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  1. Hillary's deplorable comment might have been an idiotic thing to say in a campaign, but I wonder if history latches onto it down the road when examining the rise of white supremist groups and the like. A part of me would add the Q folks, but really, that's a whole different deal. Often with desperate or otherwise not all together folks who actually mean well but lack the proper cognition to have a firm hold on reality such that they are forced to grasp straws ever so tightly.
  2. I just can't watch these anymore without thinking of...
  3. He's way quicker in and out of his breaks than you'd think. Very much a Move the Chains guy.
  4. I wish instead of an Unsportmanslike Conduct they'd call it a Polish Ryan. I bet you get a 3% viewing bump just waiting for that call.
  5. http://smartfootball.com/defense/buddy-ryans-polish-goalline-tactic#sthash.TZPXYLyn.dpbs @IsntLifeFunny I love the last line: Was Ryan sheepish about employing such a questionable tactic? Hardly. When Al Meltzer asked during the taping of Ryan’s weekly television show about the propriety of having 14 men on the field, the coach did note a flaw in the strategy. “There should have been 15,” he snapped.
  6. I think for Ryan it was indeed that the clock would run after the penalty, taking away time for the offense to score.
  7. Really just the theme of willingly sticking an extra player on the field for advantage.
  8. I'll look it up in a few. Basically when in an near to goal situation on D, Ryan would send out 3 extra players (usually LBs) so that A) ya hope you can stop 11 with 14 and if so no TD no matter penalty or not, or B) the way the clock worked then IIRC more time would run off the clock so the other team's O would have less time to score. @OILERMANor many of the solid Oiler fans from back then might shed more light on it too
  9. Isn't this really just a mild variation on Buddy Ryan's Polish goal line defense? I want to think of it as such since it's a Tip of the Hat to the old Oilers days. tagging @OILERMAN if he can explain this better to @IsntLifeFunny Classic Ryan
  10. Thought this was interesting https://www.psypost.org/2020/10/trump-exhibiting-compromised-performance-from-sleep-deprivation-new-research-suggests-58303/amp
  11. Let's say this were to occur. Get ready for the joy of hearing about why he was forced into doing it because of the witch hunt/hoax/Deep State that were all conspiring unfairly against him.
  12. chef

    Virus in US

    Fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk has died at 33 years old after testing positive for coronavirus, having previously doubted the existence of the virus. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/dmitriy-stuzhuk-death-coronavirus-fitness-influencer-ukraine-sofia-b1130533.html "I was one who thought that Covid does not exist… until I got sick,” he said in his Instagram post.
  13. I hear Moscow is lovely between November 3rd and January 20th.

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