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  1. The Titans OL is way better than the Pat's. You should stop before you hurt yourself.
  2. Brady is 42. Father time is going to come for him and when it does, it wont be pretty.
  3. He's untradable with his salary.
  4. shocker about the OL grades. I told you guys those numbers would go up without Mariota running into sacks.
  5. Which begs the question are they are really good against the run or just so bad against the pass no one attempts to run on them very much?
  6. I bet you they open up the offense. We started to see more 3x1 sets as the game went on yesterday. The next step is to start taking more shots.
  7. I think it's a real possibility he retires after the season ala Locker.
  8. Davis had 22 targets going into the Denver game which put him in the mid 60s for # of targets. He's had 5 against Denver ( I believe 4 of them where after RT came in) and he had 7 targets yesterday. Of course he's happy with the QB change. RT will feed his playmakers and give them opportunities to make plays. I said it yesterday, Mariota never understood what NFL open means.
  9. Remember Russia views assets differently than we do. In America the term asset means you are willing participant. In Russia it means you are used whether you know it or not. Whats interesting is that I heard Bacari Sellers say this last week before Clinton said it. He's a Harris backer so this isn't just coming from Clinton's camp.
  10. If RT plays the rest of the year like he did yesterday he'll get extended and be named the starter for 2020. Now is the likely? of course not which is why its premature to discuss it. Either way the Titans will need to spend a 1st or second on a young QB.
  11. The other factor is the ulnar injury last year. it's possible they planned to make the decision after last year but couldn't due to the injury so the plan was delayed a year. Ultimately it comes down to whether you think an owner who fired and hired coaches based on Mariota would push for one last chance or you think Jrob and Vrabel are total morons. The former is much more likely when you look at the evidence in totality.
  12. I believe Davis, Brown, and Humphries has 15 catches combined yesterday.
  13. Is he still around? Game management this year seems way worse than last year.
  14. I thoiught Vrabel had a guy in the booth to help with game decisions, challenges, etc... last year? Am I remembering that wrong?