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Found 178 results

  1. Welcome to my betting thread. I’m making a thread to track all my sports bets for everybody to follow along. This is the first year I plan on taking this seriously. I have given myself a roll of $1000. I will be betting in $10 units. I will also be capping myself at a max of 3 units per single bet. My season goal is to double my roll and have a 55 percent success rate. These are lofty goals but ones I hope I can achieve. My focus will be on player props. These are the weakest lines a sports book will put out. They are usually suboptimal in comparison to their tight game spreads. I may also have a higher focus on TEN games as I know the team and matchups much better than others. I will post my early bets later tonight.
  2. Football season* is a betting bonanza. Everybody knows how to pick the winners after the games. Before the games, they are a little less accurate. So, no bragging about what you knew after the game, unless you posted it before the game started. My 1st NFL bet KC -3.5 over Jax. 4 units I think KC will want to come out hot to get home field through the playoffs. College FB Betting Ideas welcome. *I usually last about three weeks before I swear off betting NFL games.
  3. [email protected] preview. Game of the day. Hard for me to pick this game. I'm kinda thinking the Ravens. The best D is still a rule and the Ravens D is better than KC. Take the points. I have Gamepass. It says Unavailable. I will try to find a radio broadcast. We get [email protected]
  4. So I know everyone has opinions about PFF. I was just wondering since we get them so often who lands where.
  5. Mahomes is awesome Lalfeur putting on a clinic!
  6. The NFL has released its list of the top 100 plays of all time. They can all be found here: I'm curious to know how many some other posters saw LIVE. Yes, LIVE on television or in person, not on Sportscenter, etc.
  7. Either MV is hiding his game plan or The Team is a Train wreck. From camp to preseason, I have seen nothing but dysfunction and inconsistent play. I understand it's preseason and all BUT at some point you have to show your trump cards, show some kind of sign that we have a well oiled machine, that can be put on display.This is one of the worst camp and preseason performances that I can remember.In all honesty, the team looks poorly coached. I don't believe we have the Horses up front to be a threat and the division is there for the taking. I'm truly baffled by the promotion of Arthur to OC, this is either going to make or break the team this year. As for Marcus, I agree with @OILERMAN, Amy is the reason he is still an option. Feel free to give your state of the Titans opinions.
  8. There was little to find positive about last nights game but Kern was one thing. Those were three monster punts. The first was 70 yards and the second was 81 yards that got called back due to penalty. No worry, he kicks again for 67 yards, The one punt totally flipped the field when we were backed up to our own endzone. The guy is a beast.
  9. Sing it you fucking message board obsessed tard asshole.
  10. Here are my rankings after week 1: New England (1-0) Kansas City (1-0) Baltimore (1-0) LA Rams (1-0) New Orleans (1-0) Dallas (1-0) LA Chargers (1-0) Philadelphia (1-0) Green Bay (1-0) Tennessee (1-0) Minnesota (1-0) Houston (0-1) Carolina (0-1) Seattle (1-0) Chicago (0-1) Pittsburgh (0-1) Indianapolis (0-1) San Francisco (1-0) Cincinnati (0-1) Buffalo (1-0) Oakland (1-0) Atlanta (0-1) NY Jets (0-1) NY Giants (0-1) Detroit (0-0-1) Jacksonville (0-1) Denver (0-1) Washington (0-1) Cleveland (0-1) Tampa Bay (0-1) Arizona (0-0-1) Miami (0-1)
  11. Think we will see plenty more big moves ahead of the trade deadline in 6 weeks time, with so few true Superbowl contenders this year, there is going to be an arms race between the likes of the Chiefs/Patriots/Ravens in the AFC and the Cowboys/Packers/Rams/Seahawks in the NFC. The teams listed above will be scouring to trade market to try and find that final piece they believe will help them with that Superbowl push. Only 2 weeks into the season it feels like you can already put a line through around 12 teams playoff chances due to either poor overall roster quality or injuries.
  12. It’s been reported on ESPN the dolphins gave his agent and him person to seek a trade and are looking for a first round draft pick. A few GMs said that’s too much and no one will give it. I think the most they can get is a 2 or a 3. We don’t need him one bit. I don’t care if we did and I don’t care if we don’t. I think Philly would be a great spot for him or Detroit