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  1. Eagles signing a backup QB they once tried trading Fletcher Cox (and more) for 8 years ago https://sports.yahoo.com/eagles-signing-backup-quarterback-once-104525938.html back in the 2015 draft... So the Eagles, picking at No. 20, tried desperately to trade with the Tennessee Titans, picking at No. 2, in order to draft Mariota. They couldn't pull it off the deal. There were reports that Kelly offered the Titans the Eagles' 2015 first- and second-round picks, their 2016 first-round pick, any quarterback on their roster and any defensive player on their roster. It was believed that defensive player was Fletcher Cox
  2. it's because they were "woke"...
  3. just another gathering of concerned citizens at a peaceful protest...
  4. here we go...still amazing how many will believe the alternate reality theory.
  5. looks like he's been partying with jr
  6. nothing but the best & brightest of the GOP...
  7. I'll bet he had to spend big money to only get 6 months. He certainly deserves far worse.
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