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  1. Qanons are in the early stages of fracturing. There was a whole structure of communication that drove them, but Q has disappeared, no drop in weeks and now that Trump is no longer tweeting there is no one driving their narrative. The least crazy layer is peeling off and the Militia groups are turning on them because they are frozen with no instructions and are worthless for any plans over the next few days. Don't get me wrong, they are ripe for someone to step into that vacuum, but it would have to fit their mythology, someone like Gen. Flynn could probably pull it off. I was
  2. It's Houston, you don't have to trade, we should just take this team too.
  3. It was probably all from that guy who tazed himself in the nuts stealing the Tip O'Neal portrait. Or maybe that lady with the "Don't Tread on me Flag" that got trampled.
  4. I don't see a way forward unless: The Republicans are forced to admit the election was not stolen. That is the driving narrative behind the violence. To be more specific they cannot continue to claim all these outlandish things that they refuse to say in a court of law because there are consequences for lying there. This will have to be forced. Qanon following is going to have to be labeled a mental illness. Narcissistic Symbiosis, Mass Delusion, somehow an insane narrative that 15% of the country is following is going to have to be drug out into the daylight.
  5. Trump was pulling 4% of the vote that even the pollsters could not locate - those folks will never vote again. My best guess is that the Republicans are facing losing 15% of the craziest of the party or the 15% most sane and made a choice.
  6. God wouldn't that be nice.
  7. Just pointing out the strength of inclusion.
  8. If they had at least had some Mexicans on their side they could have scaled that wall.
  9. Yea, I have spent quite a bit of time on the Qanon boards the last few weeks. All this was openly planned. They are being scrubbed rapidly now, but you can still go back a few days on TheDonald.win and find parts of it. I knew what was going to happen, impossible to believe the FBI didn't since it was all planned in broad daylight. The lack of preparation for it had to be part of the plan.
  10. Ah - sorry, looks like he deleted it himself.
  11. Rush Limbaugh has been removed from Twitter. They really are doing this.
  12. At least now we know why they were so sure they would be effective.
  13. You know, 3rd option would be for the Justice Department to just arrest him for sedition and murder. The ability to arrest the President has never been tested by the Supreme Court, and it would allow you to get him out of office for 13 days while the case is presented.
  14. I didn't know about the First Amendment right to have your book published. I'm going to go write one!
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