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  1. There is clearly a distinct difference between the 2 but don't let that stop you from being a dense ass.
  2. You don't own shit. And you would know all about lying and misrepresentation. Those are your only moves
  3. It is absolutely hilarious that people like roll tide and soxcat that can never clearly articulate someone else's position without making up a bunch of bull shit are trying once again to tell others what they believe.
  4. I find it absolutely hilarious that the people that bend over backwards to defend trump's every single word and action are attempting to take something at face value for once.
  5. How is it racist? Because white people used the term monkey to denigrate black people for many decades. Done. Moron.
  6. They aren't pro-life. They are anti-abortion. Big difference.
  7. Patriotism is such a moronic concept. No one chooses where they are born. Being proud of where you are from is one thing but the extent people take it is ridiculous.
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