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  1. Hell yeah! John Calvin & friends never burned "heretics" at the stake. Protestants never burned "witches". All the bad stuff was the Catholics fault! That's the ticket!
  2. I went to NYC and went to the world trade center memorial I've never been so hard
  3. 'Nator

    Coup in Niger

  4. This is all a MASSIVE GOVERNMENT DISTRACTION by Dem/Libs to take the focus off the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY, and specifically to distract from what should be our National Focus: Hero Hunter Biden's fat hawg.
  5. He had 700+ yards in 9 games. That's a 1300 yard pace minus the suspension.
  6. He has this Trumpian deal where he speaks some nonexistent problem into existence and then claims he "fixed" it. "40% of this entire website was child porn until I fixed it!" "Only I, Elon Musk can defend Twitter against the BOT ARMY! BOTS! BOTS BOTS BOTS!"
  7. False. FALSE! I excuse everything Hunter Biden does as nothing more than good, clean fun & eagerly await more reports of his legendary exploits.
  8. this might be the most disastrous Trump interview and that’s saying something.
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