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  1. Pence announced that he’s running officially for some reason so I figured it was time to start this thread. Here’s the (*updated) candidates list (I left off a few nobodies) Donald Trump Ronald DeSantis Nikki Haley Tim Scott Mike Pence Chris Christie Asa Hutchinson (former governor of Arkansas) Doug Burgum (Governor of North Dakota) Will Hurd (former Texas rep) Francis Suarez (mayor of Miami) Vivek Ramaswamy (?) Larry Elder (nobody)
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_ethnicity_in_the_United_States White 59.3% Latino 18.9% Black 12.6% Indians 0.7% Why are Black people the GOP's big target. America's big cities. Code-City full of blacks. Affirmative Action. Slaves learned how to make wonderful living picking cotton after slavery. Very useful skills. See GOP knows that's stupid, BUT they target the black people as a negative. Merge with the GOP thread, if mods want.
  3. Was a complete lie. Good job media and the fbi for spreading those lies https://www.ft.com/content/913f769f-29ef-4506-a120-d0163af351ea
  4. Well their seems to be corroboration from other sources that validates that was Hunter's laptop. Combine it with the fact that no one from Biden's campaign has said it is not, seems to me that Hunter IS the October surprise. Seems to be more info on a Chinese pay for play. This is getting interesting.
  5. Per Biden Campaign Confirmation:
  6. I’m not sure how this slipped past me, but apparently the state senate in Arizona is having Maricopa County recounted for a second time...with a wonderful twist sure to provide evidence that isn’t there that Trump won non-biased findings about how to secure the franchise. Incoming long thread. At least read the links. But the recount has come under sharp criticism from election observers, voting rights advocates and Democrats, who have said it lacks independent oversight and could be used to further baseless claims about the 2020 election. GOP senators have handed over management and funding of the quasi-public process to a private cybersecurity firm from Florida called Cyber Ninjas, whose chief executive has echoed false claims about fraud in the election. I can feel the Republicans arousal from here. It gets better though. After state Democrats filed a lawsuit this week to halt the proceedings, an Arizona judge on Friday ordered that the recount be paused for the weekend to consider their allegations that the process violates state laws governing the security of ballots. However, he required that the Democratic Party post a $1 million bond to cover the potential costs of a delay. On Friday afternoon, the state party said it would not put up the money, meaning the recount is on track to press ahead. Well played there your honor. Yeah, you guys can worry about the privacy rights of the voters...if you put up a million dollar bond! Oh, and also the CEO is saying the methods used have to be kept top secret. Now that’s real democracy ladies and gentlemen, GOP style. Welp let’s just tie it all back together. You all know where this is leading. The counting has just begun, but already the audit has become almost inextricable from the far-right internet. There, audit-watchers share tips and concerns about security offered by Ron Watkins, a man suspected of helping birth the QAnon craze. Watkins is a former administrator of 8kun, the forum that hosted the QAnon conspiracy theory, which falsely accuses Trump’s foes of Satanic pedophilia and cannibalism. Another standard riff on the unsourced graphic came in a blog post that announced “It’s happening Patriots! The truth is coming out… TRUMP WON!” That post was shared by Bobby Piton, the manager of an Illinois-based financial planning firm. ILF: Well who is Pitton? Reached by phone, Piton told The Daily Beast he was working on the audit in an unofficial capacity, after Logan asked him for his assistance. ILF: Remember Logan? The CEO whose company is running the recount and diagnostics on the machines? Piton said he and Watkins had been in touch last year and had recently reconnected to discuss the Arizona audit. “He just reached out and said, ‘I see you’re doing God’s work,’” Piton told The Daily Beast. “And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m trying, I’m trying.’ And, you know, he feels the same way about what he’s doing. And we just, we just kind of spoke about, I guess about the ballots. We were just talking about the UV lights [auditors are shining UV lights on the ballots]? We just kind of kick the tires around that and different technologies that could be used to expose voter fraud in the future, how we can maybe come up with ideas that we share with the public and collaborate.” Piton said he didn’t know much about QAnon and that Watkins had denied being Q. That said, Piton noted, he wouldn’t really care if Watkins was behind the conspiracy theory. He just wanted to proceed with the absurd exercise in Arizona. “I have no idea what his involvement is or anything like that,” Piton said. “Frankly, it doesn’t really matter for what I’m working on with them.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/politics/arizona-recount-trump-fraud-claims/2021/04/23/2f320b72-a3a4-11eb-a774-7b47ceb36ee8_story.html%3foutputType=amp https://www.thedailybeast.com/last-ditch-plot-to-sabotage-bidens-presidential-election-goes-full-qanon?ref=scroll
  7. @TennesseeTuxedo @El Guapo @Little Earl https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/sidney-powell-dominion-no-reasonable-person-000137630.html Sydney Powell herself says you'd have to be a complete dumbass to believe anything she says... especially in regards to voter fraud. lol you fucking idiots.
  8. I think it’s time for a dedicated thread for the general election. The primary is long done and we know the candidates. might as well start here...
  9. Now that the presidential election is over - We can talk about the Senate control battle here. Al Gross in Alaska is convinced he won there as well so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  10. Maxine Waters has given over $1 million in campaign cash to daughter https://www.foxnews.com/politics/maxine-waters-has-given-over-1-million-in-campaign-cash-to-daughter
  11. I don't expect this seat is viable to flip Dem in 2022, and this is a bad development because the seat will likely go to someone who is more of a Trumper and less reasonable. But Dems definitely should be the favorite in the 2022 seat to replace Toomey, as well as to pick off the Ron Johnson seat in WI. His popularity there is underwater. However, this gives him flexibility to vote to convict Trump.
  12. This speech is absolutely inciting the riot
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9113191/Tulsi-Gabbard-slams-woke-use-congressional-language-says-amen-women.html So I guess calling Pelosi a cunt is not allowed? Seriously, you woke dumbshits should are out of control...
  14. and it’s on audio. Now THAT is trying to commit voter fraud.
  15. This came to me asking for support. Too long to put in an existing thread. "Exposing secrets and dirty cover-ups the Mainstream media and the Washington establishment are hiding from the American people." click here to unsubscribe. It's Time to Deploy the PENCE CARD! The fate of the Republic now hangs in the balance. We only have a short period of time to STOP THE COUP and fight for Trump's second term! Patriot, President Trump just issued the directive - we will NOT back down. Not now, not EVER. Trump is teaming up with General Flynn to rally American patriots all across the country to stand up and fight back. Are you with us? Here's the plan: The U.S. Constitution PROHIBITS Vice President Mike Pence from "receiving" electoral voters from six fraudulently certified states. By law, he must notify each Secretary of State who certified for Biden where the fraud occurred that he HAS NOT RECEIVED nad Certificates of legally "APPOINTED" Electors of their votes due to massive voter fraud. On Dec. 14, the States in question consummated a FRAUDULENT and Constitutionally deficient certification of their electors, as REQUIRED by the Constitution. Both State and Federal authorities have discovered OVERWHELMING evidence of election fraud and irregularities, likely rising to the level of criminal election fraud and public corruption. Thusly, as President of the Senate, Vice President Pence sits on the National Security Council and has direct information NO OTHER individual in the Presidential electoral process has - not the States, not the SCOTUS, and Not the U.S. Congress. This specifically includes ALL classified evidence and assessments which emanate from Executive Order 13848regarding foreign interference with US Elections. This means that President Trump can deploy Vice President Pence as his secret weapon to BLOCK Congress from accepting electoral votes from states with MASSIVE, proven voter fraud. General Flynn issued the call, and we need to urge President to put it into action: THE PENCE CARD! Sign the #StoptheCoup Petition today and help us keep President Trump in office! Look... the facts are crystal clear... ...Hundreds of people have come forward and signed affidavits they witnessed voter fraud... thousands of brave patriots have sworn affidavits that attest to the AWFUL fraud that took place all across the country. Nothing about this election is legitimate, and we MUST urge President Trump and Mike Pence to put an END to it once and for all. As you're reading this, the Trump legal team is clearing the way toward victory as fast as they can. But they need our support. We need 100,000 signed petitions in order to FLOOD Congress and the White House showing that the American People will NOT accept Joe Biden's stolen election. Sign the #StoptheCoup national petition: Demand the Trump administration deploy their PENCE CARD and refuse to accept illegal cast electoral votes! Big Tech, the Mainstream Media, and the Washington Swamp are teaming up against President Trump. It's going to take ALL of us joining together to stop this fraud. Will you join in and sign the petition? Trump needs us now more than ever... we're running out of time.
  16. ? The Daily Beast: Rudy Giuliani's Star Election Fraud Witness Harassed Boyfriend's Ex With Sex Tapes. Melissa Carone, a witness in one of Rudy Giuliani’s sham election fraud hearings who went viral for her bizarre testimony, only recently came off probation for harassed her boyfriend’s ex-wife with sex videos. According to police reports obtained by Deadline Detroit, Carone stalked the woman for two years, sending several explicit videos of Carone and her boyfriend having sex. Investigators linked an email address used to send the videos back to Carone, who eventually admitted to sending the videos, saying she wanted to send the ex-wife “over the top.” She faced obscenity and computer crime charges that were later reduced to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. https://www.thedailybeast.com/rudy-giulianis-star-election-witness-melissa-carone-harassed-boyfriends-ex-with-sex-tapes That's girl right here:
  17. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/politics/ivanka-trump-deposition/index.html Is anyone still wondering why Trump wants to pre-emptively pardon his kids? Prepare yourself for the giant sucking sound of right wingers yawning off this legal complication for dear leader. No amount of evidence can dissuade them from their loyal shrug at this obvious corruption.
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