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  1. Firkser did an excellent job of capitalizing on the opportunities he was given. The same goes for Pruitt. Hopefully this will eventually translate into a bigger role for one or both guys...but regardless what happens, there will always be a spot on the roster for a dependable #3 TE.
  2. The real crime here is all these damned foreign sex slaves stealing coveted massage parlor jobs from hard-working American meth heads and crack whores.
  3. With 9 fourth quarter comeback wins in 4 years, Marcus averages 2.3 comeback wins per season. This is literally the 11th highest rate of comeback wins in NFL history.....which certainly *sounds* impressive. I mean, only ten quarterbacks in the history of the game have averaged more comebacks wins per season.....so that's rarified air, right? Well...maybe not so much. Here's a list of quarterbacks with the highest rate of 4th quarter comeback wins: (spoiler alert: while there are certainly some big names on the list....the list as a whole is pretty underwhelming). Ultimately, I'd say comeback wins are one of those stats that spark interesting discussion....but they're basically meaningless in terms of assessing overall quality of play. Rank Player 4Q wins/season 1 Derek Carr 3.2 2 Baker Mayfield 3.0 3 Dak Prescott 2.7 4 Matthew Stafford 2.6 5 Andy Dalton 2.5 6 Deshaun Watson 2.5 7 Matt Ryan 2.5 8 Russell Wilson 2.4 9 Peyton Manning 2.4 10 Andrew Luck 2.3 11 Marcus Mariota 2.3 12 Ryan Tannehill 2.1 13 Ben Roethlisberger 2.1 14 Jake Plummer 2.0 15 John Skelton 2.0 16 Tim Couch 2.0 17 Tim Tebow 2.0 18 Dan Marino 1.9 19 John Elway 1.9 20 Jay Cutler 1.9 21 Jim Kelly 1.9 22 Drew Brees 1.9 23 Johnny Unitas 1.9 24 Cam Newton 1.9 25 Tony Romo 1.8 26 Tom Brady 1.8 27 Eli Manning 1.8 28 Philip Rivers 1.7 29 Drew Bledsoe 1.7 30 Aaron Brooks 1.7
  4. I don't know about judging a QB by Q4 comebacks...but many of Marcus' brightest moments came in these situations. For whatever this is worth...according to Stats.com: in 2018, Mariota had a 104.2 fourth-quarter passer rating and a 100.3 rating in the second half, ranking #9 and #11 in those categories. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/leaders.asp?year=&range=NFL&type=Passing&rank=110 http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/leaders.asp?year=&range=NFL&type=Passing&rank=109
  5. Would have been funnier if it was AAS doing the soliciting. It would have been even funnier if Kraft was soliciting teenage boys. The best possible scenario would have been video evidence of Kraft hooking up with Georgia Frontiere post-mortem.
  6. So I just learned the AAF's inaugural season starts tonight. I knew the new league was coming but haven't followed it at all; I didn't realize it's already here. The ten-week season starts tonight and ends in April. https://aaf.com/schedule Some notable rule changes No kickoffs. Offenses start at the 25-yard line. No PAT kicks. Teams must run or pass for a PAT. No onside kicks. After a TD, the trailing team has the option of attempting to convert 4th & 12 from their own 28. Replays will be decided by the booth, not the on-field officials. Defenses can only rush five defenders and can only rush down linemen and linebackers. No safety or corner blitzes. I'm not expecting a great product, but I find it intriguing....and I like the idea of having most players assigned regionally based on college or previous NFL experience. It seems like they're trying to fill the gap left behind by the demise of NFL Europe....a better and more lucrative development league for players who have talent but weren't quite NFL-ready. I wish them luck.
  7. In fairness to Marcus, his ratio of RZ touchdowns to longer touchdowns is no different from most other QBs. RZ plays account for 65-70% of virtually every quarterback's touchdowns. Marcus was just slightly above the league average last year, with 72% of his touchdowns coming in the red zone....but he was well below Andrew Luck and Carson Wentz; 85% of their touchdowns were less than 20 yards. What sets Marcus apart (and not in a good way) is the sheer lack of touchdown passes, period. In the past two seasons, only 3% of Marcus' attempts have resulted in touchdowns...well below the league average of roughly 5%. A gap of 2% may not seem significant...but over a full 400-attempt season, 2% is the difference between a meager 12 TDs vs. a respectable 20 TDs. The league's elite passers are typically around 6-7% touchdowns; 8% is truly rarified air. The Titans have to find a way to get Marcus back up to that 5-6% range...and hopefully 7%. And if he can't do it, they need to find someone who can.
  8. It's not a 100% necessity....but that's the reality. Due to roster limitations, depth players need to contribute on special teams; otherwise, they probably won't get on the field at all. (Fluellen played only 6 snaps on offense last year, but played 86 snaps on ST....which is typical of a #3 at any position.) Teams can only activate 46 players on gamedays. K, P, and LS take up three spots, which leaves 43 players for offense, defense, and ST. With 22 offensive & defensive starters, that's not even enough to have a backup for every starter. Going three-deep at any position means they have to cut back somewhere else....and if that third guy can't contribute on ST, then he's gonna have to give the coaches a real good reason to keep him active. And if he's so good that he doesn't need to play ST...then he likely becomes your #1-2 and one of the other guys gets bumped.
  9. Based on JRob’s track record and the team’s current needs, I find it unlikely that JRob goes defense at #19.
  10. Lest we forget....back in 2002, Willis McGahee tore his ACL and still went in the first round, even though everyone knew he wouldn't play that year. Simmons has been touted as a possible top 5-10 pick. The video obviously impacts his draft stock, and the ACL is obviously a major consideration as well. But when drafting in round one, teams are looking at the long term.....probably an 8-10 year outlook. With a player of Simmons' talent, I'm sure several teams would happily take him in round 1 and give him a year to heal up, knowing that they'll have him for several more years after that. I won't be surprised if Simmons is available at #19....but if JRob truly wants him, then he'll have to pull the trigger. Because Simmons won't be there in round 2.
  11. IMO, the single most glaring and critical area of Marcus' dropoff has been red zone passing. 2015: 45 att, 64% completion rate, 16 TD 2016: 59 att, 61% comp, 19 TD 2017: 49 att, 48% comp, 6 TD 2018: 51 att, 54% comp, 8 TD, 1 INT Over his first four seasons, he averaged roughly 50 RZ passes each year. He had a total of 35 RZ touchdowns in years 1 & 2...but only 14 RZ touchdowns over the past two years. In 2016, the Titans' red zone offense was simply ridiculous. Reaching the 20-yard line was a guaranteed touchdown...and opposing defenses knew it; the only question was how many plays until it happened. The offense as a whole wasn't spectacular that year....but in the red zone they were absolutely dominant. And Marcus was obviously a huge part of that success. Defenses obviously caught onto to what they were doing and identified some of Marcus' tendencies....and two years later, he's still struggling to overcome it. I won't pretend to know the answers...but if there's one area where Marcus needs to step it up, it's the red zone.
  12. I don't know where "3 drops" comes from; perhaps those were plays where Taylor was wide open and just flat-out dropped it? Off the top of my head, I can recall at least four instances where Taylor failed to catch on-target throws that hit him in the hands/chest/face. Two of these were plays where he was wide open and simply dropped the ball. The other two plays were contested opportunities that could have/should have been flagged for DPI and would have been difficult plays to make....but we're talking about the NFL. Receivers can't just make the easy, routine catches. Just as quarterbacks are expected to make tough throws every now and then....receivers are expected to make the tough catch every once in a while. Especially when the ball hits them in the chest/face.
  13. I wonder how many of these national emergencies were declared for pet projects that met with significant bipartisan opposition in Congress and very little support?
  14. It’s not about expecting backup QB to carry the offense and win games; you just need a functional QB who can run the offense and avoid making the critical mistakes that lose games. In 2017, Cassell no longer qualified as “functional”. His arm had deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t throw it 5-10 yards with any manner of consistency. In 2018, Gabbert was functional and even good when asked to make only 15-20 throws...but that was his ceiling. When asked to do more, the results were disastrous. In the season finale and the season on the line, the Titans trailed 24-17 in Q4 and were driving for a potential game-tying touchdown until Gabbert’s horrible INT ended the team’s hopes. It’s not about asking a backup to carry the team and put up dominant performances. They just need an “okay” QB...someone who will function within the offense, make a play here and there, and avoid critical mistakes so the defense and running game have a chance to win it. “Okay” works fine for a backup QB. “Sucks” doesn’t.
  15. This is perhaps the most valuable and important life lesson/advice my dad ever gave me: "One of the biggest problems people have is that they simply don't know how to live within their means. It doesn't even matter how much money they make; it can be ten bucks an hour or a million dollars a year.....most people will find a way to spend more than they're bringing in. "I've worked with people who had seven-figure incomes and multi-million-dollar homes.....and they're literally living paycheck-to-paycheck with zero money in the bank and zero life savings. Because throughout their lives, every time they got a big raise or a big bonus to make more money, they found new and bigger ways to spend it....and it was always just a little more than they brought in. The houses are bigger and the cars are nicer....but they still struggle to make ends meet every week. If they lost their job tomorrow, they'd be flat broke in a month." "Don't be one of them. Just be realistic about how much you make and how much you can afford to spend...and stick to it."
  16. Barring injury, i find it unlikely that anyone would unseat Mariota this year. But if his level of play doesn’t improve, a backup role might very well be the best offer he sees in 2020.
  17. It's probably been more out of necessity than by choice.....but the Titans organization has always understood the importance of a quality backup QB, and they've always been willing to spend money to bring in the best backup QBs available. That being said....backup QB is an area where JRob deserves criticism. In 2017, he chose to keep Matt Cassell whose arm was completely shot....and then last year, JRob brought in Gabbert despite having better candidates available. (IMO, of course). I've heard it said before that the most teams can realistically hope for in a backup QB is guy who will go .500 and win as many games as he loses. An 8-win type player....maybe 9 wins if you're lucky. If a QB shows he can win 10 games, he's no longer a backup candidate; another team will sign him to be their starter. Guys like Cassell and Gabbert were more like 5-6 win QBs; they weren't even particularly good backups. I'd like to see JRob step it up a bit this year and bring in someone better.
  18. Gabbert has experience and a strong arm and he looks the part...but that’s about all that can said for him. He can come in as a reliever, make 10-15 throws and finish out a game if needed...but having him start a game and throw it 20+ times is a recipe for disaster. With Mariota’s history, the Titans need a backup who can start 2-4 games per year....and Gabbert ain’t the guy. Taylor would be a much better option, IMO.
  19. Kaepernick has been out of football for going on three years now...and in that time, he's made more money than any backup QB in the NFL. If he plays his cards right, he can milk this for a good 5-10 years with fans complaining and clamoring for him to be signed. He’s making millions to do nothing so people can hold him up as a martyr. Playing football would put a quick end to that gravy train and he knows it. A second- or third-rate QB has a very limited shelf life. But the Joan of Arc role...he can milk that forever.
  20. This reminds me of this one time...I had just finished having butt sex with some random homeless guy behind a dumpster....and as he’s pulling his pants up, he turns around and tries to kiss me on the mouth! Freaking homo!
  21. I don't think it's so much a matter of people being sensitive about Mariota; the vast majority of people agree that he struggled and has to play better. There will always be a very small-but-vocal minority that insists Marcus is fine and everyone else is the problem. You can choose to engage them if you like, but their opinion will never be swayed...so what's the point? But the opposite is equally true: constantly deflecting blame to Marcus for other players' poor performance is just as annoying and inaccurate as never blaming Marcus. Marcus struggled...he *has* to improve in a number of critical areas. There's nothing more that can be said about him that hasn't already been discussed ad nauseum over the past two years. But the same can be said for the receiving corps and O-line. Blame Marcus all you want....NOBODY can honestly say those groups played well last year or did anything to elevate their game and help their struggling QB. Their consistently subpar and uneven performance only exacerbated and amplified Marcus' struggles. Rather than helping to improve the offense, they only made matters worse.
  22. Elway panicked and scrambled to make a deal when he found out Tebow was sticking with baseball.
  23. The idea of Rosen being traded is even more unlikely that the possibility of keeping Rosen and drafting Murray and letting them compete for the starting position. Both are extremely unlikely options that aren't even worth discussing. But if we're talking crazy....then at least doubling down would increase their chances of finding their QBOF.
  24. Crap. I was hoping Flacco would end up in Jacksonville.
  25. The Cards GM just drafted Rosen #10 overall last year. Dumping a top-ten pick after just one season would be admitting that Rosen was a huge mistake. Even if it was true, I think Cardinals GM Keim has too much of an ego to admit it.
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