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  1. I consider myself a fan of the Tennessee Titans. I’m quite passionate about the team’s success/failure. You guys are a bunch of fags. Friggin’ homos.
  2. Ans therein lies the rub. Titans can beat anyone in the division....but WILL they?
  3. One interesting change I’ve noticed this year: Dion Lewis is playijg a lot more snaps in the red zone as compared to last year, when he was phased out of the RZ offense entirely. (And rightfully so). What makes this interesting is that Lewis is absolutely useless in the red zone, whereas Henry is highly effective in those situations...but for whatever reason, the RZ offense as a whole has improved despite Henry’s role being reduced. Crazy.
  4. IMO...if a team any question at all at the QB position and there’s an opportunity to grab a potentially elite QB prospect, they should grab him no matter what. The QB position is that trumps all other considerations. When Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers were drafted, they sat for what ....2-3 years before seeing meaningful playing time? I seriously doubt the Packers and Chargers have any regrets.
  5. I didn’t see last night’s game....but in crunch time against the Raiders a couple weeks ago, Rivers’ final 7-8 throws were badly overthrown and off target...just completely uncatchable. Two of them went right to defenders dropped INT, and the INT that finally ended the game and put Rivers out of his misery.
  6. Patrick Mahomes very well might be the greatest arm talent in the history of the game. Top three at worst.
  7. Lots of folks will disagree....but I've always believed WR is the most overrated position in the game. Sure, they'll make a few highlight-reel plays and earn fantasy points....and they obviously generate tons of fan and media hype. But the fact is, WR is a secondary position whose production is entirely dependent on the QB....there's no consistent, direct correlation between individual performance and the team's W/L record. As far as Davis goes...I'm still on the fence. He obviously has all the tools and a tremendous skill set....but he doesn't get open as consistently as one would hope for from a player in his position. Despite his size, he hasn't been particularly good at winning physical matchups or contested catches this year....and his route-running can be a bit indecisive and inconsistent at times. Rather than exploding off the line, running with conviction and attacking DB's.... he sometimes makes hesitant, lazy cuts that make the DB's job easier while making the QB's job harder. He obviously hasn't lived up to his draft position....some of which can be blamed on poor play at the QB position. But a lot of the problem is on Davis himself. He simply has to play better....and so far we're not seeing it.
  8. Titans' still control their own destiny for the playoffs, which is all anyone can ask for; it's entirely in their hands....if they get to the dance, anything can happen. They're 5-5, one game behind the division leaders with six games left to play...including four division matchups. I don't know how likely it is....but you gotta be in it to win it. Crazy stuff happens in the postseason. In the 2011 season, the Giants started strong but fell to 7-7 after five losses in an ugly six-game stretch where the defense gave up 30+ points/game. But after winning their next two games (including a winner-take-all showdown with Cowboys in the season finale) the Giants won the division at 9-7. Their defense stepped up late and carried them through the playoffs, culminating in a 20-17 upset of the heavily favored Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. A similar situation happened the next year. In 2012 the Ravens stumbled into the postseason, losing four of their last five games to finish 10-6. But then Joe Flacco hit one of the most fortuitous hot streaks in NFL history and led them to road wins over the heavily favored Broncos and Patriots and a dramatic victory over the 49ers in SB XLVII. These examples aren't fluke occurrences or ancient history; this is twice in the past decade. Despite what the hype would have us believe, championships aren't always won by the best or most talented teams; sometimes it’s just a team that hits its stride in the 3-4 weeks where it matters most.
  9. Sounds too much like Portuguese. And everyone knows about the dirty, no-good, pig-F'ing Portuguese.
  10. Even if he’s able to play again...Tua has had one significant injury after another at the college level, despite playing only 2-3 quarters in most of their games. He’s a great player, no doubt....but I can’t see an NFL team thinking his body could make it through even half a season. If he’s able to return, his injury history has to make him a mid/late round prospect at best with lot of teams dropping him off their board entirely.
  11. Color me stunned that this whole workout thing was a total sham. Kaepernick has no interest in the returning to the NFL...and likewise, the NFL has zero desire to have him associated with their brand. But neither side will admit this publicly... so we’ll probably continue seeing similar displays of posturing every year or two until people finally accept that neither side wants it to happen.
  12. Maybe look into Jeff George's availability, too. And Vinse Yung.
  13. I liked when Kyle got drunk one night and posted pics of a couple nurses he said he was banging. No idea if the stories were legit, but the pics definitely were.
  14. From what I saw last week, Rivers might already be done. I was all about this when it was first rumored back in 2015.....but five years later? No thanks.