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  1. I haven't moved the goalpost at all dipshit. https://www.apa.org/topics/anger You seriously are trying to argue that anger isn't an emotion. We're done here. There's nothing more to be said. You are clearly a simpleton.
  2. Do you seriously not think that anger is an emotion? You think that your copy and paste of a definition discounted what I said? Because it most certainly did not. You talk about come back to what you said when nothing you said impacted my statement at all. You didn't negate anything I have said.
  3. I don't pay for ESPN. Someone here might. I'm sure that they could be persuaded to post on the subject. We've seen it happen many times before.
  4. There you go again with your falling on the sword nonsense. JFC you are clueless.
  5. It isn't that anyone cares. It is the dead period. It's just content to talk about at this point. Otherwise the board is nearly dead this time of year.
  6. Ugh...you are dumb. Falling on a sword? Hardly. Your making shit up is saying I have a limited understanding while you post a dictionary definition of the word anger as if that helped you at all, it didn't. How can you possibly be so stupid as to think anger is not an emotion or that being angry is an emotional state?
  7. LOL Limited understanding? Nice job making shit up that doesn't match reality. You really need to look up the word anger in order to determine that it is an emotion? Dude. You are incredibly dumb.
  8. Definitely in the top 10 at least.
  9. You actually think that posting the definition of a word we all know the meaning of is somehow a good retort? You always love to double down on your stupid.
  10. Like I don't think RT is currently a top 5 QB but in no way do I think he is anywhere near 14! I figured people here might get a good laugh at the article.
  11. If you're angry by the very definition then you are emotional. Anger is an emotion. If you are angry then you are being emotional. This is like talking to a 7 year old.
  12. Of course the espn article mentioned here is under their paywall.
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