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  1. It is stupid. But this is the type of local politics shit conservatives prefer though, right?
  2. Not California. Just the city of Berkeley. Home of the 10 million strong ANTIFAs.
  3. ”My family were killed!” Trump: “where are they now?” Yep. Welp one thing you can say for Trump— good thing he conquered the libtards and pointed out the fake newz. “A lot of dumb rednecks— I mean quality posters, who are afraid of posting their political opinions on an anonymous message board because they are deathly afraid OMAN (for some reason), message me all the time thanking me for becoming a right wing grifter.”
  4. Who the fuck wears political hats and shirts and gear anyway? I've always considered just about anyone who wears a hat or a shirt for a candidate in every day life to be a fuckwad and that goes for almost everyone who has bumper stickers too. Just as a general rule, people who flaunt their political persuasion in their day to day lives are insufferable. Both sides. BOTH SIDES!
  5. This is a completely overblown distillation and extrapolation of isolated events that you are presenting as if they happen daily. There's a problem with social media in general that people think certain relatively rare events or attitudes are ubiquitous. Where were you during the Obama admin when people accused him of being a foreign born terrorist leader? This is literally the opinion of most of my co-workers and even some family here in the south. They think he was, quite literally, a Muslim Manchurian candidate who came to bring Marxism and purposely ruin America. I know, I live and work around these people. Are you REALLY comfortable with totally red pilling like these grifters you are following on Twitter and buying into their version of reality wholesale? Are you curating your Twitter timeline and news feeds so that you see only that type of shit all the time, all day long? I lean left but I fully know to take shit, ESPECIALLY shit that parrots my already held views, with a grain of salt and to research further. Swinging wildly from one position to the other-- it's not healthy. One thing I do agree with you about, Democratic leadership are blowing all this shit.
  6. Most of you guy’s LCD TVs are dogshit with bad black levels and you’ve not probably got it on torch mode.
  7. The elderly man who thinks it’s a good look to spray paint his face orange and speaks in sentence fragments is a genius strategists vs. he just says whatever shit he wants hmmm I dunno this one is tough.
  8. The Democrats need to be careful with this "Free everything" shit. Republicans USED to say this about Dems-- that they were the give away party, and they were wrong. They'd smear Obama: "FREEE OBUMMA PHONES!!" never mind the program was from the Bush era. Obama was supposedly a FAAAR RADICAL, MOOSLUM MARXIST. The motherfucker was as moderate as you can get. But Dems seem bound and determined to prove that the dipshits on the right were correct all along when the Dem candidates are all piss scared to say that maybe illegals shouldn't get FREE healthcare. This stuff plays like ASS with white Wisconsin and Michigan voters. You know, the states that gave Trump victory last time? Any moderate to non-leftist Dem with a pulse will beat Trump electorally and win the popular by 4 million votes. I am FINE with the corpse of Joe Biden out there. Just get the fucking CLOWN out of office. But the Democrats seem bound and determined to confirm every fear based insult the Republicans have thrown their way for the past 15 years. If they run a leftist, Trump will win.
  9. I don't for one second think that Donald Trump strategized this. Donald Trump does what Donald Trump does, and the consequences of that may work out for him politically, but there is no chess here. His thought process was no more complex than "Fuck those lefty bitches, they are commy twats". Then he tweeted. Now I do agree with you, and what Tapper posted that this winds up having positive consequences for him. The more the right focuses on what really are a very, very small group of leftists in the house that do not represent the Dems as a whole, and paint all Dems with that brush, the better for them. But Oman is also correct to say that this can backfire. If the black vote is motivated and mobilized against Trump, he's toast. Trump won last time because the black Obama voter stayed home. Period.
  10. There's roughly 46 members of "ANTIFA", mostly in Berkley and Portland. An extremely loose, non affiliated group of 19-22 year old shit-stirrers who exit their parent's basements just long enough to don a mask and attend a protest. The size of that group as been vastly overstated by right wing media. Groups like The Proud Boys mix it up with them for the expressed purpose of inciting violence and then report to the media with their pouty faces on: "We WUZ ATTACKED BY THUH ANTIFA!". Fuck all those people.
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