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  1. Lol no. Mariota had to flop in real games and Tannehill had to perform in real games to prove it was all real.
  2. Exactly. I say it every year. It means nothing.
  3. oldschool

    Virus in US

    It's not mainstream but there are more than a few public health officials flat out saying all unvaccinated people will be infected by the delta variant in the coming months. Scary shit, especially for kids.
  4. I swear she gets dumber and dumber with each passing week.
  5. Not as cool as thinking team friendly reports about Brown mean the team will be awesome! Following camp is cool, didn't say otherwise. I'm referring to those who think anything that happens over the next few weeks matters long term aside from injuries.
  6. I wasnt referring to you as you made an actual case. I'm referring to all the homers who foam at the mouth about Henry because he's a Titan.
  7. Not to mention who gives a shit about camp reports? Wake me when the games count.
  8. Not in this case. Henry is a stud but he's not the all around back the other two are. To act like it's silly to make an argument for the other two guys is as homer as it gets.
  9. The gap from the top of the tier to the bottom is massive. It further makes the argument the gap between Rodgers/Mahomes and Tannehill/Wilson/Watson is smaller than people realize. Brady doesn't belong in the Rodgers/Mahomes group right now either. He's the GOAT but those guys are playing QB at a higher level.
  10. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Blah blah. Brainwashed loon.
  11. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Polly want a cracker! parrot without an original thought.
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