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  1. Yeah he is furious over it. He tweeted out how incompetent she was after she did this. funny for him to call anyone incompetent.
  2. How is this a shock and touted as a win for republicans? The unemployment numbers went up because of covid.... Everyone knew the majority of them were temporary. As states reopened it’s obvious that jobs would come back.
  3. I’m glad they upped the charge to 2nd degree and arrested the other officers. That ups the max charge from 25 years to 40 right? Also it’s being reported the other officers are charged with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder.
  4. It’s showing how there is someone putting pallets of bricks near all of these protests in different cities to try and influence the riots to break out. Some are placed nowhere near construction sites. At least 2 of them show police. Also the multiple links that show cops vandalizing buisnesses, vehicles, or their own cop cars... all work as well as the video of them taking water from the protestors. cops supervising brick drop off in parking lot Cops unloading bricks out of their truck.
  5. Wow.... Look at all of these “random” pallets of bricks and cops destroying things.
  6. Trump absolutely is a draft dodger. So is Biden. But you should be able to talk about one without bringing up the other as an excuse. it’s hilarious that you always try to deflect back to a dem to make yourself feel better about who you support. BUT HILLARY! Bahhhhhhh BUT OBAMA!!!! Bahhhhhhhh BUT PELOSI bahhhhhhhh BUT BIDEN bahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  7. Since I know how much the media pays attention... I’ll say Casey 😂 edit: OMG I looked it up.... they really are fucking clueless.
  8. So last night Anonymous shut down the Min PD website, hacked Chicago PD radios and played “fuck the police” and polka music over them all night so they couldn’t communicate, released documents exposing trump and Epstein’s connection and crimes plus called out trump for having him killed, and promised to expose the Ferguson PD. All in a few hours of releasing their video.
  9. It looked like he was taken away by police to me. But that was after he got his ass beat by a bunch of people for shooting his bow at the crowd after yelling “all lives matter”. They then flipped his car over and burned it. Good for them.

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