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  1. Agreed. Mariota also had stretches of bad play as well but his supporting cast didn’t help him much. Nick Williams catches that pass in Buffalo and the Titans likely make the playoffs.
  2. Regardless of what the article says about Mariota. It does confirm one thing that I said all last season. The Oline was pure garbage in pass pro and run blocking for 2/3 of the season.
  3. I was talking about the dumbing down of them not the order you started visiting them. You dumbed down politics before the others.
  4. The funniest thing about them saying he is playing chess, is the fact that the guy probably has absolutely no idea what the rules of chess are. I bet if we sat down to play chess he would say that it’s the nicest checkerboard he has ever seen and then ask how to stack the pieces when someone gets kinged.
  5. It used to be strictly politics, but It’s even leaking into the actual NFL conversations now.
  6. Hard to believe it was just an mcl tear. It would really suck if he was put on PUP. Hopefully Delanie can play week 1.
  7. Most of the team was shafted, Kern is probably the biggest joke. Dudes the best punter in the NFL and they have him as the 12th best rating for punters. Hekker is 1st with an 86. Lewis should be in the 70’s
  8. FYI multiple teams have these and it’s just a promotional jersey. Just like the ones from back in the day.
  9. I didn’t say I agreed with the rankings. Just adding to the convo. I do think it’s funny to see people on this forum and Reddit tout certain opinions that they agree with and immediately dismiss ones they don’t when all of these analysts are doing the same thing. Watching tape, using statistics, and forming their opinions. None of these guys are 100% with their assements. I’m of the opinion that all of this offseason talk about Mariota is pointless. At this point we know that he either plays well and is on the team next year, or he flops and he’s gone. It’s just posters regurgitating the same tired talking points over and over. September 8th can’t come soon enough.
  10. Did anyone else see Cian Fahey’s 2019 Quarterback Tiers and Rankings? he has Mariota ranked 7th as an “Emerging stud”
  11. Hell, he even still has a Nashville area code on his phone judging by that tweet. The titans get the advantage of being tax free as well. But I expect the Jags to franchise him next year.
  12. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you just have to look stupid in the face and call it stupid.
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