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  1. I bet that shoulder injury is really bad. The TNF game against Tampa last year was shocking how bad he was.
  2. True, but the UK have Trump with a posh accent leading them too
  3. Of course there will be a season at some point. Soccer is back all over Europe including in England which has more deaths per million than the U.S. The NFL is way too big a money maker to not have a season, especially since it's still months away. It could be delayed until early 2021 but they aren't cancelling a season
  4. I would bet you $1000 dollars there'll be some sort of season. It could be delayed and it likely won't have any fans but there is zero chance they cancel a full NFL season
  5. I think there's a way bigger chance now than there was. It would be a big media story for a little while but I think it would die down quick enough. Everyone is going to kneel this season anyway
  6. Munchak probably just drooled on himself for the entire interview
  7. The cap is going to look a lot different, no point speculating until we see the numbers
  8. No they don't. The Falcons got caught doing it and faced a pretty big punishment
  9. Tannehill and a bunch of the players have been in Nashville this week as far as I know
  10. Empty stadiums. They are using fake crowd noise for some games in Germany and it has worked well. It's clever, louder cheers when the home team scores etc
  11. Philando Castile was pulled over and murdered because he was black. The traffic stop had nothing to do with him breaking the law.
  12. The people who get genuinely offended by someone kneeling during a song are soft and need to grow up. You're right that the anthem protest didn't achieve much, but I am certain it plays a part in why these protesters are so angry, especially when they are told to "Peacefully protest". People tried that, and like you said, it accomplished nothing
  13. Oh I understand completely. I hate sweeping generalizations but it just makes me so mad to see that there are people out there who actually think black people are born to be violent or criminals because they have a darker pigment
  14. I never called anyone racist. The fact is: Black on black crime is high because socioeconomically they are way behind their white counterparts (due to centuries of systematic oppression that is still prevalent today) and has absolutely zero to do with the genetic colour of their skin. That's my point

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