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  1. heyitsmeallen

    AFC South is going to be prolific in 2019

    You are asking this question to a guy who looks for any hint of the season being over to post his first mock draft. I honestly think Kyle enjoys offseason more than the actual season. For god sakes the guy posted his first mock draft for next year after week 12 with still 5 weeks left to go in the regular season.
  2. heyitsmeallen

    Let’s check in on Vince Young

    The “Hookem” is the introductory stage of the “shocker”
  3. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    Awesome the Steelers lost too. Besides the Dolphins, things have gone ok for us today.
  4. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    No, they won in a last second play that included like 4 laterals
  5. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    Fucking dolphins
  6. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    Baltimore vs KC
  7. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    Omg missed kick
  8. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    Chiefs turnover!
  9. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    Jackson pick incoming.
  10. heyitsmeallen

    Around the NFL

    TD Chiefs!
  11. heyitsmeallen

    Games of interest this weekend

    Holy crap! How did the chiefs convert that?!?
  12. heyitsmeallen

    Games of interest this weekend

    Not liking the Ravens beating the Chiefs with 4 mins left
  13. heyitsmeallen

    Games of interest this weekend

    Colts and Texans both went 3 and out to stat the game.
  14. heyitsmeallen

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    I preordered smash and it came in this morning. Played some so far and it’s really fun! Tons of stages. You only start with a few fighters but you start to unlock them fast.
  15. heyitsmeallen

    RIP in peace Jalen Ramsey...