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  1. Interesting that there’s been *zero* criticism for the Chargers choosing to go for two rather than playing for overtime.
  2. King is one of those sports writers whose career success comes from being a nice, well-liked person who gets along with everyone. He rarely offers anything in the way of meaningful insight or useful information...it's mostly feelgood fluff. But if fluff is your thing, he's great.
  3. nine

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    Nothing anyone says about SAS can make him look as bad as the drivel that comes from his own mouth.
  4. nine

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    Sure.....if it's convenient or supports an agenda. I really like Orlovsky's analysis and breakdowns; he might be the best I've ever heard at explaining strategy and putting it into terms that fans can understand. It seemed like we were seeing him everywhere a few months ago, but I haven't seen much from him since the season started. Has Orlovsky's media ascent slowed a bit in recent weeks? Or am I just not paying attention?
  5. Lewis has been a critical component in the offense and had some great games earlier in the season....but for the past month he's been utterly ineffective, both as a runner and as a receiver. A month ago, Lewis had a huge lead on Henry in total yards; the fact that they're now neck-and-neck is absolutely mind-boggling and speaks volumes as to each player's performance in recent weeks. Lewis' numbers for the past five games combined: Rushing: 53 att, 138 yds, 2.8 avg....5 first downs (9% conversion rate) Receiving: 17 rec, 89 yards, 5.4 avg... 2 first downs (12% conv.) Henry's numbers in those same five games: rushing: 55 att, 412 yds, 7.5 avg, 7 TD....18 first downs (32% conv.) receiving: 4 rec, 24 yds, 6.0 avg....3 first downs (75% conv.) What's crazy to me: over the past month, Henry converted more first downs with four catches than Lewis had with 17 catches. Here's how bad it is: even if we assume Henry's record-setting game was a fluke and eliminate it entirely..... he did more in the other four games than Lewis' last five games combined, and with far fewer touches and overall snaps. I like Lewis.....I really do. But at this point, he's become utterly ineffective; his consistent lack of production has become a detriment to the offense as a whole. He's hurting more than he's helping. Earlier in the season, Lewis played pretty well while Henry was largely ineffective....and Lewis started getting the lion's share of the snaps. Now the situation is flipped: Lewis has been just downright awful for weeks, while Henry has been very solid and consistently productive. It'll be very interesting to see how the coaching staff handles it.
  6. Some folks feel the perceived value of the draft slot is more important than the players that are acquired.
  7. IMO, Henry's lack of targets in the passing game hasn't so much been about his limitations or a lack of ability. He's actually been reasonably good in that area....but in his three years, he's played alongside two of the best pass-catching RBs in the league; they were better. DeMarco Murray was excellent in the passing game, both as a receiver and in pass protection. During those two years, Henry's struggles in pass protection were well-documented; Murray was the better option across the board. Dion Lewis came to the team as the league's #1 rated pass-catching RB...and his 89% catch rate is the highest of any player in the NFL, regardless of position. Henry has never been the team's #1 option in the passing game...but that doesn't mean he's incapable. They just had someone else who was better.
  8. Question: what was the highest-ever Wonderlic score for a RB? Answer: WHO THE F*** CARES!
  9. Explain what you mean by “poverty”. If I’m not mistaken, the team has put more players on IR this year than the two past years combined. This includes their #1 *and* #2 TEs (Walker & Smith)( the starting RT (Conklin) , their best interior depth guy (Pamphile), their starting SS (Cyprien), and other depth players on both sides of the ball. Teams can only keep so many depth players on a 53-man roster. One can certainly argue that the roster and overall depth have been negatively impacted by JRob’s aggressive approach with trades. But you also have to give credit where credit’s due: he’s filled out the team’s depth with no-name signings that have performed at a level that far exceeds the mid/late round picks he’s sacrificed on draft day. Firkser and Finch have been playing lights out and have been impact players despite relatively limited reps. MyCole Pruitt has played quite well as the fourth TE and has been effective both as a receiver and as a blocker. And of course, Byard and Jayon Brown were mid-round picks who are performing at a first-round pick level. Both were drafted by JRob. You clearly disagree with JRob’s approach to draft day trades...and that’s fine. Plenty of people do. But the fact is, no game has ever been won or lost with draft capital. Winning is a matter of talent...and it really doesn’t matter where it comes from, as long as the GM keeps finding it and bringing it in.
  10. It’s also worth noting that the O-line consistently gave Marcus a clean pocket and didn’t give up a single sack. The only play play that was registered as a sack came right at the Q2 2:00 warning...Mariota saw an opening and tried to scramble for a first down, but collided with Spain and ended up with no gain. But the wasn’t caused by pressure in the pocket...and by the game’s end, Marcus’ jersey was probably the cleanest we’ve seen it all year.
  11. Granted, it was just one performance...but after re-watching last week’s game, there’s absolutely no question that the interior blocking was dramatically improved over anything else we’ve seen this year. Compared to previous weeks, the difference was night and day. Rather than getting blown off the ball and pushed backward, *they* were the ones doing the pushing. There were numerous plays where the entire LOS moved forward as soon as the ball was snapped; after getting the ball, Henry or Lewis would cross the blue line (the original LOS) with the O-line a full 2 yards out in front of him...and they’d be 4-5 yards past the LOS before being touched by a defender. The OL also held their blocks longer and kept defenders locked up and engaged. Until last week, defenders were routinely shedding blocks at will and hitting ballcarriers at or behind the LOS. For the first time this year, we saw the OL consistently keeping defenders tied up for an extra half-beat and allowing the ballcarriers to reach the LOS cleanly and with momentum. You’ll see this sort of thing on a regular basis from strong running teams...but we hadn’t seen it at all from this group. Not this year, anyway. It was far and away the O-line’s best performance of the season. Now the question is whether the O-line has truly turned a corner...or was it simply a lifeless and uninspired performance by the Jags D? Hopefully it’s both. The Jags were obviously sloppy and mailing it in by halftime...but I like to think that mindset was inspired by the Titans’ performance. I guess we’ll find out just how much on Sunday.
  12. The AFC South will definitely be a battle next year...and considering each team’s current situation, it’s hard to project the Titans finishing ahead of the Texans or Colts next year. But that’s just how it looks on paper...and on paper, the Jags were supposed to be in the Super Bowl this year while the Colts were supposed to be terrible; we saw how that worked out. It’ll definitely be interesting.
  13. The Jags' current roster is about to be blown up. Their entire salary cap was structured to win a Super Bowl this year....and it didn't happen. Their salaries for 2019 are over $200M; they'll have to dump some quality starters this offseason to get their cap under control.