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  1. No, we have not always been a mixed economy. That didn't really start until the 20th century.
  2. Yeah because people are always quoting the bible when they say that...🙄
  3. Yeah I should really take time to respond point by point to your nonsensical bullshit that's already been debunked here ad naseum.
  4. Truth is stranger than fiction. From what she's said about these cases over the years that one is run of the mill. Crazy I know.
  5. They aren't remotely the same. Nice try though.
  6. I asked my mom about this. She watches all these type of shows on Discovery ID, 20/20, etc. She already had heard about this from other shows. All these channels recycle the same stories among all their shows. Apparently this wasn't even one of the more weird cases.
  7. These conservative retards don't understand that we won't blindly defend people in the wrong like they do. They just project their values onto others expecting the same responses they would deliver.
  8. If it actually is a staged attack and laws were broken then prosecute him. /thread
  9. WG53

    Amy Klobuchar

    Leaned too far left? Lmfao. We have almost no left in US politics. It is center right vs far right.
  10. Because that is equal to a coup attempt. Moron.
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