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  1. All the talk about the Titans this preseason is about the offense, Willis, Tannehill, the OL, Burks, Philips. I will say, the return of Henry is actually pretty overlooked. But the Titans defense should be talked about way more. The Titans potentially have the best all around defensive front in the league. They were elite in terms of their production getting pressure with only 4 rushers. They were also the best run defense in the league last year, after adding Cunningham. Simmons is on par with Donald at this point. DuPree is healthy to start the season, Weaver looks like he'll add something. The Titans can rush with 4 and stop the run with only 7, those two things can make a defense elite. If Long can stay healthy the Titans have one of the best ILB duos in the league. Tart, Simmons and Jones can keep these guys clean and running to the ball. The real upgrade this season could be in the secondary. Last year they struggled inside with Molden/Jackson in the slot. They got by with Skrine eventually but it was a weakness. There is little doubt McCreary will upgrade this spot even as a rookie. Hooker and Byard are among the best safety duos in the league and Fulton is a top CB. The question is what they'll get from Farley. He looks elite in man coverage at times but is inconsistent and gets beat too easily. If Farley can get consistent and turn into a quality cover CB it's not hyperbole to say the defense has no weaknesses.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/titans-ryan-tannehill-had-one-of-the-nfls-best-passing-performances-of-the-past-3-seasons-vs-the-packers/amp/ Per NFL Next Gen stats, Tannehill completed +20.0% of his passes over expected Thursday night -- the highest CPOE in a game over the past three seasons (minimum 25 attempts). Tannehill also earned a 97 NGS passing score for his performance, the highest given to any quarterback this season. Additionally, Tannehill averaged 12.3 yards per attempt vs. the Packers, which ranks second-best by a visiting quarterback in Lambeau Field history (minimum 20 attempts). Believe it or not, Aaron Rodgers has hit that 12.3 mark just once in 117 career starts at Lambeau Field. Randall Cunningham is the leader, having recorded 13.8 yards per pass The Titans have won six straight games when Tannehill has started, and the former Dolphin is now tied for having the third-most QB wins (36) since Week 7 of the 2019 season -- when Tannehill took over as the Titans' starter. Only Patrick Mahomes and Rodgers have more wins in that span.
  3. The key to whether the Titans can contend the rest of the season and into the playoffs depends on two things imo, the passing game improving and the defense getting healthy. You can scratch out wins against bad teams with a great defense and a running game in the regular season but that will not work vs playoff teams. Denver has an excellent pass defense and at the end of the half and 2nd half the Titans passing game showed more than it has all season. Tannehill was 15-23 184 yards 2 TDs and 0 INTs from the final 1st half drive through 2nd half. That's a 119 passer rating. The Titans had 6 drives from that point until the end and scored on 3 of them, woulda been 4 if Willis doesn't fumble. Obviously that's higher than can be expected but if they can maintain something close to this with their defense and running game they can win the SB. They'll have to get at least average pass protection and Burks and Chig need to be involved more. I believe it's possible
  4. I won't include Watson, the Texans would never trade him in the division but after he starts playing that will likely be just as funny. Are there still any tards that would like Wilson over Tannehill right now? Imagine giving up the draft capitol Denver did as well as the 165 mill in guaranteed money. What position would the Titans be in right now? This team would be totally fucked for the foreseeable future. Aaron Rodgers, same thing. He's not playing better than Tannehill this season all things considered. He has a fully guaranteed 60 mill base next year. It would have likely taken more draft capitol to get him than Wilson. Why aren't Brady and Rodger elevating their offenses and carrying them? That was the big gripe against Tannehill. Chime in if you wanted one of these guys after the Bengals loss.
  5. I think Taylor Lewan is one of the biggest keys to the Titans success this season. He's got to stay healthy and play at a high level. He got help too much help and missed 5 games. Lewan didn't miss a single practice in camp. To a lesser degree Davis and Swaim have to play better, I believe their issues were Covid/injuries. Remember Conklin got help as much as any OT the year he was all pro so they can help the rookie but Lewan has to handle business by himself. The interior has to pass protect better. Simmons has to stay healthy. They can get by losing Landry but they need Simmons playing all year and getting pressure inside and stopping the run. Tim Kelly needs to bring in the Titans passing game up to speed. I've heard several reports the Titans have worked a ton on their deep passing and their redzone passing. I believe the Titans know they have to get more balanced and aggressive passing the ball. The Titans dropped in passing efficiency and explosive plays. My expectations for Tannehill are around 35 TDs and single digit INTs. He's a year removed from 33 TDs and 7 INTs, it's doable. Defensive turnovers: From 2020 the staff improved the Titans to one of the worst 3rd down defenses to one of the best. They need to do the same thing with turnovers this season. The Titans were -3 in turnover ratio last season. They have to improve that a lot. Weaver goes from a nice compliment to needed contributor. I expect him to do well and lessen the loss of Landry. I'm very curious to see how Demarcus Walker does. He quietly won a starting spot and knocked Murchison off a talented DL. I'm confident in Fulton and McCreary in the base defense but I want to see how they play the nickel. I wouldn't be surprised to see Amadi play the slot corner role Molden played if he misses time. Whether or not they bring Farley in and move McCreary inside is still a question mark. They'll likely do some combo with Farley/Amadi in nickel/Dime. As a rookie they worked Farley in the Crunk role on TEs too in practice, could he be used like that as well? Pretty obvious how the main rookies will be used, Burks(Who I think will actually play a lot), McCreary, NPF and Philips have defined roles. How much will Chig get used? Will they use Willis?
  6. Was at the game on the front row. Saw a camera man drive over a security guard. Kinda funny. Tannehill was shit despite his final stat line. Despite a couple of really great threaded passes... he also overthrew several and missed open guys, threw others in difficult spots to catch, couldnt get the offense lined up, bad scrambling/running.. not sure his advantage over anyone else. This happens more, then the crowd that was already yelling for Willis will only get louder. Feeling a KFC/VY situation coming. Better step it up. Line played great, recievers were fine. Henry was bad and slow. We relied on rookies way too much. Playcalling was still bad.. too many calls to list. Kicker is still... meh. We outkicked our coverage on punts some but that should get better. Defense missed landry on contain, This was a typical titans early season BS loss and a reason many stated not to pick them in the survival thread. We probably beat Buffalo by 2 TDs in typical Titans early season form. "moron, idiot, tard crew, yada yada yada...." ... you know that cant happen and be proud of where this offense is going.
  7. https://atozsports.com/nashville/three-stats-that-prove-ryan-tannehill-can-lead-the-titans-to-a-super-bowl/ There’s a direct correlation between Tannehill’s lack of protection/time in the pocket, and his decreased production on the field. Quarterbacks are better when they’re comfortable — That’s a fundamental concept of football. If given the same luxury of protection afforded to the quarterbacks in Tampa, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, I’d predict Tannehill’s numbers to be consistently near that of his 2020 season. According to advanced analytics, Tannehill was in the top five in on-target throw percentage (per SIS), and was rated as the second best QB in the league when it came to fitting ball in tight windows. Over the last three seasons (since Tannehill joined the Titans), only two quarterbacks in the NFL have both an above .667 win percentage and above a 66.7% completion percentage: Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, and yep…Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. Not only was Tannehill lacking support from his offensive line up front, a recently released stat shows how difficult the Titans wide receivers made his job, as well. Tennessee Titans receivers got the least average separation of any team in the NFL. Ryan Tannehill was consistently throwing into the smallest windows of any quarterback. This is starting to feel like much less of a Tannehill issue, isn’t it?
  8. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-evaluating-quarterbacks-decision-making-process This article on QB decision making represents a new way to evaluate QB play, which is rooted in their decision-making process and subsequent abilities to perform based on the situations they’ve created for themselves. METHODOLOGY The methodology to evaluate QB decision-making is relatively straightforward. The end goal is to assign an EPA value for every route run by a receiver had the QB thrown the ball to him, which we will call “QB decision model.”
  9. I want to be crystal clear, AJ Brown was a big play explosive run after the catch WR the Titans are not going to replace. It stings. They wanted to keep him, make no mistake about that. Rather than beat the trade to death some more I'll just say this. I'm only talking about the on the field aspect I'd compare this to trying to improve the pass rush last year. In my infinite wisdom last year I argued the Titans defense would greatly improve and the pass rush specifically could turn into a strength. The Titans pass game can do the exact same thing. People argued Dupree was hurt, overpaid, Landry wasn't that good, slept on Autry etc......They slept on Simmons improving. They added Schwartz Even though the Titans are losing Brown they have added Burks, Woods, Hooper, they are going to improve their passing game efficiency, I'll guarantee it. Their pass protection will certainly be better. They'll self scout just like last year. They are going to miss Brown's big play ability and that's something that went down last year. Hopefully they add another big play player. I'm confident the offense is going to be better even without Brown. Even without Brown the totality of the improvements across the board are going to be a net gain. Now injuries can happen, players could have a fall off or a few AFC team could have great seasons and be too good but....... I believe the Titans will still field a very good defense, improve their STs and make their offense a strength again and will be a better team this upcoming season. An "I told you so" is coming.
  10. Going back to just this past Dec 7th Jon Robinson has done some "dumpster diving". He picked up Zach Cunningham off the waiver wire, signed Austin Hooper who was cut and now Robert Woods who was injured and too expensive for the Rams. Cunningham paid of right away we'll see on the other two guys. He also traded for Julio because the Falcons were cap strapped. Obvious the Julio trade flopped but it was still the same pattern. I'd also add Simmons and Farley to the dumpster list, both slid way down because of injury but had top 10 measurables. Simmons is the corner stone of the defense and Farley yet to be determined. I'd say Robinson has done a masterful job acquiring talent at bargain prices by getting players who were cut, injured or overpaid. On the whole it's been a large part of the team building and has worked out very well. It's kind of a joke about Robinson picks up players who are injured but the jokes on the other teams it looks like to me. The other point I'd like to make is the Titans had 3 draft picks last year that will be getting added off of IR and onto the 2022 roster. Weaver, Monte Rice and Farley. Weaver and Rice showed a ton of promise and we'll see on Farley. I'd almost add these guys into the 2022 offseason additions.
  11. It's not secret the Titans were seriously lacking at TE. I'd say Swaim was the worst starting Titan last year. He was retained for his blocking and he had a terrible year blocking. A lot of the Titans pass protection issues were because of the TEs. Gronk is one of the best blocking TE's in NFL history despite all the accolades for his pass catching. Even as a declining player Gronk is also still a way better threat in the passing game than Swaim was. He fits the Titans run heavy scheme perfectly and would be about as big a realistic upgrade the team could make. The Titans love to sign a vet and draft a younger guy(Jenkins/Farley) so they could still draft a guy. They also play a lot of 2/3 TE sets so there is room. Video of Gronk blocking(click on video to watch on youtube):
  12. The Seahawks are bowing it up and reports are they could trade Lockett. They'll need to sign Metcalf soon I read the Hawks get 3 mill in cap relief if they make him a post June 1 trade despite the big deal he recently signed Lockett averaged 16 yards per pass last year and is a true deep threat. He doesn't miss games either. Trade for Locket, make Julio a June 1 cut and draft more offensive weapons @BudsOilers what's your take with your Seattle insight?
  13. Both guys are signed through 2022 but I wouldn't want either guy entering into their final year of their contracts. More importantly both guys are among the best GMs and HCs imo. Lock them up long term
  14. https://www.nfl.com/news/ranking-the-14-playoff-quarterbacks-based-on-ngs-new-passing-score-metric?campaign=Twitter_atn The Next Gen Stats crew has created a new metric/algorithm to analyze QBs. Jamal has said that any tool such as this is better than PFF grades so you know this is highly accurate and super credible. Tannehill is ranked 4th behind Rodgers, Burrow and Stafford. Garbage Brady was 7th lol. If Burrow gets eliminated the Titans have the best QB in the AFC for playoffs per this metric. Looking like Tannehill is the 2nd best QB in the AFC.
  15. AJ Brown came back in the SF game. This is what Tannehill did the last 3 games of the season with the #1 seed on the line. The OL has also gotten healthier and Julio played in the finale. I'd also say with the WRs coming back it's opened up the middle of the field for Firkser. Ryan Tannehill: 58 of 79( 73% comp) 616 yards(7.8 yards per pass) 7 TDs and 0 INTs. 125.2 passer rating. In the 9ers game the division was on the line(The Colts had yet to choke) and Tannehill set the record this season for the most 3rd and long conversions. In the Texan game Sunday the game was slipping away and Tannehill made some great throws in the 2nd half to save the game. Tannehill also escaped pressure in several instances on missed blocks by the OL and made off scripted plays throughout this stretch. If you wanna know why the Titans got the #1 seed and are in the position they are in, it's Ryan Tannehill. Rank him where you want and argue he's nothing without Henry(LOL!), system QB etc..... just be thankful Robinson traded for him. For comparison sake this is what Aaron Rodgers did the last 3 games of the season: 67 of 90(74% comp) 628 yards(7.0 yards per pass) 7 TDs 0 INTs 119 passer rating. Tanny and Arod, two hottest QBs headed to the postseason
  16. TOTAL STAT CATEGORY COMPARISON: TAYLOR 28 HENRY 8 TIED 2 Looking at the entirety of their stat lines, it is hard to argue against Taylor’s claim to usurp the throne from Henry. Amongst all 39 stats, 2020 King Henry only beat 2021 Jonathan Taylor outright in 8 stat categories. Of those 8, six were based solely on sheer volume, most notably Henry having 71 more carries and 43 more touches in the year to boost some of his cumulative stats. However, despite the edge in usage, Henry did not beat Taylor in 11 other cumulative stats & lagged behind in nearly all efficiency-based stats. With so many stats working in favor of Taylor taking the crown, how could somebody try to justify Henry keeping the crown?
  17. If you go back to last year and look at the decent teams the Titans have played they have been outcoached and blown off the field. Their last 4 games against quality teams were the Browns, GB, Ravens and today, the Cards. The Titans ran the ball into stacked boxes and were beaten embarrassingly. Their wins over the time frame were against the Jags, Lions and Texans. I was confident Vrabel would adjust. If today proved anything it's that he's doubled down.
  18. I certainly wouldn't praise the defense based on the Jags game alone but the Titans defense is one of the better defenses in the NFL now. When they get Long, Cunningham, Jenkins, Jackson, DuPree and Tart back they have the potential to be dominant. You can't run on the Titans defense. 8 carries for 8 yards against the Jags, the Jags have a solid running game too. They also shut down the Texans and Pats running games and the Pats have a damn good running game. This is mainly due to Simmons, he's a freaking wrecking crew inside. Hopefully they get Jones, Henry, Tate and Brown all contributing for the playoff run but they will not have to outscore everyone this postseason with the way the defense is playing.
  19. Huge win at the right time with the mini bye coming in. The Titans are also starting to get key guys back for the playoff run. I 100% believe the Titans can win the SB if they can get production out of their passing game. Last night they did. The question is can they maintain this and build something from it. Everything else is good enough, especially the defense. I think there was a few keys to the improved passing game besides the obvious. I think an undersold element to getting both Julio and Brown on the field is the team can leave in extra blockers to help and send fewer guys out in patters. It's a numbers game, with NKI, McGrath, Rogers as the WRs the Titans have to create space and scheme those guys open. With Julio and Brown those guys can get open, force double teams and make contested catches. Last night the Titans left Swaim and Pruitt in to help on some 3rd and longs and still converted because Julio and Brown can still operate against zones. Radunz was promising but pump the brakes. It's too early to call him a bust but it's also crazy to insert him into the starting LT spot. The real solution would be for him to play RT but maybe he struggles to make the switch, who knows? Maybe he can replace Saffold next year at LG after an offseason getting stronger??? The dream is he does replace Lewan in a few years. BTW, Nate Davis seemed to have came on the last few weeks. He seemed to play well again last night. I was ready to give up on him but maybe he can still keep improving. I think there are some real keys to the defense that are a little undersold. Skrine is a total find, this guy is better than Jenkins and is playing great. He can play outside and I believe he's taken Chris Jackson's role as the inside guy on known passing situations besides being the opposite starter to Fulton. Bud Dupree is a stud. Forget all the talk about being overpaid or a secondary rushers to Watt/Landry. This guy is good in his own right. He adds an element to the 4man rush they have missed. He brings it. Cunningham has been great. I knew he was good but I really didn't know he was this good. Evans and him have been a very good duo. Hopefully we get to see him and Long together before the playoffs. I'd also say Nauqan Jones another really nice role player who has came on. Rogers has had some nice returns the last few weeks, STs could be huge if they can keep that up into the postseason. The Titans have ran the ball well without Henry but it would be a huge bonus if they can get a healthy Henry over Foreman/Hillard/McNchols. I honestly don't think they would have to have Henry but he's clearly an element that would be nice in bad weather playoff football. Especially if the guy comes back with fresh legs. Robinson Vrabel and the staff have been outstanding this season. The roster has been churned and improved and the team is never out of these games. Vrabel has them even keeled and they never give up. I love the direction of this team(LOL idiots). I'd love to think the 2nd half was the start of a great run. This team is good enough to win it all if they can get an efficient passing game, which has been their real struggle.
  20. Absolutely insane. This makes it clear as day Tannehill is the number 1 QB in the league.
  21. Here is what the Titans offense is all about. The 56 yard TD to A.J. Brown is what the Titans offense has been based around all the way back to Mularkey up until now. The entire premise is to get explosive pass plays off of run action/formations. The Titans play 3 TEs and 1 WR(13 personnel)on 1st and 10 and run a playaction pass. The Titans line up 3 TEs all on the left of the formation and put Brown on the right. Tannehill does a play fake to Henry, looks to his left(Pruitt?) then delivers a strike to Brown who scores. I'm not sure if Tannehill was going to throw to Pruitt initially or was looking off the safety planning to go to Brown all a long. The Colts actually did well covering Pruitt so it's hard to know. To simply give Henry the credit for what happens on this play is totally misguided. The formation dictates the Colts line up with 8 in the box. The Colts can't line up in a base defense or two deep against this formation. The Titans would run all over that. The Colts aren't going to play pass defense with a lesser RB in this exact same situation. More importantly the real key is Tannehill quickly looks to Pruitt then throws a perfectly accurate pass right into Browns hands giving Brown the chance to run after the catch and break a tackle. Tannehill has elite ball placement. Only about 3 of Browns catches were off of playaction and 5 of the receptions by Brown Henry wasn't even in the backfield. Here is all of Browns catches. The ball placement by Tannehill is spectacular.
  22. Saw someone compile this on Reddit. Pretty interesting how much shifts without Dupree. There were also multiple games Dupree played without Fulton. Just to stir the pot, was Bud Dupree the most important off season signing?
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