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  1. Looks like a prime spot to replace Conklin. Will be hard to get an edge rusher at 29. RT makes a ton of sense.
  2. Tucker Carlson is absolutely on par or worse than Madow.
  3. National polls dont mean shit. Also Sanders has never gone through a general election cycle. His socialist record, a 4 letter word to republicans and lots of non progressives including swing voters, will be highlighted nonstop. I think Trump would have destroyed Sanders in 2016 and he could win again due to the electoral college.
  4. This chart explains everything. The foxnews feedback loop is real its its extremely dangerous.
  5. Come on Nine. You know sacks arent everything. Clowney is a dominant defender in the run and pass game.
  6. Sanders will always do well in caucus states because it favors the activist demographic. It really bothers me Iowa and New Hampshire set the tone for the general election.
  7. Both are true. Endorsements likely dont mean shit but modern dems are absolutely terrified of Sanders winning the nomination.
  8. Conklin Ryan and Davis are already likely out the door. That's how you do it.
  9. You sacrifice any one or maybe two of those guys for a premiere edge eusher.
  10. They dont see it because they are the left's version of the trump base. Even when @No1TitansFan explains how Sanders's stances in the past will hurt him in the general it gets dismissed as fake news. You know who does that? Those not rooted in reality. Sanders refers to himself proudly as a democratic socialist and the Trump campaign is salivating at the thought of running against Sanders.
  11. White house and Senate sources report the votes aren't there for witnesses or documents. Political cowards each and every one of them.
  12. Lol. Really? Everyone knows QBs dont count against that rule.
  13. Conklin and Ryan are basically gone. All NFL rosters have turnover every year. Somehow teams manage to pay QBs 25-30M and still field a team. You know what really kills a cap? Paying big money to guys like Conklin and signing guys to 3rd contracts at the age of 30.
  14. Poor thor. So irrelevant. I forgot about your dumbass.

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