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  1. You are a clueless moron not a leader.
  2. It's quite funny that you think people didn't read your post because they're too smart to fall for your dumb bullshit
  3. Your question is irrelevant. The fact you even ask it shows you don't give a shit about Trump's nepotism and corruption.
  4. He hasn't been here since June of last year.
  5. How sad that you think you have a point at all. You are pathetic.
  6. Why do they need their salaries from the White House when they're funneling all the taxpayer money into their hotel properties from secret service stay, foreign dignitaries staying there, and spending millions for trump to go golfing at his own golf course? Stop with the willful ignorance.
  7. 2nd and 17...running the ball? Gtfoh with that bullshit.
  8. And you're a fucking moron.

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