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  1. Absolutely. Different in some ways, but again back to dot.com boom and bust, the last ones in were mostly Mom and Dad Middle America - people who largely had either sat out of market since '87 (just a way WAY lower % of 'Murica in stocks back then) or if they were in it was moreso in utilities banks and such, not the dot.com high flyers. Then they heard for years how much money everyone was raking in on all this new-fangled internet stuff and finally decided to jump in. I recall Qualcomm - not actually a bad company. But the numbers of people who bought in at $88 (split adjuste
  2. It's the new version of Pump n Dump. Except this time by the masses not the institutions. That's why Ponzi in all forms since based on idea that someone will always come in behind you to pay more. If you got in (and out) at right time you can make a killing off the suckers at the bottom of the pyramid. I think this behavior completely ties into the same mentality that allowed Qanon, storming the capital, Bill Gates is inserting microchips through the vaccine etc. At its core tenants all religious style mindsets and belief systems combined with outsider mentality against anythin
  3. I haven't pulled the trigger yet but been considering a syn long on LUV. On flip side to digging in further I am darn near pulling an abenjami and am thinking of pulling out of a decent % of my longs, though frankly on review I feel pretty solid about most of them as I'm not in to many of the overpushed tech plays. Just been feeling that pull back coming for a long time and now that's it's become more of a market media story I get the feeling of self-fulfilling prophecy on the way. Not some full recession/crash, but a solid run for the exits especially among newbies when things t
  4. Post-Irish* Baby. All Good! (Not quite Scottish, but close enough, just a bit more drunk) *also polish, so a dumb ass and drunk on crap vodka as well as cheap whiskey - she'll be like Connor MacGregor meets Geralt of Rivia = Must See TV. I already love her, since ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAD TO ENDURE (though, admittedly, sadly, Biden will be a lower IQ and more religious Prez than previous Dem Prez Obama and Clinton... and MORE religious Prez then Trump)
  5. Suddenly recalling a seen from Green Room (shivers)
  6. Inception, where we all realize we've all been in a dream/nightmare the past 4 years that we have finally come out of.... or did we??
  7. Ghost in the Machine. Or more specifically, a spirit forever trapped in the NFL Draft board subsection.
  8. Just tons of what had been their locked down core demo has jumped ship to OAN and Newsmax if not online rabbit holes as soon as they were not the most right thing available.
  9. It is just like a religion, it really IS a religion - as long as the belief in the core tenet/Dear Leader holds, there is an infinite series of reestablishing, rewriting, rejustifiying any and all beliefs. Otherwise the Renaissance/Galileo/et al would have been able to kick that crap to the curb 400+ years ago. Seriously WTF? How can they report that without laughing?
  10. Many accept things that you'd think their IQ would otherwise prevent them from being able to. Normalization of ideas within a closed group is powerful for any belief system.
  11. Been thinking about that. How fast she might pull the trigger after he's out of office. Will certainly be all about the calculus of more to gain by staying or going.
  12. One reason I wasn't really sweating the idea of him winning vs Obama. I wanted Obama, but never thought we were going to hell in a hand basket if Romney won. Or Kerry. Or McCain (unless he died). Or Gore. Or Hillary. Bush? Well not really. Trump was always different in potential outcome. The upside of that attracted his followers. The downside is on full display today.
  13. Yet somehow will be blamed entirely on Dems/Deep State/swamp/RINOs/fake news/libtards/Antifa/BLM/China... anyone and everyone but Trump. (and Russia) There is not a point of return for the true believers and has not been for a long while now. Truly religious in the nature of their zeal, only a handful will escape and go on to tell about it, like members of a cult locked in a compound. The rest will carry on either publicly or else within their private circles, like a meeting of ex SS troopers in an Argentinean cafe not discussing why Hitler was wrong but where he went wrong in
  14. Romney though as noted not perfect still was a lone open dissenter in his party earlier on. To condemn the guy who did the most in the group as not having done enough (which could be argued admittedly) misses the mark. History will likely view his actions kindly, somewhat like Al Gore Sr.'s condemnation against the Vietnam War that cost him his seat.
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