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  1. Last week, with Swaim out and how the game went, the Titans played 11 personnel 85% of the time. Given the WR situation and Blasingame back, I expect to see more 12, 21, and 13 personnel on offense.
  2. And honestly the roster holes - aside from TE - are largely due to the historic level of injuries. Even in the case of RB, one could see the talent Evans had but what did he play - 6 snaps all season?
  3. Not against the Jets where the OL was destoyed in pass protection and the WR's sucked.....Henry did hide the dearth of a backup RB since Evans is made of glass.
  4. The sheer volume of injuries and some Covid lag at the beginning from Jones, Davis, and Swaim was hard to plan for. I do think it's fair to criticize their handling of the TE spot. The loss of Smith and overrating of Firsker/Swaim has been a really bad miscalculation. Certainly depending on Jones was also a gamble but talent wise you see the appeal.
  5. No training camp so literally he had three light practices under his belt. Utilize the bye week to get him ready to actually help for the stretch run
  6. Just find ways to win and don't apologize for it.
  7. It's a bummer that Tate didn't have enough time to be active for tomorrow but like AP, he missed all of Training Camp. This just needs to be a bare knuckles brawl and if it's a 13-10 win, IDGAF. Winning ugly is perfectly fine.
  8. LOL at the retards that think the data on this issue is one report. There are years worth of data that emphatically prove that the success of a play action passing game has no correlation with how well or poorly the team runs the ball. And that doesn't even go into the mechanics of what play action is designed to do and why it's effective - talking play design, personnel groupings/formations, blocking schemes, etc. Never mind all of the examples out there that demonstrate this undeniable fact with actual play examples and data examples.
  9. Anyone who uses sharps data knows that his definition of explosive plays is over 10 yards for runs and over 20 yards for passes. Never mind that whether it’s 15 yards or 20 yards, the Titans have been among the leagues worst in terms of explosive plays all season. The reasons for this are fairly obvious for anyone who has a brain.
  10. I like some stuff Paul puts out but things like this are why he's stuck in a small NFL market and why most players dislike him. If we want to be critical here, perhaps they should have kept Reynolds instead of having to rely on Fitzpatrick.....
  11. It really is amazing. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why either. Brown's snaps are down and he's been injured half the time even when he played. Jones has played 33% of the snaps. Smith was the only explosive threat at TE and Henry's explosive runs were down also. Plus the OL has been really bad at pass blocking and even regressed some on run blocking.
  12. LOL - no I didn't make your point. The fact that you think something that's been emphatically proven otherwise with a massive amount of data is pretty hilarious.
  13. Davis is in because, while his career was relatively short, he was dominant on 2 SB champions. 3 1500 yard plus seasons with good to excellent YPC and his production was even better in the playoffs. He also was a complete back with good receiving numbers. Eddie George's resume doesn't come close to it and IDGAF how many more career yards he had getting 3 yards a carry. Gore also has no business being a HOF. His career numbers are simply a result of a super long career for the position.
  14. 142 Yards per game. Blows Emmit away per game wise. Smith obviously has the gross yardage advantage
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