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  1. It is in no way a gateway drug. Stfu with your reefer madness bullshit. Quoting an 8 year old opinion piece lmao.
  2. Still living in the fantasy world I see.
  3. Victory lap for what? You are wrong all the time.
  4. Not a single person has promoted infanticide. Stop lying.
  5. Yeah I heard most of that on the radio. I'm just trying to understand why these actresses would be involved at all.
  6. 2 actresses were involved. Felicity Huffman was one. Wtf? Lol
  7. If by the exact opposite of educating then yes, but actual educating? Fuck no you haven't.
  8. Awww look a bunch more bullshit lies from Tux.
  9. You clearly just do not have a clue as to what you are talking about.
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