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  1. I think that’s what happened. They only recalled the test units that phone reviewers and testers had. The phone wasn’t actually on sale yet.
  2. Poor tux. Now Trump wants them to impeach because he has a trap set for the Dems. Lol you can’t make this loony shit up. We’ve all knows the senate will acquit dumbass, that’s not the point of the impeachment. This poor guy follows “News” sources that retweet their own tweets... does @Jamalisms run that account? 😂
  3. Not This one? I didn’t know they had multiple folding screen phones.
  4. That one was recalled before it even released. They had to recall them from testers because of issues with the screen. It looks cool as hell but like I said before, I’m not a fan of first gen tech. It always always has problems and the second gen fixes them. TD Texans! That felt so dirty to say.
  5. Game did get better, hope the Texans strike back here. I feel like the OG razr was really expensive for the time as well. I think it was $300-500 and that was an obscene price in 2004(?) eventually everyone had one of those or a blackberry. Maybe they will start the new trend again.
  6. The foldable screens scare me for that same reason. The Samsung foldable phone has already had issues. As I’m sure this one will. I rarely ever buy first gen tech products with new tech in them like that. It’s guarenteed to have issues and the second gens are ALWAYS better. Plus it only comes with 128gigs for $1500 LO Fucking L.
  7. That one has already been recalled for issues with the screen. The razr is the same style. Looks like the old Razr but opens up to a full screen smartphone.
  8. Anyone see that new Motorola razr? Super sick but the price is wayyyyyyyy too high. $1500 bones... ouch
  9. This guy is nuts. “Clinton wasn’t impeached because he got his dick sucked by an intern!!” proceeds to list articles of impeachment all having to do with lewinsky.
  10. He was impeached because he lied about getting his dick sucked. Everything you mention happened because his dick was sucked by an intern and he chose to testify. My point stands and you keep making it for me. Trump fucked a pornstar while married and possibly used campaign funds to pay her off. That’s cool with you though as long as he doesn’t testify about it right? Because then he would lie and be just like dirty ol bill. BTW you never answered my question in my original post. If Trump were a Democrat, would you support his impeachment if Nothing else changed except his party affiliation? My guess is you’d be the first one to slap an “Impeach Trump” sticker on your rusty f150.
  11. While I agree that I’m tired of hearing how great the Texans are, We want the Texans to win. Since the colts already beat us they hold the tiebreaker over us, and we play the Texans 2 times still.
  12. Clinton was found guilty of purgery and obstruction of justice because he lied about getting his dick sucked moron. The GOP had a hard on for getting him out any way possible. If he never testified about getting his dick sucked, he wouldn’t have been impeached. If Trump has the balls to testify he will 100% perjure himself. Which means he won’t testify. There is mountains of evidence. Stop being a partisan hack and start being an American.