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  1. Trade for fellow underachiever OJ Howard 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
  2. $17.5M owed on his final year in Jax and would cost them $2.5M to cut. Of all the guys the Jags went after during the Bortles window, he was the one I coveted the most. He wants to play a couple more years. Any chance he finds his way here?
  3. You can read it in any number of ways. He could be saying this team won't be the same next year, or fuckit I'm a niners fan. We'll just have to wait and see. I don't put much into what a player says immediately after a season ending loss.
  4. To summarize the analysis from our KC visitors this week: - Every Titans win has an asterisk - Every KC loss was a fluke - KC by 30
  5. Gonna need some of that Corey Davis downfield blocking that earned him the #5 overall selection!
  6. Burleson said with a straight face the Titans are wearing the cologne of Mike Vrabel.
  7. After all the Ravens guys showed up last week I was expecting a similar showing from KC, but we only got the KC-by-30 guy. Disappointing.
  8. I'd give my left, right, and middle nut to have Orakpo's voice
  9. So what was Orlovskys "key tell" that Mahomes is going to exploit?
  10. Can the next one be about Marvin Harrison?
  11. JJ Watt better spend the offseason sipping that Jesus juice because he looks done

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