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  1. All of that is nice and all but it doesn’t mean anything if he can’t play well in the playoffs. Bottom line is the Titans have been sent home in the playoffs every time he has had to throw the ball more than 15 times in the game.
  2. Seriously. They need to start just saying fuck you and your obstructionist politics every time the Dems get in office. The USA is paying our debt and if you don’t like it, maybe don’t fuck shit up next time your party is in charge. Dems need to start calling out this bullshit publicly and campaigning on it. Show the American people that this is what the GOP does time and time again.
  3. Enough pandering by the Dem party! They are weak as hell and they always give in to this kind of thing. Have a damn backbone and use your power as President when the other side isn’t acting in good faith. Biden should have declared the debt ceiling unconstitutional In January but the Dems are weak. We wouldn’t even be in the situation if Trump didn’t have the third highest increase to the national debt in USA history. Now the GOP is acting like it’s the DEMS fault the debt is so high. The same thing has happened multiple times in history and we just keep repeating the same shit.
  4. Just declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional. If they want to play dirty you have to use your power.
  5. I also think the CBA that was signed in 2011 is why these injury problems league wide starting getting worse. That CBA cut the number of fully padded practices teams were allowed to have and also limited full contact drills. So players go into games with their bodies not being used to being hit around. Especially early in the season.
  6. How do you know that? We all know you didn’t read it. You hate him so much you wouldn’t waste your time 😂
  7. Odds on him being hurt before the week 8 game vs the Titans are pretty high imo.
  8. Tyler Rowland from Locked on Titans is the absolute worst at this. He is 100% a “nickname guy”. He is the guy who will meet you and repeat your name a bunch of times looking for a cool nickname to give you. It’s so cringeworthy when he does it on his podcast.
  9. Week 7 bye sucks ass. Also having 4 division games in last 6 weeks is tough. Haven’t looked to see who we are at a rest advantage/disadvantage to yet.
  10. They will still have 8 home games because this is the Titans year to have 9. I believe all of the teams losing a home game all have the 9th game. At least we aren’t the jags and have to play there 2 weeks in a row 😂
  11. So the week 6 leak I posted last week was right. Hopefully we don’t have week 7 bye. Would much rather have it later this year
  12. That would make the most sense for logistical reasons. They wouldn’t be at as big of a travel disadvantage if they could play half of their games in Europe.
  13. It’s funny to me that the Jags fans still deny that they are the team who will be moving over there when it happens.
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