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  1. They expect to win, so I expect them to win.
  2. The left isn’t the one selling it. I actually live in VA right now and most people I’ve talked to that have mentioned a civil war are Republicans and they are planning to start it over “the new libtard government taking their guns” My cousin works at the navy and my friends mom also works there directly with some upper level people. They are focusing on these far right hate groups and gun rights groups and have been for a few months now and consider them real threats. Take it for what you want but the navy is expecting real problems if the VA gov passes the gun restrictions they are proposing.
  3. Great read. Titans switching to ZBS was the best thing that has happened for Henry. It also took a pep talk from George, but hes running like he’s in college again.
  4. I didn’t see the donation post. Text me or message me here if you want me to throw in a little more.
  5. The Titans follow me on Twitter. So I’ve got that going for me.
  6. That’s sad. @Dmeade- was in my Fantasy league and one of my favorite posters here. RIP
  7. The way Vrabel has been with injuries, I don’t think he would let him back unless he was ready.
  8. Yeah and after that he started wearing some sort of concussion preventing thing on his neck.
  9. Smart move, he’s had way too many concussions. Remember the one that was so bad he was crying uncontrollably on the field?

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