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  1. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Try again moron. I'm in Northern VA. Our state is doing just fine.
  2. I doubt the season starts on time and it has nothing to do with fans. 26 NHL players have tested positive since training camps opened. We are going to see the same with the NBA and MLB.
  3. I haven't been following this story. Is the city really pulling $1B in funding? Are they reallocating it to other social programs and first responder units?
  4. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Are you still going to attend Klan and Sons of the Confederacy meetings if TN disallows gatherings?
  5. Because there is way more important shit to worry about than a few crazy liberals tearing down statues.
  6. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Interesting data on how VA is doing. I wonder what Rand Paul thinks about it. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/what-virginias-coronavirus-data-shows-as-phase-3-begins/2343830/
  7. oldschool

    Virus in US

    ask yourself who really acted like the virus was nothing from day one and ignored the advice of the public health experts. Its not who you think but since you are nothing but a sheep, this conversation is lost on you.
  8. oldschool

    Virus in US

    This idiot just said we shouldn't listen to the foremost experts on public health and infectious disease because Rand Paul, the biggest idiot of them all, says we shouldn't. you can't fix stupid.
  9. Running a govt agency with hundreds or thousands of employees is the definition of administrative/executive experience...
  10. Lol come on. A female minority amputee for president? Also don't make me laugh with the FDR crap. Its 2020 and everyone has a damn super computer in their pocket. Personally I would be okay with it but do we really to revisit how backwards half the country is?
  11. You posted made up stats that support your bigotry. The funny part is that if your God exists, your hate filled heart is precisely what will keep you out of heaven. You are too stupid to realize you are making a mockery of the very religion that you claim to live your life by.
  12. The point is to the vast majority, 400K is all that and more.

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