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  1. Good game calling by Colts. Seems would be obvious plan. Must be less obvious from other side of field where Bowden standing.
  2. Proper defense mechanism after years of supporting Oilers/Titans.
  3. Never heard it as audiobook. Bet it would work pretty well. Went through Bukowski phase early 90s. Post Office 1st which really was quite an eye opener. I recall reading Women and Ham on Rye. Never read much of his poetry back then. This thing just caught my eye last night. Youtube surprisingly good format to convey his works.
  4. Whether poetry or prose. I would hope @OILERMAN at least read Post Office. I should re-read it. Been 30+ years. This poem alone could become a TR thematic. Perhaps required watching for all new accounts.
  5. Functionally what's the difference? Borderline Poe's Law kicking in. Not a Roberto situation here.
  6. Best wishes to you. Stay as positive in outlook as you can. It's no joke that doing so during times like that increase the likelihood of better outcomes. Like @JoelinBellevuesaid, it's terrific they caught it early.
  7. Heel did appear to touch line. And concept is pretty clear. Two feet in bounds. Any part of those two feet. And if any part of those two feet touch the line, you're out. Sucks, but not that complicated and correct call. I'd actually have no problem going back to college style with 1 foot in = reception. I mean if one foot is considered out then maybe have one foot considered in too right?
  8. Not enough to run on 1st into a stacked box. Now we gotta plow into our own guys, take them out too.
  9. He might bust one if can get make it through a stacked box. But again the opposing D has done all it can to take away Henry. We'd be better off running PA to him then dumping it back to him on a screen if we want to get him some space.
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