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  1. New name is in guys - welcome to the NFL the: D.C. Redskins
  2. It's somewhere around 56.1 to 40.4 anti-Trump.
  3. Not sure how this topic turned into one on abortion, but I'm not curious enough to find out. I will say this - it struck me the other night that of the two black men who most famously died in recent years saying "I can't breathe", both were accused of doing things I have done. I have sold individual cigarettes out of a pack. I have passed a counterfeit $20 bill. Of course I have no idea how I ended up with the counterfeit bill, the cashier and I had a great time looking at it and I gave him my credit card instead. I don't typically make my pocket change selling cigarettes, but it is not rare for someone to walk up and ask if they can buy a cigarette, and some won't take one without giving you 50 cents or something. It would be a joke for a policeman to have harassed me over either one. As an old white guy I would just laugh at them and if they even touched me ask how badly they want to get sued. I am very simply not in any danger at all doing these things - it would never even cross my mind. How did two men end up dead? And that I think is where there is more than one motivation happening on the streets. Was it racism - even if it wasn't I think a lot of people are trying to say "We no longer consent to being policed in this aggressive violent way." There is no reason for these actions to lead to someone on the ground with a gang of police on top of them. It doesn't have to lead to death for it to be ridiculous and wrong. And I think that way too often - stunningly often, when there is a video we find out that the story the police told is a lie and they end up looking way more like an assault than a police action. And that should make us all wonder how often are these things happening? It seems that blacks have been telling us for a long time that they are common -that they have to worry about these things that would never cross my mind. Right now I certainly believe them over the police who have repeatedly been proven to be liars.
  4. No, we are much too busy talking about all the other sports news to have mentioned that.
  5. Do you mean that poor cop was just unlucky that man happened to die right as he was torturing him for 9 minutes? I've read a few thousand autopsy reports in my day and am going to point out the obvious problem of blaming the death on "any potential intoxicants in his system".
  6. Did they just swap a ginger coach for a ginger quarterback? Jerry never learns.
  7. I don't disagree. That is different than the average age is 80 - which is a hand picked "fact" that is only true at this precise moment only in the USA.
  8. Your information was out of context and completely hand chosen to make your point. For example you said that in the US the average age of those that have died is 80. It started here in a nursing home. That is not the average age worldwide. You have a fact, but are using it to mislead. Children do not have a lower infectious rate - they catch the virus the same as everybody. They just have a very mild illness. They still act as carriers and spread the disease. They will still be a major part of the Epidemiology of this, they will just have a very low mortality rate. Very little testing has been done in the US, for reasons that are quite frustrating. Other countries are providing much more data. We can all hope that we have the denominator wrong on the calculations, but don't confuse hope with facts. Likewise we are still in the very early stages of this and more people in the infected column will move to the death column. Let us together hope that the mortality rate is well below what the numbers now show, but even the best case data worldwide puts this as much more dangerous and spreading much faster than the flu.
  9. This is exactly what we have to try to do now. Like I said Italy has nearly 9% of cases in intensive care. Nobody has the infrastructure to handle that. But we have to also say, this could have been stopped if we did the things that we knew had to be done. There was a whole system to respond to these things. It was largely dismantled and at the time we should have been making hard decisions it was called a hoax.

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