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Found 8 results

  1. We all know Andrew Luck is our owner. But it cannot go unsaid how Ballard has done absolutely nothing but hand out a bad deal to Funchess (because he is a bad WR). He does know he has to spend a certain amount right to reach the threshold required? They are one Luck injury away from being the worst team in the league again.
  2. Free Agency is exciting and I think the league is evolving in terms of more trading albeit it always seems to be precipitated by a player wanting a new deal because he's not a free agent. Saying that, the really good teams tend to sit out the crazy money phase of FA and add elements at reasonable costs and use their cap space to retain their own - provided they draft well enough to where they have players worth 2nd and 3rd contracts. To a certain extent, being a big time player in FA is an indictment of sorts in drafting. The fact that guys like Tretola and Levin did not develop into contenders to start so you have to go sign Safford and Kline is a concern. Drafting Smith to replace Walker and then extending Walker - same thing. Drafting Adoree Jackson yet throwing big money at Ryan and Butler. Robinson inherited a shitty roster and he's done a solid job patching holes as Webster was absolutely horrid (of course he ,missed at G horribly with Warmack and Levitre). At the same time, they need to draft better IMO to avoid having to buy a solution at premium prices as opposed to cheaper, home grown solutions. In 2018, he came away with 3 picks that made the team. Yes - Evans and Landry look to be long term starters but he's got to come away with a better ROI this year. And saying all of that, everything hinges on Mariota. If they get healthy, good Marcus, they can be a 10-12 win team. If he's what he has been to this point, they are decidedly mediocre in a division where all of the teams are good. The moves made are fine but are they enough to overtake the Colts or Texans? IDK
  3. If there was ever an expansion idea regarding another professional football league (outside of another painfully stupid XFL/AAFXYZ wanna-be-mockery), it would be rotating eight NFL teams every off-season with their practice squad and 1st-3rd year players ONLY to compete in an expansion season to run from February thru April Draft Weekend. Each B-squad would be coordinated by team assistants and ran by the offensive and defensive coordinators. None of the head coaches would participate, nor would 4th year plus veterans be allowed to play. Players do not have to be required to play in NFL-B; and open for any and all eligible players to show their talent. Ticket sales could also be significantly reduced or practically cost nothing for fans to watch "live" while the national fan bases would be watching their NFL TEAMS on the network channels rather than these stupid uniformed imposters. Steve Spurrier could still shove his ego into the mix - I'm sure, as would any other outside coach wanting to participate (hired as a B-coaching-consultant). Top players would be protected from injury as would certain top rookie/future stars depending on front office decision making and participation. Instead of having to look at these horrid uniforms in the current AAF, each of the participating NFL-B teams could simply be called by their (logo) or (city name) rather than the traditional combined name. You give scoff and glare at this idea initially, but rather this be the extension-league than see more money and time wasted on something that (let's face it) will NEVER be as popular or decent substitute as an off-season football alternative.
  4. Thought it did a pretty good job of covering the basics for anyone that's never been through it. Hopefully someone finds it interesting.
  5. I guess I was asleep under a rock or something. Totally missed that he was fired as Bengals coach. Watching him on NFL network. He seems like a fish in water as a commentator, like he's been doing it for years.
  6. On the eve of the NFL's legal tampering period, multiple sources told ESPN that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been actively shopping wide receiver DeSean Jackson for a potential trade and that the Philadelphia Eagles would be a preferred destination for Jackson. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26225460/bucs-shopping-desean-eagles-possible
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