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  1. I actually found video of the play I was thinking of. I was mistaken.....VY wasn't going down. A defender had gotten into his legs where he couldn't turn and step into the throw....so he flings an off-balance sidearm/hook shot toward the back of the endzone. Ben Hartsock was the TE whose name I couldn't remember.
  2. nine

    Virus in US

    I read through the whole thing...although I admittedly skimmed over some parts. First..this article is a hypothesis from one doctor...a clinical exercise physiologist, to be exact. I'd be interested to see whether it was subjected to peer review by any infectious disease doctors.....and if so, what was their response? I won't pretend to know anything about the author's acumen or intelligence....but a number of points in his hypothesis are diametrically opposed to what I was told by the infectious disease specialist who examined me when I had covid.
  3. nine

    Virus in US

    Really? I dunno, man.....I was thinking a plane suddenly dropping out of sky and killing you would be WAAAAY funnier.
  4. I seem to recall a Titans/Patriots game where VY made a similarly ill-advised throw, just flinging it up for grabs into the end zone as he was going down....it came down and hit one of the TEs (Craig Stevens? Bo Scaife?) right in the chest...and he dropped it.
  5. Derrick Morgan is actually a very good comparison. Of course, Morgan obviously wasn't a #1 overall pick and never received the over-the-type hype that goes hand-in-hand with that draft status. But if you look at both guys.....there are a lot of parallels in their production and career trajectories. Both guys were known for having a lot of pressures and near-misses but very few actual sacks....and both of their careers were marked with injury/durability concerns. Clowney is probably the slightly better overall player....but his reputation and hype far e
  6. Personally, I prefer the Robert Tilton videos....
  7. This story was in the headlines for weeks and generated quite a bit of controversy. Regardless whether there was any truth behind it, the amount of attention the story received warranted some sort of response from the President . Even if it was just a simple statement acknowledging that they were aware of the reports and that they were investigating ....at least that would have been something. But instead, Trump did *nothing*. He avoided the story entirely, offering no official response and barely even acknowledging the reports until weeks later. It was w
  8. Yep. This is what makes intermittent issues so frustrating; because the issue appears and disappears at random, it's almost impossible to identify what's causing the issue. There are literally dozens of potential points of failure that could be the problem...which makes isolating and identifying the actual cause extremely difficult I've even seen intermittent issues caused by something completely unrelated to the internet connection or cabling. For example, incorrectly wired electrical circuits or household appliances that induced transient spikes of back voltage....and
  9. Well, of COURSE the Dems are packing the Supreme Court! We need those judges in our pocket when we show up to take all the guns and implement the radical socialist agenda.
  10. There’s been plenty of debate as to how much of the blame is on the players for last year’s defensive struggles. But based on the fact that virtually every player at every position underperformed, I think it goes without saying that the defensive scheme and playcalling were shit.
  11. nine

    Virus in US

    Even those who are fully vaccinated should still assume the virus remains a threat. We *think* the vaccines are working, and all indications certainly point in that direction....but as many have said from day one: until we have more data, we should continue to err on the side of caution. Better to be too careful than not careful enough. With that said.....I actually see this report as a good sign. We've known from day one that vaccines aren't perfect or 100% effective; nobody ever suggested that they were. We've always known a few cases would slip through here and th
  12. LOL @ Cornyn challenging Clarke over the content of an op-ed article he clearly didn't read and knows absolutely nothing about. Jesus Christ, man! This is a freaking Senate confirmation hearing for the US Attorney General. Do a couple minutes of homework and come to work prepared. Do your damn job!
  13. After seven seasons as an NFL player, the signature moment of Clowney's entire football career is still a single play from his sophomore year in college. His most notable NFL accomplishment is his status as a former #1 overall pick...which has nothing to do with anything he's done on the field. Now he's headed to his fourth different team in the past four years. I don't have a problem with Clowney, but people have to accept him for who he is : he's a good player....but nowhere close to great. In seven NFL seasons, he's been an impact player from time to time....but at no
  14. The same issue happens with CATV boxes or modems that people put inside entertainment centers with the doors closed. It looks cleaner....but it also causes problems. Even low-wattage consumer electronics that don’t generate much heat still need some sort of ventilation and air circulation. Otherwise, it doesn’t take long before they overheat and start freezing up and acting flaky.
  15. In the past three months, the daily average for deaths and hospitalizations has decreased by 75-80%. In December & January, the average daily death rate was around 3300 COVID deaths per day; there were several days that exceeded 4000 deaths. Three months later, we're averaging roughly 700 deaths per day.
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