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  1. nine

    Virus in US

    It’s fun to go back and read through the first several pages of this thread, when the US had seen only a handful of confirmed cases.
  2. It's pretty rare for good players to take a step back in year two. AJ will obviously get a lot more attention from opposing defenses, and I doubt he'll have the number of big plays he had last year....but I find it unlikely that his overall production will decrease.
  3. nine

    Virus in US

    Yeah, I'd say the declining numbers will soon be a thing of the past. Not because businesses are opening back up, but because people are too stupid to act responsibly and observe simple guidelines.
  4. nine

    Virus in US

    Pneumonia, flu, and other illnesses and causes of death of always been around. Mortality rates were more or less consistent and the medical community always managed to keep it under control. COVID was just added the equation a few months ago...and within a matter of weeks, the medical community was overwhelmed. The numbers escalated so quickly, sick people were instructed not to seek treatment or visit a hospital unless their symptoms became life-threatening.... bodies were being stacked in refrigerated trucks because morgues were overflowing. I'm not just talking about NYC...or America, even; this was all over the world within weeks of the new pathogen being identified. One can certainly argue that lockdowns and social distancing guidelines are overkill. But acting as if COVID is just another strain of flu and downplaying its impact is like denying that the sky is blue. The reality of the situation is obvious.
  5. nine

    More Corruption

    Anyone else notice that those OAN videos always seem to have a Russian narrator? Freaking hilarious.
  6. With no rookie camps or OTAs to help them get acclimated, I find it unlikely that this year's rookie class will have the same level of impact we've seen from past draft classes in their first year.
  7. nine

    Virus in US

    A family friend called yesterday to tell us her brother was found dead in his home. He was in his early 50s....she told us he'd been self-quarantining for several days after being exposed to COVID, but she didn't know if he had become symptomatic...and that even if he had, he wouldn't have gone to a hospital because he didn't have insurance. (Which didn't surprise me. He was the type who would refuse to pay for insurance because he believed it was a racket and who would refuse medical care because he didn't trust doctors. He was a very different cat.) Since he had been exposed and was quarantining...at the very least, you'd think a test would be administered postmortem, right? Nope. Since the cause of death wasn't readily apparent, the county ME ruled it a heart attack and closed the book on it. He refused to test the body for COVID, or to do an autopsy or toxicology report to see if there were other factors. Of course, no amount of testing or tox screening can bring him back....but the ME's refusal means his family will never know what killed him. It makes you wonder how many areas have adopted a head-in-the-sand approach to testing. No test = no COVID.
  8. I recall hearing somewhere that Cam Newton won't accept a backup role. He has reportedly said he'd rather sit out the season than sign on as a backup.
  9. The author should have mentioned AJB's ten plays of 40+ yards......the highest number by any NFL rookie regardless of position since Randy Moss in 1998.
  10. nine

    Virus in US

    This is so incredibly stupid and short-sighted....I don't even know where to start. Never mind the fact that COVID-19 has had a profound impact on every nation in the civilized world. Are we supposed to believe that this is all about American voters, and that the entire world is in on the conspiracy and willingly sacrificing thousands of their own citizens' lives just to make Trump look bad for the upcoming election? The sad part is, I'll bet this exactly what Trump believes: that the whole thing is all a huge, elaborate hoax.....a worldwide conspiracy orchestrated for the sole purpose of making him look bad and tarnishing his image before the election. This whole thing is all about him. But it's not a bad move by his camp to promote the pandemic as a domestic issue for America while downplaying or ignoring the world view. If people start looking outside the US, they'll see other parts of the world where the numbers have been declining for weeks whereas the US has only recently started seeing signs of improvement. Then people will start asking how it is that America's response was so far behind all these other countries.....and the administration will have to have answers. Or maybe not. Maybe they can just ignore the questions, insult and belittle the people who are looking for answers, and cast blame elsewhere. This seems to be a very popular response these days.
  11. Well, yeah.....of course the AFCG is a much bigger deal than winning the division. I'm as optimistic as anyone about the team's current situation, and they absolutely appear to be one of the better-run organizations in the league in recent years. But the fact is, the Titans haven't won a division title since 2008. You can't spend a decade being a second-class citizen in your own division and expect to be recognized as a top 5-10 team in the league.
  12. It's probably safe to say we've all enjoyed the JRob era far more than we enjoyed the Ruston Webster or Mike Reinfeldt years. But here's the thing: go win a division title. Then we'll talk.
  13. Unlike the Arbery murder, there’s nothing to indicate that the Delaware murders were racially motivated. It’s quite likely that it was either a robbery attempt gone horribly wrong...or simply a misguided attempt at a cuckolding/GILF/snuff crossover film.
  14. I’m fine with less-than-stellar production if the content is strong.
  15. nine

    Virus in US

    Hospitals aren't designed or staffed to operate strictly as infectious disease control centers; they're built for all aspects of medical care. There are also hundreds or thousands of hospitals that are focused on specific fields or disciplines that have little or no connection to infectious disease. Since the pandemic started, people have been afraid to enter hospitals for fear of becoming infected. Also, all non-essential medical treatments and procedures have been suspended for weeks. With most treatments cancelled and people staying away in droves, many departments...hell, even entire hospitals are seeing little or no demand for their services. Even in hospitals that treat infectious disease....the rest of their departments are taking a beating, which has led to a dramatic decrease in their overall revenue. How do they deal with this? By furloughing or laying off employees in departments that have little or no demand for their services.
  16. Sounds to me like this was a cuckolding arrangement that turned violent when the bull failed to perform up to expectations.
  17. Alabama Slammas New York Groove Delaware Troglodytes
  18. I suspect a dialogue about black-on-white porn would be far more interesting and rewarding. Especially if they were 85- and 86-years old.
  19. nine

    Virus in US

    Nobody wants to see older people die. But from what I'm seeing from people out in public.....if letting Grandpa live means wearing a mask for a few weeks..... "Sorry, Gramps....you gots ta GO!"
  20. If this is for fantasy....hell, that's easy. Just choose the guy who looks better with his shirt off. For fantasy stuff, you'll never go wrong with a muscular athletic build and a tight round tushy.
  21. nine

    Virus in US

    That's all fine and dandy....but the bottom line is, people have to accept personal responsibility for preventing transmission of the virus. This virus didn't spread because it's some magical mega-super-resistant pathogen. It spread because our normal everyday human interactions and way of life provided it with an optimal breeding ground for transmission across the entire globe. The continued spread of this virus will be directly proportionate to our willingness to modify and adjust our own behavior until a vaccine can be created. It's all about everyone taking personal responsibility for protecting themselves and the people around them. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population would rather watch older people die and allow the economy flounder before accepting minor inconveniences like handwashing and masks.
  22. nine

    Virus in US

    Yeah, you'd think so....right? Last Saturday night, a friend of ours stopped by a popular local restaurant for dinner. When he walked in, he noticed the staff and employees were wearing masks and gloves....but other than that, everything was exactly the same as before. Every table and bar was crammed full.... probably 200+ customers in the place, zero social distancing, and hardly any customers were wearing masks or any PPE. He turned around and walked out the door. Idiots. Another friend of ours manages a restaurant that was scheduled to re-open this week. They were removing half of their tables to ensure proper distancing and were planning to limit the number of customers allowed in at any one time. They were also encouraging customers to make reservations rather than just showing up, to ensure that a table would be available without exceeding the head count. We haven't talked to her since they opened....I'm interested to see how it's going.
  23. nine

    Virus in US

    There's no question that many thousands of deaths are directly attributable to bad decisions by state and federal governments.....and the decision to send sick-but-stable elderly patients back to their nursing homes was perhaps the deadliest mistake of all. Had they known more about what they were dealing with, people would have made better decisions and handled things very differently....but they didn't know. Nobody knew. Decisions were made and actions were taken based on the earliest, most preliminary projections....projections that later proved to be wildly off-target. But by the time those bad decisions were corrected, the situation was already out of hand.....people were already dying by the thousands every day. As far as loosening restrictions.....everyone agrees the economy is in dire straits. Businesses need to re-open.....people need to get back to work. The question is whether this can be done safely without putting lives at risk.....and the answer varies from one area to the next. In big cities and population centers, the threat is significant and omnipresent; for less populated areas, the risk is relatively minimal. But even rural areas have seen outbreaks in factories, processing plants, and retirement homes; any time dozens or hundreds of people interact in a specific or confined area, the risk increases exponentially. Of course people need to get back to work....it's essential to our way of life. But there are also risks involved....and downplaying or dismissing these risks instills a false sense of security, as if things are back to normal. This approach isn't just disingenuous....it's downright dangerous. We're already seeing it: as businesses are slowly spinning back up, people are getting back to their regular places and their old habits, ignoring social distancing guidelines and PPE recommendations.....which is exactly how this virus spun out of control in the first place. We've been hearing for weeks that we could be looking at a second and perhaps deadlier wave of pandemic later this year. This prediction is due in part to possible mutations in the pathogen.....but it's mostly because people refuse to accept very minor inconveniences like washing their freaking hands or wearing a mask in public for a few weeks. As American citizens, we are afforded the freedom to live our lives and make our own decisions. But with that freedom comes responsibility: we must take care of ourselves and our families....and now we also have a responsibility to the people around us. EVERYONE has to do their part. Unfortunately, most people are just too fucking stupid and lazy to do it.
  24. nine

    Virus in US

    Perhaps the president should consider delaying death certificates until he can have his signature added to them?
  25. nine

    Virus in US

    Perhaps they could ease some of the administration’s embarrassment by establishing a new category : “Death due to complications of COVID19 infection -- definitely NOT President Trump’s Fault.”

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