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  1. IrishTitansFan

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Metcalf is a burner. He runs away from guys on tape and has a seriously explosive accelaration for a guy his size. He also has one of the best releases i've seen from a receiver that size coming out of college. Agree with tgo, one of my favourite players in the draft.
  2. I think the Titans OC job is better than the LIons. Waldron has just seen Lafleur get a head coaching job from here, he has a QB that, if he gets even a decent season from, he'll get the credit for improving, and the Titans are a better team with less of a chance of the HC getting fired.
  3. TGO mentioned him earlier, but I think the OC might be Shane Waldron. Vrabel was with him in NE, he followed a similar career path as LaFleur in that he was in Washington and then LA. He took over as pass game co-ordinator when Lafleur came here. If we want continuity whule still looking outside the organisation then this is the guy. Sounds like McVay will let him go too. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2018/11/29/18118161/shand-waldron-ready-offensive-coordinator-job-los-angeles-rams-detroit-lions The problem is that Zac Taylor mighty bring him with him if he gets the Bengals job
  4. IrishTitansFan

    2018-2019 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Thread

    I think the Colts, Cowboys and Chargers all win
  5. https://www.scribd.com/document/31728013/New-England-Patriots-Offense Here is the Patriots 03 playbook for those interested. @tgo @scine09. It looks like Weis liked getting the QB out on bootlegs, there's also a ton of 5 step drops, a lot of them quick 5 step drops with the ball coming out quickly
  6. IrishTitansFan

    Way to early offseason plan

    Ryan will get a deal in the vicinity of Butlers
  7. IrishTitansFan

    Which QB do we go after for 2019?

    I don’t think there’s a better option than MM available. Having said that, If I was taking a flyer for a late round pick I’d go with Kyle Allen, he had a hell of a game yesterday and was the #1 high school recruit
  8. Numbers really mean nothing to me
  9. IrishTitansFan

    Which QB do we go after for 2019?

    We have the biggest home game in TN in 10 years tonight, give it a rest.
  10. PK is saying the Titans are going to work him out today. This really doesn’t add up. Either it’s career threatening to play or not? What would working him out do?
  11. IrishTitansFan

    Breaking: Mariota NOT expected to play today

    I feel sick
  12. IrishTitansFan

    Nick Foles is going to get paid

    Wentz is 26 today
  13. IrishTitansFan

    Mariotas Injuries

    There’s a reason Oman “misspelled” Mariota on his “Maroita is killing the franchise” thread. He is obsessed with being right and playing up to his “expert” status he has dubbed for himself. Way more QBs fail than succeed, especially ones who had early success due to their athleticism, so he’s counting on Mariota failing. If it happens , he’ll toot his own horn for years, if Mariota comes good, he’ll hope the threads disappear and claim he only said he was playing poorly at the time