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  1. you can ignore wg53 on politics. he's just another angry millennial who doesn't understand the electorate. Biden doesn't excite anyone but he appeals to the moderates in swing state like no other candidate. I actually think Sanders would lose to Trump. There are too many dumb rednecks who would bow to an all out assault on Sanders being a socialist; I worry about Warren falling prey to the same right wing fake news blitz. Biden is immune to to such tactics for better or worse. His weakness is excitability and whether the lack of it will overtake his electability argument.
  2. its called human psychology. We prefer things that are comfortable and that holds more true the less intelligent one is. Look it up.
  3. I was referring to why Biden and Sanders would be 1 and 2 among lots of voters despite the differences between the two candidates. I'm not interested in rehashing the previous discussion as you see what you want to see and sought out a model that confirmed your bias. The author of the model spends thousands of words explaining why her model is impregnable then closes with the mother of all caveats.
  4. Without game planning. Dont read too much into preseason when it comes to group play.
  5. You give the average person way too much credit. Most people are used to old white men running things. Its not hard to infer why Biden and Sanders consistently poll 1 and 2 among those who don't feel strongly about a particular candidate.
  6. Makes perfect sense. They are the old white males in the race and many are used to them being in power. Your model you keep referring to. Read her last paragraph.
  7. Politico survey this morning disputes the notion the dem candidate doesnt matter. Basically it says only Biden and Sanders are currently projected to beat trump. Also I would ask begoode and prag to read the last paragraph of the article they keep touting.
  8. Lol. Justify it however you want. Most people dont want to pay. It has nothing to do with quality. That's some bullshit you sell yourself.
  9. Most people won't complain. Its not worth the time.
  10. I hate you. Going to make yet another attempt tomorrow. Maybe they finally took me off the list.
  11. I've said as much too. I'm really just railing against the "everything should be free because I'm a cheap ass" crowd that makes up the majority of those who stream games on reddit and other sites.
  12. No they won't. They will need millions of complaints to tip the scales.
  13. There are multiple ways to get the content, vpn plus gamepass being the obvious. You can so switch to Verizon as a mobile carrier being another j/k. Bottom line most people arent pushed to stolen streams because they dont want to pay for DirecTV. They simply want something for free. There is a huge difference.
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