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  1. Bonehead play by Watson. Chargers knocking on the door now
  2. What an exciting ending. I hate the “the player gave himself up” crap. That should have been a safety at the end IMO.
  3. Colts TD. Drive extended by penalties again. Falcons just shooting themselves in the foot
  4. This colts vs ATL game is a bloodbath. Tak McKinley down now with a leg injury
  5. Lol an eagles player just got his helmet ripped off he was facemasked so bad and they didn’t throw a flag.
  6. ATL holds them to 3. Still a 2 score game.
  7. Going into last night, Mariota was one of the best QBs in the league vs the blitz.
  8. I hope Lewan is enjoying his month off. He cost this team big time so far.