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  1. I suppose it's just a reminder that despite many people's horrified reaction to that vid (Oman not among them), we eat stuff too that used to move.
  2. Fair enough. Surf 'n' Turf Filet Mignon & Jumbo Shrimp with Truffled Porcini Risotto Cake, Haricot Verts Bundle and Marsala-Veal Demiglace When you need to cook for 75+++ and any donkey has to plate it up and look pretty. Nailing it med-rare AND hot on the off-site reheat and out to table is the real challenge.
  3. Been saying that forever. Brilliance is inherently individual. Committee's generate the mundane compromise of banality at best, and low grade, completely bureaucratic evil at worst. When I think group think I I Bay of Pigs. Some pretty smart, decent people on their own somehow becoming much, much worse as a sum of their parts than as individuals. My Kitchen Cliff Notes: Sometimes I have a brilliant vision for a dinner special but run out of time and energy to gather all the necessary ingredients massage them into my dream. Other times it's like waking up from a dream where you think you have a brilliant vision but somewhere along the way you come to terms with the idea that you really were only grasping at wisps, and it might as well been Tenacious D's Tribute. And more often than not you just don't give a crap and sell dog poop-crusted salmon on cat-feces laced mashed potatoes with a urine-accented mushroom sauce and because they'll only hear the buzz words they want to hear and won't ever notice what they're eating with their mouths wide open while chewing, elbows on the table, so why bother. The last couple few seasons definitely fall into these categories. And yet... Still taste better than the slop they serve next door, likely because even on a Don't Give A Crap Day my $h!t on a Shingle is still better than most. And I like apparently everyone else shoveled up every last bite until the end.
  4. bass - Jamerson definitely, but also Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, John Patatucci, Getty Lee deserves mention, Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke, throw in Bootsy for fun and John Paul Jones just because
  5. From here on out I am going to try to sub Stannis for pedantic whenever possible. Well done.
  6. Gotta like that since my ex's old college friend was the princess. Was super cute as adult, mid-20s when I met her. Really talented choreographer.
  7. Maybe they think themselves Shakespeares and just want to go all Hamlet on everybody. But then who is Fortinbras?
  8. Yes recall that now, thanks. Still, too last minute. Too deus ex machina for plot resolution even for these guys. I think.
  9. I mean, if the end goal of the writers was to have no iron throne, i.e. not one central leader - having Dany go dragon fire ape$hit is certainly the way to get to that destination. Physically destroy the capital and actual royal center, such that all literal and symbolic meaning of the iron throne is gone. Either kill or else place each and every semi-legit claimant to the throne in a position such that they're too weak politically/militarily if not just outright dead such that all the surrounding kingdoms likely feel no obligation to anyone but themselves. Jon is the only one left unscathed in most ways and yet even he would be seen in pretty horrible light all around having supported Dany into this result. His on the street actions wouldn't really carry outward all too well when no one was saved. And as the only remaining completely legit heir, if he walks away then stage is set for no central ruler. (This all assumes no way Dany survives, but you never know.) Far from some mirror image but could vaguely resemble the fall of the Han Dynasty and ensuing Three Kingdoms period of China. Also makes sense if everyone who had or wanted the throne in any way ends up dead (Cersei + kids, Dany + bro, Baratheon x 2, so on and so on) while Jon lives never having worked toward it. You win or you die. But in the end no one really won.
  10. Seems like way too late of a last minute reveal. Has that been hinted at during the actual shows (not books)?
  11. A filet? Sorry dude, you already lost. Let's start ribeye. Or short ribs. Beef cheeks. But really I'd let you cook anything just so someone else cooks for me.
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