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  1. USA now has the most confirmed corona virus cases with 82,404 and counting.
  2. No one wants this you fucking idiot. Some of us are Americans first, you are Republicans first.
  3. I give you props for not quitting. Was it the playoffs or something? Any time I get up 2+ scores on someone they quit unless it’s their playoffs or SB. Being down 4 scores and finish the game with a win is impressive, I’m shocked your opponent wasn’t running “chew clock” tempo to make the comeback harder.
  4. Isn’t he the same guy who has a hard on for Oman? Some people live sad lives.
  5. So he replaced Kelly and Kelly replaced Conklin. The Titans downgraded the RT position so far.
  6. The team hasn’t improved on paper, it’s gotten worse. I guess if you count racking up comp pics as great Hopefully
  7. We just keep losing pieces. They probably overpaid, but I’m very underwhelmed with Jrob so far this offseason.
  8. I just saw on reddit that Porn hub has changed its name to Stayhome hub and is giving everyone free premium to stay home 😂
  9. Go away Jake. You were banned, no one gives a shit about you or any of these other cultists because you have proven incapable of rational discussion and you can’t accept being wrong about anything. Hell, you probably think you spelled Derrick Henry properly in your new 1000th username.
  10. I’m sure we would have acted a lot faster and more appropriately had Mr. President not fired the entire pandemic respond command unit in 2018. He’s bungled this whole thing from the start and you just don’t want to see it, or admit it. One of the two.
  11. I somewhat understand the leagues position on this one. They don’t want to delay things yet because they are hoping this virus will be neutralized by the start of training camp. Delaying the draft would likely delay everything. What I’ve read is that they will still hold it, but it will be in a studio with no fans and the teams are apparently going to announce picks from their facilities. In all reality the season has a chance to be postponed or cancelled, they are just delaying the inevitable.
  12. This had to be coming. They are changing the draft format too and it’s no longer going to be live in Vegas.

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