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    RBG died

    The ACA is the Republican health bill from the 90s. It's Mitt Romney's Republican law from Massachusetts in the early 00s. Yet when Obama brought up the same law, suddenly it became a "government takeover" of Healthcare and "communism" etc. Tell me again how it is the LEFT that has gone extreme. The opposite is true! I am saying this for the benefit of the other posters who can read this and see a glaring example of how wrong you are. You dumb as shit partisan Trumpian rednecks are too fucking dumb to know how dumb you are and even if you were smart enough to realize it, you're too fucking shameless to ever admit it.
  2. And in fact, left media and many Bernie types on the far left were directly responsible for NOT touting the Obama record. It was never good enough for them. So with Obama you had both the right and the far left rhetorically working against him.
  3. 'Nator

    Mayor Cooper

    Oh dude this isn't just Nashville now, all of MAGA country is up in arms about this. I hear it every 5 seconds at work "DIDJA HEAR WHUT THE MAYER DID?"
  4. I have been harping on this. It's utterly incredible. And the black unemployment numbers he always stresses: From 16.8% to 7.8% during Obama's term. This trajectory continued as Trump took over and got down to a record, pre-pandemic 5.4% before Trump bungled the whole thing. What's better, 16.8% to 7.8% or 7.8% to 5.4%? Opponents and left media hardly ever hit back with this!
  5. Yeah this is fucking retarded. I posted about 5 news stories from Obama's tenure, 3 or so years ago, all reporting the imminent demise of ISIS. Same with the Economy, first Trump says it is a fake bubble and a few months later he is touting the exact same numbers, this time "I have defeated the ISIS caliphate!". BTW he says the words "caliphate" every time, like he's super impressed with that word for some reason. I found my post from 2017
  6. This is because you aren't all red pilled, newly seeing the light, up Tim Poole and Andy Ngo's ass, with the sensitivity of a pecker head, hair-trigger ready for any LIBZ to treat you oh so poorly in order to prove your new priors.
  7. Do you even know what the fuck "Dualism" means? Dualism is inherent in Christianity.
  8. Notice his letters to Kin aren't available. The motherfucker writes on an 8th grade level.
  9. Think about what kind of dumb motherfucker puts a political bumper sticker on his or her car. Or what kind of person wears a Trump hat or shirt. Hyper partisan dumb shits whose entire lives = basically talking about Trump. Their entire fucking identity is Trump's dumb ass. Yard signs aint as bad- it's more temporary, just for the election season. I wouldn't put one up, but I get it. But shit like that is mostly for hyper partisans and dumb fuck clowns. I'm sure Biden is winning the "not dumb shit enough to constantly broadcast my politics" folks.
  10. I feel like "But I didn't even see many X yard signs" shock has been happening for decades in election.
  11. Virus is fake, snowflake. And even if it wasn't -- HYDROXYCHLORIQUINE cures it.

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