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  1. Your "team"? Was that for officers? Or does this apply to the entire military?
  2. Buttigeig? I like him but he's a gay dude with a boyfriend. That'll keep the old rust belt dudes who are tired of Trump's shit from flipping to Biden. They need to keep this simple. No big time "socialists" or anyone perceived to be far left. No gays. No women (Bernie is right).
  3. The President: Clownish elderly cartoon person. Bad comb over. Spray tans own face. Can't speak, write or think. Nonsensically rambles daily. Tweets are rife w grammar/spelling errors. The President's fans: "Joe Biden messed up on some words last night LOLZ what an old idiot!"
  4. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    I actually agree with him about the election. Now getting things done while in office is a different story. But this election is about beating Trump and nothing else. I could be wrong on this but I just don't think I am. I am going with the fact that most old ass white rust belt people are stupid and racist. Period. My life experience has borne that out! Some will vote for Biden because he's an old white guy that doesn't disrupt their sensibilities. They won't vote for a woman or a socialist. They just won't. Biden is highly popular with the black Obama voter. He'll get those people out to vote -- and he is popular enough with the old white crowd to flip those rust belt states. You folks still aren't getting how vehemently HATED Hillary was/is. A good portion of Trump votes were anti-Hillary protest votes. Biden doesn't stir haters like that. Now's not the time to go ultra progressive, you'll just hand the presidency back to dumb fuck Donnie.
  5. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    You know, in some ways it's the RIGHT that is responsible for Bernie and Warren and AOC, the Squad etc by hurling the SOCIALIST MARXIST label on to Obama for years, making him out to be fuckin Pol Pot, refusing any compromise with him at all on moderate policies, where else did Democrats have to go? I mean there was ZERO compromise on the health care bill, which was originally a Republican created bill in the 90s, implemented by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. If a moderate health care bill is out, or in this case, stripped -- what's left to push for?
  6. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    Total moderate. His healthcare legislation was fucking Romneycare!
  7. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    They didn't vote for Clinton because nobody likes Hillary Clinton. Nobody. The right hates her. The left doesn't like her. Independents didn't like her. She's probably the most historically disliked candidate of my lifetime. Any generic centrist would have beaten Trump easily. A great percentage of Trump's votes were anti-Hillary protest votes. That and blacks stayed home. No reason to get out of the house to vote for her. This is why Biden will be president. People like Biden. Independents like Biden. Blacks like Biden. Your generic rust belt white guys will absolutely fall for that "Marxist/leftist/Pocahontas" rhetoric. They won't vote for Bernie or Warren -- especially Warren. It'd be a Reagan/Mondale landslide. 2016 wasn't an issues election. That's just a retro'd explanation as to why Trump won. He didn't win because of issues. He won because, on the whole, people hated Hillary Clinton more. At least they did in the swing states that mattered. Barack Obama, a moderate, won big in 2012 and 2016 and would destroy Trump in a head to head election. I am making no statements here on moderate policies btw, I am just talking election chances.
  8. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    How many consecutive posts would Rolltard have made if I didn't break up his streak with this post? 4? 5? 6?
  9. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    That's just something realists say when they know rust belters will vote for an old, centrist guy but they won't vote a perceived leftist candidate.
  10. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    If the Democrats run a super lib like Bernie or Warren they will lose and they will deserve it. Meanwhile, keep up posting far right wing editorials from tiny, pop-up infused websites, smart guy! That'll really show us libtards!
  11. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    Hillary was investigated for years BY RIGHT WINGERS salivating, foaming at the mouth to LOCK HER UP, and the whole thing ended with a whimper. A cradle rich, imbecilic reality TV star is in the white house telling lies every day and you think it's cute. He talks about exchanging LOVE LETTERS with Kim Jong Un and you think it's great. Yet you think Obama was a secret Kenyan commie Muslim terrorist leader. You're fucking retarded.
  12. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    Oh lewk an opinion piece by some right wing website. Convincing!
  13. Donald Trump knows his audience is retarded rednecks.
  14. It must be related to.....the biggest scandal of our times: URANIUM ONE!
  15. 'Nator

    But Her Emails

    The biggest scandal of our time! URANIUM ONE!

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