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  1. There is some very strong evidence that passer rating directly correlates to success on the field and that of the team. Look at which Qb has the better passer rating in a game and usually that team wins. Sure there are outliers but its held up. All these analytc sites have been tried for years to undercut it. Case in point I really like FootballOutsiders but there QB grades are whack. You really want to try to sell me on Prescott being the number one QB in 2019?
  2. You are arguing with someone who doesn't understand the stats they cite. Move on.
  3. oldschool

    RBG died

    I'm not surprised at all. He is a master at what he does and he has no scruples. Its a dangerous combination. He'll be revered by Conservatives for decades.
  4. oldschool

    RBG died

    How shitty is it that McConnell didn't wait till tomorrow to issue an official statement saying he will hold a vote? In some ways he's far worse than Trump and his impact may be felt for much longer due his work stacking the judiciary branch.
  5. oldschool

    RBG died

    David Gergen just said he thinks this favors Biden and will further drive liberal turnout during the election. That could further embolden McConnel to push a nominee through.
  6. oldschool

    RBG died

    I don't see any way they confirm before election day. It will impact swing seats. They are more likely to get 51 votes in a lame duck session because senators will either be on the way out or just got another 6 years.
  7. oldschool

    RBG died

    All signs point to Amy Barret.
  8. oldschool

    RBG died

    its the only path if the GOP Senate doesn't stand up and do the right thing. Im not holding my breath.
  9. oldschool

    RBG died

    Any truth to the fact the special election in Arizona could flip the seat right away? If Kelly wins it could mean only 3 GOP defectors are needed?
  10. oldschool

    RBG died

    Its going to be a moderate woman.
  11. oldschool

    RBG died

    With the way the GOP is playing dirty pool no argument here. The rules have been changed.
  12. oldschool

    RBG died

    So she should have stepped down at what age? She should have foreseen trump winning? This argument is weak and sn insult to her legacy. This is about voters not taking their responsibilities seriously. Elections have consequences...
  13. oldschool

    RBG died

    This country... can't even mourn an American Icon without fighting over her body and her seat. We are pathetic.
  14. oldschool

    RBG died

    People don't realize how bad this is.

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