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  1. Nah. The decision was fine. The call was horrible.
  2. Yeah. They had no business winning 10 games last year. The expectations for that team are way out of balance.
  3. I don't see it. He has extreme physical tools but will likely never have the accuracy to be a top flight starter.
  4. nope. most Titans fans and sports fans in general are stupid and have no idea what they are watching. Why would I subject myself to a random opposing team board knowing the above fact?
  5. don't forget about Talley mugging Givens in OT which lead to the INT that set the Bills up for the game winning FG.
  6. I wonder how the Brits feel about getting Jets Falcons and Dolphins Jags this year? Talk about some shitty games.
  7. You may want to read up on the definition of irony...
  8. I've always laughed at the idea of "We" in pro sports. As if this 12 year old kid has anything to do with what the Bills do on the field.
  9. How the hell did the Bills get such an easy schedule this year? They should win 13 games easy.
  10. you think he's sitting out home with an OOTO message that states he'll respond upon his return to the office in 8 weeks? I promise you he's still working.
  11. I don't get why they don't exempt WV, add some subsidies, etc... There has to be something Manchin wants.
  12. No its not. He's a Senator from a coal state with his family fortune tied up in the coal business. He's not acting, he's being open about his motivations.
  13. These Bills fans remind me of the Panthers fans a few years back. Imagine having nothing better to do than to invade opposing teams boards each week to make yourself feel better about your team? Its pathetic. If the smack talk was decent it would be entertaining but these clowns actually believe the Bills are 30 points better than the Titans.
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