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  1. Trump was holding fucking rallies and playing golf. Clinton did some of his most effective work while being impeached and he actually testified. Oddly though, this IS an admission that Trump's response to this was dogshit.
  2. Whichever side has the power is going to take advantage of the other side to some degree. I'd rather the WORKERS to have the leverage and power, even if there are some undesirable side effects from time to time Vs. the corps wiping their ass with their employees as happens far too often when labor has no power.
  3. This show is a painfully average Breaking Bad knockoff but now I’m invested and will probably watch them all
  4. Trump’s response to this hasn’t been dogshit? Did you not see this mental 4 year old go from "it’s only 15 cases it’s totally under control" to "I say it’s a PANDEMIC! I’m probably the first to call it that!” good god what kind of bizarro world do we live in where people are defending this fucking retard?
  5. LOLZERS yeah we figured that out about half way through and the rest of the episodes were fairly lackluster/just okay plot wise
  6. 'Nator

    Virus in US

    Vitamin C for cancer, and most ailments in general is conspiracy horseshit with no efficacy. Unless you have a deficiency. Mega doses don't work for cancer. Studies have been done. Of course if you are a conspiracy person then it's all a part of an all encompassing conspiracy.
  7. The first few episodes were good. The "WTF? How is he in two places at once/did he do it or not"? After that it was a fairly well produced, well acted, but slightly boring monster-tracking thing.
  8. I agree! I even made a thread on Titan Report to chronicle his exploits of retardation.
  9. Not sure. I don’t remember you being super political. I thought you were republican leaning and luke warm on Trump. Not sure why, just my impressions. But you’ve been (correctly imo) savaging Trump lately like never before
  10. yeah this study was hydrochloriquine alone. The combo with azithromycin is what is successful. It’s almost as if they cherry picked a bad result without the z-pack combo that makes the combo effective. A Chinese study no less
  11. Hydrochloriquine has been around for 50 years. it’s always been allowed, at Dr’s discretion, to use meds off label so there was no need for Trump to "cut through red tape”. This drug is being used with success. They’ve branded it Trump pills. The media has just assumed bc Trump mentioned it, then it must be bad so they run stories critical of it. The media isn’t looking into this deep enough. This shit works and Trump will rub their face in his shit over it as he touts his multi-disciplinary stable genius-ness. This shit is not a scam. It’s being used in every major hospital to treat Coronavirus. I’m fucking telling you guys
  12. You’re full of the same hubris the Dems were in 2016 when they ran historically disliked Hillary. This time it is TRUMP that is the historically disliked candidate. He’s the candidate people will protest vote against.
  13. Man this thread is FULL of pot/kettle. In 2016 the republican candidates were so bad that an elderly spray tanned reality TV show host beat them all. The second place candidate, Ted Cruz is probably best known for being almost universally hated, even by his own party.
  14. That bitch definitely killed her husband an fed him to the tigers.
  15. 'Nator

    Virus in US

    Fair. But in my opinion, if he had run against a non-Hillary, none of that would have happened.

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