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  1. https://www.theonion.com/protestors-criticized-for-looting-businesses-without-fo-1843735351
  2. https://local.theonion.com/good-cop-bad-cop-both-racist-1819567266 16 years ago I might add
  3. https://www.theonion.com/cop-explains-how-it-feels-to-live-every-day-in-fear-som-1819596313
  4. So Amy, what you're saying is that it's true you failed to prosecute that officer? (Because you were no longer the prosecutor)
  5. Ex-prosecutors are always easy targets politically. Virtually impossible to not be painted as soft on crime when an offender gets off/out and commits another typically violent act, or more often too hard on/unfair to underprivileged groups, very often minorities. In trying to do the job itself you almost inevitably make enemies.
  6. Again not a knock on Vrabel and not holding the Texans def ranking against him. Just the idea of him doing what Pees did while also being HC seems unfair and unlikely. Also Pees I think was underappreciated in general around the league, by most fans at the very least. His time with the Ravens overshadowed by the players, and by Bellichek when with the Pats. And just never had the high media profile of an ex-HC or else guys like the Ryan brothers.
  7. I think it's one thing to pay attention, take notes and comprehend said adjustments. It's a whole other thing to come up with them and implement then during a 15 minute break. That is not an insult to Vrabel, it's a compliment to Pees. Also, the idea that Vrabel is supposed to consistently do this while also being the HC is a bit nuts. Not even a knock on Haslett, but the concept that all these vet, smart coaches can be plug n play is absurd based on our own years of evidence watching our team be the one to so often NOT adjust at halftime. Sometimes one coach really does outsmart another. Sometimes, as in, often.
  8. Of course its the classic We would all be great if THOSE people would simply join us in belief or else die. Basis of most religious conflict and these days our politics has taken on even greater shades of religious-style undertones than certainly in our lifetimes. It has turned into the crusades of Red v Blue.
  9. Of course then again.... What if Antifa is INSTALLING the 5G??!? With funding assistance from China, Soros and Gates. I heard they were all together at a secret Davos meeting.
  10. These things always are no matter what the reality behind the stories. Dishonest, unethical, crappy people still get abused too.
  11. Depends. Are we talking about in flight, riding the cross town transfer bus or on the subway? These things matter. At least now we have eliminated your real life persona as Louis CK or Harvey Weinstein.
  12. I have gained this from philosophy: that I do without being commanded what others do only from fear of the law. Aristotle I'll add from fear of a wrathful sky father as well. Guess I subscribe to that whole Integrity is what you do when no one is watching. Including from above. Can add extension to that of When the cameras are off as it applies to public figures.
  13. chef

    More Corruption

    I guess I just feel Ji cares more about his country (not individual people in his country mind you) than Trump, at least as far as comparing his love of country for love of self. Feel like Putin splits the two, likely tilting towards Trump.
  14. chef

    More Corruption

    And yet his defense is still pretty much working for his own. I think the extremism of partisan politics that really kicked in gear around time of Clinton impeachment trial (not like they weren't always around, but sides became more blind to their own than ever then) has truly put us - or more specifically the Republican party today - into a real life DC version of the bumper sticker I'd Rather Push My Chevy Than Drive A Ford.

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