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  1. lol Carr is pissed the Raiders won't let him talk to other teams and with the no trade clause in his back pocket he can totally screw them.
  2. Yeesh. Good second round RT target along with Darnell Wright.
  3. ESPN announces ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 “Bullies of Baltimore” about the 2000 Baltimore Ravens will premiere February 5 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Not to hijack your board, but I know ya'll have some football junkies on here that might appreciate this. And I of course know how you feel about the Ravens. I have a buddy involved in putting this together and he says quite a bit of the content centers around the Titans/Ravens rivalry, so thought I would bring it to your attention. The audio from Brian Billick's famous "turn the cameras off" speech in the Titans locker room, is being aired for the first time on TV (already leaked on twitter, spoiler). Focused mainly around how that team and teams of that era simply cannot exist today given social media, NFL rules, etc. Can't be worse than the Pro Bowl games.
  4. Not really an NFL subject, but the Arena League is coming back next year for the first time since 2019. They didn’t announce yet where all the teams will be but it’s 16 teams and a 10 game schedule. It used to be a fun game. I enjoyed Nashville Kats games. It will be interesting to see the competition between the AFL, XFL, and USFL assuming they are all still around by next spring. But I doubt that there are enough players to really go around for all 3 leagues to co-exist.
  5. Had reportedly been trending this way for the last week seems to be a terrific and well respected young coach but you just never know how a good young co-ordinator will perform as a head coach especially at a franchise that has been a dumpster fire for a while.
  6. What's the deal with these guys. Money to buy, they use muscle on a woman.
  7. Seems a bit odd to me. I didn’t see him throw any INTs last game.
  8. I see a lot of people that advocate for the "get the QB on a rookie contract" as the optimum way to do things when in fact what they really want is a long term top tier QB so you really only have a 3 year window of this before you have pay the guy. Ironically the miss rate on QB's and prudent cap management feeds into what Fitzgerald points out here. The teams with good veteran QB's on average make the playoffs more than the cheap rookie route. Yes, there are exceptions but for every Russell Wilson or Mahomes winning SB's on their rookie deals, you get a Mariota or Daniel Jones blip appearance in a watered down year. Bottom line is that it's an overblown ideal. The real ideal is getting a good QB you can build around whether it be the draft, FA, or via trade. The cap allocation can be managed if the GM knows what they are doing. Take the Titans example - Robinson did a brutal job of managing the cap and specifically how he handled Tannehill's contract by blocking it off from a restructure last March because he used it in June 2021 to fit in Julio Jones' horrid deal.....Meanwhile, teams with high priced QB's routinely restructure them for cap room and get into that 11%-17% cap range. https://overthecap.com/qb-salary-cap-charges-and-the-playoffs
  9. My top RB in this draft because of his all around game and the fact he catches well is here. https://www.ocregister.com/2023/01/16/ucla-rb-zach-charbonnet-declares-for-nfl-draft/ T. Spears from Tulane is number two in round three I also like J. Gibbs but he will be draft way too high.
  10. While I'm pretty much ready for this season to be done I'm kind of keeping connected to the playoffs via the 49ers fortunes as I think there is a pretty realistic chance Carthon ends up bringing a few of these upcoming 49ers free agents to the Titans. Feels like this is the week the Jags and Giants who have both significantly exceeded expectations this season finally see their seasons ended. Think it will require another superhuman effort from Joe Burrow to try and overcome the significant OL issues the Bengals once again find themselves with if they are to beat the Bills. In the 49ers/Cowboys game its all about whether Shanahan and his freakshow collection of offensive weapons can elevate a rookie QB and win their way into the NFC Championship Game.
  11. Quite frankly, I don't understand why the rule somehow became "you have to be moving forward when going out of bounds" or else the clock doesn't stop. Fucking dumb rule and yet another example of how the refs have to use judgment that can affect outcomes of games. We saw it tonight with the Dalton Schultz catch on the last drive. He gets out of bounds but they wind the clock because apparently he didn't try hard enough to be moving forward. It makes no sense. Just make it black and white. You get out of bounds, the clock stops. You get tackled before, the clock winds. It shouldn't matter if you're moving forward, backward, or pull out your dick and stroke off while doing a backflip crossing the sideline.
  12. Williams who missed last week with a calf injury is a big in for the Jets today.
  13. Must admit haven't really paid a huge amount of attention to the news surrounding the playoffs and more focussing on the coaching and GM searches going on around the NFL, also keeping an eye on the final declarations for the 2023 Draft which is due by Monday. The two games with the most interest from my perspective is the Jags vs Chargers and Cowboys vs Bucs as I think both Staley and McCarthy could be in trouble if they lose with Sean Payton still out there and available, also curious to see if Trevor Lawrence handles the playoff intensity better than he did last week against the Titans.
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