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  1. The reason he is rumoured to want a trade is he wants a pay rise. It would still take at least a 1st
  2. Ah yes, getting stiff-armed, the guaranteed career ending injury!
  3. My preference would be for the Titans to sign Smith and Davis on low initial cap deals that they can get out of after a couple years if possible and then draft heavy defense
  4. Jonnu is a terrible route runner and Tanny doesn't trust him on critical downs, but if he improves in that area he has all the other tools to be really good. It's worth giving him another year
  5. This year, of all years, the restructure route should definitely be used. The cap is going to blow up with the Disney deal down the road
  6. I don't think it's that bad. The defense can't really get worse. Saffold would be a significant loss but Lewan is coming back. Jonnu wasn't up to much as the year went on and there's mostly continuity on offense. Tannehill, Henry and Brown are the three most important guys there anyway
  7. NFL teams have been known to hire private investigators to check people out. They take this shit very seriously. I think Wilson took the money and ran
  8. Thanks for confirming you didn't watch Watt last year. He was infinitely better than Butler
  9. Davis is probably not going to accept a contract that has only 2 years real value
  10. This is a huge question. Watt was probably better than Simmons in 2020. Was there anyone else close to Simmons who is a FA this year?
  11. Davis is gone. Brown will be making 20+ mill very soon, they won’t tie up that much money in the receiver room
  12. Yeah probably hyperbole, my point is that he's still one of the best in the game
  13. He was basically as good as ever last year, huge buyer beware obviously with the age and injury history though
  14. Watt is basically as good as ever but it remains to be seen if he can keep it up for much longer
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