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  1. I take offense to that. I post plenty of commentary even if I don't start many threads.
  2. I agree which means the VP will be the presumptive nominee.
  3. Cuomo is 62 so if Biden wins he likely doesn't primary Biden or the VP in 2024. That puts his next chance to run as 2028 when he's 70. I'd vote for Cuomo tomorro based what I've seen from him.
  4. who pissed in your cheerios this morning? jfc you are on a tear.
  5. well @tgo is the only real Biden fan I now of so not sure why you are harping on this.
  6. No it doesn't because the fact he doesn't excite voters is irrelevant. Who cares why voters flock to the polls as long as they do so? Thats the whole problem with the Bernie movement.
  7. True but at least some of us back it up. WG53 hasn't had a single original thought in years.
  8. its time to say it again. Don't let perfect by the enemy of good Biden is not a great candidate but he's exactly what the country needs to fight Trump. He speaks directly to those who flipped the 2016 election for Trump in MI, WI, and PA. Who gives a fuck if he's not a generational talent? Getting Trump out is the most important issue this country has faced in decades and maybe dating back to WW2.
  9. oldschool

    Virus in US

    VA shelter in place until June 10th. Well that sucks.... specifically calls out those who aren't taking it seriously. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/coronavirus/virginia-gov-northam-issues-stay-at-home-order/2258486/
  10. Nevada is a caucus state. Find another example as caucuses favors extremists like most of the bernie bros.
  11. Didn't you listen to Trump yesterday. if 100K Americans die he is going to claim it would have been 2.2M if not for the actions he took. He's already started laying the ground work
  12. haha. He's been a little bitch for years. His takes are worthless.
  13. you attacked me for my point of view which is fine. Don't act like you didn't do it. The rest of your post is laughable.

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