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  1. I know I get the most out of Rolltard when he posts 3-4 times in a row.
  2. 4 and one if Republican— if you count Lindsey Graham.
  3. But he would have also had less failures. At least less bankruptcies. He’s incredibly dim witted. Each side knows this. Bravado is basically inherited. It’s the result of never having to worry about money. He would possibly be less of a loser than he is now, given that a real person’s life may have developed some integrity in him. But he wouldn’t be president.
  4. I posted them here a couple of times. People were way, way more interested in O-Man’s fat ass coworker than they were my pod shit and honestly, I get it. Co-hosting a podcast is the lowest tier of show biz barely above your uncle asking you to “show em that thing you do” when you were 4 at the family reunion.
  5. It was a buddy’s podcast. From 2012-14. His creative vision. His thing. I got to cohost. I did get to hang out in the Zanies green room with comics and record for 2 years with about half of the folks who have a Netflix special right now. Marc Maron. Margaret Cho. Richard Lewis. Bert Kreishcher. Ralphie May. And about 35 more
  6. I mean this with all sincerity. As much as a jackass can feign sincerity. People may have, and I may have overreacted to your opinions in an unfair way. Especially before letting you flesh them out further. But can you not recognize that a couple of things you have said here are right down-the-line classic redpill, online right wing speak? It’s a tip off. If you read someone on the left saying “typical cisgender male” or “check your privilege” or some dumb shit like that, don’t you feel like you can glean a lot from that about a person’s opinions? When you say “muh Russia”, and other things, you have to understand how one might rationally take that. Do you think that your wholesale gaurantee that posters want to call you racist and only haven’t due to your tenure here may be identical to the sort of attitudes you hate from the left with regards to their broad brush of right wingers? I definitely don’t think you are a white supremecist Nor are you stupid. You’ve been a level headed poster here. I have been unhelpful and perhaps wrong in some of my responses to you. But fuck you man! 3 out of the 40 podcasts I co-hosted were legit decent! (most comedy podcasts are not good. The one I was in was no different.)
  7. The investigation was about Russian Interference in the election. Not about Trump. Trump was ancillary to this. Of course though, Trump is going to be a huge media story in this situation. Just like Clinton when it was Starr vs. Clinton. Just like Benghazi. Just like Hillary emails. The only difference is that Russia Gate was actually bipartisan! The one person MOST responsible for Trump’s coverage was Trump himself. Not “liberal media”. Trump, instead of saying “sure go ahead and investigate, I am innocent”, pissed himself daily about the whole thing and acted guilty as fuuuuuuck. Of course Trump is a high level imbecile from high society cradle-millionaire New York (basically an older, east coast Kardashian) who is highly and overly sensitive to everything and treats the real world as if it’s a WWF storyline. To normal thinking people, that behavior is suspicious. They still don’t know how to take him. And, to be honest, he’s so erratic and stupid, there is no one way TO take him. But you can’t view his behavior like you would a normal politician. He’s hyper cartoonishly reactive to EVERYTHING.
  8. He didn’t scare quote it, so probably not. He probably thinks the guy who wrote Dilbert has totally spot on analysis too. The thing about knee jerkers is you know their opinions were always shallow and emotionally based in the first place, more than anything. The truth now, as before, is that the extreme left is a minority of the Dem party. The right hyper focuses on a freshman congress person who is 1/435ths of the House. Or they focus on a band of a dozen twitter leftists. Then they extrapolate that. Meanwhile, half the BASE of the Right literally believes “Killery” had 60+ people murdered like a mob boss and that Obama was a foreign crypto terrorist. They actually, truly believe it.
  9. Oh you don’t like Dick songs? You must be totally PC! I read about you guys. Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molixeneuaohatever told me all about this. Get out of here PC leftist! You ain’t gonna tread on me. Are you ANTIFA? Were you marching in Berkeley? In no way are those things right wing hysteria blown out of proportion. Only the left does that. See Ben Shapiro said.... I happen to know you’re a huge Joe Rogan podcast lover too. (I actually like Rogan just fine) Does it bother you just a little bit that I know everyone you are influenced by?
  10. It really is. And I am total uncomfortable with a left wing pile-on mentality for a guy who has changed views. But good god. Next up, “It’s like Dr. Peterson says....”
  11. This is hilarious. You have really bought all-in on all the online right wing horseshit hook, line and sinker. I was about to quote you using the term “muh Russia” which is just the right misusing an online insult from the left which is “I won’t muh cuntry back” from during the Obama years. “Muh Russia” doesn’t even make fucking sense. “My Russia” what does that even mean? Not to mention it’s the Right that has all the rednecks who literally say “muh” instead of “my”. Then you go on with another Alt. Right trope “the left can’t meme”. I couldn’t be more certain about you as a person, and what kind of online media turned you based on the Right wing tropes you are using. It’s so utterly and sadly predictable. Your are basically a bot now. That’s not to say that ALL of your criticisms of the left are wrong. But your ultimate conclusions are so predictable, banal and brain dead that I’m ....I’m really just sad more than anything. I’ve seen this so often. Criticism of the left = full right wing, knee jerk heel turn instead of sober reflection.
  12. Who gives a shit about boring ass Ben?
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