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  1. Donald Trump used to go on the Howard Stern show and talk about his own daughter's tits. The same people who were outraged at Bill Clinton's oval office blowjob, jumped all over this dude, his 3 marriages, his foul dumb ass mouth, and his 12 sexual harassment claims. These people will post 4 pictures of Epstein and Bill Clinton, and when you post 5 of Epstein and Trump they tell you with a straight face "AW TRUMP DISAVOWED HIM YEARS AGO!" The far right in this country, and their blood brothers, the evangelicals, are totally and utter frauds. In case you were naive, Trump totally exposed them. These people are fucking clowns.
  2. In today's Republican party, coming together to work for the benefit of one and all is "VENEZUELA!"/"GULAGS". Just the slightest things, like masks, are a slippery slope to Marxism. And people say the DEMS have gone too far LEFT!
  3. Imagine if Trump ran and won in 2008 and took over during the recession. He would have further buried us. The fact that he took over when the economy was stable and good, and could then simply take credit and make bombastic claims was the one thing that gave a ton confidence to his dumb as shit followers. At least there was some basic logic there. The economy was good and Trump is president. But once challenges arose and he was needed to actually do something-- well we see the results. Utter chaos and unrest. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted this. The guy is not smart. The guy inherited his wealth. The dude bankrupted a bunch of casinos. He has trouble speaking, writing and thinking coherently. He is woefully unqualified. This should not be up for debate! I have serious doubts about the guy's ability to point out Idaho on a map. That's not me just shitting on Trump. I 100% mean it. Even people on the left underestimate just how uninformed the guy really is. Trump's term has been revealing as to how naive people really are in thinking that because a person has a lot of money, that they have to be smart and competent. I figured even dumb ass small town people have some smaller scale analogous example about, say, the guy who took over his Dad's hardware store but is dumb as shit, yet wields a ton of power locally and gets elected mayor. But no. People are retarded and simply assume Trump is smart and competent because he has money and they've seen him on TV for decades.
  4. Bounties? Yeah that's not something the US or any of it's allies would do. It's clearly legitimate news.
  5. Is there any doubt at all, that if this were Obama, LongTimeFan would be losing his goddamned mind over this? Any doubt?
  6. Even if you live in the most expensive place in the US, if you can't live on 400K a year, you can't manage money.
  7. I've seen him speak several times, and in full context he always looks fine. His "gaffes" are 4 seconds of cherry picked shit. He's not Obama as a speaker, but I never see this utter total breakdown that his opponents speak of. Meanwhile, every time Donald Trump speaks at length it's dumb fucking word salad. Every time. Expectations have a lot to do with perception too. So I don't really mind their insistence that Biden is losing it. Keeps the bar low. Remember the state of the union address when Trump did a passable job of reading someone else's speech and it was such a stark contrast to his usual babble that his fans collectively masturbated viciously and circle jerked one another for a week about how inspired they were?
  8. Was coming to ask you about this after I saw this tweet (by the way dude is a good Pro Biden follow)

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