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  1. You just don't want to have to be on a bridge going the wrong way at the wrong time. Which is pretty much what you always have to be doing. When I lived there I lived and worked in downtown/Belltown, so could walk. WAY less stressful. Would just see the cars stacking up Denny in the afternoon, trying to get onto an interstate, to go get stuck on a bridge.
  2. No they don't. Not if they're told that's not the case by whomever they believe.
  3. Not sure if too stupid is the right phrase, but they do miss the big picture and get caught up in their own minutiae, like now they think they're on the Titanic and agree it's sinking, but in the process of trying to evacuate ship they're arguing over who should hold the life boat assignment clipboard, and whether the format should be in 123 or ABC or perhaps with subsections for different groups, and if they should take their cell phones with them as a function of weight affecting lifeboats vs potential damage to the ocean environment if left to sink. Sometimes they just can't get out of their own way, unable to let go of a well-intentioned thought that although perhaps important gets dwarfed in scale next to the big pic. Patrick Leahy said it best: "You get fifteen democrats in a room, and you get twenty opinions."
  4. What's funny is when you have such an overwhelming majority things tend to break up into schisms within the group so you get more conservative Dems basically taking the place of some would be Repubs. Basically as long as they're not called Repubs its all good.
  5. Just jumping in to defend Legal here (not that he needs it but he's answered this a few times already): someone pointed out that all these threads about Dem candidates consistently only of white males. So in name of fairness, etc, he started up Warren, Gabbard. Guess waiting on Harris et al. Not worst idea in that maybe Gabbard isn't much of a candidate, in which case she probably will have a thread to match - short in context and quick to fade away down the post list. Sort of a natural selection process of thread/candidate survival of the fittest. And frankly I have a hard time recalling such as wide open front on the Dem side in my lifetime. '88 comes to mind in that free for all, but that was still closer to the traditional norms and ended up with 2 future VPs in the mix with Gore and Biden. Dukakis of course getting the nomination and then getting slaughtered.
  6. She likely knows that out here simply being semi-famous on a national stage is enough to get you local brownie points. Hawaii is phenomenally parochial and combined with an overwhelming level of support for their own over all else that once someone "makes it" (and from local eyes, her being in the discussion as a prez candidate is making it even if simply of her own volition alone) they will tend to have unfettered support with little questioning of any deeper issues. Now that doesn't mean they think she'll win. They're not that stupid/delusional. But they will be proud of her for trying and will remember her efforts for a long time (i.e. good chance for senate down the road, increased fundraising). You gotta remember this is the place where the nightly local TV spots segment would have how Shane Victorino did for the Phillies (on good nights anyway) but not mention if they won or lost. And as for her specifically, you also have to consider than Hawaii while an over the top without question democrat stronghold really isn't nearly as progressive as you might think on a number of issues. They're more like old midwestern unionist dems rather than a coastal liberal in attitudes. Combine that with some rather devout bible thumpers (even though she's Hindu) and next thing you know you've got your "Hawaiian liberal dem" promoting anti-gay conversion therapy, with plenty of her supporters thinking that was peachy keen enough to elect her to the house. I think she'd get torn apart on a number of issues like that if she made it into the actual running. So why run now? Because the writing on the wall says good chance a dem wins and therefore solid chance might be 8 more years before you can take advantage of the election cycle to boost your profile. Too long to wait.
  7. All I know is MM gets hurt so backups play. And Tannehill is better than Gabbert/Cassell. So good. No need to overthink it beyond that.
  8. Got to remember this was an UDFA who eventually got playing time with the Pats but never really stuck and got waived. We picked him up as a last minute scrap heap to plug a whole after Warmack IIRC. Wasn't worse which was key attribute - more telling about the waste of a pick Warmack was rather than how great Kline was. Then somehow "not worse" turned into $12 mil, then last year's crap on the field, and now here we are. Guys like Kline are fine for roster depth on rookie or maybe vet min type contracts (well maybe more for OL vets). But they're simply not better than other options for less money (or better options for same money) Got to assume that last year was about continuity combined with lack of market options that left JR between and rock and a hard place. That or else he just saw something in Kline that turned out not to be there.
  9. I'm just surprised Kline was able to block the pay cut.
  10. Such a great movie. And has held up surprisingly well over so many years. Principle of it hasn't shifted at all.
  11. Beyond any medical aspect, I think taken like light drinking it's not a huge deal. But as we've seen the corner turned with legalization I think the weed champions have become emboldened and many seem to think that a marijuana lifestyle as Nash put it is a great thing with no detriment. Just using various forms all day every day. As MJ continues its move mainstream, there will inevitably be far more research coming out in years to come as the opportunity to study effects near and long term increases exponentially. Not like we haven't been studying it before, but nonetheless the focus on it will increase.
  12. Not sure I really wanted to "like" this post. But yes, a mj lifestyle is a good way of phrasing it. It's all too common that so many have bought into an idea that marijuana is an all good/no bad thing. Which is simply not true at all.
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