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  1. We all know people Ike this lol.
  2. Nah just calling out the lesser version of Prag who is nearly wrong about every single thing they post. WW3 lol.
  3. Bullshit. There are only a few acknowledged levels for a reason. It's easy to get a top secret clearance, it litterally means nothing. Moron....
  4. Like selling info to the Saudis or other foreign players. It can't just be the mishandling of classified data which happens way more than anyone realizes.
  5. Don't disagree but you are missing the point. This action could have extreme consequences so it better be for more than just some missing classified material the archives wants.
  6. They better have Trump dead to rights or this will backfire big time. The GOP messaging apparatus is in overdrive and they will not relent.
  7. Exactly. There are many other levels.
  8. top secret is actually fairly low on the ladder.
  9. Yeah I don't buy that. No way the FBI does this without approval from Wray and Garland. Nevermind the Federal Judge who would have to sign off on the warrant.
  10. This is the issue many are missing. It has to be way more serious than not turning over some classified docs otherwise it opens the door for scrutiny beyond the mouth breathering Maga nuts. Like it or not Trump is most likely the GOP candidate for 2024 which means any attempts by DOJ to look.into his activities will be viewed as political since Biden appointed the AG who oversees DOJ.
  11. It better be big to open up this shit storm.
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