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  1. Titans and Ravens have faced each other five times in the postseason: 2000, 2003, 2008, 2019, and 2020. Three of those games were in Tennessee....two were in Baltimore. As I recall, the home team was favored in every one of those matchups; the crazy part is that the favored home team ended up getting upset by the visiting underdog every single time. Home teams are currently 0-5 in that series. Edit: From 2000-2021, the Titan and Ravens faced each other 18 times in all; the visiting teams went 13-5 in those games. Crazy.
  2. Absolutely agree. For drafting a QB, I’d be targeting that sweet spot between #1 overall and #199.
  3. Probably just the usual sense of paranoid secrecy about releasing any info on any subject whatsoever.
  4. History has shown that teams happily put up with abrasive asshole BS as long as the abrasive assholes are producing and getting results. But if they’re not getting results …their abrasive nature makes the team’s decision much easier.
  5. I don’t hold Carter responsible for the OL mess….but in the past five years, I can’t think of a single example of a player who showed significant improvement or took his game to a new level under Carter’s tutelage. Davis is probably his biggest success story….a former third round pick who was already a talented player and just needed refining. (I thought Quinton Spain might qualify as a UDFA who developed into a serviceable starter….nope: Spain was already a starter when Carter was hired.) Developing one mid-round draft pick into a solid starter in five years isn’t exactly a stellar track record for any coach. I agree Carter often didn’t have much to work with….but he also did little or nothing to improve what was there.
  6. Hell, I’ll give them two first round picks for free. Wilson! Farley! Pack your bags, boys….you’re Packers now!
  7. Personally, I wouldn't draw any conclusions or read anything whatsoever into any of the decisions they made this year with regards to offensive personnel. We saw any number of ill-advised decisions that defied all manner of logic.....which resulted in predictably disastrous outcomes that spoke for themselves. I suspect that in a couple years, Vrabel will look back on many of the decisions made this year and think to himself, "Jesus, that was dumb. WTF were we thinking?"
  8. Trump is the type who jerks off in front a full-length mirror while reassuring himself that four inches is HUGE.
  9. nine

    Covid Revisited

    The OP article lays it out pretty clearly: when presented with a deadly new pathogen, the world’s foremost authorities on virology and virus evolution combined their efforts to learn more about it and investigate its origins. They all agreed that lab origin was a possibility….but as research progressed and more information was uncovered, they agreed lab origins looked less and less likely. They have yet to identify the exact origins of the virus…so no possibility can be ruled out. But if the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable experts are in agreement that it’s a very remote possibility ….I’ll trust their judgment. I’m certainly in no position to question their professional acumen or conclusions. And I sure as hell trust their opinions far more than politicians who have literally zero knowledge on the subject and who care only about spinning it for political gain and their own benefit.
  10. It’s obviously a huge advantage having the team’s premiere players on their rookie contracts. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, the Bengals situation also involved a lot of flat-out dumb luck. Much like the Colts in 1998 and 2012….the Bengals had the good fortune of being horrible and landing the #1 overall pick when one of the best QB prospects in recent memory entered the draft….and then being bad enough the next year to land the #1 rated WR. And perhaps even more fortunate: instead of taking a couple years to develop, both players hit the ground running and showed elite ability from day one. Every team with a top 10 pick thinks they’re getting an elite talent who will have an immediate impact as a rookie. The Bengals were one of those situations where it actually worked out….twice.
  11. I’m guessing tons of former politicians unknowingly have copies of classified documents in their possession. . When a politician leaves office, I very seriously doubt anyone pores through and inventories thousands upon thousands of documents one page at a time. Im sure it’s probably quite common for the occasional “classified” document to get missed or overlooked only to be discovered later and turned over to NARA. This sounds like exactly what happened with Biden and now with Pence. In both cases the documents were discovered and dutifully reported and turned over as required by law. What makes the Trump situation different is that he believed himself to be above the law: refusing to cooperate, dragging his feet, ignoring and misleading the NARA and doing everything in his power to keep the documents in his personal possession until compelled by court order to turn them over….and even then, it still took a search warrant and FBI raid to get all of them. And then crying about it because he thinks he was targeted.
  12. Any poll that doesn’t offer a “holy shit” option is very obviously rigged.
  13. Yep….the dark side of those “voidable years” deals. All that signing bonus money that was originally spread across 3-4 years suddenly becomes a huge immediate cap hit.
  14. Former Republican congressmen Bob Corker and Zach Wamp are from my area. I recall hearing one of them on talk radio several years ago, shortly after he left office. (I think it was Wamp , but it might have been Corker). As he explained it, the overwhelming majority of congressmen start their careers with the best of intentions: when they first arrive in Washington, they truly want to do the right thing and make a difference. They know the system is broken and they all want it fixed. But they soon discover the system is too screwed up for any one person or group of people to make any difference whatsoever. Every newcomer comes in with an agenda of issues they want to address….but the only way to make any progress is by garnering support from established power brokers and private interests….which means tons of compromise and quid pro quo. Those who refuse to adapt and work with the broken system end up getting shut out…and with no support for their legislation, they spend their entire term spinning their wheels and accomplishing nothing until they’re eventually voted out. It comes down to a choice: they can either play ball as a means of making progress on the issues that are most important to them….or they can stand on their principles and watch as their entire agenda dies on the vine with no support.
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