7-10 season
  9. must suck to be a fan of teams with offenses like these!!
  10. I see scoring is down across the league this year. Is it possible Vrabel was way ahead of the curve?
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