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  1. Newhouse is absolutely awful but you won't find anything but that at this stage in the season
  2. Burrows injury is great news. One less AFC team with a good QB potentially
  3. Was he? I remember Saffold being considered one of the best rookie LT's in a while at the time. I think as he battled injuries he just lost that spot and didn't play much because Barksdale came in and did well at LT, after that they moved him around all across the line and it turned out he was a great guard.
  4. Borders has been great filling in. LOL at any idea of him starting over Butler, who has probably been the best Titans defender outside Simmons and maybe Jones the last 6 weeks or so
  5. He gave up 2 receptions on 6 targets. Still really good
  6. Do you see him starting? I think its a complete long shot. Dennis Kelly was saying during the week that he still has to put it all together. Vrabel basically scoffed at the notion of Wilson getting any snaps and suggested he was dressed as an absolute necessity. He didn't even get a snap on the FG unit and Quessenberry was immediately the first off the bench. That's not even taking in to account all the stuff sources have been saying about how much of a disaster Wilson is
  7. I doubt they thought they were drafting a fat, unfit, dumb mess, which Wilson has turned in to. The Titans nightmare situation is having to play Wilson at all this year. Vrabels comment that "he'll have a uniform" tells you that. They do not want him playing. I would be fine with Kelly at LT but I don't see any situation where Wlson starts barring another injury
  8. They weren't helping him as much as they helped Kelly on the right side. I was watching him pretty closely and he played well. I presume they're just going to stick with Kelly on the right side and gave QBerry a chance on Sunday, with a FA waiting to potentially replace him
  9. Indy have had a decent amount of fans in the stadium the last few weeks
  10. Julian Blackmon is going to be a problem for years to come

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