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  1. Actually probably more accurate if you find dots on random sports website, then cut and paste them as if they were your own draft analysis dots.
  2. Murder rate per 100,000 people: Jackson MS 97.2 (2021 = highest in country by most metrics) Chicago IL 28.6 (2020, went up higher in 2021, dropped 20%+ in 2022, for many years sat 15-18) And actually, there is stuff worth doing in Chicago, pretty great town. Like most big cities, impoverished gang filled areas is where overwhelming majority of crime happens. (FWIW gang related deaths still a small-ish % of overall US murder rate too many but under 15% IIRC). I think Chicago was ~ 114 for bottom 10% and 4 for top 10%. Yeah it's a mess but it's mainly a right wing media chew toy. For comps Nashville in 2021 which was pretty high year overall in US was ~12-15. Memphis 49, Seattle 5, Atlanta 32, Detroit 48, Boston 5, Minneapolis 22, just to show a range. The only STATES to break a +15 statewide average were Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico. Not rocket science. In general lower socio-economic status (#1 by far) and lack of educational achievement (which highly correlates to SES) tend to be high markers for homicide rates. Gun ownership % is a mixed bag - does not correlate well on a statewide level vs homicide rates. Bottom line Jackon VERY much near top of that list if you are concerned about gun violence.
  3. chef

    A Sad Day

    Atlantic has some solid work
  4. I haven't followed VU football or basketball for that matter so closely the past few years. Stack actually seems like he can coach but has a lack of overall talent going forward. Lea just in over his head. Another one of these vision mantra-spewing, all about family and God types that can't get his team to execute consistently on even basic plays. Lost the last 2 based on several Keystone Cops moments. Bottom line he's great example of Peter Principle at work. OK as a DC (and not even 100% sure on that, Mason likely a better DC) but doesn't have the CEO mindset a HC needs. Gotta give it to Franklin for being that. Including the borderline slimy psychopathic tendencies. https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Psychopaths-Saints-Killers-Success/dp/0374291357/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1694971542&sr=8-1
  5. ALMOST made it there, One of those alumni tailgaters I'd never do in a million years, but was looking to Sept-Oct to head home to Nashvegas and maybe stop in Las Vegas as midpoint so it kinda made sense. After what happened with game, pretty glad it did not work out.
  6. Didn't someone post this ref was majorly in favor of home teams past few years in term ATS? Refs enjoying the NOLA home cookin'.
  7. Like friggin Thomas the Train out there, hooks up to CBs like rail cars off the line.
  8. No plans for anything special yet. 0700 start for us out here. Probably something like a bacon/aged white cheddar/Maui onion/baby potato frittata and a crap ton of coffee so I be jittery as hell with a close game in the 4th. On bright side, no major expectations for the season so will be harder for team to build then crush my spirits this year than in so many prior.
  9. Not Sunday way out here, but it's Game Day Sunday there, so let's get the ball rolling.
  10. Still one of the stupidest holdovers, that everyone must agree. English law I believe it is 10 out of 12. Sure every now and then you get a noble Henry Fonda among 12 Angry Men. But in our current climate if you can get 11 out of 12 people to agree on ANYTHING like this that is pretty amazing.
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