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  1. Ive seen Mariota play terribly many times but this was the first time I recall Vrabel looking incompetent.
  2. Looks great! I agree that a dark mode theme would be nice. Is there a way to set viewing topics to more posts per page?
  3. So on the facemask call did anyone see if it was a legit facemask? Looked to me like his bitchslap we've seen many times
  4. Fitzmagic kicks in and leads the fins to a triple digit victory
  5. Cool thread, faxman. Following with interest!
  6. Not sure if this should make me sad or erect!
  7. Conklin is orchestrating his release and signing with the Pats!!
  8. I can't believe we get a game without Dedes and Archuleta!
  9. Still not funny! Too soon. Worst game ever IMO. Worse to sit through than 59-0