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  1. I like the Dallas because nobody circles the wagons like da Cowboys
  2. Browns @ Chiefs Bet the over. 53pts LOCK of the week. I'm posting this early because this total will increase, so get it now. Last year was kinda slow and a lot of you guys had to get second jobs to dig out of debt. My Bad. Remember this awesome advice is free. We still had one rags to riches story last year. Backas Ward bet every pick I posted. Somehow Backas bet the opposite of all my picks and made a killing. This information is for amusement only.
  3. Mine sucks!! I have an early gen AppleTV. I can't go forward/backward more than 30 seconds. If I watch half a game, the next day I can't start at the second half. There is no slo-mo. The App site says All-22 is coming later There are commercials. Also, I sent them a complaint about these issues. No Response. Usually, they respond same day.
  4. Rankings after week 1: Baltimore (1-0) Kansas City (1-0) Green Bay (1-0) New Orleans (1-0) Seattle (1-0) Buffalo (1-0) Pittsburgh (1-0) Tennessee (1-0) New England (1-0) LA Rams (1-0) Minnesota (0-1) Arizona (1-0) Chicago (1-0) San Francisco (0-1) Tampa Bay (0-1) Houston (0-1) Dallas (0-1) Atlanta (0-1) Las Vegas (1-0) NY
  5. I sometimes get tagged on the board for offensive line opinions because I played it in college (just D2) and follow it closer than most so I thought I would just share this podcast. I know some people hate PFF around here, but they had former offensive line coach for the Bengals and Cowboys Paul Alexander on the show today. I think it’s something that would be good to listen to for people who want to learn a bit more about offensive line play in the NFL. Very insightful stuff about some techniques and what goes into preparation. It might be trite for some who know offensive line play already,
  6. I don't play Madden anymore, haven't bought a new one in 3-4 years. But I found this interesting. Ok if you were going to snub Derrick Henry of the number 1 spot, I wouldn't guess it be a guy who can't finish a season vs a guy who just came off 2000 yards & back to back rushing titles lol. EA sports needs to lose that NFL license lol.
  7. A 17 game schedule skews the odds, but for a lot of teams, we're already in must in territory. Us especially.
  8. I never knew the story about The Black Hole until today I'm not sure how much of this tradition followed them to Vegas. I bet this guy was an anti-vaxxer.
  9. I guess the refs missed the part where a QB can’t intentionally ground the ball a yard deep in his end zone without it being a safety. I would love to hear an explanation for that. The game was supposed to be over right there. About as bad of a call as I’ve ever seen spotting it at the 1.
  10. He did nothing special, but hit the kicks he was supposed to make and didn’t crumble under the pressure. 3/3 on PATs 4/5 on field goals (36, 33, 30, and 24 yards) Mainly it’s the fact that he didn’t crack under pressure that gets him the gold star. Anyway, just thought he deserved the thread since he’s going to get the “run out of town” posts when/if he eventually does what Titans kickers do.
  11. Well that was a quick ass pick 6 for Action Jackson.
  12. 7 targets, 5 receptions, 97 yards, 2 TD's. From a rookie QB too. I watched some of this game and Davis looked very good in a different scheme. Yes, that was a dig at our coaching staff.
  13. Dude can’t catch a break https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/16/raiders-lose-marcus-mariota-for-multiple-weeks/
  14. 5-10 years ago I could've done this easily. But I don't pay enough attention these days. If anyone gets bored, feel free to make one and post it. Maybe we can make it a series. Honor system on not looking them up and spoiling it.
  15. Anyone else love football to the core but can't force themselves to watch this.
  16. Footage Shows 5′ 10,″ 194LB Budda Baker Destroying 6′ 7,″ 309LB Taylor Lewan
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