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  1. He won’t accept a reasonable offer for him. I tried to trade for him a few times lol. But I didn’t accept his high price, so I’m not the sucker
  2. Yeah it doesn’t result in a conviction often because it’s kind of a stupid law. I’d be willing to bet that 60+% of registered gun owners smoke weed or binge drink daily. That would make them in violation of these laws as well. Hell, I know someone who lives in Florida and has a MMJ license and a gun license and he has a ton of guns. The only reason anything came of this is because the GOP is bloodthirsty to get literally anything on the Biden family, just like when Bill Clinton was elected. These laws are leftover from when Regan didn’t want black people to be able to buy guns. He actually could have a good case of a 2a violation in his appeals.
  3. The current GOP wouldn’t ever criticize their own, when they should sometimes. The Dems imo overly criticize Biden, when they should back him more. Either way, the border is the way it is, because the GOP want it that way.
  4. Remember when Biden signed off on the most restrictive border control bill that the GOP will ever get proposed by Dems, and they blocked it because Trump told them to? Pepperidge farm remembers. Remember when Trump was president and he said that Mexico was going to pay for a wall, then he started building one just for show when he was eying election(small sections that were easily avoided by border crossers) on the US taxpayer dime? Pepperidge farm remembers. The GOP doesn’t actually give a shit about the border. They use illegal immigration as a campaign talking point. If they actually did something to solve the problem, what would they campaign on to rile up their base?
  5. However you want to do the lotto is fine. There are a bunch of places to randomize a list. It would be a good feature for sleeper to add tbh.
  6. This place, and Titans fans in general seem to live in the past so much. Why are you guys even still talking in here? Who gives a shit if a Baltimore Ravens RB can catch or not? The team has moved on. Our fandom has moved on. Time to circlejerk to OTA videos and talk about our favorite 4th string RBs we hope make the team for their return ability.
  7. A guy I know said “yeah they will convict him but not Clinton because they are scared she will have them killed” I said. “Charge them all if they are chargeable. You don’t think Trump tried to have her charged after he was elected? Charge every one of them in any party that have a chargeable offense and then convict them and throw them in prison” I got crickets in response.
  8. This guy is hilarious. A few years ago I bought one of his “emotional support beer” koozies
  9. Not sure If this belongs in a new thread or not. The Houthis have announced they have attacked the Eisenhower again and have achieved multiple direct hits on a destroyer. Someone reported hours ago that a source told him that the Eisenhower was hit and was either sunk, or sinking. He was flamed for saying that and deleted the posts. Then a few hours later the Houthis confirmed the attacks. The USA hasn’t confirmed anything yet.
  10. It’s absolutely insane to me that after all this MF has done, all the proof that is out there, that there are still people out there that I know personally who will vote for this fucking guy. I just had a guy text me saying “the sexual assault wasn’t criminal, it was civil. It was kangaroo court just like this trial.” These people are so god damn delusional. Trump wasn’t kidding when he said he could shoot someone on 5th ave and he wouldn’t lose a vote from his base.
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