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  1. The loss today was big with the Eagles on tap next week. I'm not optimistic.
  2. This is the bigger point to be made here. The only counter to this is the draft capital jrob has spent on WR.
  3. I said extreme circumstances didn't I? Vrabel is a good HC but despite his ego, he's not BB. If he cant self scout and realize a change is needed then jrob as his boss has to do it for him. I don't think there is a chance in hell in happens. I suspect we'll get another 5 years of this and the team will move on due to lack of playoff success.
  4. Only warranted in extreme scenarios; this might be one though. I don't think jrob has the stones to do it.
  5. As of right now the three Wildcard teams are the Bills, Bengals, and Jets. I'd favor the Bills and Bengals over the Titans in round 1. The Titans have to open up the offense these last 6 weeks but we know they wont.
  6. Says the clown who is worried the Jags will win the division.
  7. Like that scene from moneyball, Jrob needs to cut Henry so Vrabel can't play him lol.
  8. Downing isn't a good play caller but you guys are fooling yourselves if you think changing OCs will matter. This is a Vrabel issue and it's not going away.
  9. Talent was never his issue. Takes more than that.
  10. Nope. I think Vrabel would quit over not being able to affect the Offense.
  11. @OILERMAN is right. The Bengals have been starting the wrong RB. Mixon should get goal line and short yardage carries and spell Perine.
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