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  1. It is a tale as old as time. Mariotas biggest fanboys will have wanted Tannehill to fail, some of Tannehills biggest fanboys will want Willis to fail if he somehow played over Tannehill (Incredibly unlikely) It's the same as in every other fanbase ever
  2. Didn't you spend a few days talking about how it was a fact that Biden was named Pedo Peter on an ipad before it turned out that it was his granddaughter?
  3. Ah, that makes sense and obviously would work at a whole different lvel because of some states having no income tax. Here income tax, PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance) and USC (Universal social charge) are taken at every pay check
  4. Oh really? I had heard it was self reported on a single day every year. That makes sense why I never understood it!
  5. The way the U.S do taxes is absolutely wild. Ours is taken out of each paycheck, with each seperate tax clearly outlined on the paycheck as well as a rolling total on how much you've paid for the year. Then you can fill out a form annually and they will give you back any tax you overpaid. Self employed people self report taxes
  6. He gave up a 52% completion percentage and 69 (nice) passer rating when in coverage, that’s pretty good by anyones metrics
  7. This is a good development. Both playing well could be huge for the OL both this year and in the future
  8. Clear as day Phillips is in the top 3 receivers now
  9. Williamsons base salary this year is 455k. He signed a 2 year 1.6 million contract with the remainder being paid next year, so it is his salary and not a settlement
  10. I actually thought the fact that he was with the 1s after the first padded practice was a huge positive and a sign he will step in right away
  11. I read a report yesterday that the Bears look great and Matt Eberflus has completely changed the culture Of course it's all absolutely useless training camp fluff and they will suck
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