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  1. I'd still probably take Wentz over Goff but there's no question Dak Prescott is better than Wentz anymore. It's pretty much a fact he is
  2. The pass pro was great yesterday. He ran into half the sacks against Washington. He is consistently missing gimme throws and not seeing wide open receivers. It’s honestly shocking and was starting to show last season
  3. Absolutely awful again yesterday. Eagles fans have turned on him. He was kept clean all day, had one terrible INT, was consistently inaccurate and was the reason the Eagles lost. Hurts was active yesterday and if he continues to have games like that he could conceivably be replaced before the end of the season
  4. It was definitely Vaccaros best game as a Titan and I doubt he’s had a better game in coverage in his career
  5. I thought Brown was absolutely terrible against the run yesterday. There was one big run from Robinson where it literally looked like Brown was trying to find an OL to block him
  6. Why? Do you plan to saw off his hamstring to fix a slight pull? There will be 5 receivers on the roster just like there was week 1. Westbrook is a direct replacement for Hollister
  7. Tannehill was very fortunate not to be intercepted on three separate occasions. I’m sure that factored into it as the game went on. They gave him the keys late and he turned it on
  8. That was probably the least enjoyable win I can remember but they all count the same. Not many positives but it shows they can win playing badly which is one of them
  9. Tannehill has been absolutely terrible in the second half.
  10. Rob Bironas’ body mangled into a tree is a better kicker than this bum
  11. Boy McNichols diving head first with no helmet, smart play
  12. Luckily we have a first round Tackle in great condition, knows the offense, coaches best friend and has kept his head down all offseason!

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