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  1. That’s all that needs to be said. You’re one of the most pathetic trolls I’ve ever seen on this forum. Literally no one here cares about you or the bills. You guys got exposed in the playoffs just like everyone said you would. I’m sure the NFL will send them participation trophies for making it so far in the playoffs! Keep coming around and parroting the same dumb shit next year, I look forward to you making yourself looks stupid.
  2. They could have easily beaten the Ravens if they had a coach who wasn’t partially retarted.
  3. Lol and in the end your team is watching the Super Bowl from home just like the Titans. You just have a worse draft position than them. See you next season. I look forward to you making yourself look stupid again.
  4. First big patch of the year is out. I updated but haven’t played yet because I’ve been watching football. It was 16.8 gigs on Xbox. Has anyone noticed any improvement?
  5. Naw, usually when I go for a run I stay on the sidewalk and look both ways before crossing the street.
  6. The bills haven’t really done anything at all on offense. I don’t see them coming back.
  7. Too bad 3rd graders don’t play in the NFL or I might be able to find a Scotty to talk shit about 😂 Edit: dammit I forgot about Scotty Miller for the Bucs. I missed my chance!
  8. We all know the chiefs can’t win a playoff game without being down 10-0 this is all part of their plan.
  9. Lol yep. Crazy that these refs swallow the whistle all game until it’s game deciding.
  10. Omg now they throw a flag to decide the game. Bullshit
  11. I was legit screaming at the TV on 2nd and 3rd down for him to run it in.
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