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  1. Making a fresh thread for posting free agency splash news for once the Legal Tampering Period officially begins.
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/37714318/fair-catches-nfl-kickoffs-now-spotted-25-yard-line NFL owners took what might be their final step Tuesday toward decreasing injuries on kickoffs before considering a more dramatic set of changes, approving a rule that will incentivize fair catches on balls fielded outside of the end zone. This season, a fair catch on a kickoff will be placed at the 25-yard line regardless of where it is fielded. The proposal is designed to counteract a recent increase in "pop-up" kickoffs that some teams use to pin the returning team deep in their own territory. The tweak to the fair catch spot is in effect for one season only, forcing owners to resume the conversation in 2024.
  3. So as not to piss off the non Oiler people of TR, I hid the real title, which is actually On This Day in Houston Oilers History As for us Oiler fans, this thread is a tribute to those years gone by, where a lot of us first got hooked on the team - and therefore got hooked on football itself. Anyway, I just found this place on Twitter, so will try to update this thread from time to time. Feel free to do the same, of course!
  4. Snyder has agreed principally to sell the Commanders for $6 Billy to a group led by Sixers owner Josh Harris and includes Magic Johnson.
  5. (Sorry if this has been said 1000 times) This is not an intricate analysis or praise for Willis. This is just base level logic. I keep hearing talk that Willis will most likely be cut. Here’s why that’s just bad business. 1. Willis is a small cap hit (I think) 2. You need a 3rd QB anyway with 1 proven QB behind a very unproven WR corps and a retooled Oline (an offense that needs to prove itself after the last couple years regardless) & a rookie that nobody knows how he’ll actually play. 3. He’s a super high upside 3rd string with elite athleticism, young, and can only get better. 4. He could still flash or prove himself in some way and have a little trade value. You don’t just cut a guy that was in top10 convo a year ago. You don’t just cut a net asset. He would immediately get snatched up if we cut him. He just has too much upside (in theory) to cut for nothing. We aren’t paying him enough to hurt us and we need to carry 3 this year. Why not keep him around and see how he can develop. Maybe if the Titans go from being Auburn in the SEC West to Liberty he’ll show his worth.
  6. Peter King in his FMIA column today mentioned the schedule is likely to be released next week. With the possibility of multiple rookie QB's starting in the AFC South this year it could be beneficial to get games against the Texans and Colts early in the season while they are trying to find their feet. Also won't be surprising if the Titans primetime exposure this year is cut to a single Thursday night game.
  7. Another woman beater dancing with the worms!
  8. We have seen QB’s succeed and take major steps in their career as teams invested weapons in them. We have also watched many young QB’s suffer at the hands of being given very little to work with. A major reason why the Titans could set up Levis for failure (like they have with tanny and Willis) is the lack of established stardom at pass catcher. In my opinion, everything is on Burks and Phillips shoulders to not only stay healthy but become pro-bowl players. MAJOR QB SUCCESSES/IMPROVEMENTS: 1. Hurts after you add AJ & Smith 2. Healthy Tua after you add Hill & Waddle 3. Geno Smith with Seahawks arsenal 4. Bengals hit on Burrow with their lineup 5. Chargers hit on Herb with their lineup 6. Mahomes with their lineup 7. Kirk with Diggs/Thielen to Jefferson 8. Stafford with OBJ-Kupp-Woods-Jefferson 9. Mayfield on Rams Vs browns & panthers 10. Mr irrelevant with his lineup Yes, almost every team has a good WR1 but you’ll notice the effort many franchises made that changed the trajectory of many QB’s. (there are some outliers like Murray but the results are there) Now let’s look at some recent busts and struggles: 1. Mac Jones with Meyers? Parker? 2. Wilson with WR1 Corey Davis & rookie 3. Falcons QB’s after losing Ridley 4. Justin Fields with no help early on 5. Darnold/corral with DJ Moore/nothing 6. Lamar with WR1 Rashod Bateman 7. Multiple Colts failures with mid level WRs 8. Houston after Hopkins 9. Haskins in Washington Im not saying these guys would be good anywhere, but they certainly weren’t throwing to eagles WRs behind an eagles Oline. Levis is just as bad off as tanny and Willis. I know that the staff is probably out on Willis and people are sick of tannehill but I think that if you put them behind a decent Oline with guys like…….gee idk…. Lewan, Saffold, Conklin, Ben jones with a WR like…..I’ll just pick one at random…AJ brown, maybe they’d play ok idk that’s just me
  9. Seems like this one might come back to bite the NFL in the ass https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/05/nbcs-peacock-streaming-service-scores-an-nfl-playoff-game/ As the NFL slowly embraces streaming, football addicts are quickly hitting subscription fatigue. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the latest service to carve out a piece of the upcoming NFL season is NBCUniversal’s $5-per-month Peacock streaming service. Peacock is getting an exclusive NFL playoff game that won't be available anywhere other than through the online service. The Wall Street Journal's sources say NBCUniversal paid $110 million for the rights to air one of the coveted 13 NFL playoff games. The service's exclusive game will be in the prime time slot on Saturday, January 13, making it one of the round 1 "Wild Card" matchups. Naturally, we don't know which teams are playing yet, but the two team's local markets will see the playoff game simulcast on the local NBC affiliate. Only the national viewers will have to deal with Peacock.
  10. Good receivers can help a QB out, but the success or failure of a QB doesn't fall on the WR corps. Interestingly, SB champs seem to have the best TE's not necessarily the best recs. 2000 Ravens Shannon Sharpe 2001 Pats Rod Rutledge 2002 Bucs Ken Dilger 2003 Pats Daniel Graham 2004 Pats Daniel Graham 2005 Steelers Heath Miller 2006 Colts Dallas Clark 2007 Giants Jeremy Shockey 2008 Steelers Heath Miller 2009 Saints Jeremy Shockey 2010 Packers Donald Lee 2011 Giants Jake Ballard 2012 Ravens Ed Dickson 2013 Seahawks Zach Miller 2014 Pats Gronk 2015 Broncos Owen Daniels 2016 Pats Gronk 2017 Eagles Zach Ertz 2018 Pats Gronk 2019 Chiefs Kelce 2020 Bucs Gronk 2021 Rams Tyler Higbee 2022 Chiefs Kelce I have scratched out all the teams that either did not have an elite TE or the TE wasn't playing at a pro bowl level at the time of the SB. Only 6/23 times did a team win SB with a mediocre to sub par TE. On those occasions, they typically had 2 elite receivers and/or a top defense. Elite tight ends should be paid more than WRs. 74% of SB winners in the last 23 years had a fucking elite TE.
  11. Who are they Titan fans? I figure you guys hate us ever since that other Packer fan came on here trashing you guys then he disappeared lol.
  12. I'm only like half way into this so far and it's mostly boring imo but he just started talking about the contract negotiations with both jrob and ran. 27:10 if it doesn't auto load to the right spot.
  13. Based on Marshawn Lynch's gameplan to "run through their face...over and over and over and over", I thought perhaps this sprinter might be converted to an NFL player since he runs through people's (kid's) faces. Should the Titans sign him?
  14. Idc how talented he is, that is super concerning
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