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  1. you aren't doing it right... "but obama" "that bitch Harris" "Clinton is warmonger" "Socialists loving Communist"
  2. Tampa deserves credit for winning 4 games in a row and winning it all; they have nothing to apologize for . However their run is one of the more improbable runs in recent memory where everything lined up perfectly for them. Everyone just assumes Tampa won because of brady but the truth is it was due to the following: 1. a defense that had to face the Skins terrible 4th string QB, a washed up Brees, Rodgers on an off day, and Maholmes without an OL 2. An offense that scored points off turnovers at a clip we'll likely never see again, something like 7 TDs off 8 turnovers 3,
  3. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Its a testament to how well vaccines have worked over the last 75+ years that these idiots don't know what a world is without them. It's one reason why older people are more inclined to get vaccines. They remember...
  4. oldschool

    Virus in US

    This is what people either don't realize or refuse to admit.
  5. Which further supports the idea banking on scouts to call prospects leading up to the draft and relying on self reporting is foolish. should they call daily? the day before the draft? day of the draft, etc....
  6. Okay lol. Even if you are right and I highly doubt it because it's a flawed and archaic process, there is absolutely no way it's efficient and catches what it claims to. There would be no obligation to self report nor any legal standing to do so. I doubt the Titans even give a shit. Let the legal process play out and then act as needed. What's worse is your but hurt over the whole issue. It's laughable for you of all people to accuse someone of making excuses for the Titans. Hell they should cut you a check for how much water you carry for them on a daily basis.
  7. 1. This is your assumption. We don't know 2. This is incredibly inefficient and opens the door for for many other transgressions and right to work issues especially for potential union members 3. Not all altercations are created equal and agents serve their clients first 4. This is the dumbest shit I've heard in a long time
  8. Whites will be the minority within the next few decades. Its one reason the GOP is taking the actions to the degree they are as they know its coming.
  9. So you think the scouts are going to call the agent or local sources for everyone on their draft board daily, weekly leading up to the draft? can you imagine if someone called you daily asking if you commited a crime or were involved in an altercation? sounds like a bridge too far.
  10. No. what I'm saying is the only plausible solution we have so far are local sources or someone being at the right place at the right time. Explain to me how that is policy driven and how an organization could approach that on a large scale. Again, I would like to know how those 3 teams knew. My beef is with the premise of 3 teams knew so the Titans should have also known.
  11. I'm still waiting for someone to explain a plausible scenario that allows teams to adequately monitor for legal issues a few days before the draft for all players on their draft boards. The best explanation so far is having contacts locally. Even still that doesn't explain how that can be applied at the macro level. Do we really think area scouts are calling players and agents asking if they have been arrested are been involved in anything recently? Do we really think Agents would self report on behalf of their clients? The expectations here are ridiculous. Its one thing for a pr
  12. its only working due to gerrymandering and that won't last forever. GA is most likely the new VA and AZ could be on that path. TX is also a potential flip in 2028. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if we can survive the next few years as a democracy. Thats a bigger IF than I would have ever imagined.
  13. I don't think the scouts are lying but the reactionary response that because a few scouts knew the Titans should have known is fallacy.
  14. At some point the GOP will have to present counter proposals and ideas. they can't be the party of no forever or they will continue to bleed suburban and educated voters.
  15. if thats true they should have taken the 49ers deal before the draft.
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