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  1. I actually just hope he re-signed as he believes we have a legit shot at a SB, or two even, Let's get Cox rings!
  2. I think we should merge this and the one about our oft-injured ILB going to Miami (will let you do the math)
  3. How about if title said "Titans re-sign 5 Time Pro Bowler?" Or as a different take, "Carthon Holds Onto Cox" I mean would you rather have a discussion of Cox be long or short? Several posters have indicated the the thread size here doesn't matter, but not sure that's true.
  4. The season ended long before the season ended.
  5. Called the off season dude, of a very OFF season Need some spider bites, playbooks in back seats, Canadian golf clubs, burrito sampler trio and falling coins in 10 cent form. But yes, a long long tradition here.
  6. Definitely not the most talented team they've had last 20* but really came together to play well at the end, which is what the post-season is all about. Do not think a Sweet 16 would have been out of the question depending on match ups and of course assuming they kept playing like that have as of late. I do think it's clear Stack can coach. Draw up X&Os. Motivate. Build team unity. Adapt - including to college which was a big ? after NBA background. Recruit? Always a tough nut at Vandy. Still not sure how B Drew was so good there and so weak other ways. Still think he gets a bigger offer and bolts. Hard to blame him. (* The team that lost to Wisconsin 2012 with the completely stupid non-stop BS charge calls was a waste. Ezeli limping to a finish too. Jenkins Taylor and him all NBA level guy with solid players like Goulbourne and Tinsley - shoulda done more. And then the 2016 team with Damian Jones, Wade Baldwin and Luke - again 3 NBA level guys, not to mention Riley, Matt F-D and Jeff Roberson - had way too much talent to end up like they did. Stallings great at X and Os but I think too high strung which carried over to his players especially come tourney time. That was a locker room falling apart at the end and then he was gone.)
  7. chef

    GOP thread

    Cocaine is a helluva drug!
  8. I think with Liam around and a SEC tourney run they could have maybe slipped into the NCAAs and beaten a team or two. But lose your leading scorer, rebounder, darn near all time best shot blocker in mass of 7' 250+ and just not the same team. Always feels like they lose their best to injury over and over past several years.
  9. Starting to sound like the battle of the the Salvation Armies.
  10. chef

    GOP thread

    Not sure any real investigation needs to happen, and she's such a moron pretty sure all it takes is some FB DM links and she's ALL IN. She is her constituents. At least 1/2 + that vote. My sis in that district and painful for her. To be a bit fair on this point considering the hospice situation, LBJ was indeed very happy and willing to spend but refused to tax, and that created a burden inherited by Carter, right there with Nixon/LBJ Vietnam war costs (even bigger factor), the OPEC crisis, Iran situation and damn near everything else. He is just about the only pres is modern history to not simply pass the buck nor get lucky (Clinton pretty darn fortunate tech boom happened to wipe away deficit and create surplus... if he is in Carter's time that just doesn't happen) but be dealt among the shittiest hands in history and yet step up to at least try to deal with it..... which never really works. He told people to drive 55 and lower their thermostat at night to 65 in order to save on energy as a nation. And they hated him for it. Shoulda just run up deficits and blamed the Commies like Ronnie and maybe would have been more popular. Carter sure ain't winning #1 President award, but might win Most Moral. And I'm pretty much opposite end of the religious spectrum but if you had to paint a portrait of what a Good Christian looks like, it's him. Truly decent person. Not sure that's what the office needs, but as he will be passing soon he deserves recognition for all the good parts.
  11. I just have a couple Wusthof standard (round) steels. Same type I have used since early 90s. One from then, other pretty close to it. I would assume any decent stone from a decent knife company (if a German style knife then a German style stone... F. Dick makes nice knives too just a bit less than Wusthof, so their steel probably fine too. recall one year gave my Mom and my Sis an 8" Dick for Xmas - can't say that every day) The more oval shaped ones - not sure their proper name - might be better. Just never had one, never felt the need. But can see their purpose. Sometimes you just stick to what you know, even when better options come along. Main thing is use a steel consistently to hone your knife = sharpen it less. Sharpening on a stone grinds away the knife. So hone a lot, sharpen a little.
  12. I wonder if Fox would let the Lincoln Project run these these as ads on Fox News....hmmmm🤔
  13. BTW would be amiss if didn't come clean and mention these: Cangshan S1 Series 17-piece Forged German Steel Knife | Costco Some Chinese made stuff - so probably shit at popping spy balloons at altitude, but probably awesome at stabbing Taiwanese MFers. I swear IIRC was list $199.99 at my local but on sale for $149.99 for this and frankly I wanted the steak knives (which are pretty great BTW, and I love steak). Overall helluva value. I mean I pay way more for 1 knife for this set really quite solid. No not a Wusthof but good enough if maintained. I'm not big on butcher block sets at all but kinda was for my g-friend who cooks too and my 1 fav 25++ yr old 8 now 7" chef knife was in her hands. Got this and she uses it, and me too yes. And the bird's beak good for opening Amazon packages. Turning veggies?? Way the F past that. Bottom line, it was sharp and still is. And though technically cheap, doesn't feel cheap. One of better value knives I've ever used.
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