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  1. Clay Travis is a boring blowhard moron.
  2. Yeah. The issue would be chewing out the idiot runner that fumbled it. You're taught not to do that for the exact reason that occurred.
  3. So? They lost possession in their endzone.
  4. It absolutely should be a touchback. You lost possession in their endzone. They can't start their drive in the endzone and why should you be rewarded with keeping possession? The rule is fine as is.
  5. Incorrect. Decades of corporations getting tax cut after tax cut has done that.
  6. I know of her because of That 70s show.
  7. Ah the same old status quo response. It is never the time. Always some reason to not address what a portion of the party wants. They always have to just suck it up and fall in line. Right. Always time for that later yet that time never comes.
  8. How cute. You think businesses actually follow the law.
  9. You think you have some kind of valid point. You don't. We still had 3 2nd round picks that year. We were essentially playing with house money. Not to mention you only get a certain amount of cap room for your rookie class. You act like we didn't drop back from the first pick and just traded up to draft Conklin. Get a fucking clue Grandpa.
  10. 10 pages later and Tolar is still getting schooled on his dumb debunked arguments.
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