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  1. Yeah I am. I do need to get a pro controller though. I have a pro grip for the joycons but it’s not the same.
  2. I might give it a shot. I’m on game overload right now between red dead, Zelda, smash bros, and super Mario odyssey My only beef with Fortnite is that I mainly play on the switch. When you play switch you always get put in the PC lobby and that is a huge mismatch. I’m of the belief that PC players shouldn’t be able to cross platform because they are at such an advantage when it comes to building. Almost every solo match turns into a build god fight when it gets down to 5 or so people, and it’s impossible to keep up with a pc player who can set hot keys to build vs using a console controller.
  3. Isn’t it basically Fortnite/pub g but in the titanfall universe?
  4. Trump is absolutely a puppet. This whole gov shutdown and now “national emergency” for the Wall is nothing more than political posturing for 2020. Trump knows the Republicans don’t want him to get the wall either. They know it’s a big waste of money or else it would have been funded in his first 2 years while they ran the entire gov. They waited until Dems had some control, so they could act like they tried going into 2020 and hope to still win by promising the wall after “they get control of Congress back”. Then we will rinse and repeat this whole process.
  5. Your moms pregnant belly was a worthless bump.
  6. It’s a weird time indeed. I was talking to a friend of mine about this recently. Also the fact that social media seems like a bigger cesspool than it was pre-2016. These people always had these feelings. They were always racist, they were always ignorant, they were always sexist, they were always the type of American that gets off when their party “wins”. Whether or not that “win” actually hurts them personally. They just didn’t expose it openly to the world. Trump has just made them feel like those behaviors are acceptable to project in the public now because that’s how he acts.
  7. Hes about to be 70 so he won’t ever get out of prison and he knows it. I know who I’m picking in the office death pool.
  8. You know SNL killed it last night when the retard in chief is butthurt and tweeting about it first thing in the morning.
  9. gun violence is far more of a national emergency than the made up crisis on the southern border. It’s hilarious to me that republicans refuse to accept the statistics that show illegal immigration from Mexico has been on a downward trend since like 2007-08
  10. It’s great. The whole season 22 was dope. That particular one is named “unfulfilled”
  11. Lol have you seen the new season of South Park? There is an episode where the whole town basically works for amazon and then people strike and deliveries stop coming and everything goes to shit. It’s so hilarious
  12. Yeah it’s a pretty sad reach. I’m just pointing out that’s it’s 100% possible she heard them rap while she was in college. Especially if she was really into the scene like a lot of college kids are.
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