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  1. I think it’s time for a dedicated thread for the general election. The primary is long done and we know the candidates. might as well start here...
  2. Now that the presidential election is over - We can talk about the Senate control battle here. Al Gross in Alaska is convinced he won there as well so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  3. I don't expect this seat is viable to flip Dem in 2022, and this is a bad development because the seat will likely go to someone who is more of a Trumper and less reasonable. But Dems definitely should be the favorite in the 2022 seat to replace Toomey, as well as to pick off the Ron Johnson seat in WI. His popularity there is underwater. However, this gives him flexibility to vote to convict Trump.
  4. This speech is absolutely inciting the riot
  5. These speeches are sometimes good. Some know their thoughts well and can express them well. Some read from paper after paper. Bombast, regardless. So much bombast. Just certify the shit so I can wear my new Titans hat. The one with the American flag on the side. Wearing my new hat depends on the certification of these goddamn results.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9113191/Tulsi-Gabbard-slams-woke-use-congressional-language-says-amen-women.html So I guess calling Pelosi a cunt is not allowed? Seriously, you woke dumbshits should are out of control...
  7. and it’s on audio. Now THAT is trying to commit voter fraud.
  8. While the award has somewhat lost its luster, this is just another example of Trump turning everything he touches into shit. https://www.axios.com/trump-jim-jordan-devin-nunes-presidential-medal-18b704fd-ad55-49e5-8eff-c0742ce7cc3f.html https://apple.news/AnXPXc7SaRjy8v6ocMWyH6g
  9. This came to me asking for support. Too long to put in an existing thread. "Exposing secrets and dirty cover-ups the Mainstream media and the Washington establishment are hiding from the American people." click here to unsubscribe. It's Time to Deploy the PENCE CARD! The fate of the Republic now hangs in the balance. We only have a short period of time to STOP THE COUP and fight for Trump's second term! Patriot, President Trump just issued the directive - we will NOT back down. Not now, not EVER. Trump is teaming up with General Flynn to rally American
  10. Well their seems to be corroboration from other sources that validates that was Hunter's laptop. Combine it with the fact that no one from Biden's campaign has said it is not, seems to me that Hunter IS the October surprise. Seems to be more info on a Chinese pay for play. This is getting interesting.
  11. Number9


    https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/08/politics/supreme-court-pennsylvania-trump-biden/index.html The SCOTUS ruled 9-0 against Trump's attempt to overrule the United States 2020 Election. Six conservatives justice and three liberal justices said NO.
  12. 😂 The Daily Beast: Rudy Giuliani's Star Election Fraud Witness Harassed Boyfriend's Ex With Sex Tapes. Melissa Carone, a witness in one of Rudy Giuliani’s sham election fraud hearings who went viral for her bizarre testimony, only recently came off probation for harassed her boyfriend’s ex-wife with sex videos. According to police reports obtained by Deadline Detroit, Carone stalked the woman for two years, sending several explicit videos of Carone and her boyfriend having sex. Investigators linked an email address used to send the videos back to Carone, who eventually admitte
  13. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/politics/ivanka-trump-deposition/index.html Is anyone still wondering why Trump wants to pre-emptively pardon his kids? Prepare yourself for the giant sucking sound of right wingers yawning off this legal complication for dear leader. No amount of evidence can dissuade them from their loyal shrug at this obvious corruption.
  14. Jamalisms

    Who wins?

    Feel free to state your case but call your shot either way.
  15. Per Biden Campaign Confirmation:
  16. tgo

    A Concern

    Something that I keep running into when gaming out scenarios where Trump could execute a coup. Let me know what you guys think. ”December 8 is known as the “safe harbor” deadline for appointing the 538 men and women who make up the Electoral College. The electors do not meet until six days later, December 14, but each state must appoint them by the safe-harbor date to guarantee that Congress will accept their credentials. The controlling statute says that if “any controversy or contest” remains after that, then Congress will decide which electors, if any, may cast the state’s ballo
  17. She donated a paltry $25k to bipartisan candidates from 2016-2020. 1) I doubt she has much personal cash to donate, and 2) most relevant donations probably come from the Adams company, where she isn’t a board member, and surely lean republican. Really great work by ESPN. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/30155186/election-2020-political-donation-history-wealthy-sports-owners
  18. Lindsey Graham mentioned specifically. He should be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee and potentially should be investigated by the incoming AG for election related crimes.
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