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  1. This person has updated his tweets as the initial stop was for expired plates and the third warrant - for skipping the virtual hearing for the misdemeanor charges of having a gun in a public place without a permit and fleeing an officer.......
  2. From recollection, a lot of these encounters start like this one did - vehicle related such as expired tags or no license plate, a broken tail light, completely blacked out windows. In this case, he had expired tags and then when they ran his info, there was an outstanding misdemeanor warrant (not sure what for). It escalated and then a person is dead for a relatively minor offense.
  3. Your scenario is pretty hard to play out since the police officer would almost certainly be at the driver side or passenger side window. It would be an effort to drive over them.
  4. Clearly there are mitigating factors so she won't get the maximum penalty (nor should she).
  5. WR is a tough position because it's so stat oriented. The comp w/ Hines Ward comes to mind. Of course, the HOF is full of guys who were very good and not necessarily great/elite.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31223804/examining-dual-narratives-deshaun-watson-massages
  7. I don't think we run nickel more than anyone else - it's a league wide deal and obviously the Titans have OLB's that can play DE in the 4 man and 3-4 DE's/NT that can play DT in the 4 man line. There were times they did some bear front stuff or brought an extra LB or DB up too. Bottom line is that the NFL primarily is a 11 base team on offense and a 4-2-5 on defense more than any other combo. The teams that can rush consistently with 4 seem to fare better - at least against good passing offenses.
  8. Well at the time he was defaming "anonymous" victims.....I just think some context is needed in this.\ I really don't think people were going to go run to sue the Chronicle in this instance. JMO.
  9. I get all that but it was very clear he was speculating based on the info available at the time. No question he messed up - hence the obligatory apology - but I still think firing him was an overreach based on the violation in question.
  10. I think Wilson’s pretty good but I’m sure he’ll land on his feet. Beat writers come and go.
  11. I don’t know. When he made the comments on March 19, there certainly was no uproar and it really wasn’t inconsistent with what a lot of people thought on March 19th. obviously, a lot more information came to light that certainly makes it plausible that Watson engaged in inappropriate behavior. It’s far more likely to me that the woke police started digging and found this and put it in the limelight. Listening to it, it doesn’t seem like someone should’ve lost her job over what happened. But that’s today’s world.
  12. I think it all depends and how you use the term hybrid. Certainly they did change up front from time to time when Clowney was in the lineup because he’s a versatile type player. Not as much with others aside from playing the Ravens to defend Lamar. it’s thrown around IMO as a buzz word but the fact remains that the vast majority of snaps on a defense in today’s world is in nickel where the Titans use their OLB’s on the edge.
  13. Given the context of when Wilson spoke to that radio station and what he said, it was clearly his take on the situation at the time (March 19). This story has been fluid and obviously since much more information has come to light, his comments look bad in hindsight. Read through the Watson thread and you can see similar sentiment early on that it could be a money grab by people. I think the Chronicle firing him as a complete overreaction but that’s just my opinion
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