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  1. It wasn't a forward pass. This has been scientifically proven repeatedly. Shut the fuck up you goddamn idiot homer. No one gives a shit what AS has to say.
  2. Maybe if companies would stop treating workers as serfs and pay decent wages instead of what they currently offer.
  3. There is no worker shortage. There is a wage shortage. Workers have more power now then anytime in my life. People aren't settling for shit pay anymore and businesses haven't caught on. Can't hire people for you job's shitty wage? Guess what? You gotta increase wages.
  4. No shit. He is rambling and making no sense as his points are just pure right wing propaganda.
  5. WG53

    Vaccine Mandates

    That's always been a problem.
  6. Tell me you're a 60+ year old white guy without saying you are 60+ and white.
  7. Oh look more spam from the retard 🙄
  8. You are a full of shit moron. Your entire post is incorrect bullshit. Pure wishful thinking on your part that your side isn't exactly what they are.
  9. The scheme might not be the best but Evans is definitely the problem. When you don't fill your gap and they run right through said gap for 50 yards it isn't the scheme. It is the player not performing his assignment.
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