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  1. Of course but I don’t believe anything about Allen’s season was a huge result of Diggs being there. He took the step on his own
  2. I don't remember anything coming out at the time. What a crazy story
  3. Funny all of this is coming out in hindsight after the guy went crazy. I don't remember one story or report about any of this stuff prior to the draft and there are usually tons of nuggets about players maturity and how the interview went
  4. My thought process is he was denying it and said something along the lines of “If she gave me a reason trust me I’d have no problem hitting her, but I didn’t” ?
  5. J Rob did say he wasn’t looking for choir boys! BTW, can this stupid “not a J Rob type of guy” stuff stop now?
  6. There is no way Julio Jones is playing for the Titans next year. Complete fantasy. If they were willing to tie up a ton of money in the WR room over the next 3 years then Davis would be a Titan
  7. I always notice it from round 3 on. You look up half the picks in the 3rd and 4th and he has them undrafted then he has guys who don’t get picked in the 2nd and stuff. And then you read other profiles on players and they’re all way different
  8. I’m not sure about this pick at all, but Lance Zierlein seems like a terrible draft writer. He is consistently way way off what actually happens
  9. I thought he might have been a likely pick after the Senior Bowl. Performed well and I remember someone saying he was a really willing blocker
  10. In all of my mocks I had them taking an ILB at some point. Evans is terrible and needs to be replaced. My guess is they use him at Edge. I don’t know much about Rice but the position I get
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