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Found 351 results

  1. Tua moving surprisingly well for someone who was only cleared to resume football training activities 2 weeks ago, with the shutdown of player visits/medicals i'm sure there are going to be plenty more of these type of clips posted online and sent to teams.
  2. It’s going to happen, l hope. 🙏 So, which league do you think will start first?
  3. Hopefully a decent deal and subsequent 2021 comp pick.
  4. I really thought Luck retired bc of the organizational flaws of the Colts for the majority of his career and after a year off I figured he would miss the game and make a comeback, and since there’s been not even a sniffle of this it will not happen, but I would find it hilarious if Luck came out of retirement and put the Colts in a position where they either had to cut him or trade him for peanuts since they’re paying both Brissett and Rivers. It would’ve made me laugh my ass off if he did come out of retirement and find his way onto the FA market and sign with a team like the Chargers, Patriots, Jets, or even the Jaguars in the AFC or say the Dolphins what a pointless thread. I need to quarantine myself from TR for a few days. Waiting on this Clowney shit has me thinking stupid
  5. Wish we woulda signed him https://www.totalprosports.com/2020/03/23/breaking-carolina-panthers-signing-ex-houston-roughnecks-qb-p-j-walker/?fbclid=IwAR3UEnVCpEu9BgEIKlRF8sFqjtJGF2iUxjo89hsWO7ec6QArnCOPj_HuiDc
  6. As the title says, NBA announced season suspended due to a player testing positive to the virus. https://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-covid-19-news-and-live-updates-120246923.html
  7. With so many players from the 2015 draft changing teams this off-season, I started thinking. How many from the first round are even left with their original teams? I am assuming based on reports that Gurley will not be with the Rams next year or Winston will not be back with TB: In the top 10, 9 will either be playing for another team or possibly out of the league (Kevin White). Dante Fowler and Ereck Flowers in fact are going onto team #3 next year. In fact, in the entire first round it appears that only 10 players will be with the team that drafted them next year. Maybe less as there's a couple that I'm not sure are signed or not. So at least 68.75% drafted in the first round not with their teams after 5 seasons. That seems very low to me.
  8. May as well. Should be an entertaining thread if nothing else, even if it’s 90% of people raging at the idea. Stephen A Smith and Bill Simmons think we’re where he goes. Yes, I know 😂 But Adam Schefter was recently on a panel and very coy about where Brady ends up next year saying like with Manning, people may be surprised where he ended up (after folks talked about the obvious places like Chargers and Colts). One other tidbit of note was at his conference today, Vrabel worded the future plans with Henry and Ryan Tannehill differently. It was subtle, but he made it sound like Henry would for sure be an upcoming negotiation but was pretty vague in regards to RT. It was also a little odd that Tannehill didn’t have any comments or interviews today when folks were heading out of the facilities. Anyway, with all the Defensive Coordinator and secondary coach talking points going on today, may as well get all of the drama out of the way.
  9. I saw this from Tannenbaum and much like with Tannehill's deal, the devil is in the details in terms of guaranteed money, NOT APY. Conklin's deal here is 14 M APY, which seems low BUT he got 30 M fully guaranteed and 20 M in year 1. Humphries signed a similar deal but only has 13.9 M fully guaranteed. Same applied with Tannehill's deal. His deal is "only" 29.5 M APY but it's either a one year, 62 M fully guaranteed (with a ton of dead money the Titans would eat) because of the 2022 base salary trigger in March 2021 or 3 years 91 M fully guaranteed in a 4-year deal worth 118 M. Contrast that with Jimmy G's similar 5 year 137 M contract that had 48.7 M fully guaranteed.....
  10. Interesting little bit from Peter King's FMIA column today, not saying the Titans should be interested just think it highlights the problems O'Brien has caused the Texans by trading away all their premium draft capital. File This Under You Never Know It might be just pre-draft chatter, but two teams over the weekend told me to watch Houston and DeAndre Hopkins, who has three years and a reasonable $40 million left on his contract, and who’d cause only a $3-million cap hit to the Texans if they traded him. Houston is currently in draft hell, without a top-50 pick in 2020 and 2021, and coach Bill O’Brien has huge needs to fill on his offensive line, in the secondary and overall youth on the front seven; J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus will play this year at 31 and 30. What could hurt O’Brien if he’s serious about moving Hopkins is he’ll play this year at 28, and he wasn’t as explosive last year as he’d been . . . and the fact that this is one of the best years in history for wideouts in the draft. How tempting Hopkins would be, though, to teams with cap money. The Patriots, at 23, would be a fascinating match (they might need a mid- or late-round pick back with Hopkins), or the Niners at 31, Giants at 36 or Dolphins at 39. Houston’s need across the roster is big, and it’d take a big pick to pry Hopkins. Over the last three years, Hopkins has 15 more catches, 14 more touchdowns and 12 fewer dropped passes than the great Julio Jones. Pretty tempting to consider.
  11. Lower than estimates. The salary cap spike will happen next offseason.
  12. Big changes to the playoff format coming immediately if the new CBA can be agreed on in the coming weeks.
  13. https://theathletic.com/1660305/2020/03/09/from-derek-carr-to-christian-mccaffrey-40-nfl-players-who-could-get-traded?source=shared-article If the Panthers do seek to trade him, and things didn't work out with Henry (I can't see how they wouldn't, but this is a hypothetical) what would it take to trade for McCaffrey if JRob was interested?

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