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  1. I won’t pretend to know the minds of Vrabel and JRob...but I suspect they’d be okay with a solid game-manager QB performance like we saw in week one. I can’t see them accepting two more performances like we saw in weeks 2-3. With that being said...with Mariota’s track record, it’s entirely possible that he bounces back after the past couple games and plays better next week. It’s all part of his inconsistency: he won’t sustain good play for more than a week or two...but he doesn’t stay terrible for very long, either. That’s been his history from day one: he dangles the carrot and plays just well enough to make you think maybe he’s turned a corner...and then he comes crashing back down. If he should start all 16 games, I have no doubt that he’ll put up 6-8 solid-or-better performances. But he won’t have more than two good games in a row, and we’ll have no idea which guy will show up from one week to the next.
  2. I hate to say it, but Titans fans need to just forget about finding "the next Mahomes". Just go ahead and put that shit out of your brain right now....cuz it ain't gonna happen. I've watched a couple games' worth of coaches' film on Mahomes. "Elite" doesn't begin to describe what he did last year....that kid is a freaking superhero. When talking about elite QB's like Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc.... people love throwing around superlatives about arm strength, accuracy, getting the ball out quickly, throwing receivers open, etc. But if you break down full game films on the elite guys, there's really not a huge separation between "elite" and "good". The elite guys obviously have tremendous accuracy, but they still miss a few throws now and then. And despite what the hype would have us believe, they don't make a ton of difficult, high-level throws; the vast majority of their throws are relatively easy throws to open receivers.....what really sets them apart is their ability to predict where and when those receivers will be open. They rarely do anything that's particularly spectacular.....they're just extremely consistent in their execution and they make very, very few mistakes. (Well, except for Rodgers.....he has incredible arm strength, but he's a a loose cannon with execution and goes off-script constantly.) Mahomes is the only QB I've seen who actually lives up to all the fanboy superhype. His arm strength and accuracy are simply off the charts, and he's incredible at delivering throws to covered receivers, squeezing it into tight windows, and placing the ball where only his receiver can get it. He's extremely decisive, gets the ball out of his hand incredibly quickly, and routinely makes difficult high-level throws that most elite QB's make only 3-4 times per game. If the rest of Mahomes' career is like his 2018 season, he won't just be elite. He might be the greatest QB the game has ever seen. The chances of the Titans finding another Mahomes are basically zero.
  3. I'd say ALL info is good info. PFF established a system of metrics for grading each player's individual performance. It's good, solid info....but it's based strictly on execution; it doesn't account for critical influences like coaching, playcalling, and strategy. Their info certainly has value...but it doesn't tell the whole story. It's just one piece of the bigger picture.
  4. I'm sure some people assume anyone would be an upgrade over Mariota. My opinion of Tannehill is based on watching 4-5 games' worth of film (both good and bad) from the 2018 season.
  5. I don't think anyone sees Tannehill as "the answer". Nobody expects him to suddenly start channeling Patrick Mahomes after eight years. The team simply needs a QB who will get the ball out of his hand in time and in rhythm, who can spot an open receiver, and who can deliver reasonably accurate throws of 10-20 yards with some level of consistency. These are basic, fundamental aspects of quarterbacking; unfortunately, Mariota has been terrible in all three areas. If Tannehill can simply provide average QB play, the offense as a whole will be much more effective and productive.
  6. Vrabel has shown himself to be more aggressive than most coaches; he's willing to roll the dice if he feels the payoff justifies the risk. Sometimes it works out....sometimes it doesn't. I didn't have a problem with the decision. The problem was Douglas getting steamrolled by Calais Campbell; Mariota was sacked immediately after setting his feet....didn't even have time to get to his first read.
  7. To my understanding, PFF has multiple people watching each game in real time with each person focusing on specific positions and grading the players after each play. When the game ends, they just add them up...that's how they get their grades out so quickly. There also seems to be a good relationship between PFF and the NFL; I wouldn't be surprised if they have access to the All-22 cameras in real time as well.
  8. Even if we assume Mariota had nothing to do with the various non-QB issues, we can still assess his individual performance. Over the past two games, Mariota has been wildly inaccurate; he’s consistently making throws that are a good 2-3 yards off the mark and nowhere near catchable. To his credit, he’s had some very nice, accurate throws with excellent ball placement...but most of them were thrown with 5 yards of the LOS. On throws of 10+ yards, he’s been absolutely awful; half of them are completely uncatchable...the receiver never even has a chance. He’s also had three passes that were thrown to defensive players but dropped. It’s just pure dumb luck that he doesn’t have 2-3 INTs in his last 50 or so attempts. Then there’s the whole discussion about clock management and situational awareness. In the past, he was usually pretty good in those areas; this year he’s been horrible. On the potential game-winning drive against the Colts, the Titans got the ball with around a minute remaining...and he ended up wasting a good 30-40 seconds due to ill-advised decisions. (A four-yard pass over the middle on first down? Seriously???!) I’ve given Marcus every benefit of the doubt over the past couple years, believing his performance would improve as they upgraded the pieces around him. But instead of getting better...he’s only getting worse. I’m not asking for him to be elite. Sure, that would be great...but I’d just like a reasonably consistent starting-caliber QB who can have maybe 10 solid performances over a 16-game season. The past two weeks have convinced me that Mariota will never be that guy.
  9. Mariota has had ample opportunity to cement himself as the unquestioned starter and eliminate any thought of Tannehill. Clearly he did not capitalize on that opportunity.
  10. The O-line wasn’t awesome in week 1...but the team knew pressure would be an issue and gameplanned accordingly, and Marcus was pretty good about getting the ball out of his hand quickly. I saw that as progress. The O-line hasn’t changed in the past two weeks. They’re still down two starters...they have to assume that pressure will be a persistent issue. But unlike week 1, Marcus has been holding the ball as if he expects to be protected for 4+ seconds. 2.5 seconds is all you get, buddy. Anything less than that can be blamed on poor O-line play. But when you’re standing there with the ball in your hand for 3.5 seconds or longer....that’s on you.
  11. Fans will be forced to revert to lighting their own farts during player introductions. ...or lighting each other’s farts, for those who don’t mind strangers farting into your hands.
  12. Travis’ response is a typical knee-jerk sky-is-falling reaction of a pissed-off fan the morning after an embarrassing loss to a division rival.
  13. Mariota’s salary makes him untradeable. Nobody is paying $20M for a backup QB.
  14. Of course they’re not benching him right now. At least give them a chance to review the all-22 before making a decision.