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  1. Fulton might as well sit out the year, I can’t see him getting any snaps because he missed a couple of days of voluntary OTAs
  2. They drafted a lazy college blocker in the 1st round a year ago
  3. That is totals, Jordan is way above Lebron in this metric. 6 seasons over 10 including a ridiculous 12.5, to Lebrons 2 seasons over 10
  4. Fulton is so deep in Vrabels doghouse he's played 90%+ of snaps while healthy since his rookie year here at a position where they bench players at will LOL
  5. Hasn't done shit except be by far the Titans best corner during his time here, holding opponents to around 50% completion and under 80 QBR when targeted the last couple years.... His problem is health. Again, do you really think if he has a healthy and great year that Carthon isn't going to entertain resigning him because he missed a voluntary practice (while working out elsewhere), 4 months before the season starts?
  6. Yep not surprising. This will be the plan initially
  7. So why did Jeff Simmons get a massive deal after skipping last years? Why has it never been a big deal that Henry or Landry skips them most years and trains away? Autry has missed every voluntary OTA now etc It will come down to health and play, period
  8. LOL at people thinking Fulton is gone because he doesn't show up at OTA's If he stays healthy and plays like he has been or better, they'll look at where they are and look at extending him They're not going to be in those meetings after a great year saying "Yeah well he didn't show up to voluntary OTAs"
  9. I wish he died so the Titans won the Brown - Burks trade
  10. Another woman beater dancing with the worms!
  11. He was def more explosive in 2019, but funnily enough last year was his best year for borken tackles and broken tackles/attempt Where 2019 really stands out is the YAC/attempt, he was taking TDs to the house when he broke tackles more often
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17470907/san-francisco-49ers-release-tight-end-bruce-miller-arrest-suspicion-assault Seems like a standup guy
  13. He will almost certainly sign a contract for over 1m a year, even if it is only a one year contract, then he will get a way bigger contract and play for more than he would have (900k a year) over the following 2 years If he is good it is almost guaranteed
  14. If anyone in real life told me that 9 was not greater than 7 or that books don't have paragraphs, you are right, I wouldn't make fun of them... I don't make a habit of making fun of people with intellectual disabilities
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