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  1. Mariota is clearly the starter but if he gets hurt or underperforms.. yikes
  2. No way the Titans draft a TE in the 1st.
  3. A stop gap I could see the Titans targeting is John Miller RG from the Bills. He's average at best, but is only 25 and as early as 2 years ago he was thought to have a lot of potential. He would fit here because he has experience in both power and zone schemes, and is said to be extremely smart. He's not a long term option but I wouldn't be surprised to see someone like him brought in should we miss on a G in the draft
  4. I loved Ross coming out and would give a 5th to get him
  5. Logan Woodside and Mekale McKay looking good. Both spent time with the Titans over the past year
  6. I'll definitely be watching. Seems to have a good chance of putting a decent product on the field
  7. Mariota and Grasu were in Vegas for the Super Bowl together. Think he called in a favour?
  8. I’d easily give a first and more for AJ Green. Top 5 receiver
  9. Metcalf is a burner. He runs away from guys on tape and has a seriously explosive accelaration for a guy his size. He also has one of the best releases i've seen from a receiver that size coming out of college. Agree with tgo, one of my favourite players in the draft.
  10. I think the Titans OC job is better than the LIons. Waldron has just seen Lafleur get a head coaching job from here, he has a QB that, if he gets even a decent season from, he'll get the credit for improving, and the Titans are a better team with less of a chance of the HC getting fired.
  11. TGO mentioned him earlier, but I think the OC might be Shane Waldron. Vrabel was with him in NE, he followed a similar career path as LaFleur in that he was in Washington and then LA. He took over as pass game co-ordinator when Lafleur came here. If we want continuity whule still looking outside the organisation then this is the guy. Sounds like McVay will let him go too. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2018/11/29/18118161/shand-waldron-ready-offensive-coordinator-job-los-angeles-rams-detroit-lions The problem is that Zac Taylor mighty bring him with him if he gets the Bengals job
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