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  1. With all due respect to our common distaste for the AFC South rivals....I much preferred the days of the old AFC Central rivalries. Especially the Steelers and Ravens.....I miss hating them. Man, there was some serious bad blood for those matchups. The Titans/Jags rivalry was born during that era...which is probably why that rivalry feels more passionate and deep-rooted than the rivalries with the Colts or Texans.
  2. Fair enough. Something I posted a couple weeks ago in another thread: In 2018, (Mariota) had only two games with 33+ attempts....vs Eagles and Jets. His production in those games (64% completion rate, 313 yds/game, 4 TD, 2 INT, 95.2 rating...5.1% TD, 2.6% INT) wasn't spectacular, but it was solid and quite respectable. His next two highest pitch counts came against the Chargers (24/32, 75% compl, 237 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT) and Dallas (21/29, 240 yds, 2 TD, 0 INT)....also solid performances. Mariota's numbers for the four games where he threw the most: 95/139, 1103 yds, 7 TD, 3 INT. 68% comp, 34.8 att/game, 7.9 YPA, 275 yds/gm, 5.0% TD, 2.2% INT, 99.9 passer rating. It ain't Aaron Rodgers, but it's pretty good. Very solid. It's also worth noting taht these games are a dramatic improvement over 2017, when he had 9 games of 30+ attempts...and in those game he threw a combined 7 TDs and 9 INTs. (I won't bother running the other numbers....suffice to say, they were pretty bad.)
  3. We always hear terms like "throwing a receiver open", "threading the needle, or "throwing into coverage". After watching a bunch of film on various QBs, I've come to realize there's very little difference in these terms; in most cases it's the same play and the QB is making the same decision...the main thing that sets them apart is the quality of the throw. A great throw results in a great play; a poor throw results in disaster. If a receiver is covered and the QB puts the ball where the defender can't reach it, we say he "threw the receiver open". If he squeezes the ball between multiple defenders before they can get there, we say he "threaded the needle". But if we see the same exact plays with throws that arrive a beat late or slightly off target, we say he "made a bad read" or "threw into coverage". It's not necessarily about a bad read or bad decision; in many cases, the difference between a good/bad play is the throw itself. The video of Mariota's INTs from 2017....a lot of those were just flat-out bad throws. He had a small window to get the ball to the receiver and he simply missed it. We also saw a plays where the decision and throw weren't bad, but a defender showed remarkable recognition and/or athleticism and made a tremendous defensive play. There were a couple poorly designed plays where the routes were spaced so close together, a single defender was able to cover multiple routes/receivers. (However, on those plays Mariota should have recognized the bad route combo and not made the throw....so those were definitely bad reads and/or bad decisions. He took a bad play and made it worse.)
  4. Actually, last year was the exact opposite. In 2018, Mariota had seven games of >20 attempts. His combined numbers in those games: 165/236, 1925 yards, 11 TD, 5 INT, 101.0 passer rating He also had six games of 20 or fewer attempts. His numbers for those six games: 63/95, 603 yds, 0 TD, 3 INT, 70.6 passer rating
  5. It will be interesting to see how they handle the RB position beyond Henry. Lewis: excellent receiver with great versatility and flexibility...but he’s highly ineffective in the red zone and short-yardage/goal line situations. Doesn’t contribute on ST currently but has done it in the past. Fluellen: experienced veteran who knows the system, procides a solid presence on ST, and has value as a ballcarrier. McNichol has impressed so far. I don’t know if he can contribute on ST...but a #3 RB probably won’t get ten touches in a season and is likely inactive for most games. He had to offer something on ST to have any shot at a roster spot. Barnes is an afterthought, IMO. Probably not even a PS candidate.
  6. nine


    Entirely possible. And I completely get why a lot of folks are already done with Marcus and ready to move on. I also get why some refuse to allow credit when he does play well; after all, there are agendas to prop up and support. But I must admit...I find myself annoyed when naysayers go to great lengths trying to show that a good, solid play/performance was actually terrible and everyone else is just too dumb to see it. I’ll offer an opposing viewpoint and often provide proof to support my position....and if they still insist that the sky is green, that’s fine. Because I know that in most cases, someone far more knowledgeable than I will eventually say the same thing I was telling them in the first place.
  7. nine


    Excellent throws? Proper timing? Clearly Cosell could stand to learn a thing or two from this forum about what is/isn’t acceptable in terms of QB play.
  8. I felt Mariota played well last week. He’s had many good (and occasionally even great) games in his career; last week wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last. Regardless whether he plays well or poorly...it simply reinforces what we already know: he’s inconsistent. Good, bad, or in-between...he rarely sustains it for more than a couple weeks. He’s played quite well at times...but not often enough to earn an extension. He’s also played quite poorly....but not enough to convince JR and Vrabel to replace him. Last week’s game didn’t offer much new information...nor did the game before that nor will this week’s game. All we can say for certain is that he’s currently a long way from being a tier 1/tier 2 QB who plays at a high level on a regular basis.
  9. I’d be interested to see a network offer live digitized streams from every camera in the stadium where viewers could choose their own camera angle and jump back and forth between them at will. This obviously wouldn’t work for broadcast TV.....but as a streaming option I’m guessing it would be very doable.
  10. I’d love to see helmet cameras that record a 360° view… That would be a tremendous coaching/learning tool for young QBs.
  11. For the inline TE, I’d say a healthy Delanie Walker is a significant upgrade over last year or any move they could have made this offseason. It’s also worth noting that Jonnu Smith’s season ended on Henry’s 99-yard run...so he played less than two quarters during Henry’s 4-game stretch after coming on strong in the 3-4 games prior. Delanie is back, obviously. If Jonnu is healthy enough to play 15-20 snaps/game, then the top two TE spots should be upgraded dramatically as compared to the end of last year.
  12. Speaking of Lewis.... I recently watched a couple games' worth of coaches' film on Tom Brady. (Which I'll probably post about sometime in the next couple weeks). One of the things that really jumped out at me was the manner in which the Pats utilize their RBs in the passing game. We typically think about RBs catching passes at or behind the LOS; probably 80-90% of their targets come on screens and check-down throws. But with the Pats... probably 70-80% of their RB targets are thrown past the LOS. They're still the same concepts that everyone else runs....lots of short, safe throws. But think about it: which option has a better chance of producing positive results: a play where the RB catches the ball 2-3 yards behind the LOS....or 2-3 yards past the LOS? This also makes the LB's job tougher. Instead of sitting back in a zone and teeing off on the RB after he catches it, now they have to actually cover the guy and stay with him. (Which also helps open up passing lanes behind them). They also run several plays per game where the RB effectively becomes a slot WR...split out wide for a bubble/tunnel screen or coming across the middle and catching the ball 5-10 yards down the field after the WRs have cleared out the safeties. We know Lewis can do this stuff because he did it in New England. The Patriots are still doing it....but Lewis isn't. Last year, 80-90% of Lewis' receptions were at or behind the LOS; he was targeted downfield maybe a half-dozen times all season. In New England, James White had 4-5 downfield targets in week 17 alone. (One of which resulted in a TD). Lewis can be a valuable and versatile weapon in the passing game....it's up to Arthur Smith to utilize him.
  13. As the old guard QBs start walking away, I suspect Baker Mayfield will be right there alongside Mahomes atop the list of AFC QBs...and Deshaun Watson not far behind them. I’ve obviously been hopeful that Mariota would be there as well....but it’s looking highly unlikely.
  14. I wouldn’t read anything at all into playcalling in preseason....but I do think think we’ll see a lot more passing this year. IMO, they went a bit overboard with the whole “balanced” approach last year. It often felt like they ran the ball just for the sake of staying balanced, regardless of whether it actually was working.
  15. Mariota has been highly inconsistent and put up weak numbers for two consecutive seasons. Of course he’s going to be ranked in the lower tier; why would anyone think otherwise?
  16. Everyone agrees that Mariota has to be much better than he has been in the past two years. His play and production must improve significantly. The point of contention is whether he possesses the capacity to do so.
  17. Matthews has had issues with authority going all the way back to his time in Miami. As ridiculous as it sounds, he's a player who resents having coaches tell him what to do and he gets his feelings hurt when the coaches don't give him special kid gloves treatment. He should get an ice cream truck. He can call the shots himself and all the kids will love him and treat him like a rock star.
  18. nine


    Blaming Mariota for that sack is ridiculous. Watch the receivers....they’re still in their routes and not looking for the ball; they haven’t even started making their breaks yet. The play clearly isn’t meant to be a quick throw. The play is a three-step drop from shotgun, which is completely different from a 3-step drop under center. You’re acting as if they’re the exact same thing with all the same rules. They’re not. When Saffold falls, Mariota is sacked in less than half a second. You’re saying he should be able to recognize the breakdown, process it, and throw the ball away in under a half second? If that’s the case, then virtually every sack in NFL history should be blamed on the QB for not getting the ball out quickly enough.
  19. IMO, a 50/50 ball isn't so much about ball placement; it's basically a jump ball situation. The QB just puts it up there....the WR is expected to win the battle and go get it. Bigger, physical receivers like AJB and Davis can be expected to win those plays. Speed/finesse guys like Taylor and Sharpe...not so much.
  20. nine


    Regardless what anyone thinks of the ball placement or whatever....the fact is, this is a decision and throw we didn't see last year. Mariota targeted a covered receiver (not wide open) and delivered a very catchable ball to a small window where only his receiver could get it. I'm not interested in debating ball placement or whether a 20-yard throw was six inches from perfection. We already know Mariota isn't an elite passer; why beat a dead horse? For me, the big takeaway is Mariota's willingness to target a receiver who isn't necessarily wide open. Last year, his refusal to make such throws was a significant issue that greatly limited the offense and resulted in a ton of sacks; in this game, at least 3 of his 9 attempts targeted receivers who weren't wide open. He's giving guys an opportunity to make a play and move the chains. Preseason is obviously meaningless....but if Marcus carries this over into the regular season, his production will improve significantly and many of the sacks we saw last year will be eliminated.
  21. nine


    I dunno....looks pretty good to me. One could certainly argue that higher ball placement might have resulted in a completion, but I don't see this as a low throw. Both teams are paid to make plays. This was great coverage and a great defensive play by JoJuan Williams.
  22. nine


    Yep. Davis ran a great route, dropping his hips and driving hard to the sideline. Mariota made an excellent throw against tight coverage, hitting CD in stride right in the belly. JoJuan Williams just made a great play, sticking tightly to Davis and diving in and ripping his arm away as he secured the ball.
  23. Videos showing each of Mariota and Tannehill's passing attempts in PSG2: Mariota - https://youtu.be/VoP0Cs2nC0s Tannehill - https://youtu.be/X0YRWTUsVfM
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