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  1. Of course, petty and vindictive tit for tat. That and just revving up the same ol' chants from last time for the same ol' people, hoping to catch a fire again.
  2. Though maybe the case, it's more about his supporters not understanding how this whole thing works. It actually goes back to a long held conception about any big businessperson going into politics: they are often used to being surrounded by people forced to accept their will as the way (if that's how they choose to run things anyway), the worst of which actively gathering Yes Men if not down right sycophants to their sides in order to reduce dissonance and bolster ego. Dealing with Congress much less foreign governments is just not the same deal. This is not to say a biz exec couldn't transition to politics. Many have very successfully. Just not with that particular mind set. And no matter what your opinion of him, Trump really is his own unique flavor.
  3. chef

    More Corruption

    What's the over/under on pardons Trump will grant to his appointed govt officials, fam/friends, financiers and the like between Nov and Jan if he loses? And will he pardon himself?
  4. I hate that. Isn't there ample reality available as is? Without having to resort to the usual behavior of those who would happily support this sort of distortion. If anything, make it obviously fake in a comical way such that it merely reemphasizes the point without attempting to misrepresent as truth. It is hard to catch though, as the tone is so right in line with precedent.
  5. Suddenly needing to go focus on Trump Tower Moscow.
  6. chef

    Biden VP Thread

    No doubt. It's just how how does the obvious easy thing to address get sidetracked and politicized into a stalemate at expense of actual governance? It's a shame. Shouldn't be that way. But usually is a boondoggle at best, and major policy detriment at worst when political capital is spent in this matter. Really has little to do with what's morally correct or not. I bet Biden and Co. largely say something along the lines of move on, repair, heal. With maybe minor (in terms of overall focus) attention given to low hanging fruit. Easy targets where convictions more likely. That could lead to more down the road. Much more likely everyone is pardoned on the way out though.
  7. chef

    Biden VP Thread

    Exec branch has loved appointing "czars." Prosecution Czar? Better things to do in terms of getting things cleaned up but still if able to set precedent against corruption. Still, would anything really happen or mainly just for show and therefore a distraction?
  8. Speaking just to the wealthy aspect, it is less about them being pedophiles or anything in terms of an extreme or socially deviant ballpark (vs "normal" people) and more that money and power allow one to indulge proclivities in a fashion your Everyday Joe could not. And for some, human nature can dull our tastes via repetition and next and greater thrill are searched for, when limits are few when stretched far by said money and power, they can easily go to some twisted places. A typical night of couples cards at home with friends ending with some missionary with the wife turns into Eyes Wide Shut.
  9. Oh, I imagined it, and more. Kinda half expected him to want to guild the white house in gold and rebrand the Oval Office the Trump Central Command or something. Pretty certain I was not alone.
  10. Can you imagine Republicans reaction had Obama tweeted something say like We are looking into the possibility of a 3rd term.
  11. So trump supporters found this totally shocking then?
  12. This guy has got thinner skin than a 10 year old dried out Durex ultra sensitive!
  13. Very misused term as it is typically applied to the now rather than a future life. More appropriately, Lennon's Instant Karma. Though I think I do prefer the true Hindu concepts of karma vs say Christian heaven when it comes to reward-based religious behavioral control mechanisms.

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