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  1. Don't forget that Sanders now would benefit of 30 years of improved nutrition and training to be even a more elite specimen than he was back then. I think he would still dominate without question.
  2. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    Things are not going well in the USA: The 7-day moving average is up to 61k/day. North Dakota has the dubious honor of achieving the first >1000 people per day rate of infection per 1,000,000 population, but most states are now in uncontrolled spread. In Ohio, my county is back in the "Red" state tier which means we are likely going back to full online school next week. Ohio has more than doubled their 7-day moving average in the past ~3 weeks. 😥
  3. 140 was my max, and that was more than sufficient.
  4. Adoree was activated, but who knows if he plays. I cannot imagine he would be more than a point or so though...
  5. He waited until about 220mph before they actually went > 1/2 throttle. Pretty wicked.
  6. Yeah, he basically told them he was going to retire or be traded. He had checked out. They got something like a 1st and a 2nd round pick from the Raiders IIRC, so they just couldn't pass up that type of value to be a dick.
  7. He is a solid average level starter. We could do much worse for a backup IOL.
  8. Conk is a good (not great) player that the Browns had to pay top of market rate to acquire. JRob is getting similar production from Kelly at 1/2 price.
  9. They will pivot in late Jan. They might still go after any overt Trumpsters for awhile, but I doubt they keep it up until 2022...
  10. Bulldozer with Top Fuel dragster Engine.... Also acceptable:
  11. And we have him for 4 years at merely a "good" QB price. JRobbery is masterful.
  12. Well, there were 2 Chiefs in that area.

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