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Found 14 results

  1. I have a square room. I have 4 lamps, one in each corner. Each lamp has its own wall socket. One of the sockets is wired to a wall switch. I'd like to be able to turn on (and dim) all 4 lights easily without walking all around the room. I can easily plug 2 of the lights into the same socket controlled by the wall switch, but not the other 2 lights because they are on the opposite wall. What's the best way to do this?
  2. A friend gave me ride in his Tesla S Plaid. Regular engines are a joke now. As soon as he accelerated the car, the news, by major car makers that they will offer no combustible engine vehicles in 10 to 15 years, made prefect sense. Although makers need to put the technology toward efficiency, not raw power as if someone needs to accelerate a vehicle faster than falling acceleration.
  3. Has anyone had any success (or any tips) with dealing with an ISP over internet connection issues? I pay for gigabit service. It's not Fiber but it's the highest level of service my ISP offers and it's supposed to give me 1GB down. It never does, even in the middle of the night I've never speed tested over 600 MBPS. I literally just ran a speed test at 10:20 p.m. here and I can't even hit 250. Around the November time frame, I started having random connectivity issues. My connection would just randomly drop from time to time. Sometimes for 1-10 seconds, other times for 1-2 minutes. Sometimes it would happen 10 times in a day. Other times, it wouldn't happen for a week and then would randomly start happening again for a few days, then disappear and re-appear, etc. I spent hours on the phone with all levels of tech support trying to troubleshoot the issue. Of course they kept trying to pass the buck onto me by saying there must be a problem with my router or my cable modem, even though I was using top of the line equipment that was less than 2 years old. All firmware updated, etc. I knew it definitely wasn't a problem with my router because when the connection would drop, I was still connected to my router and able to access everything on my network, but my WAN traffic would dead stop. I started logging into my router's management software to watch it happen live. Sure enough, the ISP connection would drop. I did realize that perhaps my modem had an issue, so I replaced it even though it was only 11 months old at the time. That still didn't fix the problem, so I replaced my router too. And that still hasn't fixed the problem. I have even bypassed the router all together by hard wiring my laptop directly into the modem. It still drops randomly. According to my ISP, everything is just fine on their end. LOL Any advice?
  4. I have made some nice upgrades to my home office during the past 18 pandemic months. I think my next upgrade is going to be my computer. I have already upgraded the rest of my workstation. Big widescreen monitor, awesome chair, new keyboard, tray, mouse, etc. It's all done except the engine. I'm currently using a 3-5 year old Dell XPS tower. Honestly can't remember when I bought it. Processor is an i7 with 16 GB and it still works fine. But I would like to upgrade to something fairly badass. It doesn't have to be the newest top of the line badass, but it needs a decent graphics card and at least 32 MB. I would also be into a smaller form factor if performance doesn't suffer. But it's not a necessity, I have plenty of space. I'm interested to hear any specific recommendations, either specific machines or places I should be looking to buy from. I believe I bought direct from Dell last time around. I have also bought direct from Lenovo in the past for the office and both companies have been fine and offer small business discounts. But I'm not against buying from somewhere like BestBuy, Costco, or somewhere else reputable. Here is what I don't want: 1. I am not going to buy components and build my own. I've done that before and I don't feel like doing it again. Yes, I know I will get a better and cheaper machine, but I don't care enough to put forth the effort. 2. I would prefer an Nvidia graphics card over AMD. I wasn't impressed with my current AMD card. 3. Can't be a Mac. I have work software programs that only run on PC. And I'm not getting a Mac and running Parallels either. Willing to spend anywhere from $750 to $2,000 depending on specs.
  5. Has anyone noticed the price of video cards? This week, I was looking to upgrade the video card on a friend's computer. To my surprise, most stores do not have any video cards in stock and searching online, video cards have doubled and tripled in price. Even searching Ebay, 3-5 year old, used, video cards are doubled their original price. Looking a little deeper, the ridiculous price increases are due to demand being greater than supply because COVID-19 impacted manufacturing and supply chains, cryptocurrency miners buying limited inventory, scalpers price gouging, and retailers passing the cost of Trump's tariffs on China to consumers.
  6. A neighbor, who had a previous vicious pit bulldog that was hit by a car a few years ago, got another one. It is already running lose. I do not have a gun and do not think a pistol is good idea anyway as it would be hard to aim on a fast moving dog and dangerous if the dog was already on me - I might shoot myself in the excitement. I called animal control, and the dog catcher who came out had a rod and noose. I was thinking about making one but I doubt it would be very easy getting it around the dog's neck, and impossibly if the dog got within a few feet. Baseball bat might work but it would not carry much force and would be awkward if the dog was on me. I am thinking a full sized iron-steel crowbar. Even if the dog was biting my leg, I could likely break the dog's back in one or two hard swings, and a crowbar would be more useable close up I assume. What would be best weapon to kill one if it got close?
  7. You're just too good at it. Hey, I know you were wondering but I have all the parts to build my electric car to race your Tesla. 1973 convertible Karman Ghia. Long time before its ready to run...
  8. Over the years, I've notice we have some tech savvy posters. Has anyone had any experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)? I was in a meeting this week and we were discussing migrating all on premise applications and servers to AWS. I just couldn't help thinking, "years ago, Amazon was competing with half price book stores and now they are major players in the cloud computing space"! Anyway, any opinions on AWS?
  9. I've always been a Microsoft guy because MSFT technologies have been pretty good to me and enabled me to have a very good career. For Christmas, my daughter wants a MacBook. Growing up, I always bought her a Windows PCs and even a Surface. Last week, I started shopping and the MacBook prices shocked me. Even a five year old MacBook is the same price as a current i7 PC. I know these MacBooks keep their value, but I'm seeing MacBook Air with an i3 processor that costs more than an i7 PC. I know the Mac folks look down their noses and claim Macs don't have viruses. I also know there will be others who shake their heads in disgust and say why not Linux? My question is who prefers Macs over PCs? Do you think the Mac prices are worth it?
  10. Anyone interested in scoring a PS5 shouldn't even bother trying to get it on Walmart, Target, ect. I just got mine on the playstation direct website and got free express 2-day shipping. If all goes well, it will be here by Saturday. Just keep refreshing the page. If you are willing to try Walmart they'll be selling them at 6 pm and 9pm today. Good luck. https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/ps5
  11. I haven’t gotten a new phone since the iPhone X. I preordered the iPhone 12 pro max and it will be here Friday. I’m really excited to jump back up into the larger phone size(I had an 8 plus before the X), and it times perfectly with my carrier(Verizon)expanding their 5g coverage into my area. Anyone else get one of the new 4 iPhone models?
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