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  1. I think they should make TNF into Throwback Thursday. Instead of boring color rush uniforms the teams would wear throwbacks.
  2. He has no excuses. This is the best team that he has had around him by far.
  3. Week 1: @Cle (+5.5) Week 2: vs. Indy (PK) Week 3: @jax (+3) Week 4: @ATL (+4) Week 5: vs Buf (-5) Week 6: @ Den (+2.5) Week 7: vs LAC (PK) Week 8: vs Tam (-5.5) Week 9: @ Car (+3) Week 10: vs KC (+3.5) Week 11: Bye Week 12: vs Jax (-3) Week 13: @ Ind (+7) Week 14: @Oak (PK) Week 15: Vs Hou (-1) Week 16: Vs NO (+3) Source for weeks 2-16 Rough opening lines. Only favored in 4/16 games and only 2 of those are division games.
  4. Nashville is one of the hottest cities in the country. What does Indy offer to the world besides corn and a race once a year where rednecks drink milk after they win? Also the Titans organization is leaps and bounds better than the chargers. The spanos family is terrible.
  5. What would be hilarious is if the Titans draft this kid in 7-8 years.
  6. No way in hell he shot a 4 under par, even with the amount of practice he gets. But if he did, great job! That’s highly impressive for anyone who isn’t at least on the AM circuit.
  7. I love that it didn’t even knock him down. The dude barely stumbled. He probably thought someone just accidentally bumped into him.
  8. Seatbelt laws are dumb. If you don’t want to wear one you shouldn’t have to. If you want to risk your life, that’s your choice. Why do I have to wear a seatbelt but a school bus full of kids don’t? I wear a seatbelt by the way. Just think the law is stupid. I feel the same about helmet laws on motorcycles. The gov shouldn’t be passing laws to protect me from myself.
  9. This is how I feel as well, he has to be the reason they win games and not just be a game manager. It’s also worth noting that In the history of the Titans they have only had a few seasons where the QB played all 16 games.
  10. I said it was a scam from the beginning. Dumb asses deserve to lose their money.
  11. Uhhhhh no... where did you get those numbers? This is what I see from every president since Nixon. Nixon- 926 Ford- 409 Carter- 566 Reagan-406 HW Bush- 77 Clinton- 456 W Bush- 176 Obama- 64 Here on the justice department website you can see every one of their Pardons individually.
  12. Haha I knew you would hate the balloons being gone. Much harder to get into trees now 😂 i really love the slipstream system. It’s already saved us from the storm multiple times. The combat shotgun is sick. While you can’t 1pump someone if they have a shield, you can do damage over 60m away and destroy buildings 100m away. And the fire rate is Insanely fast. Imo it’s way better than the pump. The new POIs are ok. I haven’t gone into creative to really learn them, just dropped there a few times in games.
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