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  1. Either Greg Newsome and Nico or Marshall and Robinson between those options.
  2. You can stop projecting any moment now. The first time you posted something that wasn't you being a cry baby bitch would be the first.
  3. Toney just seems to be another Percy Harvin type player. I don't think that is worth a first rounder.
  4. You wish you had haters. You're insignificant. People aren't haters for pointing out your stupidity.
  5. LOL sure thing. MLB pledged to honor their contracts with businesses. So the right loses that talking point.
  6. This is as dumb as anything you have ever posted here and that is saying something.
  7. I thought the cartridge for a vape pen was a rip off.
  8. LOL That is one of the dumbest things you have ever posted and that is saying A LOT.
  9. WG53

    Virus in US

    Goddamn you are one braindead propagandized dumbass.
  10. Absolutely nothing. It is just another attempt by Bongo to act like he has any football knowledge when we all know that it isn't true.
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