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  1. Its going to get worse in next few weeks. Wouldn't surprise me if the season is suspended.
  2. So Israel assassinated a nuclear scientist? Where is the outrage? This wasn't a military target.
  3. No there wasn't. You are as bad as the stop the steal idiots with this garbage. Sure there are a few zealots in state legislatures across the country but its not some large contigent or being coordinated across party leadership. What we really learned about the GOP through this scenario is that they are spineless cowards above anything else.
  4. 100% but that's not the argument. The argument is who is a bigger draw right now to casual fans. Its Murray hands down.
  5. Stills would be intriguing in Raymond's role but likely not enough snaps to justify paying him 5 games worth of 6.75M.
  6. Not even close. Keep up the village idiot routine! You are in the bottom tier of posters on this board. Good job exposing that truth for everyone over the past week.
  7. Can you read a map? More than half the country lol. You get dumber with every post. Maybe gotitans is more your speed?
  8. Is there anything you don't suck at? Most of the country my ass....
  9. Right.... says the idiot who thinks a 2 down RB is a bigger draw than a dual threat franchise QB. As usual you show your stunning lack of football knowledge.
  10. How cute. Mixing up your misunderstanding of stats with fake news.... homer it up dickwad.
  11. oldschool

    Who wins?

    Analysts will say the election was never in doubt but lots of people went to sleep Tuesday night with Trump up huge in WI, PA, and MI so many thought it was Trump's to lose. I'll admit I was extremely worried until WI and MI flipped Wed morning. Right afterwards I read something from Nate Cohn at the NYTs regarding Trumps 600k lead in PA not being enough with Philly and its suburbs being out which gave me confidence it was only a matter of time to a Biden win. The only question was by how much.
  12. As soon as in game transmission is confirmed, the season will be halted. Right now the evidence is that it takes way more than being in someone's face for 10 second spurts over 3 hours. Thatsbone of the reasons in game transmission is thought to be near impossible.
  13. I feel like if that were true the league would have already announced the game being moved. It appears they are doing everything to make sure it's played even though at this point it shouldn't be.

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