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  1. IDK but if it costs them games, JRob and Vrabel deserve whatever criticism they get. Just negligence. That being said, there's plenty of time for one of these two to emerge or get a better kicker. Ideally it's not a guy at the end like Gostkowski and rather a long term solution.
  2. PK is correct though. They have fucked around with the kicker spot going on 3 years now. There's zero excuse for not fixing it and they won't sniff a SB if they have a bad kicking game because at some key moment, they'll need it. They need to watch the 2000 playoff game with the Ravens to see how a SB caliber team can get derailed by an awful kicker.
  3. TC is a marathon, not a sprint. Not to mention that based on history, you can throw out the vast majority of "practice reports" because the people writing them are generally idiots or in Wyatt's case, limited by what the team wants to be public.
  4. BudsOilers

    Virus in US

    In a nutshell, the "rare breakthrough cases" for vaccinated people are 35 K per week. And vaccinated people have unknowingly been spreading it after being told that was not the case "I think the central issue is that vaccinated people are probably involved to a substantial extent in the transmission of delta,” The messaging needs to change ASAP. Vaccinate to mitigate the symptoms but no this isn't going away. Also focus on the number of hospitalizations and deaths, not positive tests where the impact is low.
  5. BudsOilers

    Virus in US

    https://apple.news/AGgVqTlDsSCSsXJ_FgGvHateA From the Washington Post …… The delta variant of the coronavirus appears to cause more severe illness than earlier variants and spreads as easily as chickenpox, according to an internal federal health document that argues officials must “acknowledge the war has changed.” The document is an internal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention slide presentation, shared within the CDC and obtained by The Washington Post. It captures the struggle of the nation’s top public health agency to persuade the public to embrace vac
  6. How could he put his life at risk! 🤣
  7. I didn't miss anything. From a scientific data driven aspect, the chances of him risking his life because he didn't get vaccinated are extremely low. Could it happen? Sure, it's possible. Of course, the next active NFL player who gets hospitalized or dies from Covid will be the very first....... I'm sure those unvaccinated 30-40 years olds in Missouri are in professional athlete shape with no underlying health issues......
  8. Risk his life? According to the John Hopkins Covid Risk calculator, he has a 0.02% chance of dying from Covid...... https://covid19risktools.com:8443/riskcalculator A healthy adult, especially a professional athlete, has a really low chance of dying from Covid without some underlying medical conditions. That's the science and a risk/reward equation that many people are doing on a personal level. I'm all for getting vaccinated but mainly because I want to travel and access places that require it. He's doing it for work reasons.
  9. Back to the play action piece, here is the article on it from Football Outsiders. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/further-research-play-action-passing
  10. The thing is that Sando merely reports the results of his survey. The direct quotes he pulls are always the interesting aspect of it. And make no mistake, the 2019 remarks on Mariota were far more damning than anything said about Tannehill this year or last. Let me remind you of what was said......
  11. Well for one he's not the President anymore so he doesn't have nearly the face time in the media that he did when he was POTUS. He's pretty much been out of the public eye beyond a handful of events and the Hannity interview.
  12. Actually Trump already did this back in March once it became readily available. https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210317/trump-urges-americans-get-covid-vaccine
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