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  1. I don’t think they pay him 20 million and not at least give him one more shot
  2. There is no way Gabbert starts a game this year barring injury
  3. Hahahahaha you’re so mad over a guy taking a day off. What age are you?
  4. LOL I would've thought this post was from Face. What an overreaction
  5. This is prettty much where I'm at. He has shown all the tools you really need, he just needs to be consistent and healthy. And that's quarter to quarter and not even game to game
  6. I find it harder and harder to sympathise with a nation who don't care about their own people being slaughtered
  7. I think the Eagles game last year is up there, watched every throw again yesterday and he was money
  8. Over 30 TD's is a huge ask. He just threw 11 and they run the ball a ton in the EZ, probably at Vrabels discretion. If you're going to be out if he's not close to that you should probably be out now
  9. Mariota's stats were good last year outside the (obviously crucial) Touchdowns. If he can get to the average QB in TD's, say between 22-28, I think the Titans win double digit games. Pretty big if though
  10. Big whenever someone says something good about Mariota!
  11. Americans have a fetish for killing people
  12. The interest on millions of dollars alone should be enough of an income to live off. Idiots
  13. Do you think if Mariota has a year like Goff statistically they wont re-sign him?
  14. Haha I'm just busting your balls. Irish people are very laid back but if you want to offend them most will be annoyed by saying Ireland is part of the UK
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