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  1. I really think the 49ers would struggle to trade up from the very back of the 1st round for Burrow, plus Jimmy G has a big contract
  2. Lol. Honey Badger is clearly shadowing brown on top. Why would he ever throw that ball? Tannehill struggled on any plays that weren't schemed open in this game. He didn't go through his reads well at all. The offensive line were poor too, though. Some of the play calling left a bit to be desired and the Chiefs safety's ignored the run sometimes. Tanny threw well on the move but was pretty jittery in the pocket.
  3. Yeah I heard him talking about it. Tracy Morgan even got boo'd off. The bit about Rocky, a fictional character, being the city hero was gold.
  4. Burr's best moment by far. 13 minutes of roasting Philadelphia off the top of his head. The boos turn to laughter and cheers by the end
  5. Surely Richard waits for a DC job? He was getting plenty of buzz just a few weeks ago
  6. They can convert his base salary into a signing bonus that gets spread out over the remainder of his contract. They save around 6 million against the cap if they do this. It's basically pushing the debt down the line a bit.
  7. Per spotrac, if they cut Wake, Walker, Succop and Lewis, plus convert Malcolm Butlers base salary, they'll have over 80 million in cap space. That should be JRob's goal
  8. Agreed. Although I wouldn't be all that surprised to see him bounce back to a degree wherever he goes. I still thought he threw well outside the numbers and he's still got one of the best deep balls in the game. I just don't want the Titans to be the ones to take that risk
  9. His arm is more than fine. You can't honestly say you watch the games and say his arm is done. Rivers and Manning's arms deteriorated and it was clear to see. Brady's issues were ball placement at times and he had serious problems against the blitz. In the Titans game alone he threw an absolute dart to Edelman and threw the ball atleast 60 yards at the end of the first half. He didn't look like the same QB by any means but it had 0 to do with his arm
  10. If we knew we'd get 2019 Tannehill every year, its obviously a no brainer you sign him. The worry is if he regresses to the level of play we saw from 2012-2018. He was average for that time. I went back and watched some Tanny in 2018 and he was terrible. Now, it could be that he just needed that change of scenery and an offense that doesn't ask much of him, but that is what JRob will have to determine.
  11. They are pretty good numbers in this day and age, with a better pass rush, they would improve. The Titans desperately need a consistent outside edge rusher as well as Simmons to take strides in collapsing the pocket
  12. Dude you shouldn't be this upset. You have a superbowl to look forward to!
  13. Sherman is a great corner no matter what he’s playing. Peterson was burned all year apart from the last couple games. He was terrible and some Cardinals fans want him released

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