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  1. I'd argue that it is modern day feudalism.
  2. Court order forces workers to stay at old job. Old employer knew for a month that they needed to hire new people, refused to match offer, and filed in court days before the workers new start date.
  3. Seriously. It amazes me that he thinks they would.
  4. No, they wouldn't. And it's past the deadline dumbass.
  5. WG53

    Virus in US

    I didn't call you antivax. I was referring to medical personnel that lost their job by refusing the vaccine.
  6. Vrabel is a dumb arrogant piece of shit meathead that thinks he is smarter than he really is. Dumbass fucked us out of 4 points for no reason.
  7. Joel shut the fuck up and get RT's cock out of your mouth.
  8. Tannehill fucked us you brainless twat.
  9. Joel shut the fuck up you dumb cocksucking racist piece of shit.
  10. Fuck Vrabel, Henry, Downing, and Tannehill. They can all rot in hell.
  11. Moronic coaches do moronic things. Going for it instead of kicking the FG. Going for 2 instead of kicking the XP. Heads need to roll after this horseshit.
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