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  1. Republicans don’t give a shit about America or it’s citizens. They care about making themselves and their friends richer and making the wealth gap larger.
  2. Trumps plan is coming together
  3. Yeah I’m in. My inbox must be full on tr. when is draft?
  4. Starting to think he will complain he can’t use his old helmet from high school or he will come out and call our GM a cracker.
  5. Well in 3 hours this situation gets even more strange if he doesn’t opt out.
  6. It was actually over 2700 tons not lbs. I edited my post. So 5.5million lbs or around 2.5m kg
  7. Don’t bother me with your pesky facts! I have these blown up graphs Barron made me on Microsoft office! He makes the best graphs!
  8. That’s the consensus the reddit comments came to when was posted there.

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