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  1. Hot take. It's far more important for Dillard or Radunz to turn into a good LT than it is for Skoronski to be a good or elite OG.
  2. Skoronski has to be an elite OG to justify the pick and even then, there will be a debate on taking an OG who can't play LT that high. Hopefully he can play LT but considering his only competition was Dillard, I have my doubts the team views him as a potential LT. That being said the Titans OL was in complete shambles so there is an argument for overdrafting an OG at 11.
  3. Thats not an apt comparison with Social Media and the massive amount of content available to everyone at any given time.
  4. I agree. As I said before he needs more stats but if he's close, nostalgia will be a massive factor for the reasons I mentioned.
  5. Its fantastic. Btw Luck wasn't being weird last night. He was making fun of a long standing twitter parody account named Capt Andrew Luck
  6. He's also a joke and likes to write contrary articles about the Titans as he's learned going negative is the only way he can drive clicks. The truth is @Mythos27 is right. Even though some here devalue RB and rightfully so, the public is way behind and uninformed Writers who still think PA is a function of RB success are the ones that will vote him in. They won't factor in the era of the devalued RB. Hell I'd argue it will increase his chances of getting in because we'll see article after article on how Henry bucked the trend of RBBC at the time and excelled in carrying the load like the greats of yesteryear. The narrative practically writes itself.
  7. Henry obviously has to hit some benchmarks numbers wise but its also true the media and sports writers in general are likely to factor in public sentiment. Its not an either or scenario.
  8. I agree. Thats actually where my screenname comes from, has nothing to do with the movie. I loved smashmouth football but sadly the game isn't played that way any longer outside of a few outliers.
  9. He's always been suspected of being dirty but has managed to skate free. The charges in this indictment are more serious though. Maybe he'll finally get what he deserves.
  10. Interesting chart. Basically the last 9-10 years. Get yourself a franchise QB!
  11. Yes. It was a play on that term but wifi doesn't actually mean "wireless fidelity". It was simply a branding decision to capitalize on the familiarity consumers had with HiFi.
  12. I think we do know which makes it even more impressive.
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