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Found 377 results

  1. Rankings after week 1: Baltimore (1-0) Kansas City (1-0) Green Bay (1-0) New Orleans (1-0) Seattle (1-0) Buffalo (1-0) Pittsburgh (1-0) Tennessee (1-0) New England (1-0) LA Rams (1-0) Minnesota (0-1) Arizona (1-0) Chicago (1-0) San Francisco (0-1) Tampa Bay (0-1) Houston (0-1) Dallas (0-1) Atlanta (0-1) Las Vegas (1-0) NY Jets (0-1) Denver (0-1) Washington (1-0) LA Chargers (1-0) Philadelphia (0-1) Cleveland (0-1) NY Giants (0-1) Cincinnati (0-1) Jacksonville (1-0) Miami (0-1) Indianapolis (0-1) Carolina (0-1) Detroit (0-1)
  2. Crazy number of injuries this week. The 49ers, in particular, have been decimated.
  3. When He Is Finally Drafted What Team Do You Think Will Get QB Trevor Lawrence?? He has been projected as the best QB since Andrew Luck Was looking around and the team i've seen a lot is the Jaguars because most of the other teams projected to have bad records have recently drafted QB's. Hope Jax doesn't get him. I know most won't agree with this but i'd do a deal to bring him here even if it was similar to the Rams/Titans deal back in '16
  4. Watching Carr struggle I'd imagine when Mariota gets healthy they might switch to the superior talent. Mariota having Playoff experience and a playoff win under his belt.
  5. Dolphins feeling real salty. https://phinphanatic.com/2020/09/21/admit-miami-dolphins-wrong-ryan-tannehill/amp/
  6. Even though the Seahawks held to win, Pete Carroll seems foolish calling passing plays when Seahawks were up 5 points with a few minute to play. Why not run the clock down so Patriots have little time when they get the ball back??
  7. Absolutely awful again yesterday. Eagles fans have turned on him. He was kept clean all day, had one terrible INT, was consistently inaccurate and was the reason the Eagles lost. Hurts was active yesterday and if he continues to have games like that he could conceivably be replaced before the end of the season
  8. The lack of fans have really taken the home field advantage for the defense out of play. Teams with elite or good QB's will continue to move up and down the field because you can easily audible. Luckily the Titans have a QB now that can do this and take advantage.
  9. Butker? Lutz? Tucker? Chumps. Koo will be #1.
  10. As another Sunday is in the books, I must say I'm pretty impressed with the NFL and NFL players and coaches. You would think with so much personnel the NFL would have had a few hiccups by now. But they have done really well during this Pandemic. The games have been surprisingly enjoyable. You would think with circumstances and no crowds the games might be a little flat, as if they are playing in glorified preseason games. But guys are playing hard and putting a really good product on the field, true professionals. I think the NFL has done better than every other sport, especially starting out.
  11. This guy has to be one of the most overpaid WRs in our team and the entire NFL. He hasn't done jack shit for the money JRob has paid him too. Its either injury or being nonexistent on the field. Worst JRob signing of his tenture here in Nashville. We all talk about Hammy Davis Jr stepping up. But we also forget that Hump has a pretty large contract and hasnt lived up to his pay yet. Not even close.
  12. I might be in the minority here, but For 2 years I been saying Deshaun Watson is overrated. Everytime Hopkins was out he looked pedestrian & even when he was in Watson threw up prayers to him lol.
  13. Thought it would be a good place for other team related NFL news. So far this morning two pretty major injuries.
  14. Living in Ohio, been seeing alot of Bengals & Brown's games over the years. I always felt for years AJ Green and Dez Bryant were extremely overrated. Between the fumbles and ineffectiveness, I'm not sure why he is considered an upper echelon receiver.
  15. I was thinking before the season the Jags as an organization always seems to have an ability to be highly competitive, even when they are expected to suck lol. It doesn't last long (Their success). They always have an outta nowhere great season. I mean Blake Bortles led them to an AFC title game 3 years ago, Blake Bortles. I do think the Jags shouldn't be taken lightly. And potentially have a better season than expected.
  16. BAKer MAYfielD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Who's looking for that first on-field blow up between Mayfield and Beckham?
  18. The way they are getting hyped I didn't realize that Houston made the AFC Championship,
  19. I understand he won the Heisman but that was in college and has nothing to do with the NFL. His former teammate and current Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is talked about half as much with better NFL stats and also winning the heisman. Marcus Mariota also won the heisman but he was a huge bust in the NFL, regardless he was probably spoken about a 1/5 of what Baker is discussed about. So what's up with the obsession?
  20. Dude resuscitated his career in one game. So next Sunday he’s absolutely going 3-13
  21. Anyone else having issues with nflsundayticket.tv? It auto-renewed a couple weeks ago, but I when I try to login it says I don't have access. Has anyone else had luck renewing the streaming product?

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