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  1. Well, I guess it is easier to write a law than it is to self reflect on the fact that where ever men of learning gather they disagree with you.
  2. I killed a cop once, but I am sensitive and a pretty little flower so they said it was OK.
  3. It's not so much hate as an unquenchable curiosity about how that head is going to look after the inaugural visit to the prison barber.
  4. Are you saying Mueller wasn't there and didn't taze Stone's Grandchildren?
  5. Just trying to get across that you shouldn't be so fucking afraid Jake.
  6. BTW - did anybody keep following that podcast about his death - seems like it was on SI? I listened to the first couple of episodes but it didn't seem to be going anywhere quickly. Did it ever get worthwhile?
  7. But didn't Jake tell us he is always right?
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