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  1. $500K? Is that all? Sheeee-it….a pimp like @woolfolksunclesuncle got more than that in his tip jar on a slow Tuesday,
  2. Henry hasn’t done enough yet to warrant enshrinement, IMO ….but his production over his first 7 years is very much in line with many of the game’s all-time greats. And with his freakish combination of size, strength, speed, and durability, I could definitely see Henry having a good 3-5 more strong years left in him. As of today, Henry has rushed for 8500 yards and 79 TDs. He has a couple NFL rushing titles under his belt, as well as a 2000+ yard season and his signature world-famous 99-yard touchdown. If he can reach 12,000+ yards and/or 120+ TDs in his career…,.then he’ll almost certainly be recognized as the greatest RB of his generation and is probably a first-ballot HOFer,
  3. Is this the part where we're supposed to start screaming that he's being targeted and the DOJ is being weaponized?
  4. This is eerily reminiscent of the dinner table conversation my in-laws have with my wife at every family gathering.
  5. CNN fact-checkers provide a list of inaccuracies and presumably false statements Biden has made. https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/11/politics/fact-check-biden-ground-zero-next-day/index.html Apparently HH and conservatives in general are all upset and indignant about Biden embellishing and stretching the truth about innocuous tidbits that don't matter....like whether his visit to Ground Zero was one day or nine days after the attack. Who cares? But it's interesting.....I don't recall these folks being upset when Trump knowingly lied to America and made a very deliberate choice to withhold information and downplay the dangers of a deadly new virus that went on to kill 1.3 million Americans. People who refuse to demand accountability from both sides need to just shut the fuck up and stop pretending to give a flying fuck about the truth. Because they clearly don't.
  6. Garrett destroyed Dennis Kelly a few years ago.....but it didn't matter as the Titans won 43-13. And with Mariota under center, no less.
  7. For what it’s worth…the Steelers’ Minkah Fitpatrick missed only one game after an emergency appendectomy last year. Packers’ David Bahktiati had one and missed three games.
  8. And yet she still won the popular vote. As wooden and unlikeable as she is, more Americans still chose her over her opponent.
  9. It would definitely be very interesting and eye-opening to have a ref-cam similar to player helmet cams so fans could see the game from a referee’s POV.
  10. nine

    GOP thread

    The sad part is that this is her only redeeming attribute and the single most notable achievement of her congressional career.
  11. I would have lost a lot of confidence in Vrabel if the offense came out with the same ridiculously run-heavy 70/30 playcalling we’ve seen in recent years….but that didn’t happen. Everything we saw this offseason and on Sunday points to a more balanced and more diverse approach on offense…which suggests Vrabel realized something had to give. As long as he’s able to acknowledge that what he wants to do isn’t working and is willing to adapt, he’ll be one of the NFL’s better coaches. An awful lot of coaches never reach that point.
  12. For whatever reason, the pandemic made a whoooole bunch of people suddenly forget how to conduct themselves and control their temper in social situations. It’s been a major problem for airlines and also in the restaurant industry, and also in youth sports. My grandson’s school recently had a mandatory meeting for the parents of any kids who were in any of the school’s sports programs. My son said the meeting was basically the school principal laying down the law for the parents and establishing a zero-tolerance policy for parental behavior at sporting events: Any child whose parent steps out of line with referees, coaches, and/or other parents will be immediately disqualified and declared ineligible for participation in any sport.
  13. I got drunk at a game once upon a time.....and the following day I realized I hadn't really watched the game and didn't remember much at all about it. NFL games are fairly expensive entertainment. if I'm gonna get shitty drunk and not remember a game, I figure it's way cheaper to just stay home and get drunk on the couch.
  14. I didn’t make any picks. Perhaps it was @9 Nines or @Number9 ?
  15. You gotta figure ESPN was on the phone with the league office after the first quarter asking if halftime of week one is too early to start flex scheduling.
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