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  1. Vrabels biggest mistake by far was calling a timeout and stopping the 10 second run off near the end
  2. The next 3 games are all winnable with Mahomes likely out. The titans should beat the bucs at home. Allen can be dicey under pressure, doesn’t feel it well and Matt Moore at home possibly is a great chance to win
  3. The tv angle means there’s no way they overturn it. I believe spot challenges had an 8/9% success rate either last year or the year before and most of those are out of bounds
  4. I think they should tag Tannehill and take a QB in round 1
  5. There is no point challenging the spot, if the titans had stopped the chargers on 3rd down or the chargers got a quick TD you’re gone need 3 timeouts
  6. With the contract Brissett and other guys have gotten, if Tannehill plays well he could push 20 million a year on a contract
  7. Tannehill looks miles better than Mariota, and better than I remember him in Miami to be honest
  8. Mariota and Lewis literally have zero trade value. I like Drake but the Titans better not give up a draft pick for him
  9. I think the more likely scenario is they didn't think the difference in play between two QBs with similar enough skillsets was enough to potentially divide the locker room. Mariota has been so bad that they really don't have any other choice if they want to save the season
  10. You don't know this at all, and that's giving a clear pass to Vrabel and Robinson. AAS does not seem like the type to meddle. Sure they'll ask her her opinion on big decisions like this, but Vrabel seemed to be the one who was making the decision, especially after the Falcons game
  11. Without seeing any stats I'm gonna put Jake at 11/8, Higher an 8/15 favourite, and I'll set the O/U for how long it lasts at 50 seconds
  12. Henry is playing terribly at the moment along with the OL
  13. I don't want anyone on the Titans staff at the moment anywhere near Jordan Love and I like him as a prospect
  14. Mariota was clearly the best out of those but it's a bad list