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  1. Vrabel definitely has a challenge to keep the veterans motivated in a lost season where in all likelihood anyone over 30 is gone next year aside from maybe DHop.
  2. Partial to Haack just in case he can cause Mike Keith to go nuts on a nice punt (which I'm sure they will have plenty of opportunities for).....
  3. IDK why this is so shocking though. Rice never won the starting job even though his draft slot should have done so. He always was a disappointment IMO.
  4. I think Vrabel plays a big role in some of those personnel choices too. I think the mold of players they targeted is fucked up and outdated for today's NFL.
  5. 2018 was a shit draft too aside from Landry. How they pulled off the 2019 draft is astonishing.....that was the outlier draft.
  6. Personally, I have my doubts that Quiver Chins was doing anything other than destroying the local Cracker Barrel menu......but he certainly could have been doing "some of it" or simply taking credit for his staff..... Here's an article about the normal process, which involves the Pro Personnel Group playing a big role along with the QC folks and Analytics groups. https://www.the33rdteam.com/anything-for-an-edge-inside-super-bowl-advance-scouting-reports/
  7. There's not anyone on the planet that expected the Texans to be 7-5 and 10th in scoring with the talent they had. Not to mention they've had a bunch of OL injuries. BTW nobody throws more deep passes than the Titans do - Levis and Tannehill are 1/2 in this category in terms of %. Problem is that they are 25th and 26th in adjusted accuracy. Houston and SF? 19th and 20th in deep ball %. SF has the highest adjusted accuracy and Houston is 4th. In terms of Passer Rating, Stroud and Purdy are 1/2 on deep passes....
  8. It's also somewhat explanatory as there's zero doubt in my mind that he has the same fucked up views of how to build a team that Quiver Chins did.
  9. Granted you certainly have watched more Tua games than I have but in the games I watched pre-McDaniel, he was bad. There's zero question the scheme and weapons have been a huge help to him.
  10. The screen game is maddening, For every big one they hit, they have 5 or 6 that bomb. Sadly, the high throw Levis made in OT on the screen that Spears couldn't catch was very likely a TD if the throw was on target. Brewer and Radunz were out in front and he either scores or gets damn close....
  11. I do agree that the Henry falling forward stuff always seems to be worth a yard here and there. What looks like a 3 yard game is 4 or 5. Of course those are usually the 2nd and 10 carries.....
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