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  1. It's crazy. Behind QB and Pass Rusher, LT is the next most important position on the field.
  2. Only way the Titans go WR in round 1 is if they trade out of 11 and that should only be an option if the top LTs are all gone. Even so relying on 2nd year players in Burkes, Chig, and Philips plus a rookie is not a good look.
  3. Yes... and the Titans are at a severe disadvantage because of the offense they run. They prolly needed to overpay a bit early on on a 3-4 year deal with an easy out after 2 years to entice a WR to sign. Doing so would have been extremely risky because the FA WR class this year is terrible.
  4. You guys are foollng yourselves if you think any WR is taking a prove it deal to play in this offense.
  5. I don't disagree but I think you are underselling how many teams would be willing to roll with Jackson if his contract demands were realistic.
  6. Brian Mitchell said the agent helps shield the player from hard feelings as well. He said he never really wanted to know what the front office felt about him because they are always trying to maximize value and use a player's faults to do so. He also made another great point that agents can call around and talk to teams about market value and help the player understand what the market is for them before FA starts. Jackson couldn't make those inquiries because he was technically still under contract with the Ravens. TLDR Jackson fucked himself throughout this process because he didn't want to pay an agent 1-3% of a massive payday.
  7. They were never in the conversation for trading up to #1 or close to it. Thats just stupid ass Titans twitter and you wanting it to be true.
  8. Why trade up to 1 if you want Richardson over Stroud and Young. It makes no sense for them to do so and then trade back to 2 or 3....
  9. I tend to agree but the margins in WI, NV, GA, and AZ are scary so I could absolutely see Trump or some other dolt like DeSantis winning in a general election against an 82 year old Biden.
  10. Daley was one of the worst LTs we've seen in the last decade. He's not just bad he's terrible and data supports it. If the cards signed him to play T and expect him to start they are stupid. He's a G at best.
  11. He should be fired today for this signing if they intend to start Daley at T.
  12. This is where I was going. It was a throwaway comment in his mailbag which makes it even more sketchy. Report lol...
  13. Which is why they should have signed one of these mid tier WRs in FA. The problem is this year is a really bad time to need a WR.
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