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Found 11 results

  1. My current home office desk setup has one of those basic under desk keyboard trays that slides in and out on rails. It works fine but it's a little low and I'd like to find something better. I've spent hours looking into options. The ones in the $100-$150 range on Amazon and elsewhere seem to get mixed reviews. I've also looked at some that are twice the cost that seem to be built better. I'd like something that doesn't wobble and can be fully retracted under the desk when not in use. I also don't want a clamp on model and I wan
  2. Waiting for a sale on an unlocked phone. Anyone have experience with a OnePlus phone? It seems they are equivalent Samsung Galaxy S phones for about 20% less. 120 refresh HDR OLED screen, Snapdragon 8 series CPU, etc. for $700 to $600, when the equivalent Samsung would be closer to $900. Are they quality phones or problems? Also, anyone know of a site that posts sales on various phones? Looking at Galaxy, Pixel and Apple phones in case sales. Other mid-range phones that are good value?
  3. You're just too good at it. Hey, I know you were wondering but I have all the parts to build my electric car to race your Tesla. 1973 convertible Karman Ghia. Long time before its ready to run...
  4. Over the years, I've notice we have some tech savvy posters. Has anyone had any experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)? I was in a meeting this week and we were discussing migrating all on premise applications and servers to AWS. I just couldn't help thinking, "years ago, Amazon was competing with half price book stores and now they are major players in the cloud computing space"! Anyway, any opinions on AWS?
  5. I've always been a Microsoft guy because MSFT technologies have been pretty good to me and enabled me to have a very good career. For Christmas, my daughter wants a MacBook. Growing up, I always bought her a Windows PCs and even a Surface. Last week, I started shopping and the MacBook prices shocked me. Even a five year old MacBook is the same price as a current i7 PC. I know these MacBooks keep their value, but I'm seeing MacBook Air with an i3 processor that costs more than an i7 PC. I know the Mac folks look down their noses and claim Macs don't have viruses. I als
  6. It's bad enough that the average person in this country spends almost 5 1/2 hours a day on their phone, but 13% of millennials spend over 12 hours a day on their phones. That is half of their entire lives spent looking at their phones. I was just as introverted as most teens growing up, probably a lot more than most, but that is completely insane.
  7. Anyone interested in scoring a PS5 shouldn't even bother trying to get it on Walmart, Target, ect. I just got mine on the playstation direct website and got free express 2-day shipping. If all goes well, it will be here by Saturday. Just keep refreshing the page. If you are willing to try Walmart they'll be selling them at 6 pm and 9pm today. Good luck. https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/ps5
  8. I haven’t gotten a new phone since the iPhone X. I preordered the iPhone 12 pro max and it will be here Friday. I’m really excited to jump back up into the larger phone size(I had an 8 plus before the X), and it times perfectly with my carrier(Verizon)expanding their 5g coverage into my area. Anyone else get one of the new 4 iPhone models?
  9. Any of you guys primarily Playstation/Switch users and still subscribe to Game Pass? I like what Microsoft is doing and to truly take advantage of it, someone just needs a decent PC and then can go wherever else for their gaming while still giving Microsoft less than $10 a month. They have 15 Million subscribers and yet I don't know anyone that does the "smart" thing and not be in the Xbox ecosystem.
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