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  1. WG53

    Why US?

    Simple Jake being as simple as ever. You fucking idiot.
  2. Yeah. Gonna call bullshit on that.
  3. And your point? Nothing I said was hateful. You're just trying to twist someone's words into your bullshit narrative. Sorry you don't understand the geopolitical ramifications of their decision to create Israel.
  4. No one said it was medieval. So your whole premise is irrelevant.
  5. Either way he is a piece of shit lying sack of shit that can't be trusted. But you love all that. Either way he is a huge fucking liar. Your attempt at obfuscation is pathetic and predictable.
  6. You're the only one here constantly bringing up race. Stop projecting your prejudice onto others.
  7. It is simple. If you are going to try and insult someone then don't make yourself the idiot by spelling shit wrong. Moron. And I don't give a damn in someone makes money off speeches. That isn't nefarious or illegal.
  8. Weith huh? Maybe get the word right before insulting others.
  9. Yep because Tweets are such good sources of information. 🤣😂🙄
  10. So what's the big deal about selling a cheap resource? Seriously, explain how this is at all nefarious, wrong, evil, etc. We will wait.
  11. Another post and another lie by Tux. Yawn...
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