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  1. https://www.reuters.com/markets/argentine-monthly-inflation-set-fall-below-5-lowest-since-2022-2024-06-11/
  2. Gervin forgotten by too many. Underrated now since wasn't on major winning team.
  3. You are a kind and generous soul my friend. Carlin certainly disagreed with your calculations.
  4. Conditioning is precisely accurate in this case. No that's a whole helluva lot of it. As soon as you are willing to accept something as true because of faith not facts (and in turn use faith to create your own facts.... like there was an Ark because this book says so), you're well on the way to wherever they lead you. Spoke with my girl about this this past week. She knows I am as skeptical MF who is 100% not on the faith/fairies/fantasy train in any capacity. Had to relate that thoroughly believed way back when that searing a steak sealed in the juices... because a bunch of old French chefs I looked up to told me so. Took it "as gospel." Not long at all into culinary education, as in at same very school, as part of a class, we were reading Harold Mcgee classic On Food And Cooking, a food science/chemistry book that very clearly demonstrated how the whole seared juice thing was complete and utter BS. Makes you realize how easy it is to follow whatever you hear when from a source you like and trust. Especially when not actively engaged in the subject matter on a day to day basis. Realizing how easily I accepted incorrect information makes me a little more patient with everyone else in that regard.
  5. Typical charter trip from WC out here to HI will run about $100-200K r/t. Hourly rates for NJ larger cabin (like those that can make it to Hawaii) are ~ $15,000/hr. You fly often, way cheaper to buy a fractional ownership. Normally a crew of 2 pilots, 1 FA. FA higher end rates (call it high standard) = about $800-1000/day on the better operators. Pilots run more of course. See them come out here for a few days and now just your crew costs, putting them up (hotels here all crazy in Maui especially), airport parking charge etc. and you could be looking at ~ $40K just for crew salary/lodging/tarmac costs. Most will quick turn - drop pax and head back to keep working, avoid all that costs. Very high % of charters or fractionals in fact. But lucky crews tied to one plane/one owner are most likely to get to get paid to sit by the pool at the Wailea Marriot. Can be extremely stressful job, but DEFINITELY got some perks.
  6. I think a lot of people mostly out of the sports book loop play too much attention to spreads as a means of determining likelihood to win, and sure, Vegas is closer on average than most prognosticators. But the classic play of many vet sports gamblers is to look for games featuring rabid, large national fan bases (DAL, PIT in older days are great examples) against smaller market teams, especially when the lead broadcast or better yet a Sunday or Monday night game. The overconfident homers push up the line and often create opportunities for sharps. In general, college games present way more opportunities though as the NFL - despite the seemingly huge range between best to worst teams - are still all professionals and thus more likely upsets will happen.
  7. Both very true. If I can fudge the +3 out to +4.5 (big fudge sure), that's 13 of the listed games from that site. Take at 40% and you're at 5.2 wins. Not that far off from 6.5 And being totally honest, an expectation for this team to win about 4-7 games is extremely reasonable. 3 is going to definitely be below baseline, and an 8 win season in most contexts would be a victory of sorts - for Callahan at least. Ton of wildcards in play too so very hard to predict at this point.
  8. Of course he MEANT to say right, but had the will/win/white alliteration thing going on. Simple mistake. But damn, funny slip of the tongue, as happens to many, but when the irony is so loaded... Would definitely rank this one higher though:
  9. Most of my work years both past and present don't lend themselves to that sort of thing I suppose. Either too much need to focus through chaos and control it, or else just too scattered to listen to anything besides music. Past years anyway. Now got one guy at work who is charge of music. Eccentric older dude, worked as DJ too, so I just let it ride. If at home office I find anything outside of pure ambient to be too distracting to do accounting work, compose emails, talk with clients. Pretty sure that is an effect of haven gotten a bit long in the tooth. Just cannot tune out noise. It all becomes distracting when focused on a specific task and therefore irritating. Tinnitus doesn't help. Next thing you know I'll be out yelling at those damn kids to get off my lawn.
  10. I'm honestly not sure how anyone has both time and reason to allot so much of their attention to podcasts such as these. Maybe just back ground noise while doing other things I assume. One reason a board like this has appeal is that you can skim as quickly as you want, stick and move so to speak. I'm a pretty quick reader and can gather WAY more info than listening to people drone who tend to find themselves more amusing than I tend to think they are. A tight, well-produced radio show that takes the form of a cohesive story I regard more like watching a movie. And though don't have time for that much either these days, stuff like Radio Lab, This American Life, The Moth, even really good interviews like Terri Gross of Fresh Air, all come to mind. Ones like Bussin' mostly a circle jerk which I appreciate those here summarizing in 2.5 sentences should there be a tidbit of legit interest.
  11. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/argentine-black-market-peso-hits-170638311.html
  12. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna153756
  13. Really hate going there but we all know that had current or previous US President encountered same fate there would be more than a small handful of Americans doing the same.
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