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  1. yes. This is another reason why the other arc has be resolved in episodes 3 and 4.
  2. The walkers were already moving before Theon sacked winterfell which doesn't really matter as both Bran and Rickon survived.
  3. I think fans want there to be some secret connection to the Others when all signs points to the simple fact the NK wants revenge on the living for what the children of the forest did to him. It seems pretty clear based on what Bran laid out last week. Its a basic evil undead guy wants to destroy the world story in the show with the second major arc being the fight for the Iron Throne.
  4. The walkers came back and were harrying the wildlings before Ned was killed.
  5. Its crazy how poorly the favorites have done this year. if the caps lose tomorrow all 4 division winners will be out in the first round.
  6. I think there is a good chance Varys paid the golden company and that they'll switch sides. Honestly does anyone really believe Cersei comes out on top?
  7. Who cares about anyone in king's landing aside from Cersei? Everyone else of consequence is in winterfell.
  8. Can't give away who survives winterfell. It's another reason I think the white walker threat ends next week. They appear to be splitting the season into to 2 parts to address the two main story lines.
  9. I don't buy the NK bypassing Winterfell. I think the others storyline concludes next week or the following week with the remaining episodes focused on who wins/keeps the iron throne.
  10. She believes it. She's just pissed about no longer being first in line for the thrown.
  11. Terrible episode. 45 mins of sitting around tying up loose ends. With a full 10 episode season that would be fine. With only 6 its dumb.
  12. It's already been said many times this isnt unusual. Nothing to see here.
  13. He cant... which is the piece you are missing. All Mueller could do is gather the evidence and present the report to Congress. He even outlines why Congress isnt beholden to the justice dept policy that constrained him.
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