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  1. I actually kind of like this one. So the winner of the coin toss gets to pick if they want the ball or want to play defense. And the team on defense first gets to pick where the offensive team gets the ball. So say after the Titans won the toss against the Texans in OT last year decided to play offense, the Texans would likely pin them back at the 1. Which may actually prove advantageous to the team on defense (maybe not as much that day because no one could stop the other team, but in general). Which would actually force the coach to make a decision. Take the ball first at your own one
  2. A little bit of scheduling news from Peter King's FMIA column where he suggests its likely that AFC teams will have the extra home game in 2021 when the NFL finally officially announces they are going with a 17 game over 18 weeks schedule. The extra game for the Titans would be against the Saints in Nashville.
  3. First there was Kyrie, now Baker lol. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/baker-mayfield-tweets-almost-100-percent-ufo-texas-browns-050528177.html
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/bizarre-story-terry-bradshaw-became-144252199.html In 1983. What a glitch in the Matrix. At the time Bradshaw had won 4 Superbowls.
  5. He was a really good WR, always really liked him.
  6. Another stupid somewhat off-topic thread but I found it fun so was wondering.... Was watching a clip back from when Eddie gave his line all atvs. Then was thinking about what if you were to win the rushing title but you are on a budget as a late round rookie or something. You want to get the big boys something they want but you can't spend much. What do you get them? I have something already but I don't want to sway anyone with what I thought of. Side note: double pointless points for what you would want from the "broke" back as well.
  7. I guess we should file this one under "no shit Sherlock": https://www.nfl.com/news/marcus-mariota-trade-talks-have-dried-up-significantly
  8. Interesting topic from a discussion point. Jets, Dolphins, and the Raiders make sense from a branding standpoint. If he went to Vegas his wife could have a show exclusive somewhere on the strip. New York would probably be preferred though due to the marketability there along with already knowing their HC.
  9. Haven't bought Madden in 4 years. Might have to get 22 for this lol. The Titans probably don't rank in the top half of the league as far as popularity. When I play my friends or brother in law in Madden and beat them all I hear is I'm actually losing to the Titans. Many dont realize the Titans have been pretty consistent as a Franchise compared to Alot of others. In the 2000s I think we made the playoffs 5 out of the 10 years. Then we finished last decade strongly. Although it wasn't full of playoff births, it was mostly above a .500 record, and under new playoff rules we woulda b
  10. This kid wasn't doing it to go viral, black kids always run their mouth like this. And it's mostly from jealousy. I grew up in a predominantly white community and went to camps with black kids. Blacks kids always talk crap lol. Im not a fan of Cam Newton, but this kid is embarrassing lol. Somebody needs to teach this kid economics. I know why Cam asked where his dad is, because most of the time kids with mouth like that don't have a dad in their life. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-cam-newton-trash-talk-hs-football-player-social-media-calls-out-disrespect-im-rich-2001
  11. Pretty smart move with the Bitcoin thing. https://sports.yahoo.com/former-seattle-seahawk-russell-okung-205342029.html
  12. It’s been discussed ad naseum around the edges, but what are we expecting some of these FA contracts to actually look like with the cap being lowered? I saw one projection of Judon for 4 years 65 million...I can’t believe that’s even close to correct regardless of the team. Players signing for more guaranteed money this year will have to take quite a bit less overall because of the way this FA is structured. If they’re betting on themselves they will take a shorter deal to hit FA when the TV contracts kick in. Take a Jamison Crowder. He’s a good player; trusted, healthy, and
  13. His game check salary today is now worth over 40 million for 2020. https://news.bitcoin.com/paid-in-bitcoin-nfl-offensive-tackle-russell-okung-considered-the-highest-paid-in-the-league/
  14. Pull an Eli Manning and get yourself out of Jacksonville.
  15. Good lord The Weeknd is a generational talent. Simply amazing
  16. Separate thread for Division News!
  17. May as well. Should be an entertaining thread if nothing else, even if it’s 90% of people raging at the idea. Stephen A Smith and Bill Simmons think we’re where he goes. Yes, I know 😂 But Adam Schefter was recently on a panel and very coy about where Brady ends up next year saying like with Manning, people may be surprised where he ended up (after folks talked about the obvious places like Chargers and Colts). One other tidbit of note was at his conference today, Vrabel worded the future plans with Henry and Ryan Tannehill differently. It was subtle, but he made it sou
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