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  1. I don't expect them to change a whole lot schematically. The only valid issue out there is the run/pass ratio in neutral situations IMO. The other factors are all personnel related - getting the OL healthy and perhaps salvaging Wilson, dealing with the FA players, etc.
  2. LOL I never said it wasn't. I DID say that MLF's strategy/decision to kick off to TB instead of go for the onsides kick hinged on getting the defensive stop using his timeouts. I'd also add that GB DID get get the extra timeout because the kick return took 3 seconds, which they promptly wasted on the 1st down play. The strategy/decision making in that sequence wasn't the issue nor why it failed. Failing to get the 4th down stop due to a stupidly blatant penalty was.....
  3. LOL - Mularkey/Robiskie had a 47/53 pass/run split on 1st down in 2017 (26th) and it was 49/51 in 2018 (13th). Under Vrabel, the first down pass/run splits have been 41/59 in 2018 (30th), 38/62 in 2019 (31st), 35/65 in 2020 (32nd).......
  4. I think it's a combination of factors - Vrabel is certainly one. The skill sets of Henry and the OL personnel as well. The offense would be better, and even now it's very good, if they moved towards a 50/50 split. Hopefully the Ravens playoff game loss will resonate more than the KC one, where objectively the Chiefs were the better team all around AND the Titans were spent.
  5. The big imbalance was first down. They were the most run heavy team on 1st down (35% pass/65% run). The league average is 50/50. On second down, they were 50/50 (3rd most run heavy) but the league average was 58%. 3rd down was 77% pass (league average was 75%). If they simply become balanced on 1st down, it fixes the issue. The problem is that it does not maximize the skill set of Henry, who's a 2 down back.
  6. The complete destruction of the Mariota fan boys after every one of their excuses was exploited and the playoff success made 2019 more enjoyable. 2020 was still entertaining. The Titans were exciting to watch on most Sundays. Too bad they waited until the playoffs to be completely boring.
  7. I'd think if he was capable of getting touchbacks whenever he wanted, he'd have been doing it. Especially on the last one.
  8. Of course but Crosby wasn't kicking it that deep all game. The longest kickoff was returned from the 2.
  9. Well you're assuming that MLF didn't anticipate TB's kick returner simply trying to catch the ball and give himself up quickly to avoid a fumble, given the game situation. Kicking it shorter to reduce the distance of coverage in an attempt to have the return be less than 5 seconds very well could have been intentional. Intended or not, it worked as the return took 3 seconds. The irony is that they then wasted it by giving up a 9 yard pass on first down.
  10. In the current iteration of personnel, it's certainly not a strength of Henry. It occasionally works but Murray was really the last good receiving back here. I also wonder if those types of plays work better with a pass blocking oriented OL whereas the guys here are more run game oriented.
  11. The strategy requires 3 timeouts and a defensive stop. That's it. Getting the 4th timeout with the 2 minute warning, while advantageous, is somewhat gravy, considering the kickoff was at the 2:05 mark. The strategy did not depend on this. At the same time, I'm not going to assume that GB didn't anticipate that TB would likely tell their returner to merely catch it and give himself up if any defender was remotely close. I'm also not going to assume that it was just dumb luck that Crosby kicked it 3 yards shorter than he had all game. You want so badly to pin this
  12. You don't need to humor me. I've already said multiple times that his decision/strategy wasn't dependent on the return ending before the 2 minute warning. You're the one harping on it when it's a relative non-factor. And it wasn't a bad decision to kick it no matter how many times you falsely claim this. It was all about getting the defensive stop and the ball back with enough time to score a TD. If not for a dumb penalty by King on the 3rd down, it would have worked BTW. That being said, kicking it slightly shorter and knowing TB would be extra careful to avoid a fumble, it's
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