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  1. And I won't engage to waste my time, but we're talking about a number of long term gov't officials who HAVE come forward about Trump in a way they did not (meaning in the sheer volume and public declarations) against Clinton/Bush/Obama. Not to mention plain in sight actions. Also, I'm pretty sure if Trump had legit dirt to Lock Her Up he would have pushed it Day One. And murders, pedo-crap and so on would obviously be over the top dirt. The underlying conspiracy group holds onto this belief that... just wait for it, it's coming, 13 dimensional chess master, barge is sitting right outside and taking Obama and Hillary to Guantanamo, all actions calculated to trap this massive pedophilia ring that meets in the pizza parlor ordering walnut sauce or some such (boy Epstein did a number to push that one right up to the top). My core feelings on conspiracies are that there are likely some mind-blowing ones sitting in someone's closet here and there, many lost to time. But that the ones anonymous sources throw against the wall like so much spaghetti are generally the most likely to be complete and utter crap, the land of pointy hats. Done so for the same reason you drop a worm on a hook - you know fish will bite and then you have them on the hook.
  2. I am more impressed that the Clintons - hated, utterly villified, literally demonized - by so, so many, have somehow managed to just murder everyone in their path, and apparently rape babies and drink their blood (a Q-loving associate of mine informed me of this, apparently happens in a secret castle with the Rothschilds or some such...deep state....ILLUMINATI!!!). Etc, et al on their highway to hell. Yet a massive Ken Starr-led team spent 6 years and $70 mil (non-adjusted dollars) and was able to prove he fooled around with an intern. And yes as very expected, was pretty much a sleazy womanizer that surely had done similar in his past. But they were looking for anything, EVERYTHING. And somehow all the murders and baby rape just never came up, and still don't via our American justice system (DEEP STATE!!!). Just amazes me people believe that our system of government that on one hand they say is so inept, can function so well as to effectively and willingly cover all this up such that they never receive punishment for these horrid crimes. Frankly, it's damn near the same boat of people who think W & Co. blew up the Twin Towers as a way to go kill Hussein for his daddy and take their oil (now after the fact, after it occurred and they got to survey the landscape.... well, different story). Figured there'd be a Linda Tripp or three coming forward by now. I have zero reservations agreeing with someone who says there is a lot going on we have no clue about, that Clinton, Bush damn near all of them do some sketchy things - as it almost required to get into the White House, and then to run it. But the idea that the FBI is both so stupid and crooked such that they let the types of things these folks are accused of simply slip by with no issue is such a massive leap of faith to keep your conspiracy alive. It is a fascinating psychological profile, that utter NEED to believe in such things when common sense says otherwise to most. A compulsion to believe often such that you feel special in knowing what's "real" when the rest of us sheep just don't. A need to feel superior, that you Get It, and the rest of us are simply idiots. As indicated but to be clear, this is not limited to one party, or even politics. But the nature of the information age has blown up this persona to disturbing heights, and not really sure yet how we get that Pandora's Box closed - the free-sharing of information combined with the ability to share and then believe baseless claims over and over until they become incontestable truths for such a massive % of the population. And not like Silicon Valley has shown much interest in putting dents on ad rev such that they can assist. Hard for me to escape this bigger socio-psychological picture when discussions like this happen. Trump has come and will go one way or another, but this is likely to stay and have much greater negative impact than anything he does (for those viewing him in the negative - which is the majority by a little considering a 41% approval rating right about now).
  3. My nephew at 15 just went through same. Depressing. I think the Polys are meant to be the lineman types, not speedy QBs.
  4. I miss Sarge (A Hall). Was a great story. Loved the sense of panic and excitement he seemed to have when he actually got to touch the ball. Total wildcard with Wheel of Fortune-like outcomes. Kept your eyes glued and fingers crossed (no whammies.... I mean, no fumbles, no fumbles)
  5. Great person too. Highly motivated/focused, extremely smart and hard worker. Meaning more likely to be able to pick up the playbook semi-quickly for a rookie. Did not know he made any team. Never was projected to (overachiever). Good for him. Doubtful to have much impact for us though.
  6. I didn't get to see the game but does this sum it up?
  7. chef

    And now Sondland....

    I know Gordon from my days in Seattle, about 12-15 years ago. Sat in on some business negotiations with him. Impressions get made. Will just leave it at that.
  8. I was avoiding the obvious implication in that both of them were down the line 2+2=4 candidates and thus energized the base. A similar argument can be made for Reagan, though really all three had much of their energy rooted in need to get away from prior negative sentiments (Carter/Bush/Bush). Combine that with being very good cheerleaders and those 2 alone count for large % of their popularity. For Reagan has been since lionized or demonized, he was good at speaking to the middle of the masses in a way they responded to, a bell curve of non-alienation. Yes, many were kicked to the curb, but I'm talking about keeping the highest % of voters on your side, as opposed to playing so far to the fringes like we see now whether talking about Charlottsville or bothering to discuss transgender abortion rights like Mahrer brought up. Even Reagan's attacks landed moreso on Dem in Congress - and often good natured, humorous, and never felt so personal against actual voters. Biden was fine as a VP. Almost a classic VP: political vet with solid international experience (go sit at the funeral Joe). Can shake hands and smile. And roughly equivalent to one of those seat fillers at award shows - just not really noticeable when the camera pans across until the real star gets back from the bath room. I still wonder if we're setting things up for what I'll call an eventual Clinton for the Republican party. Someone who is younger, bit of a Washington outsider, very well educated, who actually works in some "progressive" or maybe better said creative conservative ideas to solve problems. Think about cap and trade - created by a Reagan attorney; mandated health coverage a la Romneycare; even welfare to work which though with Clinton was happily embraced and passed by the right. I think after Trump and this Congress there is potential for a shift in the right, a return to the middle where items like truth, science, the environment, coorperation etc are not bad words. And with the left tilting as far as it's trying at least on the political stage, and whole bunch of America might see a new, fresh face and latch on. Crossover voting from Dems for someone like that would be far higher than I think most of the left would acknowledge.
  9. OK... So yes on the Snake River. Yes, quite good, though certainly not the same. Actually had bad luck with their ground beef when I tried to do Kobe burgers in Seattle many years back. Inconsistent and too fatty. And this may be wrong to say, but if I'm eating a STEAK steak - a big hunk of beef - I kinda like to stick with more traditionally raised beef. Maybe doing the grass fed thing sometimes for variety of flavor. For real kobe, a tiny seared portion more as an app is nice. Different experience. Dry aged some tenderloins before but didn't really do it right. Turned out ok, but I know more know and realized in hindsight all the mistakes. Got a friend in Kona with a nice dry aging operation in his butcher shop. You see the UV lights and moisture control in his room and makes you understand that's where it needs to happen. Had one of his done for a LONG time - 45 days maybe? - pleasantly gamey.
  10. Did you watch this prior to posting? I think another way of saying it is Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good. But now there are just too many on the far left who have zero doubts that their perfect is THE perfect and refuse to accept anything less. It's a natural reaction to the far right. but ultimately counterproductive when it comes to elections. I feel like when I was younger the binary political parties as mentioned here took different paths with different philosophies but ultimately were trying to get to the same rigth answer. So maybe Dems said 2+2 = 4, and Repubs said 2 squared = 4. (Let's not worry about any math vs personality implications there.) Later, in different waves the Repubs in largely a conscious effort started rolling with 2+2=5. Next thing you know you get a Fair and Balanced world going on and we're stuck with 4.5 as the answer in mutually unhappy compromise if achieving that at all. If not simply rolling with 5 with loud voices drowning out the 4. Now we seem to have the left adopting this approach, and they're rolling with 2+2=3 in efforts to balance a center - intentional or not. But it doesn't work that way. I don't see a 2+2=4 person in the mix at all right now. Biden is as close as it gets, and that is not an inspiring choice. It makes me wonder if in '24 or even '28 we end up with that person stepping up from either side since I think there are more now ready to follow someone like that than is discussed.
  11. A Smith: Much like a blind prostitute, they'll never see it coming!
  12. Everybody is allowed to like what they like? Ok kids? Now go watch football.
  13. Screw all y'all. First, fresh Maui pineapple is awesome. Beyond great. Though when I've had it elsewhere,...meh Second, though it is completely 100% NOT Hawaiian, I like Hawaiian pizza. Terrific thing, albeit a full on BS bastard child invented in Canada, not here for sure. Third, within the context of a games thread I get this air flight velocity of a laden swallow vibe going on here.