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  1. The mantra of wanting to be physical and impose their will means you're getting guys who can win on physicality, break tackles, and inherently block.....Guys like AJB, Davis, Burks, Deebo..... The Titans teams are built this way. SF as well where Carthon comes from.
  2. The hope would be that the gap decreases in the next year but realistically the idea that Levis will be on par with Tannehill based on what info we have is remote. It's why Tannehill was a top 10 pick (1/8) and Levis wasn't.
  3. Especially for a QB - a position that's routinely over drafted.
  4. Yeah it's not like other teams make the playoffs without a SB win and endure tough losses.....It's a lame excuse - the team has been in Nashville since 1998. The bigger issue is that the local fan base is also concurrently big into CFB - which is an inferior product without parity and lends the retards to think that their team should win every game.
  5. Only by an awful fan base....you know like in Nashville.
  6. Classic ABT despite the attempts to claim otherwise.
  7. The local fan base absolutely deserves this. Especially the morons claiming it's better to win 3 or 4 games than make the playoffs but don't win the SB. That being said, Levis panning out and being very good will be great given how upset the loser Vols section of the fan base is about the Levis pick.
  8. Well you're going to have the massive overreactions, in large part due to the quality of coverage the team gets locally. What's funny is that the local media was trying to pump up some QB competition here for 2023 as if the gap between Tannehill and the others isn't massive. Especially on the fringe social media outlets.... "We've been down this road before."
  9. Assuming they develop to be even average is a huge assumption. But if any fan base deserves QB purgatory, it's this one.
  10. In the cases of both Willis and Levis, they have to develop arguably the two most important things and the hardest things to improve on - accuracy and NFL speed processing/decision making.....
  11. Sure - evaluations of QB's statistically has been bad.....mainly because teams talk themselves into overvaluing "potential" based on athletic traits and undervalue things like accuracy, processing speed....But some teams and guys are far better at it than other teams... In the Titans/Oilers case, you'd be hard pressed to find a team with as many QB day 1/2 draft busts. The Bengals probably gave them a run for the money for a while. That all said, Levis (and Willis too in theory) will need to show promise/development for the Titans to not consider QB in 2024 R1. Being a 2nd round pick isn't enough, especially for a regime that seems to put a premium on BPA based on this offseason.
  12. You know a good % of the fan base is retarded when you have Lewan being a voice of reason.....
  13. Poor guy. He got into it with Reising yesterday too....
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