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  1. Here’s a crazy thought: Perhaps if Joe’s predecessor had done his actual job instead of playing golf, ignoring a pandemic and abandoning his duties over the final 6 months of his presidency, then maybe Biden wouldn’t have had so much catch-up work waiting for him on day one.
  2. Trump is like a random redneck idiot who lights a cigarette while standing at a gas pump. And then when it suddenly explodes and people die, he says "It's not my fault..... I didn't mean to start a fire." Apparently that logic is good enough for the GOP.
  3. At his best, Josh Allen can absolutely compete with Mahomes; both guys have ridiculously high ceilings. What separates them is the level of consistency. In sixteen games this year, Allen had five games with a passer rating below 80, and the Bills had four games where the offense failed to score 20 points. Mahomes has started 46 games in his career. In 46 games, Mahomes has had only four games with a <80 passer rating....and the Chiefs offense has failed to score 20 points only twice. Fortunately for Allen, he doesn’t have to outplay Mahomes 46 times. He ju
  4. nine

    Virus in US

    Agreed...but deploying a large mobile force would represent a dramatic departure from the norm with additional risk factors that would have to be dealt with. We’re already hearing stories about people getting in hot water for giving out unused doses at the end of the day rather than throwing them away. I’m skeptical as to whether the government agencies and/or medical community would get on board with a relatively novel idea that doesn’t align cleanly with their normal procedures and processes.
  5. I dunno, man. Reading through it, she makes a very convincing argument . The entire corporate capitol grounds have been laid out by secret societies in the shape of a pentagram that honors the god they follow, that of Baal sacrifices of children. Sad, but so very true. All that is hidden shall be revealed. What more proof could we possibly need? I’m sold.
  6. I’m guessing surely this gotta be our boy...but it appears he’s been under radio silence since Dec 1st.
  7. nine

    Virus in US

    Apparently someone has a lot of free time on his hands.
  8. Hell, look how quickly they turned on Pence. On a Tuesday, every Trumper loved him. The saw him as a man of great faith and a hero for their cause.....a true patriot. The very next day, those very same people labeled Pence a traitor and some wanted to literally hang him....simply because he insisted on obeying and upholding the US Constitution instead of blindly following Trump Dear Leader's bidding.
  9. It appears I underestimated the draw of Trump's final farewell event. My prediction was that a dozen people would show up....but looking at this photo taken as Air Force One taxied down the runway, it appears the event's actual attendance ran well into the several dozens. Maybe even a hundred!
  10. It truly is a cult. And as usually happens with cults....eventually it all starts to unravel. Now their believers are slowly coming to grips with reality and realizing that all of the core beliefs, all the promises, and all the dreams they were chasing....it was all lies. All of it. The sad part it, rather than accepting the truth and living in reality, most of them will simply find a new cult and a whole new set of lies to believe in.
  11. Nobody here is okay with this. Peacefully protesting and making your voice heard....fine. But extremism is extremism....violence is violence. The various alt-left and alt-right groups claim different agendas and ideology...but the moment they start attacking police and destroying buildings and property, they're all the same. At the end of the day, they're all a bunch of self-entitled fuck-ups trying to undermine the establishment and society as a whole.
  12. This is friggin' HILARIOUS!!!! https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/politics/at-ny-capitol-a-lone-trump-supporter-protests/2840361/
  13. I gotta say, it's quite refreshing to finally see the @POTUS account offering a calm, uplifting message of hope instead of blasting out unhinged diatribes of lies, bullying and finger-pointing.
  14. If she made plans to deliver it to someone in Russia, then I would think she’s guilty of conspiracy to commit treason, regardless of whether she actually went through with it.
  15. I doubt any of them will ever “wake up” and embrace reality. With the bloom quickly fading from Trump’s rose , they’ll simply find other mindless bullshit conspiracies to buy into and pretend the Trump stuff never happened.
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