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  1. It is refreshing to have a GM playing Chess instead of Candy Land...
  2. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    Fox News 24/7 in my home town for sure... The ridiculous thing is I know these are very intelligent people...😖
  3. Maybe it is because I endured watching Marvin smoke us for so many years, but he seems like the obvious choice here to me...
  4. I would rather get an impact player, but if anything like a Rogers' dropping occurs, I get going BPA... I think this is only a remote possibility though...
  5. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    My 70 year old dad is hosting a dinner party this weekend. SMH. He is in west TN and they do not seem to be getting the severity of the situation... Still lots of "no one is sick here yet"... My younger sister and I are frustrated with their lack of understanding...
  6. I thought they gave him a lot of solid guaranteed money in years 1-3 to keep the avg/yr reasonable... If he plays like a top 10ish starter, his year 3-4 salary will be very team friendly...
  7. We just crossed 100k cases in the USA. This projects out to ~400-500k cases next Friday or ~2M the following Friday. I am not sure if the current trends will hold. However, I am pretty sure we can get to the 400k number because that only gets us to around where Italy currently is on cases per person basis. I don't think the market can defy the gravity of the upcoming numbers; however, with the Fed going nuts it truly is an unknown what happens next in the short run.
  8. Yeah, reality is wild/weird these days on multiple fronts...
  9. If only we took Jones/Thomas with those first two 2nd round picks...but yes it was still a high impact draft. The only highly drafted stiff so far by JRob is Dodd...we used to get ~1-2/yr with Webster...
  10. He seemed very solid last year doing what they needed him to do be it blocking or catching a 10 yard pass... Good retain.
  11. Was reading that the Dow was up 20% at close yesterday marking the return to a "bull" market... I wonder what the shortest bull has ever been? This one will probably have a good chance at another record...
  12. USA added ~17k new cases and > 200 new deaths yesterday. The exponential rate is still accelerating... At some point in the next week, I am pretty sure the market will start paying attention to the "pile of bodies"...
  13. ChemEngr79

    Virus in US

    So what happens when someone objects to unanimous consent? What is plan B?
  14. That TD was pretty sweet, but I just hope he can block... Any word on the contract?

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