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  1. Hopefully JRob gets a tee shirt or maybe a free toaster? Maybe one of these.....after all, it's a major award!
  2. Not that surprising, really. Pats have obviously dominated the past two decades. The Marv Levy/Jim Kelly-era Bills were one of the great teams of the 90s and played in four Super Bowls. The Miami Dolphins had only two losing seasons from 1970-2003, which is incredible.
  3. I’ve not been a proponent of drafting IOL at 19. However, after the Saffold signing... I can envision a scenario where JR swings for the fences and goes all in on a truly dominant O-line for the next 4-5 years. Drafting an OG at 19 or 51 would likely do just that.
  4. Beddingfield's opinion effectively represents the thoughts and mindset of the previous regime....all of whom were fired after repeated failures to build a winning roster. With all due respect to BB's experience and opinions....the fact that he disagrees with JRob's moves suggests that maybe JRob is on the right track.
  5. With the moves he’s making, I think JRob truly feels the team is poised to be a contender this year. He’s made significant upgrades via FA, several first- and second-year players are likely to improve this year, and he’ll be adding first- and second-round picks who are also likely to be major contributors. The biggest question mark is the QB position. I suspect JRob believes in Marcus’ ability as a player and as a leader....but with Marcus finishing three of his four seasons on the sidelines, JRob simply can’t depend on him to be available at the end of the season and into the playoffs. Neither QB is an elite franchise-caliber candidate...but with two capable starting-caliber QBs on the roster, JRob has ensured that no matter what happens with Marcus, the team’s fate won’t rest on the likes of a Blaine Gabbert or Matt Cassel. JRob has done exactly what he’s supposed to do: he did everything in his power to maximize talent and depth at the game’s most important position. Whether it becomes a competition is completely up to Marcus.
  6. Taywan stepped up considerably from year one to year two; it’s not unrealistic to expect similar progress and further improvement in year three. But he certainly blew several big opportunities last year.
  7. It was already quite clear the Mariota’s future was cloudy; this was underscored by JRob’s comments after the season . Marcus is obviously the de facto starter for 2019...but his status beyond that is very much TBD and hinges on what happens this year.
  8. Probably not a navy seal...but possibly a walrus or manatee.
  9. I don’t know about the front lines...but that one guy will wreak havoc at a Ryan’s buffet.
  10. “Organized Obesity Militia”...LOL. Dibs on the band name!
  11. Clearly you need to vacation and go to the beach far more often. And eat way more lunches.
  12. Plus a guaranteed future first-ballot HOF QB who is currently starting in the AAF.
  13. Hill was one of those players who scouts graded as a first-round talent but fell to day three due to character concerns....and it seems like about 90% of those players end up having off-field issues before their rookie contract is up. Hill is a spectacular talent and a tremendous player. It’ll be a shame if he ends up throwing it all away.
  14. I think it’s an absolute home run deal for the Titans...an incredible can’t lose deal. Tannehill may not be elite, but he’s absolutely a starting-caliber QB. IMO he immediately becomes the league’s top backup. You can trust him to be steady and reasonably productive and not throw a game away with 3-4 INTs. I still love Marcus...but above all else, a QB has to put points on the board. And the fact is, Marcus hasn’t had a single 3TD game in the past two season...not since his hot streak in 2016. Tannehill has had multiple 3 TD games every year, including three last year. I have no idea what the future holds...but for 2019, this deal is a best-case scenario for the Titans...better than even the most optimisic homer could have dreamed of.
  15. Kinda surprising that Kline refused a pay cut. Based on his performance last year, he should have volunteered to pay back most of his salary.
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