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  1. oldschool

    2022 Elections

    This is one of the most progressive friendly bills that's passed since FDR was in office. The dems better not screw up the messsging.
  2. And they will deserve it. How Schumer and the White House didn't have Manchin locked in before today is a dereliction of duty. I fthey water this bill down any further, the House may not pass it.
  3. Lol... must have something important to do at home.
  4. Don't feed the troll.... hes too stupid to understand how the credit system works
  5. Jfc Manchin.... might as well have him move into the oval office.
  6. Not sure if this checks out but seems like it's actually a good thing?
  7. Thats a huge gap to extend benefits a month. I'd really like to know te rationale for this. Why water this bill down? we all know its going to pass with 50 votes and Harris breaking the tie.
  8. I thought everyone knew this but apparently not.
  9. And once again... If the choice is Clinton, no matter how flawed, vs Trump there is no choice. This is what you either fail to understand or refuse to understand.
  10. your overall point is correct but you are off on the details. Having a shitty slogan the masses can relate to his a big deal. Look no further than Trump to see the truth of it. Also she and her campaign advisors ignored Michigan and Wisconsin which makes no sense because everyone under the sun knew NAFTA was an issue for her. If she had addressed both and had better advisors, she likely survives the Comey fiasco.
  11. every time you post this nonsense I wonder if you are a perpetual 15 year old with no clue how things actually work.
  12. terrible idea. there is nothing wrong with the current OT rules. Teams need to play Special Team, offense, and Defense.
  13. If the dems are smart they start a media blitz across all spheres on the GOP purposely delaying the bill till after unemployment benefits expire as well as delaying stimulus checks to those in need. Blow this sucker wide open.
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