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  1. Wasn't the NFL responsible for telling our team to get on a plane after we had a coach test positive, leading to the outbreak? A ridiculous decision that lead to upheaval and loss of our bye week. I feel like we should fine the NFL and get an additional 1st round draft pick.
  2. I know I should be thinking the same thing, but I am still stuck pondering the blind computer repairman snooping through the emails at all.
  3. You're right I left out Trump supporting blind computer repairman. Otherwise all correct.
  4. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hunter-biden-laptop-new-york-post-story/ "Asked about the timeline of events detailed in the Post story, MacIsaac told CBS News that a man who identified himself as Hunter Biden dropped off three laptops to have them repaired in April 2019." "Standing in his shop on Wednesday, MacIsaac admitted he was unable to confirm it was actually Hunter Biden who dropped off the laptop because he is "legally blind"" "MacIsaac refused to answer in any detail whether or why he would have searched through the laptop to find a four-year-old email, which seemingly appears to be an innocuous message about arranging a meeting for coffee." "MacIsaac responded to most questions about Giuliani with "no comment," saying he "didn't feel comfortable" discussing it." So far Giuliani has leaked an email that about arranging a meeting that would not really be that big a deal even if it happened, but of course we are to believe that there is all sorts of horrible stuff in the emails that Giuliani has yet to leak. How come I know more about your bullshit story than you do? Sorry LTF - I really am trying to find some manner of engaging Trump supporters that does not lead to insults, but where is your discernment man? Seriously.
  5. LTF Seriously - the story starts with Hunter Biden dropping off 3 laptops to a blind computer repairman and ends with Rudy Giuliani having a hard drive with emails to leak one at a time. Who would believe any of that?
  6. animatormike

    Voter Turnout

    I've swung by twice to vote - line around the building both times. Never spent more than 20 minutes voting before, this looks like 2-3 hr lines.
  7. At my age you take what you can get and don't ask so many questions.
  8. OK the chin gave me a boner. I feel weird.
  9. The world is divided into Huge Springsteen fans and people who haven't yet listened to Springsteen enough to know they are Huge Springsteen fans.
  10. This could be the trap game - big challenge for Vrabel to avoid the let down game on a short week.
  11. That was so a forward pass, I mean past the line.
  12. Damn, even Manning Envy won't come near us.

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