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  1. Yep. They’ve completely changed the use interface and video player…and the All-22 feature is completely MIA, presumably because the All-22 game film and controls don’t play well with the new video platform and they can’t figure out how to fix it. The All-22 is the main reason I’ve paid for a subscription the past 2-3 years…and now its broken and they can’t(or aren’t inclined) to fix it. I’m about this close to cancelling just to express my opinion of all the recent changes (downgrades) they’ve made.
  2. Yep. Teams are starting to figure out that in this day and age, character issues can derail a career just as quickly as injuries or athletic shortcomings. Even the guys who end up being pretty good players often wear out their welcome and end up bouncing from team to team every couple years. Nobody wants to put with their shenanigans.
  3. nine

    Virus in US

    For whatever this is worth: Like most other areas, the Hamilton County/Chattanooga area saw an explosion in the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the past 6-8 weeks. From mid-July to mid-September, the week-over-week numbers increased by roughly 1000%. The death toll is still at its peak of 30-40 people per week for the county …but just in the past few days, it appears new cases and hospitalizations might have started declining. If so, then perhaps the death rate will soon start tapering off as well. Fingers crossed.
  4. This is crazy. Henderson was the #9 overall pick last year and played only ten games total for the Jags before being traded.
  5. In addition to his 80 carries, Henry is also tied for the team lead in pass receptions (12).
  6. Titans were clearly the better team yesterday....but I would consider any win with a -3 turnover margin a sloppy win. They also can't continue to be so dependent on Henry to shoulder so much of the load. In just three games, he's already had 92 touches. (30.7 touches/game) Projecting Henry's first three weeks over a 17-game schedule puts him on track for a mind-numbing 521 touches this year. We've all enjoyed the wins in the past couple weeks....but the current approach clearly is simply unsustainable. They absolutely have to spread some of Henry's touche
  7. I believe we all agree the Titans were the better team and were in control for the majority of the game. They won by two scores despite having a -3 turnover margin and their top two WR on the sidelines. Once they got into the 3rd quarter, Vrabel knew they were positioning themselves to win regardless of Julio's contribution. And when Julio got a little bit dinged , Vrabes chose to hold him out and avoid risking further injury. Julio was still available and could have gone back out there if needed; it wasn't necessary.
  8. In years past, we've seen numerous games where a supposedly weaker opponent came to Nashville decimated with injuries and down several starters...and their walking wounded 3rd/4th stringers put a beat down on a full-strength Titans squad. The Colts are a whopping 8-1 in their last nine trips to Nashville....which is absolutely pathetic. I don't give a rat's ass about either team's injury situation. It's time for the Titans to prove they can show up and win a damn game at home.
  9. I'd say it probably depends on how disciplined the defense is. If they focus strictly on executing their assignments and reading their keys, then the RB probably doesn't matter as much. But there's also the element of human nature and defenders who are less disciplined. They know Henry's reputation and they've seen what he does.....so when he's on the field, they're probably going to be more aggressive and take more risks than they would if it was McNichol or Sargent in the backfield.
  10. nine

    Virus in US

    IMO, the lack of media coverage is because at this point, "long covid" is little more than anecdotal evidence. Everyone knows about it, and doctors acknowledge that it's an extremely common phenomena....but at this point, the medical science community is primarily focused on prevention and the development of lifesaving treatments; those who have already recovered from infection are largely forgotten. At this point, we have yet to see a reliable system for gathering data, reporting statistics, or tracking patients who have experienced long-term symptoms. We know for a fa
  11. We've all seen the age-old PR trick of downplaying or burying a story by announcing it after hours on a Friday evening. The Arizona audit results were presented to the AZ legislature on a Friday morning. Within minutes, most news organizations had announced the findings of the audit. Fox News held off until 9:00PM on Friday night before publishing an article about it. (LINK) At 7:00 PM, OANN published an article about the hearing where the audit team presented their findings to the Arizona legislature.....but incredibly, the article makes absolutely no r
  12. Clock management is incredibly critical at that point in the game…it’s very literally an “every second counts” situation. If the officials asked for Vrabel’s decision without informing him that they were putting four seconds back on the the clock …that’s an egregious officiating oversight, IMO. Four seconds is huge in that situation. We know for a fact there was at least one blatantly mind-numbing officiating error in that game; this would seem to be another one. Hopefully the Titans filed a grievance with the league office….not to get back at anyone , but simply to
  13. Dang….I figured for sure his choice to blow off football and pursue a career as lazy-ass-stoner-alcoholic-mediocre-hop-hop-wannabe was a guaranteed path to fame, fortune, and success in life. But as it turns out, he’s just another useless piece of shit.
  14. Another stunning development: throughout the whole Arizona audit process, FoxNews.com was always lightning quick to publish every suggestion or rumor of potential fraud the moment it was reported. But from what I’m seeing today….even hours after the findings were announced, FoxNews has yet to publish a single article about the final results of the audit.
  15. What a stunning and unexpected turn of events. Who could have possibly predicted the AZ audit would determine that Biden was the legitimate winner after finding zero evidence of massive fraud? Only those people whose opinions and beliefs are based in reality could have possibly seen this coming.
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