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  1. At least his organs can be used to save 7 Titans fans.
  2. Might work if you dropped the Olinemen and went Sumo Wrestlers.
  3. UT should rethink allowing alcohol sales this season. For many of the players it was obviously their first beer.
  4. It's how I know it's time to renew my Driver's License.
  5. I thought the whole world had agreed to call them TicketBastard.
  6. Sounds like we just need to play better teams and we are golden!
  7. I guess the best thing about mayonnaise is you don't have to throw it away afterwards.
  8. Then wouldn't it be a jar of peanut butter, microwaved for 9 seconds and thoroughly stirred?
  9. And the last thing that makes Uranium One so stupid: The company cannot ship Uranium outside the US. 100% of the Uranium they mine is bought by the USA.