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  1. Lol at idiots throwing shit on the wall and acting as if they have any insight when some of it sticks to the wall. Pathetic.
  2. Not to mention their menu back then had much more variety. Now it has all the same boring shit. All the good stuff has been off their menu for years.
  3. A lot of plays with limited routes that are all covered leads to idiot fans blaming Mariota for not throwing it into double coverage.
  4. The old I have a cramp so it will stop the hurry up trick.
  5. God this game thread shit is so lame. Bring back the chatroom.
  6. Glad their commercials overlap actual game time wtf...
  7. He has been playing in obvious pass situations. He only plays about 1/3rd of the snaps.
  8. In a 4-3 he is a DE. In a 3-4 he is an olb. Either way he is a pass rusher. The designation is irrelevant.