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  1. I just saw this on Twitter. Sky sports in the EU put out this promo for the game. So much better than any one I’ve seen so far.
  2. I was thinking about this last night when the game was in rain delay. There is also a 50% chance of rain today and 60% near gametime tomorrow. Let’s hope that rain holds off to give the field some time to dry up.
  3. This. CBS and FOX are allowed to protect a few games a year from being flexed. They weren’t giving up these ratings.
  4. Man, I knew those drafts sucked ass. But it’s even worse when you look at it like this 😂
  5. Woah Twig I haven’t seen you post in forever! Welcome back out of the shadows! 😂
  6. Weird.... had he been bad this season? If not, maybe some sort of suspension or some other news on him is coming out soon.
  7. I expect the Titans to come out in heavy and then spread them at the line to keep the nickel defense off of the field and create a mismatch with a Lb. They have done that a lot this year.
  8. Yeah he has been playing fantastic. Him and Bush being out hurt their defense big time.
  9. Im interested to see if the Steelers still try to blitz heavy on early downs this week. Right now they are blitzing the most on early downs in the NFL at 55%. Their signal caller MLB Devin Bush was knocked out for the season last week and their main Swiss Army knife in the blitz package Mike Hilton hurt his arm and hasn’t practiced all week so far. Add in the fact that if Henry gets to the second level he is likely gone and IIRC Tannehill is currently the best QB in the NFL against the blitz... I can see them playing a somewhat less aggressive early down defense this week. I think it’s more likely they alter their defense to try and stop our offense. Them having a completely new starting play caller at MLB could be huge for us. Bush previously played 100% of the snaps and a lot of fans and analysts seem concerned about how he will be replaced.
  10. For what it’s worth, Henry heats up in the end of the season and he currently has 100ish more yards than any other 2k back had after 5 games.
  11. The line movement on this game has been crazy. It went from Pit -2.5 a day ago and is now Ten -1.5 Tons of money had to come in on the Titans to move it that much in a day.
  12. So we get to play him again. It’s like he is still In the division! 😂

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