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  1. Mayor Bowser with some strong words for Trump. No one in power on either side has an ounce of respect for the clown. https://mayor.dc.gov/release/mayor-bowser-responds-presidents-tweets
  2. It does. You are the worst America has to offer with your racist and xenophobic behavior.
  3. My wife just had someone send her this.... not sure if its legit but seems to back up the idea of far right not far left groups sowing destruction. Post from my friend in Saint Paul Sharing: Those who live in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and inner suburbs: We just got finished with a block meeting with our neighbors. It's been made clear to us that the violence over the last few nights, as well as planned violence for tonight, has been mainly orchestrated by "national white supremacist groups, drug cartels, and armed militias" outside of the Twin Cities. Those groups have deliberately put out a call to their members and are here to provoke violence and to destroy POC-owned and queer-owned business, homes, and any business/home that has signs of support (eg, Black Lives Matter, Rainbow Flags, etc.) outside. We have been given tips on how to prepare for tonight, if you are able to do these things / if they are relevant for you: 1 - Move your trash bags, propane tanks, and/or anything flammable on your lawn inside. 2 - Keep your lights on all night, indoor and outdoor. 3 - Hook up your hose. 4 - Prepare/purchase a fire extinguisher. 5 - Fill your bathtubs with water. 6 - Get the numbers of your neighbors. 7 - Work with your neighbors to maintain watch shifts all night. 8 - Wear yellow, stay on your lawn (indoors preferable). 9 - Take down all lawn signs, rainbow flags, etc. that might make you a target. 10 - Pack an overnight bag in case you need to evacuate. This is real, folks. These are recommendations from a number of the neighborhood associations in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. I don't write this to cause panic, but to make sure folks are prepared. We will get through this together.
  4. You can't read can you? It's in the fucking article. The governor called in the Colorado national guard.... State Governors are the only ones with the authority to do it and its to augment local law enforcement. Again its not martial law. You would figure the idiot who constantly calls for nuking China and the Middle East would have some idea how this all works. I guess not.
  5. Doing the work the civilian government tells them too. Are you really too stupid to understand the difference between the national guard being deployed by civilian govenors and martial law where the military has full control? How are you this stupid?
  6. And yet you still can't read you xenophobic sack of shit. Martial law means the military takes control. Moron....
  7. Lol thats not martial law. And you call yourself a republican...
  8. That was a horrible trade. The Rockets are a failed experiment with Morrey at the helm.
  9. Real conservatives are cringing right now. Will any of them actually stand up? Doubtful.
  10. Call me crazy but pretty sure you don't get a permanent blindness diagnosis a day or two after the trauma unless you lost your eye.
  11. I wasn't impressed with Klobuchar at the press conference this afternoon. She needed to give the speech of her life and connect with the audience. Massive fail on her part. I'd put a fork in her VP chances.
  12. It's a preliminary autopsy so slow your roll. Also there are already medical professionals pushing back that the findings do not mean what people think it means. Again these journalists have a responsibility to fact check and present stories as they are, not just republish a report without context.
  13. I wasn't kidding the other day when I said we should all just starting ignoring Trump. He's a petulant child who embarrasses the office of the Presidency on a daily basis. Time to let him know his time is up in November.
  14. His primary role will be in restoring integrity and normalcy to America both at home and abroad. I doubt he'll have much chance to do anything else.
  15. oldschool

    Virus in US

    Sanders would probably win under these circumstances. Oman is at flat out wrong about it not being about Biden 4 months ago though.
  16. Premeditation is often misunderstood. It doesn't mean you spent hours or days planning to kill someone. If the cop had pulled his gun and shot Floyd it would be 1st degree regardless of whether he knew him or of he decided to shoot him 15 seconds beforehand. That being said if you read the statute, 3rd degree is the proper charge even though most don't like it. As I said yesterday, the concern I have is if they plea down to manslaughter.
  17. Thats not okay. I hope they caught the guy who did it. You can support the message without supporting the rioting and violence.
  18. I could see federal law enforcement for sure as you have to understand the mission of the secret service, national park police, and the capitol police. They aren't tasked with protecting and serving the community. I also know someone with direct access to Mayor Bowser and they said they have a really hard time seeing her agree to that course of action. DC is 90% black and she is a very liberal Democrat. I'm told her policy last night was to keep DC police back and let the feds handle it since the protests were mostly on federal grounds.
  19. oldschool

    Virus in US

    I'm on record saying Trump was toast the second Biden won super Tuesday and became the presumptive nominee. The pandemic response, economic collapse, and now the Civil unrest have all but doomed him. His aides know it too which means they are going to get even more radical as the year wears on.
  20. Be very careful believing this sort of thing. The bulk of the protests in DC last night were on federal property which means the secret service and national park police hold jurisdiction. DC police had very little involvement.
  21. Not for anyone under 35. There is an entire generation or two that likely thought America was past this sort of thing.
  22. I edited my post. Just saw some of the feeds. Its being under reported locally.

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