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  1. Man...that Gordon Ramsey is tough to watch. If I were on his show and he started that abusive shit, I would definitely punch him in the face....repeatedly
  2. Vegas has us at 8 to 8.5 wins....I think we win 10 or 11 and make a run in the playoffs. (but I admit to be being a homer) Keys are OLine on right side & DLine up the middle. I'm an old guy that still thinks games are won and lost in the trenches.
  3. agree completely....still don't like that font I'm good with the rest. Like the dark blue helmets.
  4. I heard a quote today that hits home..... "what kind of president spends over an hour talking to Putin about Mueller, but refuses to talk to Mueller about Putin." .....yep...that's our scumbag in chief
  5. I like the signing. I just remember that Dolphins game a few years back. Wake destroyed us. Poutasi was having trouble even getting a hand on Wake.
  6. love the signing, but we still gotta fix interior OL.
  7. https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/game-of-thrones-season-8-trailer-breakdown-shot-by-shot-every-fresh-detail/
  8. Foles to the Jags https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/03/report-jaguars-expected-to-sign-nick-foles/
  9. My main take-away from the hearings today: Jordan & Meadows are the largest douche nozzles ever....truly cringe-worthy behavior
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