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  1. Titans are set up to draft him. Titans let Mariota walk in 2020. Have an awful 2020. Draft Lawrence in 2021
  2. Broncos Rookie OLB Bradley Chubb now has 10 sacks on on the season with 6 games left. Needs 4.5 to tie and 5 more to break the record. He has 8 sacks in his last 7 games.
  3. I’m not dumbass. Someone asked what I’d record was. I posted the stat with no context you dumb mother fucker
  4. VY beat Romo, Both Manning’s, and Brees Locker beat Rivers and Big Ben
  5. Didn’t see it posted, but numerous reports say that Harbaugh and the Ravens will mutually part ways after the 2018 season,
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