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  1. This was as related to the war on terror regarding information that could be dangerous to national security. This issue with our dumber than dogshit, dipshit president and the clear, unmistakable quid pro quo he made because he is piss scared of Joe Biden and wants to create a scandal to handicap his 2020 odds (just as "emails" helped him against Hillary), whichis entirely different.
  2. it was a 24TD season but no, overwhelmingly folks know he’s a backup/bad starter and are looking at offseason options.
  3. The subforum is called "Titans and NFL Talk", dipshit.
  4. Yeah a few years ago he had running back speed. Dude was FAST. And you just don't see it anymore. SAME with Trubisky. I am telling you, these players are remarkably similar, which is why it would be doubly stupid if the Bears signed Mariota. Trubisky was basically a running back when taking off last year. Not as straight line fast as prime running Mariota but damn close, but with better twitch ability to run laterally and make others miss. This year he has simply REFUSED to run and he's not making lineman miss like last year. Dude had 421 yards rushing and 3 TDs in 14 games last year. This year, in 7 games he has 46 yards. Obviously, he hasn't lost athletic ability in a year. Whoever told this dude to stop running (his only truly dynamic skill) and to be a pocket QB should be shot.
  5. There is a significant minority of Bears fan, writers and prognosticators who are open to the Bears bringing in Marcus Mariota next season. Marcus Mariota and Mitchell Trubisky are the epitome of that 2 Spider-Mans pointing meme. They are nearly the same player. Mariota is better at processing defenses, Trubisky has the better arm. Both miss and sail intermediate difficulty NFL passes far too often. Part of it is the classic case of "fans only watch their own teams". As a Bears fan in Nashville I've been able to see a lot more Mariota than other Bears fans have. But another part is that folks think his old coach, Helfrich, the Bears OC can play to his strengths. As a Bears fan I am starting this thread in order to report back next season on this train wreck as it happens, if they do indeed sign him in the offseason. What would you tell Bears fans about Marischrota?
  6. Hey for sure though, Libtards need to take notice. Trump is piss scared of Joe Biden and was already trying to handicap his campaign. He knows that was one of the only reasons he beat Hillary, and he thought he could repeat this with Biden. Joe Biden should be the nominee.
  7. Even crazier is how they are trying to re-brand themselves as the anti-war party after 15+ years of "there really were WMDs but they were smuggled into Syria!".
  8. Fagtardennials. Because due to them, we can't say "fag" or "retard" anymore.
  9. I read a piece that pinpointed most of this this "safe space" shit that led to eventual woke culture to the Freshmen college classes of '13-14. All this ire over "millennials" should actually be towards the generation after them, whatever they are calling them now. I don't think a name has really stuck yet.
  10. You're the dumb hick talking about moving out of the country.
  11. I thought so too. Nope, it's a legit thing that is happening to people now. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/is-your-marijuana-use-causing-your-vomiting-problems/