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  1. All touched libtards are crazy, brah.
  2. You know Rollard is on a tard roll, owning the every loving shit out of us libs when he posts 3-4 times consecutively with Youtube vid links.
  3. You have to understand the mindset of these dumb motherfuckers. They really, truly believe that Hillary Clinton is a serial murderer. You're an idiot for thinking Trump's Russia stuff looked fishy. Also Hillary Clinton had 60+ people murdered, and Obama is a closet gay Muslim.
  4. They think America in the 1950s was at it's greatest when taxes were higher, there were more labor unions, and we were smack dab in the middle of New Deal reforms although they hate all the things I just mentioned.
  5. He's giving handouts to farmers due to his tariff bullshit. He's a socialist.
  6. All? You dumb hick. Worst recession since the great depression, dipshit. Kinda stands to reason, logically, that it would be the slowest recovery since the Great Depression if it is the worst recession since the Great Depression. Man, you're dumb.
  7. I always thought of $15 bucks an hour as a negotiation point. You always start high in order to settle somewhere acceptable. The big big problem is minimum wage not matching inflation over the years. In 1971 the minimum wage was $1.60 which is $10.04 today. Yet the minimum wage today is, what $7.25?
  8. Or Whitewater. Or Hillary’s emails. And what about electing a president that pushed a conspiracy theory about the prior president for years suddenly livid about what he insists is a fake conspiracy? How rich! It’s fuckin’ laughable to watch Republicans of all people- REPUBLICANS— the absolute KINGS of the “find a reason to investigate, go for it and dig up SOMETHING— ANYTHING” strategy complain about the method THEY invented! Only this time the investigation is bipartisan, led by a republican and based on solid leads The reason Trump was shitting himself over all this is he watched Republicans use Whitewater to drum up dirt on Clinton on the periphery with shit that had nothing to do with the original investigation.
  9. This was back when politicians were suppose to appear smart, before dumb motherfuckers like Trump came along. Shit, given bush, then Trump, it's almost impossible for the next guy to out dumb-shit those two, but don't put anything past the GOP.
  10. Trump went over there and stuck his tongue up Kim's asshole, and when they sent one of our kids back to us in a coma, he didn't do shit. The motherfucker said he and Kim were "IN LOVE". Trump is such a goddamned cartoon, he can say anything and your dumb hick brains will reinterpret it into some 4-D chess genius. If this was Obama you'd all be jerking your little hillbilly peckers to death over how awful and un-American this all is. Kim CONTINUES to embarrass Trump on the world stage, again and again. He is much, much more intelligent than Donald Trump.
  11. Here’s how Lindsey Graham feels about impeachment.
  12. Clinton was impeached with a better economy. Every time this dumb motherfucker opens his mouth or types, it's inaccurate.
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