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  1. Good grief - Executive Orders with a federal baseline for abortion rights (15-24 weeks, provisions for health/rape/incest), for same sex marriage, and access to the morning after pill are easy button solutions. Democrats have no interest in doing so but rather use it as fundraising and "vote for me" fear incentives.
  2. The concept that organized religions don't want more constituents or "customers" per se is pretty humorous. Yes they emphatically do and revenue from the members is absolutely why. Where do you folks think the religious groups get their damn money to be a buyer of politicians and control policies and societal behaviors? Now do the die hards believe all of their religion's beliefs and buy into moral superiority? Of course. But from the church organizers and strategy, it's all tied to generating revenue and you do that through more customers. Banning abortion aligns with that. More Christian babies = more potential customers. To think otherwise is pretty naive.
  3. The main reason churches are anti-abortion is because they want more constituents/sources of revenue........The morality side of it is simply the useful reasoning. More "believers" = more contributions/revenue. Now they package it as "morality" but that's where the hypocrisy lies.....plenty of religions condone a whole bunch of justified killing whether it's christianity, judiasm, or islam.
  4. https://deadspin.com/pump-the-brakes-on-the-arch-manning-hype-1849120243 Truth here.
  5. IDK. There certainly are some that believe life begins at conception and any kind of intentional act to terminate that pregnancy is murder. Likewise, many states charge a killer of a pregnant woman with a double murder. Certainly there are some far right religious nuts that are anti-abortion because they want to be the moral police - abstinence until marriage, no birth control, etc. On the other extreme, there are some that believe abortion should have no limits so someone in the last weeks of pregnancy can opt out. The problem with the topic in general, though, is that most people fall into the reasonable standards of pro choice with caveats on time limits (24 weeks for fetus viability, health reasons, rape/incest caveats, etc.)
  6. I hope they suspend his dumb ass indefinitely while having to pay him 90 M in bonus money....LOL
  7. Metcalf and McLaurin have not demanded trades
  8. Fair enough. I'll give you the Georgia Dome albeit it's pertinent to note that private financing covered 86% of funding to build Mercedes Benz Stadium. Replacing the Georgia Dome which had been with 100% public funds. Bottom line is the Falcons wanted a brand new stadium and paid for it - the new luxury boxes and managing the facility through a shell company means they make more money than with the prior lease too. Not to mention it keeps the city in the cycle for the SB and other major sporting events. The difference is that the facility itself was fine. Big difference from Hee Haw Stadium where it's not feasible to renovate. Hence the massive pivot to a new stadium build.
  9. Of course they should ban trolls. They also should suspend the idiots that engage with the trolls.
  10. Kind of apples and oranges because those were built when multipurpose stadiums were the rage and then it shifted the other way - baseball only, basketball only, etc. Stop pretending the stadium was not supposed to have a much longer shelf life. They were all going to down the massive reno path until the costs exploded as contractors revealed just how shoddily built Hee Haw Stadium was done.
  11. Again - the statement I said is accurate. The DNC is for more concerned about financial support than what voters want or doing what's right. They can be far better than the RNC and still be bad. And from the aspect of wanting money and power, yes it's ironic that the major political parties and religious groups want $$$ far more than giving a shit about an individual's needs/wants. Like the girl on the video said, the D's have had 40-50 years to make Abortion rights, Same Sex Marriage rights, healthcare access rights, etc. into federal law and have not. But the first thing they do is reach out to registered voters for money. It's much more beneficial to use those issues as reasons to raise money from suckers like @tgo and use them as campaign talking points. It's also why, as you pointed out, that the Democrats are fractured. The old guard, that is bought and paid for, absolutely does not want the progressives to take over the party.
  12. The irony is that the major political parties and religions are after one thing far above anything else. Money.......and both entities want it all the time. In reality, the system is fucked and probably always will be. There should be term limits and mandatory retirement limits for politicians and judges. There should not be lobbyists or PAC's and there should be limits on campaign spending. There should not be riders in bills adding on unrelated items nor should there be laws written with so many pages that the representatives don't even read them
  13. What cracks me up is people constantly getting upset about the national media coverage and predictions. News flash - a rather large percentage of these people are complete morons and are consistently having simpleton takeaways and being wrong in predictions.
  14. Agree although most of the rifts on things like marriage and abortion are tied to strong religious beliefs whereas interracial stuff is just pure racism.
  15. The whole system is based on legalese BS......and unfortunately the remedy is to either play within the ground rules set forth. Now, Congress could make a consitutional amendment then in order to ensure these rights - which certainly would be more clear cut for something like gay marriage than it would be for something more complicated like abortion.
  16. Of course. But the focus needs to be on this specific statement in terms of those laws surviving challenges....i.e. it's not the due process clause. The court described how the Roe opinion did not specifically explain where the right to abortion came from, rather it provided several areas of the Constitution that might provide such a right. Alito wrote that the Casey decision "did not defend this unfocused analysis," instead grounding the right in the "liberty" protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
  17. I don't see it taking 20 years to sort out. The dust will settle and reasonable abortion laws will get passed either at the state level or at the federal one that is constitutionally compliant. Bottom line here is that I don't see any kind of total abortion ban across the board having any kind of sustainability. The important thing to note, though, is the thought process on how SCOTUS made this ruling, Paragraph 2 should lead a path for legislation that does meet their criteria.
  18. No.....I understand how laws work and what triggers laws getting overturned. And that's what I'm talking about. Hard to see the trigger laws surviving once they are contested whether it's Texas or some of the other states with trigger laws like you mention.
  19. The irony in the outrage over this ruling (ban after 15 weeks) is that 92.7% of abortions happen in the 1st trimester (13 weeks for you dummies). Plenty of fetuses will still get legally aborted folks. The issue always was whether Roe V Wade game women the unilateral right to abort up until birth whereas in reality there always were state restrictions on this. Restrictions most voters find reasonable - Texas' 6 week restriction and "trigger" laws obviously not included in this. Very curious to see if the Texas laws get kicked up to SCOTUS. Much like the gun case, twitter recaps miss the important details. NY's gun law got struck down because it didn't have reasonable criteria to use in order to regulate the permit process. That all said, the conservative court is asinine if they go try to strike down things like same sex marriage or the legality of being LGBT.
  20. How on earth is Mariota/Smith at 12? Belichick too low. He'd find a way to skirt the rules of engagement.
  21. I think I said that. Probably true. Circular driveway here we come
  22. Or simply look at the god damn backup camera in the truck before you crush your kid to death.....
  23. Makes sense and by the time the cap number gets higher Byard will be cut
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