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  1. The Dolphins OL is most certainly not bad. I know they’ve been hurt and Wynn was bad but Lamm played well enough when needed and Austin Jackson is a complete stud. They’re dominant in the run game and Tua is rarely under any pressure because of the OL/Scheme/Receivers They’re not the best in the league or anything but they’re way better than they’ve been and it’s a real positive going forward
  2. I would absolutely love if they also got a receiver who could run fast
  3. What is false about that wikileak or the fact that they ignored multiple warnings about Oct 7? We can speculate on the reasons for those things but they happened I'm not mad on the topic anymore and haven't posted most of the things I've seen on the war because they were too biased
  4. I appreciate that, early in the thread I probably was emotional but I think I've toned that back a lot now. As you said we're human, it's easy to be emotional when a terrorist attack as brutal as that happens and then a ton of civilians die on our screens
  5. How was that an emotional post? It's relevant to the discussion that Israel haven't exactly been fully transparent in their efforts to stop Hamas
  6. The Falcons allowed Hopkins to run free deep all game, other teams have not done that Pretty simple to understand that
  7. No, I'm just calling out a completely laughable take that is clearly designed to not put any blame on a young QB, typical homer stuff that is usually reserved for Twitter fans and not good posters like yourself I'm sure Vrabel and co schemed up deep shots in this game just to make sure Levis wouldn't take them! Bud is about as annti-Vrabel as it gets, that should show you how dumb the argument is. It's nothing to do with Vrabel, no coach in the league tells their QB not to take open deep shots. If you think Vrabel telling Levis to protect the ball on a game winning drive is the same as making sure he never throws bombs then I don't really know how to sway you
  8. If you thought every game was going to be like Atlanta you were sadly mistaken They can't hold up in pass pro or get open often enough to be throwing bombs Even in this game he had a bomb to Moore that was called back for holding and 3 or 4 deep shots, a couple of which he put way too far out of bounds. There was the one to Hopkins where they had the argument on the sideline and the one in the 4th quarter
  9. Yeah I did, it was to United Hatzalah who are an Independent EMS service It seems they partner with IDF rescue services and have donated ambulances and other supplies. IMO it's a big stretch to say they're funding the IDF, but I also think it's notable context that was worth posting when I saw it because this case might not be random anti-semitic attacks
  10. I'm not defending Vrabel at all There isn't a coach on the planet who tells a QB not to take an open deep shot Why the hell would you make your QB's first read a deep shot if he can't take it? Just listen to yourself, it's totally ridiculous to say Levis isn't allowed by the coaches to take a deep shot that was .... wait for it... schemed up by the coaches! I promise even if you don't like the HC it's possible to have some criticism for the rookie QB. This is typical homer shit fans have with young QBs
  11. That one to Hopkins was because it was the final drive of the game, he didn't take the risk, fine, but that's Levis' decision I'm sure Vrabel was mad at Levis for throwing deep to Moore for a TD earlier in the game!
  12. Slowicks scheme especially route combinations is great The worry with him is despite having an elite QB and a terrible run game, he still runs way too much on early downs Could be Demeco Ryans, but I'd ask him about that in the interview
  13. Taylor is 5-20 without Burrow as HC with terrible offensive numbers and even worse as an OC without Burrow (That includes having Tannehill) Not sure he's the guy you want to make your point with.... QBs win, Taylor like many is just along for the ride
  14. Whatever you think of Assange, it wasn't him that did the shady shit like Israel allowing Hamas to thrive so they could treat Gaza as hostile!
  15. For a young QB with bad downfield receivers and no line he makes his fair share. He had a great throw to Moore ruled out by penalty and a couple great sideline throws to Hopkins including one that was dropped
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