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  1. POTUS is like a bad gambler who crows about winning a $500 hand after he’s down $100K.
  2. nine

    Economy Watch

    Someone needs to change the battery in the economy watch.
  3. nine

    Scary USPS Situation

    Well, of COURSE, silly! They're making America GREAT again! People dying isn't part of the MAGA agenda, therefore it is fake news.
  4. They should just borrow the money to pay off the debt!
  5. This is kinda like that Bears/Titans game a few years ago, when Chris Johnson had that great 80+ yard TD run late in the 4th quarter. Of course, the Titans were trailing 48-3 at the time......so that 80-yard TD was a meaningless drop in the bucket, as the team's overall performance was still a pathetic embarrassment. So yes.......Let's all recognize and celebrate another meaningless drop in the bucket by POTUS on his way out the door!
  6. My wife works in the flooring industry; a fair number of the products they distribute are manufactured and sourced from China. During the first year that the tariffs were enacted, her company was forced raise prices on those products four different times due to the increased cost of bringing them into the country. This led to the retail price of those products increasing by up to 25%. So who ultimately pays for that 25% increase? The American consumers. The manufacturers' prices didn't change...nor did the cost of manufacturing the products or shipping them overseas. So the Chinese manufacturers are making the same money regardless of tariffs. Tariffs aren't paid by the manufacturers; they're charged to the companies who import these goods into the country. So when the federal government gets paid, that money is coming from the American distributor...not the manufacturer. This added expense is factored into the distributors' cost...and since they're paying more to acquire the product, that cost is passed along to the retailers....which results in higher retail prices. So ultimately, American consumers end up paying more for the same product. And the federal government is reaping the reward.
  7. nine

    Virus in US

    WHOA!!!! Who could have POSSIBLY predicted such a shocking and unexpected development? Well, except for 70% of the American population and 100% of medical experts. But aside from that, this is totally unexpected.
  8. The article is interesting and raises good points. The author provides an excellent timeline of the politics over the past 100+ years with the messaging of each era and its impact on American society as a whole. He suggests that liberal politics helped create the current cultural divide by abandoning and ultimately alienating rural America....which makes sense. I can buy that. But after detailing the various issues and shortcomings of previous administrations that led us to where we are today..... he exposes his own political agenda by carefully and conspicuously avoiding any criticism of the current administration, which is easily most openly and aggressively divisive administration in modern history. In the past, presidents often framed the opposing party as being overly political and difficult to deal with....even to the point of being adversarial at times. That's politics. Trump has taken partisan politics to a disgusting and completely unprecedented level, routinely demonizing the Democratic party as a whole and painting all liberals as enemies of the state.....militant leftist extremists bent on destroying America as we know it. For most politicians, such extreme hyperbole and vitriol is strictly reserved for the campaign trail in an effort to influence voters; once they're in office, such talk subsides....but not for Trump. For this administration, abusive and inflammatory speech and venomous finger-pointing are the foundation of their entire platform, even trickling down to the various lackeys and sycophants. For this regime, patriotism is synonymous with mindless, unquestioning loyalty to the Trump brand. Those who don't fall in line are lambasted, discredited, and dismissed as incompetent and anti-American. Past administrations certainly had their differences...but even when one disagreed with their politics, it was understood that they had the nation's best interests at heart and did their best to represent all Americans. Trump doesn't even pretend to do this. In his world, his own viewpoint is the only one that matters; those who don't share his views are openly mocked, ridiculed, shunned, and subjected to retaliation. Above all else, the US president is responsible for leading the entire nation and representing the interests of American population as a whole....not just his own personal agendas and the people who happen to agree with him. But instead of embracing this responsibility, Trump abandoned it outright and has actively and deliberately divided and polarized the entire country. He hasn't just neglected a segment of the population....his divisive and antagonistic words and actions have pitted Americans against one another and fanned the flames of social unrest, to the point where all-out civil war is a very real and distinct possibility. But apparently the author of this article doesn't take issue with this approach. Because of all the presidents and administrations mentioned in the article, Trump was the only one who was free of any criticism whatsoever.
  9. nine

    Virus in US

    One of the big issues that is frequently overlooked with schools is that we still know virtually nothing about the potential long-term implications and side-effects for non-fatal and even asymptomatic infections. We already know it causes long-term (and probably permanent) lung damage resulting in chronic fatigue and shortness of breath. There are also indications of permanent cardiovascular damage resulting in dramatically elevated risk of thrombosis, stroke, and heart attacks...even in younger people. Now they’re seeing post-COVID patients with heart damage that is equivalent to a full-blown heart attack. Not to mention all the post-ICU patients demonstrating dementia-like symptoms, even after returning home. School closings were one of the very first steps of the lockdown....so we really haven’t seen how the virus will impact student populations . We simply don’t know. But considering how the virus exploded with schools closed and students staying home, it’s absolutely asinine to downplay the risk of cramming hundreds of kids together for 8 hours a day and sending them back home to their families. POTUS: “It is what it is”. Heck....aside from tens of thousands more deaths and the economy going back to full-blown lockdown, what’s the worst thing that can happen....right?
  10. Well, crap. I'm hardly one to defend POTUS' stupidity....but in the interest of fairness: Snopes' fact-checking has shown this supposed Tweet from 2009 as a complete fake. For the first several years of Twitter's existence, users were limited to only 140 characters. This fake tweet from 2009 is 250+ characters....which wasn't possible until 2016. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/2009-trump-tweet-pandemic/ The aforementioned tweet was a tremendously popular viral campaign that underscores Trump's incredible hypocrisy and stupidity. Unfortunately, it's just as fake as the person it targets.
  11. I don’t care for Trump’s heavy-handed style, but I don’t have a problem with giving China a dose of their own medicine.
  12. Many teams regard a 3rd QB as a bit of a luxury. This year, I’d say it’s a necessity. I suspect Woodside is probably fine as the QB2...but I could also see them keeping him at #3 and bringing in a veteran #2.
  13. POTUS' aggressive new healthcare plan: sign an executive order that prohibits people from becoming sick. Anyone who develops any sort of illness whatsoever would subject to fines and/or imprisonment. This incredible and brilliant move will not only eradicate the fake China Virus..... it will also make America the first 100% disease free country in the world, which has never been done before. POTUS will be the first to ever accomplish this. Ever.
  14. The White House publicly denouncing Hong Kong’s decision to delay their elections, 24 hours after POTUS suggested doing the exact same thing. JFC....you can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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