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Found 5 results

  1. Official: Joe Biden Beto O'Rourke Julian Castro Tulsi Gabbard John Delaney Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren Pete Buttigieg Corey Booker Jay Inslee Bernie Sanders Amy Klobuchar Andrew Yang John Hickenlooper Kristen Gillibrand Tim Ryan Rep Seth Moulton Have all but officially announced/formed exploratory committees/hired campaign staff: Eric Swalwell Steve Bullock ´╗┐ Other Possible Candidates: Andrew Gillum Stacey Abrams Michael Bennett Unlikely or Declined: Terry mcauliff Sherrod Brown Hillary Clinton Michael Bloomberg Eric Holder Mitch Landrieu John Kerry Tom Steyer Jeff Merkley Tim Kaine Michelle Obama Chris Murphy Michael Avenatti´╗┐ Deval Patrick Andrew Cuomo Martin O'Malley Oprah Winfrey Eric Garcetti Richard Ojeda
  2. I like having one global for all the candidates, and then one for certain individuals but y'all feel free to merge if you think we should. Positives: experienced, knowledgeable, tied to Obama, can talk to the middle class, can trade blows with Trump, seems like a positive guy, passes the "would you want to drink a beer with him" test Negatives: old (will be 78! at the time of innaguration) experienced, tied to Obama, will trade blows with Trump, a gaffe machine, has seemed inappropriately handsy at times Thoughts?
  3. There have been very few times I have listened to a politician and instantly felt that they fired on all cylinders for what I want in a President. Buttigieg did that for me during that town hall. I have already been intrigued by him, and knew he was a smart guy. But man, question after question, he just spit substance and practical solutions. One after another. He never lost his cool or got bombastic or grandstanded or seemed uncomfortable. I learned that he used to be a consultant for company managers, and now it makes sense. He is comfortable in his own skin and is comfortable talking to anyone. Of those that have announced, he is in my top tier. He may be my personal favorite so far. Ok, so before I get over my skis, tell me the bad stuff I need to know.
  4. https://politicalwire.com/2019/03/11/new-audio-of-offensive-remarks-by-tucker-carlson/
  5. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/03/local-news-imitation-sites-deal-in-gop-political-messaging/ A variety of Republican Party messaging websites have been popping up, styled after local news sites. These sites claim to be "unbiased," but they are actually funded by Republican donors, candidates, and organizations. Politico has been chronicling the appearance of these sites, and an investigation from Snopes published last weekreveals GOP funding sources for three similar sites: The Tennessee Star, The Ohio Star, and The Minnesota Sun. The trend started gaining steam in 2017. In Maine, a website called the Maine Examiner was revealed to be owned by a top Maine Republican Party official after the site had reportedly influenced a contentious mayoral election. Democrats lodged an ethics complaint, but the party official, Jason Savage, said his work on the website was not related to his work for the party. The Maine Ethics Committee declined to investigate the Democratic Party's complaint, but recent news of leaked emails that were passed to Savage and the Maine Examiner during the election could reopen the possibility of an investigation. The tactic marks an aggressive shift in how politically motivated information is distributed. Poynter notes that Americans across the political spectrum trust local news media more than any other kind of media, whereas Americans trust online-only news sites the least. Making an online-only media site look like an extension of a truly well-established local newspaper or TV station is a way to capitalize (or prey) on some of that trust.
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