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  1. Trump's rallies are not your typical fare in politics for sure but when you see the type of people he gets at these things -- it's the same people who show up at tractor pulls and wrestling at the fairgrounds & in the same numbers-- you'd think they'd taper expectations especially with the knowledge of how hated Trump is on the flip side. You'd think they would have learned that lesson from 2016 given how significant a portion of that vote was not pro Trump but anti-Hillary. But many live in an insulated bubble
  2. If Captain Retard Baby Tantum Man was actually smart & competent, things could have been different! Imagine if he were a completely different human being!
  3. Yeah before they even had a half assed story about how the election was "fraud" he was up in here acting as if it was a foregone conclusion-- the only way Trump COULD lose, was fraud. I mean you saw the goddamned boat parades & the rallies right? Skanks with MAGA gear, old fat ladies still wearing "Trump that bitch" tshirts in 2020. ENTHUSIASM! And it's all your guys fault for being mean to him online just as he predicted you would. Fuckin libtards!
  4. yeah but that was like the Thursday after the election and he was still emotional. Surely by now he’s come to grips with the facts!
  5. I hope Merc is just being a little pussy about being wrong about the election and reality in general vs. one of his kids being sick or something. Just pop back in Merc. Tell us you went full Trumptard but you snapped out of it
  6. Dude Hillary Clinton would micro manage the every loving shit out of a Waffle House. She'd kill it.
  7. Total Trumptard work buddy is quarantining right now. Orange County Cali right winger who is a convert of the "I came from California and I saw what libtard policies do" variety. He doesn't have it, but was close by someone at work who tested positive. So I see him tagged in a Facebook thing and it is his Dad who they are asking for prayers for because he is in the hospital with COVID and not doing well.
  8. you should read that Vanity Fair piece
  9. What's wrong with people who look at, and listen to Donald Trump that don't immediately recognize him as an unqualified dumb fuck? This is not a person that any large company in this country would ever hire as a CEO or senior executive.
  10. Who the fuck are the 2 judges that agreed with them? Fucking retards.

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