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  1. Hope he pulls through....prayers for John, family, & friends
  2. really hated to see this one.... https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/john-prine-covid-19-symptoms-974909/ John Prine Hospitalized With COVID-19 Symptoms: ‘His Situation Is Critical’
  3. I was surprised when they shit-canned Trish Regan....guess they had to sacrifice somebody to complete the "oh fuck, we were really wrong on this one" flip-flop.
  4. pretty much....although I'm still thankful for the $1200
  5. It's not so much about the amount of golf the scumbag plays, it's more about the enormous cost to the taxpayer. He should play in DC. If he must go the FL to play, he should do so out of his own pocket. This was a basic cost breakdown from Oct. 2019 Trump Golf Count Cost Breakdown: AF1 flights to Mar-a-Lago: $47,288,000 AF1 flights to Bedminster: $18,375,500 Costs to Bedminster, Palm Beach: $17,437,192 Cost to guard coast off Mar-a-Lago: $21,476,000 Luxury car rental in Turnberry, Scotland: $1,260,139 Cost of stay at Trump Turnberry, Scotland: $68,800 Total cost of staying in Doonbeg, Ireland: $3,600,000 Total Cost: $109,505,631
  6. Couldn't find the scores, but this article was pretty funny.... https://www.post-gazette.com/ae/books/2020/03/22/Book-review-Rick-Reilly-Commander-in-Cheat-How-Golf-Explains-Trump/stories/202003170008 "Everything about Mr. Trump the golfer is a lie, from his handicap and the number of club championships he has won to the scores he posts (known as the “Trump Bump”) and the national ranking of the many golf courses he owns. Even his etiquette is bad. Mr. Trump routinely drives his golf cart (he never walks) right on the green, a golfing no-no. He cheats so blatantly on the golf course that his playing partners (usually celebrities or sports personalities) and trusty caddy, A.J., even the Secret Service agents, don’t bother to look away. "
  7. https://trumpgolfcount.com/displayoutings here you go
  8. https://kirschnerskorner.com/2020/03/24/the-final-hoax/ Good article.... "Sadly, even during a crisis, he’s a racist first, an empath never, and a sociopath always."

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