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  1. I have come to realize, to be a hypocrite you have to believe what you say... he doesn’t believe shit other than what benefits him most atm.
  2. He only had 44 targets total in 2019(65 last year) Only had 8 through the first 6 games but the targets started going up when Tannehill took over and when Delanie got hurt again week 6 and was done for the year. Delanie had 31 targets the first 6 games. The usage at the beginning of this season hints that they wanted to utilize him more and he was going to be the true #1 like Delanie was until Lewan went down.
  3. He did still have opportunities but there were fewer of them imo. The first 4 games of the season he was averaging 6.75 targets a game(7,5,8,7) Week 5 when Lewan went down he only had 2, and The 3 games right after lewan getting hurt he had 4,2,2. Going from 6.75 targets a game the first 4 weeks to 2.5 the next 4 definitely implies he was being used to help block more those 4 weeks while the LT situation was getting figured out. Also worth noting he only had 7 targets in one other game the rest of the season after Lewan got hurt.
  4. Firkser is basically a slot wr that plays from the TE position. If he could block they wouldn’t have had the more athletic TE helping out the left side the whole season once lewan went down.
  5. The microchips take a while to activate once they get in the blood stream.
  6. I’m actually from where the Wright brothers flew their plane. There was a badass celebration for the centennial in 2003 where tons of bands performed, the president came, we got to talk to astronauts on the iss live, and John Fucking Travolta flew his own plane into the airport at the memorial for an appearance. It was a pretty badass week of festivities.
  7. It’s some account with barely any followers that is riling up everyone.
  8. I was making a joke. People online tend to try and “cancel” anything that does something they don’t like these days.
  9. They are getting shit tons of backlash for being extremely tone death and announcing having the quack “Dr.” OZ as guest host.....
  10. Fucking Ohio state...... I’m still tied for first after the first day, so I’ll take it.
  11. @OILERMAN will be overjoyed that sombrero is back.
  12. Pretty cool that he was a Titans fan growing up. He’s playing for his dream team now!
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