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  1. It is interesting to speculate how Jeff Fisher's career would have played out with a 17th game.
  2. So I would either be cheering for Tom Fucking Brady to win another Fucking Superbowl, or be disappointed that Tom Fucking Brady didn't win another Fucking Superbowl. This sounds like hell.
  3. I think players you add in the draft should only count 90% of their salary against the cap for their entire career. A player can still move to another team if he wants to - teams can still outbid and get a free agent. This would just give the drafting team the advantage in keeping their players and lead to more players playing their entire career with the team that drafted them. I'm tired of cheering for laundry.
  4. Feels like the whole season is just to set playoff seeding. Going to start seeing more 8-8 teams in the playoffs.
  5. What is your degree in Rolltide?
  6. You ever run into one of those guys that you disagree with literally every single thing they say?
  7. We're all proud of you for how long you held that in.
  8. You guys will appreciate that I was involved in the placement of the liver that went to Linda Lovelace. Got a call at 3 in the morning from the Enquirer offering me $3000 for the name of the donor family.
  9. Keys to the game: 1. Not looking around all dumb. 2. ?
  10. With all the anal sex references they make maybe the Kansas City Strap-ons.
  11. Guys, I went back and watched our games and all 11 wins have been FLUKES!
  12. Oldschool, what are you not understanding about their storied history?

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