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  1. Wait, really? Is there any evidence for this? I think dick and pussy sex, blowjobs and poontang licking are probably the biggest culprits.
  2. This is high level retardation.
  3. the President supposedly took "HCQ" preventively, STILL got COVID, and during his COVID treatment, was given every drug possible, & HCQ was not one of them. Hydroxychloroquine, which looked like it could be promising as a possible somewhat effective treatment early on, has been proven at this point to not be much of a use.
  4. 'Nator

    Virus in US

    I put mine on in my car for my sort walk into the building at work-- usually I am carrying something. I have had people say "WHY MASK OUTSIDE SNOWFLERK?" It's like, fuck off idiot. As mentioned, most of this stuff is due to practicality, not over catastrophizing COVID risk.
  5. I hit like 4/7 out of these criteria!
  6. The big tell that he graduated from "The Dem establishment is terrible and Trump is what they deserve" to full on MAGA Trumptard was him, clearly upset, railing about "all the obvious voter fraud" just two days after the election.
  7. Yes, I always felt like $15 was a good (high) negotiating starting point. If you do the inflation calculator from 1978 (the year I was born), the min wage was $2.60 which is $10.25 today. I think something like $12 is attainable and even something like $10 is an obvious improvement. California and Oregon can afford 15 an hour, Mississippi can't.
  8. Hey a bomb exploded downtown did you guys hear about this?
  9. Who Else's Facebook looks like this: "Let's take a look at Joe Biden's record after less than TWO WEEKS in office: • Stopped the pipeline and outlawed all pipe laying • KILLED 463,735,128,734,069 JOBS • Used Space Force to declare war on the entire Alpha Centauri Star System • Relations with giant headed Gray aliens have never been worse • Bingo is now the national pastime. • Appointed 12 ANTIFAS to his cabinet • Made it so you can't throw tomatoes at trans anymore • Outlawed Micro Machines bc he kept slipping on them • Ordered the Micro Machines scen
  10. you think they were expecting possible prosecution?
  11. IF this was the other way around right wingers would be posting how these dudes got SUICIDED by "Killery" or other leftists due to their knowledge. "HMMMMM COICIDENCE". That said, wtf is the sense in that? I don't get it. Survive the insurrection, kill yourself?
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