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  1. Its just the Tannehill haters seeing an opening and going for it. Its one thing to wonder if he simply can't get it done in the playoffs which is fair. Its another to claim that he's not a top 10-12 NFL QB who can't read defenses, doesn't throw with anticipation, needs a strong running game, etc.... Upgrading him is damn near impossible for 2022 unless Rodgers or Wilson want to come to Nashville. I'm all for the team drafting a QB if they like a one to sit behind Tannehill in 2022 but the truth is QBs outside of the 1st rarely become franchise caliber QBs so that means spending significant draft capital to get one in the 1st round.
  2. so you don't try to set up your limited kicker with a more makable FG? Its crazy how many of you don't think how the end of the game was handled was an issue. The only reason its not a bigger issue is because Tannehill sucked all game. The focus on clock management isn't a way to white wash who lost the game, its to discuss why the Titans bled so much clock on the front of the drive which is literally the opposite of how every 2 mins offense is run across the league.
  3. Cunningham is a much better overall player. Brown is done as a Titan as he should be.
  4. I'll also add I'm a little surprised at how everyone is glossing over the fact Fat Randy was only 6/11 on kicks between 40-49 and had one make all year over 50 yards. The strategy everyone seems to be okay with makes way more sense if you have Tucker or hell even the Cincy Kicker. It makes even less sense when you consider who the Titans Kicker is.
  5. Yes you bleed the clock after getting into FG range not before. Like every other offense does it. Not sure why everyone is acting like the bengals were 100% going to score if they had 30-45 seconds left. They hadn't scored since the opening drive of the 2nd half. The defense was dominate all day. They overthought clock management in that scenario rather then go no huddle to put pressure on the bengals secondary that didn't want to give up big plays in that scenario. Look at how the Titans won the 49ers game, thats how you handle it. Or how the 49ers got into FG against the Packers last weekend.
  6. punt and go to OT where a coin flip could lose you the game? They had everything lined up perfectly to win that game with 2:43 seconds left and they bled the clock before getting anywhere near FG range that it put crazy pressure on the offense to make 2 high level plays with 30 seconds left to barely get into FG range. It was mishandled period. Listen to any good Qb talk about what the 2 min offense is about. Its not about getting 15-20-25 yard chunks. Its about getting 1st downs and continuing to put pressure on the defense.
  7. That ignores the previous 1:28 they wasted after the 2 min warning.
  8. No it wasnt. Who wastes 1:28 seconds on 4 plays 40 yards from FG range? they played scared and basically asked a struggling QB to make 2 big time throws with 30 seconds left to get near the max of Fat Randy's range.
  9. And Brown regressed after looking like one of the better coverage LBs a few years ago. Long basically saved the ILB position before Cunningham was picked up.
  10. No but do you agree it puts crazy pressure on the offense rather than just running no huddle and getting 1st downs while you move into FG range with the defense playing soft to not give up the big play? You know how ever single 2 min offense is run around the league and how the Titans have done in the past?
  11. Exactly. I don't mind the pre 2 min clock management. It's the subsequent sequence where they let 1:28 roll off the clock while running only 4 plays, none of which were in no huddle thats the issue. Especially after Hendrickson went out on the Jones 15 yarder.
  12. Dupree is a better all around player. Also Landry had 4 of his 12 sacks in back to back games midway through the season. Hes a good player but isn't the impact player you claim. Teams all the time have to decide whether to pay guys who excel due to the talent around them. Its reasonable to ask the question whether Landry is really worth Dupree money or not.
  13. Don't disagree but everyone has a price and you are acting like Landry is worth top tier money. He was 10th in sacks this year by the way despite getting one on one blocking all year. I hope they resign him but you are acting like he should get paid whatever he wants as some premier pass rusher. Thats not the case.
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