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  1. I've said it multiple times, Jackson was very good last year and great in the 2 playoff wins. With the potential he has to get even better, he will get the 5th year option and likely a big extension
  2. Cam is likely going to get one year deal worth over 10million. It is not happening in Tennessee
  3. Yeah he’s not the biggest name out there, but I’ve heard of him described as a songwriters songwriter. Cash, Dylan, Roger Waters and Robert Plant have all said he’s one of their favourite artists
  4. John is a very close family friend. He has had such health issues that it's obviously not a great situation. He's stable today but I'm really expecting the worst. John is the reason I'm a Titans fan and has flown me and my family to Nashville multiple times.
  5. Agreed. I just think its off-base to suggest it was obvious Tannehill was a better QB before the season. They were both seen as bottom tier QBs That's why Tanny won comeback player of the year
  6. There's a legit chance at 2/3 rookie starters on the defensive side of the ball. They probably need a better run defender on the edge, a starting 5 tech and a NB. With the offensive side of the ball close to set, I think we may see defense in the first 3 rounds. They may take a receiver or running back there too, though
  7. I agree completely I'm just saying the prevailing thought coming into the season by a huge amount of people (GMs, scouts included) was Mariota was at least as good or had better potential than Tannehill who was regarded as a bad QB
  8. Those GMs and scouts actually ranked Mariota higher than Tannehill after their 2017/2018 seasons FWIW. That, and because it would probably negatively effect locker room morale to supplant Mariota at the start of the year is why he started IMO
  9. Chiefs have $177? I have more cap space than the Chiefs
  10. I was looking back at some stats. In 2018 the Titans scoring defense was #1 in the NFL after week 10 with something like 17ppg allowed. Last year IIRC they didn't let up more than 20 points for the first 5/6 games. It went downhill a bit for both teams after that. How do they take the next step in 2020 and maintain that level of play for the whole year? I think that may be a big reason why we're seeing a youth movement on the defensive side of the ball. Personally, I think they need more pass rushers to keep everyone fresh.
  11. I get that, but good QBs overcome it, bad QBs end up as back-ups in Vegas
  12. I was only kidding with you. On Mularkey, I think his offense was terrible but we have seen Mariota with 2 different co-ordinators and he sucked eve worse so the point stands
  13. LOL you know this isn't true. I found a post yesterday after the Dallas game in 2018 where you said he had turned the corner!
  14. If there was a vote for fattest TR member with the worst golf clubs CTF would run away with it
  15. BK would've won this easily in 2015 but he's not really around too much anymore

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