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  1. Lol Ignoring everyone whose speech you dislike on here will not prevent them from posting. I scroll past most of his crap myself. I'll respond if and when I choose. This is TR. Ignoring is for cowards.
  2. So that would be 2 weeks after we last played the Chiefs.
  3. Umm no. It's actually the opposite. You can use both the transition and franchise tags.
  4. Lol you try so hard to flip the script. If Biden broke law then lock him up. But he didn't despite your weak efforts.
  5. Nope, it wasn't. But I'm not surprised that you don't understand that.
  6. Draining of the swamp? So we're finally getting rid of trump, McConnell, etc? No? Then the swamp isn't being drained numbnuts.
  7. Owned? You have no clue what that means obviously. All you do is lie. You can't go one post without it. Just like this one where you make up others' positions with every post.
  8. Funny that the biggest liar on the board calls anyone dishonest. Especially when no one has been dishonest but you as your accusations consist of you making a statement and saying that X believes this instead of anything anyone actually said.

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