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  1. Neither of us are angry but this is one of your lame diversion of attempts of late to try to deflect getting trampled in these discussions. It's been well explained as to why a trade from 11 to 1 is far fetched and full of logic holes - the pure cost of that type of move in draft capital, the poor FA options, etc. that would leave the roster full of holes and basically set up the new QB for failure.... Add that none of these QB prospects grade out as generational guys (and there's a good reason Chicago is looking for a sucker to overpay to move up. This isn't Manning or Luck or Elway sitting there to be had. As for Nagy, you falsely have crowned him as some QB developer because he just happened to be the QB coach when Mahomes was drafted....Everybody knows Reid is the QB/offensive guru there. I'm not saying he's a bad coach but the proclamation that he's ideal for this is a big assumption based on what he's done when you exclude Mahomes from the equation.
  2. Can we go a day without @tgo making a fool of himself on here? Just one day is all I ask!
  3. Wrong dumb fuck! https://www.si.com/nfl/2022/03/05/patrick-mahomes-andy-reid-brett-veach-scouting-nfl-draft
  4. Any credit is minimal....And no Veach was the biggest advocate for Mahomes - this was well documented. The fact you don't know this is hysterical
  5. You literally posted yesterday that the FA OL group sucks in terms of pass blockers. The WR FA class sucks too. Add that you would have traded a bunch of 2023 draft capital plus your 2024 #1 so the draft is unlikely to help much....Coaching only does so much when the talent is subpar....Idiot.
  6. Wrong again! What the fuck do you think "develop a QB" means? Aside from Mahomes, who is an unbelievable talent, there's nothing. Hence I question how ideal he is to develop a QB. I'm sure he, like every OC in the world, can scheme up some easy one read throws for guys....but that's NOT developing, especially if it goes on for years like a Mariota replay.
  7. In some cases, you can be pretty certain a guy is the guy. And when that's the case, those picks are not up for sale. Especially when the team with the pick would rather roll with Justin Fields.... There are things I do like about Stroud and Young. There's also stuff I don't like about them that raises flags about their ability to be good in the NFL and certainly if they go to a Titan team that will have a bad OL and questions at the skill spots.
  8. There's no evidence these guys are franchise QB's yet. By you're criteria, VY, Locker, and Mariota were franchise QB's....
  9. Wrong. You were the one claiming Nagy is some proven developer of QB based on one guy - Mahomes. Those two great OC's were god awful when they didn't have top tier QB's who were either first round picks or Warner. Nagy gets handed Mahomes, arguably the best QB in the last 20 years, and that's how he got the Chicago gig. He bombed with 2 young QB's he was supposed to mold.
  10. If they are unable to fix their massive OL and WR issues and play a rookie QB, yes it's not only reasonable but likely they win less games. You're right that it isn't complicated which makes it funnier than you're wrong.
  11. Regardless, Nagy's resume is Mahomes. Which he deserves little credit for. This is like saying Whiz or Arians are awesome QB gurus because they did well when they coached HOF players....
  12. LOL Bongo Lite....You just said they won't be picking this high if they traded up for and drafted a QB.....and now you agree they'd be worse in 2023. For Fucks Sake
  13. He did great with Mitch and Fields.....Sorry but I'm not crediting Matt Nagy because they drafted the generational QB in Mahomes.
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