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  1. That's a lot of inference. The special council really should be taken at face value. We should err on the side of caution, and strive as dissimilar to MAGAtards as possible.
  2. 'Nator

    Awesome black conservatives...........

    Candace Owens is a dumb twat.
  3. 'Nator

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    I have 4 and 1/2 Masters Degrees.
  4. 'Nator

    Expert at everything

    He's an unqualified imbecile. He knows nothing of policy. Nothing. He's an elderly, cradle millionaire child This was clear from the start. Trump is playing. He's a child playing games with the entire world. He is who he is. The people who elected him are idiot rubes. Honestly, I always thought something like this would happen much early -- "this" meaning the idiot rednecks of the world would elect someone clearly incompetent.
  5. All those Netflix Marvel shows are garbage. Ya fuckin' geeks.
  6. 'Nator

    Anti Trump Meltdown

    Look at the simpletons and dumb hicks of the board cherry pick YouTube to rail against “libtards”.
  7. 'Nator

    4k tv worth it?

    All LCD TVs are shit, picture wise that said, if you have to have one, that TCL TV is really good for the money. LCDs are garbage. I wish they'd be wiped off the planet. Fuckin' washed out looking, computer pixilated bullshit that looks half as good as a 12 year old, mid grade plasma. But if you have a SUPER bright room and you do gaming I guess that's your only option.
  8. 'Nator

    4k tv worth it?

    Toshiba TVs are pretty shit, dude. Or at least they were. I mean $200 bucks for a 65 inch anything that's recent is low risk but....
  9. If he were to get his "steel slats" he'd go back to calling it a wall the next day.
  10. 'Nator

    Stuff you cant make up...

    SImple Jake. This is from The Babylon Bee which is a Christian ripoff of The Onion
  11. 'Nator

    Clinton Cash Facts That Have Been Confirmed - URANIUM ONE

    For accuracy, change that to INDIVIDUAL ONE The biggest scandal of our time.