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  1. For some reason, this just makes me remember the Wag The Dog line about flan. "There are 2 things I know to be true. There is no difference between good flan and bad flan. And there is no war." Sadly - for me at least - because I really liked him(Hawaii thing doesn't hurt), MM has kinda turned into flan. It just is what it is. But eventually, even a true blooded patriotic Mexican has to acknowledge flan is just a shit dessert, and move on (to creme brulee, pots de creme, WTF do I know)
  2. Just trying to lend a brother a hand
  3. I think your core point is valid, that JR has shown he's willing to cut bait on a pick or even a trade or resigned/extended player faster than before. It has to be a challenge as a GM to do that, basically admitting a misfire on their part, and letting the real product on the field take precedence over draft slot or contract size you put your name on prior. Even that doesn't make his decision process correct, it just shows a willingness to own up and move on. Fundamentally a better approach. Of course a better approach still is to just hit on most all draft picks and signings. Good luck there.
  4. Notice how the sandwich securely grasps the ham (pigskin), thus: Ham Sandwich>>> TT
  5. Just posted about an hour ago: WR Taywan Taylor, Tennessee: Taylor had a nice Year 2 last fall (37 catches), but has fallen down the depth chart this summer. He could bring Vrabel and GM Jon Robinson something decent in return.
  6. Thank you for sharing. Made my night, knowing both were still attached and intact. Mahalo!
  7. Didn't mean to make it sound like don't pay Conklin. If you have a well above average RT on your roster, sure, try to keep him if at all possible. Just saying I guess I am simply tired of winning the battles of signing OL, or draft boards. It's almost like we settle for those battle victories while just giving up on the war, the SB. Every piece is important to greater or lessor extent, that's a given. But we as Titans fans seem to expend so much energy to the superfluous. Reminds me as a Vandy fan of when you get a big cheer for getting a first down against Bama or something (when down by 4 scores). Like you just know you were never in the game so you take what you can get. 20 years is an awfully long time to stretch One Yard (Short).
  8. You know what? Get a QB or go home. Sweating a RT just doesn't make the difference. Cleveland had a HOF LT for years - see what that got em. Look at some guys NE plugged into their OL and still made the SB. In the overall scope sweating a RT is pinching the pennies and dropping the dollars.
  9. Haven't been keeping up this year. Completely forgot Wiley was on roster. Always liked him. Smart, tough. Good feel for where to be. Maybe just a tad small and slow for the NFL but a guy that might have value as a PS or back of roster ST guy in that he'd be focused and able to step in if needed. I'm a Vandy homer so yeah pulling for him. Trent Sherfield is another one who I think was a better player than given credit for. And he seems to be doing OK in ARI right now.
  10. Made me think of this from a few days ago: Buffett acknowledged that not everyone is as lucky as he is because it all depends on the system that one is born into. ”[Bill] Gates says that if I’d been born three million years ago, I would’ve been some animal’s lunch. He says, ‘You can’t run very fast, you can’t climb trees, you can’t do anything. You’d just be chewed up the first day,’” said Buffett.
  11. Only real issue is that at some point in the year odds are significant that 2 outta 1-4 get hurt and #5 sees a lot of snaps as a #3. So who becomes #5? Can borrow a JAX jersey for him because that's who he'll be, a JAG. Any camp bodies stepped up enough to be that Jag, or even a Jag+? Too busy/disinterested to follow all the preseason stuff.
  12. Nah... sounds too much like an alternate violent slogan for Resist movement. Next thing you know some one adds "with a bat," and then a knife vs bat argument kicks in and where does that really get ya?
  13. I was dealing with a 2 hole situation myself last weekend. I would recommend staying hydrated. Especially with dealing with a stacked situation, like reams and reams of paper.
  14. I don't think that's technically a very big deal anymore. Just unfortunate the massive gap between millionaire and billionaire. 10 millionaire is like the new 1970-80s millionaire (maybe not even enough), and billionaire is your original Monopoly game era millionaire. But 10 millionaire just doesn't roll off the tongue. It's about 5% of all Americans that are millionaires. This board has how many members? Just going to say 500 off top of head for a nice round number, so we'd have about 25 here already. (And for those of you who didn't come up with the number 25 quickly and easily - no worries, pretty sure then it's a club you don't need to worry about)