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  1. We didn't get very good value for the 6th rounder we traded for Gilbert...
  2. Seems plausible that this NFI could be related to his not reporting as we had been speculating about something like this...
  3. Agreed. I imagine he is looking at ~1/2 of what he could have gotten 5 months ago... We probably could of had a 5th-6th round comp pick...
  4. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    I agree. The loss of college football (and perhaps the NFL) will be impossible to reconcile with the narrative of the current administration doing a "great job" or that Covid is "going away"... If that cannot break through the echo chamber in SEC country, then nothing can.
  5. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    I am somewhat uneasy that the downward trend started right when the HHS took over for the CDC on data collection. Hopefully, that is a simple coincidence... Several states have issued mask mandates in the past few weeks, which certainly helps. My recent trip to Sam's club in Ohio observed 100% compliance compared to 30-50% before the mandate. I fear that schools will become the new epicenters in the upcoming 1-2 months if mitigations are as half-assed as it appears to be in many places... The other factor is that many locations had 7-10 day delays in turning around test results, which was a pretty strong disincentive for people to bother to get tested...that could be a partial explanation for the lower test rate. Of course it could simply be people are getting better at masking and social distancing as their areas got lit up with Covid resulting in a lower new case loads...things are very hazy at this time IMHO.
  6. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    You can check anytime yourself here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  7. I was thinking something along the lines of AB's cyrogenically frozen feet last year...
  8. Yeah, there is no way a place like Georgia with very high community transmission will not hit the afterburners with school back in session and little in the way of meaningful mitigation. If this is typical, then they are fucked: They only question is how long they take to realize they are fucked. This is about as intelligent as testing a hypothesis about if hitting your own thumb with a hammer will hurt...
  9. At this point it is a joke that they haven't simply permabanned him for violating their policies endlessly.
  10. ChemEngr79

    More Corruption

    I think it is essentially a certainty he pardons himself and all family/gang members. If he is smart (he isn't) he does it immediately following the election as the 25th could come into play before Jan...
  11. I was updating my numbers as well...lol. Yeah, that sounds much closer. It was probably the ballpark of ~1 Kiloton detonation without checking the chemistry (~5% the size of nukes on Japan). So that is a pretty fucking big deal. After Texas City, I am shocked they would park something like that in the port of a major city. "Those that do not learn from history..."
  12. For perspective: ~6,000,000lbs blew here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_City_disaster I think 2700lbs sounds pretty low given the explosion size...

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