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  1. Oh trust me I know. It's just sad watching him foam at the mouth calling her every name he can think of. He can't go 1 post talking about her without mentioning her genitals or calling her a skank or some other stupid comment. Most of us couldn't care less about her but if you speak out against Trump you somehow love her.
  2. Hilary lives rent free in his head.
  3. Oh look more lies and dumbassery by rolltard. Big surprise.
  4. Obviously I meant in the context that no one takes him seriously. Yes, he is just comic relief. Unintentionally, of course.
  5. Oh look more conspiracy theory nonsense preceded by your misogynistic rants. You are pathetic old male nurse. No one gives a fuck what your retarded ass thinks.
  6. How so? Dude gets hurt every week. He can't take the college beating. No way he makes it in the nfl. He's more injury prone than Marcus.
  7. It is hilarious watching you struggle with our language. Im not defending anyone. I just pointed out the stupidity in your comments. You brought Simmons into the conversation. Probably as an attempt at deflection from your previous stupid comments on the issue. As usual what you write is completely irrelevant.
  8. As usual you reduce everything to simple terms so your tiny brain can understand issues. Simmons, from all accounts, was taking up for his mother and sister while in high school yet your dumbass equates that to a grown ass man assaulting another with a helmet. LOL at you calling anyone a pussy.
  9. It absolutely is a false equivalency you dumb fuck. Just because you don't understand what one is does not change the fact that is your go to move every time. LOL at you calling anyone ignorant.