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  1. My feel is that the O is on track to regress ~3pts/game, but the D is likely to allow ~7pts/game less... So I am expecting improvement over the 11-5 team last year.
  2. Henry has been practicing catching better this offseason...so there is that..
  3. GB must have really wanted him as JRob made them pay...
  4. We get an extra 4th to fall back 7 picks, which is great value.
  5. He was #37 overall on Daniel Jeremiah's board: Very good value at #53 and fills a big need.
  6. I like how this draft is shaping up... I love both picks so far, but we need a WR or TE in the next 2 picks..
  7. I had to delete that fucking album too many times...grrr.
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