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Found 240 results

  1. He was listed in the top 20 finalists along with Belichick, Paul Brown, Guy Chamberlin, Weeb Ewbank, Joe Gibbs, Sid Gillman, Bud Grant, Halas, Lambeau, Landry, Levy, Lombardi, Madden, Noll, Steve Owen, Parcells, Fritz Pollard, Shula, and Walsh. Dungy won't come close to finishing in the top 10.
  2. I think this is available on Amazon Prime for those w/o the usual methods. Both teams are 6-4. I think pulling for the Texans to win help the Titans more since we still play them twice and it allows us to "control our destiny" easier. Colts are 3-0 in the division. Texans are 2-1. (Titans 0-2) Looking ahead, Texans face: Patriots, Broncos, @Titans, @Bucs, Titans Colts face: Titans, @Bucs, @Saints, Panthers, @Jags (Titans face: @Colts, @Raiders, Texans, Saints, @Texans ) If we hope for a brutal game, then the Colts can be bruised vs us while the Texans can roll over for the Pats.
  3. Wait a mariota...I thought the smart nfl type people are salivating for mariota to catch his own bad pass on their team! I do see another familiar face there though LOLOL
  4. When we made the switch from Mariota to Tannehill and loss to the Panthers and seeing Kansas City on the schedule I thought the season was loss lol. But we have a legitimate shot at the Division title. Tannehill has the offense rolling and our defense is solid. They did well considering what Mahomes and the rest of those guys bring. To pull that win out was huge. Today seeing how Houston was dismantled that's very encouraging. 41-7 Ravens over Houston, Wow. And no JJ Watt. Jags arent doing much & Colts aren't consistent. We will see how the rest of the year shakes out. But to be in striking distance of the Division crown is a fortunate thing.
  5. Interesting to see the various methods.
  6. My vote would go to Wilson at the moment, but Jackson has been unbelievable this season. He is on pace for 3700 yards passing and 27 TD's while completing 66% of his passes, he's also on the way to well over 1000 yards rushing. The Ravens have the best offense in the league because of him and have big wins over the Patriots and Seahawks recently. It won't be surprising if he gets MVP
  7. Here are my rankings after week 1: New England (1-0) Kansas City (1-0) Baltimore (1-0) LA Rams (1-0) New Orleans (1-0) Dallas (1-0) LA Chargers (1-0) Philadelphia (1-0) Green Bay (1-0) Tennessee (1-0) Minnesota (1-0) Houston (0-1) Carolina (0-1) Seattle (1-0) Chicago (0-1) Pittsburgh (0-1) Indianapolis (0-1) San Francisco (1-0) Cincinnati (0-1) Buffalo (1-0) Oakland (1-0) Atlanta (0-1) NY Jets (0-1) NY Giants (0-1) Detroit (0-0-1) Jacksonville (0-1) Denver (0-1) Washington (0-1) Cleveland (0-1) Tampa Bay (0-1) Arizona (0-0-1) Miami (0-1)
  8. It’s been a fun 20 years. A lot of heartache. A lot of woulda, coulda, should’ve. it’s been hard the last 15 years being a Titans fan. It’s honestly taken years off of my life it feels. simply have lost my passion and love for this team I once have. I have been flirting with the idea of being a fan of the Rams or 49ers. A team with an owner and HC with balls and a sense to know what the fuck to do with a football team. so I’m off... onto the 49ers. ill always wish the Titans luck and I’ll always have a soft spot for this team, fans and city. I hope this team gets it together, and finds a coaching staff worth a damn and a QB you guys deserve it. take care fellas. I wish everyone the best.
  9. Important game for the AFC Wildcard race today, after a slow start the Steelers have managed to work their way into the playoff race and currently sit in the 6th seed in AFC. A Browns win today would be helpful as the Steelers would seem to have a pretty favorable schedule down the stretch.
  10. Listen if I'm Myles Garretts publicist or public relations coach I'm telling Garrett to spin this. I'm going to Garrett with a silk shirt, shades and a fake Italian accent and I'm telling him to say this....Garrey baaabyyy we gotta do something about this. You tell the people "Look man, I was scared for my life. Rudolph had a look in his eyes, it was a Rapey type look. MeToo, I just wanted to protect myself. I was being held and I thought they was trying rape me"
  11. Going to be interesting to see how the early Jags vs Texans game goes in London, the Texans have been absolutely decimated by injuries on top of losing Watt last week.
  12. There is a significant minority of Bears fan, writers and prognosticators who are open to the Bears bringing in Marcus Mariota next season. Marcus Mariota and Mitchell Trubisky are the epitome of that 2 Spider-Mans pointing meme. They are nearly the same player. Mariota is better at processing defenses, Trubisky has the better arm. Both miss and sail intermediate difficulty NFL passes far too often. Part of it is the classic case of "fans only watch their own teams". As a Bears fan in Nashville I've been able to see a lot more Mariota than other Bears fans have. But another part is that folks think his old coach, Helfrich, the Bears OC can play to his strengths. As a Bears fan I am starting this thread in order to report back next season on this train wreck as it happens, if they do indeed sign him in the offseason. What would you tell Bears fans about Marischrota?
  13. Looking forward to this game could be pretty fiery between two division rivals.
  14. The Titans may not get him but they should at least put in a claim. He’s a powerful runner that is a good receiver and pass protector and excels on screens. I bet he’d offer more than Lewis who we are likely going to release next year, and we’d have the BYE week to catch him up. Put in a claim and waive Grasu imo. Keep Rod Smith rostered for ST.
  15. When you think you'll achieve nothing in life, listen to this segment. If he can make it, who the fuck can't.
  16. Miami up 3-0 with the ball in FG range. Would love for them to somehow pull this one off.
  17. Consider the source, but I found this interesting. No mention of the third of the Titans that was recently up for sale. Bezos has the money to make the non interested owners of this team (e.g. Kenneth's brother, mother, and fat Tommy and wife) an offer they cannot refuse.
  18. Rivers throws far too many YOLO type passes.
  19. CHARLOTTE – The Panthers have placed quarterback Cam Newton (foot) on injured reserve.