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  1. chef

    have i been pwned?

    If you have an email listed as breached, you think it's enough to simply change password?
  2. chef

    Russell Wilson fan page...

    In later years that system was usually he scramble for his life and wait for someone to get open and still often make plays. I wasn't on that train early on for him, but he won me over after time.
  3. chef


    I agree with most all of this. I like Joe, but he never seemed Presidential material, which I suppose doesn't really matter much anymore. To be fair with any older politician, you manage to stay around that long, you have almost be definition had to play the game, and in retrospect there will therefore be red ink in the ledger so to speak. Even Bernie has of course to an extent, but way less the the norm and thus came off so well since he didn't carry that kind of baggage. I still recall watching Biden in dem candidate debates in '88 with a very young Gore, Babbit, Paul Simon (not that one - bow-tie guy, see SNL), Jesse Jackson, and of course Dukakis. Probably woulda could been Gary Hart (minus that boat scandal, which now... gosh, would it even matter?), Bill Bradley or Cuomo. And they all lost to Bush 1. Never will get image of Dukakis in the tank out of me head. My friend's mom ran the VP (Bentsen) campaign wing, and basically had a nervous breakdown after the massive beat down Bush put on Dukakis.
  4. Oman's financial god. Funny, my friend was his son's frosh roommate at Vanderbilt way back. Funnier? His son is a active investment guy, vs Dad's passive fund approach.
  5. chef

    Tulsi Gabbard says she will run for president

    Not really a fan. Not sure why she is running other than fund raising, name exposure potentially for hi Senate later.
  6. I was a startup seed (pun intended) investor in a bay area MM group, potentially being taken public this fsll.
  7. I thought the 2 am part was fun. And if you knew more about my job, that comment would make way more sense in context. Always used to play that game in line at Costco, grocery stores, where you try to work all the stuff from the person in front of you's order into an assembled group, hopefully humorous. One time a few years back at Costco Maui, there was a middle aged woman with - keep in mind Costco sizes: * a bag of long Asian eggplant * jumbo size KY * Depends * 36 ct toliet paper * a box of chocolates I pretty decided to call it quits right there while I was ahead.
  8. I put that softball on a tee. Wondered how long it'd take.
  9. chef

    Kyle Shurmur

    Would rather have Jared Pinkney. I like Shurmur. Seems to be the type to end up as a career journeyman. Smart enough to learn a playbook, disciplined enough to be prepared, etc. Some parts remind me of Mettenberger though if being honest. Long wind up and despite being a smarter player I think he still makes some head scratchers. Shurmur to me is a 6th-7th rd guy, though I could see someone taking him higher depending on the overall QB class. Not that familiar with what's out there this draft.
  10. Mostly a good thing. But.... Where people miss the boat on some price structures is the apples to oranges issue. For example: You see the bill for $50 for a couple Tylenol. And you think, if I bought those Tylenol at Walgreen's it's under a buck. But, that's wrong. Because you're not really paying $50 for 2 Tylenol. You're paying for the 5 dings on the hospital bed and the time for the nurses to come check on you, take care of what you need, to make records of what they gave you so the hospital doesn't get sued and some other nurse/admin to enter all those (and another to generate the bill - yes, you need to be billed for getting billed). If someone calls me at 2am and says I need a cucumber (don't ask why) and I drive an hour to bring it to their house and then they wonder why it costs $100 not $4, they're missing the point. That being said, hospital billing is of course based on the old standard of What The Market Will Bear and as such so many numbers have been pushed so far out of whack to the point they're not considered to be "within normal range" it's incredible. A few years back I recall seeing the full blown normal cost (before insurance) of an MRI in the US vs Switzerland and Japan - two of the most expensive countries in the world. And we were on average 10X greater the cost. I got no perfect solutions*, but we all know health care costs in the US are fundamentally FUBAR. (* I have universal coverage suggestions that would appease/piss off both sides, but not the actual nuts and bolts costs)
  11. Better than having married her trust me. (these, et al) I was not aware how popular the 1.75L of JD was in WV, Good to hear! Cheers to you!
  12. That time (cultural, communist) and control (communist) factors are are yes basically in reference to that as well. Not saying I want to switch, but you can see from party HQ in Beijing how they might shake they heads when looking at our system of gov't and society. Must at times look like a terrifying, perilous, at times incredible stupid level of chaos. But out of chaos....
  13. I think Americans in general underestimate the greatest advantage China has on its side over the US: time. They simply work on a different scale, thinking multi generational at both a top gov't level as well as family one. Thus their ability and commitment to plan and wait out tough moments is infinitely greater than ours, where there is always a midterm, or a sound bite, that takes precedent over long term real goals. That control factor, that they (central gov't) can pretty much do what they want without question internally to the country, further empowers them in these situations. Add Trump's demeanor and our overall media circus + lack of patience, and it's like a staring contest between Rodin's The Thinker and a HAADD 3rd grade boy with his hands in a sack full of Halloween candy. And yes, whatever final "deal" might happen, I still hope it does, even if it's a dress on a pig called a Victoria's Secret model, would likely bode better for world (and our) economies than an angry full-blown walking away from the table. Let them call it what they want (a la new NAFTA), just get it done. Heck, maybe we should let him propose the Trump Pacific Partnership (TPP - but not like this, this one is in gold lettering).
  14. It's always been the same as voting for jr high class president. Popularity contest. Most know they're not getting extra tater tots at school lunch no matter whom they vote. (Well, maybe not a lot of trump voters)
  15. Try Hawaii before DST shift when its 7.