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Found 117 results

  1. Broncos Rookie OLB Bradley Chubb now has 10 sacks on on the season with 6 games left. Needs 4.5 to tie and 5 more to break the record. He has 8 sacks in his last 7 games.
  2. Didn’t see it posted, but numerous reports say that Harbaugh and the Ravens will mutually part ways after the 2018 season,
  3. Too lead the Titans on a 99 yard game winning drive... Who do you got ?
  4. It's only one game, but that's the worst I've seen him play. Lewan wasn't that great either.
  5. Norman said he got a letter from the NFL saying he or any other player in the league is not allowed to do the "bow and arrow" celebration. No acts or portrayal of violence is acceptable. Norman told reporters if that was the case then why do the Buccaneers fire off a canon and why do the Patriots get a firing squad? Thoughts?
  6. Viewers are watching less of the NFL. Ratings are down on Thursdays, Sundays, and Monday's. So what's to blame for the drop? I think I read that ratings for Thursday's and Monday's are down 12% from last season. Bad match ups or a bunch of bad teams?
  7. CFL's face of the league Vince Young, hurt his hamstring over the weekend. No timetable on his return.
  8. DeMarco Murray admitted that he had a torn muscle in his foot and he was never able to fully recover.
  9. Can he return to form or is he damaged goods? Im not a doctor, but I know the rehab will be hard and lengthy.
  10. The Lions have been told that they have a 95% chance of being flexed into the last SNF game of the year. Such a damm shame.
  11. As some of you may have noticed the NFL allowed players to wear custom cleats in support of any charity that they may choose. Eagles WR Dorial-Green Beckham wore "Yeezy" cleats in honor of the "Yeezy" foundation... said foundation does not exist.
  12. Former USC HB Joe McKnight was shot and killed in a road rage incident
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