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  1. Is it me or is Mariota not fast anymore? He used to be able to outrun a lot of RBs.
  2. Maybe. Not sure that Tannehill's own shortcomings won't be a wash but it's worth attempting.
  3. What's Sonos have to do with this? Because Sonos doesn't handle hifi music? People that buy shit like Sonos and Bose don't care about audiophile type sound in the first place.
  4. Clay Travis has a fancy degree in lawyering.
  5. Corey Davis is a 1,000 yard receiver. Noodle arm can't get him the ball. Travis loved Mariota and sold shirts that said "Aloha Bitches" (cuz MM is from Hawaii GET IT?) and was all over his dong. Clay Travis is a dumb guy's idea of a smart guy.
  6. Titans are in QB purgatory along with so many other teams. Mariota isn't good but he's not bad enough to replace. It's not like there's tons of better QBs out there. I am here to tell you that Tannehill isn't good either. Each have their strengths/weaknesses and both shake out as replacement level QBs. I guess the argument for Tannehill is maybe his strengths mesh better with the team's offense. I don't know. I bet you Corey Davis' numbers go up w Tanny, simply due to better arm talent. He'll make more big plays and will throw more picks. Between the two QBs it'll likely shake out as a wash. Tanny has bad pocket presence too though. Titans are fucked.
  7. Saudi Arabia is a fucking terrorist regime. Every president of my lifetime has tongue kissed their assholes. It's pathetic.
  8. Off topic but someone tell me if I am wrong about this. The Central Park 5 didn't commit that particular crime and were exonerated via DNA evidence. But the reason they were suspected is because they were in the park that night beating and robbing people. Why is this never pointed out? They are treated as some kind of fucking heroes when they are all pieces of shit that just happened to not commit the crime they were accused of.
  10. My favorite are the people who couldn't tell the dude was dumber than shit from the very beginning.
  11. Your shtick is some dumb shit libertarianism most folks outgrow when they are 20. You only recently fell out with fundamentalist Christianity. I don’t give a shit what you think, it’s all boring and predictable and starts with "Libtards want..." and then you make 6 consecutive posts. Our retarded President had no idea that his wife was right beside him when he said "Melania really wanted to be here". He’s the dumbest President we’ve had by quite a lot.