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  1. mythos is just a nice dude. We haven't been able to corrupt him after all these years.
  2. Again. you specifically called me out saying I was for the Conklin pick 4 years ago and then acted like I made it about me. Own your bullshit Tolar; we'd have more respect if you did. Now as to your question. I'm against spending top high draft picks on RTs and OGs. Call it top 15-20 if you need to.
  3. gotcha. I agree. We both are saying in order to maximize and accelerate QB growth you need good coaches.
  4. Well said. Will anything really change one or the other? The partinship will only get worse imo.
  5. did you not say this in direct reference to me? "You told me I was all wrong about Conklin then; what say you now?" Poor Tolar lol.
  6. and if it all backfires and Trump wins reelection as a result? The most compelling argument is the impact of doing nothing has a future presidents however you could also argue Trump is such a disaster and his impact on our sacred institutions so horrid, that ensuring he only serves one term should trump all other initiatives.
  7. This is an odd statement. Having good offensive coaches that can help develop a QB for the pro game is critical to success.
  8. Its a tough question. Do you risk blowback and hand Trump another 4 years in the name of doing what's right or do you focus on defeating him in an election?
  9. You memory needs work. I'm against moving up into the top 15 to take a RT in general and said as much when Conklin was drafted. As for overall strategy I'm for trading up or down if the situation warrants it.
  10. Not at all. I worry the dems have overextended themselves again.
  11. poor tolar the victim! Very few want to interact with you and you are too blind to realize why.
  12. Its a real shame many are dismissing the open testimony of two distinguished diplomats.
  13. Do you want him developing a new franchise QB? Thats the ultimate question as the guy was only elevated for Mariota's sake.
  14. binary stubborn thinker who plays the victim card over and over.
  15. The hearing today is damning on multiple levels but I don't expect it to matter to most of the country. The sheep like longtimefan get their news from biased sources and don't even realize they are brainwashed. the GOP will continue to support Trump for for fear of being swept out of office by the very sheep they are beholden to. Its a vicious cycle.
  16. jfc have you guys not interacted with Tolar before? This is what he does.
  17. great post @Jonboy. My take on things: rest of the season - I don't want to overstate the KC win because it took everything breaking right for it to happen but I think the team can make a run with the QB play its getting and the play of the defense. That being said 2 games against the Texans and another against the Saints will be difficult. The Raiders are better than anyone thought and the Colts are a tough out. There isn't any margin for error down the stretch. QB - I think Tannehill has earned the right to come back and I fully expect the Titans to have to tag him. Hopefully they draft the QBOF even if it means trading up with the caveat that they don't reach. RB - I'd let Henry walk. Despite what others claim, RBs are easy to find. Free Agency - Ryan will likely price himself out of a resigning with the Titans and he's earned the right to do that. He will be a tough loss. I think they will be forced to extend Jackson after losing Ryan and I'm okay with that. He's much better than Titans give him credit for being. I also think Conklin is a must resign even though he's not all pro material.
  18. @Mythos27 nailed it. Too many on this board think Jrob can do no wrong and the others like @BudAdams have an absurd negative opinion of jrob; the truth as usual lies somewhere in the middle. I would give jrob a B for now. He's missed some picks as all GMs do but overall he's done a really good job rebuilding a horrid roster. I didn't like the Vrabel hire and still don't but that doesn't really matter. How QB is handled will dictate whether jrob stays in the job beyond the next few years. I'd argue acquiring Tannehill is a good start to his plan to move on from Mariota. Lets see how it plays out.
  19. Robinson was after his dream job so of course he wasn't going to make a big deal of having to work with Mularkey. Ballard and others like the Ravens Assistant GM had more options as well as leverage.
  20. In all honesty he was way worse than where the Sando rankings had him.
  21. They can't stop him from hitting FA so it all depends on what his market is.
  22. Most importantly Tannehill gives the Titans some runway to not overdraft a QB in the first ala Ponder or Locker. If a guy is there in the 15-20 range that they like then take him. Just don't reach for a QB based on need.
  23. Your disdain for jrob is laughable. It was in everyone's best interest for Mariota to succeed period. Acting like jrob is married to a QB he didnt draft is crazy. Again the far more likely scenario is that AAS wanted to give Mariota one last chance. The starting QB is an org level decision.