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  1. Bailed out by a bit of a dodgy call that should’ve been a fumble but wow he was money after that I don’t know how you don’t see the talent @oldschool
  2. Lawrence will be good and looks great here but Jackson is the entire Ravens offense, which has a terrible run game without him, a terrible WR corps and a terrible OC
  3. Lamar throwing dimes when he has a WR worth a shit
  4. I think the Titans have just played badly the last couple of matchups
  5. You’re so emotional every Sunday You should think about cutting the alcohol for game days!
  6. Bad performance, it happens, move on The Titans are for sure a better team than the Bengals in my opinion
  7. Yeah the Titans play calling is so bad in the red zone, that’s why their redzone defense sucks for years Or maybe the OL should not get pushed into the RB, and the TE shouldn’t drop a TD
  8. Woods is obviously a cut due to his number, but he looked great last week and all the guys who tore their ACL last year are only really coming into it now
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