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Found 83 results

  1. It's being reported on NFL network and elsewhere that Ezekiel Elliot is planning to hold out unless he gets a new deal unless he gets a new contract, he's got 2 years left on his rookie deal. Dallas has both Dak and Cooper playing in contract years this fall; Jerry is going to have some interesting decisions to make here. BTW, watching they're showing the Cowboys Seahawks wildcard game right now; betting that Seattle's offensive model is close to what Smith will try to run; looks a lot like what both Vrablel and him have been talking about. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ezekiel-elliott-situation-could-reportedly-go-sideways-fast-if-progress-isnt-made-on-new-contract/
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27154042/the-nfl-best-worst-offensive-arsenals-barnwell-32-1-ranking 21. Tennessee Titans 2018 rank: No. 14 | 2017: No. 15 No team feels like it is in more of a holding pattern than Tennessee. Though that's mostly about Marcus Mariota, it extends to the Titans' weapons, too. Corey Davis improved in his first full season as a starter and showed flashes of looking like a No. 1 wideout, but the former No. 5 overall pick averaged 45 receiving yards per game over the final seven weeks of the season. Derrick Henry was out of the offense for stretches, but then racked up more rushing yards over the final four games of the year (585) than he had over the prior 12 (474). These are the two key ball carrier building blocks of the team, and it's still too early to say what they're going to be. What do we know? Adam Humphries is an upgrade in the slot. The two veterans who might have pushed this team over the top, though, aren't looking as imposing as they did a year ago. Delanie Walker, now 35, missed virtually all of 2018 with a brutal ankle injury and still isn't 100 percent; the Titans are likely going to lean more on Jonnu Smith in 2019. Dion Lewis stayed healthy, meanwhile, but the former Patriots dynamo was extremely inefficient as both a runner and receiver, and the track record of Patriots backs after leaving New England isn't inspiring. Anything significant out of either player in 2019 would be a bonus.
  3. Pretty reasonable preview of the AFC South here, best thing there isn't the usual absolutely ridiculous hot takes that we are currently seeing from a lot of the National NFL media. The two main bits I didn't agree with was their disrespect for Corey Davis and their over the top praise for DeShaun Watson. From purely a Titans perspective they are very positive regarding the defense, they thought that Evans/Landry could make a big leap this year, then they addressed the obvious question marks surrounding Mariota and the offense.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035241/article/nfl-offensive-rookie-of-the-year-candidates-kyler-murray-leads 5) A.J. Brown, WR, Tennessee Titans Based upon Corey Davis' 112 targets last season, we know that Marcus Mariota can fall in love with a big, physical target. Well guess what? Brown is actually a broader, more physical pass catcher and has the ability to become a contested-catch winner from the slot as a safety blanket for Mariota. Brown is unlikely to light it up as a downfield worker, but his toughness and hand strength could warrant target volume with a chance to build an OROY stat profile. I think he has the talent, but I don't see the Titans offense exploding enough for him to get that much attention. Still, it's good that others recognize he has the ability.
  5. OFFENSE QB: Baker Mayfield RB: Nick Chubb RB: Kareem Hunt WR: Odell Beckham Jr. WR: Jarvis Landry TE: David Njoku LT: Greg Robinson LG: Joel Bitonio OC:JC Tretter RG: Austin Corbett RT: Chris Hubbard DEFENSE DE: Myles Garrett DT: Sheldon Richardson DT: Larry Ogunjobi DE: Olivier Vernon OLB: Genard Avery MLB: Joe Schobert OLB: Christian Kirksey CB: Denzel Ward CB: Greedy Williams S: Damarious Randall S: Morgan Burnett On the offensive side of the ball they have Nick Chubb AND Kareem Hunt at RB, Jarvis Landry and O'Dell Beckham at WR along with TE David Njoku. Chubb as rookie had 192 carries,996 yards,5 yards a carry and 8 TD's and was named 2nd most elusive RB over the past decade. Hunt made pro bowl in '17 first years had 453 carries,2151 yards,4.7 yards a carry and 15 TD's along with 79 catches,833 yards,10 TD's. Landry is a 4x Pro Bowl player,has 481 catches,5,000 yards,26 TDs.Landry’s 112 receptions were the most in the NFL for the 2017 season and he set the NFL record for most receptions through the first four seasons of a career with 400. Beckham is a 3x Pro Bowl player,has 390 catches,5,476 yards,44 TDs in his first 4 years. Njoku has 88 catches,1025 yards and 8 TDs his first 2 seasons. Bitino a guard has played 5 years and made the pro bowl in '18. But to me the real starpower and strength of the team is the defense. The defensive line could be the best in league with Myles Garrett,Sheldon Richardson,Larry Ogunjobi and Oliver Vernon. In his first 2 seasons Garrett has 20.5 sacks,4 forced fumbles and a fumble recovery and made the Pro Bowl in '18.Ogunjobi has 7 sacks and a fumble recovery. Richardson was NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in '13 and made the Pro Bowl in '14 in career he has 23.5 sacks,6 forced fumbles,5 fumble recoveries,1 interception and 2 TD's.Vernon made the Pro Bowl in '18 and in his career has 51.5 sacks, 7 forced fumbles,1 fumble recoveries,1 interception and 1 TD. An impressive line no doubt. LB Joe Schobert led NFL in tackles went to the Pro Bowl in '17. Last year as a rookie Avery had 4.5 sacks,1 forced fumble and recovery. Kirksey has 11.5 sacks,4 forced fumbles,3 recoveries and 2 interceptions his first 4 years in the NFL. CB Ward made the Pro Bowl in '18 his rookie year and had 53 tackles,11 pass deflections,3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and 2 fumble recoveries. S Randall first 4 years had ,46 pass deflections,16 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles,2 fumble recoveries and 2 TD's. In Burnetts 8 year career he has 729 tackles,50 pass deflections,9 interceptions, 8 forced fumbles,1 TD. Greedy Williams a 2019 1st rounder will make the secondary even better.
  6. The Titans have done well in Nashville. The Oilers came to Nashville worth about 500M. Over the years they put some great teams, some good teams and some bad teams on the field. The Titans are now worth about 2.05B. Similar values are assessed to teams around the NFL. Some cities refuse to pay for new NFL stadiums. San Diego and St Louis saw their teams move to LA. Oakland's Raiders is moving to Las Vegas. Do you think the taxpayers should have paid? opinions
  7. I'll be in Denver on business and was thinking about going to the Denver game. Taking a quick look at StubHub, NFL Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats the service fees are ridiculous. On Vivid Seats, they don't even show the total until you check out. Does anyone have a favorite ticket broker for away games?
  8. Long read but good. You're the general manager of an NFL franchise and have been presented with a choice. You can have the best pass-blocking offensive line in the league, or the best pass-rushing defensive line. What would you choose? Conventional wisdom would probably make you lean toward the pass-rushers. When it comes to the trenches, that's where the stars are. And this last draft class featured five defensive linemen or outside linebackers -- including three in the first four picks -- before the first offensive lineman was selected. ADVERTISEMENT But the numbers? They're screaming in the opposite direction. According to the statistics, pass blocking is more important than pass rushing. Let me explain by answering all of the questions you might have, and here are some lines to watch this season based on our pass-blocking metrics. Wait, offensive linemen don't really get stats. How are we even quantifying their performance? Last season, ESPN created a new statistic to measure individual and team pass-blocking performance. It's called pass block win rate (PBWR). Editor's Picks The NFL pass-blocking awards: Best and worst O-lines overall, and more Deshaun Watson, offensive line share blame for Texans’ league-high 62 sacks Ranking the 25 biggest position upgrades of the 2019 NFL offseason In short, if a player sustains his block for 2.5 seconds, the offense is credited with a win. If a blocker is beat before 2.5 seconds after the snap, it's a loss. And the percentage of the time the offensive blockers win is the pass block win rate. We even have the same statistic for the defense: pass rush win rate (PRWR). We use 2.5 seconds because it is roughly the average time to pass in the NFL. Here's a leaderboard for both of those statistics on the team and individual levels. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26888038/pass-blocking-matters-more-pass-rushing-prove-it
  9. Mike Pettine breaks down 3-4 Defense. This is is one of the best breakdowns I’ve seen of a Defense since I played football. Its a great refresher for anyone who did play, and I thought some people that might not be as familiar with the x’s and o’s would really enjoy this. Mike Pettine presented this in 2005 at the Frank Glazier clinic.
  10. Looks like the Titans/Steelers week 3 preseason game is going to be used by the SNF NBC Crew to trial a new dual Skycam system for their TV coverage.
  11. I remember arguing with some folks several months ago about how Mularkey’s offense allowed Mariota more freedom and control at the LOS than LaFleur’s, and some posters were adamant to the contrary. Apologies if this had been posted elsewhere, but here’s some context on that. NFL.com's Michael Silver explored this subject in an article last week. "We're running a system I first picked up while working with Kyle (Shanahan) in Houston a decade ago, and we've never really had a quarterback who's had complete freedom to change plays at the line, because that's not really the way the offense is set up," the first-year head honcho explained. Rodgers, who had almost completely autonomy over the offense during Mike McCarthy's reign as head coach, has predictably scoffed at this notion. "It's a conversation in progress," said the two-time MVP while adding, "There aren't many people that can do at the line of scrimmage what I've done over the years." This will be an interesting standoff to follow throughout the summer and one that Rodgers, if he really digs in his heels, is likely to win.
  12. Carson Wentz lands right behind Patrick Mahomes in odds to win 2019 NFL MVP https://theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/20/eagles-carson-wentz-lands-right-behind-patrick-mahomes-in-odds-to-win-2019-nfl-mvp/
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1550146001 titans 30th chiefs 31st Rams 32nd i know Sum probably don’t find this interesting.Just try to share things that aren’t daily conversations which center around 2-3 things usually.Found it interesting chiefs and rams are ranked below us.
  14. Who regrets Mariota was drafted? And who is part of the:
  15. Dwain McFarland introduces his RSP readers to “The Rule of Three’s,” impact on the NFL passing game in this installment of Film And Data. In a recent discussion with a colleague who has served as a consultant to NFL teams, he mentioned the concept he’s heard in NFL circles called the “rule of three.” Essentially, the premise is in order to consistently beat quality defenses an offense needs to have three solid receiving targets on the field at all times. In this case, a solid receiving threat can be thought of as a player who has a diverse route tree and excels versus both man and zone coverage. If you only have one, they will be focused on and often taken away by better defenses. If you only have two, that will be taken away by upper tier defenses. If you have three, it becomes hard to schematically match up in all instances. Offensive coordinators utilize formations and motion, thus increasing the likelihood of consistent success. Mathematically, this makes sense given that on average NFL teams run upwards of 54% of passing plays through three receiving targets. Over the past five years that distribution looks like this: The versatility of these three threats is often at the crux of the rule as well. Having three players with a similarly limited application is not ideal. The best scenario is having three options that can work all three areas of the field beating man and zone coverages. What is more realistic is having one or two options that can work all areas and another one or two specialists who can either push the vertical boundary or thrive underneath. With that in mind, I have put together an overview of which teams could improve their passing attacks based on the quality and versatility of their 2019 receiving options versus 2018. For each team, I provide a median and aggressive estimated impact. This projection model is built off of roster construction, league trends, player efficiency traits, coaching tendencies, anticipated game flow, and a few other factors. For context here are the NFL three year averages for the statistics we will be discussing: Yards Per Attempt (YPA): 7.2 Touchdowns Per Attempt (TDPA): 4.4% Passing Yards Per Season: 3,988 TD Passes Per Season: 25 Feel free reach out to me @dwainmcfarland on Twitter or in the comments section below if you want to better understand these components. In-Depth Looks Tennessee Titans New Faces: Adam Humphries, A.J. Brown Returning to Health: Delanie Walker On paper, the Titans are better than ever in Marcus Mariota’s tenure. Last season they lost tight end Delanie Walker after week one and Taywan Taylor struggled to find consistency. Now, they can line up strong route runners at all three receiver positions. Adam Humpries will work from the slot to provide Mariota with quick reads underneath. A.J. Brown will likely start outside at flanker serving as another short to intermediate option who also has some after the catch wiggle. Add these components to Corey Davis plus the receiving versatility of running back Dion Lewis and you have a team that can beat win in multiple ways. The Titans are much more likely to find consistent mismatches in the passing game in 2019 with this roster construction. Median Projected Efficiency Impact: Mariota increases his YPA to 7.75 and his TDPA from 3.5% to 4.5% Median Team Passing Totals: 3,975 Yards and 23 Touchdowns Aggressive Projected Efficiency Impact: Mariota increases his YPA to 8.25 and his TDPA to 5.5% Aggressive Projected Team Passing Totals: 4,230 Yards and 28 TDs The one concern I have is the lack of a true vertical element. Having that would open up additional space for the underneath routes. The rest of article https://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2019/06/20/dwain-mcfarlands-rsp-film-and-data-the-rule-of-three/
  16. I noticed alot of talk on nfl offenses lately and ran across this article.Really details the main concepts of all teams with gifs.It was last years and some have changed. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/sports/every-nfl-teams-best-offensive-play/?utm_term=.6f516b74f9d5 Tennessee Titans New offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur was on Mike Shanahan’s 2012 Redskins staff when Robert Griffin III excelled as a mobile quarterback, so he should be a perfect fit for Marcus Mariota, who is a good runner and very accurate on the shorter throws found in West Coast schemes. Look for LaFleur to blend read-option packages with a zone running game and play-actionpassing attack. The drift concept, shown here, will be a staple of the Titans’ offense. It is one of the better play-action looks in the NFL, especially when the quarterback is a threat to run. Linebackers fly up to defend the run, opening the middle of the field for the drift route (1).
  17. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/6/19/18690990/backup-quarterback-josh-mccown-matt-schaub-chad-henne Top 3 in the journeyman QB list!
  18. Everywhere ain't Nashville. Nashville Preds had 1000's on the streets of Honky Tonk, cheering and supporting the Preds. Hockey has never seen anything like it. The NFL Draft 2019 was historic, last I heard was 600,000 attended and the crowd is still growing. So, Toronto decided They the North and wants to show what they can do. https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/huge-crowds-pack-downtown-toronto-raptors-parade-63761905 Police: 4 shot, 3 arrested at Raptors rally in Toronto Don't want to be too quick to dis Toronto, maybe shooters from overseas or USA. But everybody can't do it like we do in the Dirty South.
  19. This article mentions the ravens being the best at employing this style of defense. It sure gave our offense fits last year.
  20. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/kellen-winslow-ii-trial-guilty-of-rape-221853205.html VISTA, Calif. — A conflicted jury in San Diego County found former NFL star Kellen Winslow II guilty of raping a 58-year-old homeless woman in 2018, but remained deadlocked on six additional felonies. The jury also found him guilty Monday of indecent exposure involving an incident with a 58-year-old woman who was gardening in her front yard. That is a misdemeanor. Winslow was also found guilty on a lewd conduct misdemeanor involving an incident with a 78-year-old woman in a health club in March 2019. He was found not guilty on another lewd conduct charge involving that same woman. Winslow, 35, is now a convicted rapist and is still awaiting additional verdicts. He was charged on 12 counts, including seven felonies. The jurors said they were deadlocked on the remaining charges.
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