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  1. And continue to show how old, dumb, and out of touch you are.
  2. WG53

    Jan 6th Hearings

    I quoted you because you brought up the idea. My response was mostly to Tgo
  3. You supported Trump. Shut the fuck up.
  4. WG53

    Jan 6th Hearings

    So if you're rich or a politician rules of law don't apply and you can embolden an entire party to commit crimes with no recourse.
  5. WG53

    Jan 6th Hearings

    Was it your idea? If not get the sand out.
  6. WG53

    Jan 6th Hearings

    This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard.
  7. I'm sure Tgo, Luvya, oldschool, etc will find a way to whine about her as usual.
  8. There is no beautiful thing about capitalism.
  9. Nice deflection. I said fresh water. As in drinking water. Of course you have nothing but bootlicking for the energy sector as usual.
  10. Why should we allow Canadian oil to threaten the Ogallala aquifer? Fresh water is more important than oil.
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