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  1. It will still be exported, but more by rail than pipe than if Keystone had gone ahead. I also don't like standing companies with billions of unusable assests in general. I think this is just a required gimmie to the green wing of the party, but I think it is poor policy...
  2. Personally, I think we most likely get way over 100million people fully vaccinated this year. I think more than double that is probable with the expected max effort approach of the current administration. In 6-9 months the main bottleneck will probably be convincing enough people to get the shot, which is unfortunate as we probably need > 260 million people inoculated to achieve herd immunity. The new variant might even require more than that 80% of the population threshold to beat back...
  3. Given the apparent lack of vaccine supply, I think it will not be a trivial task.
  4. Yeah, aspirational stretch targets to save thousands of lives is "a bit different" than Trump's endless bold face lies.
  5. Good. They walked out on that plank. They can choose the swords behind them or the sharks below...
  6. Seems today has been rough on the MAGA / Q community...
  7. Tomorrow has the potential to be glorious. Bye Trump.
  8. I feel like I shouldn't be shocked considering I view everything they did as a complete clusterfuck; however, I feel that I probably will be amazed by just how bad it truly was beyond normal clusterfucks... Kakistocracy for sure...
  9. I am pretty sure we will be shocked to find out how much the grifters/incompetents ran wild with minimal guidance/oversite during the last 4 years once integrity is returned and serious people start asking WTF.
  10. Perhaps. I just think he puts immediate vengeance over longer-term planning as a rule.
  11. The only "pay" left for Rudy is his pardon. I do find it hilarious that Trump stiffs his lawyer right when he is going to need some good lawyers...He just doesn't understand the long game...
  12. Wife has mild fever (99.4°F), but feels hot (not cold as typical for her with fever) and doesn't feel ill. Arm is still very sore.
  13. My wife got the 1st dose this morning and her arm is pretty sore tonight. Way more impact than the flu shot for her, which typically doesn't get her sore at all. Still a complete non-issue and she was damn glad to get it.
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