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  1. Supposedly some bleacherreport clown broke the story. I have a hard time believing it.
  2. In a train wreck sort of way. I don't care what side of the political aisle you belong to, how can anyone listen to this and not realize the guy is completely brain dead? Its embarrassing.
  3. Sounds like you don't like high fantasy and prefer the lighter stuff. Personally I love complex series.
  4. Buying cars is fine. Financing them is where people screw themselves.
  5. oldschool


    the toolset is granular enough to allow that? Seems strange to me.
  6. oldschool


    Was thor actually banned? Why would he still be able to reply with emojis if that were the case?
  7. You may want wait on that prediction. She has mass appeal in the midwest. Dont forget they are the idiots that turned on Clinton and gave us Trump by 100k votes. I like Booker and Harris as well but they both exude coastal eliticism. I dont mind because I'm one myself but the masses dont like it at all.
  8. You nailed it with the female candidate comment. This would be a non story if she were a dude and was demanding. Why not call her a bitch and get it over with?
  9. Jfc dude. Stop doing their work for them.
  10. Yeah no. There isnt a single confirmed report she threw a binder. She claimed she slammed one down. As for the Reid conversation, neither have confirmed it. You clearly don't like her which is fine. I'd hope you would have a higher burden of proof before dismissing a top candidate.
  11. Why do you automatically believe the 2 or 3 people who complained over everyone else? I've been told by a friend on the hill that she is tough but in a good way. She demands the best out of people and has high standards for herself and everyone else.There is noise that she had a few people leave who couldn't hack it; those were his words verbatim. Personally I need more than rumors from a few former staff.
  12. Biggie was huge in DC. He rapped about DC all the time. Poor rolltard doesnt know it takes 4 hours to drive from NYC to DC or 45 mins to fly.
  13. the mistreatment stuff is interesting as its countered by others who say its complete nonsense. makes me wonder if a few millenials didn't realize working on Capitol Hill is tough. Are you saying you wouldn't vote for her period or just in the primaries? All we need is more dems not voting for a candidate and giving us 4 more years of Trump. No offense.
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