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  1. Found memories of watching the Titans on the early game in Sydney Four Seasons as few years back. The REALLY early game.
  2. Whole season was a great resolution of storylines in order of importance, peelign away outer techno and world order issues to end up with such a great focus on characters, and at the end just back to where it all began inside Elliot's mind. Too often bigger is confused with more important or better. In becoming smaller at the end, with the dark army and all other world changing things left in the rear view mirror, the show honed in on perfect closure. Not perfect from beginning to end as a series, but certainly one of the best starts and finishes of any show ever.
  3. Hadn't seen that angle of the Henry TD pass. Really was a well thrown ball. Do like Vrabel's demeanor with the players on the side line: calm, confident, more honest information and focus rather then hyperbole/being a cheerleader.
  4. A lot of it was coming off the roids. Totally different player.
  5. Will tell ya full strength bama and maybe even auburn (lot of injury issues) >>> Clemson.
  6. It will be interesting to see if he is just one of those guys who look stellar when playing an over matched opponent, less so against equals. In the NFL playing field is significantly leveled. He scores well on the arm strength/football IQ and all that. Hard to eval on games like this sometimes, when you put Peyton Manning at prime out there but if no open guys and a pass rush and you're still reaching in desperation. Additionally, I don't think the average fan considers the impact of coaching at the college level, especially from the OC/DC positions. Really can get back to a chess vs checkers situation. (Oh where is Chuck Cecil now) Makes guys on the premier teams with premier coordinators/OL/skill positions look that much better, I am not his cheerleader. I like Burrow but still not sold he is some next level NFL guy yet. I like him and hope he is, but again hard to evaluate in context. I thought Dak was underrated at Miss St. Also thought Aaron Murray would be a solid #2-3 so what do I know? But wouldn't bet the farm against Lawrence just yet. But wouldn't sell it to draft him either.
  7. Just saying some people don't get over that and 25-0. Dude has never lost. Including vs Bama last year. He may not be a #1 (or should be, because he still might be), but he's still likely a very high 1st at least. Not like he's playing vs scrubs in the LSU D. Borderline NFL speed out there already on both sides. Now will he succeed at the next level? That's always tricky. But I give him better than 50/50. Like 54. 😁
  8. They almost always are. Make the Mettenboogers of the world like like 1st rders. They've got 7 wrs in the NFL right now.
  9. Well, I recall him out of HS and stuff like this was said: "Lawrence was a five-star recruit and ranked as the number one overall recruit in his class by Rivals.com, Scout.com and 247Sports.com.[7][8] ESPN ranked him second behind dual-threat quarterback and Georgia commit Justin Fields.[9] Fields would transfer to Ohio State after his freshman year, and the two highly touted quarterbacks met in the 2019 Fiesta Bowl, a CFP semi-final. Lawrence is regarded as the best quarterback prospect ever by Mike Farrell of Rivals, who said the following: "He’s the most special quarterback prospect I’ve seen in all my years at Rivals. Josh Rosen used to hold that title until Lawrence came along but I’ve never seen someone with his combination of size, arm strength, accuracy, field vision, mobility and all the intangibles needed to be great. (...) There have been some amazing talents I’ve seen at Rivals over the years with different skill sets from Vince Young to Matthew Stafford and more, including Rosen, but Lawrence is a different category. Every time I see him, he reminds me of Peyton Manning, except he’s more athletic with a better arm. I know that’s heady and ridiculous stuff, and people who know me know I don’t say stuff like that often, but this kid is special. The comparisons are accurate."
  10. How many future top 3 round picks on the field tonight?
  11. Burrow rattled. They need a Derrick Henry to run on that 3-1-7
  12. Wasn't it? Seemed completely like it was meant to be that. Show itself was mostly enjoyable overall. And at least nailed the start and finish strong mantra, with some wading through the middle sure.
  13. Very much so. Lots of older folks who no longer have the patience for inconveniences of rude drunks, long parking walks (that can be a very real thing for more elderly).... long crowd noises with tinnitus issues (@Nash about you know who... and fyi, me too now, for very different reasons ☹️). To get more fans in, there has to be not only a better product on the field for more than a partial season, but a shift in perceptions among the younger and monied groups who are willing to consistently pony up for what is not a small chunk of change for season tickets. It's like you need to find an entire group who loves NFL football over SEC, supports Nashville sports in general, has time to invest and is willing to pay for tix over artisan beard wax and avocado/kale kombucha smoothies. (thinking IN THE CITY crowds vs burbs) The Predators have proven you can get em in. Titans have to reprove it. Starts on the field though, always.
  14. I recall many here saying just make Mariota a WR if he can't play QB. News Alert: Tanny a better WR too. Actually makes this play a bit more interesting. Though I'm not wanting our new QB toy to get popped catching a high throw over the middle (you know it won't be a rope on the sideline).

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