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  1. I was a huge Favor fan, but I prefer boxers. A great boxer with always defeat a great brawler. Look at how many brawlers Floyd Jr made look silly. From Ricky Hatton, Canelo Alvarez and that massacre that was Arturo Gatti (RIP). But yeah I do think Levis is the real deal Holyfield.
  2. When people talk about greatness and great sports runs they often talk about Jordan going 6 for 6 in championships. Bill Russell's 11 titles, Tom Brady's Patriots dynasty, Lebron's scoring etc. But I never understood how Brett Favres run from 95-98 isn't talked about more. I think in terms of greatness, numbers etc, it is top 5 greatest sports runs in North American sports history. I don't know how it's not mentioned, not even in the NFL circle. Dude was on fire!! He was putting up modern day numbers. Brett Favre: 1995-1997 3x mvp winner 1 Superbowl. 1995: 4,413 passing yards, 38 tds 13 ints. 1996: 3,899 passing yards, 39 tds 13 ints. 1997: 3,867 passing yards, 35 tds 16 ints. 1998: 4,212 passing yards, 31 tds 23 ints. By 98 his numbers started to come back down to Earth. He put up big numbers throughout his career, but that stretch was the most consistent stretch. And 3 MVPs. He never really strung together such high yardage and Td to int ratio like that. Not to mention that was the 90s.
  3. I use to troll him so bad on Twitter. We actually had a back and fourth. Wish I knew about screen shot back then. It was around 2009,10 or 11. One of those years. I actually wanted us to draft Griffin in the first round & surprisingly we did. I thought he was in the crop of next great safeties after Ed Reed, Polamalu and Dawkins. Dude just never reached the next level. One of my most disappointing draft picks we ever had, even being more productive then other guys we drafted high and didn't pan out. I just thought he would be Hall of fame type talent. I also got into it with Bernard Pollard on Twitter. He blocked me for trolling him.
  4. If we don't Re-sign D.Hop after this year he might return to the Texans to play with Stroud. I'm sure he still has a house there.
  5. I actually didn't hate the idea until I heard Spears being included. But yeah Chase would be worth it (Wouldn't happen lol). I have always been the type of guy that respects and loves a veteran presence, but at the same time I've always been the type of person that believes in looking to the future. I expect great things from Will Levis and the Titans this year, I really do. But to get a guy that's 25 going into his prime, verse a guy leaving his prime whom we more than likely won't re-sign after this year is intriguing. I actually think D.Hop could out perform Tee for 2 more years, I'm just looking at a guy with 5-6 more prime years than a guy who has maybe 1-2. Just a little off season fire side chatting.
  6. Yeah I agree. I think someone even mentioned a 1st rd pick . I didn't hear the Spears one. I think that would take away what we're trying to do as an offense.
  7. Probably nonsense. But would you trade D.Hop for T. HIG? I won't lie, I love D.Hop. But 1 season left with a Wr over 30. If this were a thing I might just take it. Higg at his height is no D.Hop, but we would get more production and time from Higg.
  8. If Henry played that entire season we probably win the Superbowl. That cat was on a insane pace. If he kept up that pace he would of shattered the Eric Dickersons record. He still finished in the top 10 rushing and only played what? 8-9 games? Crazy!!
  9. Derrick Henry lifted the Titans to a level we would not have reached without him. Were the Titans that much more talented than the Panthers .
  10. Exactly man. I have yet to see Gadget Runningbacks be the main catalyst as to why a team is great. We know Derrick Henry made the Titans much better. CMC in Carolina wasnt CMC in Frisco. The time CMC was with Carolina he didn't transform that organization like Henry did for us. Guys like Henry, Barkley and the cat for the Chiefs are the Runningbacks that change offenses or make their offense better. The year the Giants went to the playoffs Saquon Barkley was 40% of the offense and the reason they made the playoffs. Meanwhile Daniel Jones had 15tds and 13ints. Traditional Runningbacks still make more of an impact.
  11. Because Henry is a traditional Runningback. Regardless of whether he can catch or not, the man still had 2000 yards in 1 season, 90+tds, 3-4 throwing tds, some of the best highlights, and ran us to an AFC championship game. He literally carried our franchise on his back without the greatest talent around. Id take Henry over any gadget Runningback...We don't see Eckler, Kamara and guys like that carrying their teams. Christian McCaffrey is on a team that had significantly better talent than those Titans teams Henry carried. It's not just a stat thing, it's also demoralizing defenses and psychologically beating the opponent knowing they have to face Henry. That cathing out the back field stuff is overrated. Other than CMC (Who played next to better talent) who is making a huge impact?
  12. Hopefully some of our guys have a chance to develop under Callahan. That's one of the many reasons I was happy to see Vrabel go. He developed nobody and our stars regressed every season.
  13. Uggh had a dream Will Levis and Treylon Burks had a huge game for us and we won on the last drive.
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